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Hokay! My first real entry after months of nothing! ...and it's just a recounting of my day, really. I'm very boring lately. :P



Today was grocery day. Yay! /sarcasm. >>;

Actually, it's not so bad. Mom and I do groceries together each week, so it's kind of fun to go out and spend the time with her.

So because this is the first shopping trip of the month (for March, even though it's still the 29th of February), I had a TON of stuff to get. I easily dropped $250+ dollars on various things, and that was BEFORE coming home and paying all my bills. =.=;;

So foodstuffs for me and then stocking up on food and litter and other various things for the critters. While I was at the (first) pet store, I also picked up a few fish for my community tropical tank. 2 blue dwarf gouramis, a striped angel fish and 6 cherry barbs. (Already in the tank; 1 pleco, 2 cory catfish, 3 angels, 1 orange dwarf gourami, 2 rosy minnows, 2 gold barbs, 3 rosy barbs, 9 neon tetras, 4 red platys, 1 guppy, 1 tiger barb, 1 redtail shark, 2 zebra danios...) It's a huge 75 gallon aquarium, what can I say? I think my next addition might be one or two congo tetras. They are SO pretty. ♥

When I later went down to J&K to buy rats for Aya and Opal, I asked Dave when I should start worrying about how long it's been since Aya ate; ball pythons will routinely go for long periods of time without eating, but it's going on 10 months since Aya last ate. He seems healthy and isn't losing weight. He's even still shedding, which means he must still be growing. But it's been so long now that Dave said it's probably a good idea to bring Aya into the shop, and they'll hand-feed him for me. If it works, they'll show me how to do it. I might have to buy a pair of feeding tongs, but that's a minor thing when compared to the idea of Aya starving to death. =/

Having done a ton of running around with Mom today during shopping, I then did a bunch more after she dropped me off. XD; I went to the Dollarama and picked up some things for Easter baskets, then to Liquidation World, where I bought a Firefly Jar for part of a Christmas gift for the end of this year.

I froze my tail off with all the walking, since it was blustery and snowstorming when I went out. Now I have wind burn on my face and ears. DX

Tonight was the night that registration for AA at Anime North opened. I sent in my application like five seconds after 8pm when registration officially started, so we'll see if I get a spot. I hope I do, I could really use the money...

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to Mom and Lee's place for dinner. My sister and her hubby are coming over and bringing my new baby niece, and we're all going to have Chinese takeout together. xD;

So I'm making a cake for dessert! But since my sis and brother-in-law have a lot of diet restrictions, it has to be a really specialty-type recipe. I'm making dairy-free, soy-free carrot cake with frosting made from avacados! O.O The cake looks really good, and I'm doing the icing in a few minutes. Then tomorrow we'll see how it turned out~!

...and now I'll leave you with a brony Cross And Arrow duet dub video, just for shits and giggles:

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I keep saying I'm going to write in this thing regularly like I used to, and then I never do. I'm not really sure why; health problems lately, depression and anxiety, financial issues? I guess I've just been distracted by other things, my mind isn't on doing random journal entries, which is stupid because writing in my LJ always helps me work through things that are happening in my life. =/

In any case, I have been updating my writing blog ([ profile] vanimadin); I set it up a while back and have been using it quite a bit. I can't remember if I ever mentioned it here before.

I've also FINALLY been updating the Esprit Studios blog ([ profile] espritstudios) after like a year of nothing. >>; This is (hopefully) a precursor to me finally getting the ES etsy shop up and running full capacity. It's a long process, though, as I have to photograph and catalog all of the items and then take the time to post them in the LJ and list them in the shop.

I've also been slowly but steadily working toward actually getting somewhere with House Of Yum. Working on a plan toward an actual, credible business is very hard and complicated, but I'm hoping it will all be worthwhile in the end. Fingers crossed, right?

Other than that, I've finally decided that I'm going to bite the bullet and pay for a gym membership. I've pretty much come as far as I can with my fitness on my own, and I need access to the facilities a gym would offer. I'm thinking probably the YMCA, both because it has disability discounts and because it offers use of the pool and various sporting areas as well as the typical weights that other gyms offer.

This of course means that I have to somehow AFFORD a membership as well as actual workout clothes. At least I already have decent runners? So I need to go out to Sport Check or wherever and do some pricing, too. Oh, and I need to check and see if I have a bathing suit that fits. .__.; Almost forgot about that.

Oh, and since I haven't updated recently I guess I never posted about Lily, Ven or Opal. :D

Lily: Another kitten. Dad brought her up from the farm, where her mother had abandoned her when she was about 2 weeks old. They found her by the middle barn and Lois bottle fed her for about a month before they passed her to me. She's a tiny little tabby, and when she arrived she looked like she was still 2 weeks old, even though she was actually 6 weeks. She was, and still is, EXTREMELY stunted with her growth and development because she was booted from her mama at such a young age. She's a handful. But being here with the other cats, lots of attention and as much food as she can possibly cram into her little kitty belly, she is catching up in leaps and bounds. Lils will never be the biggest cat. She'll always be small and delicate. But she's healthy and happy and robust now, so it's all good. ♥

Ven: My new rat, named after Ventus from KH: BBS. I unfortunately had to put down my last rat (Roxy, named after Roxas from KH) just a couple of days before I left for the US back in the summer. I was very sad about that, Roxy was a special little rattie and I loved her to bits. And I've had rats pretty much always since 2005 when I got my first one (Yuki). I really love the little guys, they're so smart and loving and adorable. They make great pets. So when I got back here from the US, I went and picked out a new little rat. He's white with a blonde-cream hood, and he lives up to his name by being a total trusting derp. He's a darling and I luff him. :3

