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Yey early birthday. lol. (My bithday is on January 3rd.)

Ryuu and C.A. were the only ones who could make it, but that's fine. We still had a lot of fun. I was having people over and did it at Mom's place because Michelle is allergic to cats (really allergic to them), so I wanted to do it at Mom's where there are no cats. :)

...then it turned out she couldn't come, so it didn't really matter much. XD;; Oh well, we did it at Mom's anyway, and Mom hung out with us for a while too. She loves my friends~ ♥

Hmm. I went over around lunch time so that I could bake my own birthday cake (just like every year, lmao); lemon cake with whipped white icing, YUM. <33

C.A. got there around 4:30 and Ryuu-chan an hour or so later. We basically just sat around and talked-- I don't get to see C.A. much so we always just yammer when we manage to get together. ^_^; Then we went to East Side Marios for dinner (we invited Mom to join us but she was tired and just wanted to stay home)... and then came back to Mom's place again.

After that we talked some more (okay, a lot more) and had cake, and made vanilla milkshakes, which I very successfully managed to spill all over myself and the carpet. Go me. Luckily, I'd brought laundry to do earlier, so I just changed into a new pair of pants.

My poor milkshake. ;.; (The dog was happy, though. >>;;)

Mn, so Grandma got me Magic Bullet mixer for my birthday (SQUEE! X3) and gave me $50 (she always does that). Mom got me an Mp3 player, which is currently plugged into my computer so the battery can charge and I can play with it tomorrow. C.A. got me the prettiest calendar... um, "Miso Pretty", it's kind of a spoof on manga-style stuff. And Ryuu went together with Andy (who couldn't make it) and got me $50 of Pet Valu gift certificates, which will buy a lot of cat litter/food/rabbit stuff/whatever. =3

In general, it was a very good night, even though only a couple of people could make it. ^^ Except my legs were cold for a while after I spilled my milkshake all over the place. -.-;; lol.
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This has been a crappy summer for my RL circle of friends.

C.A.'s Grandpa died the day she got back from Africa; two weeks later, my Grandpa died. Then today, C.A. called me to tell me that Pam's Dad died yesterday or the day before. He was playing with his grandkids (Pam's sister's kids), and sat down... and just never got back up again.

I'm so worried about Pam right now...

The faster this bloody summer ends, the better as far as I'm concerned.
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C.A. came over yesterday around 4-ish (after she got off work), and hung around for a while. It's the first time I've seen her since she got back from Botswana, so it was nice to talk with her. She told me about her trip and some of the stuff she did and people she met. I'm so jealous that she gets to travel as much as she does! ;-;

She brought a bunch of tribal-design necklaces back for everyone, and let me pick which one I wanted. (She brought necklaces back from Belise last year, too. <3) There were some really neat ones-- I ended up choosing one that was kind of triangular shaped with designs etched into it. I'll take a pic or something later.

She things Loki is super cute! =3 lol, so do I~~

I felt kind of bad, though... usually if I know people are coming over, I make a point to tidy up the place, but I just haven't had the time the last few days, between one thing and another. So my place was pretty cluttered and unorganized.

C.A. understands, though, and doesn't mind in the least. Actually, her Grandpa died about two weeks before mine did, so she really knows where I'm coming from with not having the time to tidy and stuff...


I also gave her the RoTK puzzle book that Mom got for her way back when we were in Toronto for Anime North (and she squealed over it), and the recipe for Dandelion Wine that Grandma copied out for me to give to her however many months ago. She was like "I'm SO going to make this right now so I can get HAMMERED in... uh... six months."

But then I reminded her that the dandelions are all gone already, so she'll have to wait until next summer to even make it, then still wait for it to age. >^-^;;


Apr. 18th, 2006 02:34 pm
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Holy crap. C.A. is going to Africa for the summer. |_|;

More specifically, Botswana; she's going as part of a national humanitarian project (20 university students from around Canada are going) to work with AIDS patients and help spread awareness of the disease. The whole trip/project is six-weeks long. I am so hugely proud of her! I really hope she'll be okay, though... *worrywart*

Last summer she went to Belise in South America, and worked on an anthropological expedition (it was offered through her anthropology course at the university, obviously) for two months, and she was fine. She came back with little souvenirs and tons of pictures and stories.

