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Honestly, what is with me and not updating? I suck.

And to be honest, probably the only reason I'm updating right now is because I'm at Mom's place and bored out of my skull while everyone else watches the new episode of NCIS. I am not a fan of this show pretty much at all, so having to sit through an hour of it is making me go =__=;; and yawn a lot. Yeaaaaaaah.

Anyway. Been working on writing again lately. Got a new chapter of Whipstitch out the other day, and now I'm working on the first real chapter of Cowboys and Heralds as well as a few one-shots.

I actually got a request for a Sailormoon fanfic through FF.Net recently, too. FWoF requested a het Yaten/Usagi fic. My knee-jerk reaction was no just because I pretty much never venture outside of Seiya/Usagi, Yaten/Minako and Seiya/Yaten, but then I got thinking... it's good to stretch your creative muscles out, right? So I decided to give it a go after all. We'll see how it comes out when it's done. XD;;

Other than writing... uuugh, I've been so sick ever since Christmas. My sinuses are all infected and I've got a terrible, wet, barking chest cough. And I spent about a week where I had literally no voice. Now I can talk again, and my cough isn't quite as bad as how it used to be. I guess I'm on the mend from the cold... just in time to catch the flu!


I'm pretty much over the flu now, too, though, so I guess I can't complain. :P lol.
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Well, this is my first entry in a long time. Again. Man, idk why but when my creative writing muses fled to Timbuktu (or wherever), I suddenly found it impossible to keep up with my personal LJ as well. =/

BUT. My muses! They have returned! In fact, I've been VERY active with my writing the last month-and-a-bit. :3 Mostly within the realm of Valdemar fanfiction, but a little with my original writing as well. The only disappointment I've found with returning to the field of Velgarth fics is the lack of activity in the community. It's gone downhill a lot in the last few years, unfortunately.

Valdemar fic aside, I've also started writing a few things for the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom. I guess I'm just drawn to magical talking horses lol. XD;

Besides writing, the last month has been crazy since I moved a week ago. Again. I just can't seem to find a place I can stay in for very long, for one reason or another. Anyway, this new place is in an actual apartment building, and is the nicest place I've lived aside from when I was still at Mom's place. I'm sharing with my brother, so the rent is affordable for me too, which is good because my financial situation, as always, SUCKS. :P

In any case, now I'm up to my neck in boxes and haven't written much in the last week because of the move and then unpacking and everything. *shrug*

And that's about it for now. More tomorrow, I swear. I WILL KEEP UP WITH THIS JOURNAL DAMMIT. *epic fistshake at the sky*
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A new Valdemar fic, yay? XD;; I don't write a damn thing for like five years and then what do I do? Start a new project. Wow. Why am I not surprised? *FACEPALM* But I'm hoping that by starting Outlander I can get back into the writing groove and continue some of the fics that people are STILL religiously waiting on.

Honestly, it boggles my mind. Until today I literally haven't posted anything since May 2006, but I still get reviews and messages from people telling me they're still waiting for the continuation of my fics. I have like... DIE-HARD FANS. O_o;;

Anyhoo, I want to get my Valdemar stuff updated, and I want to write some KH since I've been roleplaying in that fandom for like three years now. XD; Plus I still have to finish Walk A Mile and I might try to work on Dance In The Shadows, though I may sit down and re-write Umbroso Estrella first. idk, I guess we'll see.

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...I can't sleep. I've been having a hard time with the insomnia lately, even my prescription sleep-aids aren't helping. I'm starting to feel really burnt-out because of it. But exhausted or not I still have things that need to be done; a lot of cleaning, still, and some organizing. And I need to write my apps for Endtopia and a couple other RPs I've been procrastinating over for way too long. ~_~;

And I also need to figure out what I want to attempt for the NaNo this year, and work everything for it out ahead of time so all I have to do when Nov 1st hits it start writing the actual story. I'm tempted to revisit Terra and company, since I've been tinkering with characters that fit into the world from those drabbles lately. I dunno though, I haven't decided for sure. *shrug*

Now that I've wasted a whole ten minutes here I guess I'm off to watch a movie or whatever. Might take more tranquilizers to try to sleep even a little. =/

Also? The banana bread totally didn't come out. It didn't rise and ended up all gummy and gross and I had to throw both loaves out. It was the first time using that particular recipe, and I won't be revisiting it. Like... ever. I wish I could find the awesome recipe for it that I used to have, but the recipe card just randomly vanished one day...
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No pic today because I'm lazy and this is a quick post. Maybe later.

