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Last week, I was supposed to have Nio neutered. I had it scheduled through the SPCA in Barrie and had paid for it and everything, and Mom and I dropped him off for 8am on the Monday, then headed off. We were supposed to pick him up at 5pm. No problem, we had running around and chores to keep us busy until then.

Except like an hour and a half later the SPCA called to tell me that Nio's neuter was a no-go because when they brought him into the operating room and gave him the cursory pre-surgery exam, it turned out that only one of his testicles was descended. They couldn't even feel the other one. And the SPCA is a high-volume spay/neuter clinic, so they don't have the resources to do the exploratory surgery to, yanno, locate Nio's MIA testicle. *FACEPALM*

So we picked him up, got the money refunded, and I brought him home. Ugh. We can try again in a month or so, but no guarantees. I might have to take him to my regular vet to be neutered (since they do have the resources/time), in which case it'll cost me like $300 instead of the $60 the SPCA charges. ~_~; Damn you and your balls, Nio, DAMN THEM.

In any case, a couple of days after that Nio started acting sick. Not super suck, but just like he's not feeling 100%. He hasn't been eating all of his food, and he's been relatively cuddly, which, for him, is very strange. He's also been sneezing a little. I think he picked up a bit of a bug while he was out and about, but it doesn't seem like anything to worry about...

...except that as of yesterday, Neko is off his food, too. Today was even shopping day; every week on Wednesday when I do groceries, the cats have Treat Night and get canned food instead of their usual kibble, and they go NUTS for it. Tonight everyone got super excited as usual-- but Neko didn't even come into the kitchen.

When I was done dishing the food out and everyone else was eating I went to find him, and he was just laying in his kitty bed behind the rocking chair in the living room. I picked him up and took him to the kitchen, and he kind of sniffed at the food, then just turned and walked away again. =/

This has me moderately worried about him, as Neko never turns down food, but ESPECIALLY canned food. He's a soft food FIEND.

I dunno. I guess I'll just keep an eye on him, the same as I am with Nio, and hope neither of them get worse. It'd cost me a fortune to take both of them to the vet over what appears to be a minor cold/flu type bug...


Mar. 30th, 2011 02:36 am
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I saw Tri again today. Mom and Lee went out for dinner and brought me back a cheeseburger. I was eating it downstairs and all the cats were fussing and trying to get me to share, and I saw Tri sitting on the table off to the side just watching me. When I looked again he was gone, but he showed up again a few minutes later, still sitting there, just watching.

He loved hamburgers, I guess he thought he wanted some. Heh. I almost felt kind of bad when I gave a little taste to each of the other cats, since I obviously couldn't share with him too. But it was good to see him again.

I told mom "Tri thinks he needs hamburger.", and she goes "you mean Neko." because right then Neko was sitting next to me and making I'm A Starving Kitty eyes. But I just kind of shook my head and went "no, I mean Tri. He keeps looking at me." And she just kind of looked over at the table and then chuckled.

Speaking of Neko, though.


I... I never thought I'd have this problem with Neko. XD;; I've ALWAYS struggled with his weight, but always because he tends to be OVERWEIGHT. At one point he weighed almost EIGHTEEN POUNDS. Now he's actually TOO THIN. I MEAN. WHAT?!

Basically, the last couple years at the apartment he and Loki had been on a firm 1/4 cup of food a day. They were on a 1/2 cup of food, but then they both ended up overweight, so I had to cut it down. And they did perfectly fine on 1/4 cup for the entire time we were living there. (For three months earlier this year I even had to buy them weight control food because they gained weight over the summer while I was down in the US on vacation.)

Then we moved here.

And Neko's personality did a complete 180 change. He used to basically be the epitome of a lazy cat. He lounged around and slept all day, like a lot of cats do. And at 10 years old, he was starting to develop arthritis as well.

As soon as we got here, he perked up. A LOT. Now he runs the stairs a billion times a day and plays ALL THE DAMN TIME. He's so much more active that the 1/4 cup of food ISN'T SUSTAINING HIM ANYMORE. He's lost a TON of weight. At first it was okay because he was still a little tubby, but now he's actually too skinny. I mean, not skin-and-bones like Tri was in the end, but enough that I can't have him losing any MORE or it'll become a problem.

