Oct. 5th, 2010 10:33 pm
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My GST came in today, so I spent a while downtown picking up odds-and-ends that I needed.

I got frames so I could hang the Zelda prints I got at Otakon, then when I got home I set about doing just that... and dropped the Midna one, so the glass broke. I had to clean it up and then go back downtown to get another frame to replace it. ~_~;; At least they had the right size at the dollar store, so they each only cost me $5, whereas getting them at Walmart or Zellers or wherever would have been more like $15-$20. =/ Frames are expensive.

Anyway, I also got some reptile bark for cleaning Aya's terrarium. And a couple odds-and-ends for P.O.S.es (just one more thing I want to pick up and then I can start boxing everything.) And I got a few more things for Maddie and Chloe's Christmas/Yule present, so now I'm almost done that. Then it can be boxed up too and mailed so it'll get there, yanno, by Christmas. xD;;

Oh! And today Air Canada finally called about the rebate ticket I mailed in way the hell back in July! ...turns out I forgot to put in the ticket info when I mailed it, which was why it took so long. So they got all the info from me over the phone (thank God for me writing everything down on the calendar!) and are going to set about processing it, so the money should go onto my credit card in two or three weeks. WHOO!!

Hm. A few days ago I downloaded a short anime series called Dai Mahou Touge ("Magical Witch Punie-chan") and it was... um, in a word? CRACK. It was really amusing, violent as hell and perfectly cheerful about it. Haha, I might look into getting it on DVD at some point.

And right now I'm working on downloading Angel Beats! because it sounds interesting and I'm an absolute sucker for the kind of art style it's done in. :D I'll let you know how it is once I've watched some of it~


...and now I should really stop procrastinating and clean the bunny and rattie cages out, since it's garbage night. >___>
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Uuuugh still trying to get my phone bill payed off from vacation this summer. ~_~;; I should have it completely dealt with next month though, at least. Maybe later this month if I can get some jewelry sold on ebay or something. We'll see.

My back room is currently home to three guitars (one of them was made in Germany in 1930! :O!) because M from downstairs finally managed to get them back out of hock and then he was going out this evening but K and R were still home and had shifty friends over. The kind of people who would have stolen the guitars and sold them for drug money. =/ So M asked if they could spend the night up here with me, and I said no problem. I have plenty of room for them now, haha. I kind of want to take the 1930's one out of its case and have a look but at the same time I'm afraid I'll drop it or something. >__>;;

I wrote a letter to one of my rl friends a couple days back. I don't know how else to contact her and I felt like getting ahold of her; while I was reorganizing I found a bunch of old notes she wrote me back in high school and they made me giggle, and I realized it had been like three years since I saw her last. Hopefully she'll call or email or something. I miss her terribly. ♥

Anyway, Imma mail it tomorrow when I go downtown. I have to get some frozen rats for Aya (I only have one left) and some crickets for Sally and Tula (my pet wolf spiders! 8D;;) so I'll pop by the post office too. Yep.

Oh, and today I picked up a bunch of odds and ends for P.O.S.es for etc-kitty, Cat McD and Sethi. Hehe, I love putting together random packages! Though this time 'round I may possibly be including too many goodies. Doing P.O.S. exchange around Halloween might not be such a good idea. Candy and chocolate are way too easy to overdo this time of year. XD;

It's now officially October, so I can use my Halloween Kaoru icon! :D

EDIT: Just looked up some pics and Sally and Tula appear to be some kind of orb-weaver spiders (possibly cat-faced spiders), not wolf spiders. I thought they looked a little too round. But we always have wolf spiders and these girls are gigantic, so I made an assumption and it turned out to be wrong. Whatever. Apparently I have a nest of orb-weaver spiders around though, because there are webs with them outside every window of my apartment. xD; They help keep the fly population down though, and they don't hurt anything (and are completely harmless to people/pets) so I don't mind so much. ♥
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Today was shopping day. Soooo busy and exhausting, but necessary nonetheless. Ah well.

So first was the dollar store for more canvasses... but they didn't have any. ~_~; I had to go to a different store later on to pick them up. I did get a pack of beads for a specific project while I was at the first one though, so at least it wasn't a complete waste of time.

After that was the actual grocery store, where many foodstuffs were purchased to be enjoyed at a later time. These spoils include but are not limited to; cheese, milk, stuffing mix, pizza pockets, shortcake cookies (low fat low sugar ones!!), bananas, etc. :D

Then Walmart where I got paper towel because I forgot about it at FoodBASIC until like ten seconds after I'd already checked out. >>; Also map-o-spread, lemon spread and cheese crackers. I also ended up with a bottle of Omega 3/6/9 supplements and two bottles of vitamin B12 even though I hadn't planned on it since I needed them next week but this week they turned out to be on sale for 50% off. ._. Half price supplaments are my friends since I have to take so many of them and they aren't included in any of my coverage. Bah.

While we were at Walmart MOM BOUGHT ME THE MOST AWESOME SPRING/AUTUMN OVERCOAT I FREAKING LOVE IT TO BITS AND ASDGH!! X3!! I was drooling over them and petting them and we (my brother and I, he came along this week) went to check out and she disappeared... then reappeared after we were all checked out with a coat for me. *A* I can't wait to wear it!! I LOVE MY MOM!!

I also bought a cheap winter coat today, since my expensive one doesn't fit anymore... like AT ALL. lol. I'm going to get it taken in next year, but this year there's no point because I'm going to lose a bunch more weight over the next few months and I'd just have to get it taken in a second time next fall. *shrug* The one I got today is really nice though, a pretty teal colour. ♥

After that we had lunch at the McDonalds in Walmart, and I was bad and had half a Big Mac and a handful of fries and a coke. I haven't had a burger since the US, so it was yummy even though it was horribly against my new diet. XD;;

Then, we dropped off some groceries at Sarah's place (she was sick and couldn't come with us), dropped my brother back off at home, then brought my groceries back here for me to put them away. Mom had a coffee while I organized and everything.

That done, we went back to Mom's place so she could put her groceries away, and I did a load of laundry. While I was there I went to the dollar store by her place and picked up the canvasses that I had been looking for at the other place, as well as a few goodies for P.O.S. packages--

Which reminds me. [livejournal.com profile] kierseth! 8D I've already got Cat McD and etc-kitty in on a new P.O.S. exchange, are you gonna join in too~? 8D

Anyhoo. Laundry done, we came back here to pack up a couple of kittens for a vet trip. Yayz.