Opal: Third snake's the charm! I've still got Aya, of course, and he's doing perfectly fine, but one day I went into J&K and was looking around and ZOMG! they had the most gorgeous snake I had ever seen. Opal is an albino reverse-stripe kingsnake. (You can find albino kingsnake pics here. Some of them are reverse-stripe and some aren't. I should really just upload some pics of Opal. :P) She's still quite young so she's only about two feet long. She'll probably end up around six feet, but kingsnakes are like garters, they get looooong but stay relatively skinny. Right now she's in the small terrarium (the one Aya started out in and Nyoka was in until she escaped and subsequently, yanno, DIED. *facepalm*) but eventually I'll have to upgrade her to one similar in size to what Aya is currently living in. Ah, her full name is "Opalescence", but w/e I just call her Opal. :P

Still want to try another sand boa, and I plan on getting a tarantula at some point. I'm finding keeping non-mammals very interesting. The snakes/turtle/fish/etc, are all very different from the cats and rabbits. Fascinating, really. ♥

Oh, also? MLP: Friendship Is Magic. I've been sucked in. SO RANDOM AND ADDICTING. [/is cosplaying Princess Luna at Otakon next year.]
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Yesterday was my birthday, and the highlight of it was when I went for a walk. To the bank. Only to get there and find it closed, at which point I remembered it was a bank holiday. =/

I did get some birthday wishes from friends on FB, and Grandma called me (and spent half the conversation lecturing me, as per normal.) And Mom wished me a happy birthday as well, but only after I called her to discuss a completely different subject. The worst part is that I'm not even disappointed that things went that way, because that's pretty much how my birthday always is anymore. It kinda sucks, all things considered.

Anyway, today I went back downtown and wired last month's rent and the security deposit to the landlord for the new apartment. $740 poorer, I then pulled my last $40 from the bank for groceries tomorrow. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to pay for groceries from then until the end of the month, but I guess I'll manage somehow.

I then spent the afternoon trying to get in contact with my disability case worker (because they're supposed to be paying for last month's rent/security deposit, but I can't fucking get ahold of Susan so I had to pay for it myself and get the money back from them later on) and my current landlord (because I need to get January's rent back from him, since I paid 1st/last rent when I moved here and since January will be my last month it's already covered, but ODSP has already sent him rent for January...)

Still no word from my worker, but at least my landlord called back. He says he can get the rent back to me later this month, and wants me to clean the apartment up so he can have people start to come over and view it to rent it out when I'm gone. Of course the place is already clean, but I'll give it another once-over just to be sure.

The only problem is that he wants me to move the rabbits/rats somewhere else while he's actively showing the place. =/ So I've asked Mom if they could go to her place until the end of the month. If she says no then I've got nowhere else to take them, so they have to stay here. idk, I guess we'll see.
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Uuuugh still trying to get my phone bill payed off from vacation this summer. ~_~;; I should have it completely dealt with next month though, at least. Maybe later this month if I can get some jewelry sold on ebay or something. We'll see.

My back room is currently home to three guitars (one of them was made in Germany in 1930! :O!) because M from downstairs finally managed to get them back out of hock and then he was going out this evening but K and R were still home and had shifty friends over. The kind of people who would have stolen the guitars and sold them for drug money. =/ So M asked if they could spend the night up here with me, and I said no problem. I have plenty of room for them now, haha. I kind of want to take the 1930's one out of its case and have a look but at the same time I'm afraid I'll drop it or something. >__>;;

I wrote a letter to one of my rl friends a couple days back. I don't know how else to contact her and I felt like getting ahold of her; while I was reorganizing I found a bunch of old notes she wrote me back in high school and they made me giggle, and I realized it had been like three years since I saw her last. Hopefully she'll call or email or something. I miss her terribly. ♥

Anyway, Imma mail it tomorrow when I go downtown. I have to get some frozen rats for Aya (I only have one left) and some crickets for Sally and Tula (my pet wolf spiders! 8D;;) so I'll pop by the post office too. Yep.

Oh, and today I picked up a bunch of odds and ends for for etc-kitty, Cat McD and Sethi. Hehe, I love putting together random packages! Though this time 'round I may possibly be including too many goodies. Doing P.O.S. exchange around Halloween might not be such a good idea. Candy and chocolate are way too easy to overdo this time of year. XD;

It's now officially October, so I can use my Halloween Kaoru icon! :D

EDIT: Just looked up some pics and Sally and Tula appear to be some kind of orb-weaver spiders (possibly cat-faced spiders), not wolf spiders. I thought they looked a little too round. But we always have wolf spiders and these girls are gigantic, so I made an assumption and it turned out to be wrong. Whatever. Apparently I have a nest of orb-weaver spiders around though, because there are webs with them outside every window of my apartment. xD; They help keep the fly population down though, and they don't hurt anything (and are completely harmless to people/pets) so I don't mind so much. ♥
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Ugh, I feel like such a zombie lately. My brain just isn't working right. It rather sucks actually. But anyway, I've procrastinated over updating my journal for long enough, I figure I should maybe actually, yanno, do it. Numbers to help me keep my thoughts organized, though everything's not really in any particular order. ♥

1) The cats have fleas. UGH. I have literally never had a flea outbreak in my house (despite the number of critters) and I'm seriously not pleased with it. In fact, it fucking sucks. The only saving grace is that they haven't gotten to the rabbits. Yet. I've tried practically everything to get rid of them, too; I flea bathed them all, gave them over-the-counter flea drops, gave them Vet prescription flea drops (which cost a fortune, btw), and then tried a flea spray (I treated the entire apartment as well.) Finally, in a last-ditch effort it was recommended that I shave them all down and do the flea spray again when they were nekkid, as there was a possibility that the spray wasn't getting all the way through their fur.

So! I went out and purchased an electric shaver (technically marketed for dogs, but whatever) for freaking $50 +tax. I figure at least I can use it on them every year in the spring to lessen the shedding epidemic when it starts getting warm. I can also use it on Pagan, since he's my only long-haired bun and tends to get mats on his underside at random intervals for no apparent reason and no matter how often I brush/groom him. Anyway.

