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Jan. 1st, 2011 02:01 pm
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Blockbuster was open today~ yaaaay~! And their awesome sale was still on, so I got a bunch of awesome previously viewed movies. :3

A Haunting in Georgia (as seen on Discovery Channel)
Lake Placid 3
Repo Men
The Incredible Hulk
(<-- note: SO AWESOME!!)
A Christmas Carol
The Wild Hunt

Fun tiems! And the movie place had these Rabbids figures that are little demented bunnies in various costumes... and I fell in love with the ninja one, so I got one for my figure collection. I also had to go to the pharmacy, and they had a bunch of little toys for sale, including some LPS so I got two 3-figure sets; a seal, a cat, a bunny, a meerkat, a husky and a mouse. So cute! ♥

It's totally warm today. I mean, for January. More like spring or fall weather than anything else. So I opened up the windows and the door here to air things out. I hate how stuffy it gets inside in the winter. :P

But because it's so warm it's been raining all day instead of snowing, and to walk all the way to Blockbuster and then to the pharmacy and then back home got me SOAKED. *facepalm* So now my coat and hat are dripping wet and hanging to dry, and when I got home I had to change my clothes because my jeans were soaked as well, and my shirt was damp from the water actually soaking all the way through my jacket. xD;;


In a couple hours Ryuu-chan is coming over! I haven't seen her in forever (two years on Monday, actually >>;) so I'm looking forward to seeing her and giving her her Christmas gift. :D

EDIT: Ryuu just left. She was here for a couple of hours, and it was really great to see her. ^_^ lol, she even brought a huge box of DVDs and VHS for me to pick through, and returned some anime that she and Andy borrowed like five years ago. XD; I also ended up with the whole set of ZG Gundam and a copy of Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Haha. She couldn't stay long, but I'm still happy. I really miss my high school friends, we don't get together nearly often enough anymore...

Catching Up

Jan. 4th, 2009 08:56 pm
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Yeah, so I haven't posted anything in forever. >>;

1) Christmas #1: On the 23rd the immediate family did Christmas. I got a couple movies, and my cell phone. Also a book, and a gift card, and a chair for at my computer. It was nice. Most of my Christmas from Mom and Lee was the phone though, lol.

2) Christmas #2: On the 24th, we all went up to Grandma's place to do prep for the turkey and everything the next day. That night we gave Grandma the gift that my brother and I got for her, and she gave us our cards with monies in them, because she's been too sick to go out shopping. The next day the whole family was over and we had dinner, and did the family gift exchange. I ended up with a wok set, which is awesome because I'm the one who bought that one because I wanted it. XD;

3) Dad couldn't make it up in time for Christmas, so he's coming up this next weekend to exchange gifts. THE GIFT I ORDERED FOR HIM BEFORE CHRISTMAS BETTER BLOODY BE HERE BY THEN, DAMMIT. >__O;

3) Did nothing for New Year's, though that morning I did get my cell activated. Thank God I have three months free texting, because despite not planning on using it much I've been texting A LOT. I'll need a text plan when my free time runs out. XD;;

4) My RY secret santa gift from [ profile] toxicatedpoison got here the other day! Eee! It's a pretty crystal heart pendant that she got engraved with "Sena". ILU SO HARD PRONNIE. ♥

5) Speaking of RY, tomorrow we are officially on hiatus for two weeks as a community, so that Steph, Maddie and I can kind of revamp it, and add in more plot points and get everything back on track. WE SHALL RETURN.

6) My birthday was yesterday! 8D ...I did nothing for it, and didn't get any presents, though a bunch of people wished me a Happy Birthday. At some point this week Mom is taking me out to buy me a new camera though, she just hasn't had the time until now.

7) Yesterday I met up with Pam and Ryuu-chan at the Tim Hortons at the corner, and we hung out there and talked for almost two hours. Then we came back here and hung out some more. It was really nice because I haven't seen any of my RL friends in over a year. Turns out Pam is living in town again (sort of anyway, she's actually just outside of town), so hopefully I can see her some more now, at least until she moves to Alberta in a year or so.

8) One of my new wigs (for Haine cosplay from The Gentlemen's Alliance) came in a couple days ago, and I FREAKING LOVE IT. It's long and curly and light brown with blonde streaks, and looks freakishly good on me, or so everyone is telling me. XD; Now I wish I hadn't cut my hair so short so I could dye and curl it lol.

