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Hokay! My first real entry after months of nothing! ...and it's just a recounting of my day, really. I'm very boring lately. :P



Today was grocery day. Yay! /sarcasm. >>;

Actually, it's not so bad. Mom and I do groceries together each week, so it's kind of fun to go out and spend the time with her.

So because this is the first shopping trip of the month (for March, even though it's still the 29th of February), I had a TON of stuff to get. I easily dropped $250+ dollars on various things, and that was BEFORE coming home and paying all my bills. =.=;;

So foodstuffs for me and then stocking up on food and litter and other various things for the critters. While I was at the (first) pet store, I also picked up a few fish for my community tropical tank. 2 blue dwarf gouramis, a striped angel fish and 6 cherry barbs. (Already in the tank; 1 pleco, 2 cory catfish, 3 angels, 1 orange dwarf gourami, 2 rosy minnows, 2 gold barbs, 3 rosy barbs, 9 neon tetras, 4 red platys, 1 guppy, 1 tiger barb, 1 redtail shark, 2 zebra danios...) It's a huge 75 gallon aquarium, what can I say? I think my next addition might be one or two congo tetras. They are SO pretty. ♥

When I later went down to J&K to buy rats for Aya and Opal, I asked Dave when I should start worrying about how long it's been since Aya ate; ball pythons will routinely go for long periods of time without eating, but it's going on 10 months since Aya last ate. He seems healthy and isn't losing weight. He's even still shedding, which means he must still be growing. But it's been so long now that Dave said it's probably a good idea to bring Aya into the shop, and they'll hand-feed him for me. If it works, they'll show me how to do it. I might have to buy a pair of feeding tongs, but that's a minor thing when compared to the idea of Aya starving to death. =/

Having done a ton of running around with Mom today during shopping, I then did a bunch more after she dropped me off. XD; I went to the Dollarama and picked up some things for Easter baskets, then to Liquidation World, where I bought a Firefly Jar for part of a Christmas gift for the end of this year.

I froze my tail off with all the walking, since it was blustery and snowstorming when I went out. Now I have wind burn on my face and ears. DX

Tonight was the night that registration for AA at Anime North opened. I sent in my application like five seconds after 8pm when registration officially started, so we'll see if I get a spot. I hope I do, I could really use the money...

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to Mom and Lee's place for dinner. My sister and her hubby are coming over and bringing my new baby niece, and we're all going to have Chinese takeout together. xD;

So I'm making a cake for dessert! But since my sis and brother-in-law have a lot of diet restrictions, it has to be a really specialty-type recipe. I'm making dairy-free, soy-free carrot cake with frosting made from avacados! O.O The cake looks really good, and I'm doing the icing in a few minutes. Then tomorrow we'll see how it turned out~!

...and now I'll leave you with a brony Cross And Arrow duet dub video, just for shits and giggles:

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Happy Halloween! ...yeah, I just wanted to say that. :D;

I actually dressed up for the first time in about six years, just for the hell of it. All I did tonight was hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, but what the heck, right? I cobbled a demon outfit together at the last minute; my red contacts and long red wig, my custom fit fangs and then around 5pm I wandered downtown and spent a whole $1 on a pair of red horns. Then I just wore a black tank top and a black-and-white skirt with my knee boots.

Also, Aya kept me company for half of the time I handed out candy. ^_^ He's such a calm snake, I took him out of his terrarium and wrapped him around my neck and he just chilled out there and basically didn't move for an hour. When he started to get restless I put him away again.

But having Aya around my neck? Between that and the red contacts, pretty much every kid who came to the door was like O.O at me. XD; One little boy was SO EXCITED about the snake, he asked if it was an anaconda and I honestly wanted to say yes just because he was so thrilled over the idea. Haha.

Anyhoo, so when I went downtown to buy the horns I was in the rest of my costume (sans Aya, though, he wouldn't have done well out and about like that as it's quite cold out nowadays) and I picked up a few things from Liquidation World, then went to the dollar store for the horns, then on the way back I stopped at J&K to get more rats for Aya and Opal.

lol Sandy and Dave were in today (they pretty much always are), and they both loved my hair/eyes/horns. Apparently cherry red really suits me, which is kind of true because I'm so pale. xD; Sandy wanted to know where she could get contacts like that and so that lead to a conversation about conventions while Dave headed off to get my rats. Man, do I love that store and the people there, you have no idea. ♥

While I was there I also got a hammock for Ven. A couple of days ago I was looking at my little rattie in his cage and wondering why in the hell he was in the small rat cage when I actually have two much larger rabbit cages currently available? .__.; So I went and got those cages, zip-tied them together into one really nice, big, lofty cage, and transferred him over.

At first it was just him and his food dish and his plastic hide, but today I picked up some things to add; the hammock, like I said, and also a big climbing rope and a honey-treat bell that hangs from the roof of the cage. Technically, the honey-treat is supposed to be for birds, but there's nothing in it that Ven can't have and I've found in the past that bird toys and treats make really fun additions for rats; and rats are so smart that they need lots of enrichment and things to play with or they go stir crazy.

I'm still thinking about getting him a bell toy as well, since Yuki and 'Nashi LOVED theirs way back when I had them. (They were my first two rats, for those who remember or care at all.) But Ven's cage is in the bedroom and idk... Yuki and 'Nashi used to flail around with that bell so much they kept me awake even when they were all the way in the living room. XD;; So I guess we'll see.

Right now Ven is still feeling very overwhelmed with all the changes, I think. He's climbed around a bit, but spent most of today hiding in his bed going >O.O< while I fixed his cage up and tidied the room. ^^;; He'll settle in nicely over the next couple of days, though. ♥

Am still considering picking up a second rat, too. Some of my rats in the past have preferred to live on their own, but based on the way Ven's personality is, I think he'd be happier to have a companion. Maybe I'll go and pick out another little male next time I'm downtown. (Then I shall name him Terra! 8D; /KH geek.)

Anyway, so that was my day.

OH. Except that I picked up antibiotics for the cats today as well. They won't cure the colds everyone's got, but being on them will keep them from getting pneumonia or other infections until the rest clears up, which is really important. So that's a big relief.

And right now I'm writing this and watching The Zombie Diaries, which will then be followed by The Zombie Diaries 2 and finally The Howling Reborn, because I can't think of a better way to spend the rest of my Halloween night than chilling with zombie and werewolf movies. =D

EDIT: And Z's battery is magically holding a charge again. It hasn't done that in months. .__.;;
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Two entries in a row! Go me! =D;;

Mom came over today to help me move some things around in my place. I moved way back in the beginning of June, but idk I guess I have so much stuff that I'm still getting the last bits and pieces organized. It's the same story every time I move. Takes me forever to get settled completely.

Anyway, we got some stuff off to Goodwill and moved things around, then just sat around and chatted for a little while before heading out to Walmart. I needed some decongestant nasal spray and Mom needed some multivitamins, so we got those.

I also poked around for possible workout clothes, and was lucky enough that right now Walmart has all of their summer clothes on massive clearance, so I got a pair of shorts and two tank tops for a grand total of like $15. I still need to get to the YMCA and talk to someone about membership costs, but one step at a time, right?