I know my cats, and I knew that Loki was going to be the hardest one to do since he's such a nervous kitty. I decided to do him first to get him out of the way, and also because I figured that if I did him later he would find somewhere to hide as soon as he knew what was happening. What I didn't figure on was my lovely, cuddly, affectionate Loki-boy going ABSOLUTELY FUCKING POSTAL. .__.;

Mom and my brother were helping to hold him, and as soon as I turned the clippers on he WENT INTO A TERROR-INDUCED HOMICIDAL FREAK OUT. I knew he was going to be nervous and a little scared just like he is with anything new, but WHAT. THE. FUCK. It was like trying to hold down a MOUNTAIN LION, right down to the insane amount of personal injury; Mom got bitten a half dozen times on her hands, my brother got seriously MAULED from the elbow down on BOTH arms, and my left leg was mauled and he bit right through the nail on my right hand, completely severing it. Then this past Monday I went to the doctor's and Dr. K had a look and is pretty sure not only did he fuck my nail up but the crushing injury was so severe that he managed to actually break the tip of my finger bone off. So of course, my hand is taking IONS to heal and still hurts like a fucking bitch nearly two weeks later. ~__~;; Sooo...

All three of us trouped to the hospital when it happened and got antibiotics and Mom and my bro got tetanus shots since theirs weren't up to date. Fun times with the family, huh? So that was the adventure with trying to shave Loki, who is still not shaved and who will never be, short of drugging him into a coma beforehand. Haha. Neko, Juna and Tri are all 3/4 naked now, though, and with them the worst that happened was that Tri puffed his tail at me while I was doing it. Now I just need Mom to help me treat them with the spray again. Cross your fingers for me that it, you know, works this time. Because if it doesn't I'm out of options short of building little cabins and inviting the fleas to move in for life.


Haha, and then the hospital reported the "attack" (by law they have to) so the Health Unit called to talk with me and put Loki on quarantine for ten days just in case. This of course made me lol because whatever, he's a house cat anyway. XD He's officially off quarantine now though.

Loki and I have since made up, of course. :)

Moving on!

2) Today I got some catnip for the pride and sprinkled it down on the carpet in the living room. This is something I do on a regular basis, but it was particularly amusing this time because it's the first time Tia has been exposed to it. OMFG she was hilarious! I giggled at her for like half an hour while she zoomed around and rolled in it and licked the carpet and was generally all =OwO= It was really adorable. ♥

3) Aya finally shed! I'd had him for two months and nothing, even though the pet store peeps said all the rest of the ball pythons from his clutch did the week I got him. When I got home from the US he still hadn't shed and I was starting to get a little concerned. But then last week his pattern started to fade and his eyes clouded over. YAY. A few days later I peeked in the terrarium and the old skin was balled up in the corner by his hidey rock. ^^ I was hoping it would be straight so I could take a pic, but oh well. And he had been really lethargic since two weeks before I left for my vacation, but now he's all energetic again. Or at least as energetic as a snake can be. ^_~

4) Due to massive injuries and seriously excessive pain, I've spent the last two weeks unable to do pretty much any cleaning around here aside from sweeping a bit. I normally sweep/vacuum/mop/dust every couple of days, and not being able to do it was driving me nuts; the floor and carpets were a disaster, dishes (which I also do every couple of days) were piling up... last week I couldn't even clean out the rabbit/rat cages, which I HATED because it meant my poor babies had icky living conditions for a whole week.

Luckily, the last couple of days the pain has subsided a bit; not much, but enough that I could vacuum the place and do a few dishes (not all of them because my finger started throbbing again halfway through) and tonight I managed to finagal my way through cleaning all the cages out. YAYZ! Now I don't feel guilty and like a terrible Mom anymore. Whew.

Also got my bathroom tidied and reorganized, which it's needed for ages.

5) Today I took a wander downtown. It was nice out, just a little cool so I got to wear my (faux) leather jacket, which fits me again whoo! I went to the dollar store for a gift bag for a Christmas gift that I've already got 90% finished and a new shower curtain (I have to replace it every couple months because the cats like to play with them and trash them in the process), then went to Salon Salon and got my eyebrows waxed because they really really needed it. I also picked up the bulk order of eyepins I ordered from Magpie Beads like two months ago.

Speaking of which... MAGPIE BEADS IS CLOSING!! DDD8 They're moving to Barrie! They're the only bead store in town and they're leaving meeeeee! *WEEPS*

Right. So after that I had to go across town to pick up some prescriptions, and while I was around there I went into the Dollarama; got some odds and ends, mostly for other people lol. Then I went to Blockbuster to look at previously viewed movies... and they were having a huge sale on them. I got eleven movies for just over forty bucks! ASDGH! I may have had a little mental flail. XD

I picked up Terminator: Salvation, Battle for Terra, Drag Me to Hell, Zombieland, The Rundown (my Rock movie collection is ever expanding! X3), The Patriot, The Alphabet Killer, Swarmed, The Black Hole, Dragonball Evolution (out of morbid curiosity; and it only cost me $3) and Ghost Machine, which I'm watching right now. ♥

And the sale is on until Oct 3rd, so Imma go back for a few more when I get my money at the end of the month. I'm gonna try to sell some stuff in the meantime to make up for it. Hehehehe new movies make me happy. :3

6) Other than picking up some DVDs, I've seem some newer movies lately too. I'm partway through Predators, which is turning out to be fun. I won't have a concrete opinion on it until I've watched it all though. Wish I could find a better copy online... maybe I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD and pick it up to finish watching it.

Piranha 3D; I didn't watch it in 3D, obviously, but... OMFG. It was AWESOME. >3!! Prehistoric piranha + spring break = fucking fun times! I was a little surprised how gory it was, actually. Not that it bothered me since I'm already so desensitized to cinema violence, but about halfway through it just suddenly struck me that there was A LOT of gore. Go figure.

Resident Evil: Afterlife; EEEEE NEW RESIDENT EVIL MOVIE!!

The Last Exorcism; This one started out really slowly, and I almost gave up on it. It did get really interesting about halfway through, though, and was quite good from then on. The only thing I disliked was that it was filmed like a documentary (like The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield), and I'm not overly fond of that way of filming. But it was good for what it was.

