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Okay, proper update now that I've got the time. Sorry for the halfassed one earlier. XD;

On Friday the 26th, Mom and I left here at about 3:30am to go to Toronto. THERE SHOULD NOT BE SUCH AN UNGODLY HOUR IN THE MORNING. DX

Anyway, we got to Toronto around 6:30am and signed in with the surgical ward. Fun stuff. They changed me into this weird purple paper dress thing and hooked me up to this reverse vacuum that blew hot air under said dress. WTF right? xD;; lmao I took pics and I'll post them later~

Then at 8:45am I was taken to the OR and put out for the operation. The whole thing took just over two hours and went completely smoothly, with no hitches or complications at all. ♥ I woke up four or five hours later in the recovery ward, feeling like utter crap, naturally.

For the most part my time in the hospital over the next couple of days was uneventful, though there were some minor complications the first night.

1) I popped the tape on one of my incisions and bled like a stuck pig all over everything until they got it under control. *facepalm* It took two nurses and a doctor to fix that, but it turned out to be no big deal in the end. I did end up with a huge-ass bruise along my side from that, though, and it's still there and fading.

2) The middle of the first night I started having massive muscle spasms in my abdomen and back, to the point that my body was arching up off the bed on its own. The pain was IMMENSE, and there was a serious possibility that I would pop the staples in my abdomen and intestines. The surgeon on call came by to check me out, and my heartbeat was extremely high, I had a fever, and my blood pressure was off. She said that in a few hours if things hadn't changed that they would have to consider a 2nd surgery to figure out what was going on. But they started pumping saline into me at a massive rate and giving me morphine every two hours, and after about four or five hours everything was starting to resolve itself. In the end they think I was just really dehydrated and that was what was making my muscles spasm. I still had a few fits after that, but they were minor and didn't last long so it wasn't so bad.

So, small panic!moments over, I was signed out of the hospital and Mom picked me up to take me to the hotel where I spent four days in agony and doped to the eyeballs with perkoset pills. Basically I slept and woke up every four hours to take more of them.

Mom stayed with me the first night, and then went back home the next day. She was going to pick me up a couple of days later, but over the first 12 hours she was gone I managed to strain myself badly, so that even the perkoset wasn't helping; I could barely move, never mind get myself food/water. I called Mom in tears and she talked me down for a few minutes until I was calm-ish again, then piled in the car and drove back to Toronto to spend the next two nights with me.

With Mom there to help though, I managed not to strain myself any more and by the time we were going home I was feeling quite a bit better. The drive from Toronto back here was long, but I had myself cocooned in pillows to cushion me from the bumps and stuff so it was alright. We even stopped in Barrie so I could stretch my legs and walk a bit, and looked through a Michael's store for a couple of craft things I needed. :)

Back home, I stayed at Mom's place for almost two weeks because I still couldn't do a lot of things for myself. By the end of that time I was getting really homesick though, and missed my critters, so this past Monday I convinced Mom to let me move back to my apartment and have a go on my own.

Everything's going really well. I actually had an appointment with my surgeon in Toronto yesterday, and he was really happy with how I'm progressing. I'm eating semi-normal foods now, but they have to be soft and I have to chew them really well. And my five incision sites are almost completely healed over, except for the scars that I'll probably have forever. ♥

Also, I have lost 30lbs since I had the surgery done, and even though I know the weight loss will slow down over time, it gives me a lot of hope for how things are going to end up. When I first woke up in so much pain I instantly regretted having it done, but now I'm glad I did.
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Posting from Momo at Maddie and Chloe's house. I miss my own PC, but I'm glad they'll let me borrow the laptop to check my email and everything. I'm writing this now because they've gone to bed so I don't feel so bad about stealing their computer lol. ^^;

Anyway, everything is pretty much going fine, and I'm having tons of fun. My one leg is royally fucked up though, and I really need to see a doctor when I get back to Canada; it feels like I've got something tearing in my calf, a muscle or tendon, and it hurts like hell. But it's holding up well enough that I don't have to go to the hospital here, which is a good thing considering I don't have travel insurance. >>; Chloe says is it comes down to it I could go to an urgent care clinic though, so I'm keeping that in mind just in case.