So I've actually had to up his food to the 1/2 cup again. XD;;

HE thinks he hit the jackpot lol. And the funny thing is? Loki's activity went way up again too, but he's only lost a tiny bit of weight. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. *GIGGLESNORT* Man, it's just so surreal. Neko's always been a squishable tub. Haha.

Oh well~ at least it's easy to deal with. Plus with the bit of extra weight he WAS carrying gone, his arthritis problems are pretty much nonexistent anymore. So that's a good thing, definitely. ♥♥
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Alrighty! Today was grocery day, as is every Wednesday. Woo-hoo. /sarcasm lol.

I didn't have much to get for actual groceries, but I did have to get cat food at the vet's (prescription weight management/urinary tract care food that Neko and Loki are on) and there were Sena-prescriptions I had to pick up too.

At the grocery store I mostly picked up some dumplings and wontons (they have these frozen ones that you steam and they come out DELICIOUS and taste JUST LIKE RESTAURANT GYOUZA/WONTONS ASDGH! X3), canned cat food for Tri and fresh cranberries for making home made cranberry sauce. ♥ I also actually found some eye-of-round steaks that were 90% fat free. Finding steaks with a low enough fat content that I'm willing to eat them is rare, and they were ON SALE OMG so I got a pack of two. :3 I might cook one tomorrow night!

And since Lee was driving and I wouldn't have to actually try hauling them home, I got another set of shelves at Walmart to complete my movie wall in the living room. 8D I spent an hour tonight putting them together and reorganizing everything and now they look awesome and I looooove it. X3!! Haha, I have room next to them for a small cabinet too, so I might pick one up at some point. Right now I have a stand there that I built out of DIY cubes.

At Walmart we also stopped to have dinner at McD's, and ran into Sarah and her fiancé, so we sat with them while we ate and had a nice conversation. The more time I spend with Arthur the more I like him... he has a very grounding effect on Sarah, and her complete bullshit has gone down a lot since she ended up with him. Just for that I approve of him, though he's also a really nice guy. :)

Oh, and this afternoon (before we ran into them) I got a message from Sarah about the wedding; her mother found out I was doing the bridal jewelry and wanted to know if I could design a piece for her as well, to match a set of earrings she wants to wear. I told Sarah I could probably manage it, but I couldn't say for sure either way until I had a look at the earrings. Basically, her Mom wants a large snowflake broach, which I think I can manage. I even have a basic idea in my head using fire-polished crackle beads and swarovski crystals, but like I said I won't know 100% until I see what I'm trying to match. And Sarah's Mom is like rich, so she's offered to "generously compensate" me for doing the project. I LOVE MONEYS. \o/

What else...

Well, yesterday I was out and about and picking up a few things. I needed rats for Aya-- my baby has graduated from fuzzies to pups!-- and a couple of other items.

I got some cookie cutters from Mariposa Market, as well as a bottle of sparkling cider to take to the Christmas get together in like a month and a half. I'm way the hell ahead of myself. xD;; And while I was there I taste-tested some eggnog-fudge which was just ahguisldfghuiadfgarngvu *DROOL* *A* I am so getting some of it to take to the get together as well. :3

And while I was out I got Lee a gift card to the music equipment store downtown, since his birthday is Friday. ♥

Anyhoo! I started working on some new recipes for dog and kitty treats for Christmas presents, and right now I'm in the middle of a decent maple-and-brown-sugar one. Just a little tiny bit of sugar and mostly maple extract for flavouring. They're pretty tasty. I still want to do one more, I think maybe liver flavour and bacon bits for "sprinkles". We'll see.

Oh, and today other than Squall arriving I also got the books I ordered the other day; two of them are for Dad for Christmas (Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey and Legends of Shannara: Bearers of the Black Staff by Terry Brooks) and the other one was a discount book I stumbled upon, Beyond The Body Farm by Dr. Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson. It's by the same people who did Death's Acre, which is one of my favourite anthropology/criminology books of all time. Which I lent to C.A. way the hell back in 2004 and still haven't gotten back from her. *facepalm* She's horrible about remembering stuff like that. I might just break down and buy another copy and let her keep the first one lol. So I'm really looking forward to reading the new one~!

