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Hokay! My first real entry after months of nothing! ...and it's just a recounting of my day, really. I'm very boring lately. :P



Today was grocery day. Yay! /sarcasm. >>;

Actually, it's not so bad. Mom and I do groceries together each week, so it's kind of fun to go out and spend the time with her.

So because this is the first shopping trip of the month (for March, even though it's still the 29th of February), I had a TON of stuff to get. I easily dropped $250+ dollars on various things, and that was BEFORE coming home and paying all my bills. =.=;;

So foodstuffs for me and then stocking up on food and litter and other various things for the critters. While I was at the (first) pet store, I also picked up a few fish for my community tropical tank. 2 blue dwarf gouramis, a striped angel fish and 6 cherry barbs. (Already in the tank; 1 pleco, 2 cory catfish, 3 angels, 1 orange dwarf gourami, 2 rosy minnows, 2 gold barbs, 3 rosy barbs, 9 neon tetras, 4 red platys, 1 guppy, 1 tiger barb, 1 redtail shark, 2 zebra danios...) It's a huge 75 gallon aquarium, what can I say? I think my next addition might be one or two congo tetras. They are SO pretty. ♥

When I later went down to J&K to buy rats for Aya and Opal, I asked Dave when I should start worrying about how long it's been since Aya ate; ball pythons will routinely go for long periods of time without eating, but it's going on 10 months since Aya last ate. He seems healthy and isn't losing weight. He's even still shedding, which means he must still be growing. But it's been so long now that Dave said it's probably a good idea to bring Aya into the shop, and they'll hand-feed him for me. If it works, they'll show me how to do it. I might have to buy a pair of feeding tongs, but that's a minor thing when compared to the idea of Aya starving to death. =/

Having done a ton of running around with Mom today during shopping, I then did a bunch more after she dropped me off. XD; I went to the Dollarama and picked up some things for Easter baskets, then to Liquidation World, where I bought a Firefly Jar for part of a Christmas gift for the end of this year.

I froze my tail off with all the walking, since it was blustery and snowstorming when I went out. Now I have wind burn on my face and ears. DX

Tonight was the night that registration for AA at Anime North opened. I sent in my application like five seconds after 8pm when registration officially started, so we'll see if I get a spot. I hope I do, I could really use the money...

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to Mom and Lee's place for dinner. My sister and her hubby are coming over and bringing my new baby niece, and we're all going to have Chinese takeout together. xD;

So I'm making a cake for dessert! But since my sis and brother-in-law have a lot of diet restrictions, it has to be a really specialty-type recipe. I'm making dairy-free, soy-free carrot cake with frosting made from avacados! O.O The cake looks really good, and I'm doing the icing in a few minutes. Then tomorrow we'll see how it turned out~!

...and now I'll leave you with a brony Cross And Arrow duet dub video, just for shits and giggles:


Mar. 16th, 2011 11:50 pm
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So, after all of the optimism in regard to Miss Tiamat, on Monday night I had to make an emergency trip to the vet with her.

Basically, on top of pulling the staples earlier, she managed to mess up the surgical glue as well and was bleeding all over the damn place. So I called the vet and got her in right away to be checked out and sewn back up.

BUT. ~_~;;

When Dr. W came in and looked at her, we discovered that Tia had also somehow managed to pop some of the internal sutures. Long story short? Her insides were exposed to the outside and actually in danger of herniating out of the inch-and-a-half hole in her stomach. A hole that size doesn't sound big, but you have to remember that she's only a 4.7 pound cat.

So she had to go into an immediate emergency surgery to fix everything. And immediate eight hundred dollar emergency surgery. GAH. DAMMIT TIA, YOU ARE A FREAKING EXPENSIVE FREEBIE CAT RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, yesterday we picked her back up and she's doing very well now and feeling great. She's on antibiotics (of course), and I'm keeping her in the cat crate overnight to keep her from rampaging all over the place unsupervised, since that's all she seems to want to do right now. (The crate also helps since she's in heat right now; she wails all night long, but when I put her in the crate and cover it with a blanket she just relaxes and settles down for the night. Go figure.)

