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Been on the bus for 12 hours, which is much better than 26 the first year I came down to the States. I slept most of the trip this time anyway, since I didn't sleep the night before. Had too much to do; in the afternoon I took the town bus to Mom's place to do laundry, and when Mom got off work she had a coffee and then we went to my apartment to start organizing and moving the animals. Somehow, though spacial magic I only partially understand, we managed to fit everything in only two trips with Mom's little car. We were channeling Houdini or something, idk. So we settled the rabbits and cats at their temporary home in Mom's basement and then had dinner, after which we went back out so I could pick up rabbit/cat litter and a couple other misc. odds-and-sods that I needed to before I left. After that we went back so I could finish my laundry and then Mom took me home.

With the cats out from underfoot, I took the opportunity to clean and vacuum the house. YAY CLEAN FLOORS AND STUFF. I also did some baking; Broken Glass Torte for Dad (does that count as baking? XD;) and fruit loaf as well. It started off as banana bread to use up the bananas before I left, then I ended up adding pineapple, then cherries, then coconut. Then I realized I didn't have any flour. *facepalm* So I had to improvise and used my Magic Bullet to make corn and oat flour instead. It worked fine, just took less time to bake through and didn't rise as much as if I'd used white flour. So whatever. I made four loaves, so I took one to Mom and brought one with me for Dad and Lois as well. Baking done, I did the dishes, then continued cleaning. Then at like 3am I finally started packing for my trip. xD; Way to procrastinate, right? I know, I know.

Anyway, packing took FOREVER as usual, especially since it took me an entire hour to decide which beads I was going to bring with me. >>; Last year I managed to limit myself to like four boxes, plus a box of charms/pendants and a box of findings. Um. Yeah. This year? Like twelve boxes of beads, plus a big box of charms, a big box of pendants, and three boxes of findings. I fail, what can I say? I also had to pack Maddie and Chloe's Christmas and Birthday presents that I never got around to mailing. Because I also fail at THAT, too. So like half of my luggage this time is made up of stuff that I brought down for them. Then there's my cosplay stuff as well. I actually pack very light for ME, it's just that I can't go anywhere without bringing copious amounts of STUFF for other people and projects. ^_^;

So, having not slept a wink all night, Dad picked me and my luggage up atound 9am. We went out to the res for him to get smokes, then back into town so I could stop at Mom's and drop of my keys (so that she can get into my apartment to feed Genbu and Aya and the fish) and her vacuum (which I had borrowed the night before.) She and Lee were up, so I said a quick goodbye to them and then we were on our way. The trip from Orillia to Georgetown was mostly uneventful. Except for the massive detour because of an earlier car accident on the highway, our brakes almost going out because of sitting on them so much in stop-and-go-traffic, and a short stop at Toys R' Us in Mississagua. TOYS. YAY. Dad found something for his Star Wars collection, and I got come LPS for my own, as well as some animal erasers because SO CUTE OMG SQUEE. I also wanted a Transformers Ravage figure, but I managed to resist. Mostly by reminding myself that anything I bought there I would have to haul down to the US and back again lol.


At the kennel, there was a little Lang family get together for one of Lois' granddaughters' birthday. It was slightly awkward for me to be there, but they were all nice to me. I did get some weird looks from the kids, though, since they had never met me before. Plus my hair cut is totally like a dude's now. But in general it was fine. After they left I got to talk with Lois some, which I always enjoy. But around 7 I HAD to lie down for a nap. I just hit the wall and couldn't keep going. My body was suddenly like "I QUIT". So I crashed on the living room couch for two hours. Then at 9pm I got back up so we could get underway.

Dad and Lois have accuired some dogs who aren't poms in the last year. First was Maggie, a pug/boxer cross that Lois' mother bought and then decided she didn't want, so Lois offered to take her. Then there was Lucy, a little Jack Russell who is really thin and lankey compared to most Jacks. Then a couple months ago they got another Jack, Sadie, who was half-starved and hadn't had any real affection or anything in her entire life. The pics from the day they first picked her up are just sad; she was so thin her ribs and spine stuck out. Poor thing. But she's all chubby and happy now, so it's all good. While Lucy has attached herself to Lois, Sadie has adopted Dad. And Dad is absolutely head-over-heels in love with her. But to be fair, Sadie is the suckiest, most friendly, affectionate little dog you could ever imagine. <3

Anyway, since the market for poms isn't great right now and the market for Jacks is still decent, they decided to give a litter of Jacks a try, so they went out and found a male, Max, who is the newest addition to the pack. Sort of. Because he's unaltered he has to stay in the kitchen and can't run with the girls or EVERYONE would be pregnant, including every human leg who happened too close. lol. Max is a sweetheart, but a little excitable. In more than one way. Haha. They plan to try breeding him to Maggie next year for some cross pups, and then Lucy the year after that. Sadie won't be old enough to breed safely for a couple of years yet, but she's the one that they're really looking forward to getting puppies from since her personality is so perfect. I guess we'll see!

Right now they have one litter of tiny itty bitty pom puppies that are RIGHT AT THE EPITOME OF CUTENESS. Two blacks, a cream (with siamese-like points and some white markings) and an orange-sable. (Their mother is black; idk about their father. It was this pairing that spawned the Parti Poms earlier this year.) They're maybe two weeks old, can see and hear and toddle around a little, but are generally just chubby round little poofy things that lay around with tubby milk!bellies and kind of resemble miniscule bear cubs. SO FREAKING ADORABLE. And they're all friendly as hell, and their mom has no trouble letting you reach in to pet them. Which is good because I spent a good amount of time smishing me some little pups and cooing at them and letting them suck on my nose and chin. X3 Dad says he'll take some pics so I can share. You guys. Seriously. You can't even comprehend the level of OMGCUTE!!1! these dogs are without seeing them. I WILL SHARE, AND YOU WILL SQUEE YOURSELVES TO DEATH I SWEAR.

If they weren't way too young to be sepparated from their mom, I would have been seriously tempted to try smuggling one of them out in my pocket. Heh.

Anyhow, around 9pm Dad and I took off and drove into Toronto so I could catch my bus. We even only got a tiny bit lost! And when we got to the terminal Dad hung around with me until it was time for my bus to board, then he headed home. He did call a few minutes later, though, just to make sure I was on board and on my way fine. Then the 12 hour ride commenced, but to be honest I only remember about 1/4 of it because it was dark and the bus was moving and I just fell asleep.

Ugh, US customs was a pain in the ass this year. And yet at the same time, managed to be really polite and friendly about it. It was weird.

