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Wow, I woke up an hour and a half ago and was wide awake. That hardly ever happens.

Today my back seems to be much better, though the muscles are still tight and sore, but at least they're not spasming anymore. My allergies are no better though. In fact, I think they're worse. Stupid immune system. :P

I managed to get a couple phone calls made earlier, to ask what the hold up is on my books for the Writer's Craft course I signed up for, and to reschedule an ultrasound that I was supposed to have last week; it didn't get done because of the craziness after the pipes bursting in the basement.

I also wrote a card for C.A., so I can send it when I mail her a present later. It's a couple of maple leaves in a photo frame. Kind of artsy. I'll take a pic of it before I mail it off. A piece of Canada for her. =3

But I was afraid it'd get hung up in customs because it's made of real plants, so rather than mess her up in the airport I decided to mail it to her later, that way if they won't let it through it just gets sent back to me, instead of hampering her getting to Japan.

Mice in a yogurt cup! Haha, they sleep in it. As usual Roxy is the one close-up and Axel is the one you can't see much of. She's camera-shy or something. Anyway, I periodically switch out the yogurt cup for a new one; I don't clean it out first, though, I leave bits of yogurt in it for them, and they eat it up and then make it into a nest. <3

Hopefully I'll get that sales post up later today or tomorrow...


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