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Nov. 11th, 2009 04:42 pm
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I am so totally in love with Z. SO MUCH better than my desktop. <333 The only problem is that because Z is a mini laptop, he doesn't have a disc drive. ~_~; Does anyone know if it's possible to get a USB disc drive that I could use? I'll have to look into that. Also need another external hard drive, maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas or my birthday.

Finished a Christmas pony for the bazaar next weekend. She's so pretty and I kind of want to keep her. XD; Anyway, pictures at some point. Her name is Sapphire Snowflake.

Watching reruns of Jurassic Fight Club on the computer. I love this show so freaking much. I'm such a dinosaur geek, honestly. I should be embarrassed, but somehow... I'm not. XD lol. MAHJUNGATHOLUS OMG. \o/

Right, so other than that, my oven is still out of commission. Ugh. Also, the window in the back room is cracked all to hell. There was a little crack in it when I moved in, and then the other day it was really nice out so I opened it-- and the crack spread all the way across it. It's barely holding into the frame now and it needs to be replaced ASAP before we get snow.

So I contacted the landlord and he's coming up this weekend anyway, so he says he'll have a look. I know the oven is a wiring problem, so idk what he'll be able to do. At least the stove stop still works, so I've been able to do all my jams and stuff.

Speaking of which, making pumpkin spread and it smells SO GOOD. I wish I had some vanilla ice cream around, it would taste amazing with the pumpkin stuff on it. X3
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Apparently, I suck at keeping my journal updated lately. I used to be so good about it too. But I don't know... I've been really down lately, and not feeling up to doing anything. I haven't been on aim much either and I've just been rping a little with one or two people. I'm considering going on partial hiatus at TV until I get myself straightened out again.

Not much had been going on lately. I've been working on stuff to sell at AN, and fretting over whether I'll have enough money to go to Otakon this year or not. I'm really hoping I will, but with not being able to sell my ponies at the table it might not happen... but, I'm currently finnegling with my finances to see just how much I need to sell to be able to go to Baltimore (and then to VA and then to Dayton) so fingers crossed.

I am currently watching Eden Log, which is going so far over my head it might as well be a jumbo jet. XD; I'm going to have to watch it again and try to figure it out lol.

A few days ago I dislocated one of my toes. I slammed it into the stairs by accident. At least it popped back in on its own. Still hurt like a bitch though. BEHOLD I AM THE MASTER OF PERSONAL INJURY. Also, of not going to the hospital for dislocated joints because they happen all the fucking time wtf body.

RP talk, so if you don't care don't bother reading past here. More actual life-updates later on once I've thought about what I want to say.

We have a new Axel at TV, and I've gotten sucked into the AkuRoku trap. XD; I promised myself I wouldn't, not because I don't ship them together, but because it's pretty overdone at this point. Ah well. They're cute together, and Roxas is totally the man of the relationship which makes me laugh constantly. Also, tonight he got into an argument with Kanda, and the two of them spammed Axel's journal with it. lmao.

House is being his antisocial self, though he does get along rather well with Ziva (I totally ship them now, w2g TV you've ruined my in-series ships), and he's agreed to tutor Lenalee in math so long as he can call on a favor from her at some point in the future. He may get her to do something cruel to Remus, as he's still holding a grudge against him from way back when puppy!Remus chewed his cane up.

Dean is currently being crabby over the new event (school, yay?), and refuses to go, so he and Faith are going to hide out in the room with booze and porn and probably trade Hunter/Slayer stories. Faith demanded he share his porn and Dean was like "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?" I still wish I had a Sam at TV though, Dean secretly worries about him.

Aaaaand Michi and I are doing a RikuRoku rp right now that takes place in the zombie!verse from the apocalypse!KH fic I'm in the process of tinkering with. XD; I get to play snarky/bitchy!Roxas, and that makes me utterly happy because he's too nice most of the time in TV (and he was the same way at RY, except with Axel lol.) RPing in it is really helping me flesh out the zombie!verse, so to speak, so I'm happy with it. :3
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12 dozen peppermint snowballs
5 dozen lemon cheesecake cookies <-- First year making them. BEST COOKIES EVAR. *DROOL*
7 dozen apple jack cookies
6 dozen maple shortbread cookies


Finished earlier:

