May. 30th, 2009 10:18 pm
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1) Rizumikaru Yomi secret at rp!secrets. I miss that place still. ;__; I hear you, anon!

2) Anime North post tomorrow, I promise. With some pics and everything. =D; *has been lazy*

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My Haine costume came in today. I'm happy. It all fits really well, with the exception of the shirt collar needing a tiny bit of adjustment, which I can probably get help with from Grandma. ♥ I'm very happy with the outfit and the quality of it. I can't wait to wear it at AN. :3

And I got a fedora today! I found one at Giant Tiger. ) >w<~ I love the purple striped band, but for yakuza!Kadaj I'll have to cover over it with plain black ribbon. *shrug*


Today was also the day that registration for Crafter's Corner at AN opened up, at 8:00pm. So I sent off my email. Here's hoping I get a space this year. If I don't I probably won't be able to go to Otakon, so...

Finally... I guess it was coming, but it's official now; RY is closed. It feels almost like closing the door on an entire chapter of my life, since it lasted so long. Heh. (Trust me, it makes sense at least in my brain.) R.I.P. Rizumikaru Yomi!
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So today I've decided to watch the Saw movies. Or, 2-5 anyway. I've avoided them all for a while because I watched like half an hour of Hostel a couple years ago and couldn't finish it because of the horrible, horrible torture sequences (I actually gave it away ASAP after that, hope you liked it Sethi? XD;;) and then just after that Sui-chan told me Saw was just as bad if not worse. So I crossed them all off my list of movies to see. XD;

But then a couple months ago I caught most of the first one on the TV and it wasn't nearly as bad as all that. xD;; The problem with Hostel was that it was torture and that is a big problem for me. Just violence doesn't bother me so much, and the Saw movies seem to be more about plain violence and mental anguish.

Anyway, so I watched II and III earlier and now I'm on IV. YAY. Then later today I have The Uninvited to watch.

Oh, last night I talked with Michi a bunch. ♥ ILU MICHI. I don't talk to her enough. /random

I guess RY is mostly dead now. It makes me sad. I love that place, but it's just... gone downhill a lot the last couple months, basically since we went on hiatus. *sigh* I'm sticking through until it's totally dead, though, or possibly if Steph and Maddie want out I'll talk with Mari about things we could try to get it going again. Hmm.

But if it completely dies, would people be interested in rping out some of the stuff we have planned anyway? We can do it over AIM or I'll set up rp threads in my own journal or something? Because I really want to at least do a couple logs with that vacation that Asch, Luke, Kadaj and Axel are supposed to go on. And some more stuff with Haruhi and Roxas. Things like that. Thoughts on that, people I rp with?

Now I need to get back into TV some. I was supposed to be off hiatus forever ago. But between being sick and... well, frankly, depressed as hell, I haven't done it yet. I'm going to get kicked out if I don't get back there asap. *sigh* is such a nice day out I actually have my window wide open for fresh air and it's not freezing. SO NICE.

Also, I want spaghetti. IDK why, I just do.

EDIT: Beginning June 1st, I need a passport to enter the US, even if I take the bus. =__=; Stupid US. But I just checked the government site and apparently if I get my application in asap it'll get back to me in 4-5 weeks. I guess on the plus side, if I actually get off my duff and get a passport I can take a plane to Otakon instead.
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1) I woke up super early this morning for NO REASON. And have been wide awake ever since. WTF body. So I'm going for a walk in a few minutes. *shrug*

2) Insanitarium: Almost a zombie movie. Yay for cannibalism? Reminded me of 28 Days Later.

3) Ghost Town: Very funny. I had a lot of good gigglefits over this one. Extremely... unusual humor, though. Probably not for everyone. XD; *is weird like that*

4) I randomly had the urge this morning to plan a cosplay outing to Wonderland. BUT I DON'T KNOW ANYONE WHO LIVES CLOSE ENOUGH (AND DOES COSPLAY) TO COME TO IT. I LIVE IN THE MOST FAIL PART OF THE WORLD FOR COSPLAY UGH. Okay, probably not. But still, it's frustrating. DX Because cosplaying to an amusement park would be awesome fun! TT__TT

5) For anyone who's interested, I read a really amazing Axel/Roxas ric this morning. Deceitful Above All Things. Seriously. AMAZING.

6) Roxas/Haruhi is going to make me laugh so hard, I swear to God. Poor Roxas. It will be epic. Kadaj-muse is secretly relieved and not feeling as guilty over the whole Haruhi thing anymore. Ignore the Roxas and Axel banter at the bottom. My Roxas finds Michi's Axel extremely annoying. And it probably won't make any sense unless you read their other conversations anyway. XD;
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Been a while since I posted. Haha, I spent so many years writing in this thing every single day that lately when I haven't been writing in it much it seems weird. I go to post and realize it's been ten days (or whatever) since my last post and am surprised by it.