Short post because it's 5am and I need to get to bed, but I'll have a huge long Otakon post when I get back to Canada in a week (complete with tons of misc pics, including from the massive yakuza!Kadaj and Asch photo shoot that me, Pronnie and Maddie did on Saturday night.) Until then, this is it.

Oh, and sorry to anyone I was supposed to be texting while I've been here. Turns out that when Virgin told me my plan "covered everything", they actually meant "covered everything in Canada", and here it's completely useless. My fucking cell is a PAPERWEIGHT here. I can't even call 911 on it. When I get back home I'm going to call Virgin to bitch about it and get my plan changed so that next time I won't be stuck without a phone. -.-;

Tomorrow we're going to a Celtic festival! 8D
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1) Yesterday the dentist's office called me because it was getting time for my yearly checkup. And gave me an appointment today. >>; So this morning at 10 I went in to have the hygenist have a look at my teeth and tell me how crappy they are. I'm always like "yes, I know" because I've had terrible teeth/enamel/gums since I was born. Bah.

Anyway, she did a MASSIVE cleaning and got rid of all the plaque under the edges of my gums. The rest of today my entire mouth hurt from it. And it still does a bit. On the plus side, I only have one cavity this time, for the second time in my whole life. XD; Every other time I have at least three.

2) Today Mom and I had a Chiropractor's appointment, and Dr. Taylor asked me how my joints and muscles were considering the weather change the last few days. When I said they were acting up (they always do with big weather shifts) he checked some pressure points in my arms, legs, and neck/shoulders, and they HURT LIKE FUCK. He thinks I should talk to my family doctor about Fibromyalgia, because of my pain symptoms and the pressure response. He's very concerned about me.

3) When we did grocery shopping today, I got the greatest surprise EVAR. >w<~ The store used to only sell strawberry and dark chocolate pocky (and even those only half the time), but now they have milk, milk chocolate, dessert strawberry, and green tea flavours too. And a couple kinds of pretz. X33 I did a feeble happy dance, and bought three boxes (which was all I could afford.) It was awesome. Especially since I just finished off the last of my pocky last night. ♥

Real Life

Nov. 11th, 2008 06:17 pm
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My Grandma... is really sick. Really sick. She has a slipped disc in her back, which is causing Sciatica so badly that she can't sit down, and can't stand up straight for more than about ten minutes at a time. All she can do is lay on her back all day and night. And she lives in the middle of nowhere, with no one that can come by and keep her company. She's extremely depressed, for obvious reasons.

I'm really worried about her. My Grandma has always been... bulletproof. She's always been really energetic, really cheerful, really optomistic. She could out-toboggan all of us when we were kids, right up until last winter. She never ran out of energy, and she's independant as hell. She hates to rely on other people to take care of her.

Now she's in constant pain, to the point where she's using a walker to get around, and a grabby tool to get things down from the cubpoards and everything. She can't even stand up long enough to cook anything, so she's considering purchasing frozen meals for $5 each so she doesn't have to, which will cost way more than feeding one person should.

I talked with Mom about it, and I think some time soon I'm going to go up to stay with her for a week or two, to keep her company. While I'm there I'll cook a whole bunch of things for her and freeze them so that she doesn't have to purchase meals especially. Then I can help with chores (as much as my back/legs/wrists will let me) and take the dog for walks, and just be there to chat with Grandma. And Mom says she'll feed the cats and rabbits and everything while I'm gone (though I'll have to take Sora with me lol, she'll forget about him if I don't.)

I'm going to call Grandma tonight and talk with her about it.

I feel a little guilty about leaving again so soon after coming back from hiatus at RY and everything, but... I don't really have a choice. I'm the only one with the time and nothing to really tie me down. Besides which, she's my Grandma and I'm really, really worried about her.


