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Number of cats I share my home with: EIGHT (8)

Number of dogs I share my home with: ZERO (0)

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I actually don't really prefer cats over dogs. I like them both equally, I just happen to have a bunch of cats and no dogs because of where I'm living at the moment. If I had the chance, I would own a dog as well. ♥

Generally, I love dogs and cats for different reasons. Cats can pretty much take care of themselves, so they're good if you don't have the time to go out on walks several times a day. Then again, sometimes you have cats like Neko or Dion, who are so completely codependant when it comes to me that they get seriously upset if I go out for more than a couple hours (and God forbid I should spend the night elsewhere or go away on vacation. :P) And then of course there are the times that they eat your ipod charger cords and you want to skin them all.

Dogs generally need more attention and interaction, but they're tons of fun to play with and much more lively pets than cats. Dogs have a higher energy level. I would actually love to have a dog just to have a workout buddy, actually. Haha.

And then on top of cats and dogs, I'm quite fond of other animals for pets as well, in particular rabbits and rats. They're unique and have quite the personality on them, usually. Owning rats is actually much like having teeny tiny dogs, really. And rabbits are spunky. ♥

I also enjoy keeping reptiles and fish (right now I have a turtle, 2 snakes and a fuckton of fish-- including a pair of piranha-- in two different aquariums,) but that's more of a hobby than anything else. They're fun to observe and pretty to look at, but you can't interact with them much. the good thing about pets like these is the lack of mess. Everything is contained and you don't have to sweep up after them all the time. :)
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Oh God, what WOULDN'T they do? XD;;

I think they would all do different things, but mostly just get into stuff they shouldn't. But I think the universal one would be to take the locks off the cupboards and get into the yummy, yummy foodz that exist inside.

They were doing that exact thing already, which is why I had to get the locks in the first place. :P
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An old TV that's taking up space in the sun room; it still works fine, but I had a bigger one donated a couple months back. *shrug* Actually, at some point my Mom and Lee are going to take it for using in their bedroom, I think. It just hasn't happened yet. ^^;

I also need to go through my closet (read as: wardrobe, since this place HAS no closets XD;) and clear out some clothes that don't fit me anymore. This includes a couple of cosplay outfits that I'm hoping to be able to sell.
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Vegetarian lasagna, by far. ♥ And I make really good ricotta-and-spinach Canelloni as well, which is similar to the lasagna (but with fewer ingredients.)

Then again, technically those both have eggs and cheese in them. So I guess it depends on what degree of vegetarianism you're talking about. Haha.
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Oreo cookies or sugary cereal that I eat dry. Also anything that combines chocolate with mint (cookies, chocolates, ice cream, whatever.) I don't tend toward salty snacks as much, but sometimes pretzels or tortilla chips with salsa.
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Half would go to visiting Mel in Japan, and half would go to paying for going to the US in the summer.

That was easy to answer. ♥
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If I really, really love a movie or book (or TV show), I'll re-watch/read it countless times. I don't have an upper limit on how many times I'll go through them, though I tend to go in phases; I'll feel like watching a certain movie and watch it dozens of times in a couple of weeks, and then maybe not watch it again for a couple of months. I always go back to them at some point, though. :D

It's similar with books, though I don't tend to re-read books over and over again in a row. Instead I'll read entire series; I'll take a notion to read my Dean Koontz books, or my Valdemar books, or whatever, and over a couple weeks (or longer, depending on the series) I'll read though the whole set. Then, like with the movies, I might not read them again for a few months. I typically cycle through all my novels about once a year. ♥
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I think this in itself is a loaded question, because it depends on the specific person. For example, my movie shelves are full of violent movies of various degrees and genres; I was raised on Godzilla, Gamera and Mothera (and the occasional Alien) movies from the time I was in diapers-- but despite that, I'm not a violent person.

Someone else, however, might have a different psychological reaction to the same kind of upbringing and exposure to violence in the media. Personally, I'm sure that some people have psychological markers for that type of behavior, which might or might not be triggered by violence in the media. I think the media has more effect culturally than behaviorally.
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One Door Away From Heaven by Dean Koontz. It's about ten years old now, and by far his best novel in my opinion. I've read dozens of his books and One Door Away From Heaven is my favourite; it's actually tied for my fav book of all time with Magic's Pawn and Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey.

ODAFH is a little different from most of Dean Koontz's other novels, I found. It was more thoughtful and intellectual, and less about the obligatory scares, deaths, monsters and gore. But it was the ending that caught me, because it made clear a point of view on happiness and hope that I had never really thought about before. It showed how simplicity can bring joy, and how easy it is to grasp-- despite the fact that most people make it more complicated than it needs to be and let contentment slip through their fingers.

I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. ♥
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...quite possibly that I'm a freak. Or a serial killer. XD;;

Srsly, the only kind of book that I don't have on my shelves is romance. And even that, I have two historical-romance-ish books that take place basically during the time juuuuust after we evolved past the caveman stage. (Children of the Ice and Children of the Sun by Charlotte Prentis.) But I mean, no harlequins or the kind of romance books with Fabio clones on the cover.

