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Baked cupcakes tonight. Starting at 11:30pm. JUST BECAUSE I WANTED TO. XD;;

Anyway, they're confetti cupcakes with white icing and I decorated them with Halloween decorations; orange and black sprinkes, tiny black and white candy skulls and slightly larger candy bones. The bones are white with splotches of red "blood".

idk I just felt like it, even though I can't eat many cupcakes anymore. *shrug* Like with most things I bake nowadays, probably 3/4 of them will go to Mom, Lee and my bro. I'd share with other people, too, but I pretty much don't know anyone else in Orillia anymore. It's a sad state of affairs, really. ~_~;;

Other than baking, I guess the news is Squall and the cats.

My spiffy laptop, Squall, is being a dick again. He won't load windows at all, and the startup diagnostics have literally been running for over 48 hours now. =__=;; In the morning if nothing's changed I'm going to just turn him off. Hopefully MDG will get back to me about having him repaired, since he's still under warranty until the end of November.

So for now I'm back to using my netbook, Z, which means I'm not going through Internet Withdrawl. No, instead I'm going through EVERYTHING ELSE withdrawl, since all my writing. music and bookmarks are on Squall. There is literally nothing on Z's HD since I cleared it out about 8 months ago. -.-;;

I'll have to hook Gale (my external drive) up and transfer some stuff from there, I guess.

In the meantime I've been mainlining two things the last few days; Mantracker and Tokyo Mew Mew. Yes, I am aware that this is about the weirdest combination I could have chosen. XD; Whatever, I'm enjoying them both so :P. I'm watching all the eps of Mantracker that I haven't seen, which is like 3/4 of them, and I'm working my way through TMM since for some reason, even though I have the whole series, I never watched past about episode 20. Must've got sidetracked and forgotten...

As for the cats, Nio has passed his cold on to EVERYONE EXCEPT NEKO AND LILY. *EPIC HEADDESK [HERE]*

Oh, and the other big news is that one of my close friends from highschool had her first baby! She's shared pics of the new little girl, and she's sooooo cute! CONGRATS, P! ♥♥♥♥♥

...this is the closest thing to a baking icon that I have. WHYYYYY?
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Two entries in a row! Go me! =D;;

Mom came over today to help me move some things around in my place. I moved way back in the beginning of June, but idk I guess I have so much stuff that I'm still getting the last bits and pieces organized. It's the same story every time I move. Takes me forever to get settled completely.

Anyway, we got some stuff off to Goodwill and moved things around, then just sat around and chatted for a little while before heading out to Walmart. I needed some decongestant nasal spray and Mom needed some multivitamins, so we got those.

I also poked around for possible workout clothes, and was lucky enough that right now Walmart has all of their summer clothes on massive clearance, so I got a pair of shorts and two tank tops for a grand total of like $15. I still need to get to the YMCA and talk to someone about membership costs, but one step at a time, right?


The last few days I've been feeling very lethargic, mostly because I'm desperately fighting off a sinus cold/infection that's trying like hell to migrate into my lungs. So far keeping myself heavily medicated has worked, so I'm keeping that strategy in play for now.

Anyway, so I've just basically spent a lot of time laying around doing nothing and feeling moderately miserable. And so I've been watching TV shows on my laptop. The last couple days have been episodes of Mantracker, as well as a little House and a couple eps of MLP: Friendship Is Magic.

The latest episode of MLP was good, btw. New Princess Luna episode! It made me giggle. But they changed her design some, so now I don't think the wig I got for Luna cosplay next year will work. Mrr. =/ That's annoying, but there's not much I can do about it, sooo... *shrug*
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I'm currently right in the middle of a River Monsters marathon on Discovery channel. Interesting stuff, especially since I can't sleep. Again. Last night was the same, except I was watching Hoarders on TLC instead. *shrug*

A couple days ago Mom and I had to go to Walmart, and while I was there I found Alien VS. Ninja on the shelves. You KNOW I had to have it! So now I have a copy of it on DVD YAY! I actually haven't watched it yet, I think my brother might want to watch it with me so I'm waiting. I'll ask him again tomorrow and if he says he's not interested I'll just watch it by myself.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to the mall and look for sparkly things to use for jewelry making (Ardene is a good store for that! ♥), and poke through a couple other stores as well, just for something to do. I might pick up a copy of Mastermind, since it's out now and I WANT A COPY. X3 And I need another photo album.