So, other than Tia, today I went for a nice walk since it was warm out. YAY SPRING WEATHER ILU.

I went to the bookstore at the corner, but didn't find anything. Then I went to the pet store and bought my kitties some catnip pouches for presents since I haven't done it in forever. They all went BANANAS over them, so it was worth the $10. ♥

After that I poked my nose into the Bargain Shop and got a new animal documentary DVD for $3.33; Growing Up Arctic (polar bear, seal, walrus & penguin stories.) Then I went to the Dollarama for some lightbulbs, and ended up with a bunch of misc other stuff as well; jelly tots, some plant pots, potting soil, etc. And they had the most awesome shinto temple style tealight holders! I got one for my room as well as one of those fake flickering tealights to put in it.

The shinto temple thing though... I think I've decided that I'm going to pick up another one and use it as a marker for Tri's grave when I bury him later. Then I can find him and visit whenever I'm up at Grandma's, and I'll replace the tealight whenever I do. Somehow it seems fitting for him.

Tonight was groceries as well, but there isn't much to say about that. I got some smelt for the piranha, and when I gave them the first piece tonight they were like \o/ at it. It was funny actually. I also got the makings for green chili for later this week.

Oh, and while we were at Walmart I got a copy of Piranha 3D, since they had them on clearance for $10. XD They also had Sharktopus but it was still almost $30 so Imma wait until it goes down some before I pick it up. :3

Then Mom, my brother and I went to Arby's for dinner and I had a delicious delicious roast chicken club sammich (without the bacon), some curly fries and a Dr. Pepper. It was awesome and I enjoyed it way too much, I think. XD

EDIT: Downside to spring? ALLERGIES. DX
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So today was mall day. Yay! lol I haven't been actually shopping-shopping at the mall here in a long time. Mostly because we only have about ten stores that are worthwhile anymore. XD I much prefer just going to Walmart if I need something, or shopping along the main street downtown. We have a lot of cute stores down there. :)

Anyway, I didn't sleep worth beans last night. Originally I had planned to get up at 11:30am at the latest so I could head out around noon, but I ended up laying around in bed, tossing and turning and attempting to get even a little bit of sleep until around 2:30pm before I finally gave up and just got up for the day. ~_~;; Le sigh.

But whatever, I'm used to running on next to no sleep, so I got ready and walked up to the mall. It was super nice and sunny out... except for the wind. HOLY FUCK THE WIND. It was blowing so hard that when I got home I found out I have windburn across my face and neck. O__o; NOT FUN, and really too bad since it would have been warm out too if it wasn't for the wind.

My first stop at the mall was Zellers, where I poked around somewhat aimlessly for a while, just looking at stuff. In the end I got a new pack of LPS (a pony and a deer; the pony comes with a detachable horn! So cute!) and a copy of Megamind, since they had it on special for $18.99 (regular $24.99.) I also got a spool of 100 writeable DVD-Rs since they were on sale for half price and I have a FUCKTON of video files I need to get off of Z and Squall. >>;

After that I went to Ardene for jewelry components. I will post a pic of what I got tomorrow. They have CRYSTALS. CRYYYYYYYSTALS!! ...but when I got home later I remembered I need more bead boxes, so I have nowhere to put said crystals for the moment. xD; *fails*

Then I looked through the itty bitty bookstore we have at the mall, but even though I found a bunch of books and manga I was interested in, I didn't actually buy any. I'm going to be in Barrie next week, so Imma go to Chapters while I'm there instead. Yepyep.

That done, I went and got something to eat at the food court (which has three whole restaurants in it! *facepalm*) After eating, I realized I needed some actual cash so I walked all the way back down to the other end of the mall to pull $20 from the ATM there... at which point my hip went out. DAMMIT.

