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Also? Damn you lack of willpower. And having the space now. And having lost Tri back in the winter.

...yeaaah, I should NOT be allowed near Free Kitten signs in any context. >>;

But I guess... well, I had a free space again since Tri is gone, plus I have a ton of room here, and on top of that now I know I can get them spayed/neutered and get them their shots really cheap through the Barrie SPCA. If I had to try to afford all that at the regular vet it would be upwards of $1000 by the time I was done, and I wouldn't have brought them home.

Anyway, the one in the foreground is Vesta; named after the Roman Goddess of the Hearth and Harvest. Ves is a girl and her colour is brindle (she has one cream glove on her front left paw, which is adorable. ♥) She has kind of brown-green eyes right now, but I think they're probably going to end up totally green by the time they're done changing colour. Ves is really spunky and seems to love to climb on things. And by "things" I mean "me". She climbs up clothing and then clings to the back of my neck or my head, which is really cute and funny NOW, but I imagine I should break her of that habit before she gets too much bigger. ^^;

The mostly behind Ves is Nio; named after the Gods in Japanese myth who traveled with Buddah to protect him. (Technically, the o should have a - over it, but I can't figure out how to do that on my keyboard. =/) Nio is a boy and almost completely black with about a dozen white hairs on his little belly. His eyes are kind of hazel right now. I think they might end up brown or goldish. He's quite rambunctious as well, but not nearly as much as Vesta. He's a lot more laid back. She pushes him around quite a bit, actually, even though she's smaller. XD;;

They're sister and brother from the same litter, and I just picked them up today. They've settled in quite nicely, though for now they're confined to the bedroom. I've given them their worming meds today, and I was giving all the cats their spring flea treatment today anyway, so they got treated for that as well (I had extra kitten Advantage since Tia is so small she still has to use that instead of the Advantage for adult cats. lol.) Now they're chilling in here, and in a few days I'll let them out to start exploring the rest of the house and terrorizing the other cats. ♥

They are IMPOSSIBLE to get pics of right now, hence the somewhat dubious one here. They don't stay still long enough for me to snap a photo unless they're asleep, and they've taken to sleeping on the spare blankets under the bed. (Not that I blame them, it's really cozy under there, really.) I managed to get this little pic when they were snoozing under the dresser instead, before they discovered they could get under the bed.


On a somewhat-related note, I'm finally burying Tri this weekend. I asked Grandma a while back if I could bury him somewhere on her property and she said yes, but until now we haven't been able to because of snow/frost and then rain. This weekend is supposed to be nice, so Mom and my brother and I are going to go up and take care of it.

That's not going to be a good day for me, I already know that. But coming home and cuddling kittens will probably help me feel a little better. And their antics are pretty cute and distracting.

Anyhow, a real update soon, I promise. Also, pics of the new place since it's about 75% organized now. Yep.

EDIT: The image is kind of big... if it messes up anyone's friends page let me know and I'll make it smaller or put it under a cut or something.


Mar. 30th, 2011 02:36 am
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I saw Tri again today. Mom and Lee went out for dinner and brought me back a cheeseburger. I was eating it downstairs and all the cats were fussing and trying to get me to share, and I saw Tri sitting on the table off to the side just watching me. When I looked again he was gone, but he showed up again a few minutes later, still sitting there, just watching.

He loved hamburgers, I guess he thought he wanted some. Heh. I almost felt kind of bad when I gave a little taste to each of the other cats, since I obviously couldn't share with him too. But it was good to see him again.

I told mom "Tri thinks he needs hamburger.", and she goes "you mean Neko." because right then Neko was sitting next to me and making I'm A Starving Kitty eyes. But I just kind of shook my head and went "no, I mean Tri. He keeps looking at me." And she just kind of looked over at the table and then chuckled.

Speaking of Neko, though.


I... I never thought I'd have this problem with Neko. XD;; I've ALWAYS struggled with his weight, but always because he tends to be OVERWEIGHT. At one point he weighed almost EIGHTEEN POUNDS. Now he's actually TOO THIN. I MEAN. WHAT?!

Basically, the last couple years at the apartment he and Loki had been on a firm 1/4 cup of food a day. They were on a 1/2 cup of food, but then they both ended up overweight, so I had to cut it down. And they did perfectly fine on 1/4 cup for the entire time we were living there. (For three months earlier this year I even had to buy them weight control food because they gained weight over the summer while I was down in the US on vacation.)

Then we moved here.

And Neko's personality did a complete 180 change. He used to basically be the epitome of a lazy cat. He lounged around and slept all day, like a lot of cats do. And at 10 years old, he was starting to develop arthritis as well.

As soon as we got here, he perked up. A LOT. Now he runs the stairs a billion times a day and plays ALL THE DAMN TIME. He's so much more active that the 1/4 cup of food ISN'T SUSTAINING HIM ANYMORE. He's lost a TON of weight. At first it was okay because he was still a little tubby, but now he's actually too skinny. I mean, not skin-and-bones like Tri was in the end, but enough that I can't have him losing any MORE or it'll become a problem.

