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1) I've spent almost 24 hours now with my back in major spasms practically constantly. I must have pulled something yesterday at some point. Fuck, it hurts though. I've had to be taking major muscle relaxants and I've spent a lot of time just lying flat on my back. Hopefully it'll go away soon. -__-;;

2) Yesterday I started going through one of my storage spaces for things to sell. I have three boxes and a plastic tub so far, and I'm only halfway through the first space. I still need to pull out my second dresser and go through everything in the storage space behind there too. So at some point in the next few days there'll be a sales post with stuff, and I'll be posting things to ebay as well.

[ profile] tsukizu, if you have friends who would be interested in the GW figures before I post them up for grabs/put them on ebay, send them this-a-way now. :)

I decided that I am going to sell off a bunch of my SM collection; mostly the North American stuff that I've got. I'm keeping most of the Japanese items, and the plushies I've got because I find them horribly cute.

I'm also selling most of my individual comics, from back before I figured out it was more economical to buy graphic novels instead. lol. Plus some other misc. stuff, keychains and some odd-and-end action figures, and I think my flute, which I can get a couple hundred bucks for. Also a handful of MIB ponies that have 3-D symbols, since I hate using them for customizing anyway because the symbols are a pain to remove. >>;

3) C.A. is in Japan now. ;3; And actually, I got a card in the mail from her this afternoon, I guess she mailed it yesterday before she left, haha;

"Hey Tiff, how's it goin? I just wanted to send you a card to thank you so much for making it all the way to Bracebridge for a stranger, drug, & booze filled party just for me. It means so much to me that you made it all the way there & I was so happy to see you. You truly were a part of making my dreams come true because I always wanted a surprise party, but clearly can't plan one for myself. You are truly a gem among my friends. Thanks again for the jams & book which I am more than grateful for. Thanks also for signing my blanket, I will always have a reminder that at least one person is jealous! Tee hee, love you lots."

It made me giggle. At the party, Jodi brought out a blanket she's been working on; she sewed it with patches and then got us all to sign a patch and write a message. Mine was something to the effect of I'm so rediculously jealous. lol. Then there was an extra patch and she made me sign again, so I doodled an anime face and wrote good luck, have fun on that one. XD;

I'm gonna miss her so much. ;~;

4) I have a major craving for a can of coke, but I totally don't have any and the corner store is closed. :P

5) Whilst going through my stuff yesterday, I found my coin rolls! Now I can finally wrap up the $150-ish bucks in change that I've got hanging around. YEY.

6) My freaking allergies have been horrible today. I've been taking antihystamines, but they're barely doing anything. My eyes won't stop itching, and my nose won't stop trying to run off my fave. UGH. D=

7) Yesterday CSI: Miami premiered, and today was Bones and House; I missed Reaper. ;.; Still, I'm happy! Hurray for Premier Week!


Yesterday's pic. This white van was parked across the street all day, and my brain was like FBI FTW! O.O lol. I snapped this from through the window screen, as you can tell. <3

Boxes and clutter from working on my storage stuff.

Date: 2007-09-26 02:51 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Allergies suck. *has them too*

*pokes dog alien* teehee... hay I used to have that dragon poster. O.o;

Date: 2007-09-26 03:22 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Poor Kitty with the head thing


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