I also got a little package from Maddie and Chloe today! Or, rather, from "Rufus and Reno Shinra"! To "Roxas". I LOLED SO HARD WHEN I SAW THAT. It was epically awesome. ILU GUYS, DID YOU KNOW THAT? It had a couple of buttons and some cute stickers in it. And caramels! And a pretty glass star pendant which I put on right away and am still wearing now. =3 Hehe.

And I guess the only other thing is the cats.

First; 'Dion scared the SHIT out of me today. This morning he was sleeping under the desk in the back room, which he does all the time because it's right in front of the baseboard heater. I went to sit down to check something on the computer, and reached down to move him... and he kind of flopped around and looked at me like he was half out of it, but not in a sleepy!kitty sort of way. His fur was also puffed up, which cats tend to do if they're not feeling well. This concerned me, and I took him back to the living room and laid down to cuddle up with him some-- which was when I noticed he was shivering. Not in an "I'm cold" kind of way, but in an "I'm in pain" kind of way. I cuddled him close and fretted over him and tried really hard not to panic while I decided if I should rush him to the vet or not.

Finally, he fell asleep and so did I. A couple hours later when I woke up he wasn't there, and when I went looking for him I found him playing and looking as if nothing was wrong. I don't know what the problem was, but DAMN, 'DION. PLEASE DON'T PULL THAT KIND OF STUFF. YOU NEARLY SCARED YOUR MOM TO DEATH. D8

I'm going to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days, just in case. But now he's acting completely fine, so...

Second; Got a call from the Barrie SPCA today, finally! Way back when I first brought Tia home, I called them and got on the wait list for having her spayed and Juna neutered. They were still too young at the time, but the wait list was about four months long so by the time they got around to me they'd be the right age. Sounded like a plan to me!

So on Friday I'm taking Juna and Tia to Barrie to be fixed, for $50 per cat. Let me say that again; $50 PER CAT. Instead of the $350/cat it would cost me to take them to the vet in town and have it done. They also say they can give them all their vaccines and etc. at the same time. I AM HAPPY WITH THIS PLAN AND THE COST INVOLVED. ^___^

I couldn't book 'Dion at the same time since he's still too young, but tomorrow I can call and get him on the wait list and in a few months when they get to me again he'll be old enough.

I'm really, really hoping that having Juna neutered will calm Neko down a bit; Neko is NOT Juna's biggest fan right now and keeps kissing and spitting and snarling at him, which I keep trying to dissuade of course, but it's not working. Neko seems to think that Juna is vying for Top Cat in the pride, which Juna really isn't. He just avoids Neko and defers to him, acts submissive, but Neko doesn't take that for what it is and beats the hell out of him whenever they cross paths. Luckily no real injuries have happened, just one or two tiny scratches and a lot of flying fur. Still. Hopefully once Juna is neutered things will settle down...

And now I think I'm done rambling. For now. And I have the munchies. So Imma go find something to eat. OMNOMNOM and all that.

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Neko snuggling with the wubba toy I got from the vet's in Tia and 'Dion's Kitten Kit; it's like a fuzzy octopus thing with a rattle in the head and something in the arms that makes them crunch when the cats play with it. They all love it. ♥
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Neko sleeping in the "cat basket". It's just a whicker basket with a towel in the bottom that sits on top of the chest freezer, but he adores the stupid thing lol. XD
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Dad came up Sunday morning at an ungodly hour (as usual lol) and dropped off some stuff for me, and picked up the souvenirs that I got for him and Lois while I was down in the US this summer. I also sent some jam home with him, and a bunch of empty plastic seed-bead tubes that he uses for scratch-building models and whatnot.

Yesterday Orange!kitty showed back up and invited himself back into my place again. One again the neighbours said they didn't want him, and then this morning the girl came back and (again) said oh, she changed her mind. This time though I lied to her and said he'd already scooted back outside. I'm going to keep him long enough to get a few decent meals into him at least.

