Jul. 3rd, 2008 08:47 am
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It's 8:47am, I'm rping Kadaj, and for some random reason I'm craving CUPCAKES. VANILLA ONES. GO FIGURE.

Also, my paid account ran out... ><; And I can't buy another subscription until the beginning of September. My layout is all fucked up because of the ads. UGH. Someone want to buy me two months of paid account time? After Otakon I can get myself another year sub. XD;

EDIT: An ND drabble! =O )

Na, Cassandra-san~ I'm inflicting DOOM on ND! Again! XDD

Everyone else... it's better not to ask. >>;

EDIT #2: Also, ignore the bad French that Angeline puts in here and there. It's her native language so she slips into it once in a while still. But I fail at French so I'm probably butchering it. -.-;;
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1) A little while ago, [ profile] smoulderedtears and I applied for characters in the Lumiere RP; rather than let us know if we were accepted or not, the mods just deleted our applications, and blocked our journals from posting again.

All I can say is; W.T.F.

Okay, so I'm assuming we weren't accepted. Duh. But the common sense, common curtesy thing to do is at least tell the person that they aren't accepted, and give them a reason why. I did something wrong in my app? Fine. TELL ME, so I at least know what's going on.

So Kao-mun and I went to the "questions" board and left polite questions in regards to it, basically asking why our applications had been deleted with no response whatsoever, and explaining that we both felt rather offended by the fact that they hadn't bothered to do anything but DELETE and then barr us from applying again and/or posting anywhere in the various parts of their rp. This had to be done from alternate journals, mind you, because the ones we used to apply in in the first place had been banned.

Their response? They deleted our questions, again without a reply, and then barred the journals we used to post the questions, too.

You know what? That's remarkably, rediculously rude, and I'm quite pissed off about it. But if that's the way that rp is run, and how the mods act (like spoiled children, basically), then I don't think I really want to be part of it anyway.

[/Lumiere rant]

2) A few entries ago I was fretting over Pagan being too skinny, and asking any vet nurses on my f-list for advice about it; well, things have changed, but I don't know if it's for the good or not.

Basically, now Pagan is still quite skinny, but has a round little belly on him. I was afraid it was GI Stasis or another gastrointestinal problem, so I've been keeping a very close eye on him... again, he seems healthy enough; he's eating (pellets, timothy hay and veggies/fruits), pooping, peeing, still cuddly, playful and keeping himself clean. He and Pan were recently introduced to strawberries, and he's like ZOMGYEYMOREPLEASEMOMMY??

I even checked his teeth, just in case he had a problem with them and wasn't chewing his food enough, or something stupid like that, but they're fine. (Pagan loves being on his back, btw, he's the only one of my buns that'll do that. Flip him over and he'll lay like that forever! ♥)

Anyway, I can't think of any reason for him to have such an overly round belly on him... except a few minutes ago I had a panic moment-- what if he's PREGNANT? What if he was sexed wrong at the pet store, and I can't tell properly? ><

If that's the case, then it would have to have happened at the store before I even brought him/her home because Pan is for sure a girl (clearly, for some reason both Rex rabbits I have are easy to identify when you have a look up their skirts), and so are my other buns. Now I'm worried. Mwaaaaa~

Should I take him to the vet? He's healthy aside from the belly, and it seems pointless if there's nothing wrong...


3) Today the orange hair I ordered for Kyou!pony came in (along with some more white and black, which I don't need right now, but will probably need at some point between now and the end of May.) It's... Orange Blossom? I think that's the name. I got it from, as always. I've tried various brands/types of hair over the last year and between the product and the service, I always end up going back to katsilk and restoredoll. :)

The orange is a little brighter than I thought it was, but not overly so, and actually matches the shade of orange paint I have almost perfectly, so I'm pretty happy. I'll probably finish up Kyou!pony tonight (he's been nagging me about it, since Yuki!pony has hair and he doesn't-- he was not happy! lol.), and possibly Hatori!pony as well. I was going to rehair Hatori last night, but I ended up with a headache and not feeling really well, so I didn't get it done...