That aside, I'm in need of getting a cane. My legs have gotten so bad that I can't really go anywhere without limping like I'm a cripple. -__-;

EDIT:: ALSO, I found a lump in Tri's side. D: And he's been losing weight lately. I'm worried he's got cancer or something. I need to get him in to the vet, but I can't afford it. I've been looking into insurance for him, and they all say they don't cover pre-existing conditions, so if I want them to cover any treatment assuming it is cancer or whatever, I need to get him signed up like now... *stressstressstress*
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1) I have seven piercings in my ears, and all seven are infected right now. Two on my right ear were bothering me a bit yesterday (oh crap, it's 4:49 am so I guess it was two days ago) and when I got up this morning it was way worse and every one of them is all inflamed and swollen and sore. >.<; I hate being allergic to metals. Every couple months my ears flare up because of it. I'll have to dig out my silver hoops to wear to keep the piercings open until they heal again. -__-;

2) Sinus infection. I still has it. Bah. In fact, need more pills after I'm done this entry.

3) On Wednesday, I was hit on by a deaf man. SO AMUSED, because the whole thing was pantomimed because I don't know sign language beyond the basic alphabet. XD It was epic and awesome. Too bad he was like twice my age. >>;

4) Still unpacking, but I'm well on my way to being done. THANK GOD. I'm so sick of not having everything organised. I like clutter (I'm not really comfy unless there's clutter because of being bi-polar and borderline OCD) but I HATE mess and right now that's the point I'm still at. DX

5) Yesterday, the cable guy came to install the digital outlets and everything. I have cable in my room now! ANIMAL PLANET! \o/ DISCOVERY CHANNEL! HEALTH CHANNEL! SPACE! I just need the Anime Network and I'll be set. :3 And the ability to run cable Internet to my room now, WHICH I AM DOING ASAP NEXT WEEK. FUCK YOU WIRELESS.

6) Sora is settling in well, he's eating and drinking fine and getting comfy with his cage and everything. He's still a little nervous though, which I expected. ♥ He likes to sit with me while I watch TV, in the crook of my arm~

6) Tonight was the night everyone poisoned Rufus at RY. Kyo got in on that because he's the head of security (other than the Turks). In evacuating the building he got gassed a little, but it's no big deal really, he's just coughing because of it. However, he got stuck with Agon for most of it, and Agon out of nowhere told him about his thing with Zelos. ;A; Kyo is pissed off, and heartbroken again, and now if he keeps working at Shinra he has to deal with both Sephiroth and Agon. I can see him quitting some time soon. For the time being he's going to stay with Vergil and Dante, since he lives with Zelos and doesn't want to go back there. ;__;

7) Mel, Bonnie and I are working on a new, as-of-unnamed fantasy rp. It's going to be AWESOME. That's all on that for now.

8) Must get my Taedium Vitae and Moulin Noir apps finished this weekend! >| <-- determined faise!

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Good news: MOVING FINISHED. It took three days, but I am officially done with that place! HAH. Still unpacking, obviously. The cats are much more comfy here now, though Tri is still very jumpy. He'll settle in though. Also, today I actually had the dog and Neko in my lap at the same time, which is a miracle, as Possum is afraid of other animals. >>;

Good news 2: My brother sent me a link to episode one of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I am intrigued.

Good news 3: ;>.> <.<; I'm getting a rat again. Possibly tomorrow, but probably next week.

Neutral news: INTERNET TOMORROW. HOPEFULLY. I have to buy a card thing for my PC, and then my brother says if he can he'll install it for me. I'm actually going to be piggybacking on Mom's router. Anyway, if Trunks can't install it, I'll have to take it to the corner, in which case no 'Net until Monday at the earliest. So hopefully he can.