I just saw a preview for this movie, too, and it looks amazing and creepy and I really want to see it:

7) I have packages for the following peeps, which I swear I'll be mailing out soon. No really. Steph & Reppy, Lome, Kiin-bb, Maddie & Chloe and Mari. ♥

[ profile] kierseth, [ profile] etcetera_cat and [ profile] cat_mcdougall. HEY YOU GUYS. We haven't done a proper P.O.S. exchange in forever! Want to organize one again? ^_^

8) Dad is coming up later this week to stop in for a visit. He's picking up his and Lois' souvenirs and the movies I borrowed from him last time I was down back in May. He's also bringing me a bunch more b-grade movies to replace them, which makes me happy because, I mean, B-GRADE MOVIES WUT. xD

I'm thinking about asking if I can go back with him to visit for a couple of days. I told him I'd help him go through the rest of Aunt Cheryl's stuff in the barn, and I want to get that done before it gets too cold out. Plus I'd just like to visit with him and Lois and the dogs a bit. I don't get to do that often enough. =/

9) I had an appointment in Toronto with the dietitian a couple weeks back. I have to go every 3-4 months for a checkup and bloodwork. I'm told my weight loss is going very well and I'm perfectly on track for where I should be (I've lost 80lbs since Feb 26th), so probably by February I'll be down to about my target weight of 130-140lbs. The only thing is that they're concerned I'm not getting enough protein in my diet, so I'm supposed to try having more in the way of cheese/eggs/etc. *shrug*

Anyhoo, the dietitian called today and left a message regarding the results of my bloodwork; my iron is low, so she wants me to go on iron supplements daily (I normally only take them when I'm on my period) and my vitamin C was really low which makes no sense considering the amount of vitamin C rich fruits and drinks I eat but she wants me to take vitamin C pills too. She also noted that my white blood cell count was high, but at the time they took the blood I was just getting over a bad cold so that doesn't surprise me.

10) Yesterday I took my camera and did a video tour of my apartment to post on FB for people, since I apparently fail at posting pics despite peeps on my f-list there and here asking for them. >>; But then I got carried away and it ended up way too long, so when I tried to upload it it didn't work. *facepalm* Guess I'm doing another one tomorrow. A shorter one. lol.

11) Been rewatching House on DVD; the first five seasons. I just finished yesterday. The season 4 finale made me bawl like a baby. AGAIN. ~_~;

12) Back when I was down in Dayton I was supposed to paint with Chloe, but somehow we just never got around to it. But when I got back home I still kind of had the itch to do it, so I picked up a couple of medium-sized canvasses. My first painting is maybe a third done now. Haha, I haven't painted in forever, and this is my very first painting actually on canvas! I'm really enjoying it (even though my injured hand is making things difficult) and I plan to do a few more.

Funnily enough, the first painting started off as kind of an abstract idea but has given birth to a new character/species. He doesn't have a name yet, but I think he might fit into the same world as Terra/Ilo/Celine/Aysel. I really like his design, so I plan to do more sketches of him, and maybe another larger and more detailed painting.

I'm considering doing painting for people for Christmas this year, too. Would anyone like a Sena!painting? 83

13) Mom and Lee are on vacation right now. They're coming back tomorrow; they just spent a few days off in an out of the way cabin-type place where they could both relax and everything. They really needed it, they've both been totally fried out between one thing and another. Hopefully a few days away will have helped.

In any case, I called yesterday to invite my brother over here for dinner but he had friends over. So instead we decided that I'm going over there tomorrow to visit and make supper for him and Mom and Lee when they get home. ♥

14) I NEED MONIES. $__$ Does anyone out there want a pony or jewelry commission or something? :3
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Been working on ES stuff today. I've got the new studio blog up and running (mostly) at [ profile] espritstudios. Still have quite a bit to do, but I'm rather happy with how it is so far. I've also opened an ES FB page, but I haven't done any work on the content at all yet. I'll get to it tomorrow or the next day, hopefully.

It's taken me forever, but I'm determined to actually get off my rear and get all the Esprit and House of Yum stuff running. >O I CAN DO IT.

Other than that... I'm working a lot on things for people for Christmas. I don't have any money to buy presents for anyone this year, so I'm making things instead. It's the best I can do.

I'm making a home-made wreath for Mom (she finally threw out her old one last year), and doing a pony for Lee and one for my brother; then I'm doing jewelry for as bunch of people, and have a bunch of preserves for Lois. The only problem is Dad. I have no idea what to do for him! ;A; idk... maybe I can scrape up enough money to get him something, if he's the only one I'm buying for...

Anyway, all you people who would normally get cards and gifts from me, you'll still get them, just probably about a month from now because I won't have shipping monies until then. XD IT EXTENDS CHRISTMAS/YULE/ETC SHUT UP. <33


Other than that... my RL bff came back from England for a couple weeks. I miss her terribly, and haven't seen her since two-and-a-half years ago. She was supposed to come visit me today but ended up not being able to make it and she's going back to England tomorrow. ~_~;; FML. I was really seriously looking forward to seeing her, too.

Maybe if my government money comes through I can take a visit to England and see her there. That would be fun. I want to go there anyway. And I can inflict myself on other people while I'm there too! >D lol.
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Still doing fine with Z, but the smaller keyboard on the laptop is so completely different it's taking a lot of getting used to. Also, I don't like the touch pad, but then I never have liked them. Which is why I have a mouse to plug into Z when I'm at home, though when I'm out and about with him I guess I'll just deal with the touch pad. Like now at Mom's for instance. :D

DLed all my photos from my camera today (now I need to charge it) so that I can start adding things to my Esprit Studios etsy account. Then I logged in and started to do just that... only to be told by etsy that my photos are too big. ~_~; But screw it, I'll deal with resizing them when I get home and have the mouse.

Lately I've been working on things to sell at the bazaar Grandma got me a table at. Mostly jams and jellies right now, but also a few more bits of jewelery and I'm doing two Christmas ponies to take with me to sell and as examples, since it's a Christmas bazaar and all that.

