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So, as per yesterday's post, I went to the dentist! And I'm going back tomorrow morning at 8:45 in the morning. =D;;

Yesterday it took four shots of freezing and an hour in the chair, but now my tooth is fixed; the one that I broke while flossing anyway. xD; I know I have at least two cavities that need to be filled, but they'll tell me about all that at my cleaning tomorrow I'm sure.

Anyway, my jaw is still mightily sore from the needles, but the tooth itself doesn't hurt anymore, so I'm happy.

Today has been... hot. Stupidly hot. At least in my apartment. I hate that the people downstairs have such a temperature problem. They crank the heat, and it all travels up, and then my place ends up like 90 degrees. -.-;;

I have both my windows open right now and it's freezing outside. BAH.

Other than that, though, Mom took me out to Walmart for allergy meds, and while I was there I got the new Pirates movie. I'm so terrible. XDD; I did this last year too, I just can't wait for Christmas for them. lol. And I've had it in the house since 6pm now, and haven't watched it yet... and at this point I don't think I'm going to tonight because I kind of want to go to bed. >>;

I also got one new pony, the 2007 Minty. <3
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I finally after like five months got the package with my twins wallet and was all omg yey~~! --until I opened it, and it was the wrong one. TT~~~~TT Don't get me wrong, I love Tono and all, but I've been through hell trying to get this bloody wallet and I want the twins one dammit! ><



That aside, today I went shopping with Mom and ended up with a whole whack of stuff. Originally we went out to look at treadmills, because I'm desperate and stupid and she said she'd buy me one. (The one we're getting is out of stock until tomorrow, do we have good timing or what?)

But you know, I picked up some odds and ends while I was out; I got the shirt and pants for my Ouran outfit for AN, for instance. I'm really quite pleased with that, since sometimes plain white shirts and black pants can be hard to find around here for some reason. That was at Zellers. I also managed to finally find a styling Rarity MLP there, which I've been looking for for over a year now, lol.

Between Zellers and the car we stopped at the bookstore, and Mom didn't find anything, but I got a couple of interesting books in the discount rack; A Brief History of The End Of The World and A Brief History of Misogyny. I have a bunch of the I Brief History Of books. <3

Then at Walmart I randomly found the exotic tea section and went gnsfuighayugflibdayugrYEY! \o/ Because I didn't even know that kind of stuff was available in this area. So then I got four boxes of new teas to try, and Mom had to drag me away before I just emptied the shelves into the shopping basket, lo; Honey Vanilla (white tea), Vanilla Hazelnut, Mandarin Orchard (green tea) and Tension Tamer, just because it had a dragon on the box and I'm so stressed out lately I'm breaking out in a stress rash on my hands. >>;;

And I also got some meal replacement powder stuff... which goes along with the treadmill and my general state of mind right now, so we don't need to get into that. -.-;

Anyway, that was my day. Yep.

EDIT: One of my new teas has catnip in it. HAHAHA.
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I'm really... I'm just like meh today. I feel really blank. Not good, not bad, just... here.

Actually, that's about how I've felt for most of the last three years. Like I'm just existing, not really living. If that makes any sense... it sounds stupid now that I've typed it out like that. -__-;


It's been a couple of days since I've worked on ponies. I needed a bit of a break since I've banged out 27 of them in the last month and a half wtf I'm a machine! >>;; But now I need to get back to work again.

Next is Kingdom Hearts ponies! [ profile] smoulderedtears managed to expand my KH set from four to like... twenty. XD;; lmao. NO. But it will be about 7 now; Sora, Kairi, Riku, Roxas, Axel and I want to do a Heartless pony and a Nobody pony, just for fun. Yep.

I need help with the symbols for most of them. ;.; Should they be respecive keyblades and stuff? Axel's chakrams? They'll be so complicated to paint. >>;;

I have symbols for the Heartless and Nobody ones already...
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Photos of a bunch more of my Furuba ponies, as promised. Only three to go; I was planning to finish Shigure and Akito tonight, but honestly... I'm not feeling the greatest, since I didn't get any sleep last night. =.=

So I think I'm going to put it off by a day and finish them up tomorrow night. I need my bed.