40 dozen shortbread cookies
10 dozen eggnog cookies

Still to go:

4 dozen shortbread cookies
6 dozen lemon cheesecake cookies
3 dozen peppermint snowballs
3 dozen eggnog cookies
4 dozen chocolate macaroons
2 dozen buttertart squares
3 dozen lemon squares
2 broken glass tortes
2 last-minute fruitcakes
1 dozen faux-peanut-butter dainties

Christmas cookies for people... are going to be late. DX I can't mail most of them out until after my new credit card comes in. SORRY! SORRY! TT__TT

Oh, but on the plus side money-wise, I just had a girl contact me about $150 worth of pony commissions. :D FFVII ponies, too! X3 SO MUCH FUN WILL BE HAD WITH THEM OMG.

That aside, I spent a good three hours this morning while I was still baking comment-rping with Michi. Three different characters in five different threads. XD; I need to transcribe the one Roxas and Axel one, at least, and probably a couple of the others as well. The epic Rokachu and Axsol convo. xD;;
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Still baking cookies. 18 tins down, 16 to go. XD;

Today I got a couple of commissions for ponies. I still owe Jenn her Yuri pony, which I'm hoping to get done by the end of the week (ugh, she's been so patient with me about that one after I got her Riku ones finished so fast!) Then Emeraude commissioned an Alucard and a Pip from Hellsing. Also, another girl has contacted me about a couple of OC commissions, and a fourth wants pricing on 2 Bleach ponies, 3 Vampire Knight ponies, and possibly a handful of Happy Potter.

I CAN HAS MONIES? OwO Just the two Hellsing ones are $80 US (including shipping.) This will help immensely in shipping all my cookies. XD;;

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Cut For TMI )

On a non-TMI topic, I'm moving in a month or two. Possibly the end of November, possibly closer to the end of December, depending on how things go with the sewer lines being fixed. Basically, if they don't have them fixed by the end of this month, Sarah is moving come the end of November, so I have to leave then as well. If they do get them fixed by the end of this month, she won't be moving for a couple extra months, so my original December timeline still works.

Unfortunately, I have nowhere to go but back to Mom and Lee's place. Mom keeps assuring me it's fine, and that's what parents are for, but fuck do I feel guilty about it. I would still be paying rent (they said $240/month but I'm insisting on at least what I pay here, which is $355) and helping out with hydro/etc. and paying for my own Internet and everything, but still. They're just now finally getting my brother out of the house, and I know it'd be nice for them to have some time to themselves.

I know, I know... Mom doesn't want me on the street or anything, and she'd rather I was there because she's worried about me. But still. I feel like such an inconvenience and a burden. Though I suppose between paying for myself and helping out with cooking/cleaning/etc. I can at least try to make up for it...

All of this is only possible because it turns out that if I move back in with them, ODSP won't cut me off, as long as they're charging me rent/utilities/etc. I suppose I would have felt even worse if I'd just moved back in and had to bum off them, so that's something. I need to discuss everything with Mom some more and work out how it's all going to happen, and try to figure out where I'm going to store the furniture and etc. that won't fit when I go back. I guess I'm having a yard sale soon. Which would be less of a pain if it wasn't getting really cold here already.

So... I get to start packing ASAP, and moving things over there a few boxes at a time to cut down on what has to go all at once when I do move. I hate packing. I hate moving. I hate having to go back and burden Mom again. But I hate this place more. Not to mention the lack of affordable housing around here. It's the only thing I can do.


In somewhat related news, I need money. Desperately. To help with the move and everything. I guess a garage sale might help a bit, but no guarantees. I'll probably post a list of stuff I'm willing to part with as I pack things up and go through them. Please consider buying something when I do! Or, if you're interested, I'm still taking pony commissions. Just email me or drop a comment and we can talk about it.

