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I dropped a pewter dragon on my bare foot yesterday. It hurt. A lot. Luckily, said dragon was little, or I would have broken at least one toe. As it was, a spot on my foot turned black, then faded to purple and now I have an ugly bruise. Bad dragon.

Photoblogging, Day 8 )
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Pan and Phoenix seem to be under the wrong impression as to what my treadmill is for. lol. )

The treadmill is unplugged, of course; it's always unplugged when the buns are out, and the cable is up hung over the handlebars. They think it's a lounge chair, and sometimes a ramp for taking running jumps off of!
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I have five buns; Phantom, Phoenix, Pauper, Panyin and Pagan. Pagan is the only boy, and is currently unaltered. Clearly, he'll be getting neutered (around the end of this month), but for the time being he can't play with the girls because not all of them are spayed yet either.

So he has play time on his own, and putters around quietly by himself. He teases Kori through his cage, flirts with the girls through their cage, chases the cats, and comes over for pets whenever he wants some love.

But still, whenever I let the girls out for their play time, I get THE EYES. The big, shiny, sad, lonely, forlorn, please Mommy? eyes that he's proven to be so good at. And every time I give him scritches and tell him he can't play with the girlies yet, but he'll be able to soon, I promise.

And then today I suddenly realised that duh, he can totally play with Phoenix since she's already been spayed and is really friendly and mothering.

Thus, tonight I scooped Phoenix from the big cage (and got WTF looks from Pauper and Pan when they didn't get out at the same time), and then let Pagan out as well. And he was all OMG SRSLY YEY! lol. He's so happy to be able to play with one of the other buns, since he hasn't been able to since he was really little...

Anyway! That's my random story.

Like sharing a milkshake. Only granola. And without the milkshake. )

Look how little Pagan is... he's six-ish months old and not even as big as Phoenix, and she's a two pound Netherland Dwarf. And half of his size is his fur, lol. And he's still got one floppy ear and one standing ear! <3

Doh... -.-;

May. 4th, 2007 10:02 pm
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Today I was in Walmart and poked about the beads for the right ones to do the tassels on Axel's coat. Yey. But I couldn't find quite the right size/shape/color. After some searching I did manage to find some brown wooden ones that were pretty close, so I figured meh, and decided to get those and just paint them.

Thus, I brought them back home, la~di~daa, and set about painting. Black. Black. WTF BRAIN I HATE U. ><; I painted them all, and was all smug about it and happy... then went "aw crap!" because they actually need to be silver. -___-;;

So I started repainting them. Right now the first coat of the first batch is drying, and Axel!pony is mocking me from where he's standing on the table, waiting for his tassles, the jerk.

I guess and-and-between painting beads for the rest of the night I'll get to work on Hikaru and Fuu from my Magic Knight Rayearth ponies. I can't start Umi until I get around to taking her downstairs and scrubbing the stupid glitter off Merriweather's symbol/forehead... >>;

Other than that, hmm... I bought spaghetti squash today while I was doing groceries. XD I'm so looking forward to making non-carb pasta with it. Haha~

The pet store had the cutest bunnies. ;.; I mibbled at them. One was chocolate brown with a white blaze down her nose and white socks on her front feet, and one was orange-blonde with a white blaze. The other two were solid colored Rexes. So cute! X3

I can't have any more rabbits. At least until I move to a bigger place. >>;;;

Speaking of rabbits... does anyone on my f-list happen to know much about them? I'm off asking questions at the rabbit comm because they often treat me like I'm stupid or irresponsible for little things. I take good care of all my babies, dammit!

Anyway, are Rex rabbits more inclined toward behavior problems? Just out of curiosity... because I have five rabbits, and four different breeds; the only breed I have two of is Rex (Phantom and Pan), and those are the two that I seem to have difficulties with.

Phantom isn't so bad really, but she's quite standoffish and will nip and grunt if you try to pick her up (she prefers to just be left to her own devices), and Pan chews everything she can get her teeth on. Pauper, Phoenix and Pagan don't give me almost any trouble at all (aside from the occasional bunny antics), so I was just wondering if it had to do with the breed.

I dunno...

