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Oookay. I've calmed down a bit. Still upset, yes. But calmer.

Baby mouse fiasco aside, I did a handful of other stuff today, too-- got a wire mesh lid for the terrarium with my remaining mice (Noriko & co.), since last night I watched Kisa and Noriko teach themselves how to leap straight up into the air, grab onto the terrarium lid, then hang by their front legs and chew a hole in the plastic. =_=;; Wire lid it is! AHAHAHAHA! I WIN!

Moved Flash and Dazzle from their temporary cage housing (which they don't like as much as terrariums, and which are messier because they throw shavings all over the damn place) back into their terrariums, which they had to give up for mice for a while. They are happy gerbils.

Then my three male mousies got moved into the smaller glass-terrarium-with-wire-mesh-lid. Rin, Kira and Shouta are now happily settled down, with their new home sitting on top of the terrarium with my other mice, for lack of a better place to put it for the time being. ^_^;;


Now! The following people have packages coming in the mail:

[ profile] cat_mcdougall
[ profile] kierseth
[ profile] etcetera_cat
[ profile] cassandracsenta

Cat McD, -cat, and 'Sethi's are the P.O.S. boxes I finished up a while ago. Finally got around to mailing them! Cat McD and 'Sethi should get theirs in 10-12 days. emma-kitty's will take longer, since it's going across the ocean, but hopefully you'll get it in a month to a month-and-a-half. Cassandra-san's package is the CDs that I've been burning for her for months now. ^^; And it'll take a while for that one to arrive, too, but it's on the way!

[ profile] midnightstar16's P.O.S. is still here, because I still don't have her new address, hint hint. Ahem. *pokes*

In a month or so, I'll be mailing Christmas gifts out to everybody, too, but I'm not done shopping quite yet. X3

Speaking of shopping, though-- Cat McD, I got gifts for Mariah and Jasmine today. An awesome hat/scarf/mitts set for Mariah (OMG I want it! X3) and an adorable stuffed unicorn for Jasmine (um... which I also want, actually. O_o lol.) Now I just need to find something neat for AJ. Is there anything that I should avoid, or anything he would particularly like? I almost got him a Darth Tater... that's a Mister Potato Head doll that's dressed like Darth Vader from Star Wars. XD Nyahaha...

Then I went with Mom while she got her hair cut, and we stopped at the book store while we were at the mall, where she bought me Spirit of the Horse off the bargain rack. It's an awesome photo book, which I wanted for some decent body and head shape reference pictures. ^^

Oh, and then on the way home we stopped at the grocery store so I could buy some pumpkin pie.

Comfort food while I cry about my mice, and all...

EDIT: Oh yeah. Happy Halloween, everybody.

EDIT #2: OMFG NANOWRIMO TONIGHT. @_@;; *spazzes*

Happy 2nd

Oct. 10th, 2005 03:42 pm
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My LJ is 2 years old today! *confetti from nowhere* =3

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Jul. 1st, 2005 06:40 pm
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Haa. Oh Yeah.

Happy Canada Day to all of us Canadians. ^_^

Happy May

May. 1st, 2005 05:04 pm
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New TV stand. Yayness. T'wasn't all that hard to put together, really... though it was a bit awkward at times, so I had to get Mom to help, just because I don't have four hands. The new stand is smaller than the old one, though--I have empty wall space! O_O;; Must... fill... space!! *twitches*

I could fit another little bookshelf in there! XD

In other news, Full Moon wa Sagashite is quite cute and amusing, as is Psychic Academy. ^^ Psychic Academy episodes are only 10 minutes long, though. O_o Each ep includes a full theme-song intro, too (about 1.5 minutes long)... still, it's entertaining.

Trunks and I got Mom a copy of Troy for Mother's Day; it's a movie she really wanted, so why not? I still need to locate/buy a spiffy card for her, too, but that shouldn't take long. ^^ I'll probably do it tomorrow or the next day... Trunks may or may not come along. Normally I'm the one who picks the cards anyway, since he seems to have trouble with it. ^^;

Heehee. And I wore my FMA pocketwatch today when we went out to breakfast and to do groceries. Nothing big, but I was still very happy to be able to pull it out to check the time--which I'll admit I did a couple more times than I needed to. Ahahaha! ^_^;;

Aaaaaand... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY [ profile] cassandracsenta!

"What?" You ask, "has Sena finally lost it?"

Why no! Today is the one-year anniversary of the first random scene I posted! ^_^ I think it was one from Eien no Yume ni Mukatte, when I was still writing that and we were squee-ing over Ren and Yuki... wow. Things have come so far since then! =^-^=


Mar. 27th, 2005 03:00 pm
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Not that my family celebrates it, but Happy Easter to everyone. :)


Feb. 14th, 2005 05:40 pm
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My Gravitation DVDs got here today! ^^ A couple of days later than I thought they'd be, but they still got here, so whatever! =3

The frustrating part was that they got here about ten seconds after Mom and my Step-Dad showed up to help me hang some curtains (involving eye-bolts, heavy wire, and much use of tweasers) and put up my big wall-shelves. So I whipped my package out of the mailbox, bounced for a second... and then had to put it away because I couldn't watch it right away.

