Nov. 12th, 2005

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It's... just after four in the morning, and I'm getting up at eight, and I'm still awake.

Believe it or not, I just spend three hours wrapping all my Christmas gifts. I'm done... or, as much as I can be. I still have a couple of to-be-shipped packages that still need to be wrapped, mostly because I need a couple more boxes to pack everything into before I can do it. And I have a couple of presents that I still have to buy, that I'll wrap when I do.

Then after all that fun wrapping, I went on ebay and nicked some more little gifty-things;

The Advent Children movie for Trunks (and I got a copy for me, too, even though I shouldn't have. X3)

And three b-grade DVDs for Andy-- Full Eclipse, ZOLTAN: Hound of Dracula and Nightbeast. Though I'm seriously considering keeping Zoltan and buying him a different one. XD lol.

Such terrible taste in movies...

2005 Christmas Checklist, Updated Again! )
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It occurred to me today that I never posted pics of the baby mice that I ended up keeping. So I took a couple of snaps of Kira and Shouta (and Rin). I'll take a pic or two of Ichigo later, but she looks pretty much the same as Rin, so you'll get the idea.

As a random observation, Kira turned out really calm, and I can handle him with no problems at all. He just sits in my hand and looks cute. Shouta is really friendly, but he's kind of excitable-- when you pick him up, he just wants to run and jump and crawl and explore everything as fast as he can. =3 lol.

A couple of pictures. )

I don't know if you can really tell by the pic of Kira with Rin, but he and Shouta are actually much smaller than Rin is-- the two of them came from the same litter (Ryu's), and for some reason all of Ryu's pups ended up smaller than Tohru's pups and the rest of the mice. That's okay though, I think they're cute. X3

As for Ichigo, she's from Tohru's litter, so she's about normal-sized for a nearly-full-grown female mousie. ^^


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