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Today was nothing special aside from being Cage Day, so I spent a long while cleaning everything out; unfortunately, Bedrock died yesterday, but that meant today I moved Kori, Roxy and Axel around a bit.

Now Roxy and Axel are in a smaller cage (with a wheel, ZOMG!), and I transferred Kori from his old cage to the big terrarium (they're about the same size, actually), which just means he can't throw stuff all over the floor anymore. lol. I'm trying to contain the mess as much as I can. I <3 terrariums.

Anyway, the mice are all over the place climbing and exploring (as mice will do), and Kori seems very happy in the terrarium. He especially likes the log cabin because it has windows and stuff for him to poke his head out of, whereas his house in the cage was one of those plastic igloo looking things. It's probably much cooler in the cabin, too. :)

I also gave him a bath today, which he wasn't so thrilled with. xD; He hasn't had a bath in forever, but at least bathing one squirming rat is easier than dealing with three!

And now Pagan's cage has been moved over to where Kori's used to be, so now I have access to my storage-dresser again! :D

Photoblogging, Day 28 )

Now~ tonight I need to finish cleaning and packing because tomorrow I'm going to Grandma's and staying for a week (she has Internet so everything will stay the same online anyway). She really needs some company right now, and while I can't stay forever because of my critters (Sarah is going to take care of them while I'm away), I do want to visit a bit and hopefully that'll help her feel a bit better...

Also, apparently the neighbors were over to talk with Robin today, and he was showing them the kayak in the garage (I guess he and Jayne kayak? O.o), and they saw the corner where I have all my spare cages stashed, and told Sarah if I ever decided I didn't want them they would buy one because they're thinking about getting a hamser or something.

I'd rather not get rid of them (because without fail, every time, I get rid of my spare/old cages and then end up needing them about two weeks later), but at this point I have like a billion of them, so I'm sure I could afford one. And I could use the cash... hmm...


Jun. 12th, 2007 03:45 am
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Some random pics from off my camera. A couple of them are from just after the con, and a bunch are pics I just spent like an hour trying to take of Roxy and Axel. I'd forgotten how hard it is to get decent photos of mice. XD;;

Photo-phanalia. )

I need animal icons, and KH icons. *nodnod*
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Two days ago, Ichigo died.

The poor girl, she was a year and a half old, and had developed a bunch of big tumors... they ran in her family, but Tohru and Kisa had them too. At least for Ichigo, it didn't drag on forever; both Tohru and Kisa lived a long time with huge tumors that were clearly very painful and hard to move around with.

But with Ichigo gone, that left Bedrock alone again, and the poor old guy got really depressed, just like when Granite died a couple months ago. He went into his little cabin and wouldn't come out for anything; I don't even know if he came out to eat or drink at all.

So today I went to the pet store and bought two little mice for him; one is blonde, and one is black, and I named them Roxas and Axel even though they're girls. XD;; Roxy is twice Axel's size, too, which is kind of funny...

Anyway. Bedrock immediately came out from his cabin and sniffed them out, then groomed them for a bit (as much as he could while they were zipping around exploring), and now he's settled down to eat a bit. I'm quite relieved to see him eating, given how he's been since Ichigo died.

So R.I.P. Ichigo, and good luck to Bedrock and his new girlfriends. <3


Bedrock and Ichigo. Haha, I snapped this right before I cleaned the terrarium and the glass was such a mess! ^_^;;
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The last day or so Ichigo's been feeling sick. She's just been looking rough, and clearly feeling sorry for herself. Tonight instead of hiding out in the nest like normal, she holed up in the crook of the piece of driftwood that's in there for her and Bedrock to climb on...

And poor Bedrock doesn't know what to do! He's fussing over her and bringing her food, and has moved almost their whole nest out of their little cabin and spread it out around where she's curled up. He keeps snuggling up with her to keep her warm and grooming her. I feel so bad for him, it's like he's lonely already. ;___;

Honestly, the way he's acting is a lot like the way Tohru and Ryu acted with their babies, which wouldn't surprise me. Ichigo's so little in comparison to him I sometimes wonder if that's why he accepted her so easily; he just thinks she's a baby. So he's trying his best to take care of her, since she obviously isn't feeling good. And apparently degus (females and males both) are excellent parents anyway.

If Ichigo gets sicker (she's actually a year-and-a-half old now, so she's getting on for a mouse <3) and doesn't make it, I'll have to get him another mousie to keep him company. Not that I want Ichigo to die. They love each other so much, it would be really sad...