Anyway, so far I've made crab apple jelly, lemon-honey jelly, strawberry-rhubarb jam, rhubarb jam, almond-brown-sugar applesauce, pumpkin sauce, and watermelon jelly. As usual I'm having trouble getting things to set, but whatever.

After the bazaar anything that hasn't sold will be going up at my House of Yum etsy account, along with various cookies and candies. Please, once I get the shop up, anyone who's had my jams/jellies/cookies/misc baking and etc. please spread the word. Between Esprit Studios and House of Yum I'm trying to get myself set up to make enough extra cash each month to keep the bills paid. It doesn't have to be much, about $200 would cover that. But any good word of mouth would be helpful and appreciated. <3

I took Loki to the vet a couple weeks ago because of his allergies again. This time he had been chewing on his feet, and itching at his chest and abdomen until all the hair was coming off, as well as scratching his face up still. -_-;

Same thing is usual, and three years of trying to find a treatment that, you know, WORKS. But this time we got to the vet and saw a new woman (Dr Wilson, I think?) and she actually suggested some things that none of the others had mentioned before even in all the times I'd had him in there (and all the money I've spent.)

She thinks there's a possibility that it could be an immune disorder rather than allergies, which would require different treatment, obviously. But while we're seeing about applying for funding to get the tests done (because I can't afford it on my own), she did suggest an allergy med that we could pick up from the pharmacy.

So we got a bottle of these pills, and he's been taking a half pill twice a day for just over two weeks now... and it's working fucking MIRACLES! His face is 90% healed up and he hasn't been itching at his chest and stomach almost at all. If this keeps up, we might have actually got it figured out finally. And the kicker is, the pills cost $10 a bottle, which covers three months worth of pills for Loki. All that money spent and I could have just gone to the pharmacy and spent $10 instead. Man.

But still, glad to see him feeling so much better. :)

Right now I'm at Mom's to do laundry and print off some things since my own printer is pretty much dead. I'm also watching my brother play Twilight Princess. Ahh, Zelda, ILU. <3

Random recent observation: Last weeks SPN episode? C-CRACKY EP WAS CRACKY. .__.;;

Oh, and before I forget. Cat McD! Were you still interested in those ponies we talked about a while back? Let me know. <3
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A semi-decent update for those of you on my flist that are wondering how I'm doing aside from ZOMG eel creatures and OMG lampwork heart pendants.

Mom's surgery is coming up on the 25th, and it really kind of snuck up on me. The whole family is really stressed and worried right now, and Mom is making herself sick with being afraid that when they go in to do the hysterectomy they'll find something more than the tests have shown so far. I know we should all be trying to keep an optimistic outlook, but it's proving to be hard, especially since Grandpa just died of cancer three years ago. The whole thing is keeping me up at night a lot, and I won't feel any better about it until after the operation when the surgeon comes and tells us everything is fine.

I moved a couple weeks ago as well; to a little apartment downtown. It's not much (I'll post pictures once it's more organized), and pretty small, but it's mine, and I love that about it. Besides which, for one person (and cats/rabbits), it's a fine size. The only problem is that I have too much stuff. >>; It's been a nightmare trying to figure out how to fit everything in, and that's even after two vanloads of stuff having been taken to the goodwill.

When I first was moving in, the place was a mess. The kitchen still needs to have a really good cleaning with bleach, but other than that it's tidy enough I can put up with it until everything's unpacked and settled. The bathroom was DISGUSTING. I should have taken some photos to show you the before and after. Grandma actually came down on the day I moved, and rather than helping with the move itself, just locked herself up in the bathroom and scrubbed the shit out of it for HOURS. It's still terribly stained, but not actually dirty anymore. I don't think the previous tenants cleaned the bathroom once in the entire time they lived here. -__-;; Ugh.

Right as I'm typing this, the girly bunnies are in the kitchen having playtime. Unfortunately, until I got the kitchen organized enough that they couldn't get into things they shouldn't, they couldn't have time out to exercise-- it's been about three weeks since they were last out of their cage. I feel guilty, but there wasn't much I could do, since the kitchen is the only place here I can let them out at all. Now I can though, so we can get back into the regular routine of daily romps.

In November, I've got a table to sell things at the Christmas bazaar in Bracebridge. So I'm selling some jewelry there, as well as some jams and jellies. Grandma brought me six freaking baskets of crab apples when she came down, so I'll have TONS of crab apple jelly. (If anyone wants some, let me know and I'll set aside a jar of it for you.) It'll be the first time I've actually sold something I've cooked/baked so I'm really kind of nervous about it. Hopefully it'll go well.

Also, some time in the next couple days I'll be posting a massive sales post; due to space issues and the fact that I'm in desperate need of money, I've decided to sell off most of my extensive Sailormoon collection. I have a few really rare items, so fingers crossed. Also, if you know anyone who might like to commission a pony or something from me, please point them in my direction.

...because of everything that's been going on, I haven't been online much. Most of my time has been designated to doctor's visits and the move/unpacking. Honestly, I'm starting to get really weary of it, and I'm feeling... downtrodden. Just sad and gloomy. I miss being on AIM and talking to people, and blogging about nothing. But until the end of the month I just won't have the time.

EDIT: Maddie needs monies too, so go check out her etsy shop:

Glitter Text Generator

EDIT #2: I'm watching The Evil Dead II right now while I'm organizing things, and the girl's head just bit the guy on the hand, and he's flailing and screaming and smashing said severed head against walls and books and desks and whatnot, and I am LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. XDD;;;

It starts here, at about nine minutes in:

...and continues on here. xD;;

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Ahh~ two more days until I can pick up the keys for my apartment! That's not a lot of time! D8

Gah, I'm completely out of boxes and still have more to pack. But on Monday like I said, I'm picking up my keys, and then on Tuesday morning Mom is dropping me off before she goes to work. I am taking cleaning supplies just in case, and will spend at least until noon there because the Rogers guy is coming to install the Internet between 8am and 11am.

When I moved out to room with Sarah, I didn't get the 'Net installed for a few days after I moved because I didn't schedule it until after I'd moved in. I went NUTS without Internet access for that amount of time, so this time I made sure to schedule ahead of time. XD; IDK I WIN?