The last few days I've been feeling very lethargic, mostly because I'm desperately fighting off a sinus cold/infection that's trying like hell to migrate into my lungs. So far keeping myself heavily medicated has worked, so I'm keeping that strategy in play for now.

Anyway, so I've just basically spent a lot of time laying around doing nothing and feeling moderately miserable. And so I've been watching TV shows on my laptop. The last couple days have been episodes of Mantracker, as well as a little House and a couple eps of MLP: Friendship Is Magic.

The latest episode of MLP was good, btw. New Princess Luna episode! It made me giggle. But they changed her design some, so now I don't think the wig I got for Luna cosplay next year will work. Mrr. =/ That's annoying, but there's not much I can do about it, sooo... *shrug*
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HOKAY. I haven't updated in forever but I swear I have a good reason for it. ~A~;;

1) Basically, a little less than a month ago, I got a call from one of Mom's friends that she works with; she and her husband own a bunch of buildings around town that have been converted into apartments, and they had one come up available for the 1st of June.

I went O__O;; because it's totally last minute and I couldn't afford it really, between having to pay first and last and for the movers. Anyway, Mom convinced me to go look at the place anyway... and it's PERFECT. ;A; I was all *GRABBY HANDS* at it, but came home knowing I just wasn't going to be able to deal with the cost.

But when I told Mom all about the place, she kind of made the decision for me and made some calls to Grandma so that she and Mom could help me cover the moving costs. It's a lot of money, but she assured me that this is NOT a loan, it's a gift. Because she wants me out of her house. XD; lol. Not really, but the joking at least made me feel better. I hate having to take money from other people. =_=;;

Anyway, the apartment!

It's basically half of a house. It has a tiny postage-stamp front yard and a picket fence along the side that I'm going to hang flower baskets from. It also has a little strip of grass at the bottom of the fence that I'm going to line with planters as well. I WANT A GARDEN AGAIN, EVEN IF IT'S JUST A TINY ONE. I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO HAVE ONE IN YEARS.

Then the screen door leads into a tiny little sunroom/mudroom where I can keep my recycle bins, trash can, and shovel/salt in the winter. Then the next door is the main one, and it leads into the downstairs part of the apartment. This is supposed to just be an entryway, but it's big enough that I can use it for that purpose AND as another actual room, as well as possibly for some minor storage. I'm considering putting my craft workspace for beading and the like down there once I find another desk.

Then to get to the main apartment, you go up a nice wide staircase. At the top is a bit of wall (a bookshelf will go there), and then the bathroom, which is of course small, but totally nice and clean and modern. ♥

Next is the kitchen, WHICH IS BIG ENOUGH TO FIT MY HUGE 4-FOOT FREEZER AND A TABLE. It's not gigantic, but it's easily at least 4x the size of my last two kitchens, and probably twice the size of the kitchen here at Mom's. She's going to be jealous. XD!

After the kitchen is the bedroom, which is maybe 1/4 again the size of the kitchen. Again, not huge, but still bigger than my room here. In there is going my bed, my reading books, my dresser, Aya's terrarium, the other snake terrarium (I'm getting another sand boa in a few months) and either the piranha tank or the turtle tank (I'm leaning toward the piranha.)

The next room is the living room, which is a little bigger than the bedroom. There goes the sofa, rocking chair, movie shelves, TV stand & etc, reference books and probably the turtle tank. Also the end tables and the goldfish aquarium once I get it set up. FISHIES! X3

Next to the living room and at the end of the hall is a SECOND little sunroom, which is where the bunnies are going to live, where the kitty litter box is going, and where my little indoor-herb-garden will go, as well as my upside-down strawberry planters and tomato planter. The plants will looooove it in there!

And on the wall just outside the second sunroom will be the pet shelves/cabinets where the food and etc. will be kept, and one shelf of those is where the tarantula terrarium will go. And that's it! :D

I'm so excited! I'll take pics and post them once I've gotten all moved in. ♥

2) Mom and Lee... are in Hawaii right now. *EPIC FISTSHAKE* DAMN YOU, PARENTS! Haha, no, I'm kidding. It's their 20th anniversary this year and they NEVER take vacations. They deserve it. And Hawaii is somewhere they both have wanted to go forever, so good for them! They're seeing the cultural center and touring Pearl Harbour, and they're going to go through the international market.

I told them they had to do the following:

1) Go to Pearl Harbour.
2) See a luau.
3) Buy me an awesome souvenir.
and 4) Not get eaten by a shark. O__O;;

3) My new turtle, Genbu! The one that I rescued a few weeks back. Until now, he's been living in a TINY terrarium that is WAY too small for him, the poor guy. But I didn't have anywhere else to keep him. At least he had a little pond and lots of food, right? I still felt guilty though.

Anyway, the pet store downtown that I got Aya from have an indoor pond that has some turtles in it about Genbu's size. Today I was downtown and I asked the owner if he might be willing to take Genbu and add him to the pond so that he would be living in the proper conditions. I explained the situation and everything.

He apologized but had to say no. Turns out like a week ago he went to a turtle rescue out of town and adopted three more turtles for the pond, so now he has six; and this maxes out the pond. He can't put any more turtles in there or it will be too crowded. He said that if he had the room he definitely would have taken him, though.

I told him it was okay, but kind of sighed because it's not that I don't want to KEEP Genbu, it's just not fair to him to have to live in such a tiny unsuitable terrarium. =/

So the owner kind of looked at me for a minute, and then told me that he admires what I'm trying to do, so he's going to DONATE a 170 GALLON TANK for FREE so that I can give Genbu the kind of home he needs. ;A; That is the kind of thing the people from that store do. They genuinely CARE about animals. It's not just a business to them.

I thanked him a million times, obviously. I still have to buy the filter for it, but that's a tiny amount of money in comparison. He even said he would deliver it to the new apartment once I've moved! It was so incredible...


4) Today I went downtown intending to go to Blockbuster to look at previously viewed movies, but when the bus arrived at the main street... there was a sidewalk sale going on. O_o;

Twice every summer we have a massive sidewalk sale where the main street is closed off and all kinds of vendors set up shop for the weekend. It's always fun and nice to wander around and look at everything. I usually spend $20 or so and bring apples for the ponies at the pony rides they set up for the kids. ♥

Anyway, so rather than just go to Blockbuster and then home, I ended up meandering around. I talked to the pet shop owner (see above lol) and got to pet their store mascot, Calvin the alligator.

I got a candy and chocolate cookbook, a set of meditation balls, and a couple cheap used DVDs from a bin (The Rats and Darkness Falls.) I also got a couple of leather bracelets for cosplay later this summer, as well as some phone straps for peeps I have packages for. And one of the booths gave me some free popcorn, which was deliciously yummy and buttery. :3

Haha, I did end up going to Blockbuster afterward, though, and I picked up copies of Skyline, Planet Terror, Paranormal Activity 2, Arachnia and Resident Evil: Afterlife for really cheap. Yay movies~!