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1) Yes this post is numbered. Just because. :P

2) So... turns out C.A. is in Korea because Nova (the company she went to Japan under) like... crashed and burned. Seriously. It was this huge scandal where they weren't paying the teachers and everything. So she was selling stuff out of the apartment they gave her so she could buy food, and then disappeared for a while and showed back up in South Korea. O___O;

That's as much as I know, and I'm really seriously worried. I need to call her parents and see what's going up, if she's coming home or what. *fretfretfretfret* D:

3) Maddie and Chloe are having problems right now, which seriously sucks. (*fretfretfretmore*) I'm worried about them too... in fact, I'm running a collection box for them at Rizu, because we ♥ ♥ ♥ them and want to help. <3

4) Stupid gmail won't let me into my inbox right now. ><;;

5) I've been picking up odds-and-ends for my cosplay in the summer the last while, including a bunch of earrings for my AU!Demyx. >3< The stars came in today, and two of the ear cuffs came in yesterday. Two of the pairs of hoops arrived last week, but were sadly the wrong ones so I had to send them back. Now I have to wait for them to come in, as well as one more ear cuff and a messenger bag. Yep.

6) While we were out grocery shopping today Mom and I popped into Walmart, and we stumbled upon plastic tubs... CLEAR plastic tubs! :3 YEY. Mom bought me four of them lawl, and I'll probably need more before AN, but that'll give me a good start. Now I can pack some of my finished ponies away and make room for more as I finish them.

I also got a deep fryer because they were on the end of the aisle right by the plastic tubs, and on sale for $22. O__o; I was like *YOINK*. Though the only reason I did was because my GST money came in haha. XD;

7) Okay, so the Otakon trip has become slightly more, which is awesome as far as I'm comcerned since I've never been to the US at all before. X3 I'm going to Dayton, then taking the train to Baltimore with Maddie and Chloe, then one of the days we're going to DC to be tourists there, and on the way home, between Baltimore and here, I'm stopping for a night to bother [ profile] cat_mcdougall. X33 And that's just what's been planned so far. Nevermind all the stuff in Baltimore and Washington that we've planned, the aquarium and everything. ^___^

Oh, but [ profile] lipstickcat, what days are you going to be in Toronto? Just to make sure, so I can plan for that too. ^^

8) RP STUFF! =D;

Hikaru is basically the same as last time I rambled about him. He and Kaoru are about to have crazy angst since Kao slept with Allen. ^^;

Demyx is all excited because Larxene and Marluxia are in town now, haha. But then he gets excited about everything. Also, he's met C.C. and Link when he went to visit Fate in the hospital, and is happy to have made new friends. He's also planning to go visit Axel sometime soon, since he hasn't seen him around much and Zexy keeps saying he must have died or something. XD;;

Yuki is the same as Hikaru, nothing much going on. I need to get him into something interesting so I can unleash his snark. lol.

Kyo is... oh God, the angst. FFS, he was supposed to be a fun snarky character to play dammit. But no~ he's all love triangle angstangstangst and stuff. Blegh. Though the AIM-verse SephxKyoxZelos is hot and made of awesome. Oh yes.

And finally, I took a 5th character because I fail. Except this time at least it's a GIRL. xD; lawl. We need more girls, seriously. So I took up Shiraishi Mahiru from Mikan no Tsuki ([ profile] myluck_yourluck), because she's cute and fun, and has a pet bat named (creatively enough) "Mr. Bat" or "Batty". <3

9) Just called to talk to Dad, but he's working that weird shift again so he's in bed. So I talked to Lois for a couple minutes and asked how she was doing; she says much better, though not having use of her one hand is driving her nuts. I can imagine, lol. She also liked the pony I gave her for Christmas, so yey. :)

10) Tomorrow, Grandma is coming up around lunch time and her, me, Mom and Lee are going out for lunch. She's going to drop off some stuff, and pick up some things that need sewing, and see Mom's new furnature and everything since she hasn't yet and it's been 6 months since the place was painted and they got the new furnature and curtains. Haha.

11) And also, I didn't have a birthday party this year, but Ryuu-chan, Andy and Steve came by to visit, which was awesome. I hadn't talked to any of them in a while, but specifically Andy I hadn't talked to in like two years. He's so hard to get in contact with! ><;

EDIT 12) Random anonymous v-gift ftw! Pony! Thank you anon! ♥

EDIT #2, 13) Dammit Kyo-muse! Stop whining for sex already, jeez! >P

EDIT #3, 14) OMG After Eight dark chocolate mints win at everything. ;3; They're so good, and were on sale so I got a couple boxes of them. Now I'm all high on sugar. FWEE. 8D

EDIT #4, 15) Kyo-muse doesn't have me writing Kyo/Seph/Zelos smut, I swear. >.> *innocent whistle*
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A bunch of doujinshi I ordered a while back came in today. Happy One-Day-Early Birthday to me! :3 There was four sepparate doujin, and then one thicker one that's an anthology. Four of them were a smaller size than the rest of my collection. O.o; Whatever. XD;

I'd also bought some earrings for my AU!Demyx costume in the summer, and they came in... and both pairs were the wrong ones. UGH. So I emailed the person I bought them from. I'll probably send them back. They're cute, but not the ones I wanted.