My hips have been giving me problems lately (particularly the left one, it keeps going out on me the last couple of weeks), so I wasn't surprised, but my shopping bag was relatively heavy and I still had to go to the grocery store and then WALK HOME. =__=;; URGH. SCREW YOU, BODY.

I managed to hobble to the grocery store at the other end of the mall and picked up the odds and ends I needed for cooking dinner tomorrow (chicken curry), then decided I couldn't walk the whole way home and limped my way over to the bus stop.

The problem is that the bus stop closest to here is still about ten blocks away. I got off at that stop, and managed to make my way to the Dollarama. I went in and took a cart for my bags and picked up a couple of things, because sometimes if I put down what I'm carrying and walk slowly for a while my hips/legs start to behave again.

This time? Not so much.

But at least while I was there I got some potting soil (I need to re-pot one of my plants to a bigger pot and need more soil for it) as well as photo frames for the Ghostbusters photo series from Otakon last summer. And some jujubes. Just because JUJUBES.

When I got outside again my hip was still out though, so I ended up having to call Mom and get her to come up and pick me up in the car. I haven't been limping this badly in forever, idk how I used to deal with it every day for so long... anyway, Mom picked me up and brought me home, and I took muscle relaxants and laid down for a couple hours.

When I got up again my hip was a bit better, but not great, so Mom also helped me clean the bunny cages tonight, since it requires a lot of bending and lifting. :P

I do have to go downtown tomorrow... I think even if my leg is better in the morning I'm going to bring my cane with me anyway, though.
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I went downtown today to drop the check the landlord gave me last night into the bank and pull some cash out. IT IS FREAKING COLD. ;A; PLZ TO BE GOING AWAY NAO, WINTERZ. DX

Anyhoo, after that I stopped at J&K Pets and picked up all the necessary supplies for Nyoka (sand substrate, heater, water dish) so I'll be prepared in a couple of weeks when I'm done moving and can finally pick her up and bring her home. :3 I do still want to get a plant for her terrarium, a fake cactus or something to go with the desert habitat. (I also want to get another climbing plant for Aya, too.) ♥

I picked up the new lid for Aya's old terrarium (soon to be Nyoka's) while I was at it. It got all warped and ripped and bent and stuff because the cats insisted on sleeping on top of it, so before I could use it again I needed to replace it. :P

Once I got all that stuff home (the sand and water dish were HEAVY, DANGIT! Thank God I brought my backpack to carry it all home. >>;) and dropped it off, I wandered down to the Dollarama. I got a couple new bead boxes (I have like 30 of them now, omg so many beads!) and a three-drawer organizer for my beading tools. Also a kitchen knife sharpener. AND A BUDDAH STATUE! YAYZ! X3

After that I popped into Blockbuster, where their "Coming Soon To DVD" board made me squee because MEGASHARK VS CROCOSAURUS ASDGH;KL!! XDD!!

Then I bought a few cheap movies since they were having another big sale. I got Kick-Ass (which I normally wouldn't have bothered with, but Dad has been telling me for two weeks how good it is; turn out he's right. XD;;), Frozen and Clash of the Titans. I want Piranha 3D, but they don't have it previously viewed yet, so Imma wait on that one for a few more days at least. Maybe I'll get it in Barrie on Friday.

And then, because things aren't sucky enough lately, I got home just in time for the cold water pipes under my floor to burst. And when I say "burst" I actually mean "FUCKING HELL THE APARTMENT DOWNSTAIRS HAS WATERFALLS FOR WALLS". May I also take this opportunity to add "LOL" to the end of that. Because my fucktarded neighbours who always get away with stupid and/or illegal shit are currently up to their knees in water, while my apartment is still bone dry. ♥

Right, so they ended up having to go to the utility room around the front of the house and turn the water off, which I don't blame them for. Then they called the landlord, who didn't answer (because he never does) and took seven hours to get back to us about it. He's sending a plumber first thing in the morning, so we only have to go overnight without water.

