Guilty >>;

May. 4th, 2008 05:53 pm
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Recently, I've found myself reading Tamaki/Kaoru fics. >>; I can't seem to help it, there are a lot of cute Tama/Kao fics coming out lately for some reason. And the two of them are adorable! My Hikaru-muse HATES ME SO MUCH OMG LAWL. XD;

I'll placate him later. Somehow. Maybe.


Apr. 29th, 2008 07:32 pm
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So it turns out that when my hair is short, it sticks out in every direction but straight up, and never the same way two days in a row. It rather amuses me actually. Today I have (anime) Hitachiin-hair, and every time I walk past a mirror I start giggling. xD;;

Kaoru, in case anyone cares, because that's how I've always parted my hair. ♥
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Today Mom took me to Barrie to pick up the rest of my books for the Writer's Craft course; basically, they only sent me a quarter of the course, and didn't bother to give me the textbook, so even though I signed up for/paid for the course like six weeks ago, I haven't been able to do any of it. Anyway, so got the rest! Finally! :D

Then since we were in Barrie anyway~ we went to Chapters. X33 She got a bunch of novels that I'm generally not interested in, and I got a book on stonehenge, the 9th volume of Ouran, and updated my Tsubasa collection, since I was 3 volumes behind. I <3 Mom for buying me manga. lol.

RP: Uhh... Demyx and Zexion are a couple now (and are very cute, omfg) and probably going to move in together. Kyo is hooking up with Zelos for some reason, which is interesting to say the least. Dante was all :3 about the twins in their schoolgirl costumes, but right now he's hitting on Nuriko so they're safe for the moment. XD;

Still no photoblogging catch-up. I'm off to eat maceroni. Ye-up.
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OMG Chapter 53 of Ouran made me so happy~~ When I eventually managed to get it in a format I could read on my PC; thank you Kaoru~! ♥ ^__^
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I'm in a manic swing right now... I haven't slept much in the last few days, basically a couple hours in the morning between 8am and 12-ish. This last morning I slept from 8:30 until around 11 or so. Yey. >>;;

Haha, so I probably shouldn't be drinking coke right now, right? XD; Caffeine~

At least I usually get a lot done when I'm manic, lol. I'm working on like 12 ponies right now; last night I started my Alien!facehugger pony bwahaha~ XD, and a second Roxas pony, this time in the Org XIII trenchcoat (next is Demyx and Zexion!) And I finished the second Axel last night, too.

Now I'm working on various Riku ponies, and a Zero (from Vampire Knight), as well as a Duo and an Utena. One of the Riku ponies is sitting to the side right now, waiting for me to do his hair/tail, and for me to sew him a trenchcoat. We'll see how that goes. ^_^;;

Oh, and Anthrax for [ profile] papercut917~ ♥ Oh, by the way! *pokku* What colour of hair do you want me to use for him? I don't have any shades on hand right now that are even close (I fail), so go poke around restoredoll and let me know which one I need to order! ^^~

Did I mention that the more I look at the sketch you sent me, the more I <3 Anthrax? =3

Earlier today I randomly had the urge to start a blog crew. There are like a billion of them around (I'm in one or two Ouran ones XD;;), but they're interesting and actually I find them good for writer's block. Unfortunately, the ones I'm in are about a sneeze away from dying...

I should start a Valdemar one! =O

Anyone want to do that with me? We'll all just pick Valdemar characters and blog as them! Or Valdemar OCs? That'd be fun, too. I have about two hundred characters to pick from in that case. >>;

I miss my Ouran blogs, though. I'm still gonna keep blogging in them even if no one else in the crew does. XDD

...I feel like baking now. .__.;
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Title: Almost Landing
Series: Ouran High School Host Club (AU)
Characters: Hikaru/Kaoru
Rating: NC-17 (yaoi, smut, twincest -- all that good stuff!)
Disclaimer: Not mine, but a girl can dream. <3
Notes: Written for the Hikaru x Kaoru Battle For Porn meme over at [ profile] hikaruxkaoru. ♥ All the fanfiction I write nowadays is smut. >>;;

Summary: AU devil!Hikaru and angel!Kaoru. >.>

Almost Landing )

Title: Longing And Lace
Series: Ouran High School Host Club (AU)
Characters: Hikaru/Kaoru
Rating: NC-17 (yaoi, smut, twincest -- all that good stuff!)
Disclaimer: Not mine, but a girl can dream. <3
Notes: Written for the Hikaru x Kaoru Battle For Porn meme over at [ profile] hikaruxkaoru. ♥ All the fanfiction I write nowadays is smut. >>;;

Summary: The twins have a final midnight meeting; on the night of Hikaru's wedding.