5) AND! So, to raise some more money for Otakon and the 'States this summer, I've decided to have a huge bake sale. ^_^ I can break in my kitchen and have fun and hopefully make some spare cash at the same time. And then anything I don't manage to sell I can freeze or give away to family/friends or to the various charities around town. ♥


May. 7th, 2011 09:42 pm
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Today Mom, Lee and I went to the 400 market just past Barrie. We don't get to go very often, so I was really looking forward to it. :3

I did a lot of odds-and-ends shopping, but I guess the notable things were DVDs (16 of them at $2/each! o.o!!), some decorative candies for baking and some more fish for my aquarium. 4 ciclids and 24 rosies. ♥

Now, the fish place at the 400 market. I was paying for the ciclids (I bought the rosies elsewhere) when I noticed a tank in the back. It was completely empty and dry as a bone, with just a lonely red-eared slider turtle huddled in the middle. There was a sign on the tank that said "free turtle".

The fact that he was in a completely dry tank didn't sit well with me, so I asked why they were giving him away. I was told that he was blind, a family pet and they didn't want him anymore. Then they proceeded to tell me that IF NO ONE TOOK HIM THEY WERE JUST GOING TO TOSS HIM INTO THE DUMPSTER OUT BACK. >[

It was like five minutes until the place closed, so I begged a box off of them and took him with me. I couldn't just let him get thrown out like trash! He's perfectly healthy except he can't see! SO WHAT?

I was pretty much IRATE, but I wanted them to give him to me so I didn't say anything. Just took him and thanked them and headed off.

Once home, he stayed in the box long enough for me to set up a makeshift terrarium (it has a "pool" made out of a big tupperware container) and then he was introduced. He's settling in slowly, but hasn't left his little pond yet. I think he's just happy to have access to WATER again. How long was he in that dry aquarium? Did they EVER have him in proper housing? >/

Anyway, I'm going to call him Genbu. I picked up some turtle food, but he hasn't eaten. I think he's still upset, which I can't blame him for. But since he's blind I may have to end up picking up some feeding tongs and hand-feeding him every day. I'm hoping not, but if I have to I most certainly will.

After we left the market, Lee wanted to go to Moores for some dress pants and right nearby was a Petsmart, so rather than stand around while he browsed, I went to the pet store. They were having a cat adopt-a-thon, so I made kissy faces at all the kittehs, and that's where I got the rosies for my aquarium as well.

All in all, aside from the fucking STUPIDITY of the people I rescued Genbu from, it was a pretty good day. :)


Mar. 16th, 2011 11:50 pm
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So, after all of the optimism in regard to Miss Tiamat, on Monday night I had to make an emergency trip to the vet with her.

Basically, on top of pulling the staples earlier, she managed to mess up the surgical glue as well and was bleeding all over the damn place. So I called the vet and got her in right away to be checked out and sewn back up.

BUT. ~_~;;

When Dr. W came in and looked at her, we discovered that Tia had also somehow managed to pop some of the internal sutures. Long story short? Her insides were exposed to the outside and actually in danger of herniating out of the inch-and-a-half hole in her stomach. A hole that size doesn't sound big, but you have to remember that she's only a 4.7 pound cat.

So she had to go into an immediate emergency surgery to fix everything. And immediate eight hundred dollar emergency surgery. GAH. DAMMIT TIA, YOU ARE A FREAKING EXPENSIVE FREEBIE CAT RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, yesterday we picked her back up and she's doing very well now and feeling great. She's on antibiotics (of course), and I'm keeping her in the cat crate overnight to keep her from rampaging all over the place unsupervised, since that's all she seems to want to do right now. (The crate also helps since she's in heat right now; she wails all night long, but when I put her in the crate and cover it with a blanket she just relaxes and settles down for the night. Go figure.)

So, other than Tia, today I went for a nice walk since it was warm out. YAY SPRING WEATHER ILU.

I went to the bookstore at the corner, but didn't find anything. Then I went to the pet store and bought my kitties some catnip pouches for presents since I haven't done it in forever. They all went BANANAS over them, so it was worth the $10. ♥

After that I poked my nose into the Bargain Shop and got a new animal documentary DVD for $3.33; Growing Up Arctic (polar bear, seal, walrus & penguin stories.) Then I went to the Dollarama for some lightbulbs, and ended up with a bunch of misc other stuff as well; jelly tots, some plant pots, potting soil, etc. And they had the most awesome shinto temple style tealight holders! I got one for my room as well as one of those fake flickering tealights to put in it.

The shinto temple thing though... I think I've decided that I'm going to pick up another one and use it as a marker for Tri's grave when I bury him later. Then I can find him and visit whenever I'm up at Grandma's, and I'll replace the tealight whenever I do. Somehow it seems fitting for him.

Tonight was groceries as well, but there isn't much to say about that. I got some smelt for the piranha, and when I gave them the first piece tonight they were like \o/ at it. It was funny actually. I also got the makings for green chili for later this week.

Oh, and while we were at Walmart I got a copy of Piranha 3D, since they had them on clearance for $10. XD They also had Sharktopus but it was still almost $30 so Imma wait until it goes down some before I pick it up. :3

Then Mom, my brother and I went to Arby's for dinner and I had a delicious delicious roast chicken club sammich (without the bacon), some curly fries and a Dr. Pepper. It was awesome and I enjoyed it way too much, I think. XD

EDIT: Downside to spring? ALLERGIES. DX
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Squall has been acting up the last couple of days. Not sure what's wrong, I've run diagnostics/antivirus/disc cleanup/defragmenter and everything is telling me there's no problem, but he's running slowly and earlier today I tried to turn him on and he wouldn't load the first time 'round. Might have to send him in to be checked out. =/

Other than that things today went pretty well.

Today was the day that Dion was scheduled to be neutered and Tia went in for exploratory surgery because of the whole Hi I'm Tia And I've Been Spayed But Am Still Going Into Heat Anyway MEOW thing. We had to be in Barrie to drop them off at 8am, which meant leaving here at 7:15am, which meant getting up at 6am. ~_~; But it needed to be done, so whatever.

We dropped them off without any problems and then went to the Sunset Grill for breakfast, where I got a greek omelet with hashbrowns and sausage and then proceeded to feel sick from it. So I brought it home to have tomorrow for lunch (hopefully). Mom has waffles with fruit salad and whipped cream and it looked AMAZING.

After that we came back home for a couple of hours before heading back to Barrie again. We went to Michael's so I could get the things I needed for doing the jewelry for the wedding next month. Then when I got home I realized I'd forgotten gold eyepins and the pedant I picked out is in silver instead of gold DURR SENA YOU'RE AN IDIOT. *facepalm*

We have to go back to Barrie in two weeks anyway so I can get the missing things then.

Wow, though. It's the first time I've bought actual gold components (14k) and it cost SO MUCH. ;A; I was putting everything on the counter to be rang up and GAH I didn't even want to know. It cost like $120 for everything because I had the 14k gold, some sterling silver and two strands of actual freshwater pearls. Also, the pendant that was silver instead of gold is pink cubic zirconia. SO EXPENSIVE ASDGH. But I'm still kinna excited to work with it anyway. :3


After that we went next door to the huge pet store to look at the cute animals and Mom almost bought a cat from the adoption center. XD;; She was this little cream coloured cutie with grey tabby markings on her face and from her feet to her knees on all four feet. She was really, really pretty. But Lee would have murdered us if we'd come home with another cat. xD; Ah well. She's so lovely I'm sure she'll be adopted really fast. ♥

Then we went to the dollar store because I needed AAA batteries.