It's still a pain. =/

And around 5-ish Mom stopped by on her way home from work. Originally she was just supposed to sit and have a coffee and chat with me, but because of the way things ended up, we went out to Walmart instead so I could get a case of bottled water so I could, yanno, fill the cat dishes and stuff for the next day or so. *eyeroll*

Then I poked through the discount movies. I got a set of yoga/pilates DVDs that will hopefully help me get started with strengthening my joints a little. I also got season one of The Hunger, a 4-movie DVD set of Jim Carrey movies, and a 3-movie DVD set of A Haunting (Winchester House, Connecticut & Georgia.) Fun times.

And of course because the idiots downstairs can't be bothered paying for their phone line, the landlord had to call my phone and get me to take it to them and back and forth like that about five times. Now I'm cold and tired and annoyed. Pfft.
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Still busy with packing and emoing over the whole last couple of weeks. Bah.

At least today I got my last month's rent back from my current landlord. This means I can afford groceries for the rest of the month, and can pick Nyoka up from the pet store finally. Also means I'll have a little money to spend on Friday when Mom takes me on my belated-birthday-day-out to Barrie.

That aside, even with the baseboard heaters and the two space heaters, it is FREEZING in here tonight. Winter's finally settling in, I guess. Took it long enough. Cream of wheat is helping to warm me up, though.

Media, WHOO

Jan. 1st, 2011 02:01 pm
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Blockbuster was open today~ yaaaay~! And their awesome sale was still on, so I got a bunch of awesome previously viewed movies. :3

A Haunting in Georgia (as seen on Discovery Channel)
Lake Placid 3
Repo Men
The Incredible Hulk
(<-- note: SO AWESOME!!)
A Christmas Carol
The Wild Hunt

Fun tiems! And the movie place had these Rabbids figures that are little demented bunnies in various costumes... and I fell in love with the ninja one, so I got one for my figure collection. I also had to go to the pharmacy, and they had a bunch of little toys for sale, including some LPS so I got two 3-figure sets; a seal, a cat, a bunny, a meerkat, a husky and a mouse. So cute! ♥

It's totally warm today. I mean, for January. More like spring or fall weather than anything else. So I opened up the windows and the door here to air things out. I hate how stuffy it gets inside in the winter. :P

But because it's so warm it's been raining all day instead of snowing, and to walk all the way to Blockbuster and then to the pharmacy and then back home got me SOAKED. *facepalm* So now my coat and hat are dripping wet and hanging to dry, and when I got home I had to change my clothes because my jeans were soaked as well, and my shirt was damp from the water actually soaking all the way through my jacket. xD;;


In a couple hours Ryuu-chan is coming over! I haven't seen her in forever (two years on Monday, actually >>;) so I'm looking forward to seeing her and giving her her Christmas gift. :D

EDIT: Ryuu just left. She was here for a couple of hours, and it was really great to see her. ^_^ lol, she even brought a huge box of DVDs and VHS for me to pick through, and returned some anime that she and Andy borrowed like five years ago. XD; I also ended up with the whole set of ZG Gundam and a copy of Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Haha. She couldn't stay long, but I'm still happy. I really miss my high school friends, we don't get together nearly often enough anymore...

Sugar High

Mar. 9th, 2009 11:08 am
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I also has snow. =.=; I think The Powers That Be heard about the deal I made with Pronnie last night. xD;

...ohgod I'm going to crash so hard when this sugar high dies. >>;
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So today I've decided to watch the Saw movies. Or, 2-5 anyway. I've avoided them all for a while because I watched like half an hour of Hostel a couple years ago and couldn't finish it because of the horrible, horrible torture sequences (I actually gave it away ASAP after that, hope you liked it Sethi? XD;;) and then just after that Sui-chan told me Saw was just as bad if not worse. So I crossed them all off my list of movies to see. XD;

But then a couple months ago I caught most of the first one on the TV and it wasn't nearly as bad as all that. xD;; The problem with Hostel was that it was torture and that is a big problem for me. Just violence doesn't bother me so much, and the Saw movies seem to be more about plain violence and mental anguish.