First, the guy almost didn't let me into "his country" because of my passport photo. That one I had anticipated being a problem, since my passport photo was taken back when I was 260+ pounds. I've lost over a hundred pounds AND cut all my hair off since I had it taken, so it doesn't really look like me anymore. But eventually he decided the photo was workable, he just highly reccommended that I get a new one before next summer. Then he balked because I only have $300 US cash on me. WELL WHAT? I have more money, just not IN CASH ON MY PERSON. JEEZ. He was like "how are you going to support yourself while you're down there? $300 won't even feed one person for a whole month!" but I explained about the money situation and staying with friends and etc etc etc and he finally gave in... only to ask if I "had something to be nervous about". Because my hands were shaking. *FACEPALM*

I told him it was because of blood sugar, because that was esier than explaining that I SHAKE LIKE A CHIHUAHUA ON SPEED. ALL THE TIME. FOR NO REASON. So, that sorted... he wanted to know if I had any reason to return to Canada. I was like "...bwuh?" But apparently, because I'm not working, he was concerned I was going to just, yanno, STAY in the US and not go back to Canadaland. Forever. So what proof did I have that I would be going home after the trip? We finally decided that my family and pets were relatively decent reasons. At which point he demanded to know about Maddie and Chloe's home and job statuses, and expressed concerns for me being able to support myself (AGAIN) since neither of them has a full-time job. ASDGH. I was starting to get frustrated by then. I mean really, really frustrated.

I just smiled anyway.

But I finally did get out of there and on to baggage check, which is always interesting because of the weird shit I bring with me for cosplay and stuff. At least the baggage checkers usually get a laugh or two out of it. They take their jobs seriously, but not nearly as seriously as the guys asking the initial questions. =/ In any case, the guy checking my bags only had a problem with my snacks. He took my apple, my cherries, and my cherry tomatoes. Boooooo. But oh well. They're easily replaceable. And he didn't even make a mess of my bags like most customs guys do. I didn't have to reorganize anything at all! (...until later when my backpack kicked the bucket. Then I had to transfer my lunch stuff into another bag and just chucked the backpack in the trash. It was a dollar store one anyway, so meh.)

So, that done, back on the bus and on with the trip! basically, more sleeping. lmao.

At Detroit, though, I had a stopover for an hour until my next bus came in. I got to talking to one of the girls that had been on the last bus and was going to be on the next one. Tyra was super nice and we got along great. So we chatted for the rest of the stopover and then on the bus some before both of us decided we needed to sleep some more. She got off two stops before I got off in Dayton, but we exchanged info so we can get ahold of each other later. ^^ That was once thing about the first year I came down here; I met that girl, Z, on the bus, and we got along great, but I forgot to get her email. I still kind of regret that. =/

But, all in all, it was a pretty good trip. I got in here at Dayton around 1pm and have been waiting for Maddie and Chloe while I've been writing this entry. Maddie had a test to do or whatever so they couldn't be here to meet me when I got in. But that's fine. I have Squall with me, so I've kept busy, and they're on their way now. Should be here any minute! ...and Squall is yelling at me that his battery is low. And I have to go to the bathroom. So I guess I'm done this journal. XD;;
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Been puttering around this place the last couple of days. Doing organizing and tidying and whatnot.

I've also been baking, though. I decided to try my hand at making animal treats! 8D

The first batch I did were cat treats and I used chicken boullion to flavour them. But they came out kind of tasteless and really salty so the cats wouldn't even eat them. So I trashed that batch and started over with tuna flavour instead, and that batch came out great! All my cats loved them, and I gave some to Mom and Lee for Jessie, and she gobbled them up too. ♥ SUCCESS!

The next ones I made were doggie biscuits; peanut butter flavoured (I used fake PB though, obviously, since real PB kills me. Dead.) with banana flavoured yogurt icing and a few sprinkles to make them pretty. THOSE ones actually came out really good right from the start, and to be honest I rather liked them myself. A touch of sugar to the biscuit dough and they'd be really yummy as people-cookies. XD

Since I don't have a dog to test the doggy treats, I took the first batch over to Mom and Lee's place for Possum. He ADORED them, but I don't think I trust his opinion, as he once ate a slice of onion that was coated in mustard and then begged for more. *eyeroll* So I need to expand my test group. HEY, ANYONE ON MY FLIST HAVE DOGS AND WANT SOME FREE HOUSE OF YUM DOG TREAT SAMPLES? I just need to know how they go over so I can adjust the recipe if needed...

And then today I did a test of biscuit treats for the rabbits (and rats, and really any small animal), with grated apple, pureed peach, honey and cinnamon. And lmao they're really tasty too. I always taste-test the stuff I make (even the tuna cat treats and whatnot) but I didn't expect to like the animal treats so much. xD;;

Recipe testing aside, tonight I invited Mom and Lee over for dinner!

I haven't had anyone over for dinner since I moved here (over a year ago now), because the place was so cluttered and looked really disorganized. But the last month or so I've rearranged and changed my furniture, gotten more shelves and etc., so now I feel comfortable having people over. It's still a small apartment, still crowded, but at least it looks more organized, and the way I have the furniture now opens the place up a LOT.

I'll actually take photos to share finally, I think. :D

Anyway, I made turkey meatloaf (with sage, onion, celery, garlic and thyme; it turned out soooo good! It tasted like Thanksgiving!), steamed asparagus and rice. Then I also made a fruit crisp with apples, peaches, blackberries, walnuts, almonds and coconut for dessert. SO YUMMY.

So Mom and Lee were over for a couple of hours, and then headed home. Then about an hour after they left I got a knock on my door and when I answered, there was my brother, face pressed against the screen door and soaking wet from walking in the rain. XD;;

Today was his D&D day, and he walked one of his friends home, and since his friend lives about five blocks away from me he decided to stop by. So he came in and we ended up chatting for two-and-a-half hours. X3 I was so happy! My brother and I used to hate each other when we were younger, but about the time I turned 19 we started to get along. Now we're really good friends (mostly, we still squabble from time to time, of course) so I like spending time with him. And I don't get much quality time with him because of conflicting schedules and whatnot, so it was really nice. ^^

He left around 11:30pm, at which point I had to actually get working on garbage and recycling since tomorrow is pick-up day for my street. Fun stuff.

Then when I was done and checked my email, Dad had sent me one telling me that apparently there's a 3rd Lake Placid movie, so I checked online and found somewhere to watch it. AND IT'S ACTUALLY LIKE 200% BETTER THAN LAKE PLACID 2, SOMEHOW. Not as good as the first one, but I'm really enjoying it. I'll have to pick up a copy to bring down to Otakon with me next year, as it's been decided that 2011 is going to be Year Of The Croc/Alligator for Movies Sena Brings To The US With Her. 8D

Hmm, and other than all that...

Oh, got everything completely squared away with MDG, so this time next week Squall will be shipped off, which means he should get to me by next Friday at the latest. I'M SO EXCITED! FANCY LAPTOP IS FANCY!!

And did I mention it's officially set that I'm designing Sarah's wedding jewelry and doing all of the wedding photography? WELL IT IS. I HAVE MY FIRST ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY JOB ASDGH;KL!! Granted, I'm not charging her for it (I can't afford a wedding gift, so I'm doing the jewelry/photography pro-bono), but it can all go into my portfolio, so YAY! X33!!