After that we went to Walmart, where I got a drink at the McD's there and also bought two happy meal toys because they currently have LPS. *geek* I also bought an LPS monkey from the toy section. We originally went in to find an outfit for me for the wedding, but nothing really jumped out at me. I did get a black shirt for f!Kyo cosplay this summer, though.

That done, we drove across town to Bayfield Mall. :D

We poked around a few stores there and managed to find me a really nice outfit (beige dress slacks and an aquamarine button-down shirt that is really pretty!), though I still need to get some shoes that will match, since my black ones don't go with it very well.

With that all done we went into a couple more stores. One of them is this really awesome curio/collectible shop called Green Earth. I always love pretty much everything they have. This time though, we were about to go inside and in the display window was this stone statue of a cat, sleeping with wings on it's back.

And I stood there for a couple minutes trying really, really hard not to cry. Mom kind of gave me a little one-armed hug and dragged me in to look at shiny things to distract me. All I could think of was buying that statue to put at the top of Tri's grave when I bury him in a month or two.

Speaking of, I've decided on wrapping up a few of his favourite things to bury with him when the time comes; a packet of soft fish catfood, a yogurt cup since he was a yogurt fiend, a catnip pouch and his laser light toy. Maybe other things, but that's what I've decided on so far. I know it sounds stupid, but it makes me feel a bit better about burying him. It's going to be so hard for me to do when the time comes...

Anyway. After that store we stopped at the cafeteria to pick up Taco Bell burritos for my brother, as per his request, since he ♥'s Taco Bell and the one here closed like fifteen years ago. >>;;

Then we had to go pick Dion and Tia up! Everything went fine (which I assumed was the case since they didn't call me at all during the day) and the two of them were sleepy, groggy and pretty much high as a kite on painkillers.

Unfortunately, despite the exploratory surgery, they didn't find anything; no tissue that they missed, and no ectopic tissue either. So they think there's a chance that Tia was going into heat as a response to Dion transitioning from kitten to male cat and therefore starting to reek of testosterone. Now that he's fixed there's a chance she won't go into heat anymore.

Then again, ectopic tissue can be microscopic, in which case even if it's there they would have no way to find it. So I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Tia has to go back in in two weeks because they had to use staples to close her up this time (the incision site this time is 3x the size of the first one), so we have to bring her in to have them removed. That's no big deal though, and it'll only take 20 minutes or so. (And that gives me a chance to go back to Michael's for the stuff I forgot, too.)

So groggy kittens went into carriers and into the car, and then Mom took me to the awesomesauce aquarium store so I could poke around a bit and pick up a couple more catfish for my tank. I also got two emerald green tiger barbs. I asked for three and paid for three, but when I got home and was setting them up in the tank I realized they only gave me two. By then it was too late though. Oh well.

Then we came home. 8D;;

Dion and Tia have just spent a lot of time sleeping, obviously. They're not feeling too bad, though, and had good appetites when I fed them earlier. So it's all good. Another day or so and Dion can go back into the basement with the other boys, but Tia needs to stay in my room for at least a week before rejoining the pride.

So basically, today was super busy and tiring but I got a lot done.

Also? I'm so worried about some of my friends over in Japan (and area). My prayers go out to them and everyone else who's being affected by the earthquake and aftershocks and everything else. Oh, and America can BITE ME. Honestly, some people are serious fucktards. >/

Tra la la~

Mar. 4th, 2011 04:23 am
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Didn't end up going downtown on Tuesday like I was supposed to. My hip was still out and I hadn't slept in two days so I really wasn't up to it. So I canceled my hair appointment and just went to the bank on Wednesday instead. ^^;

This means I do have to make a point of picking up more rats for Aya and the fish (probably tomorrow), but whatever.

Anyhoo, I didn't sleep Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Like, at all. ~_~; So when we did groceries on Wednesday I said screw it and bought some sleep aid pills. lol so last night I slept SUPER WELL! 8D; Like, for 18 hours straight. I damn well needed it though, so it's fine. Imma probably take one tonight too.

Right now I'm watching Tommyknockers! I've never seen it before, but when I went up to the corner earlier I found a copy of it for $3.98 at the Bargain Shop, along with a copy of The Unborn, Growing Up Safari (Zebra, Giraffe, Hyena & Rhino) and Animal Armageddon Target: Earth. Yay cheap DVDs!

EDIT: Oh, and I re-potted my magic bean plant into a bigger pot so it can keep growing, and I also planted some watermelon seeds in my spare pot so they can take root and sprout some before it's warm enough to transfer them to the out-of-doors. I have tomato seeds too, but I need another pot. XD
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So today was mall day. Yay! lol I haven't been actually shopping-shopping at the mall here in a long time. Mostly because we only have about ten stores that are worthwhile anymore. XD I much prefer just going to Walmart if I need something, or shopping along the main street downtown. We have a lot of cute stores down there. :)

Anyway, I didn't sleep worth beans last night. Originally I had planned to get up at 11:30am at the latest so I could head out around noon, but I ended up laying around in bed, tossing and turning and attempting to get even a little bit of sleep until around 2:30pm before I finally gave up and just got up for the day. ~_~;; Le sigh.

But whatever, I'm used to running on next to no sleep, so I got ready and walked up to the mall. It was super nice and sunny out... except for the wind. HOLY FUCK THE WIND. It was blowing so hard that when I got home I found out I have windburn across my face and neck. O__o; NOT FUN, and really too bad since it would have been warm out too if it wasn't for the wind.

My first stop at the mall was Zellers, where I poked around somewhat aimlessly for a while, just looking at stuff. In the end I got a new pack of LPS (a pony and a deer; the pony comes with a detachable horn! So cute!) and a copy of Megamind, since they had it on special for $18.99 (regular $24.99.) I also got a spool of 100 writeable DVD-Rs since they were on sale for half price and I have a FUCKTON of video files I need to get off of Z and Squall. >>;

After that I went to Ardene for jewelry components. I will post a pic of what I got tomorrow. They have CRYSTALS. CRYYYYYYYSTALS!! ...but when I got home later I remembered I need more bead boxes, so I have nowhere to put said crystals for the moment. xD; *fails*

Then I looked through the itty bitty bookstore we have at the mall, but even though I found a bunch of books and manga I was interested in, I didn't actually buy any. I'm going to be in Barrie next week, so Imma go to Chapters while I'm there instead. Yepyep.

That done, I went and got something to eat at the food court (which has three whole restaurants in it! *facepalm*) After eating, I realized I needed some actual cash so I walked all the way back down to the other end of the mall to pull $20 from the ATM there... at which point my hip went out. DAMMIT.

My hips have been giving me problems lately (particularly the left one, it keeps going out on me the last couple of weeks), so I wasn't surprised, but my shopping bag was relatively heavy and I still had to go to the grocery store and then WALK HOME. =__=;; URGH. SCREW YOU, BODY.