Long story short? Orangey!kitten is... staying. *FACEPALM* Haha, I'm hopeless. At the same time, I just couldn't send him back to live with the downstairs neighbours where he would get no medical care and little to no decent food. Mom made a face when I said I was keeping him, but when I explained she understood; I told her that I was kind of feeling guilty over lying to them that I didn't have him, but kind of not at the same time, and she just shook her head and told me not to feel guilty about it because he wouldn't get the care he deserves with them. I'm still worried about the other two kittens they have.

But, since it's pretty obvious that he has worms (and fleas but what else is new?) I wanted to get him treated ASAP before they spread to the other cats. So I took him and Tia to the vet for their initial exam and shots, and got him worming meds. I also got Advantage flea treatment for all of the cats. All SIX of the cats. lmao.

The vet was nice and didn't charge me for the flea treatment for the kittens though. And I got a Kitten Kit for them (they give them away to clients with new kittens and have a puppy one for new puppies too; they have basic care info and a couple toys, a toothbrush, etc. I didn't really need any of it, but new toys are always fun. ♥)

So they got their initial shots and flea/worm treatment. Tia was soooo scared. She's so bold normally, but as soon as I put her into the carrier she got really nervous and afraid. She spent the entire time we were at the vet's clinging to me. Orangey on the other hand, wandered around like his cocky self. Haha.

Next month I have to take the two of them back in for boosters and to pick up more flea treatment since I have to give all the cats three doses (one today, one next month and one in November) since the fleas are so... numerous. >>;

OH. ORANGEY. IS NOT HIS NAME! Shocking, no? XD; I named him Gwydion, after a Celtic God. "Dion" for short. You should have seen the look I got from the receptionist when I told her the names. She was new though, all the usual nurses know my weird pentient toward unusual names; Osiris, Triton, Loki, Arjuna and now Tiamat and Gwydion.

lol for my Valdemar friends, yes, why indeed that's the same name as my fan-Grove-Born Companion. xD

Next week I need to get a tag and collar for Dion...

Anyway, that was that! I came home, let the kittens out of the crate... and crashed for like three hours. I was so exhausted, jeez. Today was just very draining. At least it was soft food treat night for the cats so all I had to do was open the cans and put the plates on the floor. XD

And tomorrow the downstairs neighbours are helping me to move the couch and futon out and move my new fold-out couch in. Yes, the same neighbours that I'm constantly bitching about. For the most part they're a pain in the ass but then sometimes they have random nice days. WTF right? So the people who live downstairs (K and his girlfriend) are taking the couch and M (K's uncle) is moving out at the end of the month so he says he'll take the futon. This is awesome because it means I don't have to try to figure out how to haul them to the dump.

As a thanks for helping out with so much heavy lifting and rearranging I bought them a case of beer and I'm going to cook a huge stew for them for lunch (since 90% of the time they can't even afford food I figure they'll appreciate it.)

Thus, tomorrow I have to get up early to move everything out of the way so that said rearranging will be easier to manage. Yep.

EDIT: Oh, and turns out I have to mail my laptop back to Acer to get it fixed. Mrr. Gonna have to do it next week. =/
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Ugh, I feel like such a zombie lately. My brain just isn't working right. It rather sucks actually. But anyway, I've procrastinated over updating my journal for long enough, I figure I should maybe actually, yanno, do it. Numbers to help me keep my thoughts organized, though everything's not really in any particular order. ♥

1) The cats have fleas. UGH. I have literally never had a flea outbreak in my house (despite the number of critters) and I'm seriously not pleased with it. In fact, it fucking sucks. The only saving grace is that they haven't gotten to the rabbits. Yet. I've tried practically everything to get rid of them, too; I flea bathed them all, gave them over-the-counter flea drops, gave them Vet prescription flea drops (which cost a fortune, btw), and then tried a flea spray (I treated the entire apartment as well.) Finally, in a last-ditch effort it was recommended that I shave them all down and do the flea spray again when they were nekkid, as there was a possibility that the spray wasn't getting all the way through their fur.

So! I went out and purchased an electric shaver (technically marketed for dogs, but whatever) for freaking $50 +tax. I figure at least I can use it on them every year in the spring to lessen the shedding epidemic when it starts getting warm. I can also use it on Pagan, since he's my only long-haired bun and tends to get mats on his underside at random intervals for no apparent reason and no matter how often I brush/groom him. Anyway.

I know my cats, and I knew that Loki was going to be the hardest one to do since he's such a nervous kitty. I decided to do him first to get him out of the way, and also because I figured that if I did him later he would find somewhere to hide as soon as he knew what was happening. What I didn't figure on was my lovely, cuddly, affectionate Loki-boy going ABSOLUTELY FUCKING POSTAL. .__.;

Mom and my brother were helping to hold him, and as soon as I turned the clippers on he WENT INTO A TERROR-INDUCED HOMICIDAL FREAK OUT. I knew he was going to be nervous and a little scared just like he is with anything new, but WHAT. THE. FUCK. It was like trying to hold down a MOUNTAIN LION, right down to the insane amount of personal injury; Mom got bitten a half dozen times on her hands, my brother got seriously MAULED from the elbow down on BOTH arms, and my left leg was mauled and he bit right through the nail on my right hand, completely severing it. Then this past Monday I went to the doctor's and Dr. K had a look and is pretty sure not only did he fuck my nail up but the crushing injury was so severe that he managed to actually break the tip of my finger bone off. So of course, my hand is taking IONS to heal and still hurts like a fucking bitch nearly two weeks later. ~__~;; Sooo...

All three of us trouped to the hospital when it happened and got antibiotics and Mom and my bro got tetanus shots since theirs weren't up to date. Fun times with the family, huh? So that was the adventure with trying to shave Loki, who is still not shaved and who will never be, short of drugging him into a coma beforehand. Haha. Neko, Juna and Tri are all 3/4 naked now, though, and with them the worst that happened was that Tri puffed his tail at me while I was doing it. Now I just need Mom to help me treat them with the spray again. Cross your fingers for me that it, you know, works this time. Because if it doesn't I'm out of options short of building little cabins and inviting the fleas to move in for life.


Haha, and then the hospital reported the "attack" (by law they have to) so the Health Unit called to talk with me and put Loki on quarantine for ten days just in case. This of course made me lol because whatever, he's a house cat anyway. XD He's officially off quarantine now though.

Loki and I have since made up, of course. :)

Moving on!