So I've actually had to up his food to the 1/2 cup again. XD;;

HE thinks he hit the jackpot lol. And the funny thing is? Loki's activity went way up again too, but he's only lost a tiny bit of weight. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. *GIGGLESNORT* Man, it's just so surreal. Neko's always been a squishable tub. Haha.

Oh well~ at least it's easy to deal with. Plus with the bit of extra weight he WAS carrying gone, his arthritis problems are pretty much nonexistent anymore. So that's a good thing, definitely. ♥♥


Mar. 16th, 2011 11:50 pm
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So, after all of the optimism in regard to Miss Tiamat, on Monday night I had to make an emergency trip to the vet with her.

Basically, on top of pulling the staples earlier, she managed to mess up the surgical glue as well and was bleeding all over the damn place. So I called the vet and got her in right away to be checked out and sewn back up.

BUT. ~_~;;

When Dr. W came in and looked at her, we discovered that Tia had also somehow managed to pop some of the internal sutures. Long story short? Her insides were exposed to the outside and actually in danger of herniating out of the inch-and-a-half hole in her stomach. A hole that size doesn't sound big, but you have to remember that she's only a 4.7 pound cat.

So she had to go into an immediate emergency surgery to fix everything. And immediate eight hundred dollar emergency surgery. GAH. DAMMIT TIA, YOU ARE A FREAKING EXPENSIVE FREEBIE CAT RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, yesterday we picked her back up and she's doing very well now and feeling great. She's on antibiotics (of course), and I'm keeping her in the cat crate overnight to keep her from rampaging all over the place unsupervised, since that's all she seems to want to do right now. (The crate also helps since she's in heat right now; she wails all night long, but when I put her in the crate and cover it with a blanket she just relaxes and settles down for the night. Go figure.)

So, other than Tia, today I went for a nice walk since it was warm out. YAY SPRING WEATHER ILU.

I went to the bookstore at the corner, but didn't find anything. Then I went to the pet store and bought my kitties some catnip pouches for presents since I haven't done it in forever. They all went BANANAS over them, so it was worth the $10. ♥

After that I poked my nose into the Bargain Shop and got a new animal documentary DVD for $3.33; Growing Up Arctic (polar bear, seal, walrus & penguin stories.) Then I went to the Dollarama for some lightbulbs, and ended up with a bunch of misc other stuff as well; jelly tots, some plant pots, potting soil, etc. And they had the most awesome shinto temple style tealight holders! I got one for my room as well as one of those fake flickering tealights to put in it.

The shinto temple thing though... I think I've decided that I'm going to pick up another one and use it as a marker for Tri's grave when I bury him later. Then I can find him and visit whenever I'm up at Grandma's, and I'll replace the tealight whenever I do. Somehow it seems fitting for him.

Tonight was groceries as well, but there isn't much to say about that. I got some smelt for the piranha, and when I gave them the first piece tonight they were like \o/ at it. It was funny actually. I also got the makings for green chili for later this week.

Oh, and while we were at Walmart I got a copy of Piranha 3D, since they had them on clearance for $10. XD They also had Sharktopus but it was still almost $30 so Imma wait until it goes down some before I pick it up. :3

Then Mom, my brother and I went to Arby's for dinner and I had a delicious delicious roast chicken club sammich (without the bacon), some curly fries and a Dr. Pepper. It was awesome and I enjoyed it way too much, I think. XD

EDIT: Downside to spring? ALLERGIES. DX
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Squall has been acting up the last couple of days. Not sure what's wrong, I've run diagnostics/antivirus/disc cleanup/defragmenter and everything is telling me there's no problem, but he's running slowly and earlier today I tried to turn him on and he wouldn't load the first time 'round. Might have to send him in to be checked out. =/

Other than that things today went pretty well.

Today was the day that Dion was scheduled to be neutered and Tia went in for exploratory surgery because of the whole Hi I'm Tia And I've Been Spayed But Am Still Going Into Heat Anyway MEOW thing. We had to be in Barrie to drop them off at 8am, which meant leaving here at 7:15am, which meant getting up at 6am. ~_~; But it needed to be done, so whatever.

We dropped them off without any problems and then went to the Sunset Grill for breakfast, where I got a greek omelet with hashbrowns and sausage and then proceeded to feel sick from it. So I brought it home to have tomorrow for lunch (hopefully). Mom has waffles with fruit salad and whipped cream and it looked AMAZING.

After that we came back home for a couple of hours before heading back to Barrie again. We went to Michael's so I could get the things I needed for doing the jewelry for the wedding next month. Then when I got home I realized I'd forgotten gold eyepins and the pedant I picked out is in silver instead of gold DURR SENA YOU'RE AN IDIOT. *facepalm*

We have to go back to Barrie in two weeks anyway so I can get the missing things then.

