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Well. I'm feeling much better today. I didn't freak out once all day... though I'll admit I had to step outside for some air once or twice after we got to Grandma and Grandpa's. Thirteen people all crammed into the same living room is too much for me sometimes. :P

So, aside from the unpleasantness, let's talk about last night-- our little gift-exchange went well, and everyone seemed happy. ^^ Mom totally won this year, though. She got awesome stuff. ^_^ Lee got a whole bunch of DVDs (Blade 1/2/Trinity, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, etc.), and Trunks got some books, movies, CDs and a video game.

As for me... I stocked up on CSI stuff! =^-^= Mom and Lee got me both the computer games, and Trunks got me the board game and the first booster pack for it. Ehehehehe... X3

I also got a whole bunch of movies;

--White Noise
--BATMAN (the complete 1943 serial... now I need the 1949 one...)
--Alone In The Dark

And I got a little 2 quart slow cooker, and a framed picture to hang once I find some wall space.

After gifts, but before my freak-out, I made Broken Glass Torte. Yummy.

Then today around 11:00 am, they packed up the car and came to pick me up, and we all went up to do the extended-family get together-- we had a HUGE "dinner" around 2:30 or 3:00-ish, with turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, turnip, carrots, etc., and all stuffed ourselves silly. (That reminds me, I brought some leftovers home and haven't gotten around to putting them in the fridge yet...)

After everything from the meal was cleaned up, we sat down and handed out gifts. Trunks and I each got two movies and two books from Grandma and Grandpa. I got Hide and Seek and Tarzan on DVD, and copies of Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz, and Eldest by Christopher Paolini.

Once that was done, we settled in for the Chinese Auction that we do every year. ^__^ Some of the highlight-gifts were a DVD copy of Madagascar, a box of Pot of Gold chocolates, a set of 4 dicast (sp?) Disney racing cars, and a coffee mug ("Instant Person, Just Add Coffee") with a cute little stuffed poodle inside it. =3

We played for about an hour before we finally had all the presents opened and everyone was satisfied. I ended up with a huge Whinney the Pooh stuffy (which I gave to my cousin Alex), and a Sound Therapy relaxation system-- it plays soothing music and sounds, depending on which track you choose. Very nifty.

Then we all got out the various goodies/baked treats we had brought, and nibbled on those for a while, while we talked/played cards/whatever.


My cousin (Killian) commissioned a pony from me!

He wants it for his girlfriend's birthday in February, so I have plenty of time. I'm just squee-ing over a commission.


EDIT: Ah, and yay! [ profile] cat_mcdougall and her kids all liked their pressies! ^^ That makes me happy. Ne Cat... want a copy of the Disney Tarzan movie? I have an extra VHS copy now. :)
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...I know that Christmas traditions vary from family-to-family, or even person-to-person; but with me and mine, Christmas eve and Christmas day have always been about just that-- family. Or maybe that's just the way I always viewed things.

Today, when I went over to Mom's, though, I learned that Trunks had arbotrarily invited his girlfriend to the family gift exchange.

The thing with him and his girlfriend is that they might as well be joined at the hip-- they're constantly together. But while she never brings him to her family occasions, but she's always at ours. She tagged along to my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary (this past summer), for example... but even that I managed to handle without having a fit.

Christmas, however, is different. It's fucking Christmas.

Lee and Mom justified her being there by explaining that she had two gifts under the tree (one from them, one from Graeme), so she could stay just to open hers. I kind of took a breath, and went along with it; deal, Sena, there's nothing you can do anyway.

Then, after the gifts... she doesn't go home. And doesn't go home. And doesn't go home.

She and Trunks turn on their music, crank it up (to the point of giving me a splitting headache), and then settle down in the living room. Out in the kitchen, I'm working on Broken Glass Torte with tears in my eyes because of my head, and also because the longer she stays, the more upset I'm getting.

I was really looking forward to having a family night for once-- I figured it was Christmas, so for at least this one day/night, they might have some consideration for the happiness/comfort of other people. But no. Who am I kidding? Thinking that just shows how naive I am.

