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Today I had to take the cats in for their yearly check-up/vaccines/etc. While it's kind of a pain juggling all three of them (with only two carriers, nonetheless >>;) to and from the car (thanks for helping, Mom! xD;), other than that there's usually no big problems. *shrug*

This time I knew I was going to get into some things with Loki since his ears still itch like hell and we don't know why; Dr Taylor gave me some ear drops to try him on to see if they'll help, and wants him back in next week for a follow-up. Gee, why does that sound familiar? Dammit Loki! I can't afford to take you to the vet every week like I did back in March! ><;

The big surprise was Tri though... when the vet asked me how he was doing I said he was fine, but then we he checked Tri's teeth... shit. He has plaque/tartar so bad that all of his back molars are abcessed! How could I not spot that? I mean... he hasn't been acting sick or anything, but still. It was so bad, I feel like I've neglected him or something...

The vet said he's never seen a 3-year-old cat with teeth that bad before; and because of the infection, Tri's also now got a heart murmur, which really kind of scares me. He's been prescribed antibiotics for the infection, and next week he's going in again to have his teeth cleaned up.

Fuck, I can't believe I missed something like that! I hope he'll be alright...

And then Neko, as usual, is his big ol' scaredy-cat self. There's nothing wrong with him at least, so I only have to worry about my two other babies. And Kori, who can barely walk or breathe anymore, and who I'm pretty sure has gone blind. Poor guy. Old age really sucks for rodents, doesn't it?
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Today was nothing special aside from being Cage Day, so I spent a long while cleaning everything out; unfortunately, Bedrock died yesterday, but that meant today I moved Kori, Roxy and Axel around a bit.

Now Roxy and Axel are in a smaller cage (with a wheel, ZOMG!), and I transferred Kori from his old cage to the big terrarium (they're about the same size, actually), which just means he can't throw stuff all over the floor anymore. lol. I'm trying to contain the mess as much as I can. I <3 terrariums.

Anyway, the mice are all over the place climbing and exploring (as mice will do), and Kori seems very happy in the terrarium. He especially likes the log cabin because it has windows and stuff for him to poke his head out of, whereas his house in the cage was one of those plastic igloo looking things. It's probably much cooler in the cabin, too. :)

I also gave him a bath today, which he wasn't so thrilled with. xD; He hasn't had a bath in forever, but at least bathing one squirming rat is easier than dealing with three!

And now Pagan's cage has been moved over to where Kori's used to be, so now I have access to my storage-dresser again! :D

Photoblogging, Day 28 )

Now~ tonight I need to finish cleaning and packing because tomorrow I'm going to Grandma's and staying for a week (she has Internet so everything will stay the same online anyway). She really needs some company right now, and while I can't stay forever because of my critters (Sarah is going to take care of them while I'm away), I do want to visit a bit and hopefully that'll help her feel a bit better...

Also, apparently the neighbors were over to talk with Robin today, and he was showing them the kayak in the garage (I guess he and Jayne kayak? O.o), and they saw the corner where I have all my spare cages stashed, and told Sarah if I ever decided I didn't want them they would buy one because they're thinking about getting a hamser or something.

I'd rather not get rid of them (because without fail, every time, I get rid of my spare/old cages and then end up needing them about two weeks later), but at this point I have like a billion of them, so I'm sure I could afford one. And I could use the cash... hmm...
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It's 10:30 at night, and I'm just now getting around to making lasagna for dinner. >>; I fail, wow. It'll be done at 11:30. But I'm not super hungry, so I'm in no big hurry.

I already did a bunch of cooking today anyway; I made an 11-quart pot of Split Pea And Ham soup for Mom and Lee. I don't even eat pea and ham soup; I'm allergic to ham (anything from a pig, actually), and I haven't had pea soup since I was about three.