Anyway! In no particular order!

Isuzu/Rin was made from a pony with a 3D symbol so I had to cut it off before I could do anything. And in the photos, for some reason, she looks like she has reddish patches, when in real life she's just the dark purple color. Her hair is CM Midnight katsilk from Her necklace is black ribbon, based on one that she wears in the manga, and the same with the black wrist cuff. <3

I love Rin, but she doesn't look nearly cynical enough with that smile on her face, lol.

Sohma Isuzu )

Yuki was made from a G3 Seaspray (one of the few I remember the name of XD;), painted light grey (a color I had to mix especially for him and my WIP Grissom pony), and rehaired with Hi Ho Silver katsilk; his eyes are silver as well, as is his symbol. He has a little shirt embelleshment on his chest.

Sohma Yuki )

Kyou was made from a... Pineapple Paradise? Something like that. He was painted beige and rehaired with Orange Blossom katsilk; his eyes and symbol were painted an orange to match. His bracelet is hand made, the red beads hand-painted; red instead of black because in the manga they were red (colored by human blood). He only has a red ribbon around his neck because I had trouble when I was prepping the bait pony, and his neckline wasn't even.

I'm not 100% happy with his symbol, so I might end up re-doing it later...

Sohma Kyon-Kyon~ )

Hatori was made from one of the 2006 G3s-- the pink sparkly one? He's been painted dark blue, and rehaired with CM Midnight katsilk; his eyes are light grey, and the left one has no pupil or definition. I realise that Hatori has no signs that he's blind, but in the pony I wanted it to be obvious. His hair hangs down over that eye.

The seahorse was a pain. The tail broke off twice while I was trying to paint it. Luckily I was able to fix it and didn't have to re-do it all together. XD;

Sohma Hatori )

Ritsu was made from a G3 that I don't know the name of. Whatever. He was painted yellow, and detailed with orange flowers, taken from his kimono on the front of his volume of the manga. The kimono-inspired bow was made by hand and was a PAIN IN THE ASS, and I'm really happy with it. He was rehaired with Stacy Titan katsilk.

Rit-chan is one of my favorite of my Furuba ponies. <3

Sohma Ritsu )

Kisa was made from a G3 baby. Look how cute she is~~ X3 She was painted pink, and rehaired with the same Stacy Titan katsilk as Ritsu was. I originally made a little flower necklace for her, but the beads were too big for her and I didn't like how it looked so I ended up taking it off again.

Sohma Kisa )

Hiro was also made from a G3 baby, to match Kisa. They're adorable. ^^ He's been painted kind of an olive-green-brown and rehaired with a brown katsilk that I can't remember the exact name of. XD; I'm still considering giving him a little floppy bowtie like from his school uniform, but I haven't decided yet...

Sohma Hiro )

Random pic of Kisa and Hiro together. <3 )

Kureno was made from a G3 Cloud Climber; he didn't need to be repainted, and was just rehaired with Mahogany katsilk. His eyes were repainted, though. Kureno was easy. ^_^; And I chose to do him from a peg... mostly because I found it fitting, since in the manga Kureno can no longer fly-- both in reality, and metaphorically. I gave him back his wings. :)

Sohma Kureno )

Ahhhh~ there we go! So many photos! XD;;

What do you think? I'm rather proud of this set; and they look really impressive all set up on the shelves together. ♥
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I got four more ponies finished tonight, yey. XD;;

So now Kisa, Hiro, Ritsu and Kureno have been moved to my already overly-crowded display shelves, where they look pretty along with Hatori and Ayame, and my Ouran ponies, and the pony that I did for [ profile] khriskin a while back and haven't gotten around to mailing yet. >>;;

Only three more Furuba ponies to go! I'll probably get Shigure and Akito done tomorrow or the next day... but I think I need to order hair for Arisa, so she'll have to be bald for a while yet.