Tomorrow Ryuu and Andy are coming over for a short visit, since I'm not having a birthday party this year. Pam might be coming over on Saturday for a bit. Man, I miss everyone. I haven't seen Michelle in about two years. D:

OMG, and by the way, I FINALLY got an email from C.A.; she left for Japan in September, and I have some stuff to send her, so I emailed her in October asking for her address. But she fails at keeping in touch, so I didn't hear back from her until about a week ago, and her whole email was

"Sorry, you know how I am with these things. Long story short, I ended up living in South Korea. Merry Christmas."

WTF C.A.?? XDD That's too short! It doesn't qualify for "long story short" dammit! And she still didn't give me her address, even if it is in S. Korea. She can be so frustrating! the same time, it was so C.A., so after I stopped swearing at the computer screen I just had to giggle. =D;;
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Friday there was a surprise going away party for C.A. out at Jodi's parent's place; they live in the middle of nowhere. So just before 5, Ryuu picked me up and we went to Jodi's to get directions to where the party was supposed to be. Then we had to drive for about an hour to get there. OH WELL.

Pam and Kevin were already there when he arrived, along with a couple of guys from Peterborough that I didn't know until then; Jordan and Peter. Normally I have trouble talking a lot with people I don't know, but Jordan and Pete were so awesome and nice. They were about the only people there that I didn't already know that I could deal with though. >>;

Haha, everyone was late including C.A. and Jodi. xD; It was this huge secret, and we were all out in the garage waiting for them to get there for like two hours. All six of us, wtf. XDD;; Out in the garage was this cutout thing... you see them on beaches and in tourist places, the big pics with the faces cut out for people to take photos in/with? There was one in the garage that was a mountie riding a moose (and smoking a joint for some reason, lol.), so we all crowded behind that to jump out, and Kevin and Ryuu stick their faces in. Then instead of popping out right away, we just waited to see how long it would take for her to notice them.

It was funny just to listen to. She was like ", that kinna looks like Kevin..." and then there was this long silence. We all sniggered and then jumped out at her. It was priceless.

After they were there, we just sat around in a circle on lawn chairs and talked, and other people drank (Ryuu and I don't drink.) Ryuu and I had brought C.A. gifts, so she opened them. She got a t-shirt from Ryuu, and I gave her a bunch of jam and a Japanese dictionary. <3

More people did come after a while, and there was about 20 in the end. Then there was a band because the lead singer/guitar was Jodi's boyfriend so she insisted. HAHA. They were really good! They only did covers, but I really enjoyed them.

I had a lot of trouble though, because of the crowded space, the number of people, the loud music and the dancing (plus because of all the above it was very hot), so I spent about half the night sitting just outside the garage, listening to the music and looking at the stars so I wouldn't end up having a huge panic attack. Pete was really nice and sat with me for a while the one time, and Ryuu and Jordan ended up outside with me later and we talked about media (movies/actors/books/etc.) for like two hours. ^_^;

The band finally packed up around 3am, and most of the people left (the ones that weren't spending the night). It was fun, and kind of stressful, and camping-parties last freaking forever. -.-;;

The ground around Jodi's parent's place is really uneven, and it was raining off-and-on all night (so no campfire! D=), so the grass was wet... and we lost power for a while. (Jodi's dad set up the generator so the band could still play!) But because of all that, I fell like fifty times. I think I managed to find all the potholes in the entire lawn. It was kind of funny, actually, because I don't even drink and I was the one falling all over the place. XD;; DOH.

Anyway, so my right ankle is all swollen and sprained, and my left knee is all cut and scraped up. Ah well, it's not so bad. Imma limp for a while, though.

Then when I finally got home I crashed... and slept for like 14 hours. Something like that. >.>;;

All in all, it was fun and I'm glad I went. I don't get to see Pam and Kevin much, and I was glad to meet Jordan and Pete, and spend time with C.A. and Ryuu. I knew I'd have trouble with the sound level and the number of people, so that at least wasn't a surprise. At least I could get out and have some fresh air to get over it, and people were nice to keep me company. :)


So that was Friday and yesterday. =D

Photoblogging Day 51,52,53 )

OH, AND! Before I forget, Friday afternoon I finally mailed the last round of P.O.S. packages! So [ profile] kierseth, [ profile] cat_mcdougall, [ profile] etcetera_cat, [ profile] smoulderedtears and [ profile] lipstickcat have big heavy boxes coming their way! But they were mailed ground mail (because they were so big and heavy... except for etc's, it's uber heavy but not as big as the others) for money reasons, so they'll take a bit to arrive. Hopefully everyone will get theirs by a month from now.

Like a week from now I also have to mail about 12 Christmas packages too. No wonder I don't have any money. >>; lol.