I had some then and inhaled a piece of pea husk, and ended up in the hospital... and have avoided it ever since. When I was younger I was afraid to eat it, and now I just don't like the taste. I guess it's an accuired taste? And since when I was little I didn't eat it, now I find it kind of gross. At least I'm not afraid of it anymore! xD;;

So I cooked it up and tomorrow or the next day I'm going to get one of them to come over and get it. I made the stock with the big knuckle bone from the last time Mom and Lee had a ham (I saved it and some meat specifically because Lee asked about soup and made his equivallent of wibbly eyes at me), and then when I was done I gave the bone to Kori. There was a bit of marrow still in it, and a few pieces of gristle, and he made the cutest little *.* face ever. Then he hunched over it in his cage and glared at Neko and Loki, because they were over sniffing at it through the bars. lol.

Tomorrow I'm gonna make a black forest cake! *loves her cooking/baking omg* =3

Photoblogging, Day 9 )


Jun. 12th, 2007 03:45 am
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Some random pics from off my camera. A couple of them are from just after the con, and a bunch are pics I just spent like an hour trying to take of Roxy and Axel. I'd forgotten how hard it is to get decent photos of mice. XD;;

Photo-phanalia. )

I need animal icons, and KH icons. *nodnod*

Doh... -.-;

May. 4th, 2007 10:02 pm
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Today I was in Walmart and poked about the beads for the right ones to do the tassels on Axel's coat. Yey. But I couldn't find quite the right size/shape/color. After some searching I did manage to find some brown wooden ones that were pretty close, so I figured meh, and decided to get those and just paint them.

Thus, I brought them back home, la~di~daa, and set about painting. Black. Black. WTF BRAIN I HATE U. ><; I painted them all, and was all smug about it and happy... then went "aw crap!" because they actually need to be silver. -___-;;

So I started repainting them. Right now the first coat of the first batch is drying, and Axel!pony is mocking me from where he's standing on the table, waiting for his tassles, the jerk.

I guess and-and-between painting beads for the rest of the night I'll get to work on Hikaru and Fuu from my Magic Knight Rayearth ponies. I can't start Umi until I get around to taking her downstairs and scrubbing the stupid glitter off Merriweather's symbol/forehead... >>;

Other than that, hmm... I bought spaghetti squash today while I was doing groceries. XD I'm so looking forward to making non-carb pasta with it. Haha~

The pet store had the cutest bunnies. ;.; I mibbled at them. One was chocolate brown with a white blaze down her nose and white socks on her front feet, and one was orange-blonde with a white blaze. The other two were solid colored Rexes. So cute! X3

I can't have any more rabbits. At least until I move to a bigger place. >>;;;

Speaking of rabbits... does anyone on my f-list happen to know much about them? I'm off asking questions at the rabbit comm because they often treat me like I'm stupid or irresponsible for little things. I take good care of all my babies, dammit!

Anyway, are Rex rabbits more inclined toward behavior problems? Just out of curiosity... because I have five rabbits, and four different breeds; the only breed I have two of is Rex (Phantom and Pan), and those are the two that I seem to have difficulties with.

Phantom isn't so bad really, but she's quite standoffish and will nip and grunt if you try to pick her up (she prefers to just be left to her own devices), and Pan chews everything she can get her teeth on. Pauper, Phoenix and Pagan don't give me almost any trouble at all (aside from the occasional bunny antics), so I was just wondering if it had to do with the breed.

I dunno...

EDIT: The store also had the cutest ratties~~ but I promised Kori I wouldn't bring any more babies home until he was gone, because he's old and crotchity now and it wouldn't be fair to him. XD;;
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Today I was supposed to go over to Mom's and do some cleaning... and I totally slept through my alarm instead. -__-; Jeez Sena. So I'm going over tomorrow, and today I spent a while cleaning around here instead. Did cages and vacuuming and stuff.

