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A month or so ago, I talked to the pet stores in town to see if any of them would take the baby mice, since I couldn't keep them all-- out of four stores, I found one that said they would take some, and the small pets manager said they could probably take a couple of dozen to sell as fancy mice (pets). She just wouldn't buy any more mice in the meantime.

At the time, I thought I might have five pregnant mice, instead of the two I ended up with, I figured I'd have way more mice than just two dozen, but at least that was a few of them taken care of. When it turned out only Tohru and Ryu were pregnant, I was like "great! They can take all the pups and I won't have to worry about it!" and the fact that they would sell them as pets instead of feeder mice was a huge relief as well.


Yesterday, I stopped in to the store to let them know I would be bringing them mice in this afternoon, and they said sure. Today, however, when I got there, the small pets manager-- the same woman who originally told me she would take them to sell as fancy mice, which they are-- looks at me and goes "I said I'd take them if I didn't have any mice, but I have tons. You should have called two weeks ago."

FUCK YOU, LADY. You said you'd take them, and I took your word for it.

She did, however, say she could take them and sell them as feeder mice, instead of for pets.

...and I had to say yes, and leave my baby mice with her to be eaten alive by snakes, because no other pet stores would take them, I don't have the room to keep them all, and don't have the fucking money to buy more terrariums.

I feel terrible. Disgusted with myself. I can't do anything but cry about it.


R.I.P. baby mice. I love you, and I'm so very sorry.
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Okay, all the mices have officially been sepparated out now! The males are all getting along, as are the females! All is well!

...except that Hana is still extremely ill. I've sepparated her from all the other mice, as I'm starting to suspect she might have Sialodacryoadenitis, which, as well as being nearly unpronouncable, is also extremely contagious. I'm hoping she didn't pass it on to any of the others before I pulled her out and put her on her own.

Anyway, I've decided to keep one of the dark does, since I don't have any that are that color, and have named her "Ichigo". I'm also keeping two males to live with Rin and keep him company, and they've been named "Kira" and "Shouta". ^^

The rest of the pups are on their way to the pet shop in a couple of days.
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Alright, so I'm getting close to when I have to pack up the mice and hie them off to the pet shop. *sniffle* I'm so attached to them... ;__; But I don't have the space to house that many mice for the rest of their little lives, so... pet store it is. ^^;;

Yesterday, I noticed that the males in Tohru's litter were about ready to reach their sexual maturity (and I'm assuming the females as well, but it's visibly obvious with the males), and as I'd rather be safe than sorry, I decided to sepparate all the male pups from the females.

So! The five adult does without litters (Noriko, Hana, Arisa, Kisa and Kagura) got moved out from their terrarium into the only cage I have that has bars that are close enough together to house (adult) mice. ^^ Tohru got scooped out from her babies and put in with them, and has not managed to reintegrate herself with the others.

Then the four bucks from her litter got moved into the now-free terrarium, and the does stayed in the terrarium they've been in since they were born.

After that, I plucked Rin from his little solitary area (he was living in one of the "nursery" terrariums for the time being) and put in with the little males; the hope being that they were young enough that he wouldn't consider them a threat or anything like that. If I can leave him in there, it just makes things easier-- and makes me feel beter, 'cause I felt a little guilty for having to leave him all alone. ^^;;

Now, Rin has no problem with the boys. ^^ He seems to be pretty happy, actually-- he spent the first hour or so running around, sniffing at them, and then decided they were fine. Now he grooms them, whenever they come out and he can get his paws on them.

The problem is that the boys are terrified of him. O_o; The four of them spend most of their time hiding from him... but I figure between one thing and another, there have been quite a few changes for them lately, so if I give them a day or two, they'll settle in and get used to Rin. All is well in that neck of the woods.

Ryu's pups, being six days younger than Tohru's, aren't quite ready to be sepparated from her yet, so I have to wait until the weekend (Sat/Sun) before I can pull them out and move the bucks and does to their respective terrariums. Next week is probably when I'm going to be taking them to the pet store.

So at this point, my only problem mouse-wise is that Hana is sick. Very sick. She's developed a lump under her jaw on the right side, and her eyes are all red-rimmed. I honestly don't expect her to live much longer. And I can't afford $56.97 for a vet visit for a mouse, not even counting any treatmemts that he might want to do.


ARGH Tohru

Oct. 19th, 2005 07:45 pm
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Which Fullmetal Alchemist yaoi pairing are you?
Created by Nalavashi

*gigglesnort* X3

Weeeeeee~ll... as per the last post, Tohru climbed up her water bottle and chewed a hole in the lid/roof of her terrarium. =_=;; Meh... must find dangly water bottles...

