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So the last few years, since I started making jam/jelly/sauces/preserves/whatever, each fall around this time Mom takes some sample jars in to her work and takes orders from the people in her department. The last couple of years went okay, but THIS YEAR?

The last two days I've made $200 worth of sales. X3!!

I'm doing things a little differently this year, though. Mom took in the sample jars as usual, but then I put together a list of products that are available, rather than kinds that I happen to have on hand atm. Before, people paid and basically got their jam a day or two later, since it was coming out of current stock. This time they make their orders and pay, and their orders are delivered two weeks later.

All this means is that they can order things that I don't currently have stock of, or even make special requests for flavours/bulk orders/etc. And it's worked out very well, so I think I'm going to do it like this from now on. ♥

$200 (35 jars) isn't a TON, but it will completely cover having Ves and Lily spayed and Nio neutered (assuming his missing testicle makes an appearance, if not then I have to have him done via my regular vet. :P) Then I just have to put out the money for their shots, which is about $90 assuming all three of them get in; $30/cat. (If Nio has to be neutered later, then the jam money will cover Ves and Lily's spays AND their shots, yay!)

Anyhoo, I've got some jam to make over the next couple weeks!

Crab Apple Jelly
Lime-Zucchini Marmalade
Mixed Berry Jam
Pumpkin Sauce
Peach-Cranberry Jam
Apple Butter
Cranberry & Mixed Fruit Sauce (with Walnuts)

Aaaaaand I'm making a test batch of Pineapple-Plum Marmalade to see how it turns out. :3

One of the comments I often get from people who order from me is that I make very unique flavours. This is true of some of my stuff, like the Lime-Zucchini, Peach-Cranberry, Lychee or Pineapple-Plum, but I also do classic things like the Crab Apple, Apple Butter or Cranberry Sauce. I guess I just like to try new mixes, and having some different kind of products is working out very well for me. :)

Oh, and I'm also going to make a foray into the world of pickles and preserves this time; I have beets to make pickles out of (a special request from my Dad and Lois), and I want to try to make Crab Apple preserves, similar to something my Grandma on Dad's side apparently made when Dad was a kid. We'll see how it goes~

Which reminds me, I need to go back down and pick more of the tiny crab apples before they all go bad on the tree. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, if it's not pouring rain...
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Last week, I was supposed to have Nio neutered. I had it scheduled through the SPCA in Barrie and had paid for it and everything, and Mom and I dropped him off for 8am on the Monday, then headed off. We were supposed to pick him up at 5pm. No problem, we had running around and chores to keep us busy until then.

Except like an hour and a half later the SPCA called to tell me that Nio's neuter was a no-go because when they brought him into the operating room and gave him the cursory pre-surgery exam, it turned out that only one of his testicles was descended. They couldn't even feel the other one. And the SPCA is a high-volume spay/neuter clinic, so they don't have the resources to do the exploratory surgery to, yanno, locate Nio's MIA testicle. *FACEPALM*

So we picked him up, got the money refunded, and I brought him home. Ugh. We can try again in a month or so, but no guarantees. I might have to take him to my regular vet to be neutered (since they do have the resources/time), in which case it'll cost me like $300 instead of the $60 the SPCA charges. ~_~; Damn you and your balls, Nio, DAMN THEM.

In any case, a couple of days after that Nio started acting sick. Not super suck, but just like he's not feeling 100%. He hasn't been eating all of his food, and he's been relatively cuddly, which, for him, is very strange. He's also been sneezing a little. I think he picked up a bit of a bug while he was out and about, but it doesn't seem like anything to worry about...

...except that as of yesterday, Neko is off his food, too. Today was even shopping day; every week on Wednesday when I do groceries, the cats have Treat Night and get canned food instead of their usual kibble, and they go NUTS for it. Tonight everyone got super excited as usual-- but Neko didn't even come into the kitchen.

When I was done dishing the food out and everyone else was eating I went to find him, and he was just laying in his kitty bed behind the rocking chair in the living room. I picked him up and took him to the kitchen, and he kind of sniffed at the food, then just turned and walked away again. =/

This has me moderately worried about him, as Neko never turns down food, but ESPECIALLY canned food. He's a soft food FIEND.

I dunno. I guess I'll just keep an eye on him, the same as I am with Nio, and hope neither of them get worse. It'd cost me a fortune to take both of them to the vet over what appears to be a minor cold/flu type bug...
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I'm looking into fostering an animal for the local branch of the S.P.C.A., so today Mom took me out there to get an application. Basically, the whole thing gives the terms and conditions of becoming a foster "parent", then asks if you understand what you're getting into. After that it asks for a list of any cats and dogs that you already have, along with their age/gender, whether their shots are up to date, and the phone number of their vet.

After I take that back in, they have to come and do an inspection to make sure I'm a decent person to entrust the animal(s) to. So they know I won't be skinning them and making them into stew as soon as they're out of their crates and whatnot. ^_~

Once we got the papers and headed out, Mom took me to the pet store (jeez, I spend as much time there as I do at home...), where I grabbed a couple of mineral blocks. What I was actually there for, though, was a 10-gallon terrarium for Dazzle. ^^; Flash was fine in his cage, but Dazzle would really obviously be more happy in a terrarium... so I got one for him, along with a mesh lid and a hook-attachment for the water bottle.

When I came back home and set it all up, I ended up putting Flash in with him as well. I figured if I'm going to try introducing them again, the best idea is to do it on neutral ground--like a new terrarium. And they're doing fine, so I think all it pretty much well with them. They both seem to like their new home, too, which is good. ^^

While we were still out, I got Mom to head to the mall to look through Zellers and the book store. While we were at Zellers, I got a couple of posters (because the bare walls around here were starting to make me twitch), then at the book store I grabbed a bargain book on Unsolved Mysteries of the world. It looks like an interesting read.

When we were leaving the book store, I asked if I could take a quick look through San Diego, since it's right across the hall... and in there I found some pretty star-themed bead curtains. I'd asked for them for Christmas, but no one could find them at the time. Anyway, Mom bought me a couple boxes to go where my "closet" is; I put them up when I got home (after I dealt with Dazzle and Flash), and boy do they look snazzy!

I also nicked a poster for Sarah while I was out (it's of Guitar Chords), and she was so thrilled with it that it was kind of funny. ^^; It actually turned out that she had bought something for me a while ago, too, but kept forgetting to give it to me. The poster reminded her, so she went and got it, and it ended up being an adorable fluffy blue stuffed bunny. >^-^< She got it around Easter time.

I named him Momiji, because I have no imagination sometimes. XD


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