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I finally got around to dying and styling Nazoko's wig. Her hair is actually supposed to be cherry red, but at least it's not blonde anymore. It's kind of coppery. Anyway, it'll do until I can get her the wig I actually want for her. Her eyes are also supposed to be orange, but... I can't find orange eyes. .__.;; So she's borrowing Tet-chan's red ones.

Yeah, I was supposed to go to bed an hour ago, but my allergies are trying to murder me, so instead I'm sitting up being miserable and watching The Daily Show. I love this show, but Lewis Black is on tonight and he srsly grates on my nerves. >>; Ah well.
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My Mom's dog, looking VERY HAPPEH. He had massively evil redeye, and then when I tried to fix it, it turned out like this. >>;

Today just for the sake of randomness, I give you photos of the bracelets I've done the last few days. YAY.


Mom and I went to Huntsville on Thursday, and did what was supposed to be window shopping but turned into real shopping. >.> I got some more birds for my collection (I'll take pics of them some time to share), and then we went into a bead store and I spent like $70. -.-;; And then of course we went into the Nutty Chocolatier, soooooo... >___>;;

EDIT: Also, wtf this morning I woke up and my beta fish Teal... was not in his bowl. @__@ He is still MIA. I think he jumped out during the night and most likely met an untimely end via one of the cats. Poor Teal! TT~~~TT RIP my fishy buddy!
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I've been making bracelets off and on all day. Some of them are really cute. I love the pink and black one, and the one with the little round beads with funky patterns. I think the one with fake pearls is really pretty, but it's not something I'd wear. They're all for selling at AN, obviously.

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to visit Grandma in the morning, and then after that we're going to Huntsville... and I SHALL BE GOING TO THE FUCKTASTICALLY AWESOME BEAD STORE THERE. HOMG SO EXCITED. >w<~

Ordered pitas for dinner tonight. CHIPOTLE CHICKEN PITA OMG SO YUMMY AND BURN-Y AT THE SAME TIME. \o/ lol.


Mar. 29th, 2009 10:07 am
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Today's photo is of the new shiny dangly thing that Mom bought for me on Thursday. 8D I love my shinies. I was very sad to have to pack most of them away in storage when I moved back here. I do have room for a few though, so~

lol my brother was up all night playing Kingdom Hearts II and when I got up today he ambushed me in the hallway and went "AXEL DIED! TT~~TT" And I was torn between giving him a patpat and snortsnickering at him. XD;; It was really quite funny. ♥

Also, finally managed to find mp3s of Sanctuary and the English version of Simple and Clean. Am pleased with that.
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A closeup of Neko that I took earlier today. I like it for some reason.

Got Roxas up and running at TV, and Dean and House working again. Yay for being active. Michi and I are doing another rp as well. ♥

Yesterday, Mom and I did a few errands and while we were out we ran into one of Grandma's friends. I didn't think about it, but I had my cane with me. Today Grandma called and was worried because I hadn't mentioned the cane to her, and Mom says she was hoping it was because of an accident or something, and was upset to learn that no, I'm using it because my legs and back have declined a lot the last few months.

That conversation lead to me chatting with Mom about various things, generally depressing myself, and then crying over how fucking unfair the world is. -__-;;

Other than that... not much to report. I'm tired, but I have a new episode of Supernatural to watch before I crash for the night.

EDIT: House missed his posse. And thus is building a new one. XD I'm probably more amused by that than I should be. lol.
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Taking a cue from [ profile] onewhomust, I've decided to post a photo every day. At least until I forget about it like I did last time. Anyway, today I give you... peppermint tea. ._.; I have a boring life.

Knowing is a freaking phenomenal movie. @__@;; It was so amazingly awesome. ♥ Though the very last scene was kind of meh for me. Seemed more than a little cliche. But whatever. That's a really minor complaint, considering. GO SEE THIS MOVIE ASDGH.

107 -- 114

Nov. 9th, 2007 11:14 pm
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I'm sure I have stuff to actually write about, but seriously... I don't feel like it. XD; I'll update for real tomorrow or something. For now I just have this last week's worth of photoblogging. *nod*

Photoblogging, Day 107-114 YEY )
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Photoblogging, Days 87-106 )

Half of those were of Tetsuya. XD; I didn't realise until I was actually posting them up. Oh well. There'll be more once I get his head back and can put his wig on and everything. PHOTO SHOOT THEN. =3
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Heh, I like... blinked, and suddenly there's a new Kao over at Rizu, and we have a Zexion. Man, Hika and Demyx are both doing little happy dances. It's quite amusing.