Then after we were done hanging everything here, I went over to their place to borrow their laundy facilities for a while. So I just got back home about twenty minutes ago.

I plan to watch much anime tonight! >^-^<

I haven't had a really good anime binge in a while, now...

EDIT: Oh my God. ^^;; Happy Valentines Day...
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I'm officially 21 years old... and still have no I.D., so I can't go drinking. Because if anyone cards me, I can't prove how old I am! Fwee!

Okay! So, I was supposed to finish another scene for Cassandra-san today, but I didn't end up managing it. So much to do in prep for my teeny birthday party. But I got a bunch more written, so I can probably finish it tomorrow, since I have nothing to do. ^_~

Around 4:00 pm, C.A. showed up--that's when everyone was supposed to be there, but as it turned out, Pam, Andy, Scott and Kevin couldn't make it; that left C.A., Michelle and Steve. Steve worked until 7:00, so he didn't get here unti around 8. And about 5-ish, Michelle called and went "where were you?"

And C.A. and I went; "um... what?" |_|;;

She'd been there around 4:15, and rang the doorbell a couple of times, and when no one answered (I completely forgot to tell her that the doorbell is broken... ^^;;), she tried to call on her cell but got the machine. We figure she must have tried to call when I was on the phone, talking to Pam. ^^;;

Anyway, she'd gone downtown to get a drink, so C.A. and I got our coats and boots on and headed down to meet her there. Once downtown, we poked through the dollar store. Michelle bought socks, C.A. bought socks, I bought socks. We all bought socks. And I got some misc. stuff for my next P.O.S.s and for the box I'm sending for [ profile] cat_mcdougall's kids. >^-^<

While we were there, I expressed the desire to own a tea pot. Not a kettle. I have a kettle. I wanted a tea pot that I could brew a couple of cups of tea in--and Michelle was like "oh! I got my Mom one for Christmas!" and proceeded to skip us over to Liquidation World, where I purchased an awesome blue-and-white Japanese tea set (pot/4 cups) for approx. $7.

Then we came back here, and sat and gabbed for a good hour and a half, before deciding we were going to watch a movie to pass the time until Steve got off work (we were waiting for him so we could all go have dinner together), and popped in Home on the Range (the Disney one); about halfway through the movie, Steve got here.

After we were done watching the movie, we spent about half an hour trying to decide what we wanted to eat. At that point, it was 9:00 at night. We decided on Chinese... all the Chinese places were closed. Bah. So we went to Brewery Bay, which is basically pub food. Cool with me. I had fetuccini alfredo.

As it turned out, some of the people we know from high school happened to be there, too! None of them are really close friends of mine, but I know them, and generally like them, so we had a little reunion while we waited for our food.

Dinner was awesome. It's so great to have a meal with good friends I haven't seen much of lately.

Then when the waiter came to take our dishes, Michelle asked if I got dessert free because it was my birthday. He said no... but was it my birthday? I said yes. He asked how old I was. I told him 21. He stared. Then stared some more. Then said "no way."

I said "yes." He said "no." I said "yes." And finally, he shook his head and said "you'd never be able to tell!" At which point, Michelle (who'd had a couple of drinks with dinner) asked, once again, if I got anything special for my birthday.

He thought about it. Then kind of grinned. I wanted to crawl under the table. Then he took our dishes and said "I've got something for you, I'll be right back!"

Oh my God...

Wasn't so bad! When he came back, he had a coffee filter full of whipped cream. O_O;; I wasn't sure if I should run, or stay out of morbid curiosity. I ended up staying... and he proceeded to explain that it was what they call a "muff dive."

As I don't drink, I'd obviously never heard of it, but C.A. started cackling. =_=;; C.A. cackling is never a good sign...

Basically, there's a shot glass full of booze in the middle of a huge pile of whipped cream--you ger someone to hold your hair back (in this case Michelle) and use your teeth to pick up the glass, and down the shot. If you use your hands or can't do it, the whipped cream goes all in your hair instead of just on your face. >^-^;;;

I did it okay. Except that the whipping cream clogged the glass so I had a hard time getting the liquor out. XD

Irish and banana cream and jack daniels or something like that. The first actual drink I've ever had, coolers not withstanding. ^^;; I got whipped cream up my nose, but it was fun. ^_~

Then we paid for our food and headed back home, where we had cake and chatted for about another hour, and then everyone headed out. ^^ C.A. is taking me to see Blade: Trinity later this week as a birthday/Christmas present. That's normally what she does. Last year we went to see The Return Of The King. ^^

So! All together, quite a fun birthday, even if some people couldn't make it!

