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Sep. 30th, 2008 04:25 pm
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My poor Axel-mousie is pretty much on her death bed. It makes me sad. She's been such a sweetheart, too. But she's getting really old (she's starting to go bald in places, she's so old), and her eyes aren't working very well I don't think. Plus today she's making a lot of complaining squeaking noises, and when I checked her out I found a lump on her one side. Poor thing.

Co-habitation. )

She's never been afraid of the cats, and they all seem to love her. (They do seem to enjoy playing with her tail though lol.) She's a special little mousie. Buuuut she's old and Roxy-mousie died a long time ago, so she's been alone since then. I guess she's about ready to let go.
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Two days ago, Ichigo died.

The poor girl, she was a year and a half old, and had developed a bunch of big tumors... they ran in her family, but Tohru and Kisa had them too. At least for Ichigo, it didn't drag on forever; both Tohru and Kisa lived a long time with huge tumors that were clearly very painful and hard to move around with.

But with Ichigo gone, that left Bedrock alone again, and the poor old guy got really depressed, just like when Granite died a couple months ago. He went into his little cabin and wouldn't come out for anything; I don't even know if he came out to eat or drink at all.

So today I went to the pet store and bought two little mice for him; one is blonde, and one is black, and I named them Roxas and Axel even though they're girls. XD;; Roxy is twice Axel's size, too, which is kind of funny...

Anyway. Bedrock immediately came out from his cabin and sniffed them out, then groomed them for a bit (as much as he could while they were zipping around exploring), and now he's settled down to eat a bit. I'm quite relieved to see him eating, given how he's been since Ichigo died.

So R.I.P. Ichigo, and good luck to Bedrock and his new girlfriends. <3


Bedrock and Ichigo. Haha, I snapped this right before I cleaned the terrarium and the glass was such a mess! ^_^;;
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The last day or so Ichigo's been feeling sick. She's just been looking rough, and clearly feeling sorry for herself. Tonight instead of hiding out in the nest like normal, she holed up in the crook of the piece of driftwood that's in there for her and Bedrock to climb on...

And poor Bedrock doesn't know what to do! He's fussing over her and bringing her food, and has moved almost their whole nest out of their little cabin and spread it out around where she's curled up. He keeps snuggling up with her to keep her warm and grooming her. I feel so bad for him, it's like he's lonely already. ;___;

Honestly, the way he's acting is a lot like the way Tohru and Ryu acted with their babies, which wouldn't surprise me. Ichigo's so little in comparison to him I sometimes wonder if that's why he accepted her so easily; he just thinks she's a baby. So he's trying his best to take care of her, since she obviously isn't feeling good. And apparently degus (females and males both) are excellent parents anyway.

If Ichigo gets sicker (she's actually a year-and-a-half old now, so she's getting on for a mouse <3) and doesn't make it, I'll have to get him another mousie to keep him company. Not that I want Ichigo to die. They love each other so much, it would be really sad...
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Okie, so, I thought on the whole thing with Bedrock a bit, and decided I'm not going to get another pair of degus just to keep him company. I don't know if I really want them for the 10-ish years they'd be around, and if I decide to get more, I want it to be because I really want them. <3

But that still left me with poor sad Bedrock, who was moping in the corner of the terrarium, clearly super depressed and put out.

For a bit I wondered if he would get along with the rats, and he might get along with Yuki alright, but Kori is very territorial and probably wouldn't like having him around; and Bedrock is so quiet and non-violent that he wouldn't stand up for himself if/when Kori started picking on him.

Then I thought... Ichigo!

She's been on her own for a couple of months now, too, since Kisa and Kagura died. Mice are really communal animals, the same as degus, and it was obvious that Ichigo has been pretty lonely the last bit. She's also very friendly and gentle (just like Bedrock), since I hand-raised her from a baby. ^^

So I cleaned out the degu terrarium, put everything back in place, lowered the water bottle so that Ichigo can reach it too, then filled the food dish to heaping, and put Bedrock back in... then transfered Ichigo over.

There was a moment of "" from Bedrock, but Ichigo didn't even blink twice. She went right over and perched on the edge of the food dish and helped herself. So Bedrock wandered over and gave her a good sniff... then just set to eating, too.