[Pronnie: Asch!pony is... not done. I failed at your birthday deadline. :D; Sorry! Still working on him though! I'll bug you for your address when I get him finished. For now he's sitting on my coffee table giving me "wtf woman, why am I still bald?!" looks. ♥ Screw you Asch!pony, your hair is hard to sculpt! >|]

Oh, and on a not even remotely related topic, been downloading more stuff. An episode of Bones that I missed (I still need this week's Criminal Minds too), as well as a bunch of Jurassic Fight Club episodes (ilu [ profile] firebird_88 for turning me on to that ♥♥), a couple of shark documentaries like Sharkwater, and a ton of movies; Wild HogsDay of the Dead, Enchanted, Deep Rising, Shark Swarm, Superhero Movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Batman: Gotham Knight, Mama-Mia (yes, Pronnie, I will watch it I swear), My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Anaconda III, The Mummy Tomb: Curse of the Dragon Emperor, The Strangers, Epic Movie and Alone In The Dark II. >3

I've watched a few of them, and I'll probably talk about them tomorrow or the next day when I'm feeling better. FOR NOW RECCOMMEND SOME GOOD MOVIES (OR TV SHOWS) TO ME. I HAVE TONS OF DOWNLOAD MB LEFT.

EDIT: RP stuff no one wants to read. )

...and now I'm off to curl up in whimpering, shaking ball on the bed and pass out from the pain.

Have a random Tetsuya icon.
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I took my air conditioner out the other day because it abruptly got so cold out. Now it's super hot in here randomly tonight. UGH. Oh well. I have both windows open and the fan going to circulate the air, so I guess I'll live.

Worked some more on my alien queen model today. I'm almost ashamed to admit that it's the first model I've ever put together on my own. At all. Plus it's not the best model in the world (which is annoying), so some of the seams don't line up perfectly; I've had to trim a lot, and there are spots where there are holes that I'm going to have to patch with air-dry clay before I paint it. It's a pain, but it's not really that bad of a problem, and it'll look fine once I'm done tweaking it and painting it.

But for now I think I need to set it aside and work on Asch!pony for Pronnie's birthday. .__.; Pronnie~ hopefully he'll be done in time, but he might be a little late getting there depending on when I mail him. XD; Just so you know. ♥

I probably won't work on anything tonight though, for some reason the last couple hours every one of my joints has been weak and shaking. I don't know what's wrong, but it SUCKS. I have to hang onto the wall when I go down the stairs because my knees don't want to work right. ><;;


Here have some more Marly/Kadaj smut. XD )

Some of the stuff in there made me squee so much. XD; The "command me" part seriously almost killed me. I had to take a moment to go >w< to myself.

I also picked up Roxas at RY. He's had three muns already, and keeps getting dropped after like two weeks each time. Poor guy. He needs love. *pets him* So there you go. Haruhi's already pounced on him to play bass for her. >>; He was like "...excuse me?" lol. I think he'll be fun to play. ♥
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MOVIE DAY. 8D A bunch of my cheap Columbia House movies came in today. So far I've watched The Reaping, The Return, Alien 3000, Jumper and From Dusk Til Dawn and now I'm watching Way of the Vampire, which I've actually had for a while and am just now getting around to watching. XD;;

Other than that... it was also a chat!day. I spent a long while chatting with people over AIM about various somewhat incoherent things. ♥ Some of which were Otakon 2009 related. We're filling up room spots fast for that, which is awesome. We want a big group for next year. We're staying at the Hilton, which actually has a tunnel walkway between it and the con center. Awesome. X3! Also working out artist alley stuff, since Maddie and I want a table, along with whoever else from the group wants to sell things there.

Speaking of art, I just picked out a pose for Asch!pony for Pronnie for her birthday next month. It's not a surprise because she asked for it. Haha. Got to get working on him though, so he'll be done in time.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to the Chiropractor, and he was like "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR KNEES? AND YOUR ANKLES? AND YOUR BACK/SHOULDERS/NECK/EVERY OTHER BONE/JOINT IN YOUR BODY?" But he did the adjustments and now I'm feeling a little better. Still sore in some places. I think it's going to take at least one or two more treatments before I'm back to normal. The receptionist asked me about my knees and I said "I fell off a bus." and she blinked, and then blinked, and then blinked, and then was like "I thought you were going to say you fell off a bike." I laughed.
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Look at me finally getting around to posting some pics of one of my Customs again. =D;; I fail at that lately. Heh. Eventually I'll get around to posting pics of all the ones I've done the last couple of months. >>;

Anyway! The reason I did this one is because... one of the 2008 ponies (Scootaloo I think) comes with a cowboy hat. XD; And I'm a geek.