2) Today I got some catnip for the pride and sprinkled it down on the carpet in the living room. This is something I do on a regular basis, but it was particularly amusing this time because it's the first time Tia has been exposed to it. OMFG she was hilarious! I giggled at her for like half an hour while she zoomed around and rolled in it and licked the carpet and was generally all =OwO= It was really adorable. ♥

3) Aya finally shed! I'd had him for two months and nothing, even though the pet store peeps said all the rest of the ball pythons from his clutch did the week I got him. When I got home from the US he still hadn't shed and I was starting to get a little concerned. But then last week his pattern started to fade and his eyes clouded over. YAY. A few days later I peeked in the terrarium and the old skin was balled up in the corner by his hidey rock. ^^ I was hoping it would be straight so I could take a pic, but oh well. And he had been really lethargic since two weeks before I left for my vacation, but now he's all energetic again. Or at least as energetic as a snake can be. ^_~

4) Due to massive injuries and seriously excessive pain, I've spent the last two weeks unable to do pretty much any cleaning around here aside from sweeping a bit. I normally sweep/vacuum/mop/dust every couple of days, and not being able to do it was driving me nuts; the floor and carpets were a disaster, dishes (which I also do every couple of days) were piling up... last week I couldn't even clean out the rabbit/rat cages, which I HATED because it meant my poor babies had icky living conditions for a whole week.

Luckily, the last couple of days the pain has subsided a bit; not much, but enough that I could vacuum the place and do a few dishes (not all of them because my finger started throbbing again halfway through) and tonight I managed to finagal my way through cleaning all the cages out. YAYZ! Now I don't feel guilty and like a terrible Mom anymore. Whew.

Also got my bathroom tidied and reorganized, which it's needed for ages.

5) Today I took a wander downtown. It was nice out, just a little cool so I got to wear my (faux) leather jacket, which fits me again whoo! I went to the dollar store for a gift bag for a Christmas gift that I've already got 90% finished and a new shower curtain (I have to replace it every couple months because the cats like to play with them and trash them in the process), then went to Salon Salon and got my eyebrows waxed because they really really needed it. I also picked up the bulk order of eyepins I ordered from Magpie Beads like two months ago.

Speaking of which... MAGPIE BEADS IS CLOSING!! DDD8 They're moving to Barrie! They're the only bead store in town and they're leaving meeeeee! *WEEPS*

Right. So after that I had to go across town to pick up some prescriptions, and while I was around there I went into the Dollarama; got some odds and ends, mostly for other people lol. Then I went to Blockbuster to look at previously viewed movies... and they were having a huge sale on them. I got eleven movies for just over forty bucks! ASDGH! I may have had a little mental flail. XD

I picked up Terminator: Salvation, Battle for Terra, Drag Me to Hell, Zombieland, The Rundown (my Rock movie collection is ever expanding! X3), The Patriot, The Alphabet Killer, Swarmed, The Black Hole, Dragonball Evolution (out of morbid curiosity; and it only cost me $3) and Ghost Machine, which I'm watching right now. ♥

And the sale is on until Oct 3rd, so Imma go back for a few more when I get my money at the end of the month. I'm gonna try to sell some stuff in the meantime to make up for it. Hehehehe new movies make me happy. :3

6) Other than picking up some DVDs, I've seem some newer movies lately too. I'm partway through Predators, which is turning out to be fun. I won't have a concrete opinion on it until I've watched it all though. Wish I could find a better copy online... maybe I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD and pick it up to finish watching it.

Piranha 3D; I didn't watch it in 3D, obviously, but... OMFG. It was AWESOME. >3!! Prehistoric piranha + spring break = fucking fun times! I was a little surprised how gory it was, actually. Not that it bothered me since I'm already so desensitized to cinema violence, but about halfway through it just suddenly struck me that there was A LOT of gore. Go figure.

Resident Evil: Afterlife; EEEEE NEW RESIDENT EVIL MOVIE!!

The Last Exorcism; This one started out really slowly, and I almost gave up on it. It did get really interesting about halfway through, though, and was quite good from then on. The only thing I disliked was that it was filmed like a documentary (like The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield), and I'm not overly fond of that way of filming. But it was good for what it was.

I just saw a preview for this movie, too, and it looks amazing and creepy and I really want to see it:

7) I have packages for the following peeps, which I swear I'll be mailing out soon. No really. Steph & Reppy, Lome, Kiin-bb, Maddie & Chloe and Mari. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] kierseth, [livejournal.com profile] etcetera_cat and [livejournal.com profile] cat_mcdougall. HEY YOU GUYS. We haven't done a proper P.O.S. exchange in forever! Want to organize one again? ^_^

8) Dad is coming up later this week to stop in for a visit. He's picking up his and Lois' souvenirs and the movies I borrowed from him last time I was down back in May. He's also bringing me a bunch more b-grade movies to replace them, which makes me happy because, I mean, B-GRADE MOVIES WUT. xD

I'm thinking about asking if I can go back with him to visit for a couple of days. I told him I'd help him go through the rest of Aunt Cheryl's stuff in the barn, and I want to get that done before it gets too cold out. Plus I'd just like to visit with him and Lois and the dogs a bit. I don't get to do that often enough. =/

9) I had an appointment in Toronto with the dietitian a couple weeks back. I have to go every 3-4 months for a checkup and bloodwork. I'm told my weight loss is going very well and I'm perfectly on track for where I should be (I've lost 80lbs since Feb 26th), so probably by February I'll be down to about my target weight of 130-140lbs. The only thing is that they're concerned I'm not getting enough protein in my diet, so I'm supposed to try having more in the way of cheese/eggs/etc. *shrug*

Anyhoo, the dietitian called today and left a message regarding the results of my bloodwork; my iron is low, so she wants me to go on iron supplements daily (I normally only take them when I'm on my period) and my vitamin C was really low which makes no sense considering the amount of vitamin C rich fruits and drinks I eat but she wants me to take vitamin C pills too. She also noted that my white blood cell count was high, but at the time they took the blood I was just getting over a bad cold so that doesn't surprise me.

10) Yesterday I took my camera and did a video tour of my apartment to post on FB for people, since I apparently fail at posting pics despite peeps on my f-list there and here asking for them. >>; But then I got carried away and it ended up way too long, so when I tried to upload it it didn't work. *facepalm* Guess I'm doing another one tomorrow. A shorter one. lol.

11) Been rewatching House on DVD; the first five seasons. I just finished yesterday. The season 4 finale made me bawl like a baby. AGAIN. ~_~;

12) Back when I was down in Dayton I was supposed to paint with Chloe, but somehow we just never got around to it. But when I got back home I still kind of had the itch to do it, so I picked up a couple of medium-sized canvasses. My first painting is maybe a third done now. Haha, I haven't painted in forever, and this is my very first painting actually on canvas! I'm really enjoying it (even though my injured hand is making things difficult) and I plan to do a few more.

Funnily enough, the first painting started off as kind of an abstract idea but has given birth to a new character/species. He doesn't have a name yet, but I think he might fit into the same world as Terra/Ilo/Celine/Aysel. I really like his design, so I plan to do more sketches of him, and maybe another larger and more detailed painting.

