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First... sorry Michelle! ;o; I know I was supposed to be online last night so we could finish up that twins log, but I ah... slept all day instead. >>; The two days/nights before that were really long and tiring between one thing and another (not to mention I didn't sleep Wed night at all because of Pagan), and my CFS was all 'RAWR D<' so yeah. Imma go do a tag for you right as soon as I finish this post!

Second! Yesterday morning I dropped off a stool sample at the vet so it could be tested for Pasturella and Coccidiosis. Then last night Dr. Adare called to talk to me about Pagan and his mystery seizures.

Basically, he tested negative for everything, which is awesome, except it means we still have no clue what caused the seizures. So. She went home the night after I brought him in and went through all of her text books looking for something that can cause the symptoms I described. Aside from a couple of exotic diseases (like, in rabbits in Africa, etc., and which Pagan would have no way of contracting), the only thing she could come up with is possibly a magnesium or vitamin A and/or B deficciency.

So she suggested giving him vitamin suppliments in his water, and extra alfalfa (which is high in magnesium), and seeing how it goes. Pagan thinks he's special and getting extra treats, lol, and even if that's not what the problem is, some extra vitamins and hay won't hurt him. Phantom is quite upset though, she wants treats too dammit Mom!

Aaaand if he has seizures again, I'm supposed to call Dr. Adare and bring him in immediately. But that's the problem, aside from testing for the typical things, they can't do much unless he happens to have a fit while he's there and she's looking at him. -.-; Bah.

But he seems fine now, and is omgyeyhappy about the alfalfa chews I bought for him. xD; <3
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I'm killing time right now waiting for House to come on. I should be working on ponies, but I'm seriously tired and not feeling like it right now so whatever. No ponies today. Isn't that terrible? I'm a week and a half from the con and I should be spazzing about it, but today I'm just like "...meh."

Whatever. Tomorrow I'll (finally >>;;) finish up my KH ponies, assuming I can find a good pic for reference for Kairi's hair color. It's kind of reddish-brown, right? I thought it was just brown but I'm told not so much. XD;; D'oh~!

How many more can I get done before the 24th, OMG??

*flails slightly* >3<

Fucking Chronic Fatigue!

And So~

Oct. 24th, 2006 10:08 pm
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Ahhh, still tired~ =.=

Oh well, not much I can do really...

I have stuff to do tomorrow, still trying to figure out my schedule.

It's mostly just things around here, but they need to be done; I have to clean animal cages (which only takes about a half an hour), and I have several cages that've been emptied out and organised lately that need to go into storage in the garage for now. And the old coffee table needs to go down there, too, but I think I'll need to get someone to help me with that...

Mmmm, I'm looking at these cages and thinking about the cute little black baby rats they have at the pet store right now... ehhhhh, I can't I can't! At least not until Yuki and Kori are gone! They're old men now and wouldn't appreciate me bringing annoying baby ratties into the house, I'm sure. >_> They'd never talk to me again. ;~; lol.

But if I get the cages moved into storage, I'll be less tempted, so it must be done.

Also dishes and stuff.

And I will be up on time to chat with Cassandra-san!! And then after that I'll chat with Kao-mun, and then we're gonna rp with Tama-mun for a bit. Which will be interesting, since it's with Suzumiya instead of Tamaki. XD;;

We will all play nice. *snort* Yeah right.


Oct. 18th, 2006 10:45 pm
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I really haven't been feeling well the last few days. -_-;;

I don't think it's the flu Mom had, though. I think it really is just my Chronic Fatigue. DAMMIT. I hate having to deal with this... what a pain in the ass...

I'm tired.

I need to go to sleep. =.=
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My hands weren't shaking much today, so... yay? I'm glad, it sucks when they're like that. But I'm still really tired, and now I'm feeling kind of nauseous too. I know it sounds stupid, but I kind of hope it is the Chronic Fatigue acting up again, because if it's not I've probably caught the flu that Mom's been dealing with all this last week... -.-;;

Trunks' birthday was the 13th, and he bought himself a computer. I'm kinda proud of him, for saving up the money for it. And knowing him, it's a really awesome PC, too. I need a new hard drive for mine... >__>

Anyway, so tomorrow there are various appointments; the Chiropractor for Mom and I, and then in the afternoon I'm taking the cats to the vet for shots and whatnot. Fun stuff there. I also have some odds and ends to pick up, and laundry to do.

Hopefully tomorrow morning LJ will be working properly, and I can chat with Cassandra-san... T_T
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Wow, my hands have been shaking really badly all day. It's been a while since I've had to deal with this... I really didn't miss it. =_=;; Hopefully it'll go away again by tomorrow, but who knows? It's a symptom of the stupid Chronic Fatigue, and that's been bad lately, too, so... yeah...

Other than that, today was grocery day so I got out of the house for a while. The store was really crowded, though, and I hate that. It makes me freak out. And it hailed today, really hard; the hail was pretty big, too. But at least we didn't get 18 inches of snow or whatever they got south of us. ^_^;;

And today I did some tidying around here. Lee took my air conditioner this afternoon, so that he can clean it out for me (it's full of cat/rabbit/rat/etc. hair and just needs to be opened up and cleaned out), and I transferred Yuki and Kori over into the old rabbit cage, which is much more roomy than the one they were in. They really like it, and I'm glad.

Poor Yuki is so old. >^-^;; But he seems to be feeling fine, nonetheless.


Kisa isn't feeling so good, though. She's developed a lump under one of her front legs, just like Tohru-chan did before she died. And unfortunately, much as I love my mice, I don't have the money to spend a hundred dollars to take her to the vet. Especially since she's getting pretty old, too, and I didn't expect her to make it to Christmas even before the lump appeared...


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