And I'm really annoyed with Loki right now; while I was out this morning, he climbed up on the table, stole the little clay fish I'd done for Arisa!pony's symbol, carried it halfway across the apartment, and then chewed it all to hell. =__=;; So now I need to redo that...

4) I got goyza today~~ <33

I try to get Japanese from the place by the mall as often as I can; they make awesome food, and it's all cooked with water instead of oil. They make the best teriyaki. ^_^ They make good tempura, too, and now I've tried the goyza... which was awesome. *_* I loved it even though it was pork-- the spices and stuff were perfect!

I think I'm going to find that I love almost everything they do. XD;

Next time I'm going to try their yakisoba~

5) OMG Cassandra-san look... AN ND SCENE! =O Shocking, I know. Not a very long one, but one nonetheless. Hopefully I can get them out on a relatively regular basis from now on. I miss ND. ;.;

Raitei had developed an accute dislike for Hikaru, much to the violet-haired woman's amusement. )

I'd almost forgotten how much I love ND-Hikaru. The goof. ♥~
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A Christmas ND scene for Cassandra-san~ ♥

Her mother, before she died, had always hung a wreath on the front door. )

That's my first ND scene in a long time. ^_^;;
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A scene, because I promised one for Cassandra-san. :) )

Miyuki's very cute... ^^ Actually, all the kids in that new generation are. <3 So adorable!
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Look Cassandra-san, I finally wrote another scene! )

Not quite what I planned... Shouta was supposed to be snoozing in the chair in the corner and wake up, but it didn't work out like that. Oh well. I like it anyway. Probably because I think that 'Kami and Yuuhi are really cute together... =3

EDIT: Changed the user pic for this entry, just because I wanted to use this one instead! *Hitachiin love* X3

One Fandom

Jun. 8th, 2006 12:01 am
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Just for fun, [ profile] cassandracsenta and I decided to each take a theme set from [ profile] 1fandom, and do the challenge in regards to N.D.. ^_^ Cassandra-san finished hers yesterday, but she waited for me to finish mine and hasn't posted hers yet, so we can post them together and see what the other came up with.

Anyway! I'm done mine! I took Theme Set #1, and this is what I came up with. )

It probably makes no sense to anyone but me and Cassandra-san, but I'm pretty happy with it. :)


Apr. 20th, 2006 09:12 pm
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For Cassandra-san. Summer stuff lately, yay! XD

We have another city! ^_^ The capital still doesn't have a name, though... ^^;;

Short scene... oh well...

You can't always live in that club, you know! )

Gotta love that generation. Everyone was in the bus, but they just didn't have lines. lol. <3

ARGH, it's so hot in here the last couple of days. It's a lot cooler outside than it is in here, but having the windows open isn't helping at all. I think the people on the main floor still have the heat on, even though it's been so warm. This is when I hate being in an attic apartment. =_=;;

Actually, I pretty much hate living here at all. For more than one reason. The only good thing is that I'm allowed to have all my critters and no one cares... but I can't afford to move and/or live anywhere else, so I'm staying. And like I said, I can't even find a listing that says that animals are okay. Not that I have a dog, or any of my pets are destructive, but nowadays it's hard to convince people of that... le sigh...

And speaking of aminals! Assuming they don't randomly get sick or something, Sarah's friend says I can have one of her kittens when they're old enough to go to new homes. ^__^ *so happy* YAY!

I need to go get another cat dish, and a second litter box between now and then... *plotting*
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I can't sleep, so I'm breaking in new characters. )

EDIT: And then there were random photos. Mostly of Neko. )
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A scene for Cassandra-san. ^_^; She's wanted me to finish this one for almost two years now.



Turned out a bit different than I thought it would, but there ya go! =3
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It's currently 12:04am, and YAY I can't sleep. Is this a surprise? Uhhhhh... no. But it is a pain in the ass.