I'm considering doing painting for people for Christmas this year, too. Would anyone like a Sena!painting? 83

13) Mom and Lee are on vacation right now. They're coming back tomorrow; they just spent a few days off in an out of the way cabin-type place where they could both relax and everything. They really needed it, they've both been totally fried out between one thing and another. Hopefully a few days away will have helped.

In any case, I called yesterday to invite my brother over here for dinner but he had friends over. So instead we decided that I'm going over there tomorrow to visit and make supper for him and Mom and Lee when they get home. ♥

14) I NEED MONIES. $__$ Does anyone out there want a pony or jewelry commission or something? :3
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Um, yeah. So much for updating every day or two. *facepalm*


I had to take Juna to the vet a couple weeks ago for an infection in his paw. He was roughhousing with Tri (probably) and ended up with a scratch on his paw. It wasn't a big deal so I didn't worry about it... but then it got really, really badly infected. ~_~;; So he had a course of antibiotics and now everything's kosher again.

Went to Anime North the end of May. Only for a few hours on Saturday, but it was still fun. I was really happy to be able to go and not have to bring my cane with me. By the time Mel, Bonnie and I headed to the restaurant for dinner my knee was completely locked up though. XD;; Sitting while we ate dealt with it, though, so everything was fine. (I'm bringing my cane with me to Otakon/Matsuricon anyway just in case.)

While I was there I got a fuckton of buttons to make into more fridge magnets (as usual), a couple of bookmarks, a print for Kiin-bb, a Heartless plushie and a hilarious Yoda plush for Dad since it was his birthday that weekend. ♥ I also got some onigiri, since the restaurant we ate dinner at was selling them~ tuna onigiri yum~!

Unfortunately now Mel is off to Japan, so that was the last I'll see her for a while. I'm hoping to be able to visit her there for a little while, but I won't know for sure if I can afford it until after Otakon/Matsuricon. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, back to the cane thing for a second... sort of. The reason I can go without my cane most of the time now is because of how much weight I've lost so far. SIXTY POUNDS ASDGH;KL. I'm only about halfway there at this point, but I'm SO happy with things so far. I can do all these things I couldn't before, plus the other day I actually bought a pair of SIZE 16 JEANS. I know that doesn't sound all that great, but I haven't been in size 16 in YEARS. >>; So~ ♥


So a couple days ago the rest of my tax rebate came in. I got about $7,000, which sounds like a lot but I had to pay Mom back $1,500 right off the bat, plus $300 to Grandma, $200 to Dad and $100 to my brother. Plus I have to set aside enough for Otakon/etc. and for getting Juna neutered in September. Still, I had about $4,000 left, so I've picked up a rug for the living room and on Wednesday I'm getting a cabinet/pantry for the kitchen so that I can organize my jams/jellies/etc.

I also got a few cheap movies and books, and some jewelry display pieces for using at the cons.

And today I finally got to get my snake! I've been researching them for years and wanted one forever and now I finally have one! His name is Ayame (after the Furuba character lol) and he's a Ball Python. I'll have lots of pics to share in a couple days, but for now I'm just letting him chill and settle into his new terrarium. I can't wait to show him off, though, Aya's so pretty! :3

I was originally going to wait until after I got Juna neutered to get Aya, but when I went in today to price terrarium kits they didn't have the small one so they offered me the large one for the same price as the small. It's $150 savings on the large kit, plus it means I don't have to upgrade when Aya gets bigger (the small terrarium only fits smaller snakes) so he can live in it his whole life. The deal was too good to pass up, especially since I was going to spend the money anyway. So I ended up with my first scale-baby a couple months early. xD;;

Apparently ball pythons live 20-30 years in captivity. .__.; /random

This morning I also went down to the Farmer's Market and ended up buying strawberries and cherries. So this afternoon I used half the strawberries and most of the cherries to make some Strawberry-Cherry Jam. It's sooooo yummy. Too bad cherries are so expensive, so I can't use them in more recipes...

Anyhoo, a lot of the rest of the money is just going to be squirreled away in case of emergencies or whatever.

Note for Steph and Lome: I haven't mailed your packages yet but I should be able to on Tuesday/Wednesday this week. Finally. XD ♥

Finally, a video I found the other day. I'm sharing it because it was so sad and the song completely broke my heart. It's one of the worst stories of animal cruelty that I've ever heard, and it especially touched me because the puppy was a Pom, and I know firsthand how sweet and loving they are. But please don't click if you don't want to cry.

RIP Tobey.

EDIT: Oh. Does anyone want a DVD? I accidentally ended up with two copies of The Uninvited and obviously don't need them both lol. It's Region 1 format. Free to a good home! ♥
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Aaaaand once again I fail at keeping up with this thing. Jeez. I used to write in my journal every day, but then Twitter came along and I just let my LJ go by the wayside. However. I WILL WRITE IN THIS EVERY DAY AGAIN STARTING NOW. Barring illness/death and/or Internet/computer crash, of course. *fistshake of determination!*

1) Haha lol, it's been cold and rainy/snowy the last few days (in May, wtf?) but today it's nice again (just a little chilly with the wind) so my door is open right now, and the cats are all congregated around it as usual. XD; Just now I heard the neighbour in the next apartment come outside, and start gushing over how cute they were and telling them how handsome they are. I was sitting at the desk here just smiling to myself. It was kind of adorable. ♥

2) SPEAKING OF KITTEHS. Just over three weeks ago (it'll be a month this Friday) there were a couple of stray kitties wandering around aimlessly outside the house. I took some food down to them and they wolfed it down like they were starving to death. Then later that night it started getting cold and they were still wandering lost so I decided to try to catch them and bring them inside for the night. I caught the grey one, but the white-and-tabby one wouldn't let me near him.

Anyway, so the grey kitty stayed in my back room for a few days and gobbled food like it was going out of style. I also brushed him out since he's long haired and it was all tangled up. He turned out to be a really lovely cat. Right, so he was Back Room Kitty while I called around to all the vets and the SPCA, and walked around the neighbourhood looking for Lost Cat posters. I couldn't find anything though, and now I think they were dumped.

So then I had this cat (which I called "Nameless" for the first two weeks just for lack of anything else to call him) and of course because I'm a soft touch I ended up falling in love with him. So I now own another kitty. He's about five or six months old (approximately, I don't have his exact birth day; and he's HUGE for his age lmao) and I named him "Arjuna" after a Hindi god of destruction. Loki and Tri have taken to Juna now, and even Neko only hisses at him once in a while anymore. :)

3) My hair is really short nowadays. I got it cut a couple months ago. It's in an angled bob, which means it's cut really really short in the back and then gets longer the closer it gets to the front. Also, I dyed it blue-black a while back and even though it was supposed to be permanent, it only lasted a month. Bah.