Bad News 2: Sinus infection. -__-;; As soon as it gets cold my immune system officially goes to florida or something. Not that it's super active normally anyway. But still. My head is throbbing, my sinuses hurt and I've used up a whole box of kleenex just today. ><; If it doesn't go away soon though, I have an appointment with the doctor in three weeks anyway.

And now I'm off to medicate myself to the eyeballs and try to actually get a decent night's sleep. Whoo.
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I just realised, I'm so out of it from all the stupid moving stress that I'm developing a twitch again. =__=;; Last time that happened was when I was working at Tim Hortons. How fucking irritating.

Today Dad called to chat, and recommended a bunch of movies to me that he'd heard were good, so I downloaded a couple to give them a try. I watched Eye of the Beast (giant squid~) and Croc (maneating... well, croc. ._.) earlier, and they were really good. Now I'm watching The Cry (which I've had for two weeks and not watched yet, wtf self) and trying for the second time to download Grizzly Rage. It doesn't seem to want to unpack after I download it. What a pain. Vipers is doing the same thing, too. :P

Tomorrow is the last day before I move on Tuesday. I have to finish packing up the kitchen, and the TV/VCR/etc., then Tuesday morning I have to get the critters all ready to go, and deal with my PC. After that, I'll probably be offline for a day or two, until I can get a wireless router on Thursday or Friday.

Once all this is over, I'll be very relieved. I've almost lost it a couple times now because of all this, and I haven't stopped shaking in three weeks, I've pulled every joint in my body, and I've had a migrane non-stop all this time too. I'm exhausted, and completely emotionally drained. I hate my life.
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...somewhere in the course of packing all my stuff up, my winter coat has gone missing. .__.; I remember taking it out of my closet, and I thought I'd packed it with the rest of the things from there, but it's not in the suitcase. >.<;; What a pain~

Tonight and tomorrow are break days. I'm to the point that my entire body won't stop shaking from the stress and fatigue and all the problems with my back/knees/everything else. Mom pretty much took one look at me yesterday and was like "no more working this week. You should be able to do the last of it on Saturday and Sunday no problem." ...which is true, but still. -.-; With everything packed away I'm BORED and I feel like I should be doing something. Whatever.

Lasagna with veggies for dinner. Also CSI tonight, and Supernatural. Then sleep, unless I get caught up rping or something, because Kadaj-muse is being LOUD tonight. What a brat. :P
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Holy hell, I fucked up my shoulder. If I had fallen or something I would think I'd cracked my collar bone, but all I did was sit down and pull the chair in. So unless I have some severe osteoperosis, I don't know wtf is going on. DX

IT HURTS SO DAMN MUCH. I can't move my shoulder joint without turning white from the pain. And in half an hour, I'm supposed to be moving a shitload of boxes up and down the stairs with Lee. 8D THAT WILL BE EPIC FUN, I CAN JUST TELL. =__=;;

I'm sure I just pinched a nerve or something, because there's really no other explanation, but still. Ugh. Right now I'm watching Unrest and hoping by the time Lee gets here my shoulder won't be blindingly painful anymore.
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It's almost six am and I'm still not asleep. Not that I have anything in particular to do tomorrow, but still. It's annoying. Whatever. So I'm watching movies, waiting for muscle relaxants/painkillers to kick in for my back, and generally just being grumpy because I have the start of what I can just tell is going to be a raging headache.

I just want all this moving shit to be over with already. Honestly, it's so fucking stressful and painful. I've been shaking like a leaf for a week now, because my nerves are completely shot; earlier when I had dinner, I could barely hold my hamburger because my hands were shaking so badly. And my legs are the same way, though that's in part because of all the hauling boxes up and down multiple flights of stairs.


Anyway, movies tonight were Teeth, Kung-Fu Panda and right now Outpost.

-> Teeth: Is about a girl who finds out she has teeth in her vagina (vagina dentata.) Sadly for them, other people also find out. The hard way. It was a seriously fucked up and dysfunctional movie, but I think that's what made it so entertaining lol. I believe it was a film festival movie or something before general release, but I could be wrong.