I'm still really worried about Orangey and his siblings. I would take them all in if they would make up their fucking minds about whether they want them or not. At least then I could make sure they'd get some good food and a good environment that isn't all trash and empty beer bottles. Then I'd take them to the SPCA to be re-homed. But the stupid people downstairs are being retarded about it, so I'm kind of stuck on the issue. =__=;

Anyway, Orangey is pretty much settled in here and I love him to bits and pieces, and he's already made friends with all my cats (except Neko, who is feeling rather put out right now) and fits in really, really well. I want to keep him so badly. But tomorrow I guess I have no choice but to return him. Dammit.


And I can't afford to get Tia spayed right this minute either. So hopefully I misinterpreted what I saw. Or something. I guess if push comes to shove I can keep Tia in the back room until it's time to have her fixed. Though she wouldn't like it. Still, it's an option I suppose. Hmm. =/
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I've started a kind of little project just to keep myself occupied when I have nothing else to do. It's a photo study of cats (mostly mine) and basically all the photos are in black and white. Turns out Loki is generally the most photogenic of my kitties. (But then I always knew he was handsome under all the scabs and scars, and now that that's fixed he's a pretty boy again. <3)

Anyway, this is my personal favorite so far. One of Neko. Go look at my DevART gallery if you want to see the rest that I've posted so far. I'd forgotten how much I love real photography...

Osiris .7 by ~Senashenta on deviantART
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

Stolen from [ profile] sweetwithdrawl, even though I'm supposed to be sleeping. >>;

Meme goes HERE. )


Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in or curious about. It can be anything from my favorite possession to anything else. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in the next post/comments.
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Today was awesome and OMG DINOSAURS. At some point when I get home (on Friday) I'll make an actual update and talk about all the stuff from Otakon and Dayton/etc. but for now I don't want to hog Momo too much. And besides that, it's just about 3:30 am and we're getting up tomorrow to go downtown and take Turk photos and pics of me in my BOYS!Riku cosplay.

Right. Dinosaurs in Cincinnati were awesome. And we had Chinese food for dinner and it was awesome too. I crossed frog's legs, kimchi and tiramisu off my life's To Do list as well. That's four foods I've always wanted to try in two days! I'm on a roll! Plus if we go to Jungle Jim's this week Chloe promised to help me find pork buns. X3

Apparently my cats have been little buggers while I've been gone. Mom says Tri has peed on my bed and Loki has decided that litter boxes are for peeing in front of and not inside. She's doing her best but I'll have to straighten them out when I get home. -.-; At least Neko and the rabbits are behaving themselves. Sora too.

Oh, and as a funny side note, one of Maddie's friends asked her yesterday if she and Chloe had had a threesome with me. xD; A couple nights ago I was feeding Maddie ice cream while we were reading stuff on the laptop, and apparently that means we must be sleeping together. XD;;

Ah! And before I forget, the ghost kitty here, Sapphire, likes me! :3 Last year he jingled my suitcases and I saw him for just a split second. This time he jingled something one night, and then tonight I felt a cat jump up onto the bed next to me (those of you who have cats at home know the feeling when a cat hops up beside you) but when I turned to pet it, there was nothing there and Saiga and Kaikei were downstairs. Then later when I was downstairs watching Ghost Hunters with Maddie and Chloe I felt whiskers rub against my leg, but again, Saiga and Kaikei were nowhere near. I'm strangely pleased that Sapphire seems to approve of me. <3
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A closeup of Neko that I took earlier today. I like it for some reason.

Got Roxas up and running at TV, and Dean and House working again. Yay for being active. Michi and I are doing another rp as well. ♥

Yesterday, Mom and I did a few errands and while we were out we ran into one of Grandma's friends. I didn't think about it, but I had my cane with me. Today Grandma called and was worried because I hadn't mentioned the cane to her, and Mom says she was hoping it was because of an accident or something, and was upset to learn that no, I'm using it because my legs and back have declined a lot the last few months.

That conversation lead to me chatting with Mom about various things, generally depressing myself, and then crying over how fucking unfair the world is. -__-;;

Other than that... not much to report. I'm tired, but I have a new episode of Supernatural to watch before I crash for the night.