Wow, though. It's the first time I've bought actual gold components (14k) and it cost SO MUCH. ;A; I was putting everything on the counter to be rang up and GAH I didn't even want to know. It cost like $120 for everything because I had the 14k gold, some sterling silver and two strands of actual freshwater pearls. Also, the pendant that was silver instead of gold is pink cubic zirconia. SO EXPENSIVE ASDGH. But I'm still kinna excited to work with it anyway. :3


After that we went next door to the huge pet store to look at the cute animals and Mom almost bought a cat from the adoption center. XD;; She was this little cream coloured cutie with grey tabby markings on her face and from her feet to her knees on all four feet. She was really, really pretty. But Lee would have murdered us if we'd come home with another cat. xD; Ah well. She's so lovely I'm sure she'll be adopted really fast. ♥

Then we went to the dollar store because I needed AAA batteries.

After that we went to Walmart, where I got a drink at the McD's there and also bought two happy meal toys because they currently have LPS. *geek* I also bought an LPS monkey from the toy section. We originally went in to find an outfit for me for the wedding, but nothing really jumped out at me. I did get a black shirt for f!Kyo cosplay this summer, though.

That done, we drove across town to Bayfield Mall. :D

We poked around a few stores there and managed to find me a really nice outfit (beige dress slacks and an aquamarine button-down shirt that is really pretty!), though I still need to get some shoes that will match, since my black ones don't go with it very well.

With that all done we went into a couple more stores. One of them is this really awesome curio/collectible shop called Green Earth. I always love pretty much everything they have. This time though, we were about to go inside and in the display window was this stone statue of a cat, sleeping with wings on it's back.

And I stood there for a couple minutes trying really, really hard not to cry. Mom kind of gave me a little one-armed hug and dragged me in to look at shiny things to distract me. All I could think of was buying that statue to put at the top of Tri's grave when I bury him in a month or two.

Speaking of, I've decided on wrapping up a few of his favourite things to bury with him when the time comes; a packet of soft fish catfood, a yogurt cup since he was a yogurt fiend, a catnip pouch and his laser light toy. Maybe other things, but that's what I've decided on so far. I know it sounds stupid, but it makes me feel a bit better about burying him. It's going to be so hard for me to do when the time comes...

Anyway. After that store we stopped at the cafeteria to pick up Taco Bell burritos for my brother, as per his request, since he ♥'s Taco Bell and the one here closed like fifteen years ago. >>;;

Then we had to go pick Dion and Tia up! Everything went fine (which I assumed was the case since they didn't call me at all during the day) and the two of them were sleepy, groggy and pretty much high as a kite on painkillers.

Unfortunately, despite the exploratory surgery, they didn't find anything; no tissue that they missed, and no ectopic tissue either. So they think there's a chance that Tia was going into heat as a response to Dion transitioning from kitten to male cat and therefore starting to reek of testosterone. Now that he's fixed there's a chance she won't go into heat anymore.

Then again, ectopic tissue can be microscopic, in which case even if it's there they would have no way to find it. So I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Tia has to go back in in two weeks because they had to use staples to close her up this time (the incision site this time is 3x the size of the first one), so we have to bring her in to have them removed. That's no big deal though, and it'll only take 20 minutes or so. (And that gives me a chance to go back to Michael's for the stuff I forgot, too.)

So groggy kittens went into carriers and into the car, and then Mom took me to the awesomesauce aquarium store so I could poke around a bit and pick up a couple more catfish for my tank. I also got two emerald green tiger barbs. I asked for three and paid for three, but when I got home and was setting them up in the tank I realized they only gave me two. By then it was too late though. Oh well.

Then we came home. 8D;;

Dion and Tia have just spent a lot of time sleeping, obviously. They're not feeling too bad, though, and had good appetites when I fed them earlier. So it's all good. Another day or so and Dion can go back into the basement with the other boys, but Tia needs to stay in my room for at least a week before rejoining the pride.

So basically, today was super busy and tiring but I got a lot done.

Also? I'm so worried about some of my friends over in Japan (and area). My prayers go out to them and everyone else who's being affected by the earthquake and aftershocks and everything else. Oh, and America can BITE ME. Honestly, some people are serious fucktards. >/
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So today I took Aya into the bathroom and gave him a nice soak in some warm water. He really, really enjoys his baths. I just warm the water for him and run about two inches into the bottom of the tub and he crawls into the deepest part and lays there doing the snake equivalent of the =w= face. ♥

As for the other critters... well, Nyoka ended up dying from her injuries. ;__; I feel really, really bad over it. I only had her for a week and a half, and she was just a baby! ...and I still can't even figure out how she was escaping. ~_~;; I guess... it's a good thing I didn't have her for long. I didn't have time to get really attached to her. I don't think I could have handled it otherwise, considering how I'm still (not) dealing with losing Tri.

Anyway, I'm going to get another sand boa and try again. This time I think I'm going to go through a breeder, and I've been discussing this with a particular breeder that seems promising. I'm tentatively looking at getting a reduced pattern male. He's really pretty. :) I'm going to call him Ringo, maybe. I kind of want another one to name Momo as well, and it seems pretty doable since they live well in groups and don't need a ton of space. I guess we'll see.