I managed to hobble to the grocery store at the other end of the mall and picked up the odds and ends I needed for cooking dinner tomorrow (chicken curry), then decided I couldn't walk the whole way home and limped my way over to the bus stop.

The problem is that the bus stop closest to here is still about ten blocks away. I got off at that stop, and managed to make my way to the Dollarama. I went in and took a cart for my bags and picked up a couple of things, because sometimes if I put down what I'm carrying and walk slowly for a while my hips/legs start to behave again.

This time? Not so much.

But at least while I was there I got some potting soil (I need to re-pot one of my plants to a bigger pot and need more soil for it) as well as photo frames for the Ghostbusters photo series from Otakon last summer. And some jujubes. Just because JUJUBES.

When I got outside again my hip was still out though, so I ended up having to call Mom and get her to come up and pick me up in the car. I haven't been limping this badly in forever, idk how I used to deal with it every day for so long... anyway, Mom picked me up and brought me home, and I took muscle relaxants and laid down for a couple hours.

When I got up again my hip was a bit better, but not great, so Mom also helped me clean the bunny cages tonight, since it requires a lot of bending and lifting. :P

I do have to go downtown tomorrow... I think even if my leg is better in the morning I'm going to bring my cane with me anyway, though.
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I'm currently right in the middle of a River Monsters marathon on Discovery channel. Interesting stuff, especially since I can't sleep. Again. Last night was the same, except I was watching Hoarders on TLC instead. *shrug*

A couple days ago Mom and I had to go to Walmart, and while I was there I found Alien VS. Ninja on the shelves. You KNOW I had to have it! So now I have a copy of it on DVD YAY! I actually haven't watched it yet, I think my brother might want to watch it with me so I'm waiting. I'll ask him again tomorrow and if he says he's not interested I'll just watch it by myself.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to the mall and look for sparkly things to use for jewelry making (Ardene is a good store for that! ♥), and poke through a couple other stores as well, just for something to do. I might pick up a copy of Mastermind, since it's out now and I WANT A COPY. X3 And I need another photo album.

Then I plan to get tempura from Yamato in the food court, and possibly pick up a thing or two from the grocery store just before I head home, since I need a couple of ingredients for making curry this week.

Speaking of cooking. I MISSED IT SO MUCH. That's one thing about living here again, I have people to cook for and I'm taking full advantage of that fact. :3 Last week I made Turkey-and-Sausage Jambalaya, BBQed Hamburgers & Potato/Macaroni Salad and Spaghetti & Meat Sauce. This week I did Turkey Shepherd's Pie, Sweet-and-Sour Meatloaf, Home-made Mac n' Cheese & Asparagus and Cheese-and-Spinach Canelloni. Next week I'm planning Coca-Cola Chicken, Indian Chicken Curry and Vegetarian Lasagna. I've also baked a cake and made two loaves of banana bread. SO HAPPY. ~w~ ♥♥♥

Yesterday Mom and I went up to the mall and while we were there she checked out a couple of stores for an outfit to wear to Sarah's wedding next month. She ended up finding this awesome summery dress that looks REALLY good on her. At the same store I found an adorable floofy skirt and absolutely FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. But it was $60, which I couldn't afford, obviously. THEN MOM RANDOMLY BOUGHT IT FOR ME.

I objected because of the cost, but she says she bought it because of how well I've been doing since the surgery (I've lost 107lbs!! :O) and how proud she is of me for that and for being willing to do with cheap second-hand clothes over the course of the last year. She said it's a congrats, and that I deserve something nice after going without for so long. So I ended up just letting her buy it, since she seemed so determined. It was almost like she was getting me in trouble for the objections, actually. ^^;;

It's not a warm enough skirt that I can wear it just yet, but I'm really looking forward to wearing it in a month or month-and-a-half when it gets to be spring weather. X3

Aaaand on Tuesday I have to go downtown to the bank, so I'm getting my hair cut that day too since I'll already be down there. I also need to pick up more rats for Aya and the fish, and I'll probably meander up and down the main street, assuming that it's not a raging snowstorm.

No real news on the critters front, except that Tia is in heat AGAIN so she's being really snuggly and cute and ANNOYING right now. Not much I can do about it, though, other than give her lots of pets and cuddles, since that seems to soothe her pretty well for the most part. At least she's going back in to have the problem dealt with in just a couple of weeks, we should only have to deal with one more heat cycle after this one. Hopefully. >>;
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I went downtown today to drop the check the landlord gave me last night into the bank and pull some cash out. IT IS FREAKING COLD. ;A; PLZ TO BE GOING AWAY NAO, WINTERZ. DX

Anyhoo, after that I stopped at J&K Pets and picked up all the necessary supplies for Nyoka (sand substrate, heater, water dish) so I'll be prepared in a couple of weeks when I'm done moving and can finally pick her up and bring her home. :3 I do still want to get a plant for her terrarium, a fake cactus or something to go with the desert habitat. (I also want to get another climbing plant for Aya, too.) ♥

I picked up the new lid for Aya's old terrarium (soon to be Nyoka's) while I was at it. It got all warped and ripped and bent and stuff because the cats insisted on sleeping on top of it, so before I could use it again I needed to replace it. :P

Once I got all that stuff home (the sand and water dish were HEAVY, DANGIT! Thank God I brought my backpack to carry it all home. >>;) and dropped it off, I wandered down to the Dollarama. I got a couple new bead boxes (I have like 30 of them now, omg so many beads!) and a three-drawer organizer for my beading tools. Also a kitchen knife sharpener. AND A BUDDAH STATUE! YAYZ! X3

After that I popped into Blockbuster, where their "Coming Soon To DVD" board made me squee because MEGASHARK VS CROCOSAURUS ASDGH;KL!! XDD!!

Then I bought a few cheap movies since they were having another big sale. I got Kick-Ass (which I normally wouldn't have bothered with, but Dad has been telling me for two weeks how good it is; turn out he's right. XD;;), Frozen and Clash of the Titans. I want Piranha 3D, but they don't have it previously viewed yet, so Imma wait on that one for a few more days at least. Maybe I'll get it in Barrie on Friday.

And then, because things aren't sucky enough lately, I got home just in time for the cold water pipes under my floor to burst. And when I say "burst" I actually mean "FUCKING HELL THE APARTMENT DOWNSTAIRS HAS WATERFALLS FOR WALLS". May I also take this opportunity to add "LOL" to the end of that. Because my fucktarded neighbours who always get away with stupid and/or illegal shit are currently up to their knees in water, while my apartment is still bone dry. ♥

Right, so they ended up having to go to the utility room around the front of the house and turn the water off, which I don't blame them for. Then they called the landlord, who didn't answer (because he never does) and took seven hours to get back to us about it. He's sending a plumber first thing in the morning, so we only have to go overnight without water.

It's still a pain. =/

And around 5-ish Mom stopped by on her way home from work. Originally she was just supposed to sit and have a coffee and chat with me, but because of the way things ended up, we went out to Walmart instead so I could get a case of bottled water so I could, yanno, fill the cat dishes and stuff for the next day or so. *eyeroll*

Then I poked through the discount movies. I got a set of yoga/pilates DVDs that will hopefully help me get started with strengthening my joints a little. I also got season one of The Hunger, a 4-movie DVD set of Jim Carrey movies, and a 3-movie DVD set of A Haunting (Winchester House, Connecticut & Georgia.) Fun times.

