May. 31st, 2007

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Couldn't sleep. >.>


More pics later, when I finish a few more details with painting and either get some stronger wire or a stand to hold his tail up. There's wire inside it (not the stuff in the roll in the pic, much stronger stuff), but it turned out to not be strong enough compared to the amount of clay/length of tail. Or whatever. I <3 him.

Now Imma make a McD's pony into a Face Hugger and a Styling pony into a Queen~ XD;;
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Two days ago, Ichigo died.

The poor girl, she was a year and a half old, and had developed a bunch of big tumors... they ran in her family, but Tohru and Kisa had them too. At least for Ichigo, it didn't drag on forever; both Tohru and Kisa lived a long time with huge tumors that were clearly very painful and hard to move around with.

But with Ichigo gone, that left Bedrock alone again, and the poor old guy got really depressed, just like when Granite died a couple months ago. He went into his little cabin and wouldn't come out for anything; I don't even know if he came out to eat or drink at all.

So today I went to the pet store and bought two little mice for him; one is blonde, and one is black, and I named them Roxas and Axel even though they're girls. XD;; Roxy is twice Axel's size, too, which is kind of funny...

Anyway. Bedrock immediately came out from his cabin and sniffed them out, then groomed them for a bit (as much as he could while they were zipping around exploring), and now he's settled down to eat a bit. I'm quite relieved to see him eating, given how he's been since Ichigo died.

So R.I.P. Ichigo, and good luck to Bedrock and his new girlfriends. <3


Bedrock and Ichigo. Haha, I snapped this right before I cleaned the terrarium and the glass was such a mess! ^_^;;


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