Then I plan to get tempura from Yamato in the food court, and possibly pick up a thing or two from the grocery store just before I head home, since I need a couple of ingredients for making curry this week.

Speaking of cooking. I MISSED IT SO MUCH. That's one thing about living here again, I have people to cook for and I'm taking full advantage of that fact. :3 Last week I made Turkey-and-Sausage Jambalaya, BBQed Hamburgers & Potato/Macaroni Salad and Spaghetti & Meat Sauce. This week I did Turkey Shepherd's Pie, Sweet-and-Sour Meatloaf, Home-made Mac n' Cheese & Asparagus and Cheese-and-Spinach Canelloni. Next week I'm planning Coca-Cola Chicken, Indian Chicken Curry and Vegetarian Lasagna. I've also baked a cake and made two loaves of banana bread. SO HAPPY. ~w~ ♥♥♥

Yesterday Mom and I went up to the mall and while we were there she checked out a couple of stores for an outfit to wear to Sarah's wedding next month. She ended up finding this awesome summery dress that looks REALLY good on her. At the same store I found an adorable floofy skirt and absolutely FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. But it was $60, which I couldn't afford, obviously. THEN MOM RANDOMLY BOUGHT IT FOR ME.

I objected because of the cost, but she says she bought it because of how well I've been doing since the surgery (I've lost 107lbs!! :O) and how proud she is of me for that and for being willing to do with cheap second-hand clothes over the course of the last year. She said it's a congrats, and that I deserve something nice after going without for so long. So I ended up just letting her buy it, since she seemed so determined. It was almost like she was getting me in trouble for the objections, actually. ^^;;

It's not a warm enough skirt that I can wear it just yet, but I'm really looking forward to wearing it in a month or month-and-a-half when it gets to be spring weather. X3

Aaaand on Tuesday I have to go downtown to the bank, so I'm getting my hair cut that day too since I'll already be down there. I also need to pick up more rats for Aya and the fish, and I'll probably meander up and down the main street, assuming that it's not a raging snowstorm.

No real news on the critters front, except that Tia is in heat AGAIN so she's being really snuggly and cute and ANNOYING right now. Not much I can do about it, though, other than give her lots of pets and cuddles, since that seems to soothe her pretty well for the most part. At least she's going back in to have the problem dealt with in just a couple of weeks, we should only have to deal with one more heat cycle after this one. Hopefully. >>;
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Well, I have Nyoka home now, safe and sound! Haha, she's so tiiiiiiny! Like Lee said, "[he's] seen worms bigger than [her]!" She's maybe six inches long and as big around as a pencil. ^__^ But then, two months back when J&K got her in for me she was only a day or two old. She's adorable and has such pretty markings! I took some pics, so I'll post them maybe tomorrow or the next day. ♥

So the guy from J&K dropped Nyoka off on Saturday around noon. Then on Sunday, I bummed a ride from Lee and went out to Critter Cove, which is an awesome fish/pond store out the other side of town. It's way beyond walking distance (especially in the winter), and while I'm sure there are busses that run out there, I seriously have no idea which ones. =/

Anyway, I originally just went out there for a couple of catfish for the tank since my six little ghost shrimp weren't enough to keep the bottom sparkly clean. Basically, I'm finding that to keep the piranha from picking on the other fish I need to feed them at least twice a day (sometimes three times), which means quite a bit more mess that needs picked up at the bottom, and the shrimpies were having trouble keeping up. *shrug* No big deal, I just added two cory cats to pick up the excess, and since I added them the water quality has gone up tons, and the whole tank is functioning a lot better, so it's all worked out. :)

But while I was there I got a few more little fish to add more colour, activity and visual interest to the tank. So along with the two catfish, I got two tiger barbs and four cherry barbs; both small, fast fish. Tiger barbs are orange/red with vertical black stripes, and cherry barbs are orange/red with darker horizontal red stripes. Very pretty. The cherries school with my remaining cardinal tetras, and the tigers... well, they take after their name. They're quite brave and aggressive, especially when it comes to food. They even bully the piranha sometimes, which is kind of funny to see because the piranha are obviously like "WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY? >/" but they also always end up running away because the tigers won't back down. XD;;

