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Photos of a bunch more of my Furuba ponies, as promised. Only three to go; I was planning to finish Shigure and Akito tonight, but honestly... I'm not feeling the greatest, since I didn't get any sleep last night. =.=

So I think I'm going to put it off by a day and finish them up tomorrow night. I need my bed.

Anyway! In no particular order!

Isuzu/Rin was made from a pony with a 3D symbol so I had to cut it off before I could do anything. And in the photos, for some reason, she looks like she has reddish patches, when in real life she's just the dark purple color. Her hair is CM Midnight katsilk from Her necklace is black ribbon, based on one that she wears in the manga, and the same with the black wrist cuff. <3

I love Rin, but she doesn't look nearly cynical enough with that smile on her face, lol.

Sohma Isuzu )

Yuki was made from a G3 Seaspray (one of the few I remember the name of XD;), painted light grey (a color I had to mix especially for him and my WIP Grissom pony), and rehaired with Hi Ho Silver katsilk; his eyes are silver as well, as is his symbol. He has a little shirt embelleshment on his chest.

Sohma Yuki )

Kyou was made from a... Pineapple Paradise? Something like that. He was painted beige and rehaired with Orange Blossom katsilk; his eyes and symbol were painted an orange to match. His bracelet is hand made, the red beads hand-painted; red instead of black because in the manga they were red (colored by human blood). He only has a red ribbon around his neck because I had trouble when I was prepping the bait pony, and his neckline wasn't even.

I'm not 100% happy with his symbol, so I might end up re-doing it later...

Sohma Kyon-Kyon~ )

Hatori was made from one of the 2006 G3s-- the pink sparkly one? He's been painted dark blue, and rehaired with CM Midnight katsilk; his eyes are light grey, and the left one has no pupil or definition. I realise that Hatori has no signs that he's blind, but in the pony I wanted it to be obvious. His hair hangs down over that eye.

The seahorse was a pain. The tail broke off twice while I was trying to paint it. Luckily I was able to fix it and didn't have to re-do it all together. XD;

Sohma Hatori )

Ritsu was made from a G3 that I don't know the name of. Whatever. He was painted yellow, and detailed with orange flowers, taken from his kimono on the front of his volume of the manga. The kimono-inspired bow was made by hand and was a PAIN IN THE ASS, and I'm really happy with it. He was rehaired with Stacy Titan katsilk.

Rit-chan is one of my favorite of my Furuba ponies. <3

Sohma Ritsu )

Kisa was made from a G3 baby. Look how cute she is~~ X3 She was painted pink, and rehaired with the same Stacy Titan katsilk as Ritsu was. I originally made a little flower necklace for her, but the beads were too big for her and I didn't like how it looked so I ended up taking it off again.

Sohma Kisa )

Hiro was also made from a G3 baby, to match Kisa. They're adorable. ^^ He's been painted kind of an olive-green-brown and rehaired with a brown katsilk that I can't remember the exact name of. XD; I'm still considering giving him a little floppy bowtie like from his school uniform, but I haven't decided yet...

Sohma Hiro )

Random pic of Kisa and Hiro together. <3 )

Kureno was made from a G3 Cloud Climber; he didn't need to be repainted, and was just rehaired with Mahogany katsilk. His eyes were repainted, though. Kureno was easy. ^_^; And I chose to do him from a peg... mostly because I found it fitting, since in the manga Kureno can no longer fly-- both in reality, and metaphorically. I gave him back his wings. :)

Sohma Kureno )

Ahhhh~ there we go! So many photos! XD;;

What do you think? I'm rather proud of this set; and they look really impressive all set up on the shelves together. ♥
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I got bored last night and cooked for like three hours. Two deep-dish meat pies, and two lemon pies. I tinkered with spices a teeny bit with the meat pies and added a touch of sage and italian seasoning mix to the filling, and it turned out AWESOME. ^__^ I think I've finally pinned down my recipe for meat pies, yey~~

It only took ten years, jeez. >>;;

Actually I still feel like cooking. I wonder what I could make, given that I have nothing in the way of fresh ingredients, and no money to buy any until Wednesday. >___> I have tons of stuff for baking, though.


I guess I should do the dishes or something first. Le sigh.

Oh, and I finished painting Ritsu!pony and Hatori!pony last night, and got Arisa!pony mostly painted except for her eyes because I couldn't remember what color they were, lol. So tonight I have to do their symbols, along with Kisa!pony and Hiro!pony's.