I was just realising tonight, as I was placing Kisa/etc. on the shelves, how terribly epic my Furuba pony set is. ^_^; It's seventeen ponies all together, just for that series. LMAO I sure know how to pick them, don't I? lol. They're all over the place already. XDD;

Anyway, then I watched TV for a while because my brain was going durr... from all the rehairing (I decided to use that hair for Kisa, by the way, and now that it's on the pony it looks really good so I'm happy <3), and petted Loki and Neko for a bit, and then went to bed... which point my brain decided it had done enough durr-ing, and turned all the lights back on. WTF brain, I'm tired and I hate you right now.

So I ended up laying on my back in the dark, randomly thinking about Eclipse 16. WOW, I haven't worked on that in a long time... months, at least. Maybe a year or more. It got put on the back burner, and mostly forgotten about...

How could I forget about E16? It's my Sena + Boredom In Math Class love child! ;~;

Jeez, I started working on the E16 stuff in like... 1999. ^_^;; Eight years ago. That's nuts. And the project just keeps growing and getting bigger, and it's been out of control for a long time already~~

Honestly, I doubt I'll ever get around to doing anything with it. I've done a ton of drawings and character sketches, and have lots of character/world notes and stuff, and even doodled a handful of comic pages, but nothing's ever really gotten off the ground. Oh well. I still ♥ it, and I always will.

At this point I'm thinking I'll rework it a bit again and try to make it novel-able. Yeah right! Every time I set about organising it or reworking it, it just ends up bigger, with more characters and plot twists than before! I FAIL!

Those of you who know me and have listened to me ramble about my writing, or read my fanfiction (when my brain allows me to write it, which isn't much nowadays), you know that I'm all about the epic projects; The Hounds of Passing, Angel Fire/Tears, Necro Mythos, Breathing Ghosts, Wednesday's Child, Exit Normal, DONOR, and all those fun things that I love.

But E16 is the most epic of them all, and probably always will be. AHAHA. >>;;

EDIT: TWO CRUSHES? Seriously?? YEY~ ^3^; Who posted as anonymous~? That's not fair~! And YES, PONY CRUSHES COUNT! X33 As do Hika-muse crushes, [ profile] semiblonde! <33 Can I have a crush on my own Hika-muse, though? >.>;;

EDIT #2: Uhh... pictures of Isuzu/Rin!pony, Yuki!pony, Kyou!pony, Hatori!pony, Kisa!pony, Hiro!pony, Ritsu!pony and Kureno!pony will probably be posted at some point later today. Like, after I've gotten some sleep. Besides, the batteries for my camera are recharging anyway. :P


Mar. 7th, 2007 05:38 pm
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The hair for Kisa and Hiro came in today; the brown is fine, but the orange is a little different than I thought it was, and I don't know if I like it for Kisa or not. But it's the perfect color for Ritsu, so I'm going to use it for him and meditate on Kisa before I decide.
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You know that run of G3 ponies that came with forehead glitter, and glitter all over their symbols?


I need the glitter off, and it's not freaking easy to do. =__=;

This is me looking at you, Starbeam-who-would-be-Shigure.

On the YEY side of things, I finished Kyou!pony and Hatori!pony last night, including Kyou's bracelet, which was a pain because I couldn't find 4mm round red beads, so I had to paint all of them by hand. XD; And Hatori's head slipped when I was gluing him back together, so I need to touch up his paint around his neck, but other than that they're both good. <3

Now I'm waiting for the hair to come in for Kisa/Hiro/Ritsu, and I'm going to try to get Kureno done tonight, and get a decent start on Shigure if I can get the goddamn glitter off of the bait pony. Then there's just Akito, and Arisa~

There are Fruits Basket ponies everywhere. .__.
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1) A little while ago, [ profile] smoulderedtears and I applied for characters in the Lumiere RP; rather than let us know if we were accepted or not, the mods just deleted our applications, and blocked our journals from posting again.

All I can say is; W.T.F.