-> Kung-Fu Panda: Okay, really, do I have to explain? For those of you who haven't seen the commercials, the title is pretty self-explanatory. I'm not sure why I decided to watch this one, but it turned out to be MUCH better than what I'd thought from the ads. ♥

-> Outpost: From what I gather, is about a group of soldiers in an abandoned WWII Nazi bunker, who encounter a malevolent spirit/ghost/some sort of supernatural being that is coming after them. I'm only about half an hour into it, so I don't have a real opinion on it yet. *shrug*

EDIT: lawl, I had to look up how to spell "malevolent", and LJ's spell checker gave me this: malevolent, malevolently, malevolence, maleficent, Cleveland. ...Cleveland? Really? Really LJ? YOU FAIL SO HARD. XD;
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My back has quit, I think. It's killing me and has been all day. I have back problems normally, but all the packing and moving of boxes the last couple weeks has done me in. I haven't been able to stand up straight all day. I need muscle relaxants.

...I played with a ferret today. X3 While we were out grocery shopping, Sarah needed to go to the pet store, and one of the employees there was cleaning out the ferret litter box, so since the cage was open I asked if I could see him. HE WAS SO TINY. He weighed maybe as much as a deck of playing cards. He also attempted to crawl up my coat sleeve, and stuck his nose into one of my nostrils. It was so adorable. I WANT A FERRET.

Anyway. Painkillers, then more packing. UGH.

EDIT: I HAS A GAME CUBE. \o/ Now I can ask for Symphonia and Twilight Princess for Christmas. xD;
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Cut For TMI )

On a non-TMI topic, I'm moving in a month or two. Possibly the end of November, possibly closer to the end of December, depending on how things go with the sewer lines being fixed. Basically, if they don't have them fixed by the end of this month, Sarah is moving come the end of November, so I have to leave then as well. If they do get them fixed by the end of this month, she won't be moving for a couple extra months, so my original December timeline still works.

Unfortunately, I have nowhere to go but back to Mom and Lee's place. Mom keeps assuring me it's fine, and that's what parents are for, but fuck do I feel guilty about it. I would still be paying rent (they said $240/month but I'm insisting on at least what I pay here, which is $355) and helping out with hydro/etc. and paying for my own Internet and everything, but still. They're just now finally getting my brother out of the house, and I know it'd be nice for them to have some time to themselves.

I know, I know... Mom doesn't want me on the street or anything, and she'd rather I was there because she's worried about me. But still. I feel like such an inconvenience and a burden. Though I suppose between paying for myself and helping out with cooking/cleaning/etc. I can at least try to make up for it...

All of this is only possible because it turns out that if I move back in with them, ODSP won't cut me off, as long as they're charging me rent/utilities/etc. I suppose I would have felt even worse if I'd just moved back in and had to bum off them, so that's something. I need to discuss everything with Mom some more and work out how it's all going to happen, and try to figure out where I'm going to store the furniture and etc. that won't fit when I go back. I guess I'm having a yard sale soon. Which would be less of a pain if it wasn't getting really cold here already.

So... I get to start packing ASAP, and moving things over there a few boxes at a time to cut down on what has to go all at once when I do move. I hate packing. I hate moving. I hate having to go back and burden Mom again. But I hate this place more. Not to mention the lack of affordable housing around here. It's the only thing I can do.


In somewhat related news, I need money. Desperately. To help with the move and everything. I guess a garage sale might help a bit, but no guarantees. I'll probably post a list of stuff I'm willing to part with as I pack things up and go through them. Please consider buying something when I do! Or, if you're interested, I'm still taking pony commissions. Just email me or drop a comment and we can talk about it.