And I think originally this year, she was supposed to be going to Crete, but couldn't for some reason. Still. I'm really jealous of all the travelling she's been doing recently. She's so lucky to have all these kinds of oppertunities.

Anyway, she gets back from school at the end of this week and is staying for a week before she has to leave for Botswana, so we're going to gather everyone up some time between now and then and PARTY OUR ASSES OFF. Or that's the plan, anyway. ^_~
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My best friend just emailed me and was like "hey! I'm going to teach English in Japan for six months after I get done in university (next year), do you want to come with me?" ^_^

And I went "EEEK!" Yes I want to! XD

The course that she's doing allows for travelling with one or two other people, and then being placed around the same area so that you can stay together while you're there. ^^ I'd need to take a short course (a couple of weeks long) and get my passport ($80), and then we'd be good to go.

*SOOOOO wants to do this* X3
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First off, my brother is not interested in going to the ROM with Mom and me... so our family outing is down to the two of us. =_=;

Then! C.A. visited me today! =^-^= I haven't seen her since the beginning of January, so it was really cool. She's been in Balise for a while, so I didn't really have any way of getting ahold of her at all. ^^; She brought me a necklace as a souvenir, and like, six rolls of film to look at. She took a lot of pictures of monkeys. O_o;

Anyway, she was here for about 7 & 1/2 hours, so we got all caught up on everything. She cuddled up with the cats and Phantom, and we watched The Forgotten, which C.A. agreed was an awfully cool movie. ^^ Then we went for a walk downtown to look through the dollar store. I got a dustpan. Whoot.

That's about it. |_|;;
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I haven't had my hair this short since I was... 14. O_O;;

Right now, I have almost two feet of ponytail in a bag, pinned to my bulletin board, pending my buying a padded envelope and mailing it away. The funny part is that I have to mail it to Florida, which means I have to fill out a customs form for it.

Contents: HUMAN HAIR.
Value: Some things in life are priceless. Like giving you hair to a child with cancer.


I'm easily amused. >^-^<

HEY! Now I can use that hair dye that [ profile] etcetera_cat sent me! ^_^ I couldn't before because I had too much hair!

C.A. is going to kill me next time I see her. ^^;; She really really liked my hair...

End Game

Jan. 9th, 2005 07:44 pm
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The last couple of days haven't been particularly good for me... or for a lot of other people, I guess. Much love to [ profile] etcetera_cat and [ profile] cat_mcdougall, who are going through particularly hard times right about now, too...

Yesterday, I had to call in prescription repeats for my Losec and Singulair... I have to get them once every three months or so. But this is the first time that I've had to get prescriptions since I turned 21... and I had forgotten that, once I was 21, I'm no longer covered under my Mom's medical insurance.

So I called in my prescriptions, and then called and asked if Mom would pick them up for me while she and my Step-Dad were out doing errands. She said it was no problem (of course), and I didn't think anymore of it.

Until she and Lee stopped by to deliver them to me--and I saw the reciepts.

$257 for one and $234 for the other.


I almost had a stroke. I started to cry.

Mom goes, "it's okay, it's not a problem."

Well, I've got news for you, Mom; it's not "okay"!

Nothing in my f*cking life is "okay" right now! Every damned day is a struggle to keep myself from spending every minute in tears. Every time I stop and think about my current situation, it feels like my heart is going to crumple.

This is not a good feeling.

I'm already nearly $2000 in debt to Mom (for various reasons over the last 3-or-so years), and now she's just telling me not to worry. She'll keep my afloat. We'll just add it to what I owe her... Goddamn it!


That aside, C.A. and I were supposed to go see Blade: Trinity last night when she got back from taking her sister to Toronto. But I didn't hear from her all day... at 6:15, I called and left a message, asking if we were still going to the movies.


I'm already having a bad day, I'm already having a bit of a breakdown, and C.A. is a no-show.

Finally, at a few minutes after 9, she called. She was late getting home.

Thank you, C.A., I can tell.

We ended up not going, obviously. One more thing to add to the crap in my world right now.