1) I am so writing a post-apocalyptic!zombie-plague Kingdom Hearts (RikuRoku) fanfic. xD; Don't ask. My brain works in ways even I don't understand.

2) My Organization XIII cloak came in yesterday and I am in love with it. It's like wearing a thermal blanket though. I'm going to die in the heat wearing it. Still. SO HAPPY WITH IT. :3

3) Boys by Casey. Best fanfic I've ever read. KH again.

4) I just realized this entire post is Kingdom Hearts related. ._.;
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Maaa~ [ profile] cassandracsenta! X3

Haha, I've just spent a while reading back through a bunch of our ND scenes. Mostly Akio/Suta and Hide/Nazoko and~ Josei/Rui (and a bunch of the Immortals AU) because that just happened to be about the dates that I clicked on to begin with, lol.

Uweeeh~ I miss ND so much~~ >3<

There were so many cute scenes and couples and whatnot! I really really need to get back into writing for ND again! <33

I want to write some Akio/Suta, they were angst personified lmao. XD; I wonder I wonder what I could write about them... *ponders*
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I went downtown today to finally mail the phone straps I got for [ profile] aiko_yamada at AN.

While I was there I popped by the craft store for more flesh tone and black paints, and got a little pack of Sculpey Bake-And-Bend to try, since it was on sale for $1.99. I dunno what I'll use it for, but I'm sure I'll find something. *shrug*

Anyway. It's 110 degrees out, sunny, muggy... and I forgot to wear sunscreen. =.=;;

Basically, that means I'm fucked. Seriously. I can already feel that I'm burned. We'll see how bad it actually is, though; normally it takes a couple hours to darken down. It doesn't feel too bad, but I don't usually get light burns. Either I'm fish-belly white, or the colour of a lobster. >>;;

The sun is my enemy.

Also, I had the random urge to work on Marionette while I was on my way back. .__. Maybe I can actually get something written?
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I got four more ponies finished tonight, yey. XD;;

So now Kisa, Hiro, Ritsu and Kureno have been moved to my already overly-crowded display shelves, where they look pretty along with Hatori and Ayame, and my Ouran ponies, and the pony that I did for [ profile] khriskin a while back and haven't gotten around to mailing yet. >>;;

Only three more Furuba ponies to go! I'll probably get Shigure and Akito done tomorrow or the next day... but I think I need to order hair for Arisa, so she'll have to be bald for a while yet.

I was just realising tonight, as I was placing Kisa/etc. on the shelves, how terribly epic my Furuba pony set is. ^_^; It's seventeen ponies all together, just for that series. LMAO I sure know how to pick them, don't I? lol. They're all over the place already. XDD;

Anyway, then I watched TV for a while because my brain was going durr... from all the rehairing (I decided to use that hair for Kisa, by the way, and now that it's on the pony it looks really good so I'm happy <3), and petted Loki and Neko for a bit, and then went to bed... which point my brain decided it had done enough durr-ing, and turned all the lights back on. WTF brain, I'm tired and I hate you right now.

So I ended up laying on my back in the dark, randomly thinking about Eclipse 16. WOW, I haven't worked on that in a long time... months, at least. Maybe a year or more. It got put on the back burner, and mostly forgotten about...

How could I forget about E16? It's my Sena + Boredom In Math Class love child! ;~;

Jeez, I started working on the E16 stuff in like... 1999. ^_^;; Eight years ago. That's nuts. And the project just keeps growing and getting bigger, and it's been out of control for a long time already~~

Honestly, I doubt I'll ever get around to doing anything with it. I've done a ton of drawings and character sketches, and have lots of character/world notes and stuff, and even doodled a handful of comic pages, but nothing's ever really gotten off the ground. Oh well. I still ♥ it, and I always will.

At this point I'm thinking I'll rework it a bit again and try to make it novel-able. Yeah right! Every time I set about organising it or reworking it, it just ends up bigger, with more characters and plot twists than before! I FAIL!

Those of you who know me and have listened to me ramble about my writing, or read my fanfiction (when my brain allows me to write it, which isn't much nowadays), you know that I'm all about the epic projects; The Hounds of Passing, Angel Fire/Tears, Necro Mythos, Breathing Ghosts, Wednesday's Child, Exit Normal, DONOR, and all those fun things that I love.