I have a TON of fantasy, sci-fi and horror books, a bunch of true crime books, a lot of psychology texts, a lot of mythology texts, about thirty dictionaries in various languages... and so on. Here are some of the titles, just because the mix makes me lol:

To Ride a Silver Broomstick (Silver Ravenwolf)
Atlas of Anatomy (which apparently has no author wtf?)
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures (John Malam & Steve Parker)
Psychology; The Nature of Mind and Behavior (John W. Santrock)
Animal Spirit Guides (Steven D. Farmer, PH.D.)
The Nurse's Drug Handbook Fourth Edition (again, no author)
Great Shark Writings (Edited by Valerie & Ron Taylor)
Clones and Clones (Edited by Martha C. Nussbaum & Cass R. Sunstein)
The Nightmare Encyclopedia (Jeff Belanger & Kirsten Dalley)

And of course there's always Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by Robert Rankin. XD!!
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Haha, this one is easy for me to answer because it's something I've thought about for almost ten years now! xD;

If I was opening a restaurant, it would be a small cafe/bakery type place, rather than a full sit-down-for-a-meal one. We would serve coffee/tea/etc. and simple foods like sandwiches, wraps and bagels but mostly we would focus on baked goods like cookies, cakes, muffins, squares, funnel cakes, sweet loaves (banana/zucchini/pineapple/etc.) and things like that. We would also carry a minor selection of house-specialty chocolates. And of course we would offer daily specials of scones and jam/marmalade/etc, made by yours truly.

My cafe would be called The Wall, which is kind of an inside joke going back to high school and my friends there. ♥

EDIT: [ profile] fantacination! Yeaaah... it's my security settings, or so I'm told. Whatever. I have to tinker with them to get them to allow gmail again. IDK, why is it blocking gmail but not blocking hotmail? YOU MAKE NO SENSE SOMETIMES, Z. *pokes teh laptop* Anyway, I'll send my tags asap, I promise. Sorry for all this. ~_~;;


Nov. 2nd, 2006 07:31 pm
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Well, I did get a start on my NaNo today, just under 800 words. Not much, but considering I don't even have a plot yet, I figure that's pretty good. ^_^;;

Dake and Lore are proving to be fun to write already, though. ♥

I'm planning on forcing out as much as I can on this project, and maybe that'll get me past the majority of the stupid writer's block that's bogged me down for like two years now. -.-;;

We'll see, I guess...
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I dreamt about animals last night...

I didn't sleep really well, but I was very comfortable, and for some reason reason, that seemed to equal Dreams About Animals. First I was filming a movie with some friends out at this old farmhouse, and there were cats and dogs all over the damn place. They kept getting into the film shots, so we were running around, gathering them all up, and sticking them in this outside pen. We ended up with four cats and three dogs, but then they kept getting out so we were constantly having to re-collect them. It was actually quite frustrating.

After that I had a dream about a kitten. ^^; It was a long-haired calico/tortiseshell with really bright blue eyes, and I had named her Apollo; for some reason I was carrying her around with me, but I don't know why, and that's all I remember of the dream, really. ^_^;

Now that I think about it, though, I might be dreaming about cats because Tri has recently decided that he likes to sleep on the bed by my feet. Not just at night, but whenever I'm laying down. >^-^;; He just curls up and grooms himself, then purrs (really loudly) and goes to sleep.


At least he's little enough that he can sleep there and not take up half the bed, like some cuddly felines by the name if "Neko" that I could point out. ^_~


Did I mention that Writer's Block sucks ass? >_<;;

I haven't been able to write anything really decent in forever, and I'm really starting to get irritated... besides which, I use my writing as an outlet for my angst--

Sterling: :THAT'S an interesting way of putting it...:

Kier: Maybe we should get some testimonials from her ficcy and RPGing alters? ^^;;

Jack: Let's not and say we did, hey?


Anyway, I use my writing as a kind of therapy (yes, hence all the crazy ANGST!fics) and not being able to write doesn't help my emotional state any. The problem is that when I'm depressed I can't write, which makes me more depressed, which makes it even harder for me to write. Hurrah for craptacular circles like that. =_=;

I'm even having trouble writing those little ficlets that everyone suggested in that writing meme. Blegh.

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Seriously, if I can't kick this freaking Writer's Block to the curb soon, I'm going to freak out... and I might cry. It's getting really really annoying. I think I just need to sit down and force out a One-Shot or Short Story...

Unfortunately, much as I love writing random scenes from Cassandra-san and my N.D. universe, they're just not proving to be long enough for me to deal with my Writer's Block. Bah. What a pain in the butt.

Maybe I'll dig out my The Hounds of Passing disc and write another Short from that continuum. >^-^;; I need to work on that series a bit more, anyway...


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