But recently I haven't been up to much... I'm actually quite sick right now (it's really TMI though, so I'm not going to elaborate.) I spent all last week trying to get through to my family doctor and failing, so I think I'm going to have to just break down and go to the Emergency Room, and probably have to endure at least one rather uncomfortable test that I can think of.

In the mean time, I was on hiatus at RY and TV, but my health always sucks and I can't be on hiatus forever, so I came off at RY yesterday and plan to come off at TV tomorrow. Being so sick the last while has really sapped my energy though; I'm not getting any nutrients or anything from my food right now (when I can even eat), and I've probably been taking too many pain pills. I've practically been living on cream-of-wheat because it's so bland and easy to digest. I still don't really feel up to much rping, but it's not fair to camp on characters if I'm just going to be away all the time. Plus I have to get back into helping with mod stuff at RY.

Anyway. Today I gave Sora and Riku a bath for the first time. They flailed around a little and generally went D8 at me. It was adorable. But they did need a bath. And I'm hoping if I do it often enough they'll learn to like playing in the water, or at least to tolerate it. They really liked being wrapped up together in a towel afterward though. ♥

I finished Foundation yesterday. It's the new Heralds of Valdemar book by Mercedes Lackey. I didn't realize how much I'd missed Valdemar until I started reading it (lol two days ago, I read for like 12 hours straight. XD;) Maybe now I can try writing some fic again? It'd be nice to work through my four-years-and-going writer's block. But I'm not holding my breath. Not being able to concentrate to write and draw is part of being bi-polar, and just reading a new Valdemar novel won't magically cure me of that. I wish though!

Today I found a copy of Razorback in region 1 NTSC format on ebay. Dad and I have both been searching for that movie for months now, and all we can find are copies on ebay that are region 2 PAL, which won't play on North American DVD players or TVs. So I'm hoping the seller will ship to Canada, but if he replies to my question about it and says no, Maddie says I can get it shipped to her/Chloe's place and then send them the money to forward it. >D

And now random pictures just for the hell of it:

Loki and Tri have a night of drinking, apparently. )

Nazoko. Still looking like Bella. I need the right wig and eyes for her, desperately. )

EDIT: It's getting pretty close to the day I'm taking Loki in to get his back claws done. The closer it gets to time, the more bad I feel about it, even though it's for a medical reason. Every time he comes and cuddles with me, or purrs at me I feel guilty. DX
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I am ever so glad to be feeling alright again. Granted, it was just today (yesterday, wtf lack of sleep tonight), but THANK GOD. And then of course last night I didn't sleep at all, so even though I didn't feel sick, I was tired as a dog. Ugh body I hate you.

Still, I managed to get the cats in to the vet for their appointment at two, and everyone is pretty much fine so that's good. $272 later, they got their shots, and I talked with Dr. Taylor about Loki's allergies and the idea of getting his back claws removed. He scratches his face all up, to the point where his ears swell closed, and his eyes are all rimmed with scabs, and I'm worried he'll cause permanent damage. There's nothing we can really do to get rid of the allergies (since they're seasonal; he has allergy problems the same time as I do), but at least with getting his claws removed he won't be able to hurt himself anymore.

I know; I hate the idea of back-declawing him. But after two years of different medications, shots, ear drops, shampoos, soaps, etc., the vet says it's probably about the only thing we can do. I've agonized over the decision for almost a year now, but having discussed it with Dr. Taylor today I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have it done. He's going in the beginning of next month. It's going to cost me another $170.

Last time I mentioned getting a cat declawed I got an anonymous comment about how cruel it is, so for anyone who feels the need to comment this time: THIS IS FOR MEDICAL REASONS. I WOULD NOT GET HIS BACK CLAWS REMOVED IF BOTH I AND THE VET DIDN'T THINK IT WAS NECESSARY. Thank you.

Watched Resident Evil: Degeneration, Max Payne and Red Sands today. Now I'm watching Mirrors because I can't sleep. At least I have good movies to keep me occupied.

Also, as I haven't done many real updates lately, I went to see the doctor about two weeks ago; she checked me out, switched my meds around a bit, and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Yay for chronic pain disorders. -__-;

...and I think I might have to take an official hiatus from RY and TV for a while. I want to keep playing, but I'm a basketcase right now for various reasons. I think I'm going into a major downswing, which I haven't had in a while... my new meds aren't strong enough, I don't think. So I might take a break for a couple weeks to kind of collect myself. Of course if I feel human again sooner than that I could come back sooner... gah, but I hate going on hiatus. It always makes me feel like I'm letting people down. ><;

The space bar on my keyboard is sticking, and I broke my computer chair the other day. >__>;
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Well, [ profile] rizumikaru_yomi is back from the two week hiatus. :) No thanks to me since I missed the mod meeting yesterday. Ugh brain wtf, it was not Sunday yesterday it was Monday. >__O;; Anyway, yay! I've been bored without RY lol. Also, some of the things that were upsetting me have been worked out so I'm good now. At least RP-wise.