But E16 is the most epic of them all, and probably always will be. AHAHA. >>;;

EDIT: TWO CRUSHES? Seriously?? YEY~ ^3^; Who posted as anonymous~? That's not fair~! And YES, PONY CRUSHES COUNT! X33 As do Hika-muse crushes, [ profile] semiblonde! <33 Can I have a crush on my own Hika-muse, though? >.>;;

EDIT #2: Uhh... pictures of Isuzu/Rin!pony, Yuki!pony, Kyou!pony, Hatori!pony, Kisa!pony, Hiro!pony, Ritsu!pony and Kureno!pony will probably be posted at some point later today. Like, after I've gotten some sleep. Besides, the batteries for my camera are recharging anyway. :P
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A week from now, I'll be at Anime North. ^_^ *squee* lol.

I was hoping to have a scene for Cassandra-san written today, but I don't know if I will. All last week when I couldn't do much because of my hand, things have been piling up, and I have a lot of chores and stuff to do... maybe I can do some writing tomorrow.

Speaking of writing, Whiskers was part of my Mom's Mother's Day gift, in case I didn't mention; I put together a "book" of all my short/one-shot Valdemar fanfics for her, and wanted to include at least one new one. Hence we finally forcing myself through my writer's block to scribble about Mouse and Fawzi. <3 lol.

I'm hoping to be able to work on more stuff now, though... try to finish up some more of the one-shots that have been hanging around my hard drive for practically forever...


May. 14th, 2006 08:37 pm
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'Whiskers' @ nFiction

'Whiskers' @ FF.Net

It's the exact same thing at both places, but whatever. Whiskers is first thing I've written in a long time... it's short, but at least I wrote it. Yay for random Heralds of Valdemar fics! I'm trying like hell to get through the Writer's Block that's been bogging me down for paractically forever.

And it's not even ANGST. ^_^;

Also, thankies to Cat McD! <3 You don't have to send me another invite, that one finally came through! lol.


May. 14th, 2006 06:58 pm
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WTF! I actually finally wrote something, and FF.Net won't upload! >_<;; ARGH!

Hey... [ profile] etcetera_cat or [ profile] cat_mcdougall or someone, can you send me an invite to that other archive you guys use? I know -cat sent me one a while back, but I don't think I ever got around to doing it... ^^;;
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I can't sleep, so I'm breaking in new characters. )

EDIT: And then there were random photos. Mostly of Neko. )
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My name is Sena, and I hereby declare this to be Completely Random Old Art Day! X3

I'm sure I've probably posted one or two of these before, but OH WELL. ^_~

E16 art stuff. )


Random art stuff. )


Fanart art stuff. )


The Sparrow and The Phoenix )

Note that I got 12/10 on that assignment! =^-^=
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Stolen from [ profile] jarrn :)

Do you trust my taste in music? Pick a number between 1 and 35 and I'll find the corresponding song in my collection playlist. I'll upload it for you (and everyone else reading this entry) to grab. [Optional: when you've gotten a song from me, go post this meme in your own journal, so I can grab a random song from you.]

Also, my response to the last meme I posted (this one here). I only got two suggestions for it. ^_^; If anyone still wants to suggest titles, feel free, though. I'll keep it up until the meme disappears from my front page.

The Day The Sky Turned Fuschia )


Just One Breath )
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I really like the ideas behind the drabble I posted yesterday night. *adds another world to her already cramped headspace* lol.

I've been considering the whole vow of silence thing with Celine and the other Pegs (uh, excuse me, Pegusi) and have come upon a little snag in the idea; assuming that their self-imposed silence is started right from birth except for when praying/etc. to their Creator (as stated in yesterday's post), then how would they learn to speak at all? Learning an initial language is all about immersion and mimickery, right? With Celine in particular, she spent a lot of her time with Terra and Ilo around the horse herd, so she could/would have picked it up from them, but for the other Pegs that doesn't work.

Maybe a psychic implant or something, when they come to the age when they should begin to Worship on their own? Possibly by their High Priest(s)... so how did they learn? BAH. Logic is my enemy! Say at the dawn of time, their Creator gifted them with the ability to speak by doing the same implant into the first of the Priests, and allowing him to do the same for others...

