Sep. 30th, 2008

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1) Yesterday Dad came up in the morning to pick up his cell phone (I borrowed it for Otakon and owe him like $150 in charges on it because of long distance and roaming ><;;) and drop off some movies for me to borrow and my brother's birthday gift. His birthday is on the 13th of October, but Dad doesn't have another long weekend between now and then, so... *shrug* He also brought up more boxes for me, since I'll be moving at some point in the next four months or so, most likely. No idea where I'll be going. Probably moving back in with Mom, since I have nowhere else at this point.

2) MOVIES. I CAN HAS THEM. Dad brought me Rogue, Creature, Raptor IslandThe Ruins (which I'd just downloaded and watched like two days before lol) and Loch Ness Terror. ♥ Rogue is about a giant rogue crocodile in Australia (I luff giant croc movies~ xD;), Creature is based on a book by Peter Benchly, and is about a half-man-half-shark monster. Raptor Island is about... raptors. On an island. .__.; And then Loch Ness Terror is about nessie. In lake superior. 8D YAY.

Also, I've watched Black Water (also about a rogue crocodile XD;), The Dark Knight, Doomsday, Shutter, The Happening, Hancock, Get Smart, Hellboy 2, Wall-E, The Ruins and Mirrors recently. ^__^ So much fun! HEHE. I already talked about some of them a couple days ago, but here's what I thought of the others;

-> The Dark Knight: >__>;; Okay, so um. I don't know if I want to actually type this. :D;; Eheh. ^^; So, my basic thoughts on it are; great movie! ...but not as spectacularly awesome as everyone else thinks it is. >>;;; *dodges rocks and tomatoes* SORRY. SORRY!
-> Doomsday: Was uh... interesting. @__@;; Like, it was every genre of movie crammed into one package. Crazy and lol-worthy. Also, full of FAIL!military. Though it did have the best extended car chase scene I've ever seen in it. XD;
-> Shutter: Creepy! 8D It's based on a Korean movie, I believe, like an American remake of it. Joshua Jackson = LUFF.
-> The Happening: I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I'm a huge M. Night Shayamalan fan. ^^;; *geek* This one was interesting, different, and weirdly... non-supernatural, considering his other films.
-> Get Smart: FTW. X33 I had so much fun with this one~! It reminded me of watching the old TV show reruns at my Grandparents house when I was a kid. It was my favourite (along with Mork and Mindy lol), and the casting was perfect. ♥♥
-> Hellboy 2: I actually had more fun with this one than with TDK. ^.^; The visual effects were excellent. I always am amazed at Ron Pearlman's ability to do ANYTHING in his makeup lol.
-> Wall-E: WAS SO FREAKING CUTE! >w< ADORABLE! I LOVE DISNEY MOVIES! (Though I do miss their 2-D stuff, despite my love of the Pixar films.)
-> Mirrors: O___o; Was freaky. I am impressed with the creativity of the writers though. Some very unique stuff in that movie. And awesomely untypical deaths. The bathroom one made me go HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT though, and I was watching it with the volume off because Pronnie warned me ahead of time. xD;;
-> Black Water:
I am a sucker for a good killer crocodile movie. 8D This one was more realistic than most, as the croc in question wasn't even big enough to swallow a person whole. GASP. lol.

Still to go are Iron ManThe Incredible Hulk, and The X-Files 2.


4) ...last week, I had a discussion with my brother about some things that have gone on in his life recently. I love that he trusts me enough to talk to me about things he won't talk about with anyone else. At the same time, some of the things I'm finding out... I don't know. I want to blog about what he told me, maybe in the hopes that it'll help me work it out, but I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around it. Maybe in a few days I can... hmm...

5) The adorable Marly/Kadaj stuff is slowly giving way to angst tonight. XD;; Kiin and I had planned some angst for a couple weeks from now, but it seems to be coming out sooner than we originally intended. Kadaj is all insecure and distraught because Mar seems to be trying to convince him not to stick with him if it comes down to it, because the social worker the court assigned is being nosy and poking around about Kadaj's boyfriend.. He's terrified right now at what might happen. ;__;

EDIT:: DDDDD: Mar just broke up with him! (Well, sort of.)

Noah's Ark

Sep. 30th, 2008 04:25 pm
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My poor Axel-mousie is pretty much on her death bed. It makes me sad. She's been such a sweetheart, too. But she's getting really old (she's starting to go bald in places, she's so old), and her eyes aren't working very well I don't think. Plus today she's making a lot of complaining squeaking noises, and when I checked her out I found a lump on her one side. Poor thing.

Co-habitation. )

She's never been afraid of the cats, and they all seem to love her. (They do seem to enjoy playing with her tail though lol.) She's a special little mousie. Buuuut she's old and Roxy-mousie died a long time ago, so she's been alone since then. I guess she's about ready to let go.


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