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Shopping day was yesterday. I had like no groceries to get at the actual grocery store (the only thing I needed was milk) but I had a bunch of meds and pet stuff to get at Walmart so I just did all my shopping there. It took me about 20 minutes and then I sat around McDonald's by myself waiting for Lee and Sarah to finish up for another 40 minutes after that. XD;;

As I was meandering back to the cash after getting everything though, I wandered past the fruit section and ended up grabbing a dish of watermelon. DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS WATERMELON. Speaking of which, have you guys heard my watermelon rant? It basically boils down to me being jealous of the USA because they still get the good watermelons and up here all we get are the crappy seedless ones that have no taste. =/

While we were out for shopping I mailed the first half of the things that I sold on ebay. $70 later and I still have another dozen packages to go next week. Ouch. But at least I'm getting rid of some clutter and the things I'm selling are going to people who will enjoy them, right?

So after shopping/mailing/whatever, Lee brought me back home long enough to drop off my groceries and then I went back to Mom's place with him to visit and have dinner. Mom and Lee were away all this last week, so I chatted with Mom about their trip and I have to say, she was SO stressed and frustrated with everything when she left, but she's feeling MUCH better now. It's so good to see because my brother and I were both starting to really worry about her...

For dinner we had broccoli and carrots, and potatoes done on the bbq. Then Lee cooked pork chops, which I can't eat, but he insisted on digging out some chicken and grilling it for me instead. I really can eat a meal without meat (I've been doing it for half my life) but it was appreciated anyway. :)

...and then after all that, something in the meal (I think the potatoes, they had a lot of margarine on them to keep them from burning on the bbq) didn't agree with me and I ended up having to throw it all back up again. God, I felt SO BAD about it. They invited me over and cooked dinner for me, and then I ended up puking it in the end.

I apologized a bunch, but they said not to worry about it. Still. That sucks. *sigh*

And today C.A. is coming over to hang out and we're going for sushi later. I'm really looking forward to it. :3

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When you come, we will have lots of watermelon. :)

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