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Wow, I woke up an hour and a half ago and was wide awake. That hardly ever happens.

Today my back seems to be much better, though the muscles are still tight and sore, but at least they're not spasming anymore. My allergies are no better though. In fact, I think they're worse. Stupid immune system. :P

I managed to get a couple phone calls made earlier, to ask what the hold up is on my books for the Writer's Craft course I signed up for, and to reschedule an ultrasound that I was supposed to have last week; it didn't get done because of the craziness after the pipes bursting in the basement.

I also wrote a card for C.A., so I can send it when I mail her a present later. It's a couple of maple leaves in a photo frame. Kind of artsy. I'll take a pic of it before I mail it off. A piece of Canada for her. =3

But I was afraid it'd get hung up in customs because it's made of real plants, so rather than mess her up in the airport I decided to mail it to her later, that way if they won't let it through it just gets sent back to me, instead of hampering her getting to Japan.

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Hopefully I'll get that sales post up later today or tomorrow...
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Today was nothing special aside from being Cage Day, so I spent a long while cleaning everything out; unfortunately, Bedrock died yesterday, but that meant today I moved Kori, Roxy and Axel around a bit.

Now Roxy and Axel are in a smaller cage (with a wheel, ZOMG!), and I transferred Kori from his old cage to the big terrarium (they're about the same size, actually), which just means he can't throw stuff all over the floor anymore. lol. I'm trying to contain the mess as much as I can. I <3 terrariums.

Anyway, the mice are all over the place climbing and exploring (as mice will do), and Kori seems very happy in the terrarium. He especially likes the log cabin because it has windows and stuff for him to poke his head out of, whereas his house in the cage was one of those plastic igloo looking things. It's probably much cooler in the cabin, too. :)

I also gave him a bath today, which he wasn't so thrilled with. xD; He hasn't had a bath in forever, but at least bathing one squirming rat is easier than dealing with three!

And now Pagan's cage has been moved over to where Kori's used to be, so now I have access to my storage-dresser again! :D

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Now~ tonight I need to finish cleaning and packing because tomorrow I'm going to Grandma's and staying for a week (she has Internet so everything will stay the same online anyway). She really needs some company right now, and while I can't stay forever because of my critters (Sarah is going to take care of them while I'm away), I do want to visit a bit and hopefully that'll help her feel a bit better...

Also, apparently the neighbors were over to talk with Robin today, and he was showing them the kayak in the garage (I guess he and Jayne kayak? O.o), and they saw the corner where I have all my spare cages stashed, and told Sarah if I ever decided I didn't want them they would buy one because they're thinking about getting a hamser or something.

I'd rather not get rid of them (because without fail, every time, I get rid of my spare/old cages and then end up needing them about two weeks later), but at this point I have like a billion of them, so I'm sure I could afford one. And I could use the cash... hmm...


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