[Pronnie: Asch!pony is... not done. I failed at your birthday deadline. :D; Sorry! Still working on him though! I'll bug you for your address when I get him finished. For now he's sitting on my coffee table giving me "wtf woman, why am I still bald?!" looks. ♥ Screw you Asch!pony, your hair is hard to sculpt! >|]

Oh, and on a not even remotely related topic, been downloading more stuff. An episode of Bones that I missed (I still need this week's Criminal Minds too), as well as a bunch of Jurassic Fight Club episodes (ilu [ profile] firebird_88 for turning me on to that ♥♥), a couple of shark documentaries like Sharkwater, and a ton of movies; Wild HogsDay of the Dead, Enchanted, Deep Rising, Shark Swarm, Superhero Movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Batman: Gotham Knight, Mama-Mia (yes, Pronnie, I will watch it I swear), My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Anaconda III, The Mummy Tomb: Curse of the Dragon Emperor, The Strangers, Epic Movie and Alone In The Dark II. >3

I've watched a few of them, and I'll probably talk about them tomorrow or the next day when I'm feeling better. FOR NOW RECCOMMEND SOME GOOD MOVIES (OR TV SHOWS) TO ME. I HAVE TONS OF DOWNLOAD MB LEFT.

EDIT: RP stuff no one wants to read. )

...and now I'm off to curl up in whimpering, shaking ball on the bed and pass out from the pain.

Have a random Tetsuya icon.


Sep. 4th, 2008 12:24 am
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I was supposed to be at home tonight, but instead I'm staying here to watch movies with my brother. xD; We already watched Lake Placid 2 (which was baaaad omg) and now we're watching DOOM just for the gratuitous violence. Haha.

Plus, Trunks has had a bad few weeks with some of his friends and his girlfriend and things kind of went KABOOM a couple days ago, so I'm worried about him, and he needs someone to talk to. He already spent about three hours this afternoon telling me things he hasn't told anyone else. It's important that he talk about it, so I'm here to be an ear for him.

Plus, I brought over a lot of random violent movies to distract him. 8D

Other than that, today I am in paaaain. My ovaries are trying to kill me again. D: Stupid things. So I went out to Walmart and picked up more painkillers and muscle relaxants and have taken massive ammounts of both so that I can do more than just lie on my side in the fetal position. =.=;; I might go to bed soon though, the pills are making me kind of sleepy.

Then tomorrow, I said I'd help Trunks with his resume, and I also have a cake to bake (boston cream!), a pie to bake (raspberry-blueberry!), and dishes to do.

EDIT: Ah, Trunks just asked me to stay a couple more nights. I'm really worried about him right now and he's having a hard time and keeps crying over nothing, so I think I probably will. I have nothing really at home right now anyway, so I can call Sarah and get her to feed the cats and the rabbits for me.
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OMG so much pain... DDD:

*curls up and rocks back and forth*
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Blaaaahh, I am in so much rediculous pain today. >__<; I hate this time of the month. The stupid pills I'm on are supposed to help with this, but they don't. RAWR. >O

So I buy SUPER-stength Motrin instead. :3 lol. Once they kick in, I should be good, but right now I'm hurting so much I'm shaking dammit. OW owowowowowow!


Today the Twinkle Twirl ponies I bought last month came in. I wanted to do an Ak/gito from Air Gear (ok, two I want one to keep myself lawl), and Twinkle Twirl comes in a pose where you can make it look like she's bucking, which is perfect for Agito. I could do an Akito version in a regular pose if I wanted and it'd be IC. So I got three of her, and I've started stripping two already. The third was in brand new condition, so I set her aside and I'll hang onto her unless someone commissions one with her pose later. *shrug*

And I've been getting together boxes to ship out on Friday... but I have no tape so I can't seal them or wrap them until I get some. >>; What a pain. I have everything organised at least, I think. And I need to make some more jam soon for Semi-hime, but at least all I have to do is actually wrap the stuff and mail it.

...fuck, I almost forgot I need a box big enough for Steph's chips. xD;; I might have to buy one at the post office lol.
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There was no one on AIM today. And I mean no one; I logged on, and thought that maybe AIM was glitching or something because every one of the people on my contact list was offline and that's never happened before. >>;;

That aside, today was nothing special as long as you ignored the crippling pain GODDAMN OVARIES ARGH!! ><;; and the half-assembled treadmill in the middle of my apartment.