EDIT: The store also had the cutest ratties~~ but I promised Kori I wouldn't bring any more babies home until he was gone, because he's old and crotchity now and it wouldn't be fair to him. XD;;
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Right... today has been tiring. -.-;

We went to do groceries, but I haven't had money to buy anything the last three weeks, so I had about five gagillion stops to make. At least my tax money came in, so I could pick up some stuff that I haven't been able to, like spaghetti sauce and things like that.

My big splurge with my tax money was another rabbit harness/leash at the pet place for like $9, so now I have three; I can take Pagan, Phoenix and Pan out at the same time. Phantom refuses to wear one (she absolutely freaks out if I try putting one on her, and doesn't get along with the others anyway), so she can't go for walks, but the others like it. I also tried putting one on Pagan, and he just looked at me like "...what are you doing?" and then went about his business, so he'll probably be fine with it as well. :)

I might try taking Pauper and Phoenix out for the first time this spring tomorrow, if it's warm enough. <3


So I've been really down lately... even more so than usual. And I've had a couple of people asking about it, so maybe... I should just explain so that everyone understands, and hopefully doesn't worry so much.

I've always... )

Take One

Feb. 14th, 2007 08:02 pm
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The last few days, I've been letting Pauper and Phoenix out to play at the same time as Pan and Pagan; at first it was a little iffy, they were all wary, but there was no real animosity, and they slowly got used to each other. Then I started leaving the cages open while they were playing, so that they could poke about inside each other's home base.

When that went well (and Pan and Pagan surprised me with how high they could jump, they can already hop their way up to most of the shelves inside the big cage <3), today when Pauper and Phoenix decided they'd had enough playing and headed home, Pan and Pagan were poking about inside the cage-- and instead of collecting them and putting them in their own cage, I just shut the door.

We'll see how it goes, but so far so good. If any problems crop up, I'll move them back to the smaller cage again and try again later. As it is, Pagan is going to have to go back to the other cage in a bit so that he doesn't get at any of the girls before he's neutered. >>; I still have a bit of time, though, and I want them all to bond, so...



Pagan has the cutest helecopter ears right now because they haven't completely fallen yet. XD;

EDIT: Aw, group grooming session~ ♥
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Panyin & Pagan~

I went back into the pet store for critter bedding, and the bunnies were still there... including the one who licked the glass when I was wiggling my finger at her. >.< And because I'm weak as hell, my household has grown by two more residents. >>;

Panyin is the grey girl (the lick-y one, lol), and she's a mini-rex, just like Phantom, so she's super soft. She'll be called Pan for short. I was considering calling her Pippin at first. XD;

Pagan is the black and white boy (yes, I said boy), and he's a mini-lop. His ears haven't fallen yet, but the breeder assured the store that they would; even if they don't, I still think he's cute and squishy. ^_^

They're both very friendly and lovey, and Phantom already likes them. Phoenix is curious, and Pauper is kind of wary. But none of them are upset by Pan and Pagan's presence, so things are already looking good. <3

Pagan needs to be neutered in a couple of months, obviously, since he's the only boy I have, but it should fall approximately when I'm selling ponies at AN, so it'll all work out. :)

I'll be posting more photos later, I'm sure. But right now they're settling in (their cage is next to the big one that Phoenix and Pauper are in), and I don't want to bother them just yet.
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I had a doctor's appointment this morning (yay); it was just for prescription repeats when I made it, but I ended up getting a flu shot and the doctor took a look at my hand while she was at it. Now my arm aches. But my hand is feeling much better now that the antibiotics have started working. :)

It's still all bruised and the joint is swollen a bit still, but it's on it's way~

And today I picked Loki back up from the vet's after his neuter/declaw. He's a little grumpy, but fine otherwise... EXCEPT.

While they were doing the pre-op exam, they found three whole fleas on him. No eggs, no flea dirt, just three adult fleas. So they treated him for them. SOUND FAMILIAR? And I had a nice long chat with the vet about it, where she insisted that the chances of him picking up fleas from their office twice were very slim.

So I went out and bought a flea comb to check the rest of my animals.

Neko is FLEA FREE. Tri is FLEA FREE. Pauper is FLEA FREE. Phoenix is FLEA FREE. Phantom is FLEA FREE. The rats are FLEA FREE.

Loki is also flea free now, as are Sarah's cats.

The vet is trying to tell me that the fleas must have come from here, and must have come into the house back in May when I first got Loki. And he's the only one with them, after that many months? PLEASE.