EDIT: House missed his posse. And thus is building a new one. XD I'm probably more amused by that than I should be. lol.
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I had a really good cuddle with all three of my kitties today. At the same time. X3 I was sitting in the basement, watching Ghost Whisperer with Mom and Lee, and Tri decided he wanted a snuggle, so he hopped up with me. Then a few minutes later, Loki wandered over and joined us. Then a couple minutes after that, Neko came over as well. It was super nice, but really crowded in the chair. XD;

Next month I need to get more minutes for my phone, just in case someone attempts to call, since right now I can't get calls. Or, I guess I can, but I only have 35 cents worth of credit, which is like... one minute. ^_^;;

And I have what I think is a canker sore starting on the inside of my left cheek. Either that or I bit myself in my sleep (which I have been known to do >>;), and I'm hoping that's it. If not I guess I'll deal. Whatever.

Oh, and that Manga Head hair styling goo stuff. SO AWESOME. It kept my hair all spiked up overnight while I was sleeping and tossing and turning too. xD; But the big plus is that it washes out super easy as well. I am in love with it. ♥ I was going to style my hair into something crazy before Mom and I went out for groceries today, but she was like "I'll disown you," so I didn't. XD;;
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Photo post since I haven't done one in a while. First off, have a random obligatory photo of Neko and Loki because it's adorable and I love it. I never get really good pics of the two of them together because Neko isn't super tolerant of cuddling with other animals, which is funny because he would practically live in peoples' laps if he could. XD;

Neko & Loki )

Next! The last batch of photos I took of my apartment before I randomly had to start packing. >>; Despite how much of a terrible place that house was, I do miss my independence, and the space I had. Going back to just a bedroom has been incredibly hard.

Apartment, before moving. )

The next batch is a few I've snapped of my bedroom the last couple days. I've mostly unpacked, with just three more boxes and a few odds and ends to go.

Bedroom at home. So tiny. )

Hokay, and then for Maddie, I promised you photos of the two other shinies that you sent me, so here they are~ I LUFF THEM BTW~ <333


Aaaaand I still have to take pics of Sora to share, but I haven't gotten around to it yet, so... >>; I'll share some later, I promise.
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I wish I could find my camera. I just had Sora out to explore and I could have gotten the most adorable picture of him and Neko touching noses. I love that my cats as so good with the other animals. ♥ The only thing they do is chase rat's tails on occasion, which is just them playing, not them being aggressive.

Actually, back when I first got Yuki and 'Nashi, Tri used to play with their tails through the bars of their cage if they were dangling out. Then one day he was sitting on a table next to the cage, with his tail draping over the corner of it, and 'Nashi climbed up, grabbed his tail, and yanked. He scared the bejeesus out of Tri. It was hilarious. XD; No one can ever say rats don't have a sense of humor.

Anyway, Sora is settling in alright, but you can tell he's still not used to being outside of a cage. When I take him out, he finds a hidey-hole (under my hair at the back, in the crook of my arm, etc.) and ventures out a bit, then scampers back really fast. But each time he goes a little farther, and I give him scratches and crackers for being a brave boy, so I'm sure he'll be fine. I am pleased that he trusts me enough to be his safe place though. :3

Other than that... still bloody sick. I just keep getting worse. All my sinuses are infected (except possibly in my left cheek, I'm not sure about that one entirely), I've got a barking cough, a massive headache, a sore throat and the on-and-off fever I've had the last few days. Also, my piercings are all still infected. >.<;

Oh, and my jaw is stiffening up again. -.-;; Stupid Tetanus. Stupid Lockjaw. Go away already, it's been three years!

I'm medicating myself to the eyeballs with painkillers, aspirin, and sinus pills/nasal spray, but I think I'll probably have to get the doctor to give me a prescription for antibiotics when I'm in there in a couple of weeks. Blegh. I hate this time of year.

... XDD

Sep. 13th, 2008 06:33 am
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So I tried to go to bed a few times and couldn't sleep. Thus, I ended up watching movies, and rearranging my furniture. >>;

Anyway, in the process of moving things around, I located a random catnip pouch under the coffee table. This is relatively normal, as the cats lose their toys under things all the time. So I shook the dust out of it and tossed it to them. Normally, when I buy catnip for them, I buy three pouches (since I have three cats, obviously), and today... I got tired of them fighting over it. -.-; So I finally stole it back, and just cut it open and sprinkled the catnip onto the carpet, since I plan to vacuum tomorrow anyway.