And of course because the idiots downstairs can't be bothered paying for their phone line, the landlord had to call my phone and get me to take it to them and back and forth like that about five times. Now I'm cold and tired and annoyed. Pfft.

Media, WHOO

Jan. 1st, 2011 02:01 pm
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Blockbuster was open today~ yaaaay~! And their awesome sale was still on, so I got a bunch of awesome previously viewed movies. :3

A Haunting in Georgia (as seen on Discovery Channel)
Lake Placid 3
Repo Men
The Incredible Hulk
(<-- note: SO AWESOME!!)
A Christmas Carol
The Wild Hunt

Fun tiems! And the movie place had these Rabbids figures that are little demented bunnies in various costumes... and I fell in love with the ninja one, so I got one for my figure collection. I also had to go to the pharmacy, and they had a bunch of little toys for sale, including some LPS so I got two 3-figure sets; a seal, a cat, a bunny, a meerkat, a husky and a mouse. So cute! ♥

It's totally warm today. I mean, for January. More like spring or fall weather than anything else. So I opened up the windows and the door here to air things out. I hate how stuffy it gets inside in the winter. :P

But because it's so warm it's been raining all day instead of snowing, and to walk all the way to Blockbuster and then to the pharmacy and then back home got me SOAKED. *facepalm* So now my coat and hat are dripping wet and hanging to dry, and when I got home I had to change my clothes because my jeans were soaked as well, and my shirt was damp from the water actually soaking all the way through my jacket. xD;;


In a couple hours Ryuu-chan is coming over! I haven't seen her in forever (two years on Monday, actually >>;) so I'm looking forward to seeing her and giving her her Christmas gift. :D

EDIT: Ryuu just left. She was here for a couple of hours, and it was really great to see her. ^_^ lol, she even brought a huge box of DVDs and VHS for me to pick through, and returned some anime that she and Andy borrowed like five years ago. XD; I also ended up with the whole set of ZG Gundam and a copy of Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Haha. She couldn't stay long, but I'm still happy. I really miss my high school friends, we don't get together nearly often enough anymore...
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Today I went over to Mom's place to do some laundry and ended up going out shopping while everything was washing and drying. xD;;

First Mom took me to Walmart, where I got CLR for cleaning the lime and calcium scales off of the aquarium so it'll look nice in the new apartment. Then I went to the dollar store, where I got some craft stuff and plants for aforementioned aquarium so my fishies will have lots of places to hide when I get everything set up. ♥

Then I went to the mall with my brother, where I spent some of my Christmas/birthday money. I got three new LPS (a beaver, a raccoon and a kangaroo~), a book ("Your Guardian Angel: Connect, Communicate, And Heal with Your Own Divine Companion") and a bunch of awesome movies that were on sale; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Splice, Star Trek, Predators, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Legend of the Guardians; The Owls of Ga'Hoole. X3

Tomorrow Imma take a walk down to Blockbuster and check out the used movies, since they have a sale on right now too~

EDIT: Also? I had the most freaking delicious fish sammich from Burger King while I was at the mall. SO YUMMY. ♥♥♥
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I've been watching Kuragehime the last couple of days. I'd heard it was good, so I thought I'd try it out. IT IS SUCH A GOOD SHOW. So amusing. I'm having a lot of fun with it. I think I might look into the manga, too, probably after I move (because Barrie has a huge awesome Chapters that carries a TON of manga. X3) ♥


Yesterday was supposed to be grocery day, but we put it off until today instead. It wasn't a big deal today, I only needed a handful of things, like canned cat food, catmilk, rabbit food and milk for me. I also got Oreos because they were on sale and I luff them. :3 That was all. Between Christmas and everything I haven't actually used anything up around here other than milk lol. xD;

While I was at the grocery store I pilfered some empty boxes. They aren't huge but I can use them for packing my figures and knicknacks. The bigger boxes that I'm getting from Dad and etc. are better for bigger things, and packing books and DVDs.

Mmmmm... I need some bits of furniture for the new place, too. More shelves, two beds, a coffee table, a kitchen/dining table and at some point a new couch. (I couldn't fit any of those things in this current apartment, so I don't have them. :P)

And I'm going to buy some paint to paint some of my current furniture so that at least all the pieces in the living room will match. I don't care so much if all the stuff in the bedrooms is the same, but I'd like the main room to look decent. Pfft, I guess I'm maturing a little, since I never used to care if my living room furniture matched or anything. xD;; This revelation makes me a little sad lmao.

Also, I just realized last night that I have NEVER posted pics of my current apartment for you guys. *facepalm* I'll have to take pics quickly before I start packing. >>;
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So today Mom randomly decided I needed some dress pants and a nice shirt for Christmas. (Like I haven't worn jeans and a t-shirt to the family get together like 24 years in a row now, lol.)

Personally, I think she just wanted to get me some clothes. I'm down to 165 lbs now (I've lost 95 lbs since last February! :O) and as much as I'm pleased with it, Mom is even more so. She's got this overwhelming pride thing going on right now, it kind of makes me laugh. Anyway, every couple of months she tends to randomly think up an excuse to take me out and get me a couple of things. (Not many, because I'm still losing weight and every two to three months all my old clothes don't fit anymore.)

Anyway, yesterday I weighed myself, saw I was down to 165, had a little internal freak out over it, and changed my total goal to 150 lbs. Originally when I set out, I'd had so many disappointments with various weight loss things over the last fifteen years that I didn't want to set the bar too high and then end up upset again; my original goal was to get down to 175 lbs. Not ideal, but much better than before. AND I HAVE SURPASSED THAT GOAL ASDGH. So my new one is 150, like I said. ♥

But last night when Mom and Lee and I were having dinner, Lee asked how I was doing weight-wise; I talk to Mom about it all the time, but not so much with Lee and he was curious. So I told him. And then Mom was like " need a nice outfit for Christmas." ...WUT? XD SO RANDOM. She's already flat out told me that she's looking forward to showing me off to everyone, though, so I guess it does make some kind of sense lol.

So today we went out and looked around Winners, but didn't find anything there. We then went to Walmart, where I found a really nice pair of dark gray slacks and a purple-and-black dressy shirt. There was a teal striped shirt that I liked better, but sadly I couldn't find one that fit properly. Pfft.

Oh, and I got a bag of rock salt for the steps outside. My inner SPN geek giggled while I was paying for it.

EDIT: And later this coming week I have to go out and get a box of hair dye to dye my hair back to it's original colour so it all matches again. I have a massive dark stripe down the middle of my head right now and it's driving me nuts. >>;

EDIT #2: Yeah shut up I still listen to (and adore) BSB. Sue me. XD;;
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Today was grocery day. A day later than normal, but Mom and Lee have been on vacation this last week (they each had a week of days off to use up by the end of the year) so things didn't work out quite the same as they usually do. Ah well. One day's no biggie.

