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Been working on ES stuff today. I've got the new studio blog up and running (mostly) at [ profile] espritstudios. Still have quite a bit to do, but I'm rather happy with how it is so far. I've also opened an ES FB page, but I haven't done any work on the content at all yet. I'll get to it tomorrow or the next day, hopefully.

It's taken me forever, but I'm determined to actually get off my rear and get all the Esprit and House of Yum stuff running. >O I CAN DO IT.

Other than that... I'm working a lot on things for people for Christmas. I don't have any money to buy presents for anyone this year, so I'm making things instead. It's the best I can do.

I'm making a home-made wreath for Mom (she finally threw out her old one last year), and doing a pony for Lee and one for my brother; then I'm doing jewelry for as bunch of people, and have a bunch of preserves for Lois. The only problem is Dad. I have no idea what to do for him! ;A; idk... maybe I can scrape up enough money to get him something, if he's the only one I'm buying for...

Anyway, all you people who would normally get cards and gifts from me, you'll still get them, just probably about a month from now because I won't have shipping monies until then. XD IT EXTENDS CHRISTMAS/YULE/ETC SHUT UP. <33


Other than that... my RL bff came back from England for a couple weeks. I miss her terribly, and haven't seen her since two-and-a-half years ago. She was supposed to come visit me today but ended up not being able to make it and she's going back to England tomorrow. ~_~;; FML. I was really seriously looking forward to seeing her, too.

Maybe if my government money comes through I can take a visit to England and see her there. That would be fun. I want to go there anyway. And I can inflict myself on other people while I'm there too! >D lol.
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The sun is coming up and I'm still watching movies. Bah. I fail at, yanno, sleep. And stuff. Basically I've been up all night doing chores that were put off the last few days, with movies on in the background just for the company. Fun times.

Also, for some reason Z's clock is a day ahead. He's insisting it's a day later than it actually is. And that screwed me up royally for about six hours last night. ~_~;; idk, I guess I'll reset the clock? Hm. Silly laptop. <3

And omg. ;~~; My paid account and userpics expired! And I don't have the money to renew them! So if anyone wants to get m3 a present for Christmas/my birthday, I would love love love love a paid account and more userpics. The lack of pics and stupid banner ads are already driving me crazy. D:

Now, since I'm sure I've missed a few Christmas Card posts on my f-list. So basically, I WANT CHRISTMAS CARDS! FROM EVERYONE OMG! AND I WANT TO SEND CARDS TO PEOPLE TOO! So! My address is under the cut (remember I've moved, so if you have my old address you need this one instead) and leave your address in a comment if you want me to send a card to you. <3

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I guess you could send birthday cards too, since my birthday is so close after Christmas. ._.

Anyway, comments are screened of course~

EDIT: Um, yeah, I need like EVERYONE'S addresses again. They were all on Tempest and he is currently out of commission. I need to gather them again in a big file folder on Z now. ~_~;
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Today I had an appointment with an Endochronologist in Barrie. She was super nice, and I really liked her, but after going over my history... she said there wasn't anything she could do to help me. -__-;; I was really hoping, since a lot of my problems are hormone related, that she could offer some solutions, or even just come up with new tests to try to muddle everything out, but I guess I got my hopes up for nothing.

On the plus side, she guessed my weight at 50lbs less than what I actually am. She said it and I practically choked. I've never had someone tell me that I "don't look that overweight" or that I seem much smaller than I actually am. I honestly wasn't sure how to react to that, given that I'm much more used to people shouting insults at me from their cars and things like that.


CHRISTMAS CARDS. If you want to send me a card, my address is behind the cut. If you want me to send you a card, leave a comment here (they'll be screened), or email me with your address. ♥ If you don't leave a comment and receive a card from me anyway... BWAHAHA I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. >D

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