Okay, so I'm assuming we weren't accepted. Duh. But the common sense, common curtesy thing to do is at least tell the person that they aren't accepted, and give them a reason why. I did something wrong in my app? Fine. TELL ME, so I at least know what's going on.

So Kao-mun and I went to the "questions" board and left polite questions in regards to it, basically asking why our applications had been deleted with no response whatsoever, and explaining that we both felt rather offended by the fact that they hadn't bothered to do anything but DELETE and then barr us from applying again and/or posting anywhere in the various parts of their rp. This had to be done from alternate journals, mind you, because the ones we used to apply in in the first place had been banned.

Their response? They deleted our questions, again without a reply, and then barred the journals we used to post the questions, too.

You know what? That's remarkably, rediculously rude, and I'm quite pissed off about it. But if that's the way that rp is run, and how the mods act (like spoiled children, basically), then I don't think I really want to be part of it anyway.

[/Lumiere rant]

2) A few entries ago I was fretting over Pagan being too skinny, and asking any vet nurses on my f-list for advice about it; well, things have changed, but I don't know if it's for the good or not.

Basically, now Pagan is still quite skinny, but has a round little belly on him. I was afraid it was GI Stasis or another gastrointestinal problem, so I've been keeping a very close eye on him... again, he seems healthy enough; he's eating (pellets, timothy hay and veggies/fruits), pooping, peeing, still cuddly, playful and keeping himself clean. He and Pan were recently introduced to strawberries, and he's like ZOMGYEYMOREPLEASEMOMMY??

I even checked his teeth, just in case he had a problem with them and wasn't chewing his food enough, or something stupid like that, but they're fine. (Pagan loves being on his back, btw, he's the only one of my buns that'll do that. Flip him over and he'll lay like that forever! ♥)

Anyway, I can't think of any reason for him to have such an overly round belly on him... except a few minutes ago I had a panic moment-- what if he's PREGNANT? What if he was sexed wrong at the pet store, and I can't tell properly? ><

If that's the case, then it would have to have happened at the store before I even brought him/her home because Pan is for sure a girl (clearly, for some reason both Rex rabbits I have are easy to identify when you have a look up their skirts), and so are my other buns. Now I'm worried. Mwaaaaa~

Should I take him to the vet? He's healthy aside from the belly, and it seems pointless if there's nothing wrong...


3) Today the orange hair I ordered for Kyou!pony came in (along with some more white and black, which I don't need right now, but will probably need at some point between now and the end of May.) It's... Orange Blossom? I think that's the name. I got it from, as always. I've tried various brands/types of hair over the last year and between the product and the service, I always end up going back to katsilk and restoredoll. :)

The orange is a little brighter than I thought it was, but not overly so, and actually matches the shade of orange paint I have almost perfectly, so I'm pretty happy. I'll probably finish up Kyou!pony tonight (he's been nagging me about it, since Yuki!pony has hair and he doesn't-- he was not happy! lol.), and possibly Hatori!pony as well. I was going to rehair Hatori last night, but I ended up with a headache and not feeling really well, so I didn't get it done...

And I'm really annoyed with Loki right now; while I was out this morning, he climbed up on the table, stole the little clay fish I'd done for Arisa!pony's symbol, carried it halfway across the apartment, and then chewed it all to hell. =__=;; So now I need to redo that...

4) I got goyza today~~ <33

I try to get Japanese from the place by the mall as often as I can; they make awesome food, and it's all cooked with water instead of oil. They make the best teriyaki. ^_^ They make good tempura, too, and now I've tried the goyza... which was awesome. *_* I loved it even though it was pork-- the spices and stuff were perfect!