So they picked me up at 4:30 and we went out for an early dinner at McD's (because they had been so busy with stuff all day neither of them had eaten yet lmao), where Mom and I decided we wanted to try the new eggnog milkshake... but they were out of eggnog. Pfft.

Anyway, I'm still not feeling 100% (apparently when I was coming down the stairs to get in the car, Lee looked at me, then at Mom and went "wow, she really doesn't look good." >>;) but I'm well enough to get around and get some things done. But there was a kid at McD's that wouldn't stop screaming his stupid head off (and his Mom just ignored it) and I already had a bit of a headache so that only made it worse, and my chicken sammich made me feel a little ill soooo I had to get some aspirin and a gravol off of Mom and then sit for ten or fifteen minutes before I could finish my food. Yep.

So we went from there to the dollar store so I could get some cookie tins and more jars for drink mixes, then to the grocery store where I had to buy a fuckton of cat food (it ALL ran out at the same time wtf? But at least I had coupons! One bag was $7.99 on sale for $4.50 and I had a $3 off coupon! 8D) and some other odds and ends.

After that we stopped at Walmart quickly so I could get catmilk for Tri... and Mom randomly bought me a space heater and a shovel, and gave them to me as an early birthday gift. It's my whole gift, and not what I wanted for my birthday, but I needed them so I'm glad to have them anyway. I'm not getting anything fun for Christmas or my birthday this year, at least not from Mom and Lee. I'm getting kitchen stuff for Christmas (lol I helped Mom pick it out) and then the heater and shovel for my birthday. Sigh. Growing up sucks.

On the plus side, I can now shovel the stairs so I hopefully won't fall down them again. And when I got things rearranged and got the new heater working... IT'S NOW WARM IN HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WEEKS. ILU MOM. ILU HEATER. ♥♥♥

But even going out for two hours like that made me really tired. Plus when I got home I moved some of the furniture around (I moved the electric litter box and Aya's terrarium into the back room, and moved a set of shelves from the back to the living room) and now my head hurts again. Blegh.


EDIT: And now I'm downloading and installing itunes for the first time so I can use the ipod shuffle that Dad gave me for Christmas. ♥

EDIT #2: Syncing is complete! ...mmm, idk though. Nice as it is to have an ipod, I think I prefer other brand mp3 players where you just upload the music to the player and don't have to muck about with itunes. *shrug*
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Right, well, I've done basically nothing the last couple of days. *facepalm*

On Saturday night Mom and my brother came over for dinner (which reminds me; Maddie darling, I need you to send me like ten more boxes of the Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper. All three of us loved it. XD;;), which was nice. Lee had band practice so I invited them over. ♥

Then yesterday I wandered downtown for a little while (around 4pm which meant it was after dark when I was coming home) and got some things to mail to people with Christmas cards and a second bottle of cider from Mariposa Market, as I'm pretty sure just the one I got before won't be enough when it comes time for the family get together.

Then I spent about four hours last night beading and cursing my right index finger; that's the one Loki almost bit in half (literally; I came very close to just losing the tip of my finger all together), as I still don't have feeling in the tip of it and that seems to make the more intricate beading a lot harder. =/ But oh well. Not much I can do about it.

Aaaand other than that I've basically spent 90% of the last couple days watching movies. Last night I was up until almost 9am movie-marathoning on Squall. Which of course meant that when I did get to sleep, I slept until dinner time. *facepalm* Now I'm all flipped around. Bah.

Oh, and I've also been chatting/rping with Michi (which is always tons of fun ♥♥), and last night I did have a nice conversation with Matt (one of my high school friends that I've gotten back in touch with via FB) about websites and stuff, since he runs a hosting business and does html professionally and I SUCK at it, but I'm looking at getting House of Yum and Esprit Studios sites up and running in the new year.
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Today I was supposed to go over to Mom's place to discuss Christmas baking with her. Originally she said she would pick me up between noon and 1pm, so when I was still tired when my alarm went off at 10am I just reset it for another hour and went back to sleep... so of course she woke up early and decided to come get me at like 10:30. XD; Oh well.

She had a couple of things to pick up while she was out, so we went to Walmart. She needed yogurt and ketchup and diffuser sticks, and a shower curtain. Then while we were there we poked through the kitchen section and she ended up grabbing a couple of things for me for Christmas. lol yes while I was there. xD

I got a couple of LPS for my (growing) collection (and one that I'm customizing as a Christmas gift for Mom/Lee, but I didn't tell her that), some mini-cookie-cutters, and some catmilk for Tri (every so often he looses weight and I have to give him catmilk for a little while to help him put it back on.)

Then we meandered next door to the Walmart to look through the new dollar store there. It's MASSIVE OMG. I picked up one or two things there and so did Mom, and then we left and went to Subway. For foodz, obviously. Yummy sub was yummy!

We took our food back to her place and ate there, and then I did some laundry while we discussed Christmas baking/plans so that I have some idea what the hell I'm doing over the next month-and-a-bit, as I'm the one that does all the family baking nowadays. I pretty much took over five years ago and slowly everyone else has just... stopped making stuff. Mostly because I have a tendency to make way too much, so there's no point in anyone else bringing baking to the get-together. >.>;;

Anyway! We decided on the following:

-No-bake chocolate macaroons x1 batch
-Shortbread x1 batch
-Date squares x1 batch
-Buttertart squares x2 batches
-Broken-glass torte x2 (one is for Dad, though)
-No-bake fruitcake x1
-Lemon cream-cheese cookies x2 batches
-(Faux) peanut-butter dainties x1 batch
-Lemon-raspberry squares x1 batch
-Tropical cheesecake squares x1 batch

And also some kind of biscotti, but I haven't decided which yet. I'm also bringing two bottles of sparkling cider to the get-together (for those of us who don't drink wine), some eggnog fudge from Mariposa Market, two kinds of home-made cranberry sauce (one is cranberry spice and one is cranberry-orange), and a few different kinds of appetizers, which I have yet to decide on.

I decided to be particularly participatory this year, haha. Usually I just bring the desserts. ♥♥♥

I need a baking/cooking icon. =/
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The last couple days I've been feeling kind of icky. Not sick, just... off. Bah.

So I haven't really been doing much of anything aside from watching movies and some rping with Michi. lol we're still rping in KH-zombie!verse. It's been over a year and a half now with the same rp. Then again, we're planning to piece it together into a fic, so the length and detail makes sense given that. And I can actually start doing that now that I have Squall and can load Microsoft Word. Yayz! ♥

Anyhoo, yesterday was groceries and this time I just needed a handful of things. Canned cat food, litter, kleenex, milk and etc. Then at Walmart I got a couple more packs of mini-ornaments because Walmart has a TON of pendant-worthy ones this year. On Saturday (when I have more monies) I plan to go back again as well. I also want to look for some Christmas gift stuff for Lois and Lee.

I'm actually mostly finished my Christmas shopping already. But I don't have anything for Lee yet (I know what I'm getting him, I just have to actually buy it come the end of this month) and I only have half of Lois' gift ready. I might pick up something else for Mom as well, if I can find something small-ish.