I need to get Dean and House into stuff at TV too. For some reason I'm having trouble thinking of ways for them to get into things. Grr. *pokes teh muses*

And now for some thoughts on movies that I've watched the last couple days, courtesy of graboid.

--> The Day The Earth Stood Still (remake; Keanu Reeves) Was alright, as disaster movies go. Not the best one I've ever watched, but certainly not the worst. It had it's moments. Plus, the special effects were awesome. Made me think of Armageddon and War of the Worlds a lot.

--> Seven Pounds (Will Smith) Not the kind of movie that I normally watch, but as I'm a HUGE Will Smith fan, I made an exception. It was an amazing movie, and I cried really hard at the end. I never figured out how the title figures into the movie, though. xD; *fail*

--> The Unborn (Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman) ...kekekeke. >3 MY KIND OF MOVIE. Creepy, freaky, night-mare inducing. I loved it. Similar to Mirrors in the kind of scares they produce. ♥

--> Yes Man (Jim Carrey) LAWL I still ♥ Jim Carrey. srsly. This was a hilarious movie. DDR on redbull awesome. And there was some serious stuff in it. I suppose you could consider it a movie where the character grows as a person throughout, despite the slapstick and and around that.

--> Bedtime Stories (Adam Sandler) Okay, so it's no real secret that I'm not a huge Adam Sandler fan. Most of his movies I find really terrible and crude; there's only been a few that I've liked. This one was made my Disney though, so I figured it'd be alright. It was cute. I don't know if I'd run out to buy it ASAP when it comes out on DVD, but it was worth watching. basically, Sena will watch anything. XD;

And now a random note for Kiin: Your original slash is going to involve a vampire. With multiple personalities. 8D And a human that I haven't thought about yet. I'm having so much fun with the clinically D.I.D. vampire that I haven't gotten around to his love interest yet. xD; I still need to name him, too. .__.; Hmm. God, the first name that leaps to mind is Christian, but it's so cliche I can't bring myself to use it. >__>;

Right, and now I should try again to fall asleep. Stupid insomnia.
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I've been really randomly depressed lately. I guess I'm always depressed, but... more so the last couple weeks.

Fake-happy, fake-happy, so people won't worry.

All the stuff with RY right now isn't helping either. I'm getting really upset over it all, even though I know I shouldn't. I've cried over it twice. I'm such an idiot.

Catching Up

Jan. 4th, 2009 08:56 pm
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Yeah, so I haven't posted anything in forever. >>;

1) Christmas #1: On the 23rd the immediate family did Christmas. I got a couple movies, and my cell phone. Also a book, and a gift card, and a chair for at my computer. It was nice. Most of my Christmas from Mom and Lee was the phone though, lol.

2) Christmas #2: On the 24th, we all went up to Grandma's place to do prep for the turkey and everything the next day. That night we gave Grandma the gift that my brother and I got for her, and she gave us our cards with monies in them, because she's been too sick to go out shopping. The next day the whole family was over and we had dinner, and did the family gift exchange. I ended up with a wok set, which is awesome because I'm the one who bought that one because I wanted it. XD;

3) Dad couldn't make it up in time for Christmas, so he's coming up this next weekend to exchange gifts. THE GIFT I ORDERED FOR HIM BEFORE CHRISTMAS BETTER BLOODY BE HERE BY THEN, DAMMIT. >__O;

3) Did nothing for New Year's, though that morning I did get my cell activated. Thank God I have three months free texting, because despite not planning on using it much I've been texting A LOT. I'll need a text plan when my free time runs out. XD;;

4) My RY secret santa gift from [ profile] toxicatedpoison got here the other day! Eee! It's a pretty crystal heart pendant that she got engraved with "Sena". ILU SO HARD PRONNIE. ♥

5) Speaking of RY, tomorrow we are officially on hiatus for two weeks as a community, so that Steph, Maddie and I can kind of revamp it, and add in more plot points and get everything back on track. WE SHALL RETURN.

6) My birthday was yesterday! 8D ...I did nothing for it, and didn't get any presents, though a bunch of people wished me a Happy Birthday. At some point this week Mom is taking me out to buy me a new camera though, she just hasn't had the time until now.