So I give you Irvine Kinneas from FF8. He was fun to do, even if I had a bitch of a time finding pics of him. >.< In the end I had to go begging, and Mel was nice enough to supply some. <33 I think my favourite part of Irvine is his hat; I spent almost as much time modding it as I did painting the rest of him. XD; But it turned out SWEET, so I'm happy.

Irvine pics~ )

So I used a sponge brush and dabbed the white for the furry kinna look on his collar/cuffs. I hope the colours are okay, but they might be a tad off since every pic I printed seemed to show different shades. D'oh! His hat is removable, but I probably won't take it off any time soon as it would mess his hair up... a lot. >>;

Also, I still need to do his necklace, but none of the pics I have show it very well. Does anyone out there happen to have a better pic of it that I can have? I would love you forever! :3

EDIT: I luffs him, and really would love to keep him, but unfortunately... I needs monies. D: So I've got to sell him. I'm going to put him on ebay at some point, but for now if anyone wants to buy him they can email me/IM me/comment here. He'll cost $30 + shipping. :)
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Blaaaahh, I am in so much rediculous pain today. >__<; I hate this time of the month. The stupid pills I'm on are supposed to help with this, but they don't. RAWR. >O

So I buy SUPER-stength Motrin instead. :3 lol. Once they kick in, I should be good, but right now I'm hurting so much I'm shaking dammit. OW owowowowowow!


Today the Twinkle Twirl ponies I bought last month came in. I wanted to do an Ak/gito from Air Gear (ok, two I want one to keep myself lawl), and Twinkle Twirl comes in a pose where you can make it look like she's bucking, which is perfect for Agito. I could do an Akito version in a regular pose if I wanted and it'd be IC. So I got three of her, and I've started stripping two already. The third was in brand new condition, so I set her aside and I'll hang onto her unless someone commissions one with her pose later. *shrug*

And I've been getting together boxes to ship out on Friday... but I have no tape so I can't seal them or wrap them until I get some. >>; What a pain. I have everything organised at least, I think. And I need to make some more jam soon for Semi-hime, but at least all I have to do is actually wrap the stuff and mail it.

...fuck, I almost forgot I need a box big enough for Steph's chips. xD;; I might have to buy one at the post office lol.
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Lots of photos in this post and not much else! First, the pony I finished tonight. I named her "Sakura", which is seriously un-creative, but it was the only thing I could think of since I was thinking of sakura trees when I painted her, colour-wise.

She's one of four kimono-based ponies that I'm doing for selling at AN; basically, the legs are painted with a pattern, and then I give them the kimono bow, which is a pain in the ass to make but comes out looking very pretty. The first time I did one was with Ritsu last year.

Anyway, Sakura's colour pallette is red-brown, red, pink and white. Her legs are painted with falling sakura petals, and she has one under each eye as well. Personally, I'm very proud of her eyes, and as a random fact, I sealed her horn with clear sparkle sealant like they do with the actual MLP unicorns. She was made from a G3 Rarity. <3

Sakura )

The other three kimono ponies are in black/white, yellow and green I think, but are clearly not done or I'd have pics of them to post too. lol.

So, moving on! I have a bunch of snow!pics from Grandma's last week, as well as some winter pics of Tetsuya from when I was there too. ^^ Actually, the amount of snow at Grandma's isn't nearly as bad this year as most; about half as much as is typical for this time of year. Haha. This is a good year?

Snow~ )

Now! On the second day I was at Grandma's, Tetsuya decided he wanted to go outside and play in the snow. Silly boy. But even though he had a hat and scarf, he didn't have mitts, so Grandma made him a pair out of felt. <3

Hee. He had fun! But then when he came in, he had to strip down so he didn't get really wet from melting snow on his clothes. And I didn't have any other clothes for him with me, so he snuggled into a blanket on the couch and watched TV while they dried on heating vents. ^_^

Onward to the frolicking! )
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OMG look I'm actually posting photos of MLP customs! =O I know, shocking. lol. Not many photos, and I'll probably post more detailed ones later, but I wanted to share since I've got a few of my Mascot ones done for AN, and I think they're all turning out rather cute. :3

Some quick snapshots. )

And haha, two random Canada Winter photos for those of you on my flist who live elsewhere and have no idea;