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My carpet is now littered with six sets of animal nail clippings. *vacuums*

And I'm covered in rabbit scratches, because the cats are good when I clip their nails but the buns hate it; they all flail like crazy when I do it. Though Phantom's getting better about it, so mostly it was Phoenix and Pauper who scratched me all to hell. Ahhh well, I knew it'd happen when I got the clippers out. ^_^;

Though actually... I've been told there's a specific way of holding a rabbit on it's back that puts it into a kind of trance? I've managed it once with Phoenix (by accident when she was little and I was worried that she might be a boy instead of a girl, lol), but haven't managed it again-- until tonight.

I had Pauper tucked under my arm against my side to clip her front claws, but she wasn't cooperating at all for her hind ones, so I flipped her over and just happened to get her into the right position. She calmed right now and got really still, and I petted her a bit and then snipped her back nails really fast. I need to practice that. It was handy.

Then I rubbed her belly for a bit until she decided it was time to sit up and lick my chin.

I love my rabbits. <3

As for the cats~ Loki is going in on Monday to be neutered and have a front declaw done. He's just past eight months old now, so it's getting to be time. Plus, he's started getting a bit more aggressive with the other cats. >>;

So in to the vet he goes~
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Earlier the buns were out to play, as they are most days! All was well! They romped, they chased the kitties, they snacked on carrots and granola. They were generally cute. Then when it was time for them to go back to their cage, I herded them in that direction and put them to bed.

All was still well.

Until about a half an hour later, when I happened to glance over at the rabbit pen and saw this. )

I am a bad, bad kitty Mommy. XDD;;

Also, a random pic of the snow from last week. Nuuuuuu~~ )
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Kitty pictures~ )

Bunny (and kitty) pictures~ )

AND, so go with the winter pics from a few months ago, I thought I'd post some of the property while it was summer. It's such gorgeous property... and unfortunately, Grandma is probably going to be moving away from there next spring, as it's too much for her to keep up on her own... *sigh*

Grandma's house pictures~ )

I love this house and the surounding property. I don't want Grandma to move... but she really will have to. And if I had the money, I would buy it in a BLINK. It's going to be so sad when she packs everything up and leaves...
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Lee took Mom and I to Kempenfest (or however you spell it) today, to try to cheer us up. Possum came with us. Kempenfest is like this bige festival, with tons of music, and miles of stalls with things to shop for. Crafts, pottery, art, and stuff like that. Usually it happens at the same time as the Barrie summer fair, too, so down by one end the festival kind of trails into the fair, and there are rides.

It's normally fun stuff, and I did enjoy it today, but at the same time it was kind of dampened. Nothing feels right at the moment... you know? Anyway, Mom ended up buying a necklace, and I got a really nice glass photo frame, which is for a photo of Grandpa, once I find a really good one that I want to put in.

I think I'm going to take [ profile] mavan's advice, and put together a little spot in my apartment in his memory, with a photo and a candle, and maybe some flowers. And I think I'm going to do a pony in his memory (her name is going to be "Candle In The Dark")... does that seem stupid? I dunno...

Well... photos now, I guess!

Pics of cats, whilst at Mom's place. )

Pics of rabbits. )

Pics of Possum. )

Pics of... stuff. )
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Well, I had a look at Phoenix's scar again today (I'm checking it twice a day), and between this morning when I first looked, and just now when I had another look, she seems to have groomed a little too enthusiastically...

I noticed her grooming last night, and watched her for a bit, but she seemed to be avoiding the area so I didn't worry about it. And besides, I know that the vet said not to let her groom around there, but what can I really do to stop her?

Anyway. I don't think she actually popped a stitch, but it seems like she tugged a bit. There's about two drops of dried blood, already a scab, and that's it. No gaping holes or anything, and she's not freely bleeding. And the hair is already starting to grow in along the scar and around where they shaved for the spay.

So I guess I'm not going to worry about it too much. I'll just keep an eye on her, in case. :)
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So Mom and Lee have these two baby gates (you know, the things that you put into doorways) from a year-and-a-bit ago when they first got Possum-- he wasn't 100% housetrained yet, so when they went to work in the morning, they put the gates up and left him in the kitchen (which has tiles) for the day, to avoid huge messes on the carpets.