7) Yesterday I met up with Pam and Ryuu-chan at the Tim Hortons at the corner, and we hung out there and talked for almost two hours. Then we came back here and hung out some more. It was really nice because I haven't seen any of my RL friends in over a year. Turns out Pam is living in town again (sort of anyway, she's actually just outside of town), so hopefully I can see her some more now, at least until she moves to Alberta in a year or so.

8) One of my new wigs (for Haine cosplay from The Gentlemen's Alliance) came in a couple days ago, and I FREAKING LOVE IT. It's long and curly and light brown with blonde streaks, and looks freakishly good on me, or so everyone is telling me. XD; Now I wish I hadn't cut my hair so short so I could dye and curl it lol.

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So I finally managed to get my apps finished for [ profile] taediumvitae_rp. It took forever, between moving and baking and family issues and everything, but YAY. Now I play Dean Winchester ([ profile] escapeperdition) and House ([ profile] thecaneisnotart) over there. Kekeke. House is so hard. XD; But fun! And Dean is awesome to play. Now I just need a Sam and I'll be set. ♥

Tonight was half-spent RPing (Demyx with Zexy, and a little with Michi as well in a different rp, and then Dean a bunch and House some. Also some ND with Cassandra-san. :3), and then after/around that... more baking. =D;

Michi and I are rping Demyx/Axel. Which, I mean, is made of awesome, right? Except Dem is topping sort of, which is crazy and also really hot. O__O; Plus there's angst in there too, which just makes it even better. XD; Turns out I have a think for uke!Axel. Who knew? XD

I finished off 12 dozen lemon cheesecake cookies tonight, and now I'm doing what is (almost) the last of the shortbread. I still have one more batch to make tomorrow or the next day, but that's it. After this, I still have to do fruit cookies, lemon squares, buttertart squares, and broken-glass torte. Way to go right to the wire, self. >>;

A reminder, all the Christmas packages for people are going to be late. Sorry. But I am sending them. So yay for packages after Christmas? IT EXTENDS THE HOLIDAY, DAMMIT. XDD;;
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Hehe, I promised Sora pics and look I'm finally delivering! ♥ He's so adorable and I luff him to bits. He's not afraid of the cats at all... he actually chases Neko, it's hilarious. XD; What a chickenshit cat. <33

More pics be here. )

He reminds me of Yuki so much, except Sora has about 50x more energy than Yuki ever did. Then again, when I got Yuki he was much older than when I got Sora, so I suppose that's probably the major difference.

Right now he's in his cage making eyes at me because I haven't given him any treats yet today. >>; He has me so whipped.

EDIT: Oh, btw, at the Petsmart the other day I almost got another rat to be Sora's friend. Around here you can't get anything other than hooded rats (and occasionally albino ones like Kori was), but I really like solid-coloured ones, and the Petsmart had the most adorable grey-blonde one. I wanted to bring him home so badly, but the cage Sora is in right now isn't big enough for two rats, and I don't have the space in here for any of my bigger ones. Too bad. I would have named him Roxas too. XD;

EDIT #2: OMG there's an RY rp!secret today and I'm in it! ♥ Along with Reppy, Maddie, Meev, Chloe and Nikki. X3 ilu anon! <3
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I wasn't feeling well most of the day yesterday, so I pretty much slept all day. I was up for a couple hours in the evening though, long enough to do an AIM long with Maddie, Reppy, Katie and Cassandra-san. ♥ It was drama-rific. xD;

The only thing I ate yesterday was a bagel. Still not hungry, but I made some vegetarian lasagna anyway because I know I need to eat. Also, out of boredom, I put together a stew to cook in the slow cooker for tonight. The bunnies got lots of veggie trimmings.

Tonight I'm probably going to get baking again. I still have shortbread to do, plus other cookies and stuff as well.

Been up since 4 this morning. After sleeping all day yesterday I guess it makes sense. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, so I'm puttering around, watching movies and rping and stuff to kill time. Today is vampire and werewolf movies. 30 Days of Night, Skinwalkers and right now The Forsaken. Fun stuff.

Yesterday morning the red wig I ordered for Lavi cosplay at AN (and possibly/probably Otakon) came in. It's the perfect colour, but longer than it needs to be, so I have to trim it, and then style it so it sticks up where it's supposed to. In January I'm ordering a pair of boots for Lavi and Org13 Demyx; I'm going to use them for both cosplays, and just add the white to them for Lavi with tape or something. Yay cosplay. ♥

Along with some stuff I ordered for people for Christmas, I also have a few things coming in that are just for me because I wanted them and happen to have some extra money this month. >.> A copy of the movie Werewolf Samurai because I just couldn't pass it up. WEREWOLF. SAMURAI. FUCK YEAH. Also a Suzumiya Haruhi figma figure (that I think is in scale with my Kadaj figure so I'm tempted to take lulzy pics of them for Pronnie), and a playarts Axel figure from the third formation arts set.