It's been getting warmer outside, which is great, but starting about this time of year for two to three months, my allergies get to be really really bad. I go through a box of allergy pills every couple of days, which I'm sure can't be good for me. =.= But I mean bwuh~ I can't breathe through my nose, and my eyes are all itchy! Stupid springtime! ><;;

I guess I need to start running all my air filters more often again...

Anyway, so the buns and the squirrels and the rats are all clean and shiny again; I gave another litter box to the girl bunnies in the big cage, since they've recently decided that the corner opposite from their original litter box was good for using as a bathroom. Mrr. Now there are boxes in both corners! HAHA, I win!

The girls were all like \o/ and spent about three hours digging in it after I put it in, lol.

Maa ne, I was playing with Yuki and Kori for a bit after I cleaned their cage, and poor Yuki is starting to lose weight... that's what happened to 'Nashi before he died. But Yuki's about two and a half years old now, so he's really getting on. Even Kori's two years old. Poor guys, all they have the energy to do is eat and sleep anymore.

And Yuki's got a stripe down his back where he's losing hair. I didn't know rats could go bald in old age, but apparently it's possible...

I'll miss them when they're gone, and I think I probably will get more rats; I've really enjoyed having them, they're so smart and have such personalities on them. They've just been a lot of fun to have around. :)


I went at last night and painted the kanji on the jyuunishi ponies in my Furuba set (so like, 75% of them)... and did it all with toothpicks. Detail brushes? What're those? XD; For the most part they weren't too bad, but Yuki's was a pain, and I did Ayame's three times and it still just looks like squiggles. -_-;;

Now I'm starting my Gravi ones, and my KH ones tomorrow after I borrow Mom's printer to print some pictures of the characters to use for reference. >>;

Yep yep~~
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If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Oh, and my second Ouran art book dealie came in today. The first one got here last week. (I like the one that came in today better [/random] lol.) They were both a little bit bent in the mail. ><; I guess that's what you get with books that aren't hardcover...

And I got a Christmas card from Nana-mun, too~ ♥ DIE OF THE GLITTER ATTACK. X3

I had to amble down to the pharmacy today to pick up prescriptions (Apo-Carbamezapine, Ratio-Citalopram and Avandia), and while I was down that way I wandered through the Dollarama. (I should never be allowed in there, seriously.)

I spent like $25 on stuff to send to people in my next round of P.O.S. boxes, and craft supplies for myself. XD;

Why is Dollarama such a good dollar store??


And while I was there, I got some treats for the rats/cats (mostly the rats); they're these pork-link chew-things, actually meant for dogs, but I find that dog treats are excellent for the ratties, they love them. :)

Anyway, I gave Yuki and Kori a couple to munch on, and since Loki was giving me big PRETTY PLEASE MOMMY eyes, I gave one to him, too... and he was like WHOO!, and took off with it-- and now he doesn't seem to know what to do with it, lol. They're supposed to be chew-toys, so they're hard and he doesn't seem to get that.

Right now he's nosing it around the floor trying to figure out what to do. Ahhh, Loki. <3
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Yey twins lj layout. ^^ [/random]

Dazzle died today. ;____; I don't have any gerbils, now.

Ahh, all my little critters are getting so old now, it's not really a surprise. Yuki and Kori won't last long anymore, either; Yuki's so old that his fur is turning grey and he's losing hair along a stripe on his back. Poor old guy.

But he's still happy, even though he's an old man. :)

And So~

Oct. 24th, 2006 10:08 pm
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Ahhh, still tired~ =.=

Oh well, not much I can do really...

I have stuff to do tomorrow, still trying to figure out my schedule.

It's mostly just things around here, but they need to be done; I have to clean animal cages (which only takes about a half an hour), and I have several cages that've been emptied out and organised lately that need to go into storage in the garage for now. And the old coffee table needs to go down there, too, but I think I'll need to get someone to help me with that...