The piranha are doing well too, and I still have tiger barbs and cherry barbs in with them successfully, as well as the cat fish and plecos. Which, by the way, I finally named my cleaner fish; the cory cats are Swiffer and Dyson, and the plecos are Bissell and Hoover. XD

I actually gave the fish one of Nyoka's pinky rats yesterday, and it's been fascinating to watch them pick away at it. Normally they just get chunks of beef or turkey, but with this little rat the more they eat the more of it's skeleton is exposed. I know that sounds really morbid, but it's super interesting to me. ^^;

Oh, and speaking of Tri back there...

I saw him the other day. I went downstairs to feed the cats, and while I was getting the food out and the dishes ready I saw him come down the stairs from the corner of my eye. I did a double take, and he was still there. The other cats even seemed to acknowledge him (though they were way more interested in FOODNOWMOMMY! than him.) So I kind of bit back tears a little and smiled at him, and went back to what I was doing. Once I was done I looked back and he was gone.

It was kind of a happy-sad moment. At least I know he's okay and still thinking of me. He always used to be really empathic, and always kept me company when I was upset. I think he's probably worried about me because I've been so sad lately... so he's checking up on me.

Mom says she's surprised that he found me so quickly, since I moved away so soon after he died. But then again, he's been here in the past, so it wouldn't take very much searching for him to get back to me. (I know it'll take Cali a while before I see her again though, because she's never been here before.)

Anyway, it was good to see him. I would love if he stuck around, but that's kind of a selfish wish, right? It'd be better if he moved on. But if he wants to stay here, he's more than welcome of course. :)

And on the topic of cats!

I talked to the vet a few days back about getting Tia spayed again, and was basically told that they would have to do an exploratory surgery and that they would not do it for free, so it was going to cost me an arm and a leg, but was, of course, necessary. So I had to figure out a way to get the money. I was resigned to that fact, but had no idea how in the hell I was going to pull it off.

But then today, I got another call from them, and was told that the vets had talked it over and they had decided that they would cover the cost after all. FUCK YEAH. AND, since she'll be done at the SPCA clinic in Barrie, they also were able to fit her in on the same day as 'Dion is going in to be neutered, so not only do I NOT have to pay for it, but I don't have to make a separate trip out of town for it either.


Fingers crossed that they can find the bit that got missed, though. If they can't then there's nothing else that can be done and I'll just have to deal with her going into heat every few weeks... for the rest of her life. ~_~;; UGH, please let that not happen! Please let everything work out!

...oh, and Jessie scratched me up today. >>; She's a wuss and easily scared, and when I had Aya out earlier she freaked herself out over him so badly that she bailed from the bedroom and REFUSED to come back in for the rest of the day. So it took a lot to convince her to come in when it was time to put her away for the night. I managed it because she gets fed when she's put to bed, so I put the food out for her and she kind of tentatively inched her way in and over to the dish to eat.

But. When she scared herself I had Aya on the bed, and she seems to still think that he's there. .__.; I picked her up and sat down on the bed to show her that everything was okay, and she got so scared she panicked and flailed and ended up scratching me up with her back claws. *facepalm*

And she still won't come near the bed. >__>;;
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Currently having another random bout of "I miss my cat and want him back.", so I'm sitting around looking at pics of Tri and sobbing because the whole situation was my fucking fault and if I hadn't been so goddamn stupid then he [probably] wouldn't be dead.

Cuddling with my other cats doesn't help, and neither does sharing a room with Jessie right now because none of them are the cat that I want. It's not the same.

/actively hates herself right now, even more than usual.

Real post... at some point tomorrow, maybe. Assuming I can get up the energy to type it out. To be honest, right now I'm having trouble working up the ambition to do anything. My life sucks even more than normal right now and I'm starting to think it's not even worth trying anymore.

/goes to cry herself to sleep.
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Well, I have Nyoka home now, safe and sound! Haha, she's so tiiiiiiny! Like Lee said, "[he's] seen worms bigger than [her]!" She's maybe six inches long and as big around as a pencil. ^__^ But then, two months back when J&K got her in for me she was only a day or two old. She's adorable and has such pretty markings! I took some pics, so I'll post them maybe tomorrow or the next day. ♥

So the guy from J&K dropped Nyoka off on Saturday around noon. Then on Sunday, I bummed a ride from Lee and went out to Critter Cove, which is an awesome fish/pond store out the other side of town. It's way beyond walking distance (especially in the winter), and while I'm sure there are busses that run out there, I seriously have no idea which ones. =/

Anyway, I originally just went out there for a couple of catfish for the tank since my six little ghost shrimp weren't enough to keep the bottom sparkly clean. Basically, I'm finding that to keep the piranha from picking on the other fish I need to feed them at least twice a day (sometimes three times), which means quite a bit more mess that needs picked up at the bottom, and the shrimpies were having trouble keeping up. *shrug* No big deal, I just added two cory cats to pick up the excess, and since I added them the water quality has gone up tons, and the whole tank is functioning a lot better, so it's all worked out. :)