It's been quite interesting keeping fish again, especially with the piranha. I'm experimenting with different fruit and veggies with them, and while they don't seem all that happy with the potato I've got in the tank right now, they really liked the orange I gave them a couple of days ago. Mostly though, they've been doing great with the tropical fish flakes and bits of meat/veggies to supplement. They were particularly excited about the chicken neck I gave them yesterday afternoon.

Basically, they get bits of whatever meat we happen to be having for dinner lol. ♥


And now because I've just rambled about animals and pretty much nothing else for the last few entries, a brief update on how other things are going:

I'm settling in alright. Still have a few boxes to unpack, but I'm 90% there. On Friday Mom and I have to take a truck load of stuff to the storage unit because I've found a bunch of things that I don't have to have here, and really, my room is pretty crowded as it is.

Tonight I finally got out a hammer and put up the two wallscrolls that I brought with me (my KH one and my FFVII: AC one-- I sadly had to put all the rest of them in storage ;A;) and the two bulletin boards (again, the third one had to go into storage), so it feels more like home here again. Blank walls just don't do it for me.

Unfortunately in the process of packing and moving, the frames for two of my LoZ prints got broken. ~_~;; I had planned to put them up too, but for now they're all piggybacking in Midna's frame so that they don't get wrinkled or ripped. Eventually I'll get new frames for Link and Zelda and then I'll put them up.

I also have one other print that I got at Matsuricon that I want to put up, which I still need to get a frame for. And my artsy cat photos are going up at some point too. But for now at least I've got some colour on the walls.

Aaaaand right now I'm watching a TV box set of ESPU episodes. Yay for animal shows, even if this one makes me angry because it's about poaching. (STUPID POACHERS.) =/ Or, at least, it's about the anti-poaching unit in Africa and their work.

Oh, and I had a little extra money this month and was sad and depressed and everything sucks right now so I cheered myself up by adding to my figure family; I got formation arts Riku, and formation arts Final Form Sora. YAY! 8D

Speaking of... am hoping to get back into rping some more soon. I don't think I'm necessarily up to joining an actual LJ RP yet, but I'd love to do some one-on-one rp with people. Will probably bug Maddie and Chloe for Kyo and Roxas Shinra!RP. *nodnod* And maybe Steph will do some rping with me with Tetsuya or Iniko or Tokiya. >.>

EDIT: And I keep dreaming about Tri. Once I dreamt that someone brought him back from the brink of death with magic and he was back with me again. Then another time I dreamt that I was going to school (my old elementary school, go figure) and he and Loki and Neko all followed me to school, so I was trying to find them around the building. I found Tri first and just held onto him so tightly and wouldn't let him go even when the teachers said I had to put him down for class. That type of thing. I guess I'll have dreams like that for a long time, probably...

EDIT #2: Hmm, just looked up how to (externally) sex ball pythons and sand boas out of curiosity. Then I checked Aya, and am 90% sure he's definitely a male. I think Nyoka's a male too, actually, but s/he's still way too little to tell for sure and I'm certainly not an expert at these things. I don't really care all that much either way, it's not as if I plan to breed them or anything. I mean, if I really wanted to know that badly the people at J&K said they would probe them for me when they were big enough. *shrug*

Also? Have been looking at African Soft Furred Rats because ASDGH LOOK AT THE CUTE!! X3!! I want some of these, and there's even a breeder a couple hours from here where I could get them for $10/female $5/male. But I don't think I could convince Mom to drive me that far just to pick up some rats. XD;;

EDIT #3: I am so totally not looking into Hog Island Boas now. Or Blood Pythons. Or Carpet Pythons. Nope not at all. I think I'm officially addicted to snakes. >>; I'm looking for smaller snakes still. Hog Island Boas and Blood Pythons seem promising, but I'm iffy on Carpet Pythons. They're gorgeous, but even the smaller breeds (like the Irian Jaya, which average 4-6 feet) have the potential to reach up to 13 feet long. =/ (They are arboreal though, which would be very cool.)

