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1) Yes this post is numbered. Just because. :P

2) So... turns out C.A. is in Korea because Nova (the company she went to Japan under) like... crashed and burned. Seriously. It was this huge scandal where they weren't paying the teachers and everything. So she was selling stuff out of the apartment they gave her so she could buy food, and then disappeared for a while and showed back up in South Korea. O___O;

That's as much as I know, and I'm really seriously worried. I need to call her parents and see what's going up, if she's coming home or what. *fretfretfretfret* D:

3) Maddie and Chloe are having problems right now, which seriously sucks. (*fretfretfretmore*) I'm worried about them too... in fact, I'm running a collection box for them at Rizu, because we ♥ ♥ ♥ them and want to help. <3

4) Stupid gmail won't let me into my inbox right now. ><;;

5) I've been picking up odds-and-ends for my cosplay in the summer the last while, including a bunch of earrings for my AU!Demyx. >3< The stars came in today, and two of the ear cuffs came in yesterday. Two of the pairs of hoops arrived last week, but were sadly the wrong ones so I had to send them back. Now I have to wait for them to come in, as well as one more ear cuff and a messenger bag. Yep.

6) While we were out grocery shopping today Mom and I popped into Walmart, and we stumbled upon plastic tubs... CLEAR plastic tubs! :3 YEY. Mom bought me four of them lawl, and I'll probably need more before AN, but that'll give me a good start. Now I can pack some of my finished ponies away and make room for more as I finish them.

I also got a deep fryer because they were on the end of the aisle right by the plastic tubs, and on sale for $22. O__o; I was like *YOINK*. Though the only reason I did was because my GST money came in haha. XD;

7) Okay, so the Otakon trip has become slightly more, which is awesome as far as I'm comcerned since I've never been to the US at all before. X3 I'm going to Dayton, then taking the train to Baltimore with Maddie and Chloe, then one of the days we're going to DC to be tourists there, and on the way home, between Baltimore and here, I'm stopping for a night to bother [ profile] cat_mcdougall. X33 And that's just what's been planned so far. Nevermind all the stuff in Baltimore and Washington that we've planned, the aquarium and everything. ^___^

Oh, but [ profile] lipstickcat, what days are you going to be in Toronto? Just to make sure, so I can plan for that too. ^^

8) RP STUFF! =D;

Hikaru is basically the same as last time I rambled about him. He and Kaoru are about to have crazy angst since Kao slept with Allen. ^^;

Demyx is all excited because Larxene and Marluxia are in town now, haha. But then he gets excited about everything. Also, he's met C.C. and Link when he went to visit Fate in the hospital, and is happy to have made new friends. He's also planning to go visit Axel sometime soon, since he hasn't seen him around much and Zexy keeps saying he must have died or something. XD;;

Yuki is the same as Hikaru, nothing much going on. I need to get him into something interesting so I can unleash his snark. lol.

Kyo is... oh God, the angst. FFS, he was supposed to be a fun snarky character to play dammit. But no~ he's all love triangle angstangstangst and stuff. Blegh. Though the AIM-verse SephxKyoxZelos is hot and made of awesome. Oh yes.

And finally, I took a 5th character because I fail. Except this time at least it's a GIRL. xD; lawl. We need more girls, seriously. So I took up Shiraishi Mahiru from Mikan no Tsuki ([ profile] myluck_yourluck), because she's cute and fun, and has a pet bat named (creatively enough) "Mr. Bat" or "Batty". <3

9) Just called to talk to Dad, but he's working that weird shift again so he's in bed. So I talked to Lois for a couple minutes and asked how she was doing; she says much better, though not having use of her one hand is driving her nuts. I can imagine, lol. She also liked the pony I gave her for Christmas, so yey. :)

10) Tomorrow, Grandma is coming up around lunch time and her, me, Mom and Lee are going out for lunch. She's going to drop off some stuff, and pick up some things that need sewing, and see Mom's new furnature and everything since she hasn't yet and it's been 6 months since the place was painted and they got the new furnature and curtains. Haha.

11) And also, I didn't have a birthday party this year, but Ryuu-chan, Andy and Steve came by to visit, which was awesome. I hadn't talked to any of them in a while, but specifically Andy I hadn't talked to in like two years. He's so hard to get in contact with! ><;

EDIT 12) Random anonymous v-gift ftw! Pony! Thank you anon! ♥

EDIT #2, 13) Dammit Kyo-muse! Stop whining for sex already, jeez! >P

EDIT #3, 14) OMG After Eight dark chocolate mints win at everything. ;3; They're so good, and were on sale so I got a couple boxes of them. Now I'm all high on sugar. FWEE. 8D

EDIT #4, 15) Kyo-muse doesn't have me writing Kyo/Seph/Zelos smut, I swear. >.> *innocent whistle*


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