I think I'm going to find that I love almost everything they do. XD;

Next time I'm going to try their yakisoba~

5) OMG Cassandra-san look... AN ND SCENE! =O Shocking, I know. Not a very long one, but one nonetheless. Hopefully I can get them out on a relatively regular basis from now on. I miss ND. ;.;

Raitei had developed an accute dislike for Hikaru, much to the violet-haired woman's amusement. )

I'd almost forgotten how much I love ND-Hikaru. The goof. ♥~
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So last year I asked this, and then ended up not being able to get a table at Artist Alley, which SUCKED. But that's digressing. >>;

Basically, I'm asking what characters you all think I should attempt to make ponies from~

Because I know I'm not always 100% in tune with the newest big series/characters, lol. XD;

So far, my plans are Fruits Basket ponies (Jyuunishi, Tohru, Hana, Arisa), Ouran ponies (Hosts, and maybe Nekozawa and Renge), FMA ponies (so far just Ed, but probably at least Al as well) and SM Stars ponies (Seiya, Taiki and Yaten.) So that's like 30-ish ponies planned already. But I can do two a day (and I've got 9 done already), so I can do more than 30 if I get my bum in gear. ^.^

So what else is big right now? Any other characters I really should be doing?

I guess they don't have to be anime ponies, either. People at Artist Alley do all kinds of things...

Maybe I should try to get some of my CSI ponies done in time for AN, too...

EDIT: Yes, I'm still awake. Shush. >>;;
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My thumb keeps breaking open and bleeding. >>; This may take a while to heal.


Despite that, I have a whole freaking herd of Ouran ponies half-assembled and milling around on my coffee table right now. They are joined by 2 Ed!ponies, and a Rin!pony, as well as four ponies that I haven't started customizing yet. XD;

But alas, Tono is not among the half-finished Ouran ones. ;~; Because the pony I'm making him out of had a stupid jem in her symbol, so I had to remove that and trim around the crater, and I have to fill it in with clay and bake it off before I can start working on him.



No wait, I was just kidding! Don't go~~~

I'm hoping to finish off the last bits of painting and ribbon-ing, and start doing hair tomorrow. That may take a few days to finish, since all the Ouran ones have clay hair. There are two Kaoru ponies and a Hikaru pony there, one set to go with me to sell at AN, and the extra Kaoru to go with the Hikaru pony that's sitting on my shelves making big sad eyes at me because I mailed his twin away to Kao-mun. ^_^;;

I feel bad, so I'll probably end up making another Hikaru one to send to be a set with her Kao!pony, too. >>

I've been guilt tripped by inanimate plastic ponies, despite how determined I was not to be. -.-;;

Anyway, I started painting Rin!pony today (the Horse from Furuba), and I don't know if I'm happy with the color I chose. I was looking at the color scheme on the front of her volume of the manga, and ended up picking the dark green that's on her uniform cuffs. But I'm not sure if I like it or not... I might end up re-painting her.

I want to paint her black, but with her being black, her hair being black, and then her symbol being black (even though it's 3-D), it probably won't stand out enough. I might try painting her the green-white that the rest of her uniform is and see if I like that better...

Yes. I'm really rambling, aren't I?

Also... we keep losing people over at the RY RP. TT~~~TT Now Rit-mun is gone, so we've lost Ritsuka and Haruhi F., too. I'm sure Kao-mun will just weep about not having a Haruhi... [/sarcasm]

The last couple of months a lot of people have dropped out. Le sigh.
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As promised, photos of Tohru, Kagura and Ayame. But first, since they've arrived and everything so now it's not a big spoiler, Damali and Vash, Companion customs that I made for [ profile] etcetera_cat and [ profile] kierseth for Christmas, and Key, which is the Companion custom I made for myself. I already posted pics of Malca way back like four months ago. XD;


Damali (for [ profile] etcetera_cat) was made from a G3 Citrus Sweetheart; she stayed white (yey), and was rehaired with Platinum White katsilk from Of the four Companions I did, Damali was the only one that needed to have her eyes re-painted, and I'm not entirely happy with the job I did, but I pretty much never am, so... and ARGH, her symbol didn't come off super cleanly, so there's a very faint shadow of orange and yellow on her rump. ><; But I'm probably the only one who can see it...