But while I was there I got a few more little fish to add more colour, activity and visual interest to the tank. So along with the two catfish, I got two tiger barbs and four cherry barbs; both small, fast fish. Tiger barbs are orange/red with vertical black stripes, and cherry barbs are orange/red with darker horizontal red stripes. Very pretty. The cherries school with my remaining cardinal tetras, and the tigers... well, they take after their name. They're quite brave and aggressive, especially when it comes to food. They even bully the piranha sometimes, which is kind of funny to see because the piranha are obviously like "WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY? >/" but they also always end up running away because the tigers won't back down. XD;;

It's been quite interesting keeping fish again, especially with the piranha. I'm experimenting with different fruit and veggies with them, and while they don't seem all that happy with the potato I've got in the tank right now, they really liked the orange I gave them a couple of days ago. Mostly though, they've been doing great with the tropical fish flakes and bits of meat/veggies to supplement. They were particularly excited about the chicken neck I gave them yesterday afternoon.

Basically, they get bits of whatever meat we happen to be having for dinner lol. ♥


And now because I've just rambled about animals and pretty much nothing else for the last few entries, a brief update on how other things are going:

I'm settling in alright. Still have a few boxes to unpack, but I'm 90% there. On Friday Mom and I have to take a truck load of stuff to the storage unit because I've found a bunch of things that I don't have to have here, and really, my room is pretty crowded as it is.

Tonight I finally got out a hammer and put up the two wallscrolls that I brought with me (my KH one and my FFVII: AC one-- I sadly had to put all the rest of them in storage ;A;) and the two bulletin boards (again, the third one had to go into storage), so it feels more like home here again. Blank walls just don't do it for me.

Unfortunately in the process of packing and moving, the frames for two of my LoZ prints got broken. ~_~;; I had planned to put them up too, but for now they're all piggybacking in Midna's frame so that they don't get wrinkled or ripped. Eventually I'll get new frames for Link and Zelda and then I'll put them up.

I also have one other print that I got at Matsuricon that I want to put up, which I still need to get a frame for. And my artsy cat photos are going up at some point too. But for now at least I've got some colour on the walls.

Aaaaand right now I'm watching a TV box set of ESPU episodes. Yay for animal shows, even if this one makes me angry because it's about poaching. (STUPID POACHERS.) =/ Or, at least, it's about the anti-poaching unit in Africa and their work.

Oh, and I had a little extra money this month and was sad and depressed and everything sucks right now so I cheered myself up by adding to my figure family; I got formation arts Riku, and formation arts Final Form Sora. YAY! 8D

Speaking of... am hoping to get back into rping some more soon. I don't think I'm necessarily up to joining an actual LJ RP yet, but I'd love to do some one-on-one rp with people. Will probably bug Maddie and Chloe for Kyo and Roxas Shinra!RP. *nodnod* And maybe Steph will do some rping with me with Tetsuya or Iniko or Tokiya. >.>

EDIT: And I keep dreaming about Tri. Once I dreamt that someone brought him back from the brink of death with magic and he was back with me again. Then another time I dreamt that I was going to school (my old elementary school, go figure) and he and Loki and Neko all followed me to school, so I was trying to find them around the building. I found Tri first and just held onto him so tightly and wouldn't let him go even when the teachers said I had to put him down for class. That type of thing. I guess I'll have dreams like that for a long time, probably...

EDIT #2: Hmm, just looked up how to (externally) sex ball pythons and sand boas out of curiosity. Then I checked Aya, and am 90% sure he's definitely a male. I think Nyoka's a male too, actually, but s/he's still way too little to tell for sure and I'm certainly not an expert at these things. I don't really care all that much either way, it's not as if I plan to breed them or anything. I mean, if I really wanted to know that badly the people at J&K said they would probe them for me when they were big enough. *shrug*

Also? Have been looking at African Soft Furred Rats because ASDGH LOOK AT THE CUTE!! X3!! I want some of these, and there's even a breeder a couple hours from here where I could get them for $10/female $5/male. But I don't think I could convince Mom to drive me that far just to pick up some rats. XD;;

EDIT #3: I am so totally not looking into Hog Island Boas now. Or Blood Pythons. Or Carpet Pythons. Nope not at all. I think I'm officially addicted to snakes. >>; I'm looking for smaller snakes still. Hog Island Boas and Blood Pythons seem promising, but I'm iffy on Carpet Pythons. They're gorgeous, but even the smaller breeds (like the Irian Jaya, which average 4-6 feet) have the potential to reach up to 13 feet long. =/ (They are arboreal though, which would be very cool.)


Missing Him

Feb. 4th, 2011 12:40 am
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First update in a while. Life just... well, let's put it this way: FUCK LIFE. ~_~;;

I guess let's start with last Tuesday evening. )

Typing all of that out was really hard. It hurts to think about it, and even more so to talk about it. I kept having to take breaks to cry. ;__;


Everything with Tri aside... the move was a nightmare. I moved the day after Tri died, and I don't know... I didn't handle it very well. I hadn't slept in days, and I just kept bursting into tears randomly, over stupid little things.

So moving sucked. A lot.

Other than that, I've been working on getting my aquarium up and running. I set it up here a couple weeks ago to run so that it would be ready for fish when I moved. So a few days ago I got some tetras, a pleco and some ghost shrimp to test the tank out and make sure it was running okay.