...whoa, the sleeping pills just hit me WHAM right this second. @_@;;

Moving is expensive. -_-; I'm more than broke; Sarah even gave me $100 (tldr; she got a bunch of money from ODSP because they were underpaying her, and wanted to share the wealth, so she gave $100 to everyone in the family) and I still have no cash. She gave it to me today when we picked her up for groceries, and I spent it all, and all but $10 on things related to moving/stocking up the kitchen/cleaning supplies/etc. I did buy myself a plant (twisty bamboo!) and one pack of beads.

But once I'm settled and have all the basics in the house it should settle down. *fingers crossed*

LMAO had a massive The X-Files marathon yesterday and last night. XD; Almost all of the fourth season. I skipped a couple eps that I found boring originally, but I watched most of them. ♥♥♥

EDIT: OH, and I got some stuff for packages for Steph and Mari today. Kraft Dinner comes in different flavours now. ._.;
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I just got my money exchanged to US dollars for my trip, and apparently since I did my expense tallies the Canadian dollar has fucking tanked, and now I'm like $250 short of what I need. I have no fucking clue where I'm going to get the money.

Fuck. Excuse me while I go curl up in bed and cry for a while.
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Apparently, I suck at keeping my journal updated lately. I used to be so good about it too. But I don't know... I've been really down lately, and not feeling up to doing anything. I haven't been on aim much either and I've just been rping a little with one or two people. I'm considering going on partial hiatus at TV until I get myself straightened out again.

Not much had been going on lately. I've been working on stuff to sell at AN, and fretting over whether I'll have enough money to go to Otakon this year or not. I'm really hoping I will, but with not being able to sell my ponies at the table it might not happen... but, I'm currently finnegling with my finances to see just how much I need to sell to be able to go to Baltimore (and then to VA and then to Dayton) so fingers crossed.

I am currently watching Eden Log, which is going so far over my head it might as well be a jumbo jet. XD; I'm going to have to watch it again and try to figure it out lol.

A few days ago I dislocated one of my toes. I slammed it into the stairs by accident. At least it popped back in on its own. Still hurt like a bitch though. BEHOLD I AM THE MASTER OF PERSONAL INJURY. Also, of not going to the hospital for dislocated joints because they happen all the fucking time wtf body.

RP talk, so if you don't care don't bother reading past here. More actual life-updates later on once I've thought about what I want to say.

We have a new Axel at TV, and I've gotten sucked into the AkuRoku trap. XD; I promised myself I wouldn't, not because I don't ship them together, but because it's pretty overdone at this point. Ah well. They're cute together, and Roxas is totally the man of the relationship which makes me laugh constantly. Also, tonight he got into an argument with Kanda, and the two of them spammed Axel's journal with it. lmao.

House is being his antisocial self, though he does get along rather well with Ziva (I totally ship them now, w2g TV you've ruined my in-series ships), and he's agreed to tutor Lenalee in math so long as he can call on a favor from her at some point in the future. He may get her to do something cruel to Remus, as he's still holding a grudge against him from way back when puppy!Remus chewed his cane up.

Dean is currently being crabby over the new event (school, yay?), and refuses to go, so he and Faith are going to hide out in the room with booze and porn and probably trade Hunter/Slayer stories. Faith demanded he share his porn and Dean was like "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?" I still wish I had a Sam at TV though, Dean secretly worries about him.

Aaaaand Michi and I are doing a RikuRoku rp right now that takes place in the zombie!verse from the apocalypse!KH fic I'm in the process of tinkering with. XD; I get to play snarky/bitchy!Roxas, and that makes me utterly happy because he's too nice most of the time in TV (and he was the same way at RY, except with Axel lol.) RPing in it is really helping me flesh out the zombie!verse, so to speak, so I'm happy with it. :3
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Today was a really, really long day. With a ton and a half of driving. Plus, I was up super early this morning. ><;

Mom and I went up to Grandma's first thing this morning to take her to some apointments and to do some grocery shopping. We also brought her some cookies and stuff. She's doing much better right now than she was this time last month. She's feeling well enough that she's joking around some again, instead of being constantly subdued and depressed. It's a relief because I was really worried about her. Still am, but at least I know she's on the road to recovery.

After we were done doing everything with Grandma, Mom and I came home. The roads today weren't super great because of the snow and everything. There were quite a few cars in the ditches on the way up there and back as well.

Anyway, about an hour after we got home we had to go out again to go to the dentist, as I had an appointment at 3:30 and then she had one at 4:15, so we were there for over an hour and a half in total. Pretty boring, really. I had a cavity filled, so now my jaw hurts. -__-;

Once we were finished at the dentist we went to the health food place to buy fake peanut butter for me to bake with (as actual peanut butter, you know, KILLS ME), and then to the bulk food store for a whole bunch of misc. baking supplies, as well as rabbit food. Tonight I'm not doing any baking (screw it, I'm tired and need a break XD;) but tomorrow I'll start up again with the next three batches of lemon cheesecake cookies, and the (faux) peanut butter danties, and possibly the coconut macaroons.

Then on top of all that, I made soup for dinner. But that wasn't hard because I just made minestrone. XD; It mostly comes from cans (kidney beans, lentils, tomatoes, etc.) and only takes about 20 minutes to put together and cook, lol. We also had garlic bread. :3

Oh! And today I got a package in the mail, with some DVDs I bought for my brother and Mom for Christmas, as well as season 4 of House and the first two seasons of Dexter that I nabbed when Columbia House had them on sale for like $17 each. There's still one Columbia House package to go with the stuff that Mom ordered through my account, and three things I got off ebay (a video game for my brother, two bobbleheads for my Dad, and my Haruhi figure.)

