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Honestly, what is with me and not updating? I suck.

And to be honest, probably the only reason I'm updating right now is because I'm at Mom's place and bored out of my skull while everyone else watches the new episode of NCIS. I am not a fan of this show pretty much at all, so having to sit through an hour of it is making me go =__=;; and yawn a lot. Yeaaaaaaah.

Anyway. Been working on writing again lately. Got a new chapter of Whipstitch out the other day, and now I'm working on the first real chapter of Cowboys and Heralds as well as a few one-shots.

I actually got a request for a Sailormoon fanfic through FF.Net recently, too. FWoF requested a het Yaten/Usagi fic. My knee-jerk reaction was no just because I pretty much never venture outside of Seiya/Usagi, Yaten/Minako and Seiya/Yaten, but then I got thinking... it's good to stretch your creative muscles out, right? So I decided to give it a go after all. We'll see how it comes out when it's done. XD;;

Other than writing... uuugh, I've been so sick ever since Christmas. My sinuses are all infected and I've got a terrible, wet, barking chest cough. And I spent about a week where I had literally no voice. Now I can talk again, and my cough isn't quite as bad as how it used to be. I guess I'm on the mend from the cold... just in time to catch the flu!


I'm pretty much over the flu now, too, though, so I guess I can't complain. :P lol.
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So today was mall day. Yay! lol I haven't been actually shopping-shopping at the mall here in a long time. Mostly because we only have about ten stores that are worthwhile anymore. XD I much prefer just going to Walmart if I need something, or shopping along the main street downtown. We have a lot of cute stores down there. :)

Anyway, I didn't sleep worth beans last night. Originally I had planned to get up at 11:30am at the latest so I could head out around noon, but I ended up laying around in bed, tossing and turning and attempting to get even a little bit of sleep until around 2:30pm before I finally gave up and just got up for the day. ~_~;; Le sigh.

But whatever, I'm used to running on next to no sleep, so I got ready and walked up to the mall. It was super nice and sunny out... except for the wind. HOLY FUCK THE WIND. It was blowing so hard that when I got home I found out I have windburn across my face and neck. O__o; NOT FUN, and really too bad since it would have been warm out too if it wasn't for the wind.

My first stop at the mall was Zellers, where I poked around somewhat aimlessly for a while, just looking at stuff. In the end I got a new pack of LPS (a pony and a deer; the pony comes with a detachable horn! So cute!) and a copy of Megamind, since they had it on special for $18.99 (regular $24.99.) I also got a spool of 100 writeable DVD-Rs since they were on sale for half price and I have a FUCKTON of video files I need to get off of Z and Squall. >>;

After that I went to Ardene for jewelry components. I will post a pic of what I got tomorrow. They have CRYSTALS. CRYYYYYYYSTALS!! ...but when I got home later I remembered I need more bead boxes, so I have nowhere to put said crystals for the moment. xD; *fails*

Then I looked through the itty bitty bookstore we have at the mall, but even though I found a bunch of books and manga I was interested in, I didn't actually buy any. I'm going to be in Barrie next week, so Imma go to Chapters while I'm there instead. Yepyep.

That done, I went and got something to eat at the food court (which has three whole restaurants in it! *facepalm*) After eating, I realized I needed some actual cash so I walked all the way back down to the other end of the mall to pull $20 from the ATM there... at which point my hip went out. DAMMIT.

My hips have been giving me problems lately (particularly the left one, it keeps going out on me the last couple of weeks), so I wasn't surprised, but my shopping bag was relatively heavy and I still had to go to the grocery store and then WALK HOME. =__=;; URGH. SCREW YOU, BODY.

I managed to hobble to the grocery store at the other end of the mall and picked up the odds and ends I needed for cooking dinner tomorrow (chicken curry), then decided I couldn't walk the whole way home and limped my way over to the bus stop.

The problem is that the bus stop closest to here is still about ten blocks away. I got off at that stop, and managed to make my way to the Dollarama. I went in and took a cart for my bags and picked up a couple of things, because sometimes if I put down what I'm carrying and walk slowly for a while my hips/legs start to behave again.

This time? Not so much.