I got more and more upset, until I had to go and sit at the kitchen table and concentrate on just breathing for a bit. At that point, Mom called Trunks into the kitchen to explain what the problem was... and he informed her that, gee, he forgot to mention it, but SHE'S SPENDING THE NIGHT. ...EXCUSE ME?!

I freaked out. I started crying like an idiot. I completely ruined Christmas for the whole damn family, and ended up getting Mom to drive me home, because I can't stand being in the house with the two of them tonight.

...the stupid thing is that I'm not even angry anymore. I've gotten past the point of being angry with either of them.

Now, when they do something as rediculously inconsiderate as that, I just find myself so disappointed that I can't help but cry.


Or maybe I'm asking too much, to just have a nice, quiet Christmas with my family...
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Merry Christmas, in case I don't get back before tomorrow's over. :)
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...not so much today, but I will be tomorrow. In the morning I have to go to the grocery store with Lee and Sarah, then I'm going to Mom's to do some more baking (time for Broken Glass Torte!), and around 4:30-5:00, Ryuu-chan is going to pick me up and we're going to visit with a few people for an hour or so. ^^

After that, I have to go back to Mom's place to have dinner, and we (me, Mom, Lee and Trunks) are doing our family gift-exchange then-- because in the morning, we have to get up and head to Grandma's for the extended-family Christmas dealie. ^_^; So I'm spending the night at Mom's, too, obviously.

So much to do in such a short amount of time...
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Last night I randomly decided to make a mini-pony. =^-^= She's made from a G3 McDonald's Sparkleworks, and is a gift for my Grandma. She's a Christmas tree ornament!

Anyway. Her name is "Christmas Tidings", but, as usual, I feel the need to give her a shortened nickname, so I call her "Tides". I made her with the thought that she would be a companion-piece to Trims (my 2005 Christmas pony). When you see them side-by-side, she almost looks like Trims is her mama. She's very cute, actually. :)

As for info... I guess first of all, I had to take an exacto knife and cut off the moulded plastic tail that all the McD ponies have, since I wanted to give her a real tail. ^^ It actually wasn't as hard as I had imagined, though it certainly wasn't easy. ^_^; It worked alright, but she's a little uneven in the back of her legs, so I'm glad her new tail covers it...

Because she's a set with Trims, I used the same colors for her, but in different ways; Tides is red (though in some of the photos, she looks a bit orange instead... O_o;;), with green eyes and a matching green ornament on her front right hoof. She has a star for her mark (to match Trims), but has three circles running down her leg, instead of other stars. Her mane and tail are Platinum White Katsilk hair from, and she has a stripe of Taxi Yellow in her mane as well. She has a green bow in her tail (it helps hide some of the uneven-ness, too! X3), and a matching bow in her hair-- I wanted to give her lights in her hair, but I didn't have any that were small enough. :P

Tides also has a little loop of green wire in her back by her shoulders, so that she can be hung from the Christmas tree. :)

PHOTOS! Sorry if they're a teeny bit blurry... )

Isn't she adorable? =3
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Yay, I finished my Christmas pony! ^_^

Her name is Holiday Trimmings, but I call her 'Trims' for short... )

She was made from a G3 Bowtie pony, painted with acrylics (white, red, silver, black), and sealed with satin finish acylic sealant. >^-^< Her hair is Ever Green and Taxi Yellow Katsilk hair, from, and her accessories (lights/bow) are from a local dollar store. She has a row of silver stars running down her leg, and a little red Christmas ornament on her front left hoof. :)
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Dad came up this morning to exchange gifts with Trunks and me. ^^ He couldn't stay long, but at least we got to see him before Christmas. He really liked his gifts, which was good of course. He got Trunks from McFarland dragons, and Evanescence CDs... I got a TON of My Little Ponies, and a copy of Batman Begins. X3

Most of the ponies he got me are bait ponies... or at least I think they are. I don't know if any of them are rare and should just be restored instead of customized, so I should check on that before I start hacking them apart. .__. He also got me four new ponies. ^^


I'm a sucker... )

...and the people at the pet store know it. ^_^;; They gave me this sob story about how he was the only big rat left, and how everyone who came in to buy one wanted a baby, and how he was soooo cute and sweet and friendly, but a lot of people didn't like that he was an albino, too, and how if someone didn't adopt him soon, they'd have to sell him as a feeder. ;__;