My next accuisitions will be the Axel figure to go with my Roxas one, and Reno from Advent Children. :3 Then a bunch of other ones because there's like fifty KH/FF/misc figures that I want.

Oh, and completely random, but I asked for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for Christmas. DO WANT. Also, Tales of the Abyss, which I can't find anywhere dammit.

EDIT: My formation arts Axel just came in. :D He's on the shelf next to Agito now. ♥

EDIT #2: ...I just fell down the last half of the stairs. I bent one toe backward until it popped out of joint. Luckily, it popped back in on it's own when I flexed my foot. But fuck, that hurt. I hate it when I dislocate joints. ><; Before you ask, yes, it's a relatively common occurrance. >>;;
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Alright, so over at RY, I play Roxas (among other characters), and [ profile] fantacination plays Axel. But because it's an AU game, they didn't knew each other, so we actually had to introduce them, which was rather amusing. ("Haha" is Axel for "Haruhi" btw, so Suzumiya.) Now they're having this conversation (starting off about Roxas' new pet) which makes me giggle for reasons I can't quite identify:

Axel: ...A pig. You're one of a kind, aren't ya?
Roxas: What was I supposed to do, tell the old lady to shove it? >|
Axel: Hmm, well there's always ham and bacon, I guess.
Roxas: *facepalm* She's a pet, you idiot. Not a midnight snack.
Axel: Works either way, right~?
Roxas: Depends on how heartless you are, I suppose. >__>;
Axel: Hey, hey, I've got a heart. I just don't guarantee it's always in the right place, yanno?
Roxas: Suuuuure you do. *eyeroll*
Axel: *flicks lightly* Oi, shouldn't you be a bit more polite to your elders~?
Roxas: *swats at* The term elders refers to people who deserve respect, you know. :P
Axel: Guess you'll never get to be one, huh~? So what, you have a little list? Or were you gonna rely on your trusty piglet to tell you?
Roxas: Oi, I have a better chance than you. XP I can tell on my own, thanks. >>; The pig is just a houseguest.
Axel: Suuure, shortstuff, looks like a long wait either way, hn~? What you're gonna keep it in your shirt and not let it earn it's keep?
Roxas: Yeah well, we'll see about that. Of course not! But just because she's sleeping in my living room doesn't mean she gets to influence my opinions. She's a pig. XP
Axel: That's the spirit. Ouch, demoted to the couch already? That's no way to treat your beloved pet! And calling her names, too. You must be a ladykiller.♥
Roxas: She's not my beloved pet. She just got... dropped on me. Though she is kind of cute. And behaves herself. And I woke up last night with her in the bed with me, and it wasn't so bad. ...shut up.
Axel: ...*rofls* So she does sleep with you, then. ♥ Hope she hasn't torn your teddybear to bits~? Aww, chibi-chan actually has a cute side~
Roxas: It only happened the one time! >///< And I don't have a teddy bear, jeez! Roxas. Rox-as! >__O
Axel: Ah, so that's why you're cuddling Ayu-yu, now? I don't know, Roku-ass, maybe you should look into your little bed problem.♥
Roxas: I don't need something to cuddle, nevermind Ayu! And I don't have a bed problem. =__=;; My bed is fine, as am I.
Axel: Hey, hey, it's okay, no need to be shy about it~ Nobody'll hold it against you if you still wet the bed or anything. Much. ♥
Roxas: I'm starting to wonder if maybe you're projecting your own problems. XP
Axel: Who, me~? I'd tell you to get eyewitness accounts, but they probably wouldn't let you in the clubs 'till you grow six inches.♥ *ruffles hair, pushing downa little*
Roxas: D< *flails and shoves at him* Hey! Stoppit! I'm not short!
Axel: What do you call all the inches between your head and mine, then~?
Roxas: Clearance so I don't have to look at your face. :P
Axel: Whoa, easy there. You've got issues, ochibi.I hear milk's good for that. ♥ Besides, clearance works both ways, dontcha think~?
Roxas: You're my only issue. -__-;; ...Says the guy who won't leave me alone. If you don't want to look at me, go away. :p

*snortsnicker* I love Michi's Axel. ♥
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1) I have seven piercings in my ears, and all seven are infected right now. Two on my right ear were bothering me a bit yesterday (oh crap, it's 4:49 am so I guess it was two days ago) and when I got up this morning it was way worse and every one of them is all inflamed and swollen and sore. >.<; I hate being allergic to metals. Every couple months my ears flare up because of it. I'll have to dig out my silver hoops to wear to keep the piercings open until they heal again. -__-;

2) Sinus infection. I still has it. Bah. In fact, need more pills after I'm done this entry.