Longing And Lace )

My muses only allow me drabbles nowadays... -____-;


Jun. 2nd, 2007 01:36 am
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Hah, I finally got my hands on a copy of the Cherry Boy doujin I've been trying for for the last while~ Yey! ^___^

...I need to stop spending money on Ouran stuff doujinshi. >>;;


Apr. 18th, 2007 09:54 pm
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1)I found a place for my treadmill that isn't completely in the way. *facepalm* I need more space, jeez.


3) I totally didn't get another Ouran artbook in the mail yesterday it also has Suzumiya Haruhi in it. I also totally don't have six of them now. >>;
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The pants are at my Grandma's because they needed to be hemmed and she lives to sew, lol. I'll get them back in a few days.

And I still need to stitch the patch onto the jacket, but I haven't yet because I'm not sure if I'm happy with the color of the jacket itself. It's a little light. I could dye it darker, but I'm afraid of screwing it up... what do you think? Is it good enough, or is it too light? I dunno...

Anyway! I still need to buy myself some decent looking shoes, but other than that I'm good. I even have an Ouran uniform watch to wear with it; though it's a man's watch so it's huge on my stupidly skinny wrist. XD;;

I want to go as a specific character, but I suck at wigs. >>;;

Besides which... )

And I need a Kaoru to go with me anyway. ;.; Not that I couldn't find one there, I'm sure, but you know~
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I finally after like five months got the package with my twins wallet and was all omg yey~~! --until I opened it, and it was the wrong one. TT~~~~TT Don't get me wrong, I love Tono and all, but I've been through hell trying to get this bloody wallet and I want the twins one dammit! ><



That aside, today I went shopping with Mom and ended up with a whole whack of stuff. Originally we went out to look at treadmills, because I'm desperate and stupid and she said she'd buy me one. (The one we're getting is out of stock until tomorrow, do we have good timing or what?)

But you know, I picked up some odds and ends while I was out; I got the shirt and pants for my Ouran outfit for AN, for instance. I'm really quite pleased with that, since sometimes plain white shirts and black pants can be hard to find around here for some reason. That was at Zellers. I also managed to finally find a styling Rarity MLP there, which I've been looking for for over a year now, lol.

Between Zellers and the car we stopped at the bookstore, and Mom didn't find anything, but I got a couple of interesting books in the discount rack; A Brief History of The End Of The World and A Brief History of Misogyny. I have a bunch of the I Brief History Of books. <3

Then at Walmart I randomly found the exotic tea section and went gnsfuighayugflibdayugrYEY! \o/ Because I didn't even know that kind of stuff was available in this area. So then I got four boxes of new teas to try, and Mom had to drag me away before I just emptied the shelves into the shopping basket, lo; Honey Vanilla (white tea), Vanilla Hazelnut, Mandarin Orchard (green tea) and Tension Tamer, just because it had a dragon on the box and I'm so stressed out lately I'm breaking out in a stress rash on my hands. >>;;

And I also got some meal replacement powder stuff... which goes along with the treadmill and my general state of mind right now, so we don't need to get into that. -.-;

Anyway, that was my day. Yep.

EDIT: One of my new teas has catnip in it. HAHAHA.
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OMGYEY I found a light blue blazer~~ X3
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I went to Magpie Beads today to look for a kitty pendant (for Kagura!pony, lol), and also found packs of phone straps... and I couldn't help myself. I had to buy some. And I made myself a Hikaru-phone strap even though I don't have a cell phone. XD;;

Next I'll make a Kao one~ )

I'm such a pathetic fangirl. XD~

I think I might offer these for sale over at the Ouran comm and see if anyone's interested...
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Last night I invited Mom and Lee over for dinner and we had the various pies I made the night before, lol. We also had broccoli. Basically, I wanted someone other than myself to try the meat pie and tell me what they thought, because I mean, if I like it but no one else does then there's still clearly something that needs to change.