So BLAH. I wrote a short little scene to pass some time, while Untold Stories of the ER played in the background.

Introducing... )

Okay, that was crappy. Oh well. :P
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So... today was my day to catch up on sleep. I have to have one every week and a half or so, since my sleep patterns are so terrible, besides which I was extra tired because of the overnight thing Monday/yesterday. I feel much better now, but I still have a bit of a headache-- I've had it for about four days now, so any time it feels like buggering off would be good. :P

In and around my resting, I did some tidying up, and watched DOOM again. I'm hugely amused by that movie, despite how bad it is. >^-^;; Heh...

And right now, Phantom is out and hopping around the place-- and JUST TORE A HUGE HUNK OF WOOD OUT OF MY ALREADY CRAPTACULAR FLOOR. Bad, bad bunny! Not that it surprises me. She seems to like nibbling on the floorboards, for some reason... ^^; Oh well... at least my floor is already crappy, so a few more cracks or nibbled pieces won't make a big difference...

What else? Oh, I got two packages in the mail today. One had two ponies in it (Royal Rose and Silver Glow pegs from the 2006 line), and the other had a couple of marionettes that I bought on a whim about two months ago. I was starting to think they'd never get here. They're little and cute (one's a unicorn and one's a pegasus), and I just hung them from the ceiling. Really, I mean, what use do I have for marionettes? I'm such a packrat.

Also included in the pony package was something I got from the same people, which is for [ profile] elsewherecw for Christmas next year. ^_^;; Ahaha... yeah, I do Christmas shopping all year around. Mostly because I can't afford to spend all the money at the same time in December, so I parcel it out all year...

Anyway. That's about it. Except here's a random scene for [ profile] cassandracsenta: I know a while ago we decided not to, but I was reading through one of the AU Hide and Nazoko forums earlier and totally couldn't help myself: As if her life wasn't complicated enough already... )

Buahaha. So Miki and Eisei can be in this AU anyway. X3 *is terrible*
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A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:Incredidulity at one's own actions, such as, "I can't believe I just used the word 'ameliorate' in a sentence!"
Quiz created with MemeGen!

lol. I like that one.

Hmm... it's 6:10 in the morning. I've been up for an hour already. I can't get back to sleep.

Thusly, I shall write a scene! )

Pointless and short. And... pointless. Yeah.

"Miyo" was the name we settled on, right Cassandra-san? ^^; I think so, but I can't remember for sure... ah, well. You get the idea! lol.

Today I need to go downtown to the bank, and on the way back I have to stop at the dollar store to get some tiny elastics... I'm ready to box Italia Drop up and send her off to her new home, but I need to put elastics in the ends of her hair to keep it relatively straight and un-static-y when I put her into her display box. And unfortunately I never remember to save the ones from the pony tails when I take them out to customize them. :P


And just for fun, I'm watching Constantine again. Because DAMN it was a fun movie. X3 What? I'll give it back to my brother! ...eventually. ^_^;;
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Buaha. I slept through my alarm again this morning, and missed talking to Cassandra-san. I SUCK. Seriously.


...I present a random scene as apology! ^^ )

There were going to be two scenes, but I didn't get the other one written. ^^; Oh well. Maybe tomorrow!

It was going to be with our OC Furuba characters, actually. I definitely want to write one with them. =3
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Yay for random scenes. Random AU scenes. ^_^

In particular, Mirai seemed determined to watch out for her. )

...meh. Short and not so great. But whatever. I wanted to write with AU! Kurumi and Jiyuu. :)
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Mmm. Scene-y. )

A short scene, but I hope you like it Cassandra-san. ^^


Oct. 17th, 2005 09:21 pm
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Random, short little Kozue and Ayame ANGST! ) scene. ^^


Jun. 27th, 2005 06:36 pm
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I had an appointment with a psychiatrist today... that sucked. =_=;; I hate seeing psychiatrists. Or councillors, or psychologists. I just hate talking to people about my personal affairs and my life. I always have. But my doctor thinks it would benefit me to see one, so I have to go. I actually feel worse now than I did before... psychiatrists just stress me out. They make me nervous.