Snow~ O.O )
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1) Pagan still seems fine. I'm hoping no more seizures, but I'm still nervous about it. -.-;

2) Nijuuni got the third part of her ARR comic out... and now I want gyouza. D: Maybe I can get Mom to take me to Yamato while we're out tomorrow. >.>

3) Also tomorrow, I need to remember to go to Walmart for ribbon. I'm doing a handful of kimono-styled ponies (similar to Ritsu) and need thicker ribbons in different colours for the bows. :3

4) Yeah, I woke up half an hour ago and had to get up to get a drink and stuff... and somehow ended up on the PC. xD; wtf? I fail. Oh well. Going back to bed now.
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Went to the doctor yesterday for prescription refills, and while I was there Dr. H asked about the rash on my neck from last time I was in; it showed up in the summer and I thought it was a heat rash, but then it didn't go away.

Last time I saw her she told me it was a fungus thing that comes on in the summer (so basically a type of heat rash, thanks lol) and told me to buy some Selsun Blue shampoo and apply it before showering for a week and it would go away. But it clearly hasn't. In fact, it's gotten worse! =D;

So she had another look and said she's going to send me to a dermatologist. Yep. They should be calling sometime in the next week or so. Whatever. It's not itchy or anything so I'm not in a huge hurry about it. Plus, it'll be the same asshat I saw like ten years ago, and I'm not looking forward to it. =__=;

Also, I talked to her about-- )

Let's see... yesterday my messenger bag for AU!Demyx cosplay came in, and so did the third Ouran CD that I bought a while back. Yey. Oh oh! And I found a Kyo!wig! I still have to pay for it but squee anyway! =3

Also, I've been working on ponies of course. It's that time of year again! ^_^; Eheh. I've decided that about half my ponies this year are going to be mini McD's ones, which are easier to make, easier to transport, and will be cheaper for people to buy. I've been calling them "mascot ponies" because of the ones I've been doing so far.

I have two Moogle ones done (and want to do at least two more in different colour schemes), and a couple of Heartless ones (which are much cuter than I thought they'd be, Imma keep one! X3), and I'm halfway through Luna, Artemis, Mokona and Madoki. They're all kind of meant to be the cute animal (or animal-ish) critters. I want to do a Chokobo and Kon from Bleach as well... anything else I should do? They're so cute and fun! X33

Pics of those + Duo!pony + Utena!pony and possibly Zexion!pony and Lavi!pony soon I swear. *is so bad at posting photos lately and made of faaaaail*
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Man, another catch-up post. And I still have to deal with all my backlogged photoblogging photos too. >>; I'll do that later I guess. So!

1) Transformers is out on DVD now, and I don't have it yet. D: I ordered it through Columbia House, but I have to wait for it to get here. That's what I hate about CH, there's no "I'm buying this movie now and taking it home to watch immediately", you have to wait for it to get to you. Bah.

2) Grandma! feeling much better the last few days. It makes me happy, because I was really worried about her, she was so depressed and was feeling sick and everything. She's taking her driver's test again tomorrow, so GANBATTE GRANDMA. I'm sure she'll do well now that she's feeling better. :3

3) Tetsuya's temp. wig, his new eyes (metallic red and black), and one pair of his shoes and one outfit have come in. Haha, his wig came in yesterday and I picked it up today at the same time as I was mailing his head away for his face-up. D'oh! xD; So I can't even try it on him until he gets back, haha.

On a related note, I mailed him airmail so he should get to [ profile] aiko_yamada in a few days. I'm really pissed and worried though, because I asked for $200 worth of insurance on the package, and they can't give you insurance unless you mail express, which was like $50. I can't afford that. That's $100 for shipping both ways, never mind the insurance on top of that, so I had to just mail him airmail and hope for the best. Aiko, can you mail airmail down there and get insurance when you're sending him back? I'll send you extra money for it if you can.

4) When I bought Tetsuya's new eyes, I got him red and black because he needs both depending on his mood. Shut up I know he's a doll. >>; While I was at it, I also randomly bought a pair of metallic cobalt eyes just because they were so pretty. I have no use for them, but I still <3 them. I'm an idiot! XD

I also really like the animated eyes Volks have. More this type than the other two.