But they both loved it, so I'm good. <3

Anyway, the point of this post was that late last night I decided I want to cosplay at Anime North. [/random]

But because it's semi-last-minute (seriously, for cosplay two months is like nothing), and I want to spend as much time as I can working on ponies, I'm going to just pick three school uniforms from different series and wear one on each day, instead of going as specific characters. I might do that next year. :)

So I decided I want to do a (male) Ouran uniform (of course), and the female uniform from Fruits Basket (the long-skirted version that Arisa wears). I have yet to decide what the third one is going to be... hmm. It has to be something relatively simple that won't take long to put together. (Like the Ouran one, I don't have to actually make anything, the most I have to do is iron on the school crest to the jacket, lmao~ XD;)

Any suggestions?
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I worked on ponies last night, of course. That seems to be all I'm doing lately. -.-;

It's funny, now I've got this urge to sew, and I don't do that much. I'm not really good at it, either. But I'm making a coat for Ed!pony that's going with me to the convention, so I guess I can sew a bit for that. It'll get it out of my system, and halfway through it I'll go back to hating sewing like normal. lol.

Anyway, I got Kisa!pony and Hiro!pony 50% done, I still need to do their symbols and their hair, but I can't reroot them yet; I had to order the right color of hair for both of them, so I've got to wait until it comes in. Probably some time the middle of next week. Same as with Kyou!pony.

So they're all sitting to the side, waiting, and I've started painting Ritsu!pony, who will also need to be rehaired later, since her hair is in the same order as Kisa and Hiro's. I keep wavering on what color to paint Ritsu, though; I've been basing some of the colors for my Furuba ponies on the outfits they're wearing on the covers of the manga, and I want to do that with Ritsu, but it'll be a lot of orange...

Of course, Yuki is done all in various shades of grey (and silver), and he turned out really cute, so it'll probably be okay. We'll see.

And I think after I'm done with the Furuba ponies, I'm going to start working on Gravitation and Kingdom Hearts ponies next. I'm only doing a couple of characters from each of those series; Shuichi, Yuki, Ryuichi and Kumagoro from Gravi, and Sora, Roxas and Axel (and maybe Kairi) from KH.

I might also look through my bait ponies to see about one for Nekozawa and one for Renge for my Ouran set...

Current AN-Pony Totals: 17 complete, 5 in progress. ♥
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Now I just need to do Renge and Nekozawa~ ♥

Haruhi )

Haruhi was made from one of the 2006 Easter basket ponies... Cherries Jubilee? I think. Her hair turned out to be easy to do, which I'm glad for. Her symbol has a coffee cup, along with the Ouran coat of arms, and she has a red rose on her hoof.

Tamaki )

Tamaki was made from a G3 pony that I can never remember the name of. XD; She was purple and had a gem in her symbol. Anyway, his hair was a bitch to do, and I'm still not really happy with it, but I think it's probably not as bad as I think it is. ^_^; His symbol has a crown, along with the Ouran coat of arms, and he has a white rose on his hoof.

Kyouya )

Kyouya was made from a Beachberry (I think). His hair was easy, but didn't turn out quite the way I was hoping it would. His glasses are made out of craft wire. His symbol is a shine and a Yen sign with the Ouran coat of arms, and he has a purple rose on his hoof.

Honey )

Honey was made from a baby pony... you know the purple one that had no name? ^_^; His hair was super easy to do (which surprised me, actually). His symbol is those pink flower things of his, along with the Ouran coat of arms, and he has a pink rose on his hoof.

Kaoru )

Kaoru was made from a Sew-n-Sew (the same pose as the last one I did, but a different pony); his hair was easy since I've done it before so I knew how to do it. His symbol is the Ouran coat of arms with angel wings and a halo, and he has an orange rose on his hoof. <3

Hikaru )

Hikaru was made from a G3 pony, but I can't remember the name. His hair was easy (like Kaoru's); his symbol is the Ouran school crest with devil horns, wings and a tail, and he has a light blue rose on his hoof.