I named him "Kori". ^__^


EDIT: I just introduced Kori to Yuki and 'Nashi... and they spent the last few minutes cuddling and grooming him. >^-^< I think we'll all get along okay...
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The Santa Clause is on the TV right now... one of the best Christmas movies ever made. ^^

I'm working on a Christmas MLP right now; her name is "Holiday Trimmings", but I'm calling her "Trims" for short. I'm 75% done, but I have some more pony hair ordered and I can't rehair her until it comes in. >^-^;; Then once I get her rehaired, I have tiny little Christmas lights to wrap into her mane and tail. But all that should only take an hour, tops. Once the hair gets here, Trims'll be done in no time!

...and meh. Dad says he might not be coming down this Sunday, either. =_=;; I'm so sick of him changing him mind about these things right at the last minute... gah...

Oh, and yay! More userpics! X3

Anyway, that's about it...

So Amused

Dec. 14th, 2005 07:07 pm
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Leviathan is on the action channel! X3 I love this movie... need to find a copy of it somewhere. ^_^ Dad has one... maybe I'll ask where he got it...

So! Christmas baking is... almost done!

Today I did the rest of the shortbread, macaroons, and date squares, which brings to the total to... approximately 70 shortbread cookies, 100-or-so macaroons, and about 60 fruit cookies, along with the pan of date squares (which make about 24, depending on how you cut them.)

So... much... baking... @_@;;

Next week I have to do the broken glass torte, since it needs to be made right before you eat it (because it contains jello and tons of whipping cream.) I'll probably make it on Christmas eve, actually, since I'll be at Mom's place then, and it needs to be done for the 25th to take with us to the family get together...

Yup. That's the plan!

Prep Work

Dec. 13th, 2005 07:29 pm
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I got another package today. ^^ A Kirara plushie from [ profile] papercut917, whom I love. <3

And this afternoon, I went over to Mom's a did a whole bunch of Christmas baking. Three dozen fruit cookies, and a dozen shortbread... I was going to do a batch of macaroons, too, but I screwed them up so I have to start them over tomorrow. =_=;;

Oh well.

So tomorrow I'm going back, to do said macaroons, as well as a tray of date squares. Then I'm doing broken glass torte a couple of days before Christmas. Fun stuff.

I haven't had anything to eat today except for two cookies. I need to go get something for supper.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm selling Ed!pony, just to see how much I can get for him. >^-^;; I listed him yesterday.


Dec. 7th, 2005 09:30 pm
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Today was Shopping With Trunks! day, since he seems to need help doing his Christmas shopping every year. I'm pretty much used to it, though. ^^;

So around noon I headed over to Mom's place to meet him, and we went up to the mall. Mostly, he wanted me to help him find a good gift for the Family Gift Exchange we do every year. He has no imagination. :P lol. We did some shopping for that and found a gift relatively easily. Then he got me to spot him some money to buy Dad's gift as well.

Huh. How wierd is that? Someone borrowing money from me, given my financial situation?

Anyway, I also got more ponies. I think I have a serious problem. I'm buying ponies left and right. Soon, they will take over, and there will be no room for me in my apartment anymore! =O lol.

Also got some nailpolish remover, as I'm told it takes cutie symbols off of ponies without damaging the pony itself. For $1.77, I figure it's worth trying, even if it doesn't work. We'll see, I guess.



I totally want to keep pony!Ed. But at the same time, I kinda want to put him up on Ebay to see how much I could get for him. How much would FMA fans be willing to pay for a My Little Pony version of Ed, do you think? I wonder...

EDIT: My pony rehairing tool is in! =^-^= It got here while I was out today.


Dec. 5th, 2005 08:18 pm
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The hair I ordered for my ponies came in today, including the yellow that I'm using for Ed!pony and Link!pony. Whoot! X3

Also, the copies of Advent Children for Trunks and I got here. I still have a lot of misc. stuff coming to me, but I'm getting there. I really want my pony rehairing tool so I can deal with Union Bell's baldness and give Ed!pony hair, too.

I think I've decided to braid his tail, too, by the way. lol.