3) On Wednesday, I was hit on by a deaf man. SO AMUSED, because the whole thing was pantomimed because I don't know sign language beyond the basic alphabet. XD It was epic and awesome. Too bad he was like twice my age. >>;

4) Still unpacking, but I'm well on my way to being done. THANK GOD. I'm so sick of not having everything organised. I like clutter (I'm not really comfy unless there's clutter because of being bi-polar and borderline OCD) but I HATE mess and right now that's the point I'm still at. DX

5) Yesterday, the cable guy came to install the digital outlets and everything. I have cable in my room now! ANIMAL PLANET! \o/ DISCOVERY CHANNEL! HEALTH CHANNEL! SPACE! I just need the Anime Network and I'll be set. :3 And the ability to run cable Internet to my room now, WHICH I AM DOING ASAP NEXT WEEK. FUCK YOU WIRELESS.

6) Sora is settling in well, he's eating and drinking fine and getting comfy with his cage and everything. He's still a little nervous though, which I expected. ♥ He likes to sit with me while I watch TV, in the crook of my arm~

6) Tonight was the night everyone poisoned Rufus at RY. Kyo got in on that because he's the head of security (other than the Turks). In evacuating the building he got gassed a little, but it's no big deal really, he's just coughing because of it. However, he got stuck with Agon for most of it, and Agon out of nowhere told him about his thing with Zelos. ;A; Kyo is pissed off, and heartbroken again, and now if he keeps working at Shinra he has to deal with both Sephiroth and Agon. I can see him quitting some time soon. For the time being he's going to stay with Vergil and Dante, since he lives with Zelos and doesn't want to go back there. ;__;

7) Mel, Bonnie and I are working on a new, as-of-unnamed fantasy rp. It's going to be AWESOME. That's all on that for now.

8) Must get my Taedium Vitae and Moulin Noir apps finished this weekend! >| <-- determined faise!

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My off-and-on fever is more off than on right now, but still existent. It sucks. The last two days I pretty much just slept and watched movies, and worked on unpacking a tiny bit.

Tomorrow I have to go out to Walmart and get more sinus meds. While I'm out in that direction I'm going to get some more rabbit food at the pet store as well, and look at the rats there. If there are any cute ones I'll pick one up. ♥

Right now I'm chatting with RY peeps and rping Marluxia/Kadaj/Sora with Kiin. Crack threesome FTW. XD; I'm also semi-watching Supernatural on DVD with my brother.
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Right. So. Things have changed a little. Sarah's found an apartment that she wants to move into, and there's a good chance she'll be moving the end of this month, which means so will I. I don't blame her, aparently the place is everything that she wants/needs, so it makes sense.

So thusfar today had been me panicking a little, then calling my case worker at the ODSP office, then panicking some more until she got back to me.

Everything is alright though, and it's going to be much simpler than I thought moving was going to be. Basically, since I'm moving back in with my parents and paying them rent/utilities/etc., they have to submit a first rent receipt so that ODSP knows how much they're charging me for everything. Susan also said that (since I don't plan on being at Mom and Lee's place for any longer than I have to) she's going to send me the start-up package for me to file away for when I find a place that I can afford. Basically, they'll help pay for last month's rent and for moving costs when the time comes (but not this time since I'm just moving back with my parents.)

...anyway, all of this means I have three weeks to go through my things, organise a garage sale and/or post things for sale in the paper, and pack. Then I need to figure out how I'm going to actually move all my stuff. Like, with my back and knees and ankles I can't do it myself. Not to mention I don't have a car and don't even drive. I might have to hire movers, which I can't afford... -__-; And I need a place to store all the furnature that isn't going to fit at Mom's.

Oh well... I'll survive. Hopefully.

EDIT: I think I'm going to have to take a hiatus from RY for a while to deal with all this. That sucks. ><;;
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Cut For TMI )

On a non-TMI topic, I'm moving in a month or two. Possibly the end of November, possibly closer to the end of December, depending on how things go with the sewer lines being fixed. Basically, if they don't have them fixed by the end of this month, Sarah is moving come the end of November, so I have to leave then as well. If they do get them fixed by the end of this month, she won't be moving for a couple extra months, so my original December timeline still works.

Unfortunately, I have nowhere to go but back to Mom and Lee's place. Mom keeps assuring me it's fine, and that's what parents are for, but fuck do I feel guilty about it. I would still be paying rent (they said $240/month but I'm insisting on at least what I pay here, which is $355) and helping out with hydro/etc. and paying for my own Internet and everything, but still. They're just now finally getting my brother out of the house, and I know it'd be nice for them to have some time to themselves.

