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...I think I just died. .__.;
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A bunch of doujinshi I ordered a while back came in today. Happy One-Day-Early Birthday to me! :3 There was four sepparate doujin, and then one thicker one that's an anthology. Four of them were a smaller size than the rest of my collection. O.o; Whatever. XD;

I'd also bought some earrings for my AU!Demyx costume in the summer, and they came in... and both pairs were the wrong ones. UGH. So I emailed the person I bought them from. I'll probably send them back. They're cute, but not the ones I wanted.

Tomorrow Ryuu and Andy are coming over for a short visit, since I'm not having a birthday party this year. Pam might be coming over on Saturday for a bit. Man, I miss everyone. I haven't seen Michelle in about two years. D:

OMG, and by the way, I FINALLY got an email from C.A.; she left for Japan in September, and I have some stuff to send her, so I emailed her in October asking for her address. But she fails at keeping in touch, so I didn't hear back from her until about a week ago, and her whole email was

"Sorry, you know how I am with these things. Long story short, I ended up living in South Korea. Merry Christmas."

WTF C.A.?? XDD That's too short! It doesn't qualify for "long story short" dammit! And she still didn't give me her address, even if it is in S. Korea. She can be so frustrating! the same time, it was so C.A., so after I stopped swearing at the computer screen I just had to giggle. =D;;


Jun. 2nd, 2007 01:36 am
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Hah, I finally got my hands on a copy of the Cherry Boy doujin I've been trying for for the last while~ Yey! ^___^

...I need to stop spending money on Ouran stuff doujinshi. >>;;

Moo Jp

Jan. 22nd, 2007 08:27 pm
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I ended up not going with Mom to the Chiropractor and Grandma's place, because I'm still not feeling 100%.

It turned out to be fine, though, because it meant I was home when the mail came, and among the various stuff that arrived was one of my Ouran artbooks, and my Heliotrope doujinshi. Now I'm fangirling over said doujin, as the art is LOVE, and it's done by the same person who runs this site (Kisaragi Manami.) =3

My artbook was bent in half. Just like the last ones. >>;; But I fixed that with a pile of encyclopedias.

After lunch time (around 2-ish), Mom got back from up north and picked me up. We went back to her place and I started laundry (yey) and pies. 1 apple and 2 lemon merangue, plus a little apple pudding thing because I had some extra filling from the pie.

Then I cooked dinner, which was... uh, something I randomly threw together, which turned out really good. It was chicken, fried in butter with onions, celery and garlic, then vegetables; snow peas, broccoli, green pepper, brown mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Then it was added to tri-color pasta (fusilli), and four-cheese alfredo scauce.


I'm still feeling sick, but at least I also feel accomplished. Now I shall be putting out the recycle/garbage for tomorrow morning, and going back to working on ponies. I have seven of them on the table right now, in the middle of being painted. XD;;

EDIT for [ profile] aiko_yamada: So apparently, the guy hasn't shipped my copy of the art book yet. >>;; So I asked him to please ship that one to you, and I think this time he might actually do it. Mostly since I didn't even give him my address this time, I chose the "no address needed" option on paypal, and then filled in your address in the message box. XD; But if this one somehow manages to find it's way to my house as well, then I'll forward it to you on my own, so don't worry about it. :)

Uhh. Okay, nevermind. >>;;;


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