EDIT: YEY Johnny Depp biography~ X33

EDIT 2: Oh, and when Ryuu picked me up on Friday she gave me my present from when she went to China a few months back. "Present" and not "souvenir" because it's edible. lol. She got me pocky and pretz; dark and white chocolate pocky, and shrimp and pizza pretz. <3 Apparently it's really cheap there, like 50 cents a box. O.o;
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This evening, I was down in the kitchen chopping veggies to freeze; green pepper, celery and cabbage. I freeze those and onion so that when I need them for soup/stew/etc. all I have to do is just go to the freezer and grab a handful. <3

Anyway, so I'm chopping stuff, and Sarah comes out of her room with the phone in her hand and goes "Ryuu just called, do you have her number?"

And I'm like... "uh, yeah. When did she call?"

To which she replied, "about ten minutes ago."

...right. Why didn't I get that call? Because she was on the phone as fucking always! The stupid thing being that she went out and GOT US CALL WAITING so that I wouldn't miss calls since she's on the phone pretty much every second she's awake.

So I asked why she didn't tell me, and she told me "I was on the phone." Well FUCK, Sarah! Then why the hell do we even HAVE the call waiting?? You got it without asking me, I'm paying for half of it, and you pull this shit??

I snapped at her and basically said all of the above. And her response is (get this) "I didn't pick up because I didn't recognise the name."

Oh REALLY. Then tell me, dear Sarah, if you didn't recognise the name, how did you know it was Ryuu who called?


...on the plus side, when I got back to Ryuu a few minutes later, she asked if I wanted to go see Transformers with her on Saturday afternoon. And I went \o/ HELL YES! Haha, I have to pay with twonies and loonies, but I don't care~~

Imma see Transformers~~ ^___^
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Ryuu-chan is back from China~ I just got an email from her, so yey. She'd gone for a couple of weeks as part of one of her courses in university, and apparently had a pretty good time... but she was saying wow about how different the cultures were. I could have told her that, lol.

I'll have to have her come over to show me pictures and stuff some time soon...

Speaking of travelling... ehh, I'm supposed to go with Grandma and Jess (my second-cousin-once-removed or something like that) out East at the end of this month (the last week of June and first week of July), but honestly... I can't afford it.

I don't know what to do. Grandma's really looking forward to the trip, and has been planning on me going with her since January, and so was I-- but when I went out East last time, it cost me almost $1,000 (back in 2004), and I don't have that kind of money; and it'll cost more this time because we'll be staying in hotels instead of camping out everywhere. And gas is more expensive now. Though we won't be feeding Dake-kun, which will cut the food bill down significantly. >>;

I dunno... I've only got about $300 saved, which was in the getting-Pagan-neutered/buying-Rie fund... especially since none of the ponies I put on ebay sold. That would've been another $400-ish dollars. And I really do want to go, I've been looking forward to it for months. But I mean...


I guess I just need to give her a call and talk with her a bit, and we'll see...
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Yesterday I was supposed to go out and do grocery shopping with Lee and Sarah, but instead I got together with Ryuu and Pam and Kevin and had coffee. Except I didn't, because I don't drink the stuff. >>;

While I was out with them we went to the dollar store (which I guess is where I lost that pony charm ;.;) and I picked up a handful of odds-and-ends for my crafts.

Then last night Lee took Mom, Sarah and I out for dinner. Mom wasn't feeling well. I hope she feels better today, it would really suck for her to be sick for Christmas.

And this morning Sui-chan dropped off a Christmas present for me. =3 I was asleep when she came by, though. I suck! Oh well. -.-;; She got me a pair of huge fuzzy slippers which scare the hell out of Loki! XD; and a teddy bear thing that's dipped in wax, and a calendar frame and body spray and a key chain. <3
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Ryuu-chan called last weekend to ask if I wanted to go to her place and watch the FMA movie with her, since she found it for rent at Rogers or something. But last weekend I was busy, so we did it this weekend instead.

Yay Conqueror of Shamballa~ ^^
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So, yesterday... Ryuu-chan and I drove to Peterborough. It's about an hour and a half from here to there. Fun stuff. We ended up staying at Steve's place (he shares a house with C.A. and a couple other people who are at the same university as they are, but C.A. wasn't there) and not at Pam's.

When we got there, we dropped our stuff off, and a few minutes later Pam showed up. Then we all piled into Ryuu's car and went to Walmart, where I raided their MLPs. >^-^;; They had a Beachcomber and a Desert Palm that I nabbed, and a speare Waterfire. They also had a couple of the 2006 releases, but they were in fancy sets (as opposed to basic pony boxes that just have the pony and a hairbrush), so I didn't get any of them. I also picked up some green and blue ribbon from the craft department, and we wandered around for about an hour, poking through various things.

