Mar. 26th, 2007

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Okie, so, I thought on the whole thing with Bedrock a bit, and decided I'm not going to get another pair of degus just to keep him company. I don't know if I really want them for the 10-ish years they'd be around, and if I decide to get more, I want it to be because I really want them. <3

But that still left me with poor sad Bedrock, who was moping in the corner of the terrarium, clearly super depressed and put out.

For a bit I wondered if he would get along with the rats, and he might get along with Yuki alright, but Kori is very territorial and probably wouldn't like having him around; and Bedrock is so quiet and non-violent that he wouldn't stand up for himself if/when Kori started picking on him.

Then I thought... Ichigo!

She's been on her own for a couple of months now, too, since Kisa and Kagura died. Mice are really communal animals, the same as degus, and it was obvious that Ichigo has been pretty lonely the last bit. She's also very friendly and gentle (just like Bedrock), since I hand-raised her from a baby. ^^

So I cleaned out the degu terrarium, put everything back in place, lowered the water bottle so that Ichigo can reach it too, then filled the food dish to heaping, and put Bedrock back in... then transfered Ichigo over.

There was a moment of "" from Bedrock, but Ichigo didn't even blink twice. She went right over and perched on the edge of the food dish and helped herself. So Bedrock wandered over and gave her a good sniff... then just set to eating, too.

I sat and watched them for a bit just in case, but they seemed to get along alright, so I finally went to bed, and when I got back up and went to check on them they were sitting on top of the cabin grooming each other. They're such an oddly cute pair! X3

Just before I left this afternoon to come over to Mom's for laundry and stuff I shredded some kleenex for them, and when I took off they were in the process of building a big nest together. <3

They both seem really happy. I'll have to take pictures to show you guys. Ahhh, I'm so glad it all worked out for both of them! ♥ ♥ ♥

EDIT: Mom goes "now, you don't think they can crossbreed, do you?" And I'm like "...for Ichigo's sake, I hope not!" XDD;;


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