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Mar. 29th, 2007 09:41 pm
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1) I'm tired and depressed and I think I'm getting sick. Lo, for that is my life. -___-;;

2) Still, I'm gonna stay up tonight and try to finish up a couple more ponies, since I haven't done much with them lately. I need to get working again, depression or not! ><;

3) Grandma called tonight, and is all excited about going East, even though we're not going for like... five months. lol. She's really looking forward to it, and I think it'll be fun, though I'm going to lose a lot of sleep; she always makes people get up at like 5:30 am. >>;

4) Bedrock and Ichigo! They get along really well still! So I'm happy. They're like a little married couple, lol. I really need to take pics...

5) Usually I miss it, but this week I've managed to actually catch two episodes of Supernatural. I forgot how much I love that show. ;.; I need to go buy the first box set, definitely. Or find somewhere to download it. Anyone know where I could download it?

6) As of tomorrow, [ profile] rizumikaru_yomi is going on hiatus. ;~~~; The mods (including me, wtf, since I've been made into one, FEAR ME, lol) are going to rework some things, and do recruiting and whatnot, since participation has been dwindling. We'll hopefully be opening it back up again in a couple of months (after exams and stuff for everyone else) at which point YOU MUST ALL GO JOIN!! >3<

Until then, Kao-mun Steph and I shall be driving people crazy (literally) over at [ profile] malaise_house instead. XD;
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Okie, so, I thought on the whole thing with Bedrock a bit, and decided I'm not going to get another pair of degus just to keep him company. I don't know if I really want them for the 10-ish years they'd be around, and if I decide to get more, I want it to be because I really want them. <3

But that still left me with poor sad Bedrock, who was moping in the corner of the terrarium, clearly super depressed and put out.

For a bit I wondered if he would get along with the rats, and he might get along with Yuki alright, but Kori is very territorial and probably wouldn't like having him around; and Bedrock is so quiet and non-violent that he wouldn't stand up for himself if/when Kori started picking on him.

Then I thought... Ichigo!

She's been on her own for a couple of months now, too, since Kisa and Kagura died. Mice are really communal animals, the same as degus, and it was obvious that Ichigo has been pretty lonely the last bit. She's also very friendly and gentle (just like Bedrock), since I hand-raised her from a baby. ^^

So I cleaned out the degu terrarium, put everything back in place, lowered the water bottle so that Ichigo can reach it too, then filled the food dish to heaping, and put Bedrock back in... then transfered Ichigo over.

There was a moment of "" from Bedrock, but Ichigo didn't even blink twice. She went right over and perched on the edge of the food dish and helped herself. So Bedrock wandered over and gave her a good sniff... then just set to eating, too.

I sat and watched them for a bit just in case, but they seemed to get along alright, so I finally went to bed, and when I got back up and went to check on them they were sitting on top of the cabin grooming each other. They're such an oddly cute pair! X3

Just before I left this afternoon to come over to Mom's for laundry and stuff I shredded some kleenex for them, and when I took off they were in the process of building a big nest together. <3

They both seem really happy. I'll have to take pictures to show you guys. Ahhh, I'm so glad it all worked out for both of them! ♥ ♥ ♥

EDIT: Mom goes "now, you don't think they can crossbreed, do you?" And I'm like "...for Ichigo's sake, I hope not!" XDD;;


Mar. 25th, 2007 09:52 pm
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Granite died last night. When I got up this morning and fed everyone, he didn't come out to eat, and I found him in the little cabin.

It's weird... I've had Granite and Bedrock for seven years now. Longer than I've had Neko.

Besides which, it was Bedrock that was the sickly one; he kept losing weight and had big bald patches, so I don't see why Granite would be the one to go first.

And now Bedrock is really depressed; degus form very strong bonds (even two males like Bedrock and Granite), and get quite upset if they're suddenly sepparated. They're also much happier living with two or more of them together, they get lonely on their own... besides, having a companion can lengthen their lifespan, and not having one can significantly shorten it. Degus have been known to hurt themselves when they've been sepparated from their bondmates. I know when I sepparated them a while back when I thought Bedrock wasn't getting enough food, they both started pulling their own hair out, and Granite was chewing on the end of his tail...

I dunno, I should probably get another pair to keep Bedrock company until he goes, but that's another 7-10 year commitment, so... do I really want them for that long? I don't know... I can't decide, but at the same time I hate that Bedrock is so unhappy...

I really can't decide...
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I can't sleep, so I'm breaking in new characters. )

EDIT: And then there were random photos. Mostly of Neko. )


Mar. 8th, 2006 07:13 pm
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I had it pointed out to me by the helpful people at [ profile] houserabbits that pine bedding is bad for rabbits (I knew about cedar, but I didn't realize pine was bad for them as well); so a couple of days ago I picked up some nice paper mulch bedding for them, and they seem to really like it, so we're all good.