Then I can rehair Hatori and Arisa, but the other three have to wait with Kyou!pony for the hair I ordered to come in...

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I worked on ponies last night, of course. That seems to be all I'm doing lately. -.-;

It's funny, now I've got this urge to sew, and I don't do that much. I'm not really good at it, either. But I'm making a coat for Ed!pony that's going with me to the convention, so I guess I can sew a bit for that. It'll get it out of my system, and halfway through it I'll go back to hating sewing like normal. lol.

Anyway, I got Kisa!pony and Hiro!pony 50% done, I still need to do their symbols and their hair, but I can't reroot them yet; I had to order the right color of hair for both of them, so I've got to wait until it comes in. Probably some time the middle of next week. Same as with Kyou!pony.

So they're all sitting to the side, waiting, and I've started painting Ritsu!pony, who will also need to be rehaired later, since her hair is in the same order as Kisa and Hiro's. I keep wavering on what color to paint Ritsu, though; I've been basing some of the colors for my Furuba ponies on the outfits they're wearing on the covers of the manga, and I want to do that with Ritsu, but it'll be a lot of orange...

Of course, Yuki is done all in various shades of grey (and silver), and he turned out really cute, so it'll probably be okay. We'll see.

And I think after I'm done with the Furuba ponies, I'm going to start working on Gravitation and Kingdom Hearts ponies next. I'm only doing a couple of characters from each of those series; Shuichi, Yuki, Ryuichi and Kumagoro from Gravi, and Sora, Roxas and Axel (and maybe Kairi) from KH.

I might also look through my bait ponies to see about one for Nekozawa and one for Renge for my Ouran set...

Current AN-Pony Totals: 17 complete, 5 in progress. ♥
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Wow, my hands have been shaking really badly all day. It's been a while since I've had to deal with this... I really didn't miss it. =_=;; Hopefully it'll go away again by tomorrow, but who knows? It's a symptom of the stupid Chronic Fatigue, and that's been bad lately, too, so... yeah...

Other than that, today was grocery day so I got out of the house for a while. The store was really crowded, though, and I hate that. It makes me freak out. And it hailed today, really hard; the hail was pretty big, too. But at least we didn't get 18 inches of snow or whatever they got south of us. ^_^;;

And today I did some tidying around here. Lee took my air conditioner this afternoon, so that he can clean it out for me (it's full of cat/rabbit/rat/etc. hair and just needs to be opened up and cleaned out), and I transferred Yuki and Kori over into the old rabbit cage, which is much more roomy than the one they were in. They really like it, and I'm glad.

Poor Yuki is so old. >^-^;; But he seems to be feeling fine, nonetheless.


Kisa isn't feeling so good, though. She's developed a lump under one of her front legs, just like Tohru-chan did before she died. And unfortunately, much as I love my mice, I don't have the money to spend a hundred dollars to take her to the vet. Especially since she's getting pretty old, too, and I didn't expect her to make it to Christmas even before the lump appeared...


Jul. 17th, 2006 09:30 pm
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R.I.P. Arisa the mouse.

I have three girly mice left now; Kagura, Kisa, and Ichigo (and one little boy mouse in a different terrarium, still, Kira.) Kisa and Ichigo and Kira are looking fine and dandy (in fact, a bit pudgy, spoiled little things), but Kagura has been loosing weight lately, and is looking pretty rough. (She's getting old, though.) I don't know how much longer she's going to be around.

Then again, the mice always surprise me. I'll say "so-and-so looks pretty bad, I think she's going to die soon", and then she's around for another six months or whatever. And I've had a couple of mice die randomly when they seemed absolutely fine. It's strange that way with the mice, actually. |_|;;
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I give you a HUGE, RANDOM PHOTO POST. Haven't had one of these in a while! XD

First pictures I took up at my Grandparents' house, because BUAHAHA no one else has the right to complain about having too much snow anymore!


Next, we have recent pics of my apartment (sans the bathroom, kitchen or sun room, which are downstairs.) They're kind of dark because I took them at night and the flash on my camera isn't the greatest, but they aren't too bad. ^^ They're riddled with arrows and text to point random stuff out.

Beware clutter attacks. )

And finally, we have many, various cute animal photos. =3

ZOMGSQUEE!!1!eleventy! )

PHEW! Lots of pictures!


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