And I posted a pretty long post over at [ profile] senas_nano with some random information on Wednesday's Child. >^-^< Only 12 days left 'til the NaNo starts! I'm really looking forward to starting to write WC. It'll be fun stuff!

Heh... and stressful, of course. ^^; But that's to be expected...
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I need about five aquarium water bottles... but not the kind that most stores carry. Usually, you just buy brackets for normal water bottles and use that in aquariums/terrariums. However. I've found that those are easily climbable by little furry creatures (particularly mice), and then the lid gets chewed on, and occasionally holes appear in said lids. :P

Anyway, the kind I need are just oval shaped, and hang on a thin wire into the tank. That dangly wire makes it really hard for mice/hamsters/whatever to climb on.

But the only pet store that I've ever been able to find them in doesn't carry them anymore, and I can't find them anywhere. =_=;; Not even anywhere online (Hunter Brand Inc. apparently doesn't have a website or anything), in which case I could order them in. I even have all the info for the product (product #, etc), and I can't do anything about it.


Oh well, I guess.
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First, a random quiz. )

Blegh. It's hot in here and I'm not feeling well. ;__;

My brother came over this morning to watch Advent Children with me... and he generally agrees that it is the definition of awesomeness. He plans to buy it when he can.

After he went home, my parents came over to pick Sarah and I up to go and do groceries, and my step-dad asked if he could see the baby mice, so I let him. He couldn't stop chuckling about how cute they were. ^^;; Which they are, but it was kind of strange to hear him say it...

Tohru's pups are 20 days old today, and mobile as hell. It's extremely difficult to take a picture of all of them at the same time anymore! ^^; They're very hard to pick up because they jump with no warning-- though for some reason (and it's true for Ryu's litter as well) the darker ones are calmer than the lighter, spotted ones.

And Ryu's pups are 14 days old. ^^ Their eyes opened a couple of days ago, but they still don't really go out of the nest much... and when they do, Ryu panics and collects them all to take them home really quickly. >^-^;; She's kinda overprotective...


Hm. I wonder if Cassandra-san is going to be online later...


Oct. 9th, 2005 09:55 pm
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Tohru's pups started opening their eyes today. >^-^< I noticed when I opened up the terrarium to check on them... I'm trying to handle them at least a bit every day to get them used to it. Anyway, I noticed them peering at me, and then I started squealing and giggling, and smiling as if I had a child and they just took their first step, or said their first word, or something like that... ^^;

Aaah, I'm getting way too attached to them...


Oct. 7th, 2005 04:36 pm
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1) So this morning, my Internet provider shut my Net off... "by accident". How exactly does that happen? Idiots. They said they'd turn it back on ASAP-- which turned out to be around 12:15 or so in the afternoon. Lunch time. Which meant that I completely missed talking with Cassandra-san. =_=;; So ticked off...

2) Semi-official tallies for Tohru-chan's litter: 5 does, 4 bucks. I don't know about Ryu's litter yet. ^^; They're only five days old, and I'm not good enough to tell when they're that young...
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OMFGSQUEE! Tohru's babies are 8 days old now, and look how friggin' CUTE they are! ) =3

This is about the point where I'd normally start squeeing about how "I WANT ONE!!!11one1!" X3

...but I already have them. ^^

Maaaaaaa... I'm suddenly thinking it might be harder for me to give them all away than I originally anticipated... |_|;;

EDIT: A question for [ profile] etcetera_cat; I know that male mice will live together fine if they're from the same litter. I also know that it is possible to combine litters, so that all the pups think of themselves as siblings. Now, Tohru's litter is 8 days old, and Ryu's is 2-- a 6 day difference. If I wait a couple more days until Ryu's pups are a bit bigger, could I put both litters together? Or could I do it now? That would solve a lot of housing problems for me, if I could put males from both litters into the same terrarium...
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My acid reflux is acting up again...

And I was about to say that I didn't know why, but I just realized that I haven't taken my Pariet in two days. |_|;;


Oh well. At least I know the reason. *takes pills* I should feel better in a couple of hours...


