Apr. 10th, 2006

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Well... my efforts to catch Shouta have been abruptly halted, as late last night or early this morning, he died. I'm sad about that, but it doesn't surprise me-- what surprises me is that he lasted that long outside of the cage. There's nothing I can do about it now, anyway. Rest in peace, Shou-chan.

Other than that, I went to Mom's today and made cookies and muffins for her and Lee... then we went out to the mall for a little while, just because we wanted to. I got a couple of ponies, and she bought me two cheap books from the bargain racks at Coles:

-The Second Tree: of Clones, Chimeras, and Quests For Immortality by Elaine Dewar
-The Encyclopedia of Forensic Science by Brian Lane

*squee* X3

And then I got tempura shrimp and vegetables at the Japanese restaurant. Because YUMMY.

Oh, and last night, I couldn't sleep so I worked on a random Custom; start to finish (not counting styling the hair and repainting the white in her eyes) it took me about four hours to do all of her. Her name is Cry for the Moon, and she's my first Pegasus. *is proud* She's really pretty! She's actually for my Mom for Mother's Day... which is like, a month from now. ^_^; At least I know she's done!
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I give you my newest Custom, and my first pegasus pony! =3

Cry For The Moon )

Alright, so... Cry was made from a G3 Royal Rose peg; she was beheaded (which is much easier with the new ponies who have heads that can turn! <3), then I removed her mane, tail, and symbol(s). I didn't remove the glitter from her wings because I wanted a slight color variance between them and her body. ^^ Then I darkened her color with a quick boil in black Rit dye. I wanted a night sky type image, but without going with strictly black as a base body color, and I think the purple looks quite nice. :)

The wolf silhouette, the moon, and the stars were all painted on in black and silver acrylics. She was rehaired with black Tiara hair from custompony.com... this was my first time rehairing with Tiara, as opposed to Katsilk, and to be honest, I wasn't particularly pleased with it. It looks nice, but stuck up a lot, and I found it quite hard to style down when I was done...

Finally, her necklace is made from multicolor-blackish-purplish beads, and she has a feather charm.

Cry For The Moon is intended as a Mother's Day gift for my Mom-- it doesn't have much of a Mother's Day theme, but I made it to cater to Mom's likes, as opposed to the day itself. I hope she likes her! X3

"CRY FOR THE MOON is a total night-owl! Her favorite things in the world to do are to play hide-and-go-seek with her friend NIGHTMARE, or fly across the night sky-- some nights, she blends in so well you can't even see her at all! The other ponies even make wishes on her stars!" =3


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