That's about it for now. Ah, except I think on Friday I might drag Mom to Aji Sushi for lunch. I'll have to order for her since she won't know what anything is, but I want to show her that just because it has "Sushi" in the name doesn't mean everything is raw fish. I know she'll like the place once she tries it. ♥

Also? If the two freaking houseflies that are buzzing around here don't piss off soon, I might just go on a homicidal rampage. Just saying.

Other than that, today has been a really, really good day. :)

Sena out.
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Okay, but I'll back up to stupid Air Canada first. Mom picked me up on the Wednesday to drive me to the airport and all was well. We got there in good time and went to check my baggage (I had to pay for my second suitcase this year since they changed the baggage allowance back in Dec)... only to be told that my flight had been canceled. And oh, they didn't even bother to call me to tell me. UGH. So they put me on a later flight and I had to bum around the airport for three hours while I waited. Whatever.

Once I actually got on the plane the flight was relatively uneventful, with the exception of one really obnoxious passenger that was being a bitch to the flight attendant. The flight attendant put her in her place though, and all the rest of us had to try really hard not to laugh. XD

Anyway, when I got into Baltimore airport I went to get my bags and while I was waiting I texted back and forth between Maddie and Chloe and Pronnie, trying to get things figured out. Turned out Pronnie was sitting like ten feet away from me the whole time. *facepalm* XD! So then it took like 45 minutes for them to finally get the baggage from my plane unloaded, and then while we waited for Maddie and Chloe to get there to pick us up (via light rail), we got lost and wandered and generally were all "derp, we're Canadians!"

So then the light rail to the Days Inn, and we chilled for a few minutes before heading out to get foodz.

We ended up wandering around until we got suckered into a restaurant called Dick's Last Resort. This place was fucking AWESOME. It was very loud, but totally worth the noise. The whole place was just full of random signs and decorations and posters, and the servers were paid to basically insult you (in a joking way, of course) and you could snark right back at them. It was expected.

They put paper hats and bibs on us, and Chloe and I ordered alcohol (hers was better than mine) and at the end of the meal we got to keep the glasses as souvenirs. And the FOOD. The food was AMAZING. I just got an appetizer of Gator Bites (deep fried alligator!) and it was DELICIOUS. Chloe got Crabby Balls (lmao) and Maddie got Mozzarella Sticks, and Pronnie got a full meal of fish and chips. It was all SO GOOD.

Dick's Last Resort has officially taken over Uno's as our sit-down meal for Otakon weekend. ♥♥♥ Sorry Uno's, you're just not as good!

Then we went back to the hotel and crashed, because the next day we had to check out of the Days Inn and move to the Mariott, where we spent the rest of the weekend. But that's another post. Day one down, rest of the vacation to go! :D
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So, no real entries from me in a while. Why, you ask? Well, for those of you not following the avalanche of Tweets I posted about it (they were forwarded here too, but I don't imagine many people payed attention to them in my LJ), let me tell you.


It went out on a Wednesday, and I finally called Rogers on Friday morning when I woke up and it was still out. It was then I was informed that they couldn't get a repair tech out to fix it until THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY. As in EIGHT DAYS later. *facepalm* Way to FAIL, Rogers!

Then when the tech finally came on Saturday (he was supposed to be here between 2pm and 5pm, but of course didn't arrive until 6), he was here for a grand total of five freaking minutes, just long enough to PLUG MY NET BACK IN because someone had disconnected it down where the lines enter the building in the utility room. =__=;;

Anyway, Internets are back again. I spent that whole eleven days basically working on beading stuff for the upcoming cons, watching a FUCKTON of movies, glaring at my modem and going moderately insane from boredom and Net withdrawal.

Not much else to report, except that I'm flailing over last minute Otakon stuff right now. Trying to decide which beads to bring with me to work on stuff at the table since I can't fit all of them into my suitcases. Packing and re-packing said suitcases to try to fit as much in as I can. Man, I have a ton of stuff this year, not because of cosplay or anything (like the last two years) but because of all the Artist Alley things. >>;

Oh, and I have a bunch of granola bars and other snacky foods packed because with my new diet I have to eat snacks throughout the day and IDK where I'd buy them down there. Plus granola bars were on sale when we did groceries yesterday, so I got four boxes of them and a box of pop tarts (which were also on sale.) And I also have a can of cashews (for protein!!) and a bag of marshmallow candies just because. And a pack of strawberry wafer cookies. And maple cookies for everyone else, even though I don't eat them. XD;; Haha.

Other than that, the only mentionable thing is Wabora. X3!

On Tuesday night I took Mom, Lee, Grandma and my brother to Wabora for dinner. Wabora is a fusion Japanese steakhouse in Bracebridge; they've been there about three years now. Anyway, THEY DO TEPPANYAKI. I've wanted to go ever since they opened, but it's obviously rather expensive so I couldn't.

But when my money from the tax rebate came in last month I decided as a thank you to my family for everything they'd done for me over the last few years I'd treat them to the hibachi show/dinner at Wabora. I took $320 with me and told them to order whatever they wanted, too.

The only one that was worried about it was Lee because he doesn't know much about Japanese cuisine. But since it's a fusion steakhouse they have a lot of western foods on the menu as well, so I knew he'd be able to find something he liked. And I knew for a fact that he would enjoy the show, even if the food wasn't 100% to his taste.

But I think of all of us, he was the one who had the most fun. It was awesome to see him enjoy himself that much. Same with Mom and my brother. (My bro was SUPER excited when he heard we were going to a teppanyaki restaurant!)

So I got a combo plate with chicken and teriyaki steak (half of it is in my fridge right now since I couldn't finish it lawl) and my brother got a combo plate with lobster and scallops, and we trades so we could both try everything. We also shared a sake sampler, which was a little bit of four different kinds of sake. It went straight to my head. Oops? xD;

I wanted to try the blueberry sparkling sake, but they didn't have any when I asked. =/

And I got really yummy pomegranate tea, and tried the tempura ice cream (green tea flavour!) for dessert. It was an AWESOME meal and show, even though it was expensive ($230 total with the tip. >>;;) and I would love to go again some time. Lee says he fully plans to go again as well, which is great to hear because there aren't many foreign restaurants he's willing to go to. ♥
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I spent most of today cleaning. Over the last week and a half or so I'd let my tidying kind of slip by the wayside and it had kind of piled up on me. But! I'm now mostly caught up! Cleaned all the cages and litter boxes, as well as Aya's terrarium. Then swept/vacuumed the front room and mopped the hardwood where it isn't covered by carpet.

While I was doing all that the girly bunnies got to play in the kitchen, which also kept Juna out from underfoot as he is OBSESSED with watching EVERYTHING the rabbits do when they're out to play. He just parks himself by the gate and ogles them. He never tries to get OVER the gate though (which he easily could), and shows no interest in poking at them when they're in close proximity soooo I just take it for what it is and use it to keep him out of the way lol.