After that, we went to a Chinese food place for supper... we were there for almost three hours, until they were closed. But we talked, and the food was really good. I know it's stupid for me to bounce over the only non-Chinese thing in the restaurant, but they had Lemon Merangue Pie! X3

Then we headed over to Pam's apartment and stayed there and chatted about various things until after midnight. At that point, Pam had to leave to meet Kevin at a party, so Steve, Ryuu and I just went back to his place. Ryuu and I crashed in the seriously overheated living room for the night.

Today when we got up, Ryuu took off for a while to the university campus (she's talking to various professors about co-op placements for the next semester), and Steve and I walked downtown to the BEST CITY BLOCK in existence; three used bookstores side by side, and another one across the street. XD WHOOT.

I ended up picking up The Encyclopedia of Gods by Michael Jordan (lol), and Unicorn Highway by David Lee Jones. The first one is going to come in handy for various writing projects, and the second one had pretty cover art. And it sounds good, of course. ^_~

When we got back to the house, Ryuu-chan was back, and Pam and Kevin showed up a few minutes later. We all visited for a few more minutes, then Pam and Kevin had to leave to go do grocery shopping (I think that was it, anyway), so at that point, Ryuu and I grabbed our stuff and packed it up in the car, then the two of us and Steve drove across town to the Chapters there. Nyahaha~~

I used the gift card that Steve and Michelle got me for my birthday and picked up No Turning Back (The Life and Death of Animal Species) by Richard Ellis, as well as the first two volumes of the Diabolo manga by Ohashi Kei and Kusunoki Kaoru-- which has ABSOLUTELY YUMMY art. =3

There were, of course, many other books/GNs that I wanted, but I didn't have the money for them. At least I had my gift card. ^_^;

Anyway, after Chapters, Steve headed off to where he works to pick up his paycheck, and Ryuu and I piled in the car to come home.

...and that's about it. :)

Tra La La

Feb. 20th, 2006 07:32 am
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It's 7:32 in the morning, and I've been up for half an hour... which is actually pretty good, considering my normal track record with the whole sleeping thing. ^_^;

The reason I'm up now is that I've got a bunch of stuff to do today; Mom and I are going to visit Grandma and Grandpa for a couple of hours this morning, after which we have a Chiropractor's appointment. Then when we get back into town after that, I have to mail some packages (ebay stuff), remember to grab a pillow, then call Ryuu-chan to pick me up to drive to Peterborough for the night. I think we're staying at Pam's, but I'm not entirely sure. |_|; I should probably ask...

Right. But first, I need to chat with Cassandra-san for a few minutes. That's how I start most of my days, actually. X3
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I woke up at 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. BAH. I freaking hate whatever the hell unidentified sleeping disorder I have! Maybe I should go with what my doctor was suggesting and do that week-long sleep lab in Toronto... -_-;;

Other than that, I spend a goodly ammount of time tonight beheading ponies and getting rid of their hair to get them ready for being anime-fied. I have a huge bowl full of pony body parts now, it's kind of funny in a morbid sort of way. >^-^;;

Oh, and on Monday, I'm going out of town. Ryuu-chan is picking me up, and we're going to Peterborough to visit Pam/Steve/C.A./etc. for the day, and I guess staying with Pam that night. Then we're coming home Tuesday. Just a quick overnight thing, but it'll be nice to see everyone again. So I'll have to borrow a computer while I'm down there to keep track of my emails and stuff... *ish obsessive about email and LJ* lol.

I wonder if I can get Ryuu-chan to take a side-trip to Dad's place when we leave, before we come back here... hmmmm...

Ah. And before I forget, I've been tinkering with designs for ID tags for the ponies I take to AN with me. This is an example of the first draft:

I wish I was a bit better at the whole PSP thing. I want to lift the "little" up a bit to make room for "anime", but I can't, so this is the best I can do. ^_^;; I think it looks okay, though, so I might just stick with this...

Day One

Jun. 25th, 2005 03:30 pm
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So! Yesterday, it took Mom and I three and a half hours of driving to finally find/make it to Michelle's place. ^_^;; We only got a little lost! Then, when we got there, Michelle and I chatted and generally caught up with one another until Ryuu-chan got here... as it turned out, Pam couldn't make it either. ;__;

Michelle and Ryuu-chan and I are having fun, though. ^^

We had vegitarian chili and chees quesedias (sp? O_o;;) for supper, then we all came downstairs and watched Shaun of the Dead--which was FREAKING HILARIOUS, by the way! XD

Today, we got up around nine, and Michelle's dad made us the best pancakes ever for breakfast. Mmmm. Then we got ready and headed out to do some shopping and wandering around. It's... so... hot... out... =_=;; I got a headache from going in and out of airconditioned stores, because of the heat outside. Argh.

Anyway, we went to the bookstore, where I got some manga (Crescent Moon, Gravitation & Fruits Basket <3), a forensics book from the bargain racks, and a book on the Philosophers Stone (sorry [ profile] catystorm, not the one by Melville... ^^;). Then we went to the mall and I got a bunch of misc. stuff.