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Maddie has got me watching Destination Truth. Which is awesome because I can watch it online and I've been lacking in new stuff to watch lately. Bad news: She sent me to two specific episodes that SERIOUSLY CREEPED ME OUT. One with this island that was full of freaky dolls AND ONE OF THEM FUCKING BLINKED BY ITSELF ON CAMERA, and the other one was typical haunted forest stuff until one of the camera guys got FLUNG ACROSS THE CLEARING BY NOTHING. >.O!!

I am so glad I only have Cali to deal with here. Shut up, I named the calico cat ghost Cali for lack of anything else to call her. She's actually kind of fun to have around and plays with Loki and Tri all the time. Loki is particularly fond of her, it seems. He has a ghosty girlfriend haha.

Anyway, now I've found a site that has all the eps of it, so I'm starting from the beginning. Then Imma move on to Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. I'm a glutton for punishment, what can I say? XD;

For another topic, I now realize why the beaded chopstick hair ornaments are so expensive. I have made one. It took six hours all together for one chopstick, and hurt my hands like WHOA. Plus over half the beads in it are swarovski, so that'll raise the cost too. All in all, an expensive and time consuming thing to make. But it turned out really pretty.

Photos of my first hair ornament. )

Swarovski rondelles in crystal and pink, swarovski bicones in crystal, round crystals (non-swarovski), gold coloured round spacers, gold coloured stars, white mother of pearl rounds, pink seed beads, and flat pink flowers + A LOT OF TIME AND PAIN. I love how it came out. :3

It's the most awkward thing ever to photograph though. .__.;

I started two more tonight too, but it'll probably take me a while to get them finished.

EDIT: Oh also lol. Before I started watching DT I watched a couple eps of Monster Quest and one of them was about giant rats in New York. And they were talking to biologists who were saying how a rat that gets to be over a pound in weight is HUGE and rare... and I was playing with Sora at the time. Sora, who weighs A POUND AND A HALF. I OWN A GIANT MONSTER RAT. xD;; (Roxy and Riku are only about 1/3 of his size. He dwarfs them haha.)


Nov. 4th, 2008 09:19 pm
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I named my rattie Sora instead of Tasuku. He looks more like a Sora. Plus he's adorable and an absolute sweetheart. ♥ Still no photos though. I promise some later.

Today I got my old modem back to Rogers, so they won't charge me for it. And Mom and I talked to them about upgrading the cable so that I can have Animal Planet and Discovery, and my brother can have Space.

Tomorrow is chiropractor, groceries, and I have to drop some stuff off with my case worker at the ODSP office. Fun stuff.
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...somewhere in the course of packing all my stuff up, my winter coat has gone missing. .__.; I remember taking it out of my closet, and I thought I'd packed it with the rest of the things from there, but it's not in the suitcase. >.<;; What a pain~

Tonight and tomorrow are break days. I'm to the point that my entire body won't stop shaking from the stress and fatigue and all the problems with my back/knees/everything else. Mom pretty much took one look at me yesterday and was like "no more working this week. You should be able to do the last of it on Saturday and Sunday no problem." ...which is true, but still. -.-; With everything packed away I'm BORED and I feel like I should be doing something. Whatever.

Lasagna with veggies for dinner. Also CSI tonight, and Supernatural. Then sleep, unless I get caught up rping or something, because Kadaj-muse is being LOUD tonight. What a brat. :P
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...I think I missed something.

Tonight is the Supernatural season premier, and I just watched the last episode of last season like three days ago, and... wtf. Can anyone tell me what's going on? I even checked online and there are no extra episodes listed that I haven't seen in between. But suddenly there's Dean and Ruby and the angel and everything. I'M SO CONFUSED. D: 


EDIT: DAMMIT TV GUIDE, WHY MUST YOU LIE TO ME SO? TT~~TT The premier was actually last week. Which makes more sense. But still. D: I need to find the premier online to watch now.