I know, I know... Mom doesn't want me on the street or anything, and she'd rather I was there because she's worried about me. But still. I feel like such an inconvenience and a burden. Though I suppose between paying for myself and helping out with cooking/cleaning/etc. I can at least try to make up for it...

All of this is only possible because it turns out that if I move back in with them, ODSP won't cut me off, as long as they're charging me rent/utilities/etc. I suppose I would have felt even worse if I'd just moved back in and had to bum off them, so that's something. I need to discuss everything with Mom some more and work out how it's all going to happen, and try to figure out where I'm going to store the furniture and etc. that won't fit when I go back. I guess I'm having a yard sale soon. Which would be less of a pain if it wasn't getting really cold here already.

So... I get to start packing ASAP, and moving things over there a few boxes at a time to cut down on what has to go all at once when I do move. I hate packing. I hate moving. I hate having to go back and burden Mom again. But I hate this place more. Not to mention the lack of affordable housing around here. It's the only thing I can do.


In somewhat related news, I need money. Desperately. To help with the move and everything. I guess a garage sale might help a bit, but no guarantees. I'll probably post a list of stuff I'm willing to part with as I pack things up and go through them. Please consider buying something when I do! Or, if you're interested, I'm still taking pony commissions. Just email me or drop a comment and we can talk about it.

[Pronnie: Asch!pony is... not done. I failed at your birthday deadline. :D; Sorry! Still working on him though! I'll bug you for your address when I get him finished. For now he's sitting on my coffee table giving me "wtf woman, why am I still bald?!" looks. ♥ Screw you Asch!pony, your hair is hard to sculpt! >|]

Oh, and on a not even remotely related topic, been downloading more stuff. An episode of Bones that I missed (I still need this week's Criminal Minds too), as well as a bunch of Jurassic Fight Club episodes (ilu [ profile] firebird_88 for turning me on to that ♥♥), a couple of shark documentaries like Sharkwater, and a ton of movies; Wild HogsDay of the Dead, Enchanted, Deep Rising, Shark Swarm, Superhero Movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Batman: Gotham Knight, Mama-Mia (yes, Pronnie, I will watch it I swear), My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Anaconda III, The Mummy Tomb: Curse of the Dragon Emperor, The Strangers, Epic Movie and Alone In The Dark II. >3

I've watched a few of them, and I'll probably talk about them tomorrow or the next day when I'm feeling better. FOR NOW RECCOMMEND SOME GOOD MOVIES (OR TV SHOWS) TO ME. I HAVE TONS OF DOWNLOAD MB LEFT.

EDIT: RP stuff no one wants to read. )

...and now I'm off to curl up in whimpering, shaking ball on the bed and pass out from the pain.

Have a random Tetsuya icon.
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1) Yesterday Dad came up in the morning to pick up his cell phone (I borrowed it for Otakon and owe him like $150 in charges on it because of long distance and roaming ><;;) and drop off some movies for me to borrow and my brother's birthday gift. His birthday is on the 13th of October, but Dad doesn't have another long weekend between now and then, so... *shrug* He also brought up more boxes for me, since I'll be moving at some point in the next four months or so, most likely. No idea where I'll be going. Probably moving back in with Mom, since I have nowhere else at this point.

2) MOVIES. I CAN HAS THEM. Dad brought me Rogue, Creature, Raptor IslandThe Ruins (which I'd just downloaded and watched like two days before lol) and Loch Ness Terror. ♥ Rogue is about a giant rogue crocodile in Australia (I luff giant croc movies~ xD;), Creature is based on a book by Peter Benchly, and is about a half-man-half-shark monster. Raptor Island is about... raptors. On an island. .__.; And then Loch Ness Terror is about nessie. In lake superior. 8D YAY.

Also, I've watched Black Water (also about a rogue crocodile XD;), The Dark Knight, Doomsday, Shutter, The Happening, Hancock, Get Smart, Hellboy 2, Wall-E, The Ruins and Mirrors recently. ^__^ So much fun! HEHE. I already talked about some of them a couple days ago, but here's what I thought of the others;