After that, since my appointment was in Barrie, Mom and I went to Chapters there. Mom got five new books (one of them is the newest in a series that I own and she doesn't, but she wants to read it first :p lol.), and I got four new graphic novels; Tokyo Babylon volume 4 (since last time I got #5 by mistake and then realized when I got home that I didn't even have #4 yet... -_-;;), volume 2 of Comic Party, and then the first two volumes of Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts and Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode.

The Instant Teen and Tokyo Mew Mew ones I just picked up for a lark. ^^ They're adorable and amusing, but about as shoujo-y as you can get. >^-^;; I'm amused by the TMM one mostly because of Berry's "boyfriend", Tasuku. He's so cute and doting... <3

I also got an awesome Fruits Basket wall scroll there. It's got Tohru and Kyo and Yuki on it. I need to put it up later! X3

And thusly, we make it to the scene! portion of this entry!

[ profile] cassandracsenta wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I told her I'd write her a scene to help cheer her up. ^^ I hope you're feeling better now, Cassandra-san! Hopefully you'll like the scene, even though it turned out a little short and kind of different than I originally figured it would...

Do you think that he loves you? )

Hmmm. That turned out a lot less angsty than I thought it would. Kind of more introspective, instead... which is alright, since Suzuki was talking to him/her self! ^_^;;
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I frigging bailed on Cassandra-san this morning. =_=;; Not that I wanted to, but I woke up feeling absolutely terrible, and I just wasn't in any condition to even sit up. I think my lack of decent sleep for the last two weeks is finally catching up with me.

I felt a bit better after I got some more sleep, but now I'm guilt-riddled for abandoning her like I did. ;__; I know our talks are as important for Cassandra-san as they are for me, so it makes me feel really bad when I have to skip out, or leave early, or whatever, no matter what the reasoning behind it. Muaaaa... *guiltyguilty*

So, I promised her a scene as an apology. ^^; At first, I decided that I randomly wanted to write one with Kanako (Kenta & Tsubame's daughter) and Taka (Taiga & Hikaru's son), since they're close in age... but then when I thought about it, I know nothing about Kanako, so... ^_^;; I'll write one with them later...

Hence! Me writing a short one about Taiga and Hikaru, instead! Cassandra-san is their official squealer/cheerleader anyway... XD

Good Mother Singer... )

*gigglesnort* >^-^;;
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A scene that I promised Cassandra-san yesterday. ^^;; But it didn't get done... so here it is, now! Taa-daa!

So, here we introduce reborn-Shia. She was Sailor Star Slayer way back in the past... then Slayer itself (the star) vanished for about ten thousand years, and Shia along with it. ^_^; Then it/she reappeared during Nazoko-tachi's time, and Star Slayer helped divert the war with Hakyokusei. After which she vanished again, and everyone assumed she went back into the future with Chibiusa-tachi.

What actually happened is that the Ginzuishou allowed her to be reborn in the present. She's grown up differently than she did before, so she's a slightly-different person; she looks a tad bit different as well. But because Slayer is a star of tragedy, that much follows her into her new life, too. She was orphaned as a young child and grew up in an orphanage because of it.


Shia-san?! )

It turned out a lot shorter than I planned, but... meh. Oh well. *shrug*


I got another rat, as a friend for Yuki. >^-^;; He was acting lonely, and apparently rats do better if you have more than one. I paid for this one, though. At least rats are cheap.

So the new rat is grey-and-white (whereas Yuki is black-and-white) and currently nameless. I just can't think of anything. |_|;;

I'm open to suggestions, actually...

Though I'm almost considering naming him "Margerine", because he's a little butterball. You know those margerine commercials? "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"? XD

Maybe that's only amusing to me... ^^;;

EDIT: His name is "Nanashi"! Thank you [ profile] cassandracsenta!


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