Anyway, she's my favorite of the Companion customs, I think she turned out really pretty despite all the little flaws I see. Mom really loves her hair. <3

Damali )

Vash (for [ profile] kierseth) was made from a G3 Bowtie; again, he stayed white, and was rehaired with Platinum White katsilk. That's about it. I love doing ponies when I don't have to paint them or anything. XD;

Vash )

Key is the Companion I made for myself, and he's made from a G3 Royalette; he stayed white and was rehaired with Platunim White katsilk, just like the others. His eyes had to be retouched a bit because I seem to recall they had purple in them. All the Companion customs had blue ribbon and a silver bell (because those are Valdemar's colors, and a Companion has to have at least one bell when I send them out they go On Search, lol.)

In Key's case, his ribbon is on his leg, because he has an old injury there and limps a bit; from before he Chose. He limps a bit, but it's hardly even noticable and doesn't hinder him any. :) [/backstory]

Key )

The reason I used Royalette for my own Companion is because she came out of the box with a stupid little grey spot of discoloration on her leg. You probably can't see it in the photos, but I wanted the ones I sent to everyone else to be perfect. =3

I was writing a little fic about the four of us and our Companions, but I didn't get it done in time for Christmas. Maybe I'll make it an Easter gift or something. >>;

A pic of all four of them together~ )


Tohru was made from a G3 pony... but I can't remember her name. She was white with a purple mane (and some tinsel), and had a circle with music notes in it for her symbol? Anyway, she stayed white, but I removed her symbol. Then I rehaired her with Ash Brown katsilk. Her symbol is a 3-D smiling onigiri (a la the manga), and I repainted her hoof heart pink.

The ribbon around her neck is thicker than the ribbons I normally use for ponies, but I couldn't pass it up because it's the same colour/style as the one Yuki gave Tohru for White Day in the series. X3

Honda Tohru )

Kagura was made from a G3 Kiwi Tart; painted green, and her eyes painted brown. She was rehaired with Brunette 3 katsilk. Her symbol is a 3-D rendition of her animal form, done is Sculpey clay. I plan to paint the symbol for the Year of the Boar/Pig on her front hoof where her heart would be later...

I can't decide if I like the ribbon around her neck or not. I might remove it later.

Sohma Kagura )

And Ayame, finally, was made from a G3 Beach Comber (I think). His symbol was 3-D to begin with, so I had to cut it off, which was a huge pain in the butt. Anyway! Then he was painted purple, and the vines in darker purple and white were painted on with toothpicks. (The coloration was all loosely based on the outfit he's wearing on the cover of volume 9 of the English manga.) He was rehaired with Platinum White katsilk, and his eyes were painted gold. His symbol is a 3-D of his animal form (sense a pattern here? lol). Eventually I'm going to paint the symbol for the Year of the Snake on his front right hoof, just like with Kagura. :)

As a random note, I chose this particular pony to do him because the pose just screamed Ayame. X3

Sohma Ayame )


There's one more I want to post photos of, too, but I won't until I get it shipped off to [ profile] khriskin so that I don't spoil the surprise. ^_~

...this is the most ponies I've ever posted pics of at one time. |__|;;
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I've been scalping ponies for about an hour, prepping them for customizing, since this year I actually will have a table at the AN convention. Now I have a huge blister on the ring finger of my right hand. Owie. ;~;


I'm feeling marginally better today than I was yesterday... probably because I've been planning for AN, and that always cheers me up a bit. Especially since I have a chance of making a decent amount of money from it, even if it's way ahead in May.

Oh, and now [ profile] smoulderedtears, [ profile] lipstickcat and [ profile] etcetera_cat have all got their gifts (pony!Kao, Chase The Stars and Damali, respectively) in the last couple of days, so I can stop worrying about those getting lost in the mail or something. Now I'm just waiting on [ profile] cassandracsenta's Christmas present to get to her. :)

And I think I'm getting sick. My sinuses have been really bad the last couple days, and I've had a chronic headache for a week; now I'm starting to develop a cough. Ugh. =_=;;
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Now I can start posting pics from the various ponies I did for Christmas. lol. I have another patch to post later, too, but for now!