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So, most of this week I'm at Mom's place again; she and Lee went away for a few days and they asked me to come stay here to take care of the dog. I brought my PS2, so my brother and I have been playing KH and FFXII for like three days straight now. XD;

Mm, also, Monday I had to take Pan to the vet. She's lost a FUCKTON of weight, to the point where all she is, basically, is skin and bones. She literally weighs half as much as she should given her size. So I finally took her out of the big cage and put her into a smaller one on her own to keep an eye on her, and after a couple days, she hadn't eaten anything, had barely drank at all, and wasn't going to the bathroom.

The vet said she might have been going into the beginning stages of GI Stasis, and gave me some special food to encourage her to eat, as well as suggested giving her plain yogurt and papaya extract to encourage the growth of good bacteria in her digestive system. She also said just to try giving her all her favourite foods to tempt her into eating again. So this week she's staying here with me so I can keep an eye on her, and getting lots of treats and love. The dog is displeased. He seems to think the rabbit is the spawn of Satan or something like that.

Lesse... oh. House premier this week. Made me sad. D: The ending was like an "ouch" moment. But it was a good episode nonetheless. This week's Bones made me sad too. Every time I watch a show about dog fighting it depresses me. ALSO, MY INNER X-FILES GEEK FUCKING LOVES FRINGE. SO MUCH. I WATCHED IT WITH MOM AND LEE AND GOT LOOKS BECAUSE OF ALL MY GLEE ATTACKS AT RANDOM MOMENTS, LIKE WHEN THEY TOOK THAT WOMAN'S EYE OUT TO GET PHOTOS OF HER LAST IMAGES. LAWL AWESOME. \o/

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The season premier of House is tomorrow, so tonight they replayed last season's finale and I spent the last twenty minutes bawling my eyes out AGAIN.


Not really. (Actually, kudos for writing an episode so well that I even cried for Amber, and I really srsly hated her.)

...tomorrow night is another episode of Fringe, too. I watched the premier last week and was SO happy with it. My inner Phile spent the whole time going =w= in contentment. I've been waiting for another show like this ever since The X-Files went off the air in 2002 (I think it was 2002 anyway, I can't remember. XD;) ♥ It's excellent and I really hope it catches on enough to keep going. I have a tendency to latch onto shows that don't end up making it past the first couple months. >>;

*coughTheInsidecough* *coughHauntedcough* *coughNightstalkercough*

Dear me. I seem to be catching a cold. Please do pardon all the coughing. ^.^;

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Bones: Okay, the beginning scared the shit out of me. Seriously. Then I was relieved. XD;; Then at the end I was SHOCKED AS HELL. Because seriously HOLY SHIT. O___O; <-- this is me trying not to put spoilers in, lawl.

House: ASDGHDFG. ;__________; I cried for the entire last twenty minutes of this freaking episode. I'm not even kidding. I never cry like that during TV shows/movies, but I was literally sobbing. And every time I started to calm down, something else happened that made me sob again. HOUSE WRITERS = EPIC WIN ON THIS EPISODE OMFG. But in an I Hate Them So Much kind of way.



May. 15th, 2008 09:00 pm
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House: You like that she's conniving, you like that she's scheming, you like that she toys with people for her own personal-- OH MY GOD. You're sleeping with me!
Wilson: .........
House: ......... *flees*

That was the best epiphany EVER. xD; I killed myself laughing.

Also, I can't spell keniving conniving. Seriously, how the hell do you spell that? Oo;
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My second season box set of Supernatural came in! Due to wierd prgramming schedules and whatnot I missed most of season two last year when it was originally airing (and now I'm missing most of the current season as well ><;; ARGH.) so the set came in~~~ and now I've been having a massive Supernatural marathon for like... 14 hours. xD;;


I need some Winchester icons.

EDIT: HAH, more to the point I need some icons of Dean from the episode What is and what should never be., specifically of Dean mowing the lawn at his mother's house with the white picket fence and all the pretty flowers and the lawn gnome and him like =D ...because man! XDD

So Awesome

Nov. 22nd, 2007 08:52 pm
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Holy crap, today's CSI is killing me. I can't stop laughing. xDD;

Bad Timing

Oct. 9th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Grandma just called to talk right in the middle of House. AUGH, lol.