Since then a few tetras have died, but things have stabilized so today I picked up a second pleco (the first one was too small to do the job on his own) and three red bellied piranha. Haha, I've wanted them forever so I finally decided to give them a shot.

They're tiny right now because they're juveniles, but they're actually getting along well with the tetras and plecos (not bothering them at all) and ignoring the ghost shrimp all together. They're eating the tropical flake fish food, which I'll supplement with some fish (from the grocery store, not live ones) and fruits/veggies every few days.

Right now they're snacking on an orange slice.

Oh. And right now I have a massive chest cold and my sinuses are infected. Fucking awesome.
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I didn't get around to posting a CCP yesterday, so you get two today to make up for it. ♥

The first is of Tri, happy in his box (he sleeps here all the time) and with his sock to cuddle with. It's just an old one I gave the cats after the holes in it got so bad I couldn't wear it anymore. Haha.

And the second is a pic of Juna sleeping on the couch. He sleeps in weird positions the same as 'Dion does, but somehow looks much less goofy while doing so. .__. Go figure.

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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

Stolen from [ profile] sweetwithdrawl, even though I'm supposed to be sleeping. >>;

Meme goes HERE. )


Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in or curious about. It can be anything from my favorite possession to anything else. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in the next post/comments.
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Today was awesome and OMG DINOSAURS. At some point when I get home (on Friday) I'll make an actual update and talk about all the stuff from Otakon and Dayton/etc. but for now I don't want to hog Momo too much. And besides that, it's just about 3:30 am and we're getting up tomorrow to go downtown and take Turk photos and pics of me in my BOYS!Riku cosplay.

Right. Dinosaurs in Cincinnati were awesome. And we had Chinese food for dinner and it was awesome too. I crossed frog's legs, kimchi and tiramisu off my life's To Do list as well. That's four foods I've always wanted to try in two days! I'm on a roll! Plus if we go to Jungle Jim's this week Chloe promised to help me find pork buns. X3

Apparently my cats have been little buggers while I've been gone. Mom says Tri has peed on my bed and Loki has decided that litter boxes are for peeing in front of and not inside. She's doing her best but I'll have to straighten them out when I get home. -.-; At least Neko and the rabbits are behaving themselves. Sora too.

Oh, and as a funny side note, one of Maddie's friends asked her yesterday if she and Chloe had had a threesome with me. xD; A couple nights ago I was feeding Maddie ice cream while we were reading stuff on the laptop, and apparently that means we must be sleeping together. XD;;

Ah! And before I forget, the ghost kitty here, Sapphire, likes me! :3 Last year he jingled my suitcases and I saw him for just a split second. This time he jingled something one night, and then tonight I felt a cat jump up onto the bed next to me (those of you who have cats at home know the feeling when a cat hops up beside you) but when I turned to pet it, there was nothing there and Saiga and Kaikei were downstairs. Then later when I was downstairs watching Ghost Hunters with Maddie and Chloe I felt whiskers rub against my leg, but again, Saiga and Kaikei were nowhere near. I'm strangely pleased that Sapphire seems to approve of me. <3
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I had a really good cuddle with all three of my kitties today. At the same time. X3 I was sitting in the basement, watching Ghost Whisperer with Mom and Lee, and Tri decided he wanted a snuggle, so he hopped up with me. Then a few minutes later, Loki wandered over and joined us. Then a couple minutes after that, Neko came over as well. It was super nice, but really crowded in the chair. XD;

Next month I need to get more minutes for my phone, just in case someone attempts to call, since right now I can't get calls. Or, I guess I can, but I only have 35 cents worth of credit, which is like... one minute. ^_^;;

And I have what I think is a canker sore starting on the inside of my left cheek. Either that or I bit myself in my sleep (which I have been known to do >>;), and I'm hoping that's it. If not I guess I'll deal. Whatever.

Oh, and that Manga Head hair styling goo stuff. SO AWESOME. It kept my hair all spiked up overnight while I was sleeping and tossing and turning too. xD; But the big plus is that it washes out super easy as well. I am in love with it. ♥ I was going to style my hair into something crazy before Mom and I went out for groceries today, but she was like "I'll disown you," so I didn't. XD;;
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Been a while since I posted. Haha, I spent so many years writing in this thing every single day that lately when I haven't been writing in it much it seems weird. I go to post and realize it's been ten days (or whatever) since my last post and am surprised by it.

But recently I haven't been up to much... I'm actually quite sick right now (it's really TMI though, so I'm not going to elaborate.) I spent all last week trying to get through to my family doctor and failing, so I think I'm going to have to just break down and go to the Emergency Room, and probably have to endure at least one rather uncomfortable test that I can think of.

In the mean time, I was on hiatus at RY and TV, but my health always sucks and I can't be on hiatus forever, so I came off at RY yesterday and plan to come off at TV tomorrow. Being so sick the last while has really sapped my energy though; I'm not getting any nutrients or anything from my food right now (when I can even eat), and I've probably been taking too many pain pills. I've practically been living on cream-of-wheat because it's so bland and easy to digest. I still don't really feel up to much rping, but it's not fair to camp on characters if I'm just going to be away all the time. Plus I have to get back into helping with mod stuff at RY.