Oh, heh, the only problem is that with my hair this short I need to purchase some spirit gum to hold my cosplay wigs on, since there isn't enough hair to pin them in properly in the back. xD;;

4) I FINALLY got another set of shelves for the kitchen. It only took six months. Now my food and pots/pans are, yanno, ORGANIZED. \o/ I am SO much happier with the kitchen now. And this may sound strange, but I was standing in said kitchen today looking around and suddenly, after so many months, it abruptly hit me that I AM LIVING IN MY OWN APARTMENT. It's kind of a holy shite moment. .__.;

5) A couple weeks ago I was really super sick. I caught this flu that lasted for like eleven days and had me hurling everything that I put in my brand new mini-stomach. It sucked. I was exhausted and had huge bags under my eyes and was so vitamin/mineral deprived that my hands were shaking like a speed junky. I came very close to going to the hospital, but then as fast as it came on it just disappeared again. I woke up after over a week of violent illness and just randomly felt fine again. Go figure.

6) I'm working on things for selling at Otakon and Matsuricon this summer. Jewelry and hairpieces, both the beaded chopstick kind and these cute combs and barrettes that are being made with faux flowers/ribbons/beads/etc. And I need to do a few more ponies as well, possibly KH related or D.Gray, or something like that.

Travel wise, I need to buy my plane ticket down to Baltimore next month. I'm not entirely sure how we're going to get from Baltimore to Dayton and then from Dayton back home though. Need to talk with Maddie and Chloe about that again, since I believe our original plan has had to be retired for one reason or another...

I can't really plan much for cosplay this year because of my weight loss between now and then. None of my old costumes will fit, and there's no point in purchasing new ones just to have them be too big a month later. So this year is casual-ish costumes, or ones that can be thrown together at the last minute; Sohma Kyo, Hetalia!Canada and BOYS!Riku, as well as casual!Demyx at the aquarium of course. :D

7) Been rewatching Grey's Anatomy the last two weeks. I'm officially down to the last half of the current season. 8D

8) Last week I went with Mom to Toronto, since she had a follow-up appointment after her operation back in the fall. It wasn't a big deal but it's a long drive and I went along just to keep her company. But still, she had her exam and talked to the doctor and she is COMPLETELY CANCER-FREE. X333!! They got it all when they did the hysterectomy, so she's cuuuuured and I'm so, SO happy about it!! YAY MOM!! ♥♥♥!!

9) And from Mom's health to mine! Since the operation I've lost 45lbs. The dietician I spoke to last week said that it's going well and by the summer I should be down 50-60 more lbs as well. Then the weight will taper off so I'll lose the rest that I need to slowly over the next six months to a year.


10) Today I need to take photos of the rest of my SM stuff that I'm still trying to sell, and then I'll post it on ebay this time instead of just in my LJ. It's going to take forever to post everything but I really need the money, and preferably some of it by the end of the month so I have some more cash for AN on the 29th.

12) Steph: Your package is finished finally, and ready to be mailed! It's full of goodies and sugary stuff, so share with Reppy, k? ♥ Mari: Your package is like... 99% finished. I'll be finished with it and mail it at the end of the month, so I'll need your address between now and then. No big rush though. :)

13) Michi and I are still email rping. We have several misc AU worlds that we're inflicting on characters. KH!zombieverse is the biggest one thusfar, but we've also started a military!AU and we have this huge long Loveless/TWEWY!AU, but it's still in planning stages and is quite complicated lol. We're having fun though~


Jan. 29th, 2010 12:37 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] rufustehshinra, [livejournal.com profile] xturncoatxiii and [livejournal.com profile] aiko_yamada


That is all. :D

No, srsly, huge journal post later today or tomorrow. I have a lot of stuff to write about that's happened in the last couple of weeks. ~_~;
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Ahh~ two more days until I can pick up the keys for my apartment! That's not a lot of time! D8

Gah, I'm completely out of boxes and still have more to pack. But on Monday like I said, I'm picking up my keys, and then on Tuesday morning Mom is dropping me off before she goes to work. I am taking cleaning supplies just in case, and will spend at least until noon there because the Rogers guy is coming to install the Internet between 8am and 11am.

When I moved out to room with Sarah, I didn't get the 'Net installed for a few days after I moved because I didn't schedule it until after I'd moved in. I went NUTS without Internet access for that amount of time, so this time I made sure to schedule ahead of time. XD; IDK I WIN?

...whoa, the sleeping pills just hit me WHAM right this second. @_@;;

Moving is expensive. -_-; I'm more than broke; Sarah even gave me $100 (tldr; she got a bunch of money from ODSP because they were underpaying her, and wanted to share the wealth, so she gave $100 to everyone in the family) and I still have no cash. She gave it to me today when we picked her up for groceries, and I spent it all, and all but $10 on things related to moving/stocking up the kitchen/cleaning supplies/etc. I did buy myself a plant (twisty bamboo!) and one pack of beads.

But once I'm settled and have all the basics in the house it should settle down. *fingers crossed*

LMAO had a massive The X-Files marathon yesterday and last night. XD; Almost all of the fourth season. I skipped a couple eps that I found boring originally, but I watched most of them. ♥♥♥

EDIT: OH, and I got some stuff for packages for Steph and Mari today. Kraft Dinner comes in different flavours now. ._.;
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Hokay... entry after a freaking month. Life ate me up and spat me out and I'm still completely stressed out and messed up about a lot of things. Suddenly everything just exploded. I guess when it rains it pours, right? Anyway.

1) Otakon: I'm hoping to still do a more in-depth entry about Otakon, but for now here's the brief version; Air Canada sucks, the hotel we were in has the most gorgeous lobby ever (me and Pronnie did an epic photo shoot there~ ♥), meeting everyone I hadn't met before was AWESOME, and seeing Maddie, Chloe and Michelle again was as well because I MISSED THEM TERRIBLY. IN FACT, I MISS EVERYONE TERRIBLY AGAIN. ;A;

The first day we went to the aquarium, and I gave myself heatstroke. That night we did pre-reg. The next day was the first day of the con itself and I was so sick from the day before that I pretty much didn't do anything but lie around and feel miserable all day, until around 1am when Maddie finally forced me up and dragged me out for foodz. (A good thing, really. Thank you Maddie. ♥) Saturday I did BOYS!Riku cosplay and totally forgot to take pics in it. *facepalm* Sunday was Dealer's Room day and I spent way too fucking much money. YAY ANYWAY.

There was some drama/wank over the course of the weekend, but that's all I have to say on the topic.