Hell. Today I slept through my alarm, and therefore didn't get a chance to talk to Cassandra-san. And while it may sound stupid, talking with her is one of the only things that keeps me stable these days. It's something that I look forward to, since I can forget about everything else...

Besides which, this is the umpteenth time in the last few weeks that I've abandoned her, and it makes me feel really guilty, on top of everything else: will be writing another scene for her, and hopefully that'll help.


Did grocery shopping this afternoon, and while I was out I checked my bank balance: $109. That's it for the rest of the month.

Mom tells me, once again, that she'll help out with rent/bills, and all I have to worry about is groceries.

Damn it all!

She shouldn't have to!

I'm supposed to be living on my own, I'm supposed to be independant. I'm supposed to be a useful, constructive member of society, and my Mommy still has to take care of me.

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I'm officially 21 years old... and still have no I.D., so I can't go drinking. Because if anyone cards me, I can't prove how old I am! Fwee!

Okay! So, I was supposed to finish another scene for Cassandra-san today, but I didn't end up managing it. So much to do in prep for my teeny birthday party. But I got a bunch more written, so I can probably finish it tomorrow, since I have nothing to do. ^_~

Around 4:00 pm, C.A. showed up--that's when everyone was supposed to be there, but as it turned out, Pam, Andy, Scott and Kevin couldn't make it; that left C.A., Michelle and Steve. Steve worked until 7:00, so he didn't get here unti around 8. And about 5-ish, Michelle called and went "where were you?"

And C.A. and I went; "um... what?" |_|;;

She'd been there around 4:15, and rang the doorbell a couple of times, and when no one answered (I completely forgot to tell her that the doorbell is broken... ^^;;), she tried to call on her cell but got the machine. We figure she must have tried to call when I was on the phone, talking to Pam. ^^;;

Anyway, she'd gone downtown to get a drink, so C.A. and I got our coats and boots on and headed down to meet her there. Once downtown, we poked through the dollar store. Michelle bought socks, C.A. bought socks, I bought socks. We all bought socks. And I got some misc. stuff for my next P.O.S.s and for the box I'm sending for [ profile] cat_mcdougall's kids. >^-^<

While we were there, I expressed the desire to own a tea pot. Not a kettle. I have a kettle. I wanted a tea pot that I could brew a couple of cups of tea in--and Michelle was like "oh! I got my Mom one for Christmas!" and proceeded to skip us over to Liquidation World, where I purchased an awesome blue-and-white Japanese tea set (pot/4 cups) for approx. $7.

Then we came back here, and sat and gabbed for a good hour and a half, before deciding we were going to watch a movie to pass the time until Steve got off work (we were waiting for him so we could all go have dinner together), and popped in Home on the Range (the Disney one); about halfway through the movie, Steve got here.

After we were done watching the movie, we spent about half an hour trying to decide what we wanted to eat. At that point, it was 9:00 at night. We decided on Chinese... all the Chinese places were closed. Bah. So we went to Brewery Bay, which is basically pub food. Cool with me. I had fetuccini alfredo.

As it turned out, some of the people we know from high school happened to be there, too! None of them are really close friends of mine, but I know them, and generally like them, so we had a little reunion while we waited for our food.

Dinner was awesome. It's so great to have a meal with good friends I haven't seen much of lately.

Then when the waiter came to take our dishes, Michelle asked if I got dessert free because it was my birthday. He said no... but was it my birthday? I said yes. He asked how old I was. I told him 21. He stared. Then stared some more. Then said "no way."

I said "yes." He said "no." I said "yes." And finally, he shook his head and said "you'd never be able to tell!" At which point, Michelle (who'd had a couple of drinks with dinner) asked, once again, if I got anything special for my birthday.

He thought about it. Then kind of grinned. I wanted to crawl under the table. Then he took our dishes and said "I've got something for you, I'll be right back!"

Oh my God...

Wasn't so bad! When he came back, he had a coffee filter full of whipped cream. O_O;; I wasn't sure if I should run, or stay out of morbid curiosity. I ended up staying... and he proceeded to explain that it was what they call a "muff dive."

As I don't drink, I'd obviously never heard of it, but C.A. started cackling. =_=;; C.A. cackling is never a good sign...