5) I bought sake today! :D Why? Because I randomly decided I'm going to make oden, and I need some for the broth. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to buy it though, because I have no photo ID and I look younger than I am, so I made my step-dad come in with me... and then no one questioned it. Yay? XDD;

6) Man, Rizu has been... it's just been Rizu. XD; Things are going so well, and we have tons of characters and it's lots of fun. Also lots of random pairings. Rufus/Demyx FTW last night. xDD;; It was actually pretty hot. >>;

Hmm, so far I've got Hikaru, Demyx and Kyo; Hika is all wrapped up in Kao as usual, but that's not a surprise. Right now they're going as commoner schoolgirls to a Halloween party. ^^; Then Demy is at the same party, along with Zexion, and he's dressed as Aquaman but Zexy doesn't have a costume, the spoilsport. The two of them are also sharing a bed at night right now because Zexy has no furniture yet. .__.; Demy's all embarrassed because it turns out he's a snuggler in his sleep. XD; And Kyo... is making enemies easily, of course. He works as a waiter (just because I thought it was hilarious), and just argues with Ludwig whenever they encounter each other. AND PWNZ HIM TOO, I MIGHT ADD [ profile] firebird_88 BWAHAHA. >D

7) Most of my catch-up photoblogging photos will be of Tetsuya I think. I have to go through the ones I've taken, but I'm pretty sure I've been snapping pics of him a lot lately. Is anyone surprised? >>;

8) Man... I have to pack up some of my ponies. They're everywhere, taking up space on all my shelves and stuff, which I don't mind so much... except I have nowhere to put new ponies when I make them! ^.^;; So I guess I'll pack up the ones I've got finished for AN and store them away until the con next May. That way I can fill my shelves again. Also, turns out Kanda-mun comes to AN every year and we saw each other this past con~ X3 It's a small world after all~ *music note*

9) Phantom has been really affectionate lately. O.o I mean, affectionate for her; compared to Pagan she's still not super cuddly. But earlier tonight she was out to play and I got her some cheerios (she <3s cheerios, especially the ones with dried berries in them) for a treat, and instead of waiting until I could set them on the ground for her, she actually hopped up into my lap and ate them from my hand! It's the first time she's ever come up into my lap on her own! =3 So I fed her like half a box of friggin cereal because I was so happy. XD;

10) ...I think that's about it. .__.; *goes to upload some Demyx icons*
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Ooooh... wtf it was nice and cool last night, and then all day today it's been unbearably hot in here. I CAN HAS A DRINK PLZ.

Haha, even though it's been so hot and humid, I've actually gotten quite a bit done today though; I've taken almost all the stuff that needed to go to the garage for storage down (now my back is threatening to spasm again from the lifting, ugh), I've prepped a bunch of things for shipping tomorrow, I've swept/mopped/vacuumed EVERYWHERE, I've clipped Pagan's nails (have to do the other buns tomorrow), and I've fiddled with some customs as well.

...I think that's it. .__.;

A little while ago I was bored and poking through some old RP logs... once again, I miss the So Long And Thanks For All The Fish! Valdemar RP. Every time I think about it I get all nostalgic xD;; It was rediculous fun. And I was reading a Hikaru and Kaoru log from about a year ago, when they went out to buy a pet rat (Aki~ ♥) and Hika was all distracted by TEH BUNNIEZ. lol.

Now, tomorrow.

Bank, post office, posting more stuff to ebay, finishing Duo!custom. Also, I'm going to finish up the last of the jam tinkering so I can mail all that off on Friday. Ye-up. ^_^

Photoblogging, Day 81,82 )

And now it's suddenly/randomly started pouring rain again.
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Finally finished the trio of Rikus that were commissioned like two months ago! =D;

The Riku Herd )

So, KH1 Riku was fun to do, though I had some issues with his painting... especially because I had trouble finding pics of the back of his shirt. >>; And his hair was a pain and didn't turn out quite how I wanted, but all in all I like him.