AHAHA, you should have seen us trying to muscle the damn thing up three flights of stairs last night after we picked it up! xD;;

It weighs like 500 pounds and is awkward as hell, so Mom and I asked the downstairs neighbor if he could maybe give us a hand with it? And Robin is super nice and said yes, but I don't think he quiet knew what he was in for when he agreed. >>;;

Anyway, so Mom and Robin dragged it up two flights with me opening doors and clearing the way and kicking all the cats into the back room, and then we looked at the next flight of stairs and decided that we'd open the box and take it up the final flight in pieces because it was so heavy all together...

...only to discover that it's pretty much only one piece to begin with. XDD;

We'd already thanked Robin profusely and he'd gone back home by that point, and we had to call him and get him to help bring it up the rest if the way. But we did take it out of the box on Sarah's floor, so it was a bit more manageable in size and shape than it had been to begin with.

It took us almost an hour to carry it up from the van. ^_^;;

Now I still need to get someone to help me put it together because there's wiring and whatnot to be done, but other than that it's pretty much dealt with.

Though I have no clue where I'm going to put it. Right now it's sitting in the middle of the floor and is really in the way... it's much bigger than it looked in the store display. O.o;


Oct. 26th, 2006 01:45 pm
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I woke up early this morning. To excrutiating chest pains.

I ended up going down to the ER. Where I waited for like three and a half hours, only for the doctor to tell me that it was probably "indigestion" and had to do with my hyatal hernia.


I know what it feels like when my hernia is acting up. This was not just indigestion, or heartburn, or anything like that.

Guess I've got to make another appointment with my family doctor...


Jun. 2nd, 2006 09:41 pm
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You guys, seriously. Loki is such a spaz. ^_^; He's constantly running head-first into stuff, and when he wants something he'll toddle over and do this little dance at my feet... it's really hard to describe. If I wear a long skirt and stand still, he scoots under it and runs in circles. It's so cute and funny, I almost don't want him to grow out of it... >^-^;;

And last night he scared the BLOODY HELL out of Neko! Ahaha... Neko was sleeping next to me when I went to bed last night, and Loki crawled under the bed, then came around and tried to jump up on the back side. He bounced up and landed right behind Neko, and Neko just went "MROW!!" and shot across the room. XD

No wonder he doesn't like him... ^^;;


In regards to my last post, Ouran High School Host Club is the funniest damn show I've watched in a long time. ^__^ I think everyone should go and download it. It's via bittorrent. Aaaah, so much fun... X3

I've also been watching some episodes of Princess Princess... which is one of those really WTF-inspiring shows. ^^; It's fun, but... strange. Yes. STRANGE.

Also, the lockjaw I've been dealing with is starting to get worse again... the soreness is back, and the muscles in my jaw are getting stiffer. But this time the stiffness is travelling farther back into the left side of my jaw-- I can almost feel it in the lower part of my eat canal, which isn't good.

ARGH. Gonna have to go to the after hours clinic...
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And because I probably forgot to mention it earlier... my hand is much better. Even all the scabs are gone now (I heal fast), though the skin around the area is still really dry from the infection, and I have a lot of scarring, including a big knot right by the joint of my thumb where the worst part of the injury was.

But other than that, I'm back to normal, and scars don't really bother me. It just means I have a story to tell. lol.


Fritz gave me fucking TETNUS. Just a slight case of it, which is 98% cleared up already because of the shot/antibiotics, but still. (Also, if the first doctor had given me the shot the day I went in, instead of deciding not to and me having it two days later when I went back, I could have avoided it...)

The whole tetnus thing has given me a mild case of lockjaw, which I've been dealing with for about a week now. When it first showed up, it was just a mild ache in the left side of my jaw, and I thought I'd been gritting my teeth while I was asleep again, since I go through phazes of that sometimes... but it kept getting worse and worse.