Photoblogging, Day 83 )


Sep. 29th, 2007 11:24 pm
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... *dances* =3
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1) I've spent almost 24 hours now with my back in major spasms practically constantly. I must have pulled something yesterday at some point. Fuck, it hurts though. I've had to be taking major muscle relaxants and I've spent a lot of time just lying flat on my back. Hopefully it'll go away soon. -__-;;

2) Yesterday I started going through one of my storage spaces for things to sell. I have three boxes and a plastic tub so far, and I'm only halfway through the first space. I still need to pull out my second dresser and go through everything in the storage space behind there too. So at some point in the next few days there'll be a sales post with stuff, and I'll be posting things to ebay as well.

[ profile] tsukizu, if you have friends who would be interested in the GW figures before I post them up for grabs/put them on ebay, send them this-a-way now. :)

I decided that I am going to sell off a bunch of my SM collection; mostly the North American stuff that I've got. I'm keeping most of the Japanese items, and the plushies I've got because I find them horribly cute.

I'm also selling most of my individual comics, from back before I figured out it was more economical to buy graphic novels instead. lol. Plus some other misc. stuff, keychains and some odd-and-end action figures, and I think my flute, which I can get a couple hundred bucks for. Also a handful of MIB ponies that have 3-D symbols, since I hate using them for customizing anyway because the symbols are a pain to remove. >>;

3) C.A. is in Japan now. ;3; And actually, I got a card in the mail from her this afternoon, I guess she mailed it yesterday before she left, haha;

"Hey Tiff, how's it goin? I just wanted to send you a card to thank you so much for making it all the way to Bracebridge for a stranger, drug, & booze filled party just for me. It means so much to me that you made it all the way there & I was so happy to see you. You truly were a part of making my dreams come true because I always wanted a surprise party, but clearly can't plan one for myself. You are truly a gem among my friends. Thanks again for the jams & book which I am more than grateful for. Thanks also for signing my blanket, I will always have a reminder that at least one person is jealous! Tee hee, love you lots."

It made me giggle. At the party, Jodi brought out a blanket she's been working on; she sewed it with patches and then got us all to sign a patch and write a message. Mine was something to the effect of I'm so rediculously jealous. lol. Then there was an extra patch and she made me sign again, so I doodled an anime face and wrote good luck, have fun on that one. XD;

I'm gonna miss her so much. ;~;

4) I have a major craving for a can of coke, but I totally don't have any and the corner store is closed. :P

5) Whilst going through my stuff yesterday, I found my coin rolls! Now I can finally wrap up the $150-ish bucks in change that I've got hanging around. YEY.

6) My freaking allergies have been horrible today. I've been taking antihystamines, but they're barely doing anything. My eyes won't stop itching, and my nose won't stop trying to run off my fave. UGH. D=

7) Yesterday CSI: Miami premiered, and today was Bones and House; I missed Reaper. ;.; Still, I'm happy! Hurray for Premier Week!

8) Photoblogging, Day 68,69 )
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Last night I was up until about 2:30 watching The Guardian; you know, the one with Ashton Kutcher, about rescue swimmers in the coast guard? It was one I was interested in, and I found it on the sattelite after Grandma went to bed, so I watched it. Gridiron Gang was playing after it, and I kind of wanted to watch it, too, but I ended up going to bed instead...

...then I slept for an hour and woke up again because this house is rediculously hot. :P I got up long enough to get rid of all my blankets and open the window, and then slept under just the sheet. Then I was good. <3

Today Grandma and I made soup... or at least, it was supposed to be soup. >>;; She doesn't have a huge-huge pot, and I put too much stuff in, so it kind of became stew instead. XD;; Oh well! It was still nummy! Tomorrow I think I'm gonna make chicken~

And we just finished watching Ghost Cat on Animal Planet. It was a pretty typical made-for-tv movie, with all the sideline romance and animals and whatnot, but I still enjoyed it. Tomorrow I want to try to catch Lions of Crocodile River; it's on at 8pm.

I've been here two days now (this is my second night), and Grandma already seems to be feeling a bit better. I'm really glad because I was really worried about her and so was Mom... I just hope she doesn't go right back to being super depressed and everything when I have to go home...


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