OMFG. FUNNIEST THING EVAR. Neko and Loki have spent the last 45 minutes digging at the carpet, and rolling around like idiots. Tri went over to investigate, but clearly as the photos show has more dignity than the others. >>; )

Heh. I'll have to do that more often. ♥

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Today I had to take the cats in for their yearly check-up/vaccines/etc. While it's kind of a pain juggling all three of them (with only two carriers, nonetheless >>;) to and from the car (thanks for helping, Mom! xD;), other than that there's usually no big problems. *shrug*

This time I knew I was going to get into some things with Loki since his ears still itch like hell and we don't know why; Dr Taylor gave me some ear drops to try him on to see if they'll help, and wants him back in next week for a follow-up. Gee, why does that sound familiar? Dammit Loki! I can't afford to take you to the vet every week like I did back in March! ><;

The big surprise was Tri though... when the vet asked me how he was doing I said he was fine, but then we he checked Tri's teeth... shit. He has plaque/tartar so bad that all of his back molars are abcessed! How could I not spot that? I mean... he hasn't been acting sick or anything, but still. It was so bad, I feel like I've neglected him or something...

The vet said he's never seen a 3-year-old cat with teeth that bad before; and because of the infection, Tri's also now got a heart murmur, which really kind of scares me. He's been prescribed antibiotics for the infection, and next week he's going in again to have his teeth cleaned up.

Fuck, I can't believe I missed something like that! I hope he'll be alright...

And then Neko, as usual, is his big ol' scaredy-cat self. There's nothing wrong with him at least, so I only have to worry about my two other babies. And Kori, who can barely walk or breathe anymore, and who I'm pretty sure has gone blind. Poor guy. Old age really sucks for rodents, doesn't it?
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This afternoon it was really nice out before the rainstorm and the power outage, wtf, and I've been so sick and cooped up, I decided to go outside and sit on the porch for a little while for some fresh air... and randomly decided to take Pagan with me.

Now. This was a good idea and a bad idea at the same time. It was the first time he'd been outside on his leash, and was like =3!!, which was amusing and generally put me in a better mood. But he was also not content to just putter around the five-foot area by the porch where I was sitting, so I ended up standing and walking around and really wearing myself out with following his bunny antics so by the time I went back inside I was exhausted and had a headache.

Oh well. Now I know.

It was amusing the looks I got from people walking past. One girl had to stop and actually ask if "that's a rabbit?" because she didn't believe it. And a few minutes into it, Robin and Jayne came home (they live in the first floor apartment), and chatted with us for a while... and went to the back garden and got some little survivor carrots as a treat for Pagan.

He really didn't want to go back inside when I did, but I had to. >>;;

EDIT: Oh, and [ profile] lipstickcat! I gave the cats their Easter egg. First I just put it on the ground to see what they would do, and Loki nosed it around a bit and Tri set about licking it, and Neko gave me wtf Mom, you know better! looks. XD;

So then I broke it into pieces and gave them about half of it to munch on. I also took some down to share with Fritz and Fuzzy. And I still have half of it to give them at a later date.

I took photos, but I can't get them from my camera until I finish recharging the batteries~
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I had a doctor's appointment this morning (yay); it was just for prescription repeats when I made it, but I ended up getting a flu shot and the doctor took a look at my hand while she was at it. Now my arm aches. But my hand is feeling much better now that the antibiotics have started working. :)

It's still all bruised and the joint is swollen a bit still, but it's on it's way~

And today I picked Loki back up from the vet's after his neuter/declaw. He's a little grumpy, but fine otherwise... EXCEPT.

While they were doing the pre-op exam, they found three whole fleas on him. No eggs, no flea dirt, just three adult fleas. So they treated him for them. SOUND FAMILIAR? And I had a nice long chat with the vet about it, where she insisted that the chances of him picking up fleas from their office twice were very slim.

So I went out and bought a flea comb to check the rest of my animals.

Neko is FLEA FREE. Tri is FLEA FREE. Pauper is FLEA FREE. Phoenix is FLEA FREE. Phantom is FLEA FREE. The rats are FLEA FREE.

Loki is also flea free now, as are Sarah's cats.