They haven't used them in a long time, but last night I dug them out from the basement and put them up so that I could bring Phoenix and Pauper downstairs and let them run around for a bit.

For about two hours last night, the girlies were puttering around the kitchen; I had put the cats in the room upstairs while they were out, because Loki likes to play with the buns. This is normally fine, but with Phoenix still sporting sutures, I don't want to take any chances-- Loki tends to get rather exhuberant with his playing sometimes, and I didn't want him to hurt her by accident. :)

But Possum was out, and spent the whole time meandering around the other side of the gates going O_o; at the bunnies on the other side, lol. After a while I brought Pauper out and crouched down so he could have a sniff at her... and he decided that rabbits are scary not-dogs, the same as the cats, and that he'd rather look at them through the gates, thank you very much! >^-^;; Such a wussy puppy...

In general, though, Phoenix seems pretty good. She's eating/drinking/pooping/peeing fine now (yay no G.I. Statis!), and her limp seems to be going away, which just confirms in my mind the idea that she was just limping because her belly hurt.

I think she's going to be fine. ^_~

I'm still hesitant to put her back in with Pauper just yet, though, for fear that Pauper might pick on her or something and open up the stitches...

Anyway, having taken care of Phoenix (who was so pushy she got bumped up two spaces on the Pets Who Are Due To Be Spayed/Neutered List), the next one who'll be up to bat is Loki, who needs to go in for shots some time soon, and then be neutered in a month or two, before he starts spraying.

After that is Phantom, finally, even though she was supposed to be first, originally... ^_^;

Also, I'm depressed, and that always makes me sleepy. MORE sleepy. And coming from someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that's saying a lot. =.=;

Re Phoenix

Jul. 29th, 2006 12:43 am
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So, Phoenix seems to be feeling alright, despite the baldness and stitchy-ness of her belly right now. I let her wander around the bedroom upstairs for about a half an hour today just to see how she's doing, since it's somewhat hard to tell when she's sitting back in the corner of the kitty-carrier-slash-temporary-bunny-pen.

Behaviour-wise, she's acting just like she always does (except she's not currently nesting, lol), which somewhat surprised me as I figured she'd still be a bit lethargic and moving slowly because of her surgical wounds. It was a relief, though, so see her hopping and sniffing around like normal.

Still, I have a few concerns... like that she's favoring her right hind leg when she hops about, and she wasn't doing that before she went in for the spay. It's not a huge limp... honestly, I'm probably the only one that would notice it without staring at her for an hour, but I've watched her wander around a lot, so I know how she normally walks.

I'm also a bit worried that she isn't going to the bathroom like she should; since I brought her home yesterday, she hasn't peed at all (as of the last time I checked her temp. cage), and has only pooped two little pellets.

Her appetite isn't 100%, either. She isn't eating much, but she is nibbling at the pellets and veggies that I've given her. She's drinking fine, though. I think I'd be more worried if she wasn't herself personality-wise, but still...

Le sigh... -_-;

The vet should be calling tomorrow to check up on her, so I'm going to ask about these things just in case. Mostly I'm concerned that she might go into G.I. Stasis or something. I have a feeling her limping is just because of the surgical area, and once it doesn't hurt anymore she'll stop... but I'll ask about that, too.

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So, Phoenix is home and doing well. They called me pretty early in the day to come and pick her up (which kind of surprised me), but whatever.

The nurses at the front desk when I went in to get her and pay (ACK, $240.78 poorer, I might add!) were really enthusiastic because they'd gotten to see a rabbit spay... I guess it doesn't happen very often around here? ^^; They asked out of curiosity why I'd decided to get her spayed, since all my buns are girls, and I explained about the phantom pregnancy thing...

The one nurse didn't even know that rabbits could have phantom pregnancies. O_o;

In any case, she doesn't have any medications, which is good, since I was fretting about having NO IDEA how to give pills to a rabbit, lol. The stitches are the disolving kind, so I don't have to bring her in again unless something goes wrong. I'm sure Phoenix is happy about that, since she's feeling pretty sorry for herself right now.

My poor baby... ;-; *weeps and cuddles her gently*

AHA, when I dropped her off at Ark yesterday, I mentioned to the nurses there about the bald patches on her hips, and explained that there's nothing wrong with her, she just pulled it all out whilst nesting for nonexistent baby bunnies. They were like "oh, okay, thanks for letting us know!"