On Wednesday, I had an appointment to have a cavity dealt with at the Dentist's office; it was a 45 minute appointment, and then when he was done doing the filling, he asked me to tap my teeth together to make sure that it was filed down properly... and I couldn't close my mouth. Holding it open that long made it lock up. -_-;; It took me a few minutes to get the muscle knot worked out, but I managed it...

Then by Saturday night, I couldn't open my mouth enough to even eat properly. I had to take itty-bitty pieces of food, and push them back past my front teeth with the end of the fork, so that I could get it into my mouth. I could chew relatively okay, I just couldn't open my jaw enough to actually get the food in.

At that point, I was seriously afraid that I would wake up on Sunday morning and not be able to open my mouth at all (and apparently, so was Mom...) ^^;;

But on Sunday when I got up, the stiffness wasn't quite so bad. I worked my jaw, and forced it open (I had to keep doing that regularly just to keep the muscles loose enough that I could talk and whatnot)... and there was a horrendous CRUNCH in the left side of my jaw, and it loosened up almost completely. ^_^;;

I was like YAY!

...but today it's starting to stiffen up again. Luckily, I have an appointment with my doctor scheduled soon, so if it continues getting worse again, I can go see her instead of going back to the emergency room (again) and having to deal with the people there.

Though I honestly don't know what she could do, since the hospital already have me the shot/antibiotics for it. I guess she could give me pennicillan or something, since they gave me amoxicillan and clavin before... (that combination made me nauseous as hell, by the way...) :P

Yeah. Stupid freaking cat... =_=;;
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Today my hand is very red, mottled across the back, and my finger/thumb joints are stiff. The tooth puncture marks are pussy (blegh) and inflamed, while the scratches are healing just like any other scratch normally would. Despite the state of the bites, my hand isn't any more swollen than it was yesterday-- though it isn't any less swollen, either. :P

Anyway, because of all that fun stuff, I went back to the hospital this morning to have them look at it again. They weren't really busy, thankfully, so I wasn't actually there for long. I love short hospital visits!

The doctor I saw this time was different than the one I saw two days ago (that's hospital rotation for you), but I think he's the one I saw last time I was there, back in the fall for the problems I had with my lungs. ^_^ He's a nice guy, even though I can't remember his name, lol.

So he had a look at my hand, and asked about the antibiotics I was prescribed on Tuesday. He says that, in his experience, almost all cat bites become infected, so it's normal that mine are. He also told me that it takes a few doses for the antibiotics to get into my bloodstream enough to work, but they should start kicking in properly tomorrow or the next day, and then I'll start seeing improvement.

There really wasn't much he could do for me, since I've already got the Apo-Amoxi Clav to take, but he gave me a tetnus shot just in case (I don't know why they didn't give me one on Tuesday, honestly), and told me that if it doesn't start getting better some time in the next couple of days, I should come back again.

Right, so! There you go. I still can't use my hand much (especially my thumb when it comes to gripping), but even though I've got an infection, it's normal. WHOOT.

Also, owie. The muscles in my arm where I got that tetnus shot are really sore right now... ;-; *whiner*

That aside, I cooked that turkey yesterday, even though I only had one hand to work with. >^-^;; I wouldn't have done it, except that it had been thawed for a couple of days, and really needed to be cooked. Sarah helped me move it around and stir the stuffing, and the rest of it was done with just my left hand and my right elbow to pin stuff down when I needed to. ^_^;; Ahaha...

It turned out really good, even though it was awkward to do. Now that it's all done, I gave a bunch of Sarah, and a bunch to Mom and Lee, and then put together six turkey-and-stuffing TV-type dinners and stuck them in the freezer. YAY TURKEY.

I also have a big container of bones and meat scraps, and in a couple of days when my hand is feeling a bit better, I'm going to make a huge-ass pot of soup. X3


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