Let's see... after that I did the dishes and then put the girls back to their cage and swept up the kitchen after them (they always make a mess with their raisins and bran flakes when they're out to play). Then everybody got fed, which of course made for happy critters.

I also changed out all the fruit fly traps for fresh ones, and poured bleach down all the drains to take out any that might be breeding there. I've still got a MASSIVE infestation, but I'm hoping by doing all the cages and taking out all the trash and recycling, renewing the traps and doing the bleach thing I can get it somewhat under control. I'm tired of there being freaking flies everywhere. ~_~;;

Anyhoo, tomorrow I still need to tidy and vacuum the bedroom, but that's about it. Yay cleaning!

And now I'm eating chicken teriyaki and watching Eight Legged Freaks. I want to bring this one down to Otakon with me, but will be good and leave it here since it's about giant spiders. Granted, it's a parody. But still. I don't want to freak anyone out with arachnid movies. So far I'm bringing Black Sheep (back by popular request!), Critters, Slither and Leprechaun. Not sure what else. Hmmm~
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I loooove my Studio ghibli box set so much! It's epic love and I'm so happy to be able to watch all the movies for the first time! Which, admittedly, is most of them since before I'd only seen Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky. And Princess Mononoke and Castle in the Sky I'd only seen the English dubs of. >>;

So a couple days ago I watched My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service (I loved Kiki, it was really cute!) and then tonight I watched the Japanese version of Castle in the Sky, and now I'm watching Howl's Moving Castle.

Ghibli films are all so unique, I think that's what I love about them. For the most part the art style isn't to my normal taste, but the storylines are always amazing and the writing/music is awesome so I can overlook the differences between me and the art lol. ♥

Movies aside! Been working on more stuff for Otakon. A bunch more earrings and phone straps and one more necklace today. I was going to do another necklace as well (I started it, even) but then the tendonitis in my right hand started bothering me so I had to stop. I think I've been overdoing it lately in preparation for the Otakon/Matsuri, so my hands are starting to rebel a little. Ah well, less than a month to do so I can't let up now! Haha.

So the other day I finally booked my ticket down to Baltimore. lmao I still need to talk with Maddie about the rest of the transportation stuff, but we can't seem to catch each other on aim. ~_~;; Anyhoo, once I talk with her I can plan the rest of my actual travel.

Oh, I also finally got my Internet set up for wireless! I bought the router a couple of days ago and I love being able to just bring my laptop into whatever-room with me. Plus if I have people over it means they can hook into the Internet too without me having to unplug my laptop from the Internet cable.

And then today I totally bought the self-cleaning cat litter box that I've been pining over for like two years. It's a really good one, and has a complete dome over it (which is necessary because Neko, for some unGodly reason, feels the need to stay standing while he pees >>;;) and is suitable for multiple cats. It cost almost $400, it better be as good as it appears to be. Plus it has a warranty of like two years. Whoot!

I'm very excited to have it, it'll make cleaning up around here about a million times easier. X3! It's being shipped to me, but it should get here by next Wednesday. ^^~

EDIT: Howl's Moving Castle was amazing! And now I'm watching Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind. But I'm starting to get sleepy FINALLY, at 4:15am so I might turn it off soon and finish watching it tomorrow. I once again fail at sleep, despite it being a necessity of life. :D;
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Anyway. ~_~;

So, I've got some more gemstone charms for phone straps. I did a ton of them yesterday but then I ran out. xD; Today I was near the store that sells them so I got a bunch more. So now I can do 108 more phone straps... or some phone straps and maybe some necklaces. Fun stuff! I have a bunch of awesome pendants to make into necklaces too.


Also, Z's screen is getting progressively worse. All around the edges are turning brown, though you can still see through it. I think it's burning out already, even though I just got him back in the fall. I guess I'll see and if it gets much worse I'll take him in to be fixed, since he's still under warranty until November.
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Aaaaand once again I fail at keeping up with this thing. Jeez. I used to write in my journal every day, but then Twitter came along and I just let my LJ go by the wayside. However. I WILL WRITE IN THIS EVERY DAY AGAIN STARTING NOW. Barring illness/death and/or Internet/computer crash, of course. *fistshake of determination!*

1) Haha lol, it's been cold and rainy/snowy the last few days (in May, wtf?) but today it's nice again (just a little chilly with the wind) so my door is open right now, and the cats are all congregated around it as usual. XD; Just now I heard the neighbour in the next apartment come outside, and start gushing over how cute they were and telling them how handsome they are. I was sitting at the desk here just smiling to myself. It was kind of adorable. ♥

2) SPEAKING OF KITTEHS. Just over three weeks ago (it'll be a month this Friday) there were a couple of stray kitties wandering around aimlessly outside the house. I took some food down to them and they wolfed it down like they were starving to death. Then later that night it started getting cold and they were still wandering lost so I decided to try to catch them and bring them inside for the night. I caught the grey one, but the white-and-tabby one wouldn't let me near him.

Anyway, so the grey kitty stayed in my back room for a few days and gobbled food like it was going out of style. I also brushed him out since he's long haired and it was all tangled up. He turned out to be a really lovely cat. Right, so he was Back Room Kitty while I called around to all the vets and the SPCA, and walked around the neighbourhood looking for Lost Cat posters. I couldn't find anything though, and now I think they were dumped.

So then I had this cat (which I called "Nameless" for the first two weeks just for lack of anything else to call him) and of course because I'm a soft touch I ended up falling in love with him. So I now own another kitty. He's about five or six months old (approximately, I don't have his exact birth day; and he's HUGE for his age lmao) and I named him "Arjuna" after a Hindi god of destruction. Loki and Tri have taken to Juna now, and even Neko only hisses at him once in a while anymore. :)

3) My hair is really short nowadays. I got it cut a couple months ago. It's in an angled bob, which means it's cut really really short in the back and then gets longer the closer it gets to the front. Also, I dyed it blue-black a while back and even though it was supposed to be permanent, it only lasted a month. Bah.

Oh, heh, the only problem is that with my hair this short I need to purchase some spirit gum to hold my cosplay wigs on, since there isn't enough hair to pin them in properly in the back. xD;;

4) I FINALLY got another set of shelves for the kitchen. It only took six months. Now my food and pots/pans are, yanno, ORGANIZED. \o/ I am SO much happier with the kitchen now. And this may sound strange, but I was standing in said kitchen today looking around and suddenly, after so many months, it abruptly hit me that I AM LIVING IN MY OWN APARTMENT. It's kind of a holy shite moment. .__.;

5) A couple weeks ago I was really super sick. I caught this flu that lasted for like eleven days and had me hurling everything that I put in my brand new mini-stomach. It sucked. I was exhausted and had huge bags under my eyes and was so vitamin/mineral deprived that my hands were shaking like a speed junky. I came very close to going to the hospital, but then as fast as it came on it just disappeared again. I woke up after over a week of violent illness and just randomly felt fine again. Go figure.