We looked at puppies at the pet store. =3

Now we're back home, killing some time before we go out for Indian food for supper. Yum!
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Yesterday Ryuu-chan called me out of the blue again... she does it all the time, so it's not really surprising anymore. Does that still qualify as "out of the blue", then? ^^; Naa, anyway, she was in town for the weekend (+ friday) and wanted to know if I felt like going to Barrie with her to look for some furniture.

She's moving at the end of the summer, and basically needed all new furniture for the place she's moving to. I have no interest in furniture shopping. But I told her I'd go with her to keep her company, and make her take me to the Chapters when we were done. XD Not that it's really hard to "make" Ryuu-chan go to a big book store, though. :P lol.

When she came to pick me up, though, it turned out that she'd had someone give her some furniture after she called me. A friend of the family had offered her a bed and a desk, so all she needed was some bookshelves and a bedside table... she really didn't need to go to Barrie for that, but she was going anyway because she promised me we'd go to the book store (and she knows how pouty I get when I can't go to Chapters...)

Since we were there anyway, though, she looked for some bookshelves and a table. We got some shelves, and then headed to Chapters; where I bought a Russian dictionary. And broke down and got the first three volumes of Fruits Basket. ^_^; So much for not starting any new series...

Muaaa! But Fruits Basket is so good! >^-^<

I finished reading them last night, and then wished I'd bought more than just three volumes of it. ^^;; Now I have to wait until the next time I get a chance to go to Barrie to get more. ;__;

Oh well...

Then once we were done there, I asked if we could go to the big aquarium supply store that's a few blocks away, so off we went. Right behind the fish place, though, is the Goodwill store for that section of the sity, and Ryuu-chan wanted to go in there to look at furniture for a minute. We went in to do that before the fish place, so that if I got fish they wouldn't bake in the sun for who-knew-how-long until we came back. ^^;

She ended up finding a table there for something like $6. And I actually got two chairs! COMFY chairs! They're faux leather and really retro-looking. =^-^= Maaa~

The problem with where I'm living right now is that the stairway leading up here is really narrow, so anything I bring up has to be less than two feet across. O_o The only reason I have a couch and a bed up here is because the couch is a futon, so it can be taken apart and movies piece-by-piece, and so can the bed.

Anyway, these oh-so-comfy chairs are relatively thin, so I could fit them up. ^^ That was one of the things I'd been looking for, since I lacked for a good comfy reading chair up til now. Though the cats have pretty much adopted/stolen them from me since I got them in. -_-;;

So we loaded all that into the van and then went to the fish place... where I got some fish for my aquarium. *nods* This time I decided to cheat, though; I can fit about two dozen little(er) goldfish into it (if I'm doing goldfish), but that gets expensive, and the fish can be touchy. This time, though, I got four big ones--two Shubunkin and two Pond Comets. They're tougher than normal goldfishies, just as pretty, and take up enough space that I'm pretty much done filling my tank now. ^^

I have this horrible urge to name them after Fruits Basket characters.

Nyahahaha... ^.^;;


Mar. 6th, 2005 12:16 am
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So today I'm downstairs doing dishes, chasing Sarah's cats out of the sink in the process, and lo and behold, there's comes a knocking at the door. As Sarah was out, I answered it... and GASP! it was Ryuu-chan! ^_^ I didn't know she was back in town!

It was nice to see her. ^^ I finished up with my dishes and then we came back up here, and we chatted for a while. She updated me on her school stuff, as well as her co-op placement. Told me she's going to Peru or something in the summer. O_o;;

She also brought me a book; an entomology field guide, which I love. >^-^< Last time I saw her I mentioned that I was looking for a secent one, and when she was in Ottawa she found one at the museum there. When she emailed me to ask if I wanted her to pick it up I said sure... maaa, but I didn't think I'd see her so soon, and I really couldn't afford it right now. ^^;; Still, I gave her the money. She needs funds as much as I do right now...

About an hour after she got there, she got ready to head out--she had to go to the jewelry shop at the mall and get them to replace the battery in her watch, and she asked if I wanted to come with her, so I said sure.

On the way out the door, she suddenly stopped and was like "oh, you know, Andy starts work in a few minutes... if you really wanted to give him his Christmas present, we could stop there on the way back..."

So I grabbed his gift (which I've been hanging on to for like, three months now) and tucked it into my bookbag.

While we were at the mall, I insisted we poke through the book store, as usual. ^^; FWEE! Alta is out in paperback now! *yoinkness* I don't need any more books right now, but I bought it anyway. Then I bought a chocolate bunny at Zellers... just because I wanted one.