Basically, there's a shot glass full of booze in the middle of a huge pile of whipped cream--you ger someone to hold your hair back (in this case Michelle) and use your teeth to pick up the glass, and down the shot. If you use your hands or can't do it, the whipped cream goes all in your hair instead of just on your face. >^-^;;;

I did it okay. Except that the whipping cream clogged the glass so I had a hard time getting the liquor out. XD

Irish and banana cream and jack daniels or something like that. The first actual drink I've ever had, coolers not withstanding. ^^;; I got whipped cream up my nose, but it was fun. ^_~

Then we paid for our food and headed back home, where we had cake and chatted for about another hour, and then everyone headed out. ^^ C.A. is taking me to see Blade: Trinity later this week as a birthday/Christmas present. That's normally what she does. Last year we went to see The Return Of The King. ^^

So! All together, quite a fun birthday, even if some people couldn't make it!

Ringing In

Jan. 1st, 2005 12:48 pm
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I went to Steve's place last night, so that I could participate in ye olde New Year's Movie-thon with him and Michelle (and C.A. showed up, too!)... and we watched all of one movie. Yay for Finding Nemo. ^^;;

For the most part, we sat around and talked and just caught up; Steve and C.A. go to the same university, but Michelle goes to another one, and I'm still stuck here. =_=;; So there was a lot of catching up to do. ^^

Michelle gave me a pretty necklace for Christmas. It's kind of a celtic-starburst-thing, with a garnet in the middle (my birthstone). She got C.A. a celtic cross with her birthstone in it, too. Maaaa~ but I got her a book, and it turns out she already has it, so I'm going to have to find something else.



I was planning on taking a cab home from Steve's house at around 1 or 2-ish; but C.A. had to leave at like, 10:30, and when she called the cab company they told her it was full-meter rate, and would probably cost $25--$30. O_O;; But Steve's house is way out on the highway out of town, so I guess it makes sense. Not that it's any less rediculous, but... yeah.

So I left at 10:30 with her so we could split on the cab, and it cost us exactly $30 because I let the cab driver keep the three or whatever dollars change. He was nice, and I feel bad for people who work on New Year's Eve. ^^;;

Open Water

Dec. 30th, 2004 07:54 pm
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Watching a DVD I bought today. Open Water, which, despite rave reviews, kind of looks like it's a home movie... or maybe that's how they wanted the movie to look. It's just really rough and unfinished. Hm.

Also. For some reason, the utter stupidity of this makes me eyebrow twitch:

Shark: *SPASH*
Man/Woman: AAAHH!!
Shark: *swims off a bit*
Woman: ...w-what kind was that?
Man: I have no idea!
Woman: I'm serious here! Was it the bad kind?

May I once again remind the world that sharks are not inherently bad or evil.

I don't know why that part bothered me so much. |_|;;

Anyway, C.A. couldn't make it over today... blah. Then Mom and I went out to do some Boxing Week shopping, and she dragged really slowly and we only went to two stores. Today was just one big disappointment, really.

I was practically in tears a handful of times, and ended up curbing it by going to sleep. Originally, it was just going to be a little nap, and then I woke up like, three and a half hours later... so... so much for a "nap"...

Whatever. I woke up in time for CSI in an hour, so I don't care.

So C.A. and Ryuu-chan are both planning on coming over tomorrow (after C.A. appologized profusely for not being able to make it today) in the early afternoon-ish area, and I have to make sure I kick them out by six, assuming they aren't gone already.

Because six is when Michelle and Steve are picking me up for the all-night New Years Eve movie-thon. Fwee.

I really am looking forward to it, despite how blank I'm sounding right now...
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A transformer down the block just blew up. And when I say "blew up", I don't mean "died". I mean BLEW UP. Blue fire and sparks shooting ten feet in every direction.

It was crazy. @_@;;

We lost power for a while, obviously. They had to cut the feed to that transformer, and a little while later when they turned it back on (and the box started burning and sparking again), a hydro truck raced up the street. ^^;;

The whole thing was kind of cool, in a freaky sort of way...