Ringing In

Jan. 1st, 2005 12:48 pm
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I went to Steve's place last night, so that I could participate in ye olde New Year's Movie-thon with him and Michelle (and C.A. showed up, too!)... and we watched all of one movie. Yay for Finding Nemo. ^^;;

For the most part, we sat around and talked and just caught up; Steve and C.A. go to the same university, but Michelle goes to another one, and I'm still stuck here. =_=;; So there was a lot of catching up to do. ^^

Michelle gave me a pretty necklace for Christmas. It's kind of a celtic-starburst-thing, with a garnet in the middle (my birthstone). She got C.A. a celtic cross with her birthstone in it, too. Maaaa~ but I got her a book, and it turns out she already has it, so I'm going to have to find something else.



I was planning on taking a cab home from Steve's house at around 1 or 2-ish; but C.A. had to leave at like, 10:30, and when she called the cab company they told her it was full-meter rate, and would probably cost $25--$30. O_O;; But Steve's house is way out on the highway out of town, so I guess it makes sense. Not that it's any less rediculous, but... yeah.

So I left at 10:30 with her so we could split on the cab, and it cost us exactly $30 because I let the cab driver keep the three or whatever dollars change. He was nice, and I feel bad for people who work on New Year's Eve. ^^;;
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I have the next two days off! During which I plan to work furiously on Canadian Dragon! ...but then again, I said that last weekend, too, and I ended up tinkering around with all kinds of other stuff, too. >^-^;;

Yesterday was my Step-Sister's birthday. Bought her a mini-chocolate cake and a card. Tomorrow is my Step-Dad's birthday... I bought him a copy of Walking Tall (he's a fan of The Rock) about a month and a half ago, but I have no wrapping paper... so I'm taking blank white paper, scribbling on it with pencil crayons like I'm five years old, and wrapping it in that!

It's not juvenile, it's personalized! XD

So I'm going to stop over to see him and Mom tonight and give it to him. *shrugs*

That's about it...
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Wore my black angel costume to work last night. ^^ Mel went as Superman. It was pretty amusing... her costume had muscles and everything! And the entire night was slow as hell--we had maybe twenty-five people come in all night. =_=;;

So... yesterday everything got moved over to my new apartment, except for my cats and my computer, and those are going today. I'm here now because I needed to feed Tri and Neko, and then Mom is taking me to do grocery shopping in a bit, or I would have just gone to the new place after work.

You know, it was kind of a nostalgic feeling when I got in the cab this morning--I was thinking this is the last time I'll be taking a cab there... "there" being the house I've lived in for about thirteen years. *sighs* It's a little sad, actually...

I get to spend the next two days unpacking! ^_^;;

...and I don't know when the Internet will be installed, so I don't know when I'll be back online permanently again. I'll borrow Sarah's computer or something to check in until then.

This makes me sad. Me lovey Internet. *_*

On the plus side, not having the 'Net to distract me will give me lots of time to work on Canadian Dragon, since the 2004 NaNoWriMo officially started almost six-and-a-half hours ago. ^^; Maybe I'll actually manage it this year!

...yeah right.

Ahahaha... ^^;;;
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Mindy stopped by my work last night... I haven't seen her in about ten years! ^_^;; It was nice to see her again, but she's soooo different from how I remember her. I mean, obviously. Duh. We were eleven then.

Anyway, her Mom is good friends with my Mom, and they haven't seen each other in almost as long, so she's going to stop by on Tuesday night and hopefully they can catch up. >^-^< Mom will like that... I might get her to come pick me up (at my own apartment! XD) and bring me back here for a couple of hours so I can say hi, too. ^^

So... I work Sunday night, which is Halloween. And, as is tradition if you work Halloween at Tim Hortons (or most places, for that matter), you're supposed to wear a costume. It's not mandatory, but everyone does it anyway because it's fun. ^^ Mel's working with me, and she's going as Superman. ^_^;;;

Anyway, last year around this time, I went into a store at the mall and bought myself a pair of wings. Just because I wanted them. =P They're very cool--actual feathers, and black instead of white. So I think I'm just going to dress in black, do my hair with beads and ribbons, muck around with make-up for the first time in about three years and then wear the wings, and call myself a Fallen Angel.

I'm still trying to decide if I should go out and buy myself some chains to wear or not... as if I've Fallen, and then escaped from Hell or something. That'd be cool, but at the same time, I'm baking on Sunday, and I'm already going to have to maneuver around the wings, so maybe chains aren't a good idea...

*shrugs* I'll decide later. Probably it'll depend on if I have a chance to go out and buy them or not.

Anyone else dressing up for Halloween? ^^

Oh CRAP...

Oct. 13th, 2004 06:02 am
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It's my brother's BIRTHDAY today! O_O;;

*dives for pencils and paper to at least make a card for him*

I am so screwed...
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Thanksgiving for everyone in the U.S. is next month, ne? ^^; But Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada, anyway...

No pumpkin pie this year. ;__; Waaaaah!!


Oh well.




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