-> The Dark Knight: >__>;; Okay, so um. I don't know if I want to actually type this. :D;; Eheh. ^^; So, my basic thoughts on it are; great movie! ...but not as spectacularly awesome as everyone else thinks it is. >>;;; *dodges rocks and tomatoes* SORRY. SORRY!
-> Doomsday: Was uh... interesting. @__@;; Like, it was every genre of movie crammed into one package. Crazy and lol-worthy. Also, full of FAIL!military. Though it did have the best extended car chase scene I've ever seen in it. XD;
-> Shutter: Creepy! 8D It's based on a Korean movie, I believe, like an American remake of it. Joshua Jackson = LUFF.
-> The Happening: I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I'm a huge M. Night Shayamalan fan. ^^;; *geek* This one was interesting, different, and weirdly... non-supernatural, considering his other films.
-> Get Smart: FTW. X33 I had so much fun with this one~! It reminded me of watching the old TV show reruns at my Grandparents house when I was a kid. It was my favourite (along with Mork and Mindy lol), and the casting was perfect. ♥♥
-> Hellboy 2: I actually had more fun with this one than with TDK. ^.^; The visual effects were excellent. I always am amazed at Ron Pearlman's ability to do ANYTHING in his makeup lol.
-> Wall-E: WAS SO FREAKING CUTE! >w< ADORABLE! I LOVE DISNEY MOVIES! (Though I do miss their 2-D stuff, despite my love of the Pixar films.)
-> Mirrors: O___o; Was freaky. I am impressed with the creativity of the writers though. Some very unique stuff in that movie. And awesomely untypical deaths. The bathroom one made me go HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT though, and I was watching it with the volume off because Pronnie warned me ahead of time. xD;;
-> Black Water:
I am a sucker for a good killer crocodile movie. 8D This one was more realistic than most, as the croc in question wasn't even big enough to swallow a person whole. GASP. lol.

Still to go are Iron ManThe Incredible Hulk, and The X-Files 2.


4) ...last week, I had a discussion with my brother about some things that have gone on in his life recently. I love that he trusts me enough to talk to me about things he won't talk about with anyone else. At the same time, some of the things I'm finding out... I don't know. I want to blog about what he told me, maybe in the hopes that it'll help me work it out, but I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around it. Maybe in a few days I can... hmm...

5) The adorable Marly/Kadaj stuff is slowly giving way to angst tonight. XD;; Kiin and I had planned some angst for a couple weeks from now, but it seems to be coming out sooner than we originally intended. Kadaj is all insecure and distraught because Mar seems to be trying to convince him not to stick with him if it comes down to it, because the social worker the court assigned is being nosy and poking around about Kadaj's boyfriend.. He's terrified right now at what might happen. ;__;

EDIT:: DDDDD: Mar just broke up with him! (Well, sort of.)

A List

Sep. 13th, 2008 12:12 pm
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Movie List so far for all of last night and this morning:

Shanghai Noon
Shanghai Knights
The Invisible
The Brothers Grimm

...and now I'm on Seabiscuit. Also, some plotting Haruhi-Kadaj and Haruhi-Roxas comment spamming with Pronnie, and some Axel/Kadaj with Michi. I admit it, I ship AkuDaj too. In a completely different way than MarluDaj, but shipping nonetheless. ♥♥ Actually, I not-so-secretly ship them all together. I think they're my first real OT3. XD;


EDIT: OMFG. I just found my Sailor Trek binder. XD;; (Sailor Trek, Sailor Trek: TNG and Sailor Trek: DS9. Really, ridiculously well written Sailormoon/Star Trek fics that I found and printed out YEARS ago. CRACK CROSSOVER FTW.) I can't believe I still have that! I'll have to read them again. X3

...I'm such a geek, especially when I'm sleep-deprived. >>;

...I miss writing crack crossovers. I should get into it again for kicks. I still get reviews and requests to continue "Digital". And I still want to write my Rayearth/Blade one. And the Valdemar/LoTR one too.

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I took my air conditioner out the other day because it abruptly got so cold out. Now it's super hot in here randomly tonight. UGH. Oh well. I have both windows open and the fan going to circulate the air, so I guess I'll live.

Worked some more on my alien queen model today. I'm almost ashamed to admit that it's the first model I've ever put together on my own. At all. Plus it's not the best model in the world (which is annoying), so some of the seams don't line up perfectly; I've had to trim a lot, and there are spots where there are holes that I'm going to have to patch with air-dry clay before I paint it. It's a pain, but it's not really that bad of a problem, and it'll look fine once I'm done tweaking it and painting it.

But for now I think I need to set it aside and work on Asch!pony for Pronnie's birthday. .__.; Pronnie~ hopefully he'll be done in time, but he might be a little late getting there depending on when I mail him. XD; Just so you know. ♥

I probably won't work on anything tonight though, for some reason the last couple hours every one of my joints has been weak and shaking. I don't know what's wrong, but it SUCKS. I have to hang onto the wall when I go down the stairs because my knees don't want to work right. ><;;


Here have some more Marly/Kadaj smut. XD )

Some of the stuff in there made me squee so much. XD; The "command me" part seriously almost killed me. I had to take a moment to go >w< to myself.

I also picked up Roxas at RY. He's had three muns already, and keeps getting dropped after like two weeks each time. Poor guy. He needs love. *pets him* So there you go. Haruhi's already pounced on him to play bass for her. >>; He was like "...excuse me?" lol. I think he'll be fun to play. ♥


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