But at least while I was there I got some potting soil (I need to re-pot one of my plants to a bigger pot and need more soil for it) as well as photo frames for the Ghostbusters photo series from Otakon last summer. And some jujubes. Just because JUJUBES.

When I got outside again my hip was still out though, so I ended up having to call Mom and get her to come up and pick me up in the car. I haven't been limping this badly in forever, idk how I used to deal with it every day for so long... anyway, Mom picked me up and brought me home, and I took muscle relaxants and laid down for a couple hours.

When I got up again my hip was a bit better, but not great, so Mom also helped me clean the bunny cages tonight, since it requires a lot of bending and lifting. :P

I do have to go downtown tomorrow... I think even if my leg is better in the morning I'm going to bring my cane with me anyway, though.

Missing Him

Feb. 4th, 2011 12:40 am
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First update in a while. Life just... well, let's put it this way: FUCK LIFE. ~_~;;

I guess let's start with last Tuesday evening. )

Typing all of that out was really hard. It hurts to think about it, and even more so to talk about it. I kept having to take breaks to cry. ;__;


Everything with Tri aside... the move was a nightmare. I moved the day after Tri died, and I don't know... I didn't handle it very well. I hadn't slept in days, and I just kept bursting into tears randomly, over stupid little things.

So moving sucked. A lot.

Other than that, I've been working on getting my aquarium up and running. I set it up here a couple weeks ago to run so that it would be ready for fish when I moved. So a few days ago I got some tetras, a pleco and some ghost shrimp to test the tank out and make sure it was running okay.

Since then a few tetras have died, but things have stabilized so today I picked up a second pleco (the first one was too small to do the job on his own) and three red bellied piranha. Haha, I've wanted them forever so I finally decided to give them a shot.

They're tiny right now because they're juveniles, but they're actually getting along well with the tetras and plecos (not bothering them at all) and ignoring the ghost shrimp all together. They're eating the tropical flake fish food, which I'll supplement with some fish (from the grocery store, not live ones) and fruits/veggies every few days.

Right now they're snacking on an orange slice.

Oh. And right now I have a massive chest cold and my sinuses are infected. Fucking awesome.
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TL;DR version of the last week:

The apartment I was so excited over? Turned out to be a scam. Now I'm down $1200 (most of which Mom fronted me, so I owe her a fuckton of money again), and because I already gave notice at my current apartment the landlord has rented it to someone else starting Feb 1st. So as of Jan 31st I'm out on my ass.

Mom and Lee are letting me move back in with them for the time being until I can find another place, but even knowing I'm not going to be homeless... I hate it. This is the closest I've come to feeling suicidal in about three years. (Before anyone panics, I have thoughts/feelings like that relatively regularly because of the bi-polar, but I would never actually do anything about them.)

So basically, FML. FML SO HARD. =____=;;


On a more upbeat topic, Sarah invited me, Mom and Lee over for dinner tomorrow, so I decided to bake a cake tonight to bring with; lemon cake with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and a lemon-raspberry glaze. Will be nom-worthy. *nod*


Dec. 30th, 2010 10:14 pm
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I've started packing. Mostly knicknacks from my shelves, since they need to go into smaller boxes (which is all I've got right now) and I can't pack up the books/movies/etc. that are on the same shelves until all the odds-and-ends are out of the way.

I have a few that I can't pack up yet, though, because I need newspaper to wrap them. Mom's going to bring some over tomorrow, along with a few boxes and all the plastic tubs that they were storing for me since I didn't have room for them here. Part way through January Mom and I are going to drive down to Dad's place to pick up a whole ton more boxes, since he can get them in the hundreds easily from his work. I've gotten the majority of my boxes from him the last two times I've moved as well.

...and I'm suddenly feeling very sick to my stomach and I have no idea why. Also have a headache starting. Guess it's about time I go to bed, or at least settle down and finish watching the movie I have on. After I go throw up, of course. =/
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Today was grocery day. A day later than normal, but Mom and Lee have been on vacation this last week (they each had a week of days off to use up by the end of the year) so things didn't work out quite the same as they usually do. Ah well. One day's no biggie.