Heh. Andy looked kind of surprised when we walked into the movie store. I think I was the last person he thought he'd see there. XD It was funny... then he cowered behind the counter and begged me not to hurt him, since he keeps saying he's going to come visit me and never does.

The last time I saw him was a year ago. O_O;

He looked even more surprised when I gave him a present instead of yelling at him, though. ^^;; He couldn't open it because he was working, but I know he'll like it. I just don't know if he has it already...

Anyway, then he offered to buy me a movie, since he owes me about four presents from Christmas/birthdays in the last couple of years (not that I care), and since there was a copy of Alien vs. Predator pretty much staring me in the face at the time, I took him up on the offer. >^-^< *is so happy it should be wrong*

He swears he's going to come visit me soon...


Then Ryuu-chan took me home, and that was around 5:20 or so, so I got changed and watched a bit of AvP while I waited for Mom to come pick me up for our Girls Night Out.

Wow. The Casino is horribly loud, and uncomfortably crowded. But I knew it'd be like that, so it wasn't as if it was a surprise or anything. Still, given how defensive I am about my Personal Space Bubble, it's not somewhere I'm going to be jumping to spend time at.

On the positive side, the entire theme of the place is native-american, and it has some amazing artwork and architecture. Basically, Mom and I just wandered around and she gave me a tour, and I ogled the pretty buildings/paintings/sculptures/etc. She also bought me a delicate dreamcatcher necklace at one of the gift shops. ^^

Given how uncomfy I was there, though, we ended up going back into town to eat instead of having dinner there. Went to Webers, which is a middle-class type place, generally comfortable but not a burger joint. I had chicken alfredo, and she got a steak. :P Blegh. Red meat...

We sat at the restaurant and talked for about two hours, which was nice. ^^ We don't get a chance to chat like that very often. Then when we were done we hied ourselves off to the movie theater... we ended up seeing Hitch (Will Smith's new movie), and it was generally great. >^-^<

So amusing... it was definitely a good pick. We also considered Constantine, but both of us were more in the mood for humor than drama or fantasy/etc., so we decided against it. I'll see Constantine on my own some other time. ^_~

So yeah.


I had a strangely good day today...


Jan. 1st, 2005 11:05 pm
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So, to my knowledge [ profile] etcetera_cat and [ profile] elsewherecw have gotten their Christmas Gifts (and liked them, I'm told! =3), so that leaves... [ profile] cassandracsenta, [ profile] kierseth and [ profile] midnightstar16.

Since the U.S. customs people are being really stupid strict right now, I have no idea how long it'll take for Sethi and 'Vandi's to get to theirs. ;__; Hopefully it won't take too long for them to get across the border.

And Cassandra-san... um, okay. I've never mailed anything that far before, so I have no idea how long it should take. ^_^;; Just let me know when it gets to you...

Now I'm in the process of putting together a box for [ profile] cat_mcdougall and her kids, which is proving to be both challenging (finding relatively small things to send, so they fit in the box) and fun (I love buying toys and knick knacks for kids!) ^^ I hope to have that mailed in a couple of weeks.

I have so much fun buying for other people... ^^;;

Today, after she dragged herself out of bed from the New Year's party she went to, C.A. popped over for a visit... then about half an hour later, Ryuu-chan showed up, and she brought Scott along, too. And about an hour after that, Michelle and Steve arrived! ^^;;

We all sat around and talked for about three hours; since everyone goes to different Universities/etc., we don't get to see each other very often. It was nice to sit with everyone and catch up.

Two days from now (on the third), they're all going to be back over here for my birthday thing (thing because it's not really a party, and I have no idea what we'll be doing once everyone's here), but hopefully Pam will be able to make it as well. Ryuu-chan can't be here then, because she has to be in Ottawa like, tomorrow.

Once everyone left today, I got Ryuu-chan to drop me off at Mom's, and borrowed the oven there to bake my birthday cake. >^-^;; I bake my own cake every year (I like baking and Mom doesn't), and I don't have baking pans yet, so I had to borrow hers...

Now it's done and in the fridge downstairs, ready for Monday. Tomorrow I have to buy a whole bunch of pop/fruitopia/chips/snack-type-foodstuffs, and I'll probably borrow my brother's Survivor board game, since we play it pretty much every year. ^^;

We might go see a movie, or go Glow in the Dark Bowling or something like that...

And I have a couple of scenes I want to write out for Cassandra-san tomorrow. Because I haven't had a scene in a while, and I keep having to abandon her lately. ;__;

Scenes will make it all better again!

Open Water

Dec. 30th, 2004 07:54 pm
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Watching a DVD I bought today. Open Water, which, despite rave reviews, kind of looks like it's a home movie... or maybe that's how they wanted the movie to look. It's just really rough and unfinished. Hm.

Also. For some reason, the utter stupidity of this makes me eyebrow twitch:

Shark: *SPASH*
Man/Woman: AAAHH!!
Shark: *swims off a bit*
Woman: ...w-what kind was that?
Man: I have no idea!
Woman: I'm serious here! Was it the bad kind?

