Jan. 29th, 2007 03:42 pm
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[ profile] tsukizu! *waves hands above head* I got my Christmas present today and THANK YOU! ^_^ The gold and silver pencils made me giggle. I'll have a lot of fun with those. X3
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As promised, photos of Tohru, Kagura and Ayame. But first, since they've arrived and everything so now it's not a big spoiler, Damali and Vash, Companion customs that I made for [ profile] etcetera_cat and [ profile] kierseth for Christmas, and Key, which is the Companion custom I made for myself. I already posted pics of Malca way back like four months ago. XD;


Damali (for [ profile] etcetera_cat) was made from a G3 Citrus Sweetheart; she stayed white (yey), and was rehaired with Platinum White katsilk from Of the four Companions I did, Damali was the only one that needed to have her eyes re-painted, and I'm not entirely happy with the job I did, but I pretty much never am, so... and ARGH, her symbol didn't come off super cleanly, so there's a very faint shadow of orange and yellow on her rump. ><; But I'm probably the only one who can see it...

Anyway, she's my favorite of the Companion customs, I think she turned out really pretty despite all the little flaws I see. Mom really loves her hair. <3

Damali )

Vash (for [ profile] kierseth) was made from a G3 Bowtie; again, he stayed white, and was rehaired with Platinum White katsilk. That's about it. I love doing ponies when I don't have to paint them or anything. XD;

Vash )

Key is the Companion I made for myself, and he's made from a G3 Royalette; he stayed white and was rehaired with Platunim White katsilk, just like the others. His eyes had to be retouched a bit because I seem to recall they had purple in them. All the Companion customs had blue ribbon and a silver bell (because those are Valdemar's colors, and a Companion has to have at least one bell when I send them out they go On Search, lol.)

In Key's case, his ribbon is on his leg, because he has an old injury there and limps a bit; from before he Chose. He limps a bit, but it's hardly even noticable and doesn't hinder him any. :) [/backstory]

Key )

The reason I used Royalette for my own Companion is because she came out of the box with a stupid little grey spot of discoloration on her leg. You probably can't see it in the photos, but I wanted the ones I sent to everyone else to be perfect. =3

I was writing a little fic about the four of us and our Companions, but I didn't get it done in time for Christmas. Maybe I'll make it an Easter gift or something. >>;

A pic of all four of them together~ )


Tohru was made from a G3 pony... but I can't remember her name. She was white with a purple mane (and some tinsel), and had a circle with music notes in it for her symbol? Anyway, she stayed white, but I removed her symbol. Then I rehaired her with Ash Brown katsilk. Her symbol is a 3-D smiling onigiri (a la the manga), and I repainted her hoof heart pink.

The ribbon around her neck is thicker than the ribbons I normally use for ponies, but I couldn't pass it up because it's the same colour/style as the one Yuki gave Tohru for White Day in the series. X3

Honda Tohru )

Kagura was made from a G3 Kiwi Tart; painted green, and her eyes painted brown. She was rehaired with Brunette 3 katsilk. Her symbol is a 3-D rendition of her animal form, done is Sculpey clay. I plan to paint the symbol for the Year of the Boar/Pig on her front hoof where her heart would be later...

I can't decide if I like the ribbon around her neck or not. I might remove it later.

Sohma Kagura )

And Ayame, finally, was made from a G3 Beach Comber (I think). His symbol was 3-D to begin with, so I had to cut it off, which was a huge pain in the butt. Anyway! Then he was painted purple, and the vines in darker purple and white were painted on with toothpicks. (The coloration was all loosely based on the outfit he's wearing on the cover of volume 9 of the English manga.) He was rehaired with Platinum White katsilk, and his eyes were painted gold. His symbol is a 3-D of his animal form (sense a pattern here? lol). Eventually I'm going to paint the symbol for the Year of the Snake on his front right hoof, just like with Kagura. :)

As a random note, I chose this particular pony to do him because the pose just screamed Ayame. X3

Sohma Ayame )


There's one more I want to post photos of, too, but I won't until I get it shipped off to [ profile] khriskin so that I don't spoil the surprise. ^_~

...this is the most ponies I've ever posted pics of at one time. |__|;;
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I've been scalping ponies for about an hour, prepping them for customizing, since this year I actually will have a table at the AN convention. Now I have a huge blister on the ring finger of my right hand. Owie. ;~;


I'm feeling marginally better today than I was yesterday... probably because I've been planning for AN, and that always cheers me up a bit. Especially since I have a chance of making a decent amount of money from it, even if it's way ahead in May.

