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Friday there was a surprise going away party for C.A. out at Jodi's parent's place; they live in the middle of nowhere. So just before 5, Ryuu picked me up and we went to Jodi's to get directions to where the party was supposed to be. Then we had to drive for about an hour to get there. OH WELL.

Pam and Kevin were already there when he arrived, along with a couple of guys from Peterborough that I didn't know until then; Jordan and Peter. Normally I have trouble talking a lot with people I don't know, but Jordan and Pete were so awesome and nice. They were about the only people there that I didn't already know that I could deal with though. >>;

Haha, everyone was late including C.A. and Jodi. xD; It was this huge secret, and we were all out in the garage waiting for them to get there for like two hours. All six of us, wtf. XDD;; Out in the garage was this cutout thing... you see them on beaches and in tourist places, the big pics with the faces cut out for people to take photos in/with? There was one in the garage that was a mountie riding a moose (and smoking a joint for some reason, lol.), so we all crowded behind that to jump out, and Kevin and Ryuu stick their faces in. Then instead of popping out right away, we just waited to see how long it would take for her to notice them.

It was funny just to listen to. She was like ", that kinna looks like Kevin..." and then there was this long silence. We all sniggered and then jumped out at her. It was priceless.

After they were there, we just sat around in a circle on lawn chairs and talked, and other people drank (Ryuu and I don't drink.) Ryuu and I had brought C.A. gifts, so she opened them. She got a t-shirt from Ryuu, and I gave her a bunch of jam and a Japanese dictionary. <3

More people did come after a while, and there was about 20 in the end. Then there was a band because the lead singer/guitar was Jodi's boyfriend so she insisted. HAHA. They were really good! They only did covers, but I really enjoyed them.

I had a lot of trouble though, because of the crowded space, the number of people, the loud music and the dancing (plus because of all the above it was very hot), so I spent about half the night sitting just outside the garage, listening to the music and looking at the stars so I wouldn't end up having a huge panic attack. Pete was really nice and sat with me for a while the one time, and Ryuu and Jordan ended up outside with me later and we talked about media (movies/actors/books/etc.) for like two hours. ^_^;

The band finally packed up around 3am, and most of the people left (the ones that weren't spending the night). It was fun, and kind of stressful, and camping-parties last freaking forever. -.-;;

The ground around Jodi's parent's place is really uneven, and it was raining off-and-on all night (so no campfire! D=), so the grass was wet... and we lost power for a while. (Jodi's dad set up the generator so the band could still play!) But because of all that, I fell like fifty times. I think I managed to find all the potholes in the entire lawn. It was kind of funny, actually, because I don't even drink and I was the one falling all over the place. XD;; DOH.

Anyway, so my right ankle is all swollen and sprained, and my left knee is all cut and scraped up. Ah well, it's not so bad. Imma limp for a while, though.

Then when I finally got home I crashed... and slept for like 14 hours. Something like that. >.>;;

All in all, it was fun and I'm glad I went. I don't get to see Pam and Kevin much, and I was glad to meet Jordan and Pete, and spend time with C.A. and Ryuu. I knew I'd have trouble with the sound level and the number of people, so that at least wasn't a surprise. At least I could get out and have some fresh air to get over it, and people were nice to keep me company. :)


So that was Friday and yesterday. =D

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OH, AND! Before I forget, Friday afternoon I finally mailed the last round of P.O.S. packages! So [ profile] kierseth, [ profile] cat_mcdougall, [ profile] etcetera_cat, [ profile] smoulderedtears and [ profile] lipstickcat have big heavy boxes coming their way! But they were mailed ground mail (because they were so big and heavy... except for etc's, it's uber heavy but not as big as the others) for money reasons, so they'll take a bit to arrive. Hopefully everyone will get theirs by a month from now.

Like a week from now I also have to mail about 12 Christmas packages too. No wonder I don't have any money. >>; lol.

EDIT: YEY Johnny Depp biography~ X33

EDIT 2: Oh, and when Ryuu picked me up on Friday she gave me my present from when she went to China a few months back. "Present" and not "souvenir" because it's edible. lol. She got me pocky and pretz; dark and white chocolate pocky, and shrimp and pizza pretz. <3 Apparently it's really cheap there, like 50 cents a box. O.o;
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Yesterday I was supposed to go out and do grocery shopping with Lee and Sarah, but instead I got together with Ryuu and Pam and Kevin and had coffee. Except I didn't, because I don't drink the stuff. >>;

While I was out with them we went to the dollar store (which I guess is where I lost that pony charm ;.;) and I picked up a handful of odds-and-ends for my crafts.

Then last night Lee took Mom, Sarah and I out for dinner. Mom wasn't feeling well. I hope she feels better today, it would really suck for her to be sick for Christmas.

And this morning Sui-chan dropped off a Christmas present for me. =3 I was asleep when she came by, though. I suck! Oh well. -.-;; She got me a pair of huge fuzzy slippers which scare the hell out of Loki! XD; and a teddy bear thing that's dipped in wax, and a calendar frame and body spray and a key chain. <3
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So, yesterday... Ryuu-chan and I drove to Peterborough. It's about an hour and a half from here to there. Fun stuff. We ended up staying at Steve's place (he shares a house with C.A. and a couple other people who are at the same university as they are, but C.A. wasn't there) and not at Pam's.

When we got there, we dropped our stuff off, and a few minutes later Pam showed up. Then we all piled into Ryuu's car and went to Walmart, where I raided their MLPs. >^-^;; They had a Beachcomber and a Desert Palm that I nabbed, and a speare Waterfire. They also had a couple of the 2006 releases, but they were in fancy sets (as opposed to basic pony boxes that just have the pony and a hairbrush), so I didn't get any of them. I also picked up some green and blue ribbon from the craft department, and we wandered around for about an hour, poking through various things.

After that, we went to a Chinese food place for supper... we were there for almost three hours, until they were closed. But we talked, and the food was really good. I know it's stupid for me to bounce over the only non-Chinese thing in the restaurant, but they had Lemon Merangue Pie! X3

Then we headed over to Pam's apartment and stayed there and chatted about various things until after midnight. At that point, Pam had to leave to meet Kevin at a party, so Steve, Ryuu and I just went back to his place. Ryuu and I crashed in the seriously overheated living room for the night.

Today when we got up, Ryuu took off for a while to the university campus (she's talking to various professors about co-op placements for the next semester), and Steve and I walked downtown to the BEST CITY BLOCK in existence; three used bookstores side by side, and another one across the street. XD WHOOT.

I ended up picking up The Encyclopedia of Gods by Michael Jordan (lol), and Unicorn Highway by David Lee Jones. The first one is going to come in handy for various writing projects, and the second one had pretty cover art. And it sounds good, of course. ^_~

When we got back to the house, Ryuu-chan was back, and Pam and Kevin showed up a few minutes later. We all visited for a few more minutes, then Pam and Kevin had to leave to go do grocery shopping (I think that was it, anyway), so at that point, Ryuu and I grabbed our stuff and packed it up in the car, then the two of us and Steve drove across town to the Chapters there. Nyahaha~~

I used the gift card that Steve and Michelle got me for my birthday and picked up No Turning Back (The Life and Death of Animal Species) by Richard Ellis, as well as the first two volumes of the Diabolo manga by Ohashi Kei and Kusunoki Kaoru-- which has ABSOLUTELY YUMMY art. =3

There were, of course, many other books/GNs that I wanted, but I didn't have the money for them. At least I had my gift card. ^_^;

Anyway, after Chapters, Steve headed off to where he works to pick up his paycheck, and Ryuu and I piled in the car to come home.

...and that's about it. :)


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