Mmmm, I'm looking at these cages and thinking about the cute little black baby rats they have at the pet store right now... ehhhhh, I can't I can't! At least not until Yuki and Kori are gone! They're old men now and wouldn't appreciate me bringing annoying baby ratties into the house, I'm sure. >_> They'd never talk to me again. ;~; lol.

But if I get the cages moved into storage, I'll be less tempted, so it must be done.

Also dishes and stuff.

And I will be up on time to chat with Cassandra-san!! And then after that I'll chat with Kao-mun, and then we're gonna rp with Tama-mun for a bit. Which will be interesting, since it's with Suzumiya instead of Tamaki. XD;;

We will all play nice. *snort* Yeah right.
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Wow, my hands have been shaking really badly all day. It's been a while since I've had to deal with this... I really didn't miss it. =_=;; Hopefully it'll go away again by tomorrow, but who knows? It's a symptom of the stupid Chronic Fatigue, and that's been bad lately, too, so... yeah...

Other than that, today was grocery day so I got out of the house for a while. The store was really crowded, though, and I hate that. It makes me freak out. And it hailed today, really hard; the hail was pretty big, too. But at least we didn't get 18 inches of snow or whatever they got south of us. ^_^;;

And today I did some tidying around here. Lee took my air conditioner this afternoon, so that he can clean it out for me (it's full of cat/rabbit/rat/etc. hair and just needs to be opened up and cleaned out), and I transferred Yuki and Kori over into the old rabbit cage, which is much more roomy than the one they were in. They really like it, and I'm glad.

Poor Yuki is so old. >^-^;; But he seems to be feeling fine, nonetheless.


Kisa isn't feeling so good, though. She's developed a lump under one of her front legs, just like Tohru-chan did before she died. And unfortunately, much as I love my mice, I don't have the money to spend a hundred dollars to take her to the vet. Especially since she's getting pretty old, too, and I didn't expect her to make it to Christmas even before the lump appeared...


Jun. 24th, 2006 06:24 am
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I haven't slept a wink tonight, and my apartment is now in complete and utter disarray. =.=;;

Because I couldn't sleep, I decided to keep myself busy (instead of just laying around staring at the ceiling), and put together as much of the new bunny cage as I could, given that I don't have enough NIC squares for the whole thing, chloroplast for the bottom, grass mats for the floor/shelves, litter boxes to go in it, another water bottle, or a hay dealie. Yep. So it's half done now.

But then I was like "well now what am I going to do? I have this huge half-finished cage, and nowhere to put it!", since I hadn't rearranged yet.

Thusly, I rearranged.

One of my dresser's got moved out of the way, and the other got moved over to make room for the cage (which is going along that wall, next to the window). This, of course, involved unplugging several appliances (lamp/clock/air filter/radio/etc), and plugging them back in once the dresser was situated again. Both of them are now empty as well, and all my clothes are piled unceremoniously on my round coffee table, awaiting sorting and putting away.

The smaller dresser that was moved away from the wall completely was then wheeled over to the far cubby hole, which is actually fits in nicely. There's storage behind it, and it's still accessable, so I can still use it for storage as well. Plus, it hides all the clutter and boxes. But of course, I forgot to pack my boxes away back there before I put the dresser in... so it came out again, then the cubby hole got packed with stuff before it returned to it's new home.

Yuki, 'Nashi and Kori, whose cage used to be where the little dresser is now, had been moved out of the way, and are currently sitting on their table, pending further movement. They'll eventually be going where Phoenix and Pauper's cage is now, once the girls get moved into the new one. ^_^;

Phantom, meanwhile, is staying where she is for the time being. And she was not happy with all the movement around her, by the way; she kept making loud thumping noises the whole time I was shuffling stuff around. lol. Phantom just doesn't deal well with change. She's very set in her ways. ^_~

So, later today (or tomorrow, since I'm starting to get tired now), I have some spare cages to move down into storage in the garage, and I need to reorganize the other cubby hole to fit in some of the plastic bins of my collection (the rest is already in the cubby behind the dresser). Then I have to put away all my clothes again, and decide if I want to keep all the videos/books that were stored in the big dresser until I emptied everything out up here, or if I want to send them down to the garage for storage, too.