Und! Today Mom and I did a whole whack of Christmas wrapping. I totally know what I'm getting for Christmas, but that's okay. Usually I know, since Mom doesn't like wrapping and I do. ^^; I do wrapping for everyone...
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I can't think of much to say today, even though I did do some stuff.

Went to the mall with Trunks for a little while, and he did some Christmas shopping. I got a calendar. He bought me a stuffed turtle.

Then we went home and ate supper. Chicken and stuff.


Maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow.
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1) My finger hurts a lot, but it's not so bad today; the swelling has gone down, but now it's bruising a bit, and it still bleeds when I change the bandages (because it sticks to them). Other than that, all is pretty much on the well side of the tracks. :)


2) Went Christmas shopping with my Grandma today-- it's a thing we do every year. It gives us an excuse to spend the day together, and I help her to find gifts for Trunks, since he's extremely hard to buy for.

3) When Grandma got here, she gave me a Christmas card from her and Grandpa... which was wierd. In my whole life I've never gotten a Christmas card from them. Neither has Mom, Dad, Lee, or Trunks. I was like O_o;; mweh? ...then I opened it up, and there was $100 inside! @_@;; OMFG! Grandma tells me that Grandpa knew I was really short on money this year, and thought I might appreciate some help with Christmas shopping... and when Grandma told him I was pretty much done already, he said then I probably could use it for myself, then. ^_^ I've been doing Christmas shopping and kind of skimping on stuff for myself for the last month or so, so it's totally true. Anyway, I <3 my Grandpa! =3

4) OMG she brought me date squares, too! *_* She makes the bestest date squares ever... *drools*

5) I found a Seaspray pony while we were shopping. Yayness!

6) Also, while we were shopping I discovered that Terri Clark has a new CD out, so I picked it up since Walmart had it on sale.

7) Got a copy of "Donnie Darko" on DVD at Zellers for about $8. I am the queen of bargain media shopping.

8) After shopping, Grandma dropped me off at Mom and Lee's place, because a guy was coming to look at my drums around 5-ish and I had to be there. I got there just before 4, and played with/brushed/generally cuddled the dog while I watched TV.

9) At 5, the guy came about my drums... and I finally sold them! WHOOT! ^__^ We talked for a few minutes, discussed the drums and why he wanted them (they're for his son for Christmas), and then he goes "well, I'll tell you what-- I've got $480 in my pocket." To which I replied; "sounds good to me!" No bartering or anything. I was asking $500, so twenty bucks short was awesome. I thought I'd have to end up selling them for about $400 instead. ROCK ON. I HAVE SOME CASH NOW. X3

10) To celebrate, I took Mom and Trunks out for supper. We just went to Arby's, but it was nice anyway. ^^

11) Am now home. Have some Christmas wrapping to do later, but I'm using the computer for now.

12) And finally... [ profile] cat_mcdougall gots the gifts I sent for her and her kittens today! YAY! [ profile] elsewherecw also got hers, a couple of days ago. ^^ I'm happy. A few more to go, though!
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I am going to attempt to write a Valdemar holiday one-shot this year. Attempt.

I was supposed to write one last year, but then... yeah. My life went to Hell in a Handbasket, and it never happened.

Considering I'm still struggling with a total creative block, it should be interesting sitting down to try writing Miracle, but I'm determined to at least give it a shot. After all, I haven't written anything substantial all year, except for the 1,800-or-so words I wrote on my NaNo the first two days of Novemeber. =_=;;

Yeargh. I suck. Seriously.

Ah, well.

Cross your fingers for me.


Nov. 25th, 2005 04:42 pm
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So I did a quick run to the mall today... which involved sitting on the bus with a SCREAMING child for half an hour. =_=;; ARGH. I could've done without that.

But! Once I got to the mall, it was okay again; I nabbed more ponies, since Zellers is still selling them for 25% off (for all this week). Dad actually went on ebay and got me a whole bunch of used ponies earlier this week, too, so now I have something like 30 of them to work with (not counting Bell and Suzuki which I've already worked on), once Dad gets the time off to come up and visit, and bring said ponies with him.