I sat and watched them for a bit just in case, but they seemed to get along alright, so I finally went to bed, and when I got back up and went to check on them they were sitting on top of the cabin grooming each other. They're such an oddly cute pair! X3

Just before I left this afternoon to come over to Mom's for laundry and stuff I shredded some kleenex for them, and when I took off they were in the process of building a big nest together. <3

They both seem really happy. I'll have to take pictures to show you guys. Ahhh, I'm so glad it all worked out for both of them! ♥ ♥ ♥

EDIT: Mom goes "now, you don't think they can crossbreed, do you?" And I'm like "...for Ichigo's sake, I hope not!" XDD;;
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So~ I spent a while today reorganising by movies and books a bit. I have to do that every year around this time because I always get DVDs and books for Christmas. XD; Plus one of my Ouran art books came in today (*fangirl squeal HERE*), so I needed space for that on my shelves, too. <33

I'll probably have to do it again after my birthday, too. ^_^; Which is January 3rd~ Getting close~

Ah! And thank you [ profile] kierseth! Yay paid LJ time! =3

I hope my packages arrive to people soon... most of them haven't gotten to their destinations. I need to ship stuff earlier next year to try to avoid the bulk of the Christmas rush. You guys need to let me know when you get the stuff I sent so I can stop worrying about them, lol.

Oh... and Kisa and Kagura died this morning. Well, I mean some time last night I guess. I found them this morning. They were really old for mice, though, and they were both sick; Kisa had tumors, and Kagura had been losing weight for months, and I couldn't get her to gain it back. I'm sure they're happy wherever they are now. :)

Now I only have one mouse left; Ichigo. She's Tohru's daughter from her litter last October. She's over a year old now too, so she might not be around much longer either. I don't know if I'm going to get more mice once she's gone... I haven't decided yet.

I'll think on it...
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Wow, my hands have been shaking really badly all day. It's been a while since I've had to deal with this... I really didn't miss it. =_=;; Hopefully it'll go away again by tomorrow, but who knows? It's a symptom of the stupid Chronic Fatigue, and that's been bad lately, too, so... yeah...

Other than that, today was grocery day so I got out of the house for a while. The store was really crowded, though, and I hate that. It makes me freak out. And it hailed today, really hard; the hail was pretty big, too. But at least we didn't get 18 inches of snow or whatever they got south of us. ^_^;;

And today I did some tidying around here. Lee took my air conditioner this afternoon, so that he can clean it out for me (it's full of cat/rabbit/rat/etc. hair and just needs to be opened up and cleaned out), and I transferred Yuki and Kori over into the old rabbit cage, which is much more roomy than the one they were in. They really like it, and I'm glad.

Poor Yuki is so old. >^-^;; But he seems to be feeling fine, nonetheless.


Kisa isn't feeling so good, though. She's developed a lump under one of her front legs, just like Tohru-chan did before she died. And unfortunately, much as I love my mice, I don't have the money to spend a hundred dollars to take her to the vet. Especially since she's getting pretty old, too, and I didn't expect her to make it to Christmas even before the lump appeared...


Jul. 17th, 2006 09:30 pm
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R.I.P. Arisa the mouse.

I have three girly mice left now; Kagura, Kisa, and Ichigo (and one little boy mouse in a different terrarium, still, Kira.) Kisa and Ichigo and Kira are looking fine and dandy (in fact, a bit pudgy, spoiled little things), but Kagura has been loosing weight lately, and is looking pretty rough. (She's getting old, though.) I don't know how much longer she's going to be around.

Then again, the mice always surprise me. I'll say "so-and-so looks pretty bad, I think she's going to die soon", and then she's around for another six months or whatever. And I've had a couple of mice die randomly when they seemed absolutely fine. It's strange that way with the mice, actually. |_|;;
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Well... my efforts to catch Shouta have been abruptly halted, as late last night or early this morning, he died. I'm sad about that, but it doesn't surprise me-- what surprises me is that he lasted that long outside of the cage. There's nothing I can do about it now, anyway. Rest in peace, Shou-chan.

Other than that, I went to Mom's today and made cookies and muffins for her and Lee... then we went out to the mall for a little while, just because we wanted to. I got a couple of ponies, and she bought me two cheap books from the bargain racks at Coles:

-The Second Tree: of Clones, Chimeras, and Quests For Immortality by Elaine Dewar
-The Encyclopedia of Forensic Science by Brian Lane

*squee* X3

And then I got tempura shrimp and vegetables at the Japanese restaurant. Because YUMMY.

Oh, and last night, I couldn't sleep so I worked on a random Custom; start to finish (not counting styling the hair and repainting the white in her eyes) it took me about four hours to do all of her. Her name is Cry for the Moon, and she's my first Pegasus. *is proud* She's really pretty! She's actually for my Mom for Mother's Day... which is like, a month from now. ^_^; At least I know she's done!
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I try not to make too big of a deal when one of my mice passes on, since I've had so many go... but Tohru was different. She was a very special mouse, absolutely goregeous, sweet as you could ever imagine, and the mother hen of my girls-- after her litter, she seemed to feel it was her job to take care of everyone.

She loved to be handled, and would come running to be picked up whenever I opened the lid on the terrarium where she lived. When her pups were still young, she had no qualms whatsoever about letting me play with them, and stayed just as gentle and friendly as she always had been, even when she had nine babies to 'protect'.