6) I'm working on things for selling at Otakon and Matsuricon this summer. Jewelry and hairpieces, both the beaded chopstick kind and these cute combs and barrettes that are being made with faux flowers/ribbons/beads/etc. And I need to do a few more ponies as well, possibly KH related or D.Gray, or something like that.

Travel wise, I need to buy my plane ticket down to Baltimore next month. I'm not entirely sure how we're going to get from Baltimore to Dayton and then from Dayton back home though. Need to talk with Maddie and Chloe about that again, since I believe our original plan has had to be retired for one reason or another...

I can't really plan much for cosplay this year because of my weight loss between now and then. None of my old costumes will fit, and there's no point in purchasing new ones just to have them be too big a month later. So this year is casual-ish costumes, or ones that can be thrown together at the last minute; Sohma Kyo, Hetalia!Canada and BOYS!Riku, as well as casual!Demyx at the aquarium of course. :D

7) Been rewatching Grey's Anatomy the last two weeks. I'm officially down to the last half of the current season. 8D

8) Last week I went with Mom to Toronto, since she had a follow-up appointment after her operation back in the fall. It wasn't a big deal but it's a long drive and I went along just to keep her company. But still, she had her exam and talked to the doctor and she is COMPLETELY CANCER-FREE. X333!! They got it all when they did the hysterectomy, so she's cuuuuured and I'm so, SO happy about it!! YAY MOM!! ♥♥♥!!

9) And from Mom's health to mine! Since the operation I've lost 45lbs. The dietician I spoke to last week said that it's going well and by the summer I should be down 50-60 more lbs as well. Then the weight will taper off so I'll lose the rest that I need to slowly over the next six months to a year.


10) Today I need to take photos of the rest of my SM stuff that I'm still trying to sell, and then I'll post it on ebay this time instead of just in my LJ. It's going to take forever to post everything but I really need the money, and preferably some of it by the end of the month so I have some more cash for AN on the 29th.

12) Steph: Your package is finished finally, and ready to be mailed! It's full of goodies and sugary stuff, so share with Reppy, k? ♥ Mari: Your package is like... 99% finished. I'll be finished with it and mail it at the end of the month, so I'll need your address between now and then. No big rush though. :)

13) Michi and I are still email rping. We have several misc AU worlds that we're inflicting on characters. KH!zombieverse is the biggest one thusfar, but we've also started a military!AU and we have this huge long Loveless/TWEWY!AU, but it's still in planning stages and is quite complicated lol. We're having fun though~
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X33333333333333333333333333333333333333!! So excited! Gotta work on ponies and jewelry while I'm recovering!
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Hokay... entry after a freaking month. Life ate me up and spat me out and I'm still completely stressed out and messed up about a lot of things. Suddenly everything just exploded. I guess when it rains it pours, right? Anyway.

1) Otakon: I'm hoping to still do a more in-depth entry about Otakon, but for now here's the brief version; Air Canada sucks, the hotel we were in has the most gorgeous lobby ever (me and Pronnie did an epic photo shoot there~ ♥), meeting everyone I hadn't met before was AWESOME, and seeing Maddie, Chloe and Michelle again was as well because I MISSED THEM TERRIBLY. IN FACT, I MISS EVERYONE TERRIBLY AGAIN. ;A;

The first day we went to the aquarium, and I gave myself heatstroke. That night we did pre-reg. The next day was the first day of the con itself and I was so sick from the day before that I pretty much didn't do anything but lie around and feel miserable all day, until around 1am when Maddie finally forced me up and dragged me out for foodz. (A good thing, really. Thank you Maddie. ♥) Saturday I did BOYS!Riku cosplay and totally forgot to take pics in it. *facepalm* Sunday was Dealer's Room day and I spent way too fucking much money. YAY ANYWAY.

There was some drama/wank over the course of the weekend, but that's all I have to say on the topic.

Like I said, more detailed post to come, probably tomorrow or the next day. Also I'll post some of my fav photos from the trip then, but for now there are a few in my DevART if anyone is just dying to see them.

2) Dayton: After Otakon was a 12 hour bus ride to Dayton. -.-; At least the bus wasn't crowded, so we all got to stretch out and be (semi) comfy. I stabbed my own foot on the ice pick on my cane though. *facepalm* Slept on the couch at Maddie and Chloe's place every night except one (thank you guys! ILU!) and me and Steph stole their kitchen a couple times to bake and cook. :3 Chloe made us yummy salmon sammiches and okanomiyaki (um, I think that's how it's spelled? XD;;) that was FABULOUS too.

Went to the Dayton Celtic Festival while Steph and Mari were visiting Rei in Detroit, and also to the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit in Cincinnati with Chloe's Mom, which was so much fun YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I GEEKED OUT SO HARD CORE OVER THE ANIMATRONICS. >w< When Steph and Mari came back we went to Jungle Jim's too, which was awesome. And one day we all went out and did cosplay at the mall (Chloe had to work though D:) where I cosplayed Elena from FFVII, and BOYS!Riku so I could take some pics.

More in-depth on all that in the next post too, I swear.

3) Mom: Okay, after finding out that Mom had cancer I obviously freaked out a lot. Not to mention stressed myself out to the point of having painful stomach cramps and acid reflux so bad I couldn't lay down every night the last three weeks. But Mom went for her MRI a couple weeks ago and when the results came back, it turned out the specialist was right and it's just beginning stage cervical cancer.

So basically, she's having surgery (a radical hysterectomy) and that should cover it. She shouldn't need chemo or radiation therapy or anything afterward. The operation is scheduled for the 15th of next month, and then she needs 6 weeks off to recuperate afterward.

Obviously, I'm still worried and stressed about it. It's a massive operation; they're removing all of her womb, her fallopian tubes and ovaries, some lymph nodes, all of her cervix and a portion of her vagina. I know it's done routinely and it's nothing to really be worrying too much over, but I can't help it. I won't feel any better until the 15th once the operation is over and she's awake and everything's okay.

4) My Surgery: Went for the mandatory class last week. It was three hours long, and seriously, I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. Oh well. I have two more appointments before I can have the operation at the beginning of the new year, one the first week of September, and then one in October at some point. The one in October was originally supposed to be on the 17th of September, but got pushed back because of Mom's surgery on the 15th; hers is WAY more important than mine.