Oh, and now [ profile] smoulderedtears, [ profile] lipstickcat and [ profile] etcetera_cat have all got their gifts (pony!Kao, Chase The Stars and Damali, respectively) in the last couple of days, so I can stop worrying about those getting lost in the mail or something. Now I'm just waiting on [ profile] cassandracsenta's Christmas present to get to her. :)

And I think I'm getting sick. My sinuses have been really bad the last couple days, and I've had a chronic headache for a week; now I'm starting to develop a cough. Ugh. =_=;;


Jan. 7th, 2007 02:32 pm
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Back from Niagara! Yey!

The air there is terrible, it makes my asthma do backflips. -.-;; But other than that, it was fun. I have tons of photos and a huge long post for later, but for now... I'm too lazy. XD; lol.

Oh, so [ profile] kierseth got her Christmas present-- did anyone else get theirs while I was gone? I'm trying to keep track. :)
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So~ I spent a while today reorganising by movies and books a bit. I have to do that every year around this time because I always get DVDs and books for Christmas. XD; Plus one of my Ouran art books came in today (*fangirl squeal HERE*), so I needed space for that on my shelves, too. <33

I'll probably have to do it again after my birthday, too. ^_^; Which is January 3rd~ Getting close~

Ah! And thank you [ profile] kierseth! Yay paid LJ time! =3

I hope my packages arrive to people soon... most of them haven't gotten to their destinations. I need to ship stuff earlier next year to try to avoid the bulk of the Christmas rush. You guys need to let me know when you get the stuff I sent so I can stop worrying about them, lol.

Oh... and Kisa and Kagura died this morning. Well, I mean some time last night I guess. I found them this morning. They were really old for mice, though, and they were both sick; Kisa had tumors, and Kagura had been losing weight for months, and I couldn't get her to gain it back. I'm sure they're happy wherever they are now. :)

Now I only have one mouse left; Ichigo. She's Tohru's daughter from her litter last October. She's over a year old now too, so she might not be around much longer either. I don't know if I'm going to get more mice once she's gone... I haven't decided yet.

I'll think on it...
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Merry Christmas!

I finished six Christmas-related ponies this last week. >___>

And no, I don't have pics to share today even though it's Christmas because I'm at Mom's and they're on my computer back home. ^_^; One of them was the commission for my cousin, and five of them are miniatures that I made into Christmas tree ornaments~

I originally planned on making another Christmas pony, like Trims from last year, but I ran out of time... and I figured I'd already done six, so my not having time to do one was justifyable. :) lol.

Anyhoo! Have a good day with your families/friends/whatever everyone~!

EDIT: lmao, [ profile] chlex wins at Christmas Ouran icons. X3 This one is much better than mine... >>;
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We always do Christmas with the immediate family on Christmas Eve, because that way Mom and Lee don't have to get up early on Christmas Day. >>; And because our extended family gets together on Christmas afternoon~

Anyway! So we did the whole gift thing earlier. I finally got to give Trunks the lamp I've been hoarding for him since last February! X3 And he loved it, yay! Everyone said that was the best gift out of everything that got given and so I'm happy happy! ♥

Hmm, so Trunks got me the first two seasons of The X-Files! I love him! Even though I picked them out and put them in the cart. And then wrapped them later. XDD; He paid for them, so I still love him. lol. I've been trying to find X-Files box sets forever, and wtf they were all at Future Shop! ><;;

Mom got a foot spa (so jealous!) and a water fountain, and a wolf pillow/blanket set; Lee got the Ice Age movies, and a couple of others, and a CD. :)

Mom and Lee got me Monster House, The Ant Bully and King Kong on DVD, and two CSI books (Snake Eyes and Killing Game), and Exploring the Levels of Creation by Sylvia Browne. They also got me this mist-making thing that's generally awesome. And CHOCOLATE! =3

Yep. Fun stuff. ^_^
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Yesterday I was supposed to go out and do grocery shopping with Lee and Sarah, but instead I got together with Ryuu and Pam and Kevin and had coffee. Except I didn't, because I don't drink the stuff. >>;

While I was out with them we went to the dollar store (which I guess is where I lost that pony charm ;.;) and I picked up a handful of odds-and-ends for my crafts.