Like I said, more detailed post to come, probably tomorrow or the next day. Also I'll post some of my fav photos from the trip then, but for now there are a few in my DevART if anyone is just dying to see them.

2) Dayton: After Otakon was a 12 hour bus ride to Dayton. -.-; At least the bus wasn't crowded, so we all got to stretch out and be (semi) comfy. I stabbed my own foot on the ice pick on my cane though. *facepalm* Slept on the couch at Maddie and Chloe's place every night except one (thank you guys! ILU!) and me and Steph stole their kitchen a couple times to bake and cook. :3 Chloe made us yummy salmon sammiches and okanomiyaki (um, I think that's how it's spelled? XD;;) that was FABULOUS too.

Went to the Dayton Celtic Festival while Steph and Mari were visiting Rei in Detroit, and also to the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit in Cincinnati with Chloe's Mom, which was so much fun YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I GEEKED OUT SO HARD CORE OVER THE ANIMATRONICS. >w< When Steph and Mari came back we went to Jungle Jim's too, which was awesome. And one day we all went out and did cosplay at the mall (Chloe had to work though D:) where I cosplayed Elena from FFVII, and BOYS!Riku so I could take some pics.

More in-depth on all that in the next post too, I swear.

3) Mom: Okay, after finding out that Mom had cancer I obviously freaked out a lot. Not to mention stressed myself out to the point of having painful stomach cramps and acid reflux so bad I couldn't lay down every night the last three weeks. But Mom went for her MRI a couple weeks ago and when the results came back, it turned out the specialist was right and it's just beginning stage cervical cancer.

So basically, she's having surgery (a radical hysterectomy) and that should cover it. She shouldn't need chemo or radiation therapy or anything afterward. The operation is scheduled for the 15th of next month, and then she needs 6 weeks off to recuperate afterward.

Obviously, I'm still worried and stressed about it. It's a massive operation; they're removing all of her womb, her fallopian tubes and ovaries, some lymph nodes, all of her cervix and a portion of her vagina. I know it's done routinely and it's nothing to really be worrying too much over, but I can't help it. I won't feel any better until the 15th once the operation is over and she's awake and everything's okay.

4) My Surgery: Went for the mandatory class last week. It was three hours long, and seriously, I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. Oh well. I have two more appointments before I can have the operation at the beginning of the new year, one the first week of September, and then one in October at some point. The one in October was originally supposed to be on the 17th of September, but got pushed back because of Mom's surgery on the 15th; hers is WAY more important than mine.

5) Moving: ASDGH I HAVE AN APARTMENT!! X3!! SO EXCITED! It's downtown, and one bedroom (though I'm not using it the typical way) and it has a kitchen and a bathroom and dsnhaguidfh I don't have to share with anyone but my cats and rabbits! X3 GAH, but I only found out less than a week ago and I'm moving in the first week of September so I'm kind of scrambling to send in the paperwork to ODSP and get everything squared away and all my stuff packed. Still. ♥♥♥

Steph and Mari: Still working on packages for you guys, but they've had to be put off a little bit because of the move. Expect them in October some time, probably. ♥

Day Trip

Sep. 2nd, 2008 06:08 pm
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Still at Mom's. I'm going home tomorrow I guess. What a pain. Not that I don't love Mom/Lee/my brother and all, but... *le sigh* I wish I didn't live in such a slummy house. Seriously. I mean, we're the only house on the block like that. The rest of the neighborhood is nice. Guess they have better landlords and handymen. XP

Anyway, today Mom and I went to Barrie to look through the Sears store and wandered around the mall while we were there. They have a Green Earth store that's awesome and a really good tea store too. So many yummy flavours! Then we got lunch at the food court, and I got some Thai yellow curry. ♥

I checked the game store there for Tales of the Abyss, but no such luck. Bah. I think I'm going to have to get it off ebay after all. Oh well.

Also, went to Magpie Beads (I think they're called like... Magpie Creative Arts or something now though) and got some parts for making cell phone charms to sell at Otakon next year.

And speaking of beads, Maddie, I mailed your beads for you! They should get to you in a couple days as I sent them airmail. YAY. :D

EDIT: Reaper Crossing rambling. )


Mar. 31st, 2008 07:30 pm
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RANDOM PACKAGE FROM [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat~! X33

Thank you Kerry! ♥ ♥ ♥
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Blaaaahh, I am in so much rediculous pain today. >__<; I hate this time of the month. The stupid pills I'm on are supposed to help with this, but they don't. RAWR. >O

So I buy SUPER-stength Motrin instead. :3 lol. Once they kick in, I should be good, but right now I'm hurting so much I'm shaking dammit. OW owowowowowow!


Today the Twinkle Twirl ponies I bought last month came in. I wanted to do an Ak/gito from Air Gear (ok, two I want one to keep myself lawl), and Twinkle Twirl comes in a pose where you can make it look like she's bucking, which is perfect for Agito. I could do an Akito version in a regular pose if I wanted and it'd be IC. So I got three of her, and I've started stripping two already. The third was in brand new condition, so I set her aside and I'll hang onto her unless someone commissions one with her pose later. *shrug*

And I've been getting together boxes to ship out on Friday... but I have no tape so I can't seal them or wrap them until I get some. >>; What a pain. I have everything organised at least, I think. And I need to make some more jam soon for Semi-hime, but at least all I have to do is actually wrap the stuff and mail it.

...fuck, I almost forgot I need a box big enough for Steph's chips. xD;; I might have to buy one at the post office lol.
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Today Mom and I went out shopping. =D

She still had almost $200 worth of certificates to buy new clothes, and had promised me new clothes for my birthday as well. Even though my birthday isn't until the 3rd, she took me today to take advantage of boxing week sales. <3 Hehe.

We both got a ton of stuff~ I got another pair of beans (blue, since my other two pairs are black), four t-shirts, two camis, two dressier shirts and this SPIFFY purple suede jacket. I'll so share pics later if I remember to. X33

Then she was all "Surprise! I got you some movies too even though I said you were just getting clothes, bwahaha!"

So I ended up with five new (used) movies; Pan's Labyrinth, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (squee!) and Ghost Rider. She'd also gotten me Ratatouille and Evan Almighty, but they were dupilcates since Grandma got them for me already, soooo~~ we went to Blockbuster to return them and get different onces. I got Meet The Robinsons and Rise out of it... and then couldn't help grabbing Kaw (killer ravens!) and The Breed (killer wild dogs!) as well. So I paid $20-ish for them and a bag of rainbow twizzlers. lol.