Anyway, so I watched II and III earlier and now I'm on IV. YAY. Then later today I have The Uninvited to watch.

Oh, last night I talked with Michi a bunch. ♥ ILU MICHI. I don't talk to her enough. /random

I guess RY is mostly dead now. It makes me sad. I love that place, but it's just... gone downhill a lot the last couple months, basically since we went on hiatus. *sigh* I'm sticking through until it's totally dead, though, or possibly if Steph and Maddie want out I'll talk with Mari about things we could try to get it going again. Hmm.

But if it completely dies, would people be interested in rping out some of the stuff we have planned anyway? We can do it over AIM or I'll set up rp threads in my own journal or something? Because I really want to at least do a couple logs with that vacation that Asch, Luke, Kadaj and Axel are supposed to go on. And some more stuff with Haruhi and Roxas. Things like that. Thoughts on that, people I rp with?

Now I need to get back into TV some. I was supposed to be off hiatus forever ago. But between being sick and... well, frankly, depressed as hell, I haven't done it yet. I'm going to get kicked out if I don't get back there asap. *sigh* is such a nice day out I actually have my window wide open for fresh air and it's not freezing. SO NICE.

Also, I want spaghetti. IDK why, I just do.

EDIT: Beginning June 1st, I need a passport to enter the US, even if I take the bus. =__=; Stupid US. But I just checked the government site and apparently if I get my application in asap it'll get back to me in 4-5 weeks. I guess on the plus side, if I actually get off my duff and get a passport I can take a plane to Otakon instead.
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I think I actually just mentally squeed over Walter Skinner.

I am such a shameless X-Files fangirl. XD;;

EDIT: I miss this show show much. >.<; Future Shop sells season box sets for $20 each though. >.>; I should ask for them for Christmas or something.

EDIT 2: Also, the snow is still here. D: NOES. MELT ALREADY, DAMMIT, I DON'T WANT YOU HERE.
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...I want to try the NaNo again this year and work on Reaper Crossing for it. Srsly. But I mean, with me moving and everything three days before it starts, I don't know. >.<;

Maybe I'll give it a try, but I'll probably fail at it as usual. >>;

EDIT: Also ASDGH;KL it's snowing out right now. DDDD: NUUUU!
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I got my hair cut today. REALLY cut. X33 Like, I got two feet cut off for donating to Locks of Love, and then another half-foot-ish cut off in the process of actually trimming/styling it. ^.^ I literally haven't had my hair this short in about 23 years. Since it grew past this length when I was a toddler.

My head is all light and fwee~ >3<

It was hard describing what I wanted for the cut since I've never had it short before. The poor hairdresser was so confused. So in the end she went "you mean like...?" and I said yes, and if it wasn't exactly what I meant that was fine. It's just hair, it'll grow back. She did a really good job though! The only thing is that it's a teeny bit shorter in the back than I originally meant. It'll grow out to the length I wanted in no time, though. Probably even in time for cosplaying Haruhi at AN. <3

I do have photos, but I'm too lazy and tired to post them right now, so I'll do that tomorrow or something. xD;;

Anyhow, while we were at the mall (where the hairdresser is), I pillaged the discount section at the bookstore. WAH~ they had a TON of awesome books discounted! \o/ But I have no money. >>; Mom took pity on me and got me a couple; SHARKS: Savage Predators of the Oceans by John McIntyre, If You Could See What I See by Sylvia Browne, and A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong, all of which totalled about $17. MUCH cheaper than our last bookstore outing.

Today's Random: RudexRufus FTW. Demy-muse APPROVES. ♥ lol.