But then she ended up being transferred to Pine Grove, and so the vet/nurses there didn't know about it. So when I picked her up, there was a note on my discharge instructions about "abnormal alopecia (hair loss)", but that there were no recommendations about it, since they couldn't see anything else wrong. They thought it might just be barberism.

I was like "AHAHA, actually..."

Her hair is growing back really well, by the way. ^^ She'll have a nice full coat again in no time... of course, now her belly is all bald from them shaving her to do the spaying, but you know... >^-^;;

EDIT: Oh also, Phoenix has to be kept sepparate from Pauper for a couple of days. I was like "...great." So for the next two days, Phoenix is living in the kitty carrier, for lack of somewhere else to put her. She doesn't seem to mind. Though tomorrow I need to go to the pet store at the corner and get her a water bottle, since I don't have one right now... she drinks fine out of a dish, but I prefer bottles because the water stays cleaner. Anyway!
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So this morning I got up super early, so that I could drop Phoenix off at Ark Animal Hospital at 7:30. Poor Phoenix doesn't like the kitty-carrier. ;-;

Then I walked back to my place, to move all my critters back up from the back room (since the Raid has all aired out now), and tidy things up a bit. A few minutes ago, the vet's place called. Sarah answered and was like "the phone's for you... it's about Phoenix..." and my heart nearly exploded from my chest in an attempt to get to my throat.

But the nurse on the line assured me that there's nothing wrong with Phoenix, they've just had a small miscommunication/mixup; basically, when I made the appointment, the nurse who did the booking thought the vet who does their rabbit spays was in today, and it turns out she isn't. The vet that is in isn't comfortable doing it (and on an itty-bitty dwarf bunny, at that!), just in case.

So they were calling to let me know that they can't do Phoenix's spay today after all... BUT. They talked to the people at Pine Grove, and they have a vet in tomorrow who does rabbit spays. They were calling to offer me an appointment tomorrow, and to say that they'll transport Phoenix over there (so I don't have to shell out more cash for another cab ride), she can spend the night there, and I can pick her up tomorrow afternoon.

I've dealt with both Pine Grove and Ark before, and the vets/nurses at both places are very good, so I don't have a problem with Phoenix going there. Actually, Pine Grove is closer to Mom's place anyway!

So that's fine. :)

Pauper is going to be lonely tonight, though. ;-; lol.

EDIT: Stolen from [ profile] lipstickcat, with love. <3

Comment with the name of a character (or pair) from one of my fandoms, and I'll post you an insta-mini-fanmix: 3-5 songs that remind me of that character. I'll upload the songs and everything.

Note that I won't be able to upload them until I'm back at my own computer. ^^ But reply anyway!
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Well, last night I did dishes and stuffed some of my many stray pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals into garbage bags. Then I was up all night (yay insomnia!) and got to sleep around 7 or so... then got back up around 10, and set about cleaning critter homes, transferring bunnies around into different cages, and then moving everyone downstairs to the back room, with the exception of the cats, and Phoenix and Pauper.

Then I cleaned up the apartment; all the usual cleaning, plus in the places that I can't normally get to because of cages and terrariums being in the way. I also covered the big rabbit cage with some sheets, since I can't actually move it without taking it apart-- Phoenix and Pauper are now in the cage that Phantom usually inhabits, and Phantom went back into her old cage, just for the time being.

This is all in preparation for tomorrow, when I'll be spraying Raid all over the damn place in an attempt to lessen the number of freaking insects that are crawling around right now. :P

There's still some small things I have to do before I can actually spray, like pack up any foodstuffs, and seal off the cabinet with my dishes, and cover the couch/chairs, but that's going to wait. The food and dishes I might do tonight, but the couch/chairs shall happen tomorrow, so that I can still use them until then...

Tomorrow morning, Mom and I have an appointment with the Chiropractor, then when we get back into town we have some errands to run, since tomorrow is the last day before she and Lee head off on their vacation out west. After that, we're coming back here and loading all my stuff-- and the cats' stuff, and the rabbits' stuff, and the cats, and the rabbits-- into the van, and I'm going over to her place to stay for about a week and a half. ^^

I'm looking after Possum (which I've mentioned before, I'm sure several times) while they're gone, and I don't mind staying there. Neko, Tri and Loki are coming with me, as was always the plan... Phoenix and Pauper got added to the list of "coming with" a couple of days ago, because Phoenix is going in to be spayed on Wednesday, and I want to be able to keep an eye on her afterward. And because she and Pauper are bonded (and practically attached at the hip, I might add), I didn't want to sepparate them for that much time...