5) Moving: ASDGH I HAVE AN APARTMENT!! X3!! SO EXCITED! It's downtown, and one bedroom (though I'm not using it the typical way) and it has a kitchen and a bathroom and dsnhaguidfh I don't have to share with anyone but my cats and rabbits! X3 GAH, but I only found out less than a week ago and I'm moving in the first week of September so I'm kind of scrambling to send in the paperwork to ODSP and get everything squared away and all my stuff packed. Still. ♥♥♥

Steph and Mari: Still working on packages for you guys, but they've had to be put off a little bit because of the move. Expect them in October some time, probably. ♥
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Posting from Momo at Maddie and Chloe's house. I miss my own PC, but I'm glad they'll let me borrow the laptop to check my email and everything. I'm writing this now because they've gone to bed so I don't feel so bad about stealing their computer lol. ^^;

Anyway, everything is pretty much going fine, and I'm having tons of fun. My one leg is royally fucked up though, and I really need to see a doctor when I get back to Canada; it feels like I've got something tearing in my calf, a muscle or tendon, and it hurts like hell. But it's holding up well enough that I don't have to go to the hospital here, which is a good thing considering I don't have travel insurance. >>; Chloe says is it comes down to it I could go to an urgent care clinic though, so I'm keeping that in mind just in case.

Short post because it's 5am and I need to get to bed, but I'll have a huge long Otakon post when I get back to Canada in a week (complete with tons of misc pics, including from the massive yakuza!Kadaj and Asch photo shoot that me, Pronnie and Maddie did on Saturday night.) Until then, this is it.

Oh, and sorry to anyone I was supposed to be texting while I've been here. Turns out that when Virgin told me my plan "covered everything", they actually meant "covered everything in Canada", and here it's completely useless. My fucking cell is a PAPERWEIGHT here. I can't even call 911 on it. When I get back home I'm going to call Virgin to bitch about it and get my plan changed so that next time I won't be stuck without a phone. -.-;

Tomorrow we're going to a Celtic festival! 8D
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Maddie darling, my flight has been changed. So don't bother waiting for me at the airport on the 15th, I won't be arriving until just after 7pm. *facepalm* I'll call you when I'm leaving the airport to let you guys know I'm on my way and just take a cab to the hotel. ♥

In other news: My NIN t-shirt for BOYS!Riku came in yesterday (still waiting on one bracelet, and I need to make a little paopu charm), as did the 2010 KH fan-calendar I ordered and a coyote skull I bought a while back. Shut up I like it. It's going on my shelves when I find room for it. XD;

Sign Me Up

Jul. 6th, 2009 12:45 am
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Ugh, someone beat my wireless with a stick or something for me? For about four days now it's been acting up, cutting out a lot. Basically it doesn't work for more than half an hour or forty-five minutes at a time. -__-;;


Yesterday I watched Splinter. It's about these people who are attacked by a parasitic organism and end up trapped in a gas station. The organism itself takes over people's bodies and basically forms quills/splinters inside them and breaks them down in the most painful possible way, then eats their blood. Awesome. It was really good, and unique as well. Here's a trailer for anyone who's interested:

I've also recently watched the new Transformers movie. ASDGH TRANSFORMERS = ♥♥♥ I know that die hard fans were really disappointed by it, but I loved it. I grew up with Transformers, but I can still watch the new movies and look at them as completely separate from the original TV series. A lot of people can't do that, unfortunately. *shrug*

And now I'm watching the new Ice Age movie. I'm a horrible downloader. But I'll be buying all these movies on DVD after Otakon at some point anyway, lol. XD;

Also, Otakon is coming up so fast! I keep having random panic attacks about the airport since I've never flown anywhere before. DX I know it'll be fine, but I keep going dgahdfuaigh what if I get lost or miss my flight or something? >.<;; Note to self: Stop being such a spaz over the whole thing. >>;

EDIT: lol live action Zelda movie! 8D

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I just had the perfect cup of tea. Like, so exactly perfect that even though I want another cup I'm not going to have one because it could never measure up. I hate when that happens. Sort of. It's a kind of love-hate. XD;;

Last night while I was watching movies I made a really cute Halloween bracelet. I'll post pics of it when I get around to uploading them from my camera.

I've started packing for Otakon already, and trying to figure out last-minute arrangements. I have all my wigs packed except my red one and one of my brown-blonde ones. I also packed all of my neckties except my Ouran one, I think. XD; I still have to make sure I pack all my meds and first-aid supplies, and then packing my actual casual clothes (jeans, shorts, t-shirts, whatever) has to wait until like the day before I leave. Also, I still have to pack the NIN shirt and bracelets I ordered for BOYS!Riku cosplay, but I can't do that until they come in.

Someone needs to help me trim my Riku wig when we're settled in the hotel in Baltimore. /note

Tomorrow or the next day I have to go to the greyhound website and buy my ticket to get to Toronto on the 15th. My flight is at 12:30, which means I have to be there at 9:30am for check in, which means I have to leave here at 7am on the bus. =.=;; Ah well.
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Yeah I fail at like... everything online lately. I've been having a lot of trouble irl with various things, which I may or may not get into in this entry. Anyway, list format today for the sake of my sanity because I have a fuckton of stuff to talk about since it's been so long since I last wrote anything. xD;

1) ANIME NORTH. Okay, basically I spent the whole weekend at my table trying to sell jewelry and pony commissions (since I wasn't allowed to actually sell the ponies there). I sold a bit, and got two commissions (Van from Escaflowne and Reno from FFVII. XD), but the way Artist Alley and Crafter's Corner was organized this year was RETARDED, and the Corner was way the hell out of the way so we got practically no traffic. SO ANNOYING. Anyway, all that work and spending that much time at the table, and I basically broke even for the cost of the con registration, the table, and the parts that went into the jewelry. So much for making money for Otakon. -__-;

Anyway, that aside, I got to see Mel and Zexy again. :3 I went to a D-Gray photoshoot with Mel on Friday, and to the Moonlight Ball with her and Bonnie on Saturday night for a while. I didn't get to see Zexy as much, but she stopped by my table twice to say hi and give her her present~

On Friday I wore my Org13 Demyx outfit. It was INSANELY HOT. DAMN PLEATHER. And I forgot my gloves at home, so I just wore my shark/dolphin rings instead. *shrug* I also didn't have my boots because the morons I ordered them from backed out at the last minute. This was remedied Saturday morning, though, when I found awesome bootcovers in the Dealer's Room. Then Saturday during the day I wore my casual!Demyx outfit. Did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new wig? It's so awesome there are no words to describe it. And it fits perfectly, and stays in place all day, it doesn't even budge. >w<~ Anyhow! Then Saturday night for the Moonlight Ball I wore my Haine cosplay. Sunday was Org13 Demyx again for a while, then last-minute casual!Lavi that pretty much all came from my closet lol.

I didn't buy a whole ton of stuff like I do most years because I was trying to save monies for Otakon, but I did get four boxes of pocky, a Riku plushie (I always get myself a plushie at AN), and about 30 buttons. XD; A bunch of KH ones, some FFVII ones and some Ouran ones. Also, one booth had kitty buttons and the proceeds from them went to a cat rescue, so I got myself one of those. Then I got three more the next day to send to people. XD; Oh, and I got some henna done on my arm. It's faded out now, but I took pics of it~

Various photos from AN. Haine cosplay photos when I get around to getting some from Mel or raiding my Mom's camera. >>; )

2) ON THE WAY HOME FROM ANIME NORTH. Two things happened; first, I was looking out the window of the van and actually saw a songbird attack a hawk in midflight. It was spectacular and I couldn't believe it. I've seen that kind of thing on Animal Planet, but I never thought I'd see it IRL. WOW.