Yeah. That'll work. *nods*

On another note, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to make some of my anime!pony accessories out of clay or not. For the sake of specifics, I'm talking about things like skirts/ties/collars/etc. I'm leaning toward yes, since I SUCK at sewing. I think I'll get some Sculpy and do a couple of test pieces to see how they turn out...

I do plan to do other accessories in glay, though-- microphones and stuff for the Three Lights ponies, a schoolbag for Tohru!pony, a backpack for Kagura!pony... that type of thing. ^^

EDIT: ZOMGNarutohilarity. XD
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It was quite uncommon... )

Yay for random pointless snippets from nonexistent stories. To clarify things, since this clip doesn't really; Ilo is a Unicorn and is aligned with the sun-- his people are always colored in varied shades of gold. The Unicorns tend to be relatively solitary creatures, and rarely congregate in numbers greater than three or maybe four at a time. Usually, these are family groups, consisting of parents and young. They speak, but only telepathically.

Celine is a Pegasus, and her people are aligned with the moon-- they're rarely colored anything other than shades of silver and white. The Pegs are a lot more companionable than the Unicorns are, and enjoy spending time with friends, family, and others of their kind. Like all of her kind, Celine doesn't speak-- not because she can't, but because they save their words for when they're communicating with their God/Creator.

And finally, Terra is... a horse. Yup. Just a normal horse (with the exception that she speaks). Color-wise, she's probably either chestnut or dapple grey. I haven't entirely decided yet. ^_^; The horses are just like regular horses, nothing really special to say about them.

Terra: Thanks. -_-;;

The Cats are various species of (duh) large cats, mostly striped or spotted, and sometimes sporting wings (depending on the kind) which are the main predators in the world that I've just spontaniously created. There are other predators as well, but they're generally few and far between.

Anyway, Terra, Ilo and Celine became friends when they were young, but I haven't figured out the entire back story yet. That's the reason they're friends now that they're older, though, as usually the three species have very little to do with each other due to differences in culture/beliefs/religion.

Yup. .__.

EDIT: This little blurb is the first thing I've written literally in months... =_=;;

EDIT #2: Bah. Lj-cut for organization and my own sanity.
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So today, with no pony rehairing tool, I did a couple more odds-and-ends on the pony I'm currently working on (her name is "Nightmare", and she's the first in a set of two, along with her sister, "Daydream"). They both have 3D cutie marks, so I sculpted Nightmare's and attached it, then painted it to match her color scheme. I'm really excited about her and Daydream, I can't wait to finish them and show them off... =3

As a random thought, I do a lot of black ponies, don't I? |_|;;

Right. I also made a list of hair colors that I've run out of or will need in the future (caddy red, sapphire, plum crazy, cm yellow, etc.) so that when I have some more money I can order it. I want some more Glow in the Dark and Thermal Orange, but they're expensive... ^^; Besides, I still have some of each of them to use up, so I'll wait until they're gone before I worry about scraping up the funds to buy more...

That stuff aside, I did a bunch of tidying around here... it's funny how quickly my craft supplies take over, if I don't keep on top of them. They all go in a little set of shelves (by my manga bookshelves for now until I have somewhere better for them), but when I get working on a project (any project, pony or otherwise), they get practically emptied and everything gets spread out all over both of my coffee tables (yes, I have two! lol.)

Anyway, over the last couple of days I'd managed to get my paints, dyes, glues, etc. all over the place again, so I cleaned them up and organized them a bit... as well as they can be, given the tiny shelves I have everything on. >^-^;;

Now tomorrow I'll end up getting them all out all over again. Ah, well!

Also, I was feeling kind of smutty, so I browsed around over at AFF for a while. Nyahahaha... I don't do it often, but sometimes I feel like reading random PWP, so I do. AFF is great for that. X3


Last night I was going through some papers (I tend to have random piles of papers all over the place, and need to go through them and organize them sometimes or they just TAKE OVER), and found a little blurb I had to write way back in Grade 11 (so around 2001-ish) in English class. We had something like fifteen minutes to come up with any random POV work of fiction-- a really really short story.

Mine was 'Rubies'... )

Eheh. XD Told you it was really really short...

I have another one that I found as well, called "The Sparrow and The Phoenix", that I'll post later-- it's got illustrations to go with it (okay, more like crayon scribbles, but it's not quite the same without them!) so I have to scan it first. Maybe tomorrow. :)

(Wow, there are a lot of brackets in this post, aren't there?)