And of course, I have a couple of boxes of odds and ends that are supposed to go on the shelves above the one dresser/new cage if and/or when I ever manage to get around to putting them up again.

Oh, and a couple of days ago I found some laundry cupboards at Walmart; they're two feet tall, so they'll fit along my short walls, and were on clearance, so I put a set on layaway, and I need to pick them up in a week or so. When I get them here and put together, I need to reorganize again to find somewhere to put them. XD

Do I know how to make things complicated, or what?
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So when I make turkey/chicken, absolutely nothing goes to waste, including the bones, giblets/neck, and meat scraps; generally, the giblets/neck go to the cats, the meat scraps go to the cats/rats/mice and the bones get boiled all the hell to make stock for a huge pot of soup, like the one I made yesterday.

Anyway, when I did the turkey a couple of days ago, I gave the {cooked} neck to Sarah for her cats-- when I went downstairs just now, she had just broken it in half and given it to them like that:

Sena: Uh...
Sarah: *tidying or whatever*
Sena: Sarah?
Sarah: Mm?
Sena: Just... the cats. You really shouldn't just give that to them. There's bones in it.
Sarah: Really?
Sena: Uh, yeah...
Sarah: I didn't know that! I just gave it to them because I didn't think there were any bones in it.

She took it away and took the meat off of it for them, but honestly. What did she think turkeys held their heads up with? Willpower alone?

I need a good *FACEPALM* icon. *nods*

EDIT: This morning, I have some turkey to the rats; every time I give them a treat, 'Nashi goes around stealing it all, and collects it in "his" corner. I have to keep taking it back and handing it out again until he gives up and Yuki and Kori have a chance to actually eat theirs. ^_^; No wonder he's so pudgy! lol
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I got some snow peas and raddishes for the critters this time {today was Grocery Day, of course}, just for a change. I got carrots and apples for them, too, as always, but I thought they might like something different. ^^ So everyone's really happy to have treats. <3

I was a little surprising, but the rats really loved the raddishes. For some reason I thought they'd kind of go "...meh." to them... >^-^;;

Yesterday I picked up some beef crunchies for the ratties, too... because their teeth are getting a teeny bit longer than they should be. They've got lots of stuff to chew on-- mineral block, wood chews, corn cob, etc-- so I don't know why... but anyway, the beef crunchies are really hard beef-flavored discs (actually meant for dogs, but whatever), that Yuki-tachi love, and about the only thing I've ever found that they have to actually work on to eat. So, in response to the teeth thing, they get yummies. I'm sure they don't mind. ^_~

While the bunnies were out playing today, I cleaned a bunch of cages... I figured, it'd be easier to do the rabbit pens while they weren't in them, as opposed to having to transfer them around to do it later. Anyway, Phoenix and Pauper were absolute PESTS the whole time. ^_^; Little bugs!

They poked around, hopped into Phantom's cage, their cage, the rats' cage, nibbled from the rats' food dishes, at the bags of shavings, at the bags of timothy hay/etc., poked around all over my lap, and climbed into the garbage bag of used/dirty shavings, among other things. ^^; I kept picking them up and moving them to the side, and they kept coming back... eventually, I had to fill the cages with new shavings while Phoenix and Pauper were hopping around inside them. Nyahaha... then they were all covered in aspen bits... X3

They smelled nice afterward, though, because of the cage deodorizer that I use. Kind of like bubblegum. =3

I have pictures, but my camera is recharging, so I'll have to post them tomorrow...
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And an alternative one, in which Tri attempts to steal the spotlight, but is completely unsuccessful. )

That's wheat-type cereal on the chair in the background, there. Good for rat treats! =3

Meh... *pokes ratties* They don't cooperate when I want to take photos. >^-^;; They don't sit still pretty much at all when they're out like this.