Second... I broke a knuckle in my right hand. >__>;; I caught it in a booth when we stopped for food. It was all bruised for a while and hurt like a bitch, but I didn't bother going to the hospital. *shrug* Which was fine until a couple days ago when I smashed it off a doorknob and re-cracked it. xD; *FAIL OMFG*

3) OTAKON. Well... I didn't make any money toward Otakon at AN like I'd wanted, but I still managed to finagle out a way to pay for it. GO ME. Basically, I'm not paying my parents rent for next month, and then paying double in August. I'm also borrowing $300 from my Grandma, which I'm paying back in September. Ugh more debt but fuck it, I'M GOING. XD; So I've already paid for my registration and my plane tickets (NO 26 HOUR BUS RIDE FOR ME THIS YEAR), which completely maxed out my credit card two weeks ago, but you know... whatever. >>; It'll get paid off at the end of the month.

Maddie love, let me know when you have a tentative total for the stuff we're doing in Dayton and gas monies and everything. ♥

Cosplay for Otakon! Org13 Demyx and Haine for sure. Also, I think I'm going to do Riku cosplay from BOYS, just for kicks and to see how many people get it. I could trim up my Suigintou wig a bit and it'd work for Riku totally fine. I NEED SOME HEMP BRACELETS AND STUFF. I SHOULD GET SOME HEMP AND JUST MAKE THEM MYSELF IT WOULD BE CHEAPER. I also need some gray arm warmers to go as fake long sleeves under the t-shirt so that I don't have to wear layers lol. Also, yakuza!Kadaj, complete with pinstripe shirt and fedora. >D

I'm also bringing about six other wigs in case myself or anyone wants to do impromptu cosplay of anything. My Kyo wig for sure, and my blonde pigtail one, and probably my blue one and maybe my red one, though I got that one for Axel cosplay (next year maybe), and I don't want it to get messed up between now and when I have a chance to style it... hmm. Must think on this more.

4) B-GRADE MOVIES. After AN, we stopped at Dad and Lois' place to say hi and see teh doggies, and I borrowed 24 b-grade movies from him. XD TWENTY-FOUR. AWESOME. Some of the best ones were The Burrowers, Alien Raiders and Decoys (the second one is bad though.) I also borrowed Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which I LOVED. ♥

5) SORA AND RIKU. Last week I had to take my rats to the vet. Riku was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the vet gave me antibiotics for him... but unfortunately, he died the next day. It's sad, but he was in a really bad way, so I'm kind of glad he didn't suffer for long. Sora doesn't seem to know what to do without him, though. Also, I had to treat Sora for mites today. That's no big deal, though.


7) FEET. Last Friday, my feet and ankles swelled up to twice their normal size. As in, I had no discernable ankle, and could barely walk because of it. =_=;; And they stayed that way until TUESDAY NIGHT. WTF? I have no idea why, but it was a pain and a little disturbing on top of that. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday though, and the doctor wants me to go for bloodwork, since it's possible my meds are the cause of the swelling. Yep.

8) DOCTORS IN TORONTO. A while back, I mentioned about going in for gastric bypass surgery. Last month I went to the initial consultation in Toronto, and then earlier this month I went for the appointment with the social worker and dietician. I still have to go to a gastric bypass class, and see an internist before going back to the surgeon again, at which point my surgery will actually be scheduled.

Things are actually coming along rather well. The only big problem right now is that my Grandma is really against it. She doesn't think I should do it. But then she thinks that my weight issues are my fault. It's bad enough that strangers assume I'm lazy and don't eat well, but having my own Grandma think that really hurts. She keeps giving me lectures about exercise and eating right-- I already eat right (even the dietician was impressed), and I exercise as much as I can but with my legs the way they are, it isn't always possible. I have to walk with a cane, Grandma, it's not like I can just break into an easy run. *sigh* I really need to talk to her about it, but... I know I'll just get another lecture about not trying hard enough, and end up crying for two days over it. I dunno...

9) THE YARD. Mom has decided this summer that she's sick of the back and front yard (what little we have of them, this is just a townhouse after all), and wants them to look really nice. So we've all been working on the yard for the last month, putting down sod and seeding and watering and pulling up weeds. Also, in the front yard we lined the sidewalk with quartz stones, with solar lights along the other side. Then next to the door we planted a little cedar tree, with more quarts around it. Yep.

10) ROLEPLAY. I haven't been rping as much lately, with everything IRL. I was supposed to be back from hiatus at TV like a month ago. I really need to get back there before people get sick of it and I get kicked out.

I have, however, been rping some zombie!apocalypse-verse Kingdom Hearts with Michi over email. It's hilarious and fun. Plus RikuRoku, which makes me happeh. :D And I've been rping with my bb Kiin over at [ profile] losechesters, which is a comm Kiin set up for us for "Winchestertastical" roleplay. I'm Sam and she's Dean and basically it's just for the sake of crack. It's SO much fun. Which reminds me, I need to think up another post for there... >.>;


May. 30th, 2009 10:18 pm
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1) Rizumikaru Yomi secret at rp!secrets. I miss that place still. ;__; I hear you, anon!

2) Anime North post tomorrow, I promise. With some pics and everything. =D; *has been lazy*

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Yesterday Mom and I went to Toronto for my appointment with the gastroenterologist. Basically, it took an hour and a half to drive there, almost two hours of waiting in the waiting room for the appointment (the doctor was running stupidly late), and then when I finally got in, the phone rang TWICE in the middle of the consult, which he picked up, and then talked about finances for twenty minutes each time while I sat there with nothing to do.

Then he told me I'm fat because I don't eat properly and don't excersize, which I'm used to hearing from doctors by now. It's very frustrating because it's not fucking true, but that he would do the surgery anyway. Then he told me I had to make appointments with three other specialists before he could even do the real consult with me. WHAT? You couldn't have told me that over the phone so I could do that BEFORE driving way the hell down there? FFS. Then after the next consult with him, it's 4-6 months until the surgery. *sigh* What a pain.

Anyway, to make up for that craptacular experience, Mom and I went to the World's Biggest Bookstore while we were there (turns out it's half a block from the Greyhound station and I never even realised *facepalm*), where Mom got me volumes 7-10 of After School Nightmare, 1-2 of Cherry Juice and Absolute Boyfriend (which I subsequently downloaded scanlations of the rest because it was so good, I'm so buying the rest of the set!), the first volume of Tsubasa (Those With Wings) and 6 of Vampire Knight. Also, a book on handwriting analysis, a nightmare encyclopedia, a book about cults, a book about the knights templar, a Sylvia Browne book on psychic children, Deluge by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (FINALLY) and Crime Spells, which is a short story collection about magical crimes. >w<~


There hasn't been any new news on Wally since Sunday. Originally, they had said that if he didn't show any improvement over the weekend, they would pull the plug on Monday. Saturday night, he started trying to breathe on his own again, though, and Sunday he started moving a little and his eyes were open off-and-on (though they're unsure if he was actually seeing or not). He's still got to be on life support, and obviously hasn't been talking, but since they're seeing improvement, now they're waiting longer to see how he does in a more long-term setting. We're all still really hopeful that he'll pull out of it...