Mori )

Mori was made from a Rainbow Flash. His hair was a pain to do, and in fact, I finished it once and baked it off... then removed it and redid it again. I'm pretty happy with how it came out the second time. ^^ His tail is much shorter than the others' tails. His symbol is a (crappy) kendo sword, with the Ouran coat of arms, and he has a dark blue rose on his hoof.

Group pics~ )

Ahhh, I'm really happy with how these turned out. The photos don't do them justice at all... I need to invest in a new camera, I think. :p Of everything, I'm most happy with the eyes on all of them, and I think Honey turned out particularly cute. =3

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I finished it, but it took freaking forever, and I don't know if I like how it turned out. -___-; So I guess I'll paint it and see if that helps, and if I still don't like it I'll take it off and start from scratch.

In a related note, I only have Tono and Haruhi to do and my set of Ouran hosts will be complete. Then there's just Renge and Nekozawa. <3

Hopefully photos for later today~
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Working on finishing up my Ouran ponies, yey. I should have them done in the next couple of days.

I planned to do the rest of the clay work tonight and finish up the last of the painting probably tomorrow, but my meds are doing something weird right now and I'm having trouble concentrating. BLEGH.

I did finish up the clay on the twins set for AN, and I'm going to try to get Honey finished, but chances are it won't get done until tomorrow. -.-;

Also, I haven't had dinner yet, and I'm starting to get hungry and tired. Must go get food.

*does so*
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Host Club.

It was a grown-up one, and was much much more centered around sex, but just the fact that it was called a Host Club made he snigger. A lot. CROSSOVER FROM HELL! XDD;
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So last year I asked this, and then ended up not being able to get a table at Artist Alley, which SUCKED. But that's digressing. >>;

Basically, I'm asking what characters you all think I should attempt to make ponies from~

Because I know I'm not always 100% in tune with the newest big series/characters, lol. XD;

So far, my plans are Fruits Basket ponies (Jyuunishi, Tohru, Hana, Arisa), Ouran ponies (Hosts, and maybe Nekozawa and Renge), FMA ponies (so far just Ed, but probably at least Al as well) and SM Stars ponies (Seiya, Taiki and Yaten.) So that's like 30-ish ponies planned already. But I can do two a day (and I've got 9 done already), so I can do more than 30 if I get my bum in gear. ^.^

So what else is big right now? Any other characters I really should be doing?

I guess they don't have to be anime ponies, either. People at Artist Alley do all kinds of things...

Maybe I should try to get some of my CSI ponies done in time for AN, too...

EDIT: Yes, I'm still awake. Shush. >>;;
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Ahhh, my thumb isn't bleeding anymore~ yey~

Though I think I still need to be careful with it. Because of where it is, I keep catching it on stuff. And I didn't start clay work on my Ouran ponies today because I was thinking about it, and I doubt getting sculpey into it would probably be a bad thing. >>;

Maybe tomorrow.

So I called Dad today, since I hadn't talked to him on the phone in a while.

Lois's brother died two days ago... he's been dying for about two months now. Or, I suppose he's been dying for about eleven years; he was in a car accident back then, and got a blood transfusion that was tainted with hepatitus. He finally gave way.

So Lois isn't doing really great right now, obviously, and neither of them have been sleeping well.

Dad also told me about this litter of puppies they had born a few days ago. Two of them are raven black, one is black with white socks, and the last one is chocolate-and-tan; he says the black one with white socks won't sell because people seem to think coloration like that is "odd", but I think it would be cute.

As for the chocolate-and-tan one... that coloration is rediculously rare, so Lois is already covetting that pup, and plotting for when she can breed it. lol. Dad keeps joking about how much money he could get for it, and every time he does Lois just gives him a look.

Unfortunately, though, the mother dog has decided she wants nothing to do with the litter, so they have to bottle feed them. Lois is not impressed with her. ^_^; It happens sometimes, but it's never a happy thing when it does...


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