I dunno... no offense to the new Kao-mun, but I'm kind of split on the idea of having someone other than Steph play Kaoru. .__.; It seems strange, and I still miss twins rping with her. But I'm sure it'll be fun rping with the new Kao-mun too. :)

We still need to figure out what to do with Kyo, though. He's grumpy and needs someone to keep him company. >>;


Photoblogging, Day 84 )

I need some Demy icons here. Hmm.

Bad Timing

Oct. 9th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Grandma just called to talk right in the middle of House. AUGH, lol.

Photoblogging, Day 83 )
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Ooooh... wtf it was nice and cool last night, and then all day today it's been unbearably hot in here. I CAN HAS A DRINK PLZ.

Haha, even though it's been so hot and humid, I've actually gotten quite a bit done today though; I've taken almost all the stuff that needed to go to the garage for storage down (now my back is threatening to spasm again from the lifting, ugh), I've prepped a bunch of things for shipping tomorrow, I've swept/mopped/vacuumed EVERYWHERE, I've clipped Pagan's nails (have to do the other buns tomorrow), and I've fiddled with some customs as well.

...I think that's it. .__.;

A little while ago I was bored and poking through some old RP logs... once again, I miss the So Long And Thanks For All The Fish! Valdemar RP. Every time I think about it I get all nostalgic xD;; It was rediculous fun. And I was reading a Hikaru and Kaoru log from about a year ago, when they went out to buy a pet rat (Aki~ ♥) and Hika was all distracted by TEH BUNNIEZ. lol.

Now, tomorrow.

Bank, post office, posting more stuff to ebay, finishing Duo!custom. Also, I'm going to finish up the last of the jam tinkering so I can mail all that off on Friday. Ye-up. ^_^

Photoblogging, Day 81,82 )

And now it's suddenly/randomly started pouring rain again.

The Old Man

Oct. 6th, 2007 07:15 pm
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It's been pouring rain all day. Just started again. So much for my journal entry, I'm going to turn the computer off again just in case. *shrug*

Steph wasn't around on AIm today, and I have to keep shutting the PC down because of the weather. Maybe I can catch her tomorrow...

Photoblogging, Day 80 )


Oct. 5th, 2007 06:32 pm
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Photoblogging, Day 79 )

I'm so happy. ;3;
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Wow, I think I'm having a good day. I mean, not just one where nothing terrible happened, but one that I'm actually enjoying. I can't even remember the last time I had a day like this. .__.;

I was up really early, but mostly because I went to bed early last night; I was depressed and just didn't want to deal anymore. Anyway, so I was up early and decided to get dressed and go for a walk. I headed generally in the direction of Memorial street, and ended up at the dollar store (of course) where I picked up some new paintbrushes (I'm desperately in need of them right now) and a couple of new exacto knives. Yey.

After that I walked a bit more... and ended up buying a submarine sandwich at Subway. At like 10:03 in the morning. Whatever, I hadn't had breakfast yet, so it was kind of brunch for me. And it was LOADED WITH VEGGIES. AND HAD MUSTARD. OMFGYUM I WANT ANOTHER ONE. *3* lol.

Haha, then I wandered home and ate my sub on my coffee table because I don't have an actual table. Note to self: Buy a damn breakfast table and some chairs FFS.

I chatted with Steph some. =3 I missed it lately because she's been so busy, so I'm happy I caught her. Uh... I hope I didn't screw her up with the essay though. >>;;

Then with A&E on in the background (Crossing Jordan, American Justice and Cold Case Files), I set about cleaning cages and litter boxes, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. Now I'm all done, except I have to do the windows at some point, and this place is all clean and spangly (albeit still cluttered with sale stuff and goodwill stuff. >>;)

Now I really should get around to taking the garage-boxes down to storage, but my back freaking hurts from all the stuff earlier (the cysts on my ovaries press against my spine so when I do a lot of bending and stuff it makes my back hurt), besides which I got my air conditioner put away last night so now my back window is free and open again and I have the nicest cross-breeze flowing through my apartment right now.