Anyway. Today I gave Sora and Riku a bath for the first time. They flailed around a little and generally went D8 at me. It was adorable. But they did need a bath. And I'm hoping if I do it often enough they'll learn to like playing in the water, or at least to tolerate it. They really liked being wrapped up together in a towel afterward though. ♥

I finished Foundation yesterday. It's the new Heralds of Valdemar book by Mercedes Lackey. I didn't realize how much I'd missed Valdemar until I started reading it (lol two days ago, I read for like 12 hours straight. XD;) Maybe now I can try writing some fic again? It'd be nice to work through my four-years-and-going writer's block. But I'm not holding my breath. Not being able to concentrate to write and draw is part of being bi-polar, and just reading a new Valdemar novel won't magically cure me of that. I wish though!

Today I found a copy of Razorback in region 1 NTSC format on ebay. Dad and I have both been searching for that movie for months now, and all we can find are copies on ebay that are region 2 PAL, which won't play on North American DVD players or TVs. So I'm hoping the seller will ship to Canada, but if he replies to my question about it and says no, Maddie says I can get it shipped to her/Chloe's place and then send them the money to forward it. >D

And now random pictures just for the hell of it:

Loki and Tri have a night of drinking, apparently. )

Nazoko. Still looking like Bella. I need the right wig and eyes for her, desperately. )

EDIT: It's getting pretty close to the day I'm taking Loki in to get his back claws done. The closer it gets to time, the more bad I feel about it, even though it's for a medical reason. Every time he comes and cuddles with me, or purrs at me I feel guilty. DX
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lol I found Tri and Loki sleeping in the most adorably retarded way today, so I had to take a picture:

Also, Loki disapproves of me taking pics of him in weird/compromising positions, apparently:


Jan. 13th, 2009 02:23 am
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...I think one of my cats is gender-confused. =__=;;

Real Life

Nov. 11th, 2008 06:17 pm
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My Grandma... is really sick. Really sick. She has a slipped disc in her back, which is causing Sciatica so badly that she can't sit down, and can't stand up straight for more than about ten minutes at a time. All she can do is lay on her back all day and night. And she lives in the middle of nowhere, with no one that can come by and keep her company. She's extremely depressed, for obvious reasons.

I'm really worried about her. My Grandma has always been... bulletproof. She's always been really energetic, really cheerful, really optomistic. She could out-toboggan all of us when we were kids, right up until last winter. She never ran out of energy, and she's independant as hell. She hates to rely on other people to take care of her.

Now she's in constant pain, to the point where she's using a walker to get around, and a grabby tool to get things down from the cubpoards and everything. She can't even stand up long enough to cook anything, so she's considering purchasing frozen meals for $5 each so she doesn't have to, which will cost way more than feeding one person should.

I talked with Mom about it, and I think some time soon I'm going to go up to stay with her for a week or two, to keep her company. While I'm there I'll cook a whole bunch of things for her and freeze them so that she doesn't have to purchase meals especially. Then I can help with chores (as much as my back/legs/wrists will let me) and take the dog for walks, and just be there to chat with Grandma. And Mom says she'll feed the cats and rabbits and everything while I'm gone (though I'll have to take Sora with me lol, she'll forget about him if I don't.)

I'm going to call Grandma tonight and talk with her about it.

I feel a little guilty about leaving again so soon after coming back from hiatus at RY and everything, but... I don't really have a choice. I'm the only one with the time and nothing to really tie me down. Besides which, she's my Grandma and I'm really, really worried about her.


That aside, I'm in need of getting a cane. My legs have gotten so bad that I can't really go anywhere without limping like I'm a cripple. -__-;

EDIT:: ALSO, I found a lump in Tri's side. D: And he's been losing weight lately. I'm worried he's got cancer or something. I need to get him in to the vet, but I can't afford it. I've been looking into insurance for him, and they all say they don't cover pre-existing conditions, so if I want them to cover any treatment assuming it is cancer or whatever, I need to get him signed up like now... *stressstressstress*
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I wish I could find my camera. I just had Sora out to explore and I could have gotten the most adorable picture of him and Neko touching noses. I love that my cats as so good with the other animals. ♥ The only thing they do is chase rat's tails on occasion, which is just them playing, not them being aggressive.

Actually, back when I first got Yuki and 'Nashi, Tri used to play with their tails through the bars of their cage if they were dangling out. Then one day he was sitting on a table next to the cage, with his tail draping over the corner of it, and 'Nashi climbed up, grabbed his tail, and yanked. He scared the bejeesus out of Tri. It was hilarious. XD; No one can ever say rats don't have a sense of humor.