The first one is Melo; Mom commissioned her as a Christmas gift for my cousin Alex, who likes horses, Elmo and snowboarding. >>; So Mom wanted a pony that included bits of all of them. Snowboarding Elmo pony? Sure why not!

She was made from a G3 Fairy Dust and rehaired with Sapphire Blue, Caddy Red and Platinum Blonde katsilk from Her eyes stayed the same. Her symbol was painted on with acrylics and done with toothpicks. -.-;; Her hat came off of my spare Toboggan pony, and I painted the pink striped red to match her color scheme. Then her choker is a red ribbon, and the pendant is a celtic knot (I believe), but it looked a lot like a snowflake so I used it anyway. <3 Yey. Her snowboard is made from Sculpey clay and painted in matching acrylics~

Melo )

And every year our family does this thing where everyone brings a random gift, and we all draw numbers, and then you can either open an anonymous gift or steal someone else's. I'm sure most people know that kind of game. :)

This year I made a set of five custom MLP Christmas ornaments as my contribution, and Grandma was very adamant that she wanted them. She kept stealing them from everyone until they all finally gave up and just let her keep them, lol.

None of them have names, I wasn't feeling creative enough to come up with them... so!

The Red one was made from a G3 McDonalds Pinkie Pie; painted red with a gift on her bum and silver eyes. Her tail was painted silver, and her mane was rehaired with Hi-Ho Silver katsilk. She has a yellow bow in her mane.

Red )

The White one was made from a G3 McDonalds Star Swirl; left white, tail/eyes painted red, rehaired with Caddy Red katsilk. She has a wreath symbol and a yellow ribbon in her mane.

White )

The Green one was made from a G3 McDonalds Daisy-Jo; painted green, mane rehaired with All-A-Glow katsilk, eyes painted yellow. She has a candycane symbol, and a red ribbon in her mane. :)

Green )

The Silver one was made from a G3 McDonalds Serendipity (I think); painted silver, tail/eyes painted green, and was rehaired with Dark Envy nylon hair from She has a stocking for a symbol, and a red ribbon in her mane.

Silver )

The Gold one was made from a G3 McDonalds Sparkleworks. She was painted gold, her tail painted white, her eyes painted green; she was rehaired with Platinum white katsilk, and has a yellow ribbon in her mane. Her symbol is a christmas tree.

Gold )

They all have little loops of green wire in their backs, so that they can be hung on a Christmas tree (with hooks, of course), and each come with a mini-ornament that matches their symbol. Their hair is all either in a ponytail or a braid, because if I'd left it loose it might have been problematic when they're hung on a Christmas tree. ^^

And one pic of them together. )
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Where the bloody hell are my needlenose pliers??

I need them to finish the ponies that have to be done by the 25th! One of them is a commission!

So of course I can't find them. =__=;
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Mn, so my hand is a bit better today. I've got 4 doses of antibiotics into me, and the swelling is starting to go down, hurray. The joints are really stiff and sore still. Oh well. Getting there!

The antibiotics don't make me so sick if I take them with food and lots of gravol. >>;;

Loki went in to the vet for his neuter today, and they tell me everything went fine; he's grumpy, of course, but seems alright. I get to pick him back up tomorrow afternoon. Lee's going to take me on his lunch hour so that I don't have to pay for a cab there and back. XD;

Oh, and today Mom commissioned a pony from me. ^_^; She needs to be done by Christmas, along with like six others, so I'm hoping my hand will be well enough by tomorrow that I can work on them. It should be, unless I do something stupid to hurt it again.

Anyway, it's a snowboarding/elmo pony for my cousin. Guess what she likes. Mom couldn't think of anything to get for her, and she loves horses/ponies so she was like "here's $30, make a pony for her!" lol.
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Ugh. These antibiotics are making me really sick, and I've only been taking them for one day. Six more days of this? ><;;

Oh well, not much I can do about it. Especially with how bad my hand is right now. And I've got a fever. I'm not loving Loki right now. >>


That aside, Dad came up this morning to do the Christmas thing with me and Trunks; we got him all the Superman movies (a box set of the four older ones, and the new one separately). Trunks got an FMA pocketwatch and wristwatch, and a bunch of computer games.