This afternoon, when I went grocery shopping with my parents and Sarah, my Step-Dad bought me a VCR. >^-^< When we visited my family for Christmas, I was telling one of my aunts about the one I had--how it won't play 95% of my tapes, and if it does play one, there's no guarantee it'd play the same tape twice... anyway, we stopped at Walmart before we got to the grocery store, and he bought a new one for me for my birthday.

Which was cool, but also kind of stupid, because then he had to try to keep it out of sight; he put it in the trunk at first, but then when we were done doing groceries, I had to load mine in there, so he pulled it out, and then when I got into the car, he was just like " Happy Birthday!" and handed it to me. ^^ Yaaaay! I can watch all my movies now!

...and I took down my Christmas tree today.

Because Neko tried to climb it. O_O;

He weighs like, 16.4 pounds! He actually broke two branches in his attempt. Maaaa... sometimes having cats is a pain in the butt. ^^;;;

The strange thing is that I've had him for three-and-a-half years, and he's never even taken a second look at the Christmas tree, never mind trying to climb it. *shifty eyes toward cats* I think Triton put him up to it, personally...

Watch them both give me Innocent Kitty Eyes.

I called C.A. today to talk with her for a bit--she's in town for a while for holidays, and she's supposed to come over on the 3rd of January along with everyone else, but she says she wants to come over and hang out for a bit before then, too. So she's going to come over on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on which day she can borrow the car or get a ride into town with her parents or her sister.

She my bestest friend, so I'm looking forward to seeing her.

What else?


Oh. Michelle emailed me to invite me to the "annual New Year's Eve movie-thon" that she and Steve have every year... so I'm actually doing something on New Year's Eve! GASP! This'll be the first time I've ever done something on New Year's. ^^;;

And the last few days I've been going on a Magic Knight Rayearth binge; last week, Ryuu-chan and I went to a bookstore out of town, and I picked up the first two volumes of the MKR manga (and the second volume of Tsubasa! XD), and after I read them I really felt like watching some of the anime.

So I watched the last five episodes of MKR II... and felt like watching more, so I just started from the beginning of season one. ^^ I'm on the fourth tape now, so I've got about six more episodes, and then I'll move on to the second season.

Makes me want to tinker around with my Rayearth/Blade again. >^-^;;

Ah! Blade! *wants to see Blade: Trinity so badly it hurts*

Vampire pommeranian! XD
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C.A. came over for a while today, and we headed up to the mall while she was over... it's Sunday, so half the stores were closed, but that was okay. ^^ ANYWAY! At the Zellers there I found a copy of Blade in the bargain bin, so I nabbed it. >^-^< I already had a copy of the second one, but I'd missed getting the first one when it came out, and I hadn't been able to find it since.

Now I have it and it's making me mightily happy. *is a Blade fan* YAY!

While we were up at the mall, we also skipped into the bookstore, and I ended up getting some more manga graphic novels; Mahoromantic, Comic Party and the first two editions of FLCL. I already read Mahoromantic, and it was very good... I'm going to make a point of getting more of that series, I think. Now I'm partway through Comic Party, which is also very good and has droolworthy art to boot.

I'm told FLCL is good, so I'm looking forward to reading those, too. ^^


Maaaa... it'd been about three months since I even talked to C.A. and I'd almost forgotten how much I adore her. ^^;; She's pretty much my best friend, but I haven't gotten to see much of her in the last year and a half or so, which makes me pretty sad...

In any case, we watched Butterfly Effect when we got back from the mall, which C.A. agreed is a damn freaking good movie. =^-^=

Then we watched an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess from my Season One DVDs, which we both killed ourselves laughing over--the one where Octolicus is hired to steal back an important relic and works with Xena, impersonating a famous assassin, and he keeps telling people that Xena's his concubine. ^_^;; And getting his butt kicked for it, of course...

So C.A. tells me I have to go and visit her and Pam and Steve at their house in Peterborough when they get back to school... so I'm going to go and spend a weekend with them some time this fall. ^^ I'm looking forward to that!

I really do miss hanging out with them...

And now I'm going to work on my laundry (tonight is a CHORES! night) and then type away at a couple of scenes that're swirling in my head. ^_~

Tokiko: >^-^<

Suzuki: Hm...