So they picked me up at 4:30 and we went out for an early dinner at McD's (because they had been so busy with stuff all day neither of them had eaten yet lmao), where Mom and I decided we wanted to try the new eggnog milkshake... but they were out of eggnog. Pfft.

Anyway, I'm still not feeling 100% (apparently when I was coming down the stairs to get in the car, Lee looked at me, then at Mom and went "wow, she really doesn't look good." >>;) but I'm well enough to get around and get some things done. But there was a kid at McD's that wouldn't stop screaming his stupid head off (and his Mom just ignored it) and I already had a bit of a headache so that only made it worse, and my chicken sammich made me feel a little ill soooo I had to get some aspirin and a gravol off of Mom and then sit for ten or fifteen minutes before I could finish my food. Yep.

So we went from there to the dollar store so I could get some cookie tins and more jars for drink mixes, then to the grocery store where I had to buy a fuckton of cat food (it ALL ran out at the same time wtf? But at least I had coupons! One bag was $7.99 on sale for $4.50 and I had a $3 off coupon! 8D) and some other odds and ends.

After that we stopped at Walmart quickly so I could get catmilk for Tri... and Mom randomly bought me a space heater and a shovel, and gave them to me as an early birthday gift. It's my whole gift, and not what I wanted for my birthday, but I needed them so I'm glad to have them anyway. I'm not getting anything fun for Christmas or my birthday this year, at least not from Mom and Lee. I'm getting kitchen stuff for Christmas (lol I helped Mom pick it out) and then the heater and shovel for my birthday. Sigh. Growing up sucks.

On the plus side, I can now shovel the stairs so I hopefully won't fall down them again. And when I got things rearranged and got the new heater working... IT'S NOW WARM IN HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WEEKS. ILU MOM. ILU HEATER. ♥♥♥

But even going out for two hours like that made me really tired. Plus when I got home I moved some of the furniture around (I moved the electric litter box and Aya's terrarium into the back room, and moved a set of shelves from the back to the living room) and now my head hurts again. Blegh.


EDIT: And now I'm downloading and installing itunes for the first time so I can use the ipod shuffle that Dad gave me for Christmas. ♥

EDIT #2: Syncing is complete! ...mmm, idk though. Nice as it is to have an ipod, I think I prefer other brand mp3 players where you just upload the music to the player and don't have to muck about with itunes. *shrug*
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The last couple days I've been feeling kind of icky. Not sick, just... off. Bah.

So I haven't really been doing much of anything aside from watching movies and some rping with Michi. lol we're still rping in KH-zombie!verse. It's been over a year and a half now with the same rp. Then again, we're planning to piece it together into a fic, so the length and detail makes sense given that. And I can actually start doing that now that I have Squall and can load Microsoft Word. Yayz! ♥

Anyhoo, yesterday was groceries and this time I just needed a handful of things. Canned cat food, litter, kleenex, milk and etc. Then at Walmart I got a couple more packs of mini-ornaments because Walmart has a TON of pendant-worthy ones this year. On Saturday (when I have more monies) I plan to go back again as well. I also want to look for some Christmas gift stuff for Lois and Lee.

I'm actually mostly finished my Christmas shopping already. But I don't have anything for Lee yet (I know what I'm getting him, I just have to actually buy it come the end of this month) and I only have half of Lois' gift ready. I might pick up something else for Mom as well, if I can find something small-ish.

I also need more Christmas cards. I only bought a pack of 12 to begin with, and it turns out I need more like 20. xD;;

Aaaaaand then tonight I watched the new episode of Criminal Minds from yesterday, then the movie Dinosaur (an oldie but a goodie!) and now I'm watching Darkness Falls (another older one that I ♥ to bits~)

Tomorrow I'm going over to Mom's place to do laundry and talk to her about Christmas baking, as it's getting close to time for me to get started on it. As usual I'm making chocolate macaroons, no-bake fruitcake (for Mom; no one else eats it :P) and shortbread. I'm also making lemon cream cheese cookies again because they are ASDGH DELICIOUS. But I'm not sure what else. I think I want to try some new recipes this year. Maybe I'll try making some kind of biscotti! 8D


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