And finally, tonight's Grey's Anatomy? = DDDDDDDDDDDD8 NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I literally gasped out loud and sat up with my hands over my mouth when Merideth figured out who John Doe was... ;___; And Izzy...


EDIT #2: A couple days ago, the people who were supposed to be custom-making the boots I was going to be using for Org13!Dem and Lavi cosplay emailed me and backed out. WTF. SO ANNOYING, especially so close to Anime North. They refunded the money, and I was panicking about not having the boots, but Mel says she can make me some bootcover-things, so it should be okay. Then I can try to find the actual boots later on. Yay~

EDIT #3: *facepalm* God, lookit the edits today. Anyway, my passport came in and I picked it up yesterday. AWESOME. Now assuming I can afford it, I can get into the US for Otakon. :D
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I finally broke down and got a new mp3 player. My Zen was lovely, but the controls stopped working about a year ago (it was only a year old at the time), and it had been stuck on shuffle after that. I could turn it on and listen to music, but I couldn't pick tracks, it just played stuff randomly. I finally got sick of it, and bought a new player. I got it really cheap though, so it's all good.

I just needed to have one for traveling, assuming I'm going to Otakon in July. I don't travel well long distances without music. >>;

Oh, and the passport office put through the payment on my credit card yesterday, so I assume I have been approved, which means that I am allowed to go to the US. :D Which is awesome, as if I wasn't allowed I couldn't go to Otakon even if I had the money. >>; WHICH I WILL. *DETERMINED*

...I think there's a possibility I will be cosplaying Lavi at AN after all. Casual!Lavi though, since I already have everything for it except an eyepatch. I'd just have to actually style the wig I bought a while back. Which reminds me, I need to go to Shoppers and get a pair of styling scissors at some point.

Tomorrow I'm going to the salon to get my hair cut, since it's been over a year since I had it done. Gotta have it short again to make wigs for con season easier. ♥
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Apparently, I suck at keeping my journal updated lately. I used to be so good about it too. But I don't know... I've been really down lately, and not feeling up to doing anything. I haven't been on aim much either and I've just been rping a little with one or two people. I'm considering going on partial hiatus at TV until I get myself straightened out again.

Not much had been going on lately. I've been working on stuff to sell at AN, and fretting over whether I'll have enough money to go to Otakon this year or not. I'm really hoping I will, but with not being able to sell my ponies at the table it might not happen... but, I'm currently finnegling with my finances to see just how much I need to sell to be able to go to Baltimore (and then to VA and then to Dayton) so fingers crossed.

I am currently watching Eden Log, which is going so far over my head it might as well be a jumbo jet. XD; I'm going to have to watch it again and try to figure it out lol.

A few days ago I dislocated one of my toes. I slammed it into the stairs by accident. At least it popped back in on its own. Still hurt like a bitch though. BEHOLD I AM THE MASTER OF PERSONAL INJURY. Also, of not going to the hospital for dislocated joints because they happen all the fucking time wtf body.

RP talk, so if you don't care don't bother reading past here. More actual life-updates later on once I've thought about what I want to say.

We have a new Axel at TV, and I've gotten sucked into the AkuRoku trap. XD; I promised myself I wouldn't, not because I don't ship them together, but because it's pretty overdone at this point. Ah well. They're cute together, and Roxas is totally the man of the relationship which makes me laugh constantly. Also, tonight he got into an argument with Kanda, and the two of them spammed Axel's journal with it. lmao.

House is being his antisocial self, though he does get along rather well with Ziva (I totally ship them now, w2g TV you've ruined my in-series ships), and he's agreed to tutor Lenalee in math so long as he can call on a favor from her at some point in the future. He may get her to do something cruel to Remus, as he's still holding a grudge against him from way back when puppy!Remus chewed his cane up.

Dean is currently being crabby over the new event (school, yay?), and refuses to go, so he and Faith are going to hide out in the room with booze and porn and probably trade Hunter/Slayer stories. Faith demanded he share his porn and Dean was like "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?" I still wish I had a Sam at TV though, Dean secretly worries about him.

Aaaaand Michi and I are doing a RikuRoku rp right now that takes place in the zombie!verse from the apocalypse!KH fic I'm in the process of tinkering with. XD; I get to play snarky/bitchy!Roxas, and that makes me utterly happy because he's too nice most of the time in TV (and he was the same way at RY, except with Axel lol.) RPing in it is really helping me flesh out the zombie!verse, so to speak, so I'm happy with it. :3
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Loki's nail caps came in today. I was all excited when I saw the package, and as soon as Mom got home I got her to hold him so I could put them on (it ended up taking both her and Lee to hold Loki down, he flailed a lot and it turns out he's super strong. XD;;) Anyway, he immediately chewed two off, which I replaced about an hour later, and then right after that he pulled another one off. UGH.

I'm hoping he gets used to them. But I was worried they would be a problem, especially considering when he grooms his feet he chews his nails; I've never seen a cat do that other than him, and normally it's not an issue, but obviously it could be with him wearing the nail covers. *sigh*

Anyway, I guess we'll see. For now he's still missing one nail cap (I'll replace it and any he chews off tonight at some point tomorrow), and still wearing the cone collar in an attempt to help him get used to them by making it a little harder for him to destroy them. If these caps don't work, I'll have to go back to the plan where I have his back claws removed. >.<;;

I cooked dinner tonight, coca-cola chicken, rice and beans. Yummy.

And I dug through my cosplay stuff to organize it some (so I'm not doing it at the very last minute for AN), and I can't find my chain for casual!Demyx. :| I have no idea where it's gotten to. I might have to make another one. Not that it was hard to make lawl. I haven't lost anything else though, thankfully.

I want a fedora for Kadaj for pics with Pronnie in the summer at Otakon, but idk where to get one. xD; And I need to make sure it doesn't clash with the shirt I have for yakuza!Kadaj too. I wish I could have Souba to take with me for those pics too, since he uses that as opposed to firearms. But even if I could make one, I so don't want to try taking it on the plane to Baltimore. >>;; I'm also bringing green ribbons for pics with Pronnie's Haruhi cosplay because LOL.

You can tell con season is coming up, half my journal nowadays is about cosplay. :D;

I need a studded belt. /random. I mean. >>; I have one, but the buckle is all flowers and stuff, so it doesn't go with the male cosplays I want to do. XD;; My red one is awesome too, but it has hearts in it... which I guess would work for some KH stuff, actually, now that I think about it. ._.;



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