KH2 Riku was... somewhat boring, painting-wise at least, because I'd already done him before. I found myself procrastinating over him just because I wanted to work at something different. xD; D'oh. But when I was doing his hair I made a point of going at it differently than I did with the first one and fixing the stuff I disliked about it. His hair turned out perfectly (though before I painted him he looked kinna like Marluxia because the super sculpey was pink. XDD;;)

Blindfold!Riku... was a bitch. >/ I mean, he was easy up until I was doing his hair, and then I was all ghauygihbfdauglah;kl I HATE YOU! But that was mostly because I had to do it around his ribbon blindfold; same with when I painted it. Painting around the ribbon was a pain in the ass. Oh well. I like him anyway~

On a side note, last time I just painted his hair silver, and wasn't super happy with it. This time I mixed colours especially for him, and now I have two bottles of "Riku Hair" paint for future use. lol.


EDIT: HAHA! Okay, so back when I did my set of KH ponies for AN, I was new to the KH fandom and did the outfits/hair/colours/etc. based on pics (I do that with any characters I don't know totally inside-out and backwards), and my printer tends to print colours a bit off of what they actually are. Usually it's no big deal.

So when I was doing these ponies, I painted the skin colours and eyes, and then I was looking for pics of KH1!Riku... and was suddenly like WTF WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME RIKU'S EYES ARE GREEN?? ><;; lol. My first Riku from May has blue eyes, as my printer made his eyes blue when I printed the pic back then.

So off I went and re-painted all three new Riku's eyes green. xD;;
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Still reorganizing my apartment; at least I got most of my for-sale stuff figured out.

It's still proving to take forever. I have a ton of stuff to take down to store in the garage, and like three garbage bags of things for the salvation army. Right now it's all just sitting in the middle of my apartment taking up space and looking messy. Blegh.

I think I'm going to put all my stuff up on ebay, no one seems interested in anything here. Oh well.

Tomorrow I have to clean all the cages and stuff... haha, it used to be such a big to-do before when I had all the mice and gerbils and everything, but at this point I only have the rabbits, Kori and Roxy and Axel, and the rabbits are all at least semi-litter-trained. So I only have to actually clean out Kori and the girly mice, and then I just sweep out the buns. I'm so glad they've got litter boxes now!

Though tomorrow I need to dig out the shop-vac and vacuum the big cage, as it's collecting hair from their molting in the bars and it's hard to get it all out otherwise. They hate the shop-vac because it's so loud, but once in a while it's necessary. Poor girls. I always let them out to play while I'm doing it though. :) Imma go finish blindfold!Riku's hair, because Jenn's been waiting freaking forever for her commissions. ;3;

Photoblogging, Day 74 )
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To everyone who commented on my wangsting yesterday; don't worry about it, I'm fine really. And everything's been worked out anyway. Yey. :)

Today I had an appointment with the doctor, and since Dr K was busy, I saw Dr H instead. She's really nice, I don't have a problem seeing her. I was just in for refills on my prescriptions anyway. Everything's the same, except they're taking Combivent off the market (again *facepalm*), so I have to go back onto Salbutomol.

It's kind of a pain, since Combivent works better for me as a rescue inhaler than Salbutomol... but at the same time, as long as I'm on the Advair as a preventative, I hardly need my rescue inhaler at all anyway; and the Salbutomol does work, just not as well.

BAH. Anyway. Dr H also had a look at this discolouration/rash that I've had on the sides of my neck for about a month now. It showed up when it was super hot and humid, and I thought it was a heat rash, but then it didn't go away. >>; She says it's actually a bit of a fungal infection. Which sounds gross, but it's really common in the summer when it's hot/humid, isn't really noticable (I'm the only one who notices it in my case, lol), and it doesn't itch or hurt, and isn't communicable/contageous. It'll eventually go away on it's own when it gets cooler (in a month or so, she figures), but if it really bothers me she prescribes... Selsun Blue. XDDD;; You know that shampoo? HAHA, I laughed. She says put it on like a lotion but don't rub it in, leave it for ten minutes or so and wash it off; once a day for three or four days and it should get rid of it. I was amused. I'm going to try it, and if it doesn't work then I'm not gonna worry about it. Apparently the only actual medication for it is a pill that does damage to your liver... and I figure, since it's not doing me any damage and it's not contageous, I'll skip the liver-killing drugs and just ride it out until it goes away. ^_^;;

Then after that, I went to finally make the appointment for the ultrasound Dr W wants. -___-; I hate ultrasounds with a passion, but I need to have another one for Dr W to be able to help out with the PCS at all. He needs to know what he's dealing with.