I also need money for buying the last of what I want to pick up for Mom, and for Dad, and for shipping freaking packages, but I have NONE DAMMIT. NONE. I'm so pissed off, all my packages are going to be late, and so is most of Dad's present, and probably half of Mom's as well, and I can't do anything about it until my freaking credit card comes in. ><;;

So if you're getting a package from me for Christmas, I'm really sorry but it's going to be late. D:
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12 dozen peppermint snowballs
5 dozen lemon cheesecake cookies <-- First year making them. BEST COOKIES EVAR. *DROOL*
7 dozen apple jack cookies
6 dozen maple shortbread cookies


Finished earlier:

40 dozen shortbread cookies
10 dozen eggnog cookies

Still to go:

4 dozen shortbread cookies
6 dozen lemon cheesecake cookies
3 dozen peppermint snowballs
3 dozen eggnog cookies
4 dozen chocolate macaroons
2 dozen buttertart squares
3 dozen lemon squares
2 broken glass tortes
2 last-minute fruitcakes
1 dozen faux-peanut-butter dainties

Christmas cookies for people... are going to be late. DX I can't mail most of them out until after my new credit card comes in. SORRY! SORRY! TT__TT

Oh, but on the plus side money-wise, I just had a girl contact me about $150 worth of pony commissions. :D FFVII ponies, too! X3 SO MUCH FUN WILL BE HAD WITH THEM OMG.

That aside, I spent a good three hours this morning while I was still baking comment-rping with Michi. Three different characters in five different threads. XD; I need to transcribe the one Roxas and Axel one, at least, and probably a couple of the others as well. The epic Rokachu and Axsol convo. xD;;
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Cut For TMI )

On a non-TMI topic, I'm moving in a month or two. Possibly the end of November, possibly closer to the end of December, depending on how things go with the sewer lines being fixed. Basically, if they don't have them fixed by the end of this month, Sarah is moving come the end of November, so I have to leave then as well. If they do get them fixed by the end of this month, she won't be moving for a couple extra months, so my original December timeline still works.

Unfortunately, I have nowhere to go but back to Mom and Lee's place. Mom keeps assuring me it's fine, and that's what parents are for, but fuck do I feel guilty about it. I would still be paying rent (they said $240/month but I'm insisting on at least what I pay here, which is $355) and helping out with hydro/etc. and paying for my own Internet and everything, but still. They're just now finally getting my brother out of the house, and I know it'd be nice for them to have some time to themselves.

I know, I know... Mom doesn't want me on the street or anything, and she'd rather I was there because she's worried about me. But still. I feel like such an inconvenience and a burden. Though I suppose between paying for myself and helping out with cooking/cleaning/etc. I can at least try to make up for it...

All of this is only possible because it turns out that if I move back in with them, ODSP won't cut me off, as long as they're charging me rent/utilities/etc. I suppose I would have felt even worse if I'd just moved back in and had to bum off them, so that's something. I need to discuss everything with Mom some more and work out how it's all going to happen, and try to figure out where I'm going to store the furniture and etc. that won't fit when I go back. I guess I'm having a yard sale soon. Which would be less of a pain if it wasn't getting really cold here already.

So... I get to start packing ASAP, and moving things over there a few boxes at a time to cut down on what has to go all at once when I do move. I hate packing. I hate moving. I hate having to go back and burden Mom again. But I hate this place more. Not to mention the lack of affordable housing around here. It's the only thing I can do.


In somewhat related news, I need money. Desperately. To help with the move and everything. I guess a garage sale might help a bit, but no guarantees. I'll probably post a list of stuff I'm willing to part with as I pack things up and go through them. Please consider buying something when I do! Or, if you're interested, I'm still taking pony commissions. Just email me or drop a comment and we can talk about it.

[Pronnie: Asch!pony is... not done. I failed at your birthday deadline. :D; Sorry! Still working on him though! I'll bug you for your address when I get him finished. For now he's sitting on my coffee table giving me "wtf woman, why am I still bald?!" looks. ♥ Screw you Asch!pony, your hair is hard to sculpt! >|]

Oh, and on a not even remotely related topic, been downloading more stuff. An episode of Bones that I missed (I still need this week's Criminal Minds too), as well as a bunch of Jurassic Fight Club episodes (ilu [ profile] firebird_88 for turning me on to that ♥♥), a couple of shark documentaries like Sharkwater, and a ton of movies; Wild HogsDay of the Dead, Enchanted, Deep Rising, Shark Swarm, Superhero Movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Batman: Gotham Knight, Mama-Mia (yes, Pronnie, I will watch it I swear), My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Anaconda III, The Mummy Tomb: Curse of the Dragon Emperor, The Strangers, Epic Movie and Alone In The Dark II. >3

I've watched a few of them, and I'll probably talk about them tomorrow or the next day when I'm feeling better. FOR NOW RECCOMMEND SOME GOOD MOVIES (OR TV SHOWS) TO ME. I HAVE TONS OF DOWNLOAD MB LEFT.

EDIT: RP stuff no one wants to read. )

...and now I'm off to curl up in whimpering, shaking ball on the bed and pass out from the pain.

Have a random Tetsuya icon.
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At some point last night, every one of the rabbits started molting. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Including Phoenix, who molted all summer! I thought she was done! Why now of all times? Why not in June like normal animals? xD;;

Phantom's litter training began (again) today after I cleaned out her cage. I didn't refill the bedding, I left the floor empty, so the only place with bedding (Yesterday's News) is in the litter box. Then I have her a towel to play with/lie on.

This is how I litter trained Pagan a while back, and it worked really well. I'm hoping I can make some headway with her. She's so stubborn. lol.

Right now I'm going through my things trying to find stuff to sell so that I can buy my dollfies. Two of them anyway. There are like ten that I want. >>;

I'm selling my Gundam figures, which hurts me deeply, but at the same time I have nowhere to display them; right now they're just gathering dust and taking up a lot of storage space. I should have taken a pic of my Gundam Wall Of DHOOM when it was up at Mom's place before I moved out.

I think I'm going to sell some of my Sailor Moon collection, too... maybe. I've been collecting for ten years, I don't know if I'll be able to part with any of it. Eheh. XD;

Photoblogging, Day 66 )

Pony Moolah

Jul. 4th, 2007 12:53 am
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Hah, I finally got an address confirmation from the girl who ordered Axel!pony, so he's heading off tomorrow. Yey for the post office.