Tohru was special to me. I'll miss her.

Be happy, Tohru-chan.
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Yesterday I promised Mom that I'd go back over today and cook dinner for her and Lee (my step-dad), so this afternoon she picked me up and I went over; we had coca-cola chicken, rice, cabbage and asparagus, and it was generally yummy. Then I did the dishes (because duh, it's my Mom's house, it's not like I'm a guest or anything really), and when I came home I iced the cake I made yesterday and had a piece for late-dessert. :)

While I was gone, Don decided he was going to come over and invite himself into my apartment to work on the floor/other misc. stuff. MY GOD, I HATE HIM. What the hell is so hard about giving me some warning that he's coming over? Or like, coming over when I'M HOME?? >_<;; *SPORKS*

Anyway, aside from that irritation, he actually did get some stuff done around here. Finally.

He brought bolt cutters to cut a lock off of Phoenix and Pauper's cage; I had it given to me by one of my friends about a year ago (it was a cage for her guinea pig, G.P., before he died a couple years ago), and there was a little luggage lock on the top because G.P. had taught himself how to half-climb the bars and push the lid open. ^^; But she couldn't find the key, so I was dealing with it as it was. Now I can open the top properly! Yay!

And he started working on my floor, too. He fixed/replaced three boards, and spent a good chunk of time with a shop vacuum, vacuuming out as much of the crap under the floor as he could reach. That will be muchly helpful, I think. He didn't get a lot of actual repairs done, though, because it took so much time to do the vacuuming...

He's coming back tomorrow to do some more floor stuff, fix the trim on my window, and drill a hole for my satellite cable.

Oh! And he finally remembered to bring the live trap for catching Shouta! ^_^ I have it set by his main mousie-hole so hopefully I'll be able to catch him. He also brought a bigger trap to catch the squirrells that are in the ceiling of the first apartment (the one on the main floor, two floors below me). I should totally adopt them when he catches them! XD lol.

I don't think wild squirrels would be happy with suddenly being caged and kept as pets, ne? ^_~ Better to just let them go.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I also helped Mom install and format some programs on her PC because she wasn't sure how. ^^


Mar. 24th, 2006 08:42 pm
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R.I.P. Rin the mouse.
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Does anyone happen to remember this post I made a while ago? When Shouta-mousie did a crazy vanishing act out of the terrarium he shared with Rin and Kira? WAAAAAY back on December 9th, 2005?

Yeah, well. Apparently, Shou-chan, after disappearing from the terrarium, made himself comfy in my craptacular floor. There are enough holes in it that he would've gotten into it easily. I'm just surprised that I didn't see hide nor hair of him for so long! Heh. Tricky little bastard.

So right now he's living in my floor. There's all kinds of crap down there for him to eat (from the last person who lived here, as she was a complete and utter SLOB), and I'm assuming he was sneaking out to get water from the cat dishes when no one was around. I can't think of any other way for him to get water down there...

Anyhoo~ Don was supposed to bring me a trap to catch him live a couple of weeks ago; I don't want to kill Shou-chan, besides which, putting out poison or typical mouse-traps is dangerous to my other critters, too. But, as usual, he never got around to bringing it. =_=;;

THUSLY. Opperation Catch Shou-chan! is currently in effect, and basically involves a homemade box-trap, and lots of sitting perfectly still on the floor by the main entrance/exit that he uses, waiting for him to come out for food (which is in said box-trap). When he does, there is much frantic slamming closed of box-trap. ^_^; Simplistic, but it seems to work pretty well.

The problem is in that in Sena's Box-Trap Version 1.0, I hadn't thought about how I was going to get him out of the box once I caught him. The only way to do so was to lift it up... and when I was fiddling, trying to work something out, he escaped again. >.<;; D'OH! *feels stupid* When I saw him skittering away again, I was like "shit!"

So now the New And Improved Sena's Box-Trap Version 2.0 also has a bottom to it-- basically, a piece of cardboard on the floor, with the food on it, then the box over that, so that when I catch him again, I can flip the entire thing over (using the extra piece of cardboard as a lid of sorts, then pluck him out the top.

Yup. So inventive! I bet I'm the only one ever who thought of cardboard boxes! HA HAA! XD lol.

I will admit, though, that I've been supplying Shou-chan with water ever since I discovered that it was him rattling around in the floor. ^^; He's my pet and I want him back! Besides, it's dangerous for him to sneak way out onto the floor to get water from the cat dishes, and dying of dehydration is a terrible way to go. What can I say? I'm a sucker. So there's a teeny dish of water sitting by his mouse hole (near the box-trap!), basically so that my conscience doesn't nag at me about it. >^-^;;

Despite it being a pain in the ass, I'm actually rather happy. It made me sad when Shou-chan disappeared-- he's one of the mice I kept from Ryu's litter back in the fall, so he's got a special place in my menagerie, along with Kira and Ichigo, who were also kept from Ryu and Tohru's litters, respectively. :)
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I give you a HUGE, RANDOM PHOTO POST. Haven't had one of these in a while! XD

First pictures I took up at my Grandparents' house, because BUAHAHA no one else has the right to complain about having too much snow anymore!