The vet is trying to tell me that the fleas must have come from here, and must have come into the house back in May when I first got Loki. And he's the only one with them, after that many months? PLEASE.

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My carpet is now littered with six sets of animal nail clippings. *vacuums*

And I'm covered in rabbit scratches, because the cats are good when I clip their nails but the buns hate it; they all flail like crazy when I do it. Though Phantom's getting better about it, so mostly it was Phoenix and Pauper who scratched me all to hell. Ahhh well, I knew it'd happen when I got the clippers out. ^_^;

Though actually... I've been told there's a specific way of holding a rabbit on it's back that puts it into a kind of trance? I've managed it once with Phoenix (by accident when she was little and I was worried that she might be a boy instead of a girl, lol), but haven't managed it again-- until tonight.

I had Pauper tucked under my arm against my side to clip her front claws, but she wasn't cooperating at all for her hind ones, so I flipped her over and just happened to get her into the right position. She calmed right now and got really still, and I petted her a bit and then snipped her back nails really fast. I need to practice that. It was handy.

Then I rubbed her belly for a bit until she decided it was time to sit up and lick my chin.

I love my rabbits. <3

As for the cats~ Loki is going in on Monday to be neutered and have a front declaw done. He's just past eight months old now, so it's getting to be time. Plus, he's started getting a bit more aggressive with the other cats. >>;

So in to the vet he goes~

And Also

Oct. 17th, 2006 09:23 am
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In a somewhat-but-not-really-related note, my boys were all weighed at the vet yesterday, obviously~

Last time he was at the vet/weighed, Neko was at 16lbs/8oz. Now, he is a big cat. He'll always be a big cat. But he's not that big. >__> So over the last year I've changed his diet and been working on getting him to lose weight. He is now at 13lbs. I feel like I should throw a party for him or something. ^__^ I'm so happy that it's worked out~ and the vet says 13lbs isn't bad, but she'd like to see him at 12-ish instead, if possible. Considering how much he used to weigh, I'm pretty happy with 13 already

Triton, on the other hand, has gained weight. BARELY. Last time he was there and weighed, he was 6lbs/2oz. Tri will NEVER be a big cat like Neko. He's puny. And freaking cute. I wouldn't want him any other way. But this time when I weighed him, he was at 6lbs/4oz-- which means he gained a whole 2oz. XD;;

And Loki, his first time at the vet, already weighs more than Tri (I already knew that before I actually weighed them) at 7lbs/4oz; Loki is on his way to being a big boy. Not weight-wise, but just in general. His mother is a Maine Coone, so I'm not surprised by that, lol. I'm kind of curious how big he'll end up by the time he's done growing. ^^ And is it ever funny to watch him try to nurse off Tri now, considering he's already a pound bigger than him. ^_^;; Ahh, my cats...

Everyone at the vet's office always coos over my cats and how pretty they are. I know I've managed to end up with handsome boys. *puffs proudly* Ah, I talk like they're my kids! But they were also commenting this time on how smart Loki is, as they watched him open the kitty carrier by himself while he was there. =.=;;

That's too smart. Sometimes I kind of wish he was stupid. That would solve a lot of problems. lol.
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The kitties were all due for the vet this afternoon; Tri and Neko for their boosters/physical, and Loki for his first set of shots/general checkup/etc.

All my boys are perfectly dandy. I already knew that, though. ^_~

Ahh, but the vet almost gave me a heart attack; she combed for fleas/etc. on Loki and found one. O__O And I was like "ZOMGWTFBBQ??" Because none of my critters have shown any signs of fleas or mites, or anything at all.

So then she's talking about having to put all three of them on a three-month course of flea treatment-- and oh, you have rabbits, too? They'll need to be treated as well. And the rats. And your roommate's cats. And her guinea pig.

I could just see the tally of dollar signs racking up.

But then she checked Tri and Neko and didn't find any fleas-- didn't even find any flea dirt or eggs or anything. So she checked Loki again, and found nothing. He was clean.

Basically, he picked up a single flea out in the waiting room or in the exam room. >___>

So she gave them all one free flea treatment, just in case. And I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. -.-;;

Anyway, now the cats are all sleepy because of the shots. Which is fine because it keeps them out from underfoot. lol. XD;;


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