Then last night Lee took Mom, Sarah and I out for dinner. Mom wasn't feeling well. I hope she feels better today, it would really suck for her to be sick for Christmas.

And this morning Sui-chan dropped off a Christmas present for me. =3 I was asleep when she came by, though. I suck! Oh well. -.-;; She got me a pair of huge fuzzy slippers which scare the hell out of Loki! XD; and a teddy bear thing that's dipped in wax, and a calendar frame and body spray and a key chain. <3


Dec. 21st, 2006 03:07 pm
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My copy of The Bone Lady from Amazon came in today! Thank you [ profile] khriskin! =3
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Where the bloody hell are my needlenose pliers??

I need them to finish the ponies that have to be done by the 25th! One of them is a commission!

So of course I can't find them. =__=;
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Mn, so my hand is a bit better today. I've got 4 doses of antibiotics into me, and the swelling is starting to go down, hurray. The joints are really stiff and sore still. Oh well. Getting there!

The antibiotics don't make me so sick if I take them with food and lots of gravol. >>;;

Loki went in to the vet for his neuter today, and they tell me everything went fine; he's grumpy, of course, but seems alright. I get to pick him back up tomorrow afternoon. Lee's going to take me on his lunch hour so that I don't have to pay for a cab there and back. XD;

Oh, and today Mom commissioned a pony from me. ^_^; She needs to be done by Christmas, along with like six others, so I'm hoping my hand will be well enough by tomorrow that I can work on them. It should be, unless I do something stupid to hurt it again.

Anyway, it's a snowboarding/elmo pony for my cousin. Guess what she likes. Mom couldn't think of anything to get for her, and she loves horses/ponies so she was like "here's $30, make a pony for her!" lol.
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Ugh. These antibiotics are making me really sick, and I've only been taking them for one day. Six more days of this? ><;;

Oh well, not much I can do about it. Especially with how bad my hand is right now. And I've got a fever. I'm not loving Loki right now. >>


That aside, Dad came up this morning to do the Christmas thing with me and Trunks; we got him all the Superman movies (a box set of the four older ones, and the new one separately). Trunks got an FMA pocketwatch and wristwatch, and a bunch of computer games.

I got some ponies and a new 320 GB external hard drive for my computer. X3

So I spent a while today transferring all my media and stuff onto it to free up my computer so that it'll hopefully run at a decent speed again. ^_^;
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Dad's coming up to do the Christmas thing on Sunday morning. Yay. He called tonight to confirm and everything.

And taunted me about my gift (he always does that.) Apparently it's awesome in general.
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1) Go down to put the garbage out-- what's this? It was delivered to the neighbors by accident, and they've propped it outside the door for me. <3

2) Carry it back upstairs.

3) Squeeze package. *squeezesqueezegrope* Hmm. I wonder what's in it~


5) Use scissors. SUCCESS! =D

6) Open card, yey. ^__^

7) Oogle enclosed pressies and their shiny pretty paper. Try to decide if you should be good and wait until Christmas to open it, or--

8) Squeeze first pressie. Hmm. Soft and squishy. >>

9) Open it.

10) OOOH, t-shirt! I wonder what it's got on--

11) SQUEE so loud your roommate knocks on the door and pokes her head inside to ask what's going on/if the animals did something stupid/if everything is okay.

12) *giggle fit here*

13) Pet the pretty Fullmetal Alchemist shirt. *petpetstrokemypreciousssss*

14) Consider being semi-good and saving the other pressie for Christmas--

15) Open that one too.


17) Consider re-wrapping everything and pretending that you were good. >___>

18) Decide that's too much work.

19) Log on to LJ to write a somewhat convoluted THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH message to [ profile] etcetera_cat ♥ ♥ ♥

20) Go to read the OMGYEYETC-CATFICCAGE.