Still. 30 ponies, and I still have no boy ponies! ;__; I need boy ponies! And I want a couple more of Toboggan and Seaspray, because I love those ponies and don't want to do anything to them, but they have really nifty poses and expressions so they'd make good customs... ACK. Need more Toboggan and Seasprays! XD

In any case, after Zellers I skipped down to the bookstore to look through the bargain racks (I saw a couple of books I was marginally interested in, and one I might pick up for Trunks for Christmas.) And just out of habit, I wandered over to the fantasy section, though I didn't really expect to find anything... and @.@ ZOMGNEWVALDEMARANTHOLOGY?!

I was like *YOINK*! X3 It's called "Crossroads". Whoot. So happy.

Then, hmmm... I went to Burger King and got something to eat, and bought a couple of the silly little SD Star Wars toys for Dad. lol.

Then I browsed through a kiosk in the middle of the mall and ended up picking up a game (it's called "Dirty Minds" nyahahaha... X3 lol.) for Steve for Christmas. Now I just need to find something else for Michelle... I think I'll get her a teddy bear or something. ^^

After the kiosk, I went to the dollar store. And bought a little blue teapot.

And then I came home.

The end. ^_^

Hm. Despite the snow, it wasn't as cold today as I thought it would be, either, which was a big plus...
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Today Mom and I spent about five hours out and about doing various odds and ends; this started, of course, with mailing the rest of the Christmas packages. [ profile] etcetera_cat, [ profile] mavan, [ profile] elsewherecw and [ profile] cassandracsenta, your pressies have been mailed, and will hopefully make it to you some time around Christmas. ^^; Ahaha...

As a note for Mavan and Cassandra-san, the CDs I'm burning for you didn't fit in the Christmas boxes, so I'll have to mail them sepparately-- mose likely after Christmas, so they'll (hopefully) get to you faster. Sorry 'bout that.

SO! After package-mailing, we went out for lunch at the Zellers restaurant, and while we were in Zellers, I got three more MLPs, since they're on sale; Sweet Breeze, Gardenia Glow, and Magic Marigold. I think Sweet Breeze is particularly adorable as she is... I might have to keep her and buy another one to customize. Hmmmmm...

After ponies, we went to buy cat food from the Vet, since now Neko isn't allowed to eat generic cat food anymore. Blegh. Oh well. $30 later, Neko and Tri have kitty food for yet another month. ^^

Then to the Goodwill store, where I got a big glass bowl for dying ponies in.

The dollar store, being right next to the Goodwill, was out next stop; and I picked up a whole bunch of various crafty supplies, paint, shinies, and things like that.

Hmmm... what next?

Ah. The bulk food place, for pet food, potatoes, and candy. YUMMY CANDY. =3

Then at Walmart I got some more paint and some various other shiny craft supplies. :)

Tons o' fun.

Oh! And today the Tokyo Mew Mew DVDs that I got off ebay a couple of weeks ago came in, so yay. ^_^ I get to watch lots of fun magical girl anime today...

Clean Air

Nov. 14th, 2005 01:10 pm
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Yesterday was grocery day (as per every Sunday since a year ago); normally, Mom, Lee, Sarah and I all go out for breakfast/lunch (depening on when we leave) and then go to do groceries together. It makes things easier for Sarah and I since neither of us drives, and it's a nice excuse to go out together for a meal.

But this week, Sarah had a scheduled MRI in Barrie, so she and Lee had to go and do that-- thusly, Mom and I went out for breakfast and did shopping by ourselves. We ate at the Zellers restaurant (instead of the one we normally go to when it's all four of us) and I had a Spanish omelet, which was good except for the sour cream, which I've never been a fan of. :P lol.

After that, we went to Canadian Tire. They were having a half-price sale on air purifiers, so I bought one in the hopes that it would help get rid of some of the bird allergeons (sp?) around here. I actually need two for the side of my place, but they only had one left. ^^;

Then we went and did groceries, and I plugged my new purifier in when we got back from that, then closed the window, grabbed my laundry, and headed back to Mom's place. Did said laundry, watched a movie with her and Lee, and then cooked dinner for them (Coca Cola chicken, rice and cabbage-- it was awesome! *drools*), after which I headed home again.