I have seven new movies to watch! :3

Also, at the mall I got some earring covers (for like $4)... they're these little plastic covers that go over the posts to your earrings while you're wearing them, for people like me who are allergic to surgical steel. So I can wear all my earrings again! WHOOT! The girl also said for hoop earrings or whatever that the covers don't fit on, to try painting a couple of coats of clear nailpolish on them, apparently it works too.

Then because I can wear earrings again, I celebrated and spent $10 on some new earrings. lol. One set I only got because they're blue and sparkly and I'm considering wearing them when I'm cosplaying AU!Demyx in the summer. XD

Oh! And Mom got me a new watch, too. Finally I have one again! It's been like eight months since the batteries ran out on my last one. >>;;

Then when we got home, I started putting everything away, and Dad called... he's still coming up tomorrow, but he has to be really quick about it because he has to get back to his place in time to help Lois out with the dogs at lunch time. Normally, Lois is fine doing it by herself... BUT.

She slipped on the ice this morning and SHATTERED her wrist. Like... literally. She's had it set as best they could at the hospital and been put into a cast, but she has an apointment with a specialist in a week to see if they'll have to fix it sugically, or if it'll be alright the way it is.

Now she needs help with everything, for the time being anyway. ;-; I wonder if I should offer to go down and help out for a while or something? Dad can help the next few days because he's off work, but after that, what? Hmm. I'm kind of worried about all that.

And now I'm watching The Breed, because YEY.

EDIT: Oh also also~ I got a package from [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat yesterday! X3 It was full of all kinds of awesome things! Haha, the buns have already scarfed down the seed bars and hay (they inhaled them in about 5.7 seconds), and the cats would have done the same with theirs if I wasn't being stingy and not giving them tons at a time. lol. Mom and I shared a bunch of the truffles and they are LOVE! \o/ And we giggled like crazy at the little grow-your-own-British-man. BWAHAHA. SO AWESOME. She tried to steal the white-chocolate mix. And the mug with Welsh words on it. But I somehow managed to fend her off. >>; Thank you~~ ♥

EDIT #2: The Breed was fun. Now I'm on to Kaw, which I think is the best title evar. Watch them be creative. lawl. KILLER RAVENS FTW.
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[livejournal.com profile] etcetera_cat, [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat and [livejournal.com profile] smoulderedtears all got their big Canada-packages today, finally. I was worried they'd get caught up in the Christmas rush and take forever, but I guess not. :)

I'm glad for that, but today still wasn't the greatest day... Again... )

I've been crying off-and-on for hours now. My eyes hurt, and my throat hurts, and I want to stop crying but every time I turn around I'm doing it again.

I guess I'll just go to bed. I need to be up at 6 tomorrow anyway for an appointment out of town. I'll probably cry for a while again, but at least I'll cry myself to sleep and that'll be it at least until tomorrow...
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To everyone who commented on my wangsting yesterday; don't worry about it, I'm fine really. And everything's been worked out anyway. Yey. :)

Today I had an appointment with the doctor, and since Dr K was busy, I saw Dr H instead. She's really nice, I don't have a problem seeing her. I was just in for refills on my prescriptions anyway. Everything's the same, except they're taking Combivent off the market (again *facepalm*), so I have to go back onto Salbutomol.

It's kind of a pain, since Combivent works better for me as a rescue inhaler than Salbutomol... but at the same time, as long as I'm on the Advair as a preventative, I hardly need my rescue inhaler at all anyway; and the Salbutomol does work, just not as well.

BAH. Anyway. Dr H also had a look at this discolouration/rash that I've had on the sides of my neck for about a month now. It showed up when it was super hot and humid, and I thought it was a heat rash, but then it didn't go away. >>; She says it's actually a bit of a fungal infection. Which sounds gross, but it's really common in the summer when it's hot/humid, isn't really noticable (I'm the only one who notices it in my case, lol), and it doesn't itch or hurt, and isn't communicable/contageous. It'll eventually go away on it's own when it gets cooler (in a month or so, she figures), but if it really bothers me she prescribes... Selsun Blue. XDDD;; You know that shampoo? HAHA, I laughed. She says put it on like a lotion but don't rub it in, leave it for ten minutes or so and wash it off; once a day for three or four days and it should get rid of it. I was amused. I'm going to try it, and if it doesn't work then I'm not gonna worry about it. Apparently the only actual medication for it is a pill that does damage to your liver... and I figure, since it's not doing me any damage and it's not contageous, I'll skip the liver-killing drugs and just ride it out until it goes away. ^_^;;

Then after that, I went to finally make the appointment for the ultrasound Dr W wants. -___-; I hate ultrasounds with a passion, but I need to have another one for Dr W to be able to help out with the PCS at all. He needs to know what he's dealing with.

Aaaaand then I had to do a bunch of phone calling to the learning center to ask about taking some courses there. Back in February-ish of 2003 (before I got my journal here) I had to leave school for health reasons, and I'm looking into finishing up the courses I was partway through. I hated to leave at the time, but I couldn't do much about it; I was missing most of my classes anyway because I was sick all the time, I would have failed them all anyway. It was easier to drop out of them and try again later. I want to finish those ones up before I get into the TESL, so I don't have half-finished ones hanging over my head. :)

So! Phone calls were made today, and I need to get my transcripts to take them to the learning center, and then I can sign up for corespondence courses. I was afraid I'd have to go to classes to finish them and get the course credits on my transcripts; that would have been really hard, since I have so much trouble being around room-fulls of strangers. I have panic attacks a lot when that happens, and I've been having more trouble lately than I used to as well...

So yay correspondence. And that way I can do the courses at my own pace (which is usually faster than the rest of my class), and during times that are better for me (night mostly, rather than the day time). Wish me luck! Next is TESL and JAPAN! =D

And then when Mom came home she took me out to pick up my new/refill 'scripts, to get more jars (because yey jam/jelly project that's getting way the hell out of control XD;;), labels, and some paint for Riku!hair. AUGH, his hair is such a weird shade of silver-grey-opalescent-wtf. *pokes him*

Also got a yummy sub with lots of veggies on it for dinner. =3

OHOH, and I almost forgot until I was chatting with [livejournal.com profile] smoulderedtears earlier, but I'm doing a trade with Tres Maxwell! She does really cute custom teddy bears like this, which are also quite expensive because all the clothes are handmade and she buys the bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop, and she's making me two custom teddies (okay, actually kitties) in return for a set of CSI ponies. ^3^ She's the one who did the CSI pony design that I'm basing my CSI ponies on in the first place, and really wanted a set. SO YEY TRADE. I <3 KITTIES TEDDY BEARS! X3

Photoblogging Day 47,48 )

I think my bi-polar is acting up again. I've been going from DEPRESSED! to BOUNCY! and back again a lot lately. >>;

EDIT: Also~ I finally finished and wrapped up the latest batch of P.O.S. boxes today! They are ready to be mailed (as soon as I have Cat McD's address again and Friday rolls around), and are big and heavy this time! They will be expensive! =D

And as a warning for [livejournal.com profile] etcetera_cat, your package is rediculously small for everything that's crammed inside. The top is bulging. XD;; So be careful when it eventually gets to you, as it's liable to explode all over the UK. <3
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I've been trying to get the 3 Riku!ponies finished to send off to the girl who ordered them, but the clay doesn't want to set right lately, so they're all still bald. I think it's because of how horribly humid it's been. >>;;

It's been a while so I emailed the girl to let her know what's going on, and I'm going to attempt with the clay again tonight. If it doesn't work I guess I'll take them to Mom's place and do it there, since their air-conditioner has dehumidifying powers too.