First, some more mouse piccies. >^-^;; Nyahaha... Ryu had her babies on Sunday afternoon, and tonight was the first time I ventured into the terrarium for fear of disturbing them or Ryu. Anyway, I cleaned up the terrarium a bit, refilled the water bottle, then scooped Ryu out so that I could peek into the nest without bothering her... two quick pictures. )

And! Yesterday when Mom and I were painting the last two walls (sort of, we still have to paint the entranceway), we had to clear out my Media Wall-- the books got piled on my bed, and the VHS/DVDs got put onto the folded-out-futon. And check it out. NYAHAHA~! X3



It looks like even more off the shelves than when it's all organized. =3
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Ryu had her babies last night. ^^ Only one day past when she was due! I'm impressed.

Ah, well. I don't know how many there are yet, but I'll check next time I have to clean the terrarium. ^^ Incidentally, Tohru's babies are now 6 days old and doing great. ) Tohru is an awesome, awesome mother. =3

Their ears have started to separate and the pigment in their skin is really distinguishable now. And I know some of you are sick of hearing about my mice, but dammit this is my journal, and I'm finding it very interesting tracking their progress! XP lol.

All that stuff aside, Mom came over and we continued painting my place today. We're about 2/3 done now, and should be able to finish things up tomorrow... I'm really not looking forward to having to move all my stuff again when Don comes later this week to do my floor. =_=;; But at least then it'll be done!

...until the carpet in a couple of months, anyway. >^-^;;
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So! Tohru's babies were born on Monday night, so they're four days old now; I needed to clean the nursery like, three days ago, but I didn't want to disturb Tohru too soon after they were born, so I left it.

Today, though, I decided I really did need to do it-- so I very carefully took her out and put her in a sepparate makeshift terrarium, then set about moving the babies. I was so afraid I was going to squeeze too hard when I picked them up and pop their little heads off or something. @_@;; But all was well. I cleaned the terrarium and then put them all back and put Tohru back in, and she wasn't upset that I'd moved things, so it was all okay. ^_^

But while I was at it, I snapped a couple of quick pictures. )

And then, a couple of pics of Ryu, who is currently the biggest of my pregnant-mice. )

Finally, my newly-constructed Mouse Dormatories:

The top two dorms are designated FEMALE (Ryu is in the middle one). You can't see it particularly well, but the bottom one is labelled "Here Thar Be MALES". lol. ^^ The cage is empty, but that's where Rin used to be (all on his lonesome), until last night when I set up the dorms and moved him into the bottom one. Tohru is in a sepparate nursery-terrarium across the room. :)

DORM 1: Noriko, Hana, Kisa
DORM 2: Ryu, Kagura, Arisa
DORM 3: Rin
NURSERY 1: Tohru & family

I need another nursery... I might buy one when we go out to do groceries tomorrow, since the pet store is selling them for $10 right now.

Fun stuff!

Tea Time

Sep. 28th, 2005 09:47 am
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Every time I have a cup of tea (usually in the mornings) Tri begs for some. And I always push him away and remind him "you wouldn't like/drink it anyway, stupid cat!" <3 But this morning he was being particularly noise about it, so I finally got irritated, got out a bowl, poured a couple of spoonfuls of tea into it, and gave it to him to prove my point.

...and he drank it. All the while making the happiest >^-^< kitty face ever. ^_^;;

Serves me right, I guess.

On another note, two of Tohru-mousie's babies toddled/rolled/wandered out of the nest last night, and I happened to be passing by, so I got to see them for three seconds before she picked them up and hauled them back inside. ^^;; They're kinda cute in like, a really ugly way... but they'll grow fur soon, and then they'll graduate to just cute in general. ^_~
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Tohru-mousie had her babies! >^-^< Or so I assume, as she's now normal-sized again.

There's also little squeakies coming from her Pop Tarts Box nest. =3

A Busy Boy

Sep. 23rd, 2005 10:21 am
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I think Ryu and Hana might be pregnant too. And possibly Kagura. -_-;;

If they are, though, then Tohru-mousie would have to have been pregnant before I even bought her, because she seems to be quite a bit farther along. Meh. But I shouldn't be surprised if that's the case, given that they apparently had males in the female terrarium...


Oh, and the growth on Rin's head isn't going away, but he's acting normal again. For a couple of days, he didn't do anything but sit in his nest-box, and I was starting to think he was probably going to die. Guess he might be alright... we'll have to wait and see.

EDIT: Told you she's ready to POP! )

EDIT #2: I'm 99.9% sure that Ryu is pregnant. Still kinda iffy on Hana and Kagura. =_=;; Le sigh...

EDIT #3: Anybody want some mice?


Sep. 20th, 2005 03:31 pm
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Okay, let's see... yesterday was the Sena's Cooking For Her Parents day. Mom picked me up around 2-ish, and we made a quick run out to the grocery store for eggs and pie shells before we went back to her house-- at which point Sarah called to let me know that a letter from the ODSP people had come in. So Mom packed me back in the car and we drove back to my place so that I could see if they finally got around to making a decision on my case. such luck.