And yeah, Tri really is afraid of them likes them, so when any/all of them are out and wandering around, he pokes around at them; in this case, he kept leaning in close until Yuki noticed him (all my critters are completely used to the cats, so now they might as well be furniture or something in the background) and leaned over to say hi... at which point, Tri jumped about three feet into the air, then skittered backward until he bumped into Phantom's hutch, at which point he couldn't retreat any farther. Yuki just sat there looking after him with an almost puzzled air. ^^;

Considering the cats are the biggest animals around here, and the only carnivores, they certainly are chickens. :P lol.

Bath Time

Feb. 16th, 2006 08:41 pm
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I took the rat cage downstairs and washed it out today, and my ratties came with me. >^-^;;

Like a drowned rat. Literally. )

Yup. Been a while since I posted a bunch of random animal photos...
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Buaha. I slept through my alarm again this morning, and missed talking to Cassandra-san. I SUCK. Seriously.


...I present a random scene as apology! ^^ )

There were going to be two scenes, but I didn't get the other one written. ^^; Oh well. Maybe tomorrow!

It was going to be with our OC Furuba characters, actually. I definitely want to write one with them. =3


Dec. 20th, 2005 07:02 pm
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Ed!pony sold for $35 US, which is just over $40 in Canadian. So basically, I made four times what he cost me. lol. I'm relatively pleased. And the guy who bought him is so enthusiastic about it that it's hard not to be happy, too. I have to ship him off tomorrow afternoon. ^^

Yesterday when I got the bows to finish up Trims, I also got some Goo Gone, which I'm told is good for removing glue/symbols/whatever, so I'm going to set about giving that a try-- I have a decappitated Sparkleworks sitting here waiting to be customized, but about half of her hair is glued in so well I can't get it out. :P Hopefully the Goo Gone will help... then she's going to be a Pom custom for my Step-Mom.

I'm also working on another Ed!pony for [ profile] catystorm. :)


And yay, I love Kori! I'm so glad I adopted him. He's a sweetie, really... he loves to cuddle up on my shoulder and goom my ear. >^-^;; But it turns out I'm kinda allergic to him. O_o;; I'm not allergic to Yuki and 'Nashi! But yeah... Kori's little nails are scratchy (just like with any rodent-creature) and I itch whenever I take him out to play with him. It's funny, though, 'cause when he grooms me that doesn't make me react, just his nails do... .__.

Oh well. It's no big deal. Once I've had him for a while, my body will adjust. It's happened with a couple of my other animals in the past, too. I'm used to it!

Ah! And [ profile] cat_mcdougall! I was telling Mom that you were writing that CSIx3/Highlander crossover... and she wants to read it. ^_^;; She's a big CSI and Highlander fan... just thought I'd tell you. <3 lol.
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Dad came up this morning to exchange gifts with Trunks and me. ^^ He couldn't stay long, but at least we got to see him before Christmas. He really liked his gifts, which was good of course. He got Trunks from McFarland dragons, and Evanescence CDs... I got a TON of My Little Ponies, and a copy of Batman Begins. X3

Most of the ponies he got me are bait ponies... or at least I think they are. I don't know if any of them are rare and should just be restored instead of customized, so I should check on that before I start hacking them apart. .__. He also got me four new ponies. ^^


I'm a sucker... )

...and the people at the pet store know it. ^_^;; They gave me this sob story about how he was the only big rat left, and how everyone who came in to buy one wanted a baby, and how he was soooo cute and sweet and friendly, but a lot of people didn't like that he was an albino, too, and how if someone didn't adopt him soon, they'd have to sell him as a feeder. ;__;

I named him "Kori". ^__^


EDIT: I just introduced Kori to Yuki and 'Nashi... and they spent the last few minutes cuddling and grooming him. >^-^< I think we'll all get along okay...


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