So blegh. I'll take the stuff down tomorrow. Today I'm done. And quite content too. I'm cool and comfy, and nursing my back a bit... and seriously kinna want another sub sandwich. wtf. xD;;


EDIT: Also, I got a lovely home-made postcard from [ profile] tsukizu today. It made me smile; an actual smile, the kind that's not forced or strained. I haven't smiled like that in a long time. :)

EDIT #2: And just to make things better, I had a taco salad from Wendy's for dinner and tonight is new CSI night! \o/

Photoblogging, Day 78 )

EDIT #3: Stolen from a bunch of people~

Halloween Meme
[ profile] aiko_yamada tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
[ profile] cassandracsenta runs around screaming for hours until abruptly silenced by [ profile] aiko_yamada, wielding a sharpened brain
[ profile] cat_mcdougall swoops on [ profile] cassandracsenta and drains their gerbils
[ profile] catystorm dresses up as [ profile] jarrn
[ profile] etcetera_cat puts fake eyeballs in your cutlery
[ profile] ghrathryn summons the undead armies of [ profile] lipstickcat to steal your candy
[ profile] jarrn buries [ profile] cat_mcdougall at the crossroads with a cutlery through their heart
[ profile] khriskin shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
[ profile] kierseth devours the entire neighbourhood's candy
[ profile] kohaku_san eats [ profile] catystorm's spicy, spicy brains.
[ profile] lipstickcat puts real eyeballs in your brains
mavanmavan creates an unholy monstrosity from etcetera_catetcetera_cat, catystormcatystorm and kohaku_sankohaku_san
[ profile] papercut917 TPs your Bank Manager's lunchbox
[ profile] semicakes calls [ profile] smoulderedtears to let them know the psycho killer's in Iowa
[ profile] smoulderedtears sacrifices [ profile] semicakes's Wings Greatest Hits
LJ Name
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Blindfold!Riku's hair apparently broke a bit in the mail. =__=;;

I sent him and the other two yesterday morning via express and they got to their new owner today. She's not really upset, she knows no matter how carefully I pack them once they get into the mail they're out of my hands. But I'm a bit angry, after all that hard work... and she paid for them, for them to arrive and one of them to be broken? MRRGH! STUPID POST OFFICE!

She says it's no big deal, she'll just glue the hair bits back on (they all seem to be accounted for.) She wants to order another one though (a different character this time, lol), so I might give her a discount or something. Hmm.

Does anyone know Yuri from the Shadow Hearts game? xD; I fail at game characters~

Right, anyway. Postal problems aside, photoblogging later. First I need to take my garbage and recyle down to the curb. Yep.

EDIT: Photoblogging, Day 75,76 )
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Still reorganizing my apartment; at least I got most of my for-sale stuff figured out.

It's still proving to take forever. I have a ton of stuff to take down to store in the garage, and like three garbage bags of things for the salvation army. Right now it's all just sitting in the middle of my apartment taking up space and looking messy. Blegh.

I think I'm going to put all my stuff up on ebay, no one seems interested in anything here. Oh well.

Tomorrow I have to clean all the cages and stuff... haha, it used to be such a big to-do before when I had all the mice and gerbils and everything, but at this point I only have the rabbits, Kori and Roxy and Axel, and the rabbits are all at least semi-litter-trained. So I only have to actually clean out Kori and the girly mice, and then I just sweep out the buns. I'm so glad they've got litter boxes now!

Though tomorrow I need to dig out the shop-vac and vacuum the big cage, as it's collecting hair from their molting in the bars and it's hard to get it all out otherwise. They hate the shop-vac because it's so loud, but once in a while it's necessary. Poor girls. I always let them out to play while I'm doing it though. :) Imma go finish blindfold!Riku's hair, because Jenn's been waiting freaking forever for her commissions. ;3;

Photoblogging, Day 74 )
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Yesterday, Mom and I went up to Grandma's place to visit and take her out to do groceries and stuff. I hadn't slept the night before, and while I felt okay when we first got there, by the end of the afternoon I was exhausted. When I got home I fell asleep and was out cold for like... 12 hours. -.-;;

Today wasn't nearly as bad. Mom and I went out to do our own groceries, and randomly while we were out Mom decided to take me to buy a bunch of new clothes. We went to a plus-size store, I'd never been in there before, but it was awesome and had really nice stuff and super helpful salespeople. :)

Mom got me two pairs of jeans (I haven't been able to find jeans that I could wear since... 2000 O_O), two t-shirts, a tank top, a dressier black shirt with white lace around the edges that's super cute, a patchwork sweater-jacket, and a freaking adorable dress with gran polkadots that I love. I haven't had a dress I could wear that was flattering in years either...

