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Haha, I with all the craziness the last week or so I haven't posted any of my photoblogging stuff. So here's my catch-up post!

Black jelly beans YUM. \o/ The bulk food place is getting in all their Halloween stuff now, and they have this huge bin of orange and black jelly beans. Since black are my favourite, I was all OMGHURRAY! and got a bag of them. This is a handful that I'd already picked all the orange ones out of. XD;

I was fiddling around with the camera and ended up with this pic... it's kind of artsy!Neko? I dunno. The focus was off, but I kind of like it in this particular snap.

My old room at Mom's place. It's where I slept the last few days when I was there over the whole Toxic House deal. It's funny, it's still kind of comforting, that room, even though it's nothing like how it was when I lived in it. It still feels like my room, even though it isn't anymore...

A much less artsy pic of Neko. XDD; He's such a dorky cat. He looks pregnant! xD;;

My shrine for Grandpa. I still miss him a lot. There's his picture, and some flowers (fake right now, but I buy a carnation or two when I have the time/access/money). The thing in the back is a mist/fog generator; it's awesome, but doesn't actually have any water in it right now, lol.

Almost-finished KH1!Riku and KH2!Riku. FINALLY. ^__^ I just need to paint their hair/tails. I'm particularly proud of them actually; the KH2 one is way better than the first one I did. I wanna keep him. xDD; Haha, but Jenn already paid for them so I can't~! Now I just need to do the hair for blindfold!Riku and paint them all and they can be off! Maaa~ they took so long to finish. -.-;;

I need a photography-related icon. WHERE ARE THOSE SCREENSHOTS OF THE TWINS WITH CAMERAS FROM TONO'S INNER-MIND THEATRE? *searches hard drive*

On Sunday C.A. is planning to come over for a bit in the afternoon. It'll be sad, it's the last time I'll see her before she leaves for Japan. I'm going to miss her immensely... I hope she's better at keeping in touch while she's there than she is normally. =3=;


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