I also need more Christmas cards. I only bought a pack of 12 to begin with, and it turns out I need more like 20. xD;;

Aaaaaand then tonight I watched the new episode of Criminal Minds from yesterday, then the movie Dinosaur (an oldie but a goodie!) and now I'm watching Darkness Falls (another older one that I ♥ to bits~)

Tomorrow I'm going over to Mom's place to do laundry and talk to her about Christmas baking, as it's getting close to time for me to get started on it. As usual I'm making chocolate macaroons, no-bake fruitcake (for Mom; no one else eats it :P) and shortbread. I'm also making lemon cream cheese cookies again because they are ASDGH DELICIOUS. But I'm not sure what else. I think I want to try some new recipes this year. Maybe I'll try making some kind of biscotti! 8D
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Alrighty! Today was grocery day, as is every Wednesday. Woo-hoo. /sarcasm lol.

I didn't have much to get for actual groceries, but I did have to get cat food at the vet's (prescription weight management/urinary tract care food that Neko and Loki are on) and there were Sena-prescriptions I had to pick up too.

At the grocery store I mostly picked up some dumplings and wontons (they have these frozen ones that you steam and they come out DELICIOUS and taste JUST LIKE RESTAURANT GYOUZA/WONTONS ASDGH! X3), canned cat food for Tri and fresh cranberries for making home made cranberry sauce. ♥ I also actually found some eye-of-round steaks that were 90% fat free. Finding steaks with a low enough fat content that I'm willing to eat them is rare, and they were ON SALE OMG so I got a pack of two. :3 I might cook one tomorrow night!

And since Lee was driving and I wouldn't have to actually try hauling them home, I got another set of shelves at Walmart to complete my movie wall in the living room. 8D I spent an hour tonight putting them together and reorganizing everything and now they look awesome and I looooove it. X3!! Haha, I have room next to them for a small cabinet too, so I might pick one up at some point. Right now I have a stand there that I built out of DIY cubes.

At Walmart we also stopped to have dinner at McD's, and ran into Sarah and her fiancé, so we sat with them while we ate and had a nice conversation. The more time I spend with Arthur the more I like him... he has a very grounding effect on Sarah, and her complete bullshit has gone down a lot since she ended up with him. Just for that I approve of him, though he's also a really nice guy. :)

Oh, and this afternoon (before we ran into them) I got a message from Sarah about the wedding; her mother found out I was doing the bridal jewelry and wanted to know if I could design a piece for her as well, to match a set of earrings she wants to wear. I told Sarah I could probably manage it, but I couldn't say for sure either way until I had a look at the earrings. Basically, her Mom wants a large snowflake broach, which I think I can manage. I even have a basic idea in my head using fire-polished crackle beads and swarovski crystals, but like I said I won't know 100% until I see what I'm trying to match. And Sarah's Mom is like rich, so she's offered to "generously compensate" me for doing the project. I LOVE MONEYS. \o/

What else...

Well, yesterday I was out and about and picking up a few things. I needed rats for Aya-- my baby has graduated from fuzzies to pups!-- and a couple of other items.

I got some cookie cutters from Mariposa Market, as well as a bottle of sparkling cider to take to the Christmas get together in like a month and a half. I'm way the hell ahead of myself. xD;; And while I was there I taste-tested some eggnog-fudge which was just ahguisldfghuiadfgarngvu *DROOL* *A* I am so getting some of it to take to the get together as well. :3

And while I was out I got Lee a gift card to the music equipment store downtown, since his birthday is Friday. ♥

Anyhoo! I started working on some new recipes for dog and kitty treats for Christmas presents, and right now I'm in the middle of a decent maple-and-brown-sugar one. Just a little tiny bit of sugar and mostly maple extract for flavouring. They're pretty tasty. I still want to do one more, I think maybe liver flavour and bacon bits for "sprinkles". We'll see.

Oh, and today other than Squall arriving I also got the books I ordered the other day; two of them are for Dad for Christmas (Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey and Legends of Shannara: Bearers of the Black Staff by Terry Brooks) and the other one was a discount book I stumbled upon, Beyond The Body Farm by Dr. Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson. It's by the same people who did Death's Acre, which is one of my favourite anthropology/criminology books of all time. Which I lent to C.A. way the hell back in 2004 and still haven't gotten back from her. *facepalm* She's horrible about remembering stuff like that. I might just break down and buy another copy and let her keep the first one lol. So I'm really looking forward to reading the new one~!

I also got a little package from Maddie and Chloe today! Or, rather, from "Rufus and Reno Shinra"! To "Roxas". I LOLED SO HARD WHEN I SAW THAT. It was epically awesome. ILU GUYS, DID YOU KNOW THAT? It had a couple of buttons and some cute stickers in it. And caramels! And a pretty glass star pendant which I put on right away and am still wearing now. =3 Hehe.

And I guess the only other thing is the cats.

First; 'Dion scared the SHIT out of me today. This morning he was sleeping under the desk in the back room, which he does all the time because it's right in front of the baseboard heater. I went to sit down to check something on the computer, and reached down to move him... and he kind of flopped around and looked at me like he was half out of it, but not in a sleepy!kitty sort of way. His fur was also puffed up, which cats tend to do if they're not feeling well. This concerned me, and I took him back to the living room and laid down to cuddle up with him some-- which was when I noticed he was shivering. Not in an "I'm cold" kind of way, but in an "I'm in pain" kind of way. I cuddled him close and fretted over him and tried really hard not to panic while I decided if I should rush him to the vet or not.

Finally, he fell asleep and so did I. A couple hours later when I woke up he wasn't there, and when I went looking for him I found him playing and looking as if nothing was wrong. I don't know what the problem was, but DAMN, 'DION. PLEASE DON'T PULL THAT KIND OF STUFF. YOU NEARLY SCARED YOUR MOM TO DEATH. D8

I'm going to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days, just in case. But now he's acting completely fine, so...

Second; Got a call from the Barrie SPCA today, finally! Way back when I first brought Tia home, I called them and got on the wait list for having her spayed and Juna neutered. They were still too young at the time, but the wait list was about four months long so by the time they got around to me they'd be the right age. Sounded like a plan to me!

So on Friday I'm taking Juna and Tia to Barrie to be fixed, for $50 per cat. Let me say that again; $50 PER CAT. Instead of the $350/cat it would cost me to take them to the vet in town and have it done. They also say they can give them all their vaccines and etc. at the same time. I AM HAPPY WITH THIS PLAN AND THE COST INVOLVED. ^___^

I couldn't book 'Dion at the same time since he's still too young, but tomorrow I can call and get him on the wait list and in a few months when they get to me again he'll be old enough.

I'm really, really hoping that having Juna neutered will calm Neko down a bit; Neko is NOT Juna's biggest fan right now and keeps kissing and spitting and snarling at him, which I keep trying to dissuade of course, but it's not working. Neko seems to think that Juna is vying for Top Cat in the pride, which Juna really isn't. He just avoids Neko and defers to him, acts submissive, but Neko doesn't take that for what it is and beats the hell out of him whenever they cross paths. Luckily no real injuries have happened, just one or two tiny scratches and a lot of flying fur. Still. Hopefully once Juna is neutered things will settle down...

And now I think I'm done rambling. For now. And I have the munchies. So Imma go find something to eat. OMNOMNOM and all that.



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