Also need to try to finish up Reality, as it is already muchly late for -cat's birthday. =_=;;;

Asha: :Yes it is.:


Asha: *rolls his eyes*

Yare, yare.

And I'm watching Blade! After which I plan to watch Blade II!


Aug. 22nd, 2004 07:25 am
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My sleep schedule is seriously screwed up.

...oh well.

I have to go to ned early today, so I can get up early, as C.A. is coming over for a while this afternoon. >^-^< This gives me glee, as I don't get to hang out with her very often anymore.

Yay! C.A.!

And a random scene featuring Nazoko and Nozomi, with smaller roles going to Rai, Suzuki and Tokiko. ^^

I wish they wouldn't look at me like that. )

It was really really wierd writing with Nazoko and Nozomi as guys. ^^;;;;
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Well crap.

Terri went and fsking quit, and now I'm the only trained night staff we have. And this I found out when I got to work last night, and the assistant manager looked at me and went; "oh, gee, sorry, but since you're the only night staff we have now, you're probably not gonna' get your days off this week."

I was like: =_=;;;


So with two months of working there under my belt, I'm being kicked to the top of the night-staff-totem-pole, and it's going to be up to me to freaking train all the new ones!!


*eyebrow tick*

To top it all off, since Terri just up and quit, I had to work with Ryan--he's a good guy and I adore him, but damnitall he does nothing when he's "working"! Nothing! So I spent all night doing my own work, and then had to do all of his work at 6 when the morning crew came in!


...but I made about $10 in tips last night. Which, given that I normally make about $2.50, is freaking awesome. ^_^;; I must have looked really annoyed or really pathetic or something like that.


Even though I didn't go to bed early last night, I still got up super-early (five hours of sleep -_-;;) and hied myself over to C.A.'s house to see everybody before I went to work. ^^

It was a quazi-birthday-party, so we all had pizza and cake and whatnot, and almost everyone was drinking. I was like "ah... I'd better not..." (but I honestly did consider calling in sick and just getting completely pissed, since I was having so much fun.) ^.^;;

Anyway, when I got there everyone else had already been there for about an hour or so, and Michelle was already on her third beer. =_=;; The girl can drink.

Unfortunately, she's a cheap ass drunk, so by the time she finished her fifth, she was so freaking drunk she couldn't even stand up straight. But she still wanted to drink... and we told her "no". Firmly.

The following conversation ensued:

Michelle: Can I have another drink?
Pam: No way. You're too drunk.
Michelle: *barely able to sit up under her own willpower* I am not!
Pam: =_=;;
Michelle: I loooove you Pam! ^^
Pam: That's nice. Stop touching me. You can't have another beer.
Stevie (make note of the name): That's telling her Michelle! Don't let then cut you off!
Michelle: Thanks... I love you C.A.! ^^
Pam: =_=;;;
Stevie: *gigglesnort* ^_^;;

Scenes to come.


Jun. 6th, 2004 07:27 am
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Tired. *yawns*

Lesse... oh. Kelly didn't talk to me for about half the night, because I snapped at her when she first got there. Because she immediately started in with her "escort service" crap, and I just didn't feel like listening to it all night.

*blessed silence*

And when I got home this morning, I didn't have my key. But I looked at my watch and went "oh, but Mom'll be getting up to go to work in about a half hour, so I'll just sit and read until she does..."

And about 45 minutes later I remembered that it's Sunday...

Yeah. =_=;;

Long story short, I rang the bell a couple of times until she woke up and let me in. Lucky that my Step-Dad didn't wake up, or he'd've been pretty pissed off. ^_^;;

Ah, C.A. called last night just before I left for work and asked if I wanted to come over for a bit next Saturday--and I said I would, even though I have to work! Because I love C.A. and I don't get to see her very often since she's vanished off to College!

So on Saturday I'm getting up early, heading over to her house, and hanging there for about two and a half hours, and then going to work. Hopefully doing that won't outright kill me. (I think I should be fine. ^^;;)

AND! The verdict is in!

Computer Repair Costs: $300 (give or take)
Files Lost: 0%!!

All my files are okay!! *happy* ^^


Scenes in a bit. Yup, yup.


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