And while I'm out I need to get some new black paint... like, a different shade of black. .__. Or I'll just have to mix, which I hate to do, just in case I need to touch up later and can't get the same shade. Anyway, guess we'll see.

Also, payment went through for two more custom orders ($65), and someone over at DevART wants to buy my Moogle pony and commission another one in a different colour scheme, which is another $35 (less because they're made from McD ponies not full-sized ones). HAHA, another $100!

I was hoping to add it to my dollfie fund, but I dunno. It'll depend on how the rest of the month goes, considering how little cash I have right now...

I'm also considering whether or not to put my Alien pony and Grissom up on ebay. I want to just out of curiosity to see what I can get for them, but at the same time, the Alien one has some issues with it's tail, and Grissom took so long to finish... ^_^;

Maybe I'll just sell some of my SM collection instead. I've only been hoarding it for eleven years. xD;;
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Hmm. Today has been really, really busy, and I'm tired, especially since I didn't sleep last night. >>;

Mom came to pick me up at 8:30-ish (maybe closer to 9? I was on the porch waiting and didn't have my watch with me), and we drove out to Highland Farms to pick strawberries. Yey. We were supposed to go last Saturday, but when we got there they were out of berries. ;-;

This week they had them again, but they were all very small, so it took a lot to fill the baskets and stuff. I had to quit before Mom because my knees and my back totally gave out on me, and now I'm limping and my back is just killing me (not to mention my hands are stained red and smell like berries from cleaning them all)-- but I gots strawberries out of it, so I don't mind too-too much. =D

After that, on the way home, we stopped at the mall to buy freezer bags (for storing said berries), and I got teriyaki and gyouza from Yamato to bring home and eat over the next 3-4 days.

Later in the afternoon, after like three hours of cleaning berries, we went out to Walmart so I could get cat/rabbit litter. Mom needed some stuff for the dog there, too, and I needed packing tape for mailing ponies/P.O.S. boxes and allergy pills. And... why is it that Walmart always puts their anime out on sale when I don't have any money? ;_____; They had all kinds of FMA, Moon Phase, Trinity Blood and Baslisk, and about six other series~~

I H8 U Walmart! >( lol.

Oh well. Then back to Mom's place for laundry, and after that we went out for groceries. At the grocery store we ran into C.A.! ♥ ♥ ♥ I don't get to see her often, but she's one of my best friends! (C.A. is one of maybe 6 people in the world who get hugs from me, even though I have this thing about my personal space.) So I did my shopping with her, and we talked for a few minutes.

C.A. is going to Japan in September. Without me. Maybe I don't love her so much after all. TT~~~~TT She says she'll bring me tons of stuff back! I'm supposed to make a list of what I want! OMG where to begin?? X3

I'm supposed to call her later~ <3

And now, between bills, and pet stuff, and misc. stuff, and groceries... I got my money for July today, and I'm already down to $50. (My whole splurge for this month was food from Yamato, a set of plastic keys for the buns to play with, a pony from Walmart, and business card paper to print my own cards on... about $20 in total.)

I hate months like this. =____=;; Hopefully I can sell some more ponies or something, because I don't want to have to dip into the Rie/Nara fund...

Anyone want to buy a pony? I do any character! I'll do dragons! I'll do whatever! ;.;
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Ryuu-chan is back from China~ I just got an email from her, so yey. She'd gone for a couple of weeks as part of one of her courses in university, and apparently had a pretty good time... but she was saying wow about how different the cultures were. I could have told her that, lol.

I'll have to have her come over to show me pictures and stuff some time soon...

Speaking of travelling... ehh, I'm supposed to go with Grandma and Jess (my second-cousin-once-removed or something like that) out East at the end of this month (the last week of June and first week of July), but honestly... I can't afford it.

I don't know what to do. Grandma's really looking forward to the trip, and has been planning on me going with her since January, and so was I-- but when I went out East last time, it cost me almost $1,000 (back in 2004), and I don't have that kind of money; and it'll cost more this time because we'll be staying in hotels instead of camping out everywhere. And gas is more expensive now. Though we won't be feeding Dake-kun, which will cut the food bill down significantly. >>;

I dunno... I've only got about $300 saved, which was in the getting-Pagan-neutered/buying-Rie fund... especially since none of the ponies I put on ebay sold. That would've been another $400-ish dollars. And I really do want to go, I've been looking forward to it for months. But I mean...


I guess I just need to give her a call and talk with her a bit, and we'll see...
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Right... today has been tiring. -.-;

We went to do groceries, but I haven't had money to buy anything the last three weeks, so I had about five gagillion stops to make. At least my tax money came in, so I could pick up some stuff that I haven't been able to, like spaghetti sauce and things like that.

My big splurge with my tax money was another rabbit harness/leash at the pet place for like $9, so now I have three; I can take Pagan, Phoenix and Pan out at the same time. Phantom refuses to wear one (she absolutely freaks out if I try putting one on her, and doesn't get along with the others anyway), so she can't go for walks, but the others like it. I also tried putting one on Pagan, and he just looked at me like "...what are you doing?" and then went about his business, so he'll probably be fine with it as well. :)

I might try taking Pauper and Phoenix out for the first time this spring tomorrow, if it's warm enough. <3


So I've been really down lately... even more so than usual. And I've had a couple of people asking about it, so maybe... I should just explain so that everyone understands, and hopefully doesn't worry so much.

I've always... )

Here I Am

Mar. 16th, 2007 12:35 pm
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I made it to Mom's today! ...and now I'm done everything I came to do, and have nothing else to occupy my time from now until when Mom gets home in about five and a half hours. XDD;;


I'm tired, though. I didn't get much sleep last night. So I might crash on the couch for a bit. But first I'm gonna get something to eat. I should have brought some ponies to work on, but I didn't anticipate finishing everything so rediculously quickly. .__.

Also, I spent my last $2.50 on bus fare to get here, so I'm officially broke from now until the end of the month (or when my tax money comes in, which ever comes first). Yep.


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