Jul. 30th, 2005 09:05 pm
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It gets very strange in my head sometimes. I was just thinking that.

My mind just swims with people and voices other than my own; not that I'm split personality or anything. I have my problems, but not quite that many. Just... characters, I guess, even though I have trouble thinking of them in that way. Every character from every writing/art project that I've ever worked on, or at least all the ones that I remember.

Different ones become more or less vocal and chatty, depending on what's going on in my life at any given time. Right now, Akira and Mal are being particularly noisy, since I'm still working on both of their personalities and some details about them for the MSN RP. It's strange, because Akira is really cheerful, and he really doesn't fit in with the way my thoughts work nowadays. Though Mal and her fretting seem to fit in relatively well...

Another one that's pretty outspoken at this point is Natsume, who's an OC Fruits Basket character that I've been tinkering with. And of course, she drags Tasuku and Hana along as well, since they're her bestest friends she thinks they should never ever be apart. ^^;;

Anyway... yeah. *shrugs*
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Where the hell are my Muses?!

Trying to get Cat's already-late ficcy done is proving very difficult, as they've not yet decided to make an appearance! The characters are all standing around doing nothing! They're starting to get bored! And annoyed! And snippy!

Stupid traitorous Muses...

The Inside

Jun. 8th, 2005 09:03 pm
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ARGH. I need a new computer screen. >_<;;

That aside, I'm really tired. Insomnia sucks. So does muggy heat. =_=;; Thank God for air conditioners. I would have gone to bed already, except the premier of The Inside is on right now and I've been looking forward to it for about two weeks now; since I first saw the ad for it. I'm a sucker for crime/forensics dramas. :P

Have you ever had a dream where you were crying or screaming for some reason, and then when you wake up, it feels like you actually have been?

I had one of those last night. Mom and I were arguing about my writing, and she was telling me that if I was going to write books, I needed to sit my ass down and bloody well get writing, dammit! She was yelling at me, telling me I was a huge disappointment, and one of my friends (Suisei-chan) was standing there with me. We were supposed to be going to school, but I couldn't go because Mom wouldn't stop screaming at me long enough for me to get a word in edgewise.

I remember being so angry at first that I could barely defend myself, and Suisei-chan was trying to get Mom to calm down, but she wouldn't. After the anger I found myself crying hysterically--and when I woke up my throat, eyes and lungs hurt, as if I'd been sobbing for hours like in my dream. I had a headache, so I think I was gritting my teeth.

I've had a couple of dreams like that before, where I'm sobbing uncontrolably for whatever reason, but the one last night was the worst one... just because it was Mom who was screaming at me and telling me how worthless I was. Not that I have to guess why I'm dreaming like that, since that's how I feel about myself nowadays, but still...

Dreams like that are more terrible than any nightmare I've ever had.

Moving on!

Flash and Dazzle are doing fine, despite their minor injuries (which neither of them seem to notice, still). I'm sure they'll be alright, but I checked them a couple of times today just to make sure. Gerbils have so much energy... ^_^;;

It's strange, but Neko's taken to Flash really quickly. Flash's cage is on the floor opposite the rat's cage, and Neko spends a lot of time laying in front of it; he rolls over onto his back and wriggles around, and then stretches one paw out to the bars. Then Flash ambles over and sniffs at his paw, and Neko purrs. It's actually really cute. ^^

I'm not really surprised about it, though... when he was younger he used to be bestest friends with Granite and Bedrock.

And Triton absolutely adores Yuki and 'Nashi. >^-^;; He sleeps next to their cage so much that I ended up just moving his pillow there. It's fun to watch him play with them... 'Nashi plays with him the most. They poke at each other through the bars, Tri purrs, and 'Nashi makes happy chirping-squeaking noises. When I open the door to the cage, Tri moves around there and noses at him, and 'Nashi noses right back; then he moves back a bit and bounces before poking his nose out at Tri again. ^^

They're very sweet... =3

In case anyone was wondering why I have so many animals, here's the explanation: I find them very theraputic. They help me to relax a bit when I'm freaking out. To be perfectly honest, a lot of the time now my pets are the only reason I drag myself out of bed in the morning. Knowing that they need me, love me no matter what's going on in my life, and depend on me gives my pathetic life at least a flicker of meaning.

Sometimes the incentive is barely there... but it's still there nonetheless.


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