Anyway, Sora is settling in alright, but you can tell he's still not used to being outside of a cage. When I take him out, he finds a hidey-hole (under my hair at the back, in the crook of my arm, etc.) and ventures out a bit, then scampers back really fast. But each time he goes a little farther, and I give him scratches and crackers for being a brave boy, so I'm sure he'll be fine. I am pleased that he trusts me enough to be his safe place though. :3

Other than that... still bloody sick. I just keep getting worse. All my sinuses are infected (except possibly in my left cheek, I'm not sure about that one entirely), I've got a barking cough, a massive headache, a sore throat and the on-and-off fever I've had the last few days. Also, my piercings are all still infected. >.<;

Oh, and my jaw is stiffening up again. -.-;; Stupid Tetanus. Stupid Lockjaw. Go away already, it's been three years!

I'm medicating myself to the eyeballs with painkillers, aspirin, and sinus pills/nasal spray, but I think I'll probably have to get the doctor to give me a prescription for antibiotics when I'm in there in a couple of weeks. Blegh. I hate this time of year.

... XDD

Sep. 13th, 2008 06:33 am
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So I tried to go to bed a few times and couldn't sleep. Thus, I ended up watching movies, and rearranging my furniture. >>;

Anyway, in the process of moving things around, I located a random catnip pouch under the coffee table. This is relatively normal, as the cats lose their toys under things all the time. So I shook the dust out of it and tossed it to them. Normally, when I buy catnip for them, I buy three pouches (since I have three cats, obviously), and today... I got tired of them fighting over it. -.-; So I finally stole it back, and just cut it open and sprinkled the catnip onto the carpet, since I plan to vacuum tomorrow anyway.

OMFG. FUNNIEST THING EVAR. Neko and Loki have spent the last 45 minutes digging at the carpet, and rolling around like idiots. Tri went over to investigate, but clearly as the photos show has more dignity than the others. >>; )

Heh. I'll have to do that more often. ♥

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Wow, I haven't done it in a while but over the last two-and-a-half days or so I've watched almost all of Angelic Layer and Air Gear. lol, normally I don't have the attention span anymore, but I've gotten myself hooked... and needed a serious break from ponies for a couple days. -.-;

Anyway, Angelic Layer is one that I've been meaning to get around to literally for years now, but couldn't find to download. So I finally found it and was all "Yay!" It's basically a fighting anime, but... shoujo-ified. <3

Air Gear is much the same type of genre. I can see my brother really enjoying it, actually. XD; Akito wins the OMG Squee Cute Sparkliness award, while Agito wins the First Anime Character I've Seen Who Swears In English award. "Fucking shit" sounds really strange in the middle of a Japanese sentence. Still! :3

Tri <3's Air Gear too! XD
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I suck at writing in my journal lately, or even keeping up with my f-list. Sorry! I'm not sure why, I just... haven't felt like it. I guess I've been spending too much time messing around in my various rp journals to care much about my own? XD;;

I've also been doing a lot of cleaning and organising the last few days. Whoo? Everything's spangly clean now AND WTF TRITON IS TOTALLY SNORING RIGHT NOW. I can hear him all the way from across the apartment. xD;

Anyway, I've been taking photoblogging photos, but I'll post them all up soon.

Hmm. Watched Superman Returns (finally) and Final Destination 3 a couple days ago; SR was... a Superman movie in every sense of the word. Haha, I've never been really huge on Superman, because he's so cliche and goody-goody. I really like darker heroes. I'm a Batman fangirl, lol. But the special effects were excellent and in general I was pleased.

FD3 was rediculously bloody of course, and the only real reason I got it was because I already have the other two and I have a thing about sets. Plus, the DVD is like a huge Choose Your Own Adventure! Every time someone's about to die you can change a variable for a different outcome. AWESOME. For $5 it was definitely worth it. I <3 Choose Your Own Adventure movies! XDD

RP; Not much happening with Hikaru, since Kaoru's still sick and he's still worrying. Same with Demyx, everything's pretty much where it was. Zexion's letting him get a kitten and he's decided to name it Nocturne (yes shut up), and he's all \o/ because Roxas and Axel are around now too.

KYO on the other hand. BWAHAHA. Go here for 108 tags of Sephiroth/Kyo smut. No, I'm not even kidding in the least. Don't ask. We are highly amused.

Other than the Seph/Kyo madness, he's becoming oddly popular lately. Seriously, when I picked him up I didn't think I'd really be doing much with him, and now he's spazzing over Seph, and going drinking with Renji and Ichigo, and Dante and Zelos (possibly all together, possible two different trips), and he completely didn't agree to do a photo shoot with Zelos I swear. ^_^; Ehehe...

Man, RP love.

Okay, now I'm going to be mailing the rest of my Christmas Jam packages off on Friday hopefully. I can't really afford it, but whatever. Mom's going to have to help me out with the shipping, but if I don't get them out soon they won't arrive until after Christmas. Even now I'm kind of pushing it. >>;

And now I'm off to pack up boxes and work on ponies and generally keep an eye on AIM. Yep.


Is keychains! =3

I collect keychains, and would love one from wherever you're from! I also love just getting cards or Merry Christmas messages on the day. But if you really want to get me something, find me a cute keychain from your town/city/state/province/country/whatever. :)


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