I got some ponies and a new 320 GB external hard drive for my computer. X3

So I spent a while today transferring all my media and stuff onto it to free up my computer so that it'll hopefully run at a decent speed again. ^_^;


Dec. 1st, 2006 01:14 pm
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Well, I failed at NaNo yet again! This is my fourth year in a row. All I did was add more characters to my already over-crowded brain. XD;; lol.

The one I've gotten the farthest on was Breathing Ghosts the first year, I got about half done that one. I barely did anything on Canadian Dragon the second year. Last year I did about a chapter of Wednesday's Child, and then this year... >>;; I flopped on Duality pretty quickly. Mostly because I'm frantically making ponies for Christmas gifts, and spending a lot of time RPing.


Right. That aside, moving on!

I'm packing up Christmas presents to mail out, and my Hikaru and Kaoru ponies are sitting on the shelf giving me sad looks. I have no doubt they'd be clinging to each other if they could. I don't think they want to be sepparated. ;___;

RRGH. Stupid twins. Must you always be such a pain?? I will not be guilt-tripped by inanimate plastic ponies, dammit! XO

In a somewhat related note, Kao-mun is currently at the Auchi con, so I have to do rpg twins angsting by myself for a couple of days. Though I guess I did fine when she was away last time. lmao. XD

Days to Christmas Eve: 23
Days to Sena's Birthday: 33
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Look at me go!

Hikaru and Kaoru in pony form, omg! )

The photos are a touch blurry because I suck at closeups. Sorry.

Hikaru was made from a G3 Island Rainbow, and Kaoru was made from a G3 Rainbow Dash. Ironic that I ended up choosing ponies that both had "Rainbow" in their names for the twins. ^_^ They were re-painted and glued together, then I sculpted their manes and tails from sculpey (there's a lot of detail that was washed out by my camera's flash, unfortunately), and painted them as well. Then ribbons, and ribbon-neckties.

It sounds simple, but they were actually a pain in the ass, not that I'm really surprised bloody twins. >___> lol.

Do I get the prize for the weirdest fan-stuff? ^_^;

Close To

Nov. 29th, 2006 11:25 pm
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I'm so close to finishing my twins ponies!

I need to do their tails and then do some painting and they'll be done~

Their hair turned out really good! Kaoru's is a bit better than Hikaru's though. >>; But Hika was made from an Island Rainbow, and so his head is a bit differently shaped and not as congruent with the twins!hairstyle as Kao's turned out to be.


♥ ♥ ♥
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I've been working on these ponies for like six months now. XD;; I fail!

Anyway, Kira and Aoi are two of [ profile] cassandracsenta's characters from N.D. universe. They're OC Starlights, and part of the expanded band The Lights (formerly Three Lights). They're the oldest of the ND characters, and still right up there in my favorites, so I wanted to do ponies of them~

They're part of the set and go with the Seiya/Taiki/Yaten ponies I finished way back in like February.

Aoi. )

Aoi was made from a G3 Sparkleworks. I think she was one of the Friendship Ball ones. Ah, jeez, two of her legs were shorter than the other two. >___> I had to add plastic lifts so she would stand straight, and then they were a pain in the ass and took five more coats of paint than the pony itself. :P

Anyway, painted blue, eyes colored with a sharpie marker, rehaired with Golden Girl katsilk, ribbon and rose added.

Kira. )

Kira was made from a G3 Island Rainbow (I have like twenty Island Rainbows XD;;). She was painted brown, her eyes were painted silver, she was rehaired with Ruby Slippers katsilk, and then a ribbon and a rose were added.

Kira's actual colors are brown and peach, but I couldn't find peach-colored ribbon, roses, or paint; the closest I could come was beige or straight orange, and I ended up going with beige because it looked better than the orange did. :)

Three random pics. )


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