AUGH my allergies have been awful the last couple days. Hayfever season sucks. Actually, my allergies have been bad in general all this spring/summer. Blegh.

Tomorrow Mom's heading up to Grandma's, and I'd be going with her except I have a gynecologist's doctor's appointment. I'm all nervous, I've never been to one before. ><;; Then again, the appointment is just a consult to talk to him about my PCS and the possibility of having the huge cysts I've got removed, since Dr K seems to think there's no reason to do so, even though they're the size of fucking grapefruits and screwing with everything else in my body now.

Anyway~ we'll see how it goes.

Photoblogging, Day 21 )

EDIT: Also, unfortunately my first batch of Christmas Jam didn't set properly either. It conspired with my sculpey or something. It's no big deal, really, I just have to dump it all back into the pot, heat it up, and add more gelatine. BUT that means I have to wash and sterilize all the jars again too. D'oh!
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I'm feeling a bit better today... and a bit worse at the same time, if that's possible. Blegh. I managed to get a bit of sleep last night, and my stomach feels better, but my lungs are going downhill fast. I'm coughing up gross green stuff now. I think I might be developing an infection. What else is new? >>;;

But anyway, so earlier Mom took me out to get more meds (sinus/allergy pills, etc.), and some gingerale and apple juice (I'm such a baby when I'm sick), and when I got home-- OH HO! What's this on my doorstep? Package from [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat? \o/

So I dragged everything up the stairs, nearly died in the process, then coughed a lung out. After I'd recovered from all that, I opened the box. lmao, you should've seen my cats. I was still pulling the tape open and they were all already half in my lap. Something must've smelled yummy! ♥

The turkey-treats are a big hit (I nearly lost a finger >>;;), even with Tri, and he normally doesn't bother with treats; he's a picky eater. Now I'm looking at the Easter eggs and trying to figure out how to distribute them. Hmm... I want to show them to Mom before I break them up, too. You always find the cutest stuff for the critters! ^^~

The fabrige-ish egg for me is so pretty, and now I need to find somewhere to keep it, lol. And I <3 the earrings. I hope I can wear them! I'll wear them even if I can't, just not for a long time, lol.

And those suction-cup animals are going on the window with the sticky-ducks you sent me last time, lol. Also, I so needed a scarf, so that's awesome. Of course, I probably won't need it until next winter now, but still. Yay. =3

Thank you~~~
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I'm at Mom's cleaning and cooking today, and I got here really early (around 10:30 this morning) and then finished everything at like 12:00, including prepping dinner and getting it on the stove to simmer (ham and veggie soup, which I will not partake in due to my allergy to pig-products, but which smells yummy)... and then I was bored because I had nothing to do. XD;

So I went for a walk to the corner to poke around the dollar store there. And I ran into Andy on the way~! ^____^

I didn't even know he was back in town, and I walked right past him. XD;; I fail. Five steps past him I stopped, and was like "...wait." Then I turned around, and he was just waiting there laughing at me. >>;

He says he's only been back a bit, and didn't even know if I lived in the same place or not, so he was planning on calling me to find out. So he's going to come by soon and visit, and that makes me happy because I haven't seen him in over a year~


After that, at the dollar store, I picked up some odds and ends (paint brushes, fakie G3 ponies, souvenirs for people) and then went to the pet place to buy stuff to send for people's animals. $27 later, everyone's got treats for their pets that I'm gonna add to their boxes. XD;

Seriously [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat, you have too many critters! lol. ^_~
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1) I keep forgetting to mention this! My Christmas present from [livejournal.com profile] cassandracsenta finally got here on Monday~~~ it takes so long to mail stuff between here and the Philippines! XD;; I hope her gift gets to her soon~

Anyway, there was all kinds of fun stuff in it. ♥ My favorite was the blue thing, which I will eventually be able to remember the name of. ^_^; Cassandra-san's told me like three times, but I can never remember. It starts with a P.

She also sent me a handbag that Sarah tried to steal, lol. And some pretty notebooks and all kinds of odds-and-ends like keychains and bracelets and etc. And butter toffee candies that are YUMMY. =3

2) There will be bunny photo spam later. I was going to do do it in this entry, but photobucket is being stupid so I can't until they're fixed.

3) Sarah's got a bunch of movies that I haven't seen yet, so I borrowed a couple; Over The Hedge and Hoodwinked. I watched Over The Hedge earlier today, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really good, now I need a copy of it for myself. ^__^

I'm watching Hoodwinked right now, and I'm not sure if I like it or not... it's kinda different. I think I'll reserve judgement until I'm finished watching it. :)
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If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Oh, and my second Ouran art book dealie came in today. The first one got here last week. (I like the one that came in today better [/random] lol.) They were both a little bit bent in the mail. ><; I guess that's what you get with books that aren't hardcover...

And I got a Christmas card from Nana-mun, too~ ♥ DIE OF THE GLITTER ATTACK. X3

I had to amble down to the pharmacy today to pick up prescriptions (Apo-Carbamezapine, Ratio-Citalopram and Avandia), and while I was down that way I wandered through the Dollarama. (I should never be allowed in there, seriously.)

I spent like $25 on stuff to send to people in my next round of P.O.S. boxes, and craft supplies for myself. XD;

Why is Dollarama such a good dollar store??


And while I was there, I got some treats for the rats/cats (mostly the rats); they're these pork-link chew-things, actually meant for dogs, but I find that dog treats are excellent for the ratties, they love them. :)

Anyway, I gave Yuki and Kori a couple to munch on, and since Loki was giving me big PRETTY PLEASE MOMMY eyes, I gave one to him, too... and he was like WHOO!, and took off with it-- and now he doesn't seem to know what to do with it, lol. They're supposed to be chew-toys, so they're hard and he doesn't seem to get that.

Right now he's nosing it around the floor trying to figure out what to do. Ahhh, Loki. <3


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