Have I talked about Phoenix and the spaying?

I planned to have all my buns spayed as soon as I could, starting with Phantom, since she's the oldest of them, and was saving up the money to get her done, with general plans to have Phoenix and Pauper spayed probably some time around December or so.


Phoenix started having phantom pregnancies-- I know I mentioned that before, since [ profile] lipstickcat commented about her Ghost having phantom pregnancies, too. I wasn't too worried about it, since I planned to have her spayed anyway, and figured it wouldn't hurt her to wait for a couple of months. A fake pregnancy or two wouldn't be a big deal...

...until a few days ago, when I looked into the cage, and realized that, while nesting for nonexistent babies, Phoenix had ripped so much hair out of her hindquarters that she's now got two rather large bald spots, one on either hip. -_-;; Sigh. Having some bald spots won't kill her, but it's obvious she's not going to be able to wait until the fall/winter. (Also, she was building her nest in the litterbox, so both of them had started peeing in the back corners of the cage instead...)

Anyway, yeah. I talked to Mom, and she agreed to spot me the rest of the money to get her spayed now (since I don't have quite enough saved up yet). I called on Friday and made an appointment for this Wednesday coming up. Phantom was supposed to be first, but I guess these things happen. *shrug*

In any case, the only thing I'm sort of fretting about with going to Mom's is that their Internet connection is wonky sometimes. About half the time you try to use it, it won't connect, even though there's nothing wrong with the modem, and it says their LAN is working fine.

I need Internet... ;-; *wibbles* lol.

Mom's supposed to call Rogers and talk to them about it, but keeps making excuses "because she gets off work so late, when is she supposed to call??", even though the Rogers tech line is open 24/7. I called at 5 in the morning once, and got them to help me out. Mom just doesn't like calling about stuff like that. :P

So I'm bringing an actual journal (yes, I have one, even though it hasn't been used in YEARS), just in case, and I guess if I have too many problems, I'll just call and deal with the problem myself or something...
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Since I haven't posted random animal pictures in a while, I give you... random animal pictures. |_|; Yeah. A lot of them are of Loki, as he's of the age where he does lots of pointless cute and funny things all the time.

But first there are a couple of rabbit pics! )

Random cats (mostly Loki)! )

Loki's ear... )

Loki + bedsheet = apartment OTP (lol!) )
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I feel stupid, following the last post with one like this... but yeah. Here it is.

[ profile] tsukizu (who is originally from Canada, but doesn't live here anymore) really liked Patriot Love when I posted pics of her, and wanted one mostly like her, but with a few little differences. So I made her, and named her "Homeland". :)

Homeland )

Homeland was made pretty much the same way as Patriot was, and with pretty much the same materials (she was even made of a G3 Bowtie, too.) Her hair is in stripes of Caddy Red and Platinum White katsilk, from (as usual). Her symbol is done with a red sharpie marker, and her hoof heart was replaced with a red gem. I gave her a white bow in her tail, and a red one around her neck.

I also decided not to recolor her eyes, and left them the original blue and purple (okay, I colored the little pink hearts red, but whatever), because with the white added in her hair, the blue/purple looks really pretty. =3 But I'll change it if [ profile] tsukizu wants me to, of course.


Mom, Lee and I went out and picked strawberries this morning. Yeah, yesterday I found out my Grandpa is dying, and today I'm picking freaking berries. I hate myself. -_-;;

But we did that, and then went back to their place and cleaned/washed/packaged them for the freezer. I did laundry. We went to Walmart and picked up the shelves I put on layaway a week-ish ago.

When I got home, I found a problem with the rabbits... Phoenix seems to be in a false pregnancy. WTF, world? Screw you, too. She and Pauper are at the age where they need to be spayed, and I'd planned on getting it done soon, but this is pushing me to get it done ASAP, and I can't afford it right at this very moment.

I need to sell some stuff.

Anybody want to commission a pony or something?


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