Baking End

Dec. 10th, 2006 05:19 pm
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Yey done Christmas baking! ...mostly.

We have to do Broken GLass Torte closer to Christmas, but that's it~

Posted <3

Dec. 5th, 2006 07:00 pm
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I went to the post office yesterday to mail Christmas pressies, yay. I was going to spring for airmail on the overseas packages, but I had eight to mail, wtf. So even mailing everything surface, it cost me like a hundred bucks. XD;;

SO SORRY! Some people probably won't get theirs until after Christmas! ^_^; Love me anyway! lol.

Baking Day

Dec. 3rd, 2006 04:13 pm
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--2 Fruitcakes
--4 doz Buttertart Squares

To Go:
--8 doz Buttertart Squares
--3 doz Shortbread Cookies
--4 doz Coconut Macaroons
--1 doz Date Squares
--2 doz Hermit Cookies
--Broken Glass Torte



Dec. 1st, 2006 01:14 pm
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Well, I failed at NaNo yet again! This is my fourth year in a row. All I did was add more characters to my already over-crowded brain. XD;; lol.

The one I've gotten the farthest on was Breathing Ghosts the first year, I got about half done that one. I barely did anything on Canadian Dragon the second year. Last year I did about a chapter of Wednesday's Child, and then this year... >>;; I flopped on Duality pretty quickly. Mostly because I'm frantically making ponies for Christmas gifts, and spending a lot of time RPing.


Right. That aside, moving on!

I'm packing up Christmas presents to mail out, and my Hikaru and Kaoru ponies are sitting on the shelf giving me sad looks. I have no doubt they'd be clinging to each other if they could. I don't think they want to be sepparated. ;___;

RRGH. Stupid twins. Must you always be such a pain?? I will not be guilt-tripped by inanimate plastic ponies, dammit! XO

In a somewhat related note, Kao-mun is currently at the Auchi con, so I have to do rpg twins angsting by myself for a couple of days. Though I guess I did fine when she was away last time. lmao. XD

Days to Christmas Eve: 23
Days to Sena's Birthday: 33
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Today Loki had an appointment with the vet, just for his rabies vaccination. He's so good about going to the vet. Neko always huddles under the chairs in the exam room, and Tri gets so scared he pees himself (literally, I'm not even kidding), but Loki wanders out of the cat carrier, pokes about the room, sprawls on the floor (or up on the exam table if he can figure out how to get up there) and purrs his little heart out the whole time.

I think he associates the vet with treats, because she coddles him and gives him snacks while he's there. X3 lol.

He weighs 8.4 lbs now! =O He's going to be so big~ >>;;

I need to get him neutered soon; he's 7 months old now, and I could get him done pretty much any time, but I'm hoping to leave it until just into January because I'll be able to afford it more then. I guess we'll see.

Aaaaand right now I'm working on Christmas ponies for people. <3 I'm waiting for the paint to dry on one while I'm writing this. It's the last real coat, aside from some little touch-ups, and then I'm going to leave her to dry overnight and rehair her tomorrow. Rehairing is the part that I enjoy the most, even though most people hate that part. >^-^;;

Then tomorrow, I'm going to set about doing the clay hair for my Hikaru and Kaoru ponies! *determined* They will be done, and they will look good!

Haruhi-pony got put off because her hair was being stupid and hard to work with. She is currently sitting on the shelf along with pony!Kyouya, pony!Mori and pony!Honey, who are also still bald. As for pony!Tamaki... I have to do some claywork on him before I can even start painting, so he's being done last. >___> *FAIL*

I'm hoping to get them done soon and see about maybe selling them to make some money for Christmas. But that's another big "we'll see", especially since my first pony!Kaoru is going to Kao-mun for a Christmas gift. =3 And I want to keep pony!Hikaru for myself, but then again I could always make another one...


[plug] Does anybody want to commission a custom pony for a Christmas present? Now's the time to do it~ [/plug]


Oct. 6th, 2006 03:28 pm
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I just suddenly realised, I need to get my butt in gear and finish X-Mas presents so I can mail them off, or they won't get to places like England and Scotland and the Philippines in time for Christmas! ^_^;;

I had a little panic-y moment, but now I'm okay. I have until the end of the month basically. Then the rest is up to the post office. :P


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