It's been three months (about) since I applied, and they finally just got back to me... to tell me that OW screwed up and didn't send in my finance report, and they couldn't do anything with my application until they got one. Insert WTFness right here.

So we called OW, who informed us that they had closed my file, and therefore couldn't send a finance report to the ODSP people until I re-applied. Okay. Does everyone remember way back when I was applying, and it took me three days and about ten hours on hold before I got through to apply in the first place?? Needless to say, all of this bullshit is taking a serious toll on me-- when I found out I'd have to fucking apply again, I freaked out.

Then, because I was freaking out, the woman on the phone at the time decided that, gee, actually she could just do an application for me right now, if I wanted.

So I applied. Again. And on Monday I have to go into that goddamn place. Again.

On the bright side, I will be getting some emergency funding until the ODSP kicks in-- the guy who dealt with my case to begin with (and closed it prematurely, apparently), told me several things that were completely incorrect, not the least of which are that:

1) I can't apply for/be on any kind of financial aid from the time I apply for ODSP until the time I'm accepted, or they won't accept me at all. This is utter CRAP. The ODSP people were like "uh... but how are you supposed to live if you have no money? That's stupid..."


2) That I shouldn't bother applying for ODSP at all because he *ahem* "knew people who were actually sick, and had been denied, so [I] didn't have a chance." WHAT THE FUCK. This is not something you tell a person when you're a social service worker.

Anyway. Hopefully I don't have to deal with that jackass anymore.

Right so. Interview on Monday.

After we dealt with all that, I worked on my cooking and we had chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes and broccoli for supper. =^-^= Yum. I also made strawberry-rhubarb-apple pie for dessert. =3

And speaking of rhubarb! A few days ago when we visited my Grandparents I mentioned to Grandma that while I'd gotten a lot of strawberries frozen over the summer, I hadn't managed to get any rhubarb or raspberries, and it was kind of disappointing. But oh well, I'd just wait until next year and stock up then...

BUT. Then Grandma and Grandpa went down to Niagara Falls to visit my great-aunt Jackie and great-uncle Lawrence, and Grandma happened to mention the whole thing to Jackie. The thing to know about Aunt Jackie is that... she feeds people. She comes from a family that really revolves around food, and is also the most generous person that I've ever known.

So Grandma mentioned that I wanted some rhubarb and raspberries-- and it just so happened that And Jackie and Uncle Lawrence have neighbors on both sides who have rhubarb, and neighbors on one side who also have everbearing raspberry bushes. So she hied herself out and and got me a TON of both from her neighbors, and sent them home with Grandma for me. ^_^

Right now, they're all at Grandma's house, though, because when they tried to stop by on the way back to their place, I happened to be out doing groceries and the door was locked.

Still. I <3 my Aunt Jackie. ^^

Aaaaand... some more random pictures from my spiffy digital camera! X3 )

And Tohru is in a little terrarium by herself now, because she looks about ready to BURST. I think there's about a week and a half to go, though. O_o;; She'll be HUGE by the time she gives birth!
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Tohru-mousie is definitely hugely pregnant. HUGELY.

Jeez, I look away for a day and the next thing I know, she's twice the size she was before!

No one else seems to be pregnant... but I might just not be able to tell. Hopefully it's just Tohru-chan.


Must do some terrarium-and-cage swapping tomorrow, before it's too late. ^^;


Sep. 15th, 2005 10:07 am
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Sena: *on the computer... casually looks over toward the mouse terrarium*
Noriko: *somehow magically outside said terrarium, wandering around on top of the lid*
Sena: @_@;;
Noriko: *escapee mouse on the run*
Sena: *dives across the room, nabs her, quickly drops her back into the terrarium*
Noriko: *scurry, scurry*
Sena: BED CHECK. *starts upending toilet paper tubes and peering into nests*
Mice: O_o
Sena: *counts the right number of mice... starts breathing again* Hookay...
Sena: *finds little hole that's been chewed into the lid*
Sena: Argh. >_<;; Dammit.
Sena: *rearrages climbing ladders so they can't reach the roof*
Mice: Aaaaaaw... *collectively disappointed sigh*
Sena: ...meh. *goes back to her computer*
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Shit. Well, Rin is definitely a boy.

What do you think the chances of none of my girls having gotten pregnant before I took him out of the general-populace terrarium are? =_=;;


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