P.S. I had to get my air conditioner set up. ALREADY. IT'S NOT EVEN MAY. =.=; But unfortunately, it's been hot, and my place always gets way hotter than the rest of the house. I've been boiling the last few days. I only really need it for a couple hours in the afternoon though to keep my place cool while the sun beats in the big front window. After that it's fine.

EDIT: Oh, before I forget. Someone reported one of my submissions at devART as being stolen. The one with photos of my second Kaoru!pony. And the devART staff "reviewed it and found it to be stolen/use of someone else's work without permission." WUT? So I emailed the mods back and I'm hoping to work it out. I am rather annoyed though. :P

Snowed In

Dec. 16th, 2007 03:33 pm
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...I'm still at Mom's. xD;;

I was supposed to go home last night, but decided to stay because I was going to go out Christmas shopping with my brother this morning, and then today... I'm snowed in here! 8D

At like 12:30 last night Trunks and I decided to just go do the Christmas shopping then, since Walmart is open 24hours right now. lol. So we took a cab out there and wandered around for a while. It was awesome for us, since he works nights and I don't sleep at night most of the time anyway. Plus it turns out we wouldn't have been able to go today anyway.

So we walked around and I put stuff in the cart and he just looked bored and irritated.

Dad got the new Pirates movie and a huge case of 30 Star Wars collector keychains that are generally awesome. X3 Lois got a pretty watch set, Lee got a couple of movies and Mom got a whole new matching set for the bathroom. We also picked up a really pretty blue-painted poinsetta for Grandma. Then we came home and he disappeared and I wrapped everything and signed the tags for him. =D;;

Other than that, I've been puttering around and taking a rediculous amount of Christmas pics of Tetsuya.

Also, turns out Trunks thinks he's creepy and posessed-looking, so I've been leaving him in places where he stares at him when he comes into the room. XDDD And right now he has the metalic cobalt eyes in (just for fun), so he staaaaaares instead of just staring. X33
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So, as per yesterday's post, I went to the dentist! And I'm going back tomorrow morning at 8:45 in the morning. =D;;

Yesterday it took four shots of freezing and an hour in the chair, but now my tooth is fixed; the one that I broke while flossing anyway. xD; I know I have at least two cavities that need to be filled, but they'll tell me about all that at my cleaning tomorrow I'm sure.

Anyway, my jaw is still mightily sore from the needles, but the tooth itself doesn't hurt anymore, so I'm happy.

Today has been... hot. Stupidly hot. At least in my apartment. I hate that the people downstairs have such a temperature problem. They crank the heat, and it all travels up, and then my place ends up like 90 degrees. -.-;;

I have both my windows open right now and it's freezing outside. BAH.

Other than that, though, Mom took me out to Walmart for allergy meds, and while I was there I got the new Pirates movie. I'm so terrible. XDD; I did this last year too, I just can't wait for Christmas for them. lol. And I've had it in the house since 6pm now, and haven't watched it yet... and at this point I don't think I'm going to tonight because I kind of want to go to bed. >>;

I also got one new pony, the 2007 Minty. <3
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Ooooh... wtf it was nice and cool last night, and then all day today it's been unbearably hot in here. I CAN HAS A DRINK PLZ.

Haha, even though it's been so hot and humid, I've actually gotten quite a bit done today though; I've taken almost all the stuff that needed to go to the garage for storage down (now my back is threatening to spasm again from the lifting, ugh), I've prepped a bunch of things for shipping tomorrow, I've swept/mopped/vacuumed EVERYWHERE, I've clipped Pagan's nails (have to do the other buns tomorrow), and I've fiddled with some customs as well.

...I think that's it. .__.;

A little while ago I was bored and poking through some old RP logs... once again, I miss the So Long And Thanks For All The Fish! Valdemar RP. Every time I think about it I get all nostalgic xD;; It was rediculous fun. And I was reading a Hikaru and Kaoru log from about a year ago, when they went out to buy a pet rat (Aki~ ♥) and Hika was all distracted by TEH BUNNIEZ. lol.

