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Last night I made some more jam... and it didn't set either. -___-;; Mrrgh. Tomorrow I've got to fix them up and add more gelatine... I'd have done it today, but C.A. was over. :)

In the course of talking, it came out that C.A. was date-raped about a year and a half ago; apparently only me and two others really know about it. I couldn't believe it... I was shocked, and sad, and angry. But the part that made it worse was what happened when she went to the police about it;

When she called, they sent a pair of officers over to take her statement, and then they had to transfer her case to the sex crimes unit. She went in with not only her own statement, but the names and numbers of six other women who had had problems with the guy in one way or another (stalking, molesting, raping, etc.)... and the cop who took her case over assured her that she would call them all and look into everything.

Two weeks later, C.A. got a call from her and was basically told that she'd "had a talk with him" and that "sometimes when you don't actually say 'no', they take it as yes" and then "he hadn't done anything illegal". That was it. The officer didn't even bother calling the other women about it! Besides which, of course she couldn't say 'no', she was drugged out of her fucking mind!

And I have never been so outraged in my life! >O

At this point, she doesn't want to try to follow it up because on the off chance that they actually do something, then she'll have to stay to go to court and testify, and then she won't be able to go to Japan.

Still... it's wrong that he's going to get away with it, the bastard...



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