May I once again remind the world that sharks are not inherently bad or evil.

I don't know why that part bothered me so much. |_|;;

Anyway, C.A. couldn't make it over today... blah. Then Mom and I went out to do some Boxing Week shopping, and she dragged really slowly and we only went to two stores. Today was just one big disappointment, really.

I was practically in tears a handful of times, and ended up curbing it by going to sleep. Originally, it was just going to be a little nap, and then I woke up like, three and a half hours later... so... so much for a "nap"...

Whatever. I woke up in time for CSI in an hour, so I don't care.

So C.A. and Ryuu-chan are both planning on coming over tomorrow (after C.A. appologized profusely for not being able to make it today) in the early afternoon-ish area, and I have to make sure I kick them out by six, assuming they aren't gone already.

Because six is when Michelle and Steve are picking me up for the all-night New Years Eve movie-thon. Fwee.

I really am looking forward to it, despite how blank I'm sounding right now...
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*stumbles through the door, drops her stuff on the ground and collapses in front of the computer*

That was... not a very fun trip... =_=;;

For those of you who care to know more (Note: Original journal entries are in normal text, comments I'm adding now are in italics.)

The Roadtrip Diaries )

The last entry was yesterday, and today wasn't all that exciting...

We got up and drove right to Toronto to drop Dake-kun off (he lives there) and then skipped on to visit Dad and Lois, since they live just outside of Toronto. ^^ I dropped off their souvenirs/gifts and we visited for a bit.

And I am totally adopting one of the cats there. Again.

He's grey-and-white patched, with AMAZING aquamarine colored eyes. His official name will be "Triton" (to go along with Neko, who's official name is "Osiris"), but I want another word for "cat" to call the new kitty, too, just to match... anyone got a good word for "cat" in another language?

I'll post the scenes I finished later...


Your giffy ficcy will be finished soon, I promise!

Asha: :So she claims...:

Hush, horse! O_O;;
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Just borrowing a public access computer at the YMCA in Fredrickton for a few minutes. ^^ Maaa... I miss my computer already! *sniffle* lol.

Having lots of fun, though the driving is killing me. =_=;; I'd forgotten how quickly sitting in the passanger/back seat of a car puts me to sleep... ah, but I shouldn't complain. Ryuu-chan is the only one of the three of us who can drive, so it's her who's got it hard. ^_^;;

Dake-san and I are getting along fine, which is good considering we're stuck together for the next ten days, still. ^^

Heading to Halifax next, so hopefully I can find a computer there as well. >^-^< For now, we're going to find a camping spot for the night and hunker down to get some rest. ^_~
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Spider-Man 2 was alright. ^^ I went to see it with Ryuu-chan, and Josh ended up coming with us. The three of us had a blast. ^_^ We were all really hyper and giddy for some reason, and Josh and I were like, rave-dancing with just our arms in the car on the way to the theatre.

Ryuu-chan couldn't dance with us 'cause she was driving. ^_~

We got some funny looks from people in the other cars. ^^;;;

Anyway, the movie was good. ^^ I liked it, and the animation was very impressive, even if the dialogue was... hm... somewhat lacking in places. ^_^;; And the little musical-sequence where they played "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" (or whatever the title is) was very corny. It made us all laugh. XD

Still, fun stuff.

Then after the movie got out, we hung around the arcade in the theater for a while and pondered playing DDRExtreme, but none of us felt like actually going and taking the time to buy tokens, so we didn't end up doing it.

I think I might buy the DDR game for X-Box...

After we left there, I made Ryuu-chan drive to the nearby Chapters so I could look for graphic novels. ^^;; I love that Chapters and it's affiliates sell GNs now! *does the robot dance*

Anyway, I ended up getting the following; Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle #1 (by CLAMP), Tokyo Babylon #2 (also by CLAMP), Recca no Hon'ou #1 (by Nobuyuki Anzai), Lament of the Lamb #2 (by Toume Kei) and Rebirth #3 & 4 (by Woo). >^-^<

I'm partway through Tsubasa, and it's awesome! *huggles* I love it! Yay!

...and both Ryuu and Josh got to see me be very enthusiastic while I picked out my GNs. ^^ They were like "wow, snatch them a little faster Sena? If you don't hurry, they might just disappear off the shelves before you can grab them!" < / sarcasm >

And we were being so loud and laughing and having so much fun while we were looking through the store that all the staff were giggling at us. ^_^;; The lady who came to see if we needed any help said "and how are you fun people doing tonight? Need any help?"

It was funny. ^^

And today's scene!

How much their lives have changed... )

Nazoko: ^^;;;

Nozomi: |_|;;

Miru: *giggles*

They're all very lucky. ^_~



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