Aaaaand then I had to do a bunch of phone calling to the learning center to ask about taking some courses there. Back in February-ish of 2003 (before I got my journal here) I had to leave school for health reasons, and I'm looking into finishing up the courses I was partway through. I hated to leave at the time, but I couldn't do much about it; I was missing most of my classes anyway because I was sick all the time, I would have failed them all anyway. It was easier to drop out of them and try again later. I want to finish those ones up before I get into the TESL, so I don't have half-finished ones hanging over my head. :)

So! Phone calls were made today, and I need to get my transcripts to take them to the learning center, and then I can sign up for corespondence courses. I was afraid I'd have to go to classes to finish them and get the course credits on my transcripts; that would have been really hard, since I have so much trouble being around room-fulls of strangers. I have panic attacks a lot when that happens, and I've been having more trouble lately than I used to as well...

So yay correspondence. And that way I can do the courses at my own pace (which is usually faster than the rest of my class), and during times that are better for me (night mostly, rather than the day time). Wish me luck! Next is TESL and JAPAN! =D

And then when Mom came home she took me out to pick up my new/refill 'scripts, to get more jars (because yey jam/jelly project that's getting way the hell out of control XD;;), labels, and some paint for Riku!hair. AUGH, his hair is such a weird shade of silver-grey-opalescent-wtf. *pokes him*

Also got a yummy sub with lots of veggies on it for dinner. =3

OHOH, and I almost forgot until I was chatting with [ profile] smoulderedtears earlier, but I'm doing a trade with Tres Maxwell! She does really cute custom teddy bears like this, which are also quite expensive because all the clothes are handmade and she buys the bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop, and she's making me two custom teddies (okay, actually kitties) in return for a set of CSI ponies. ^3^ She's the one who did the CSI pony design that I'm basing my CSI ponies on in the first place, and really wanted a set. SO YEY TRADE. I <3 KITTIES TEDDY BEARS! X3

Photoblogging Day 47,48 )

I think my bi-polar is acting up again. I've been going from DEPRESSED! to BOUNCY! and back again a lot lately. >>;

EDIT: Also~ I finally finished and wrapped up the latest batch of P.O.S. boxes today! They are ready to be mailed (as soon as I have Cat McD's address again and Friday rolls around), and are big and heavy this time! They will be expensive! =D

And as a warning for [ profile] etcetera_cat, your package is rediculously small for everything that's crammed inside. The top is bulging. XD;; So be careful when it eventually gets to you, as it's liable to explode all over the UK. <3
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Finished Glitterapple! She was random, haha, I just wanted to use the curly hair I got a while back. Anyway, I think she's really pretty. She's a diva! ^.~ Glitterapple is what I'm calling her right now, but I might change it if I think of something better.

Glitterapple )

Originally, when I did her symbols, I liked the idea of them not being quite the same on either side; her front one has three apples, and the back one had two apples and a heart with a leaf that matches her hoof mark. But now I'm looking at it, and I'm not sure if I like it so much. I might take the little heart off and replace it with a third apple after all.

I've also got an urge to give her freckles... but I've refrained thusfar because I'm not sure if it'll look good or not. Hmm.

This entry isn't f-locked. xD; All my MLP photo posts will be public, and so will any fic or art posts that aren't NC-17 (because I'm afraid of getting kicked off LJ. -__-;;) Anyway~ ♥
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I slept a lot today. I don't know why, but I was just really tired... still am. Bloody CFS. =__=;;

Around lunch time Gordon, Terry and Anne stopped by (Grandma's brother, sister-in-law and neice) and they were around for a bit to talk. I don't mind, but really, I don't know them, so after a while I ended up going back to my room and fell asleep again. I'm so rude, aren't I? >>;; Yeah...

Then tonight, I watched a bunch of documentaries on Animal Planet while I worked on a random pony and Grandma did crosswords. Said Random Pony has no name yet, but is shimmery pink-red and~ I used my new curly blonde katsilk on her~ X3

I just wanted to try it out. I like how it looks on the pony, but I think it was too much trouble to work with. I'm not patient enough, so I guess I won't be doing a lot of ponies with curls in the future!

Now I should go and read apps at RY, or Steph will poke at me about it tomorrow. >___>; *goes*


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