Happy bunnies = happy Sena. =3

Yeah... and yesterday I emptied/cleaned my aquarium and converted it into a terrarium for Bedrock and Granite... and my place is a mess from it. -_-;; Le sigh... I have a huge bowl of river rocks sitting on my table, empty jugs of water by the smaller aquarium that my goldfish were transfered to, and a bag by the edge of the couch, that has all the plants and the filter in it...

Now I'm trying to work up the gumption to actually tidy it all up. :P
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So, since my aquarium has gone seriously downhill (ARGHSTUPIDALGAE!!) and I can't seem to get it worked out, I've decided to convert it into a terrarium for Bedrock and Granite. :P

Yesterday, I transferred my two piddly goldfish into a smaller aquarium, and tomorrow I'm going to empty out the big one, scrub the hell out of it, and then make it into a nice, comfy home for the degus. I was supposed to do it today, but I wasn't feeling 100%, so it didn't get done. ^^; Ahaha...

EDIT: Bah, I just got off my duff and did it tonight. It was a pain in the butt to empty the 20-gallon tank and haul downstairs to clean it out, but it's done. Now my squirrelies are in their new home, and seeming mighty happy. Next time I'm at the pet store, I'm going to get them a new nest-box type thing. :)

Degu Degu

Jun. 5th, 2005 08:18 pm
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I had to go to the pet store today to buy rat/mouse and cat food, and while I was there I ended up picking up a little book on degus; it had information on health and overgrown teeth, which was why I got it. BUT. When I got home and started reading it...


Everything I was told about how to feed/care for degus when I first bought them was crap! I have been maltreating them for five years without even knowing it! I was told they couldn't have sugar, when in fact they can and should have it. I was told they could only eat chinchilla food (w/out raisins), when they should eat a combination of rat food and guinea pig food, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and dry corn (for their teeth). They are also very fond of raisins and nuts of any kind.

So basically, they're horribly malnurished because they haven't had anything but plain chinchilla food for five years. =_=;;

And I feel really, REALLY FREAKING GUILTY about it, though I know it wasn't really my fault...

Anyway, so I picked up some guinea pig food, raisins and nuts. I also picked up some alphalfa hay for them (it's supposed to be good for them) as well as a half-dozen dried cobs of corn for them (as well as Yuki and Nashi! ^^)

Then when I got home, I opened up a huge metal bin (formerly a dog food canister), and dumpted everything in; guinea pig food, rat/mouse food, chinchilla food, raisins, walnuts, pecans and a couple of handfuls of cat food, and gave it a good stirring. The end. That's what all my rodenty friends are eating from now on, as well as lots of fresh veggies and some fresh fruit as well. ^^

I really, really hope that the new diet/lifestyle for Bedrock and Granite will help them both feel better, and help Bedrock gain weight and grow his fur back...
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Mm. Bedrock is very skinny right now. He's not sick or anything, he's just lost a lot of weight. I think Granite is hogging the food or something, since he's a chubby little rodent, despite Bedrock's skinny-ness. *pokes degu* Bad squirrel.

Anyway, I took Bedrock out and put him into another cage, where I intend to leave him for about a week or so (maybe two), and see if that helps at all. If having him with no one to pick on him over food is all it takes to get him gaining a bit of weight back, then I guess it's just Granite. In which case I really have no idea what I'm going to do... ^^;;

They're not happy about the whole situation, though; the cages are about a food apart, and the two of them are right up at the sides of them most of the time, scratching at the bars or just squeaking and looking sad and lonely.

Makes me feel bad, even though it's for their own good... ;__;
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Well, got a roll of film back from being developed today, and I figure it's about time I paraded pics of my kitties and squirrels for all to see. >^-^< I love my babies...

Osiris, Triton, Bedrock and Granite )

*huggles wonderful kitties and squirrelies*

I'm also considering getting a rat. I'd name him "Socrates". ^^
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I've had my degus (Bedrock & Granite) for about four years now (I believe), and only now am I finding out that they should be supplied with dust for dust bathing--like you would do for a chinchilla. =_=;; I just read that in a pet magazine that I got when I took Tri and Neko to the vet last month...

Supposedly, dust bathing is good for them. I should let them do it once every couple of days or so. And because I love all my little furry friends and I want them all to be as happy and healthy as possible, I will be going out and buying dust for them ASAP.



That's an ENGAGEMENT ring! )

Nazoko just flings things at Nozomi a lot, doesn't she? ^^;;;


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