She says we'll go back again in a couple months, but for now she can't afford more. This trip alone was over $300, and I feel really guilty about it. But I really needed new clothes, and I just can't afford them myself...


Also found out today that Steph might not be able to visit in the spring... probably won't. It kind of makes me want to cry. I was really looking forward to it. But if she can't she can't, right? It's just that that was the thing I had to look forward to, to keep me going every day... yeah.

Photoblogging Day 72,73 )


Sep. 27th, 2007 08:05 pm
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Photoblogging, Day 71 )

EDIT: Meh, Tetsuya was complaining at me about the prospect of being nekkid and bald, so I finally gave in and bought him a cheap outfit on ebay to do until I can buy him some fancier clothes; a black sweater, black sneakers, and dark brown plaid-ish trousers, all for about $25. Bets he still complains about being bald anyway? lol.

EDIT #2: I got outbid on stuff. So instead I got him this shirt and these pants. They're a bit more expensive than the others, but they're nicer and better quality, and they're still relatively cheap. The shirt is so Tetsuya, but the pants aren't so much... but I really like them so I got them anyway and he can put up with them until he gets more clothes. Then I'll stash them away for a future dollfie to wear... or maybe donate them to Fujii or something. >.> I can't remember if he likes purple or not. .__.;
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1) I've spent almost 24 hours now with my back in major spasms practically constantly. I must have pulled something yesterday at some point. Fuck, it hurts though. I've had to be taking major muscle relaxants and I've spent a lot of time just lying flat on my back. Hopefully it'll go away soon. -__-;;

2) Yesterday I started going through one of my storage spaces for things to sell. I have three boxes and a plastic tub so far, and I'm only halfway through the first space. I still need to pull out my second dresser and go through everything in the storage space behind there too. So at some point in the next few days there'll be a sales post with stuff, and I'll be posting things to ebay as well.

[ profile] tsukizu, if you have friends who would be interested in the GW figures before I post them up for grabs/put them on ebay, send them this-a-way now. :)

I decided that I am going to sell off a bunch of my SM collection; mostly the North American stuff that I've got. I'm keeping most of the Japanese items, and the plushies I've got because I find them horribly cute.

I'm also selling most of my individual comics, from back before I figured out it was more economical to buy graphic novels instead. lol. Plus some other misc. stuff, keychains and some odd-and-end action figures, and I think my flute, which I can get a couple hundred bucks for. Also a handful of MIB ponies that have 3-D symbols, since I hate using them for customizing anyway because the symbols are a pain to remove. >>;

3) C.A. is in Japan now. ;3; And actually, I got a card in the mail from her this afternoon, I guess she mailed it yesterday before she left, haha;

"Hey Tiff, how's it goin? I just wanted to send you a card to thank you so much for making it all the way to Bracebridge for a stranger, drug, & booze filled party just for me. It means so much to me that you made it all the way there & I was so happy to see you. You truly were a part of making my dreams come true because I always wanted a surprise party, but clearly can't plan one for myself. You are truly a gem among my friends. Thanks again for the jams & book which I am more than grateful for. Thanks also for signing my blanket, I will always have a reminder that at least one person is jealous! Tee hee, love you lots."

It made me giggle. At the party, Jodi brought out a blanket she's been working on; she sewed it with patches and then got us all to sign a patch and write a message. Mine was something to the effect of I'm so rediculously jealous. lol. Then there was an extra patch and she made me sign again, so I doodled an anime face and wrote good luck, have fun on that one. XD;

I'm gonna miss her so much. ;~;

4) I have a major craving for a can of coke, but I totally don't have any and the corner store is closed. :P

5) Whilst going through my stuff yesterday, I found my coin rolls! Now I can finally wrap up the $150-ish bucks in change that I've got hanging around. YEY.

6) My freaking allergies have been horrible today. I've been taking antihystamines, but they're barely doing anything. My eyes won't stop itching, and my nose won't stop trying to run off my fave. UGH. D=

7) Yesterday CSI: Miami premiered, and today was Bones and House; I missed Reaper. ;.; Still, I'm happy! Hurray for Premier Week!

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