Wow. There was a big difference even with having had the purifier running for just those few hours. It's really helping. But the little guy has to work like hell to do this huge place, so today when Mom and I went up north for our Chiropractor's appointment, we checked the Canadian Tire there as well. They were sold out, but gave us a Rain Check, so in a couple weeks we can go back and still get one at the sale price. Awesome.

I'm naming my new air purifiers "Alpha" and "Omega". Alpha is currently situated on my dresser by my bed, so that the air around me while I sleep is cleaner; Omega is going to go over next to the aquarium, which is diagonal from where Alpha/my bed is. ^^


Oh, and today I mailed the boxes for [ profile] cat_mcdougall and her kittens. >^-^< They were the only ones I could ship because I ran out of packing paper last night when I was wrapping things up. ^^;; Nyahaha... everyone else's packages should go out next Monday (in a week), because I bought some more paper today on the way home. :)

As for Cat! The packages for Christmas should get to you soon (might take a bit longer than normal, given that Christmas rush has started, but I'm not sure). Feel free to unwrap Jasmine and AJ's and re-wrap them in Christmas paper if you want to, or just give them the packages as they are. ^^ I really hope your kids all like what I got them. I had so much fun shopping for them... =3

I hope you enjoy your present, too, of course. ^_~ I hope everyone does!
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It's... just after four in the morning, and I'm getting up at eight, and I'm still awake.

Believe it or not, I just spend three hours wrapping all my Christmas gifts. I'm done... or, as much as I can be. I still have a couple of to-be-shipped packages that still need to be wrapped, mostly because I need a couple more boxes to pack everything into before I can do it. And I have a couple of presents that I still have to buy, that I'll wrap when I do.

Then after all that fun wrapping, I went on ebay and nicked some more little gifty-things;

The Advent Children movie for Trunks (and I got a copy for me, too, even though I shouldn't have. X3)

And three b-grade DVDs for Andy-- Full Eclipse, ZOLTAN: Hound of Dracula and Nightbeast. Though I'm seriously considering keeping Zoltan and buying him a different one. XD lol.

Such terrible taste in movies...

2005 Christmas Checklist, Updated Again! )
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Last night, around 11:15 or so, I had to go back to the emergency room at the hospital again. I called Mom to let her know that I was going, and then headed down-- it's a good thing that I like about two blocks from the hospital, or I would have been in serious trouble, since I couldn't breathe at all. Mom met me at the ER a few minutes later.

In any case, I got there and when they took my stats in triage, I was back into tachycardia, at 126 bpm, and the tips of my fingers were turning white and blue. They took me in fast (a lot of times waiting to be admitted takes a long time), so I thought I'd be okay... and then they stuck me in a room, and left me there, gasping for air, for forty-five minutes before a doctor finally got around to seeing me.

At that point I was so oxygen-deprived that my face was tingling. =_=;;

He listened to my breathing for a moment, then muttered something about salbutomol and disappeared for another fifteen minutes.

Eventually, they got a respiratory technician to come in and do some tests on my lungs, and then gave me a dose of salbutomol (which is what I have for rescue inhalers, and which weren't working, but whatever) and then did some more tests. In the mean time, they contacted the RVH hospital in Barrie and got the results of the CAT scan I had done yesterday morning.

Long story short; NO BLOOD CLOTS. Thank effing God.

They thing that the problems with my lungs are all just due to my asthma-- there's something setting it off, but they don't know what. So they prescribed Apo-Prednisone, then gave me a dose at the hospital (since all the pharmacies were closed) and sent me home.

My lungs hurt like hell, but my breathing is a bit better today. They said the Prednisone will start working entirely in a day or so. Hopefully.

After we left the ER and I went to Mom's place to spend the rest of the night.


Today, I was so tired I slept until almost one in the afternoon, then when I got up I sat and watched Trunks play video games for a while. After that, Mom and I went to fill my Prednisone 'script. Yay.

Then we went to Zellers for me to get some Christmas wrapping paper and tags quickly. I looked for the thing I was planning to get for [ profile] mavan, but Zellers didn't have it either. ;__; So I found something else instead. ^^

I'm almost done my Christmas shopping for this year! I'm going to start mailing packages on Monday. :)


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