Now, tomorrow.

Bank, post office, posting more stuff to ebay, finishing Duo!custom. Also, I'm going to finish up the last of the jam tinkering so I can mail all that off on Friday. Ye-up. ^_^

Photoblogging, Day 81,82 )

And now it's suddenly/randomly started pouring rain again.

The Old Man

Oct. 6th, 2007 07:15 pm
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It's been pouring rain all day. Just started again. So much for my journal entry, I'm going to turn the computer off again just in case. *shrug*

Steph wasn't around on AIm today, and I have to keep shutting the PC down because of the weather. Maybe I can catch her tomorrow...

Photoblogging, Day 80 )
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Yesterday was kind of busy. I had to go to Mom's to do laundry, but in and around that we also went to my old school to get my transcripts and then went to sign me up for the courses I had half-done so I can finish them.

It's weird, I haven't been in OD since 2003, it felt strange to be back there. Anyway, so since I'm doing my courses via correspondence this time to try to avoid any panic attacks, I can only do one course at a time, which is kind of a pain. At the same time, I guess whatever, it shouldn't take me long to finish them anyway if I'm left to my own devices, and then I'll just sign up for another one.

I need to contact my ODSP caseworker though and see if the program will help with the cost. Luckily Mom was with me yesterday because she gave me a ride, since the first course cost $130. -___-; I guess it's better than $1000 for the TESL early next year.

So my first course is a creative writing course, which should be fun. At the same time, I'm still dealing with writer's block, so it could also be a nightmare, depending on how it goes. I'm hoping for fun, obviously. >>;

Then last night we sort of lost power for a while. "Sort of" because we lost it halfway; the lights were really dim but would work, and my alarm clock had the : in the middle but wouldn't show numbers. My modem had some lights on and some off. WTF, right? So I turned everything off in case and listened to my mp3 player with a candle going and made candle-roasted-marshmallows. XD;


Aug. 25th, 2007 08:50 pm
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Floods. Forest fires. Tornadoes. Hurricanes.

This has been a hell of a summer, hasn't it?
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I did pretty much nothing again today. I feel bad, I came here to keep Grandma company and everything and the last two days I've just spent sleeping... but if I don't the stupid cramps debilitate me anyway, so either way I'm not decent company...

I didn't eat breakfast or lunch today, so I forced myself to have something for dinner even though I wasn't hungry. Then after eating, I took my camera outside and took a few random photos, I guess I'll use one of those for my photo for today when I get home and can hook the camera up to the PC again.

It rained all last night and kept me awake; it would be quiet and then there'd suddenly be a DOWNPOUR... then it would end suddenly, and be quiet again. And it did that a bunch of times. >>;;

Now I'm doing a load of laundry so that everything is shiny clean for taking home tomorrow. Then I need to pack everything up and make sure I haven't forgotten anything (not that I couldn't get it again later, but you know) as Mom is going to be here around 9 tomorrow morning to pick me up.

Heat Stroke

Aug. 1st, 2007 10:12 pm
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OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, so hot... -.-;;

I don't want to go out tomorrow~ but I've got to go to Mom's. I think I might take a cab there instead of walking down to catch the bus. >>;;

My allergies are really bad today too for some reason. Hm.

Photoblogging, Day 13 )
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It's way too friggin' hot right now. -___-; I have heat rashes from it, dammit! ...though it's thinking about raining now, so hopefully that'll at least cut the humidity a bit. My poor little air conditioner is working really really hard and just making it livable. >>;

Also, still don't have a bloody kitchen light. *tick*

But right now the critters are happy, at least. I had a half-dozen peaches that had sat around for a long time and were on the border of going bad... so I just gave them to the rabbits and Kori. They're all going NOMNOM right now. Bedrock, Roxy and Axel don't seem to like peaches, so they got grapes instead. <3

Photoblogging, Day 12 )

OMG f-list, I need a Kaoru over at A Dark World~~ *hinthint* >.>


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