Next, we have recent pics of my apartment (sans the bathroom, kitchen or sun room, which are downstairs.) They're kind of dark because I took them at night and the flash on my camera isn't the greatest, but they aren't too bad. ^^ They're riddled with arrows and text to point random stuff out.

Beware clutter attacks. )

And finally, we have many, various cute animal photos. =3

ZOMGSQUEE!!1!eleventy! )

PHEW! Lots of pictures!
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R.I.P. Ryu the mouse.

That's the end of mouse!Nittle Grasper. They're all gone. ;__;

Now I've just got my Furuba mice, as well as Ichigo and Kira.


Dec. 10th, 2005 08:42 pm
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Still can't find Shou-chan... ;__;


Dad might be coming up tomorrow, but he hasn't emailed me to confirm for sure. I'm going to call him in a minute just to check.

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Some time yesterday, between around noon when I fed them and when I went to bed (for the first time) at about midnight, I lost a mouse.


No, when I say lost, I don't mean "he died". I mean lost as in "hey, where's Shouta?" .__.

I always check on the critters before I go to bed, and when I looked into the terrarium that should have contained Rin, Kira and Shouta... Shou-chan was gone. Just gone. The lid was still on, and I have no idea how he got out, but he's not in there anymore. POOF. Vanishing mouse. @_@;;

I even searched through the shavings in case he had died and gotten burried. No Shouta.

Muaaaaaa... ;__;

I spent all night looking for him, but I can't find him. If one of the cats had gotten ahold of him, I would have known because there would have been noise while they tried to play with him (they're not very stealthy cats), so he's got to be around here somewhere... unless he crawled into the heating duct (which I really hope he didn't do.)



I have no idea what to do. |_|;;
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R.I.P. Hana the mouse.

She and Noriko were very, very sick little mice, so sad as it is, it's really better for them both this way.


Nov. 19th, 2005 06:54 pm
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R.I.P. Noriko the mouse.
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It occurred to me today that I never posted pics of the baby mice that I ended up keeping. So I took a couple of snaps of Kira and Shouta (and Rin). I'll take a pic or two of Ichigo later, but she looks pretty much the same as Rin, so you'll get the idea.

As a random observation, Kira turned out really calm, and I can handle him with no problems at all. He just sits in my hand and looks cute. Shouta is really friendly, but he's kind of excitable-- when you pick him up, he just wants to run and jump and crawl and explore everything as fast as he can. =3 lol.

A couple of pictures. )

I don't know if you can really tell by the pic of Kira with Rin, but he and Shouta are actually much smaller than Rin is-- the two of them came from the same litter (Ryu's), and for some reason all of Ryu's pups ended up smaller than Tohru's pups and the rest of the mice. That's okay though, I think they're cute. X3

As for Ichigo, she's from Tohru's litter, so she's about normal-sized for a nearly-full-grown female mousie. ^^
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Oookay. I've calmed down a bit. Still upset, yes. But calmer.

Baby mouse fiasco aside, I did a handful of other stuff today, too-- got a wire mesh lid for the terrarium with my remaining mice (Noriko & co.), since last night I watched Kisa and Noriko teach themselves how to leap straight up into the air, grab onto the terrarium lid, then hang by their front legs and chew a hole in the plastic. =_=;; Wire lid it is! AHAHAHAHA! I WIN!

Moved Flash and Dazzle from their temporary cage housing (which they don't like as much as terrariums, and which are messier because they throw shavings all over the damn place) back into their terrariums, which they had to give up for mice for a while. They are happy gerbils.

Then my three male mousies got moved into the smaller glass-terrarium-with-wire-mesh-lid. Rin, Kira and Shouta are now happily settled down, with their new home sitting on top of the terrarium with my other mice, for lack of a better place to put it for the time being. ^_^;;


Now! The following people have packages coming in the mail:

[ profile] cat_mcdougall
[ profile] kierseth
[ profile] etcetera_cat
[ profile] cassandracsenta

Cat McD, -cat, and 'Sethi's are the P.O.S. boxes I finished up a while ago. Finally got around to mailing them! Cat McD and 'Sethi should get theirs in 10-12 days. emma-kitty's will take longer, since it's going across the ocean, but hopefully you'll get it in a month to a month-and-a-half. Cassandra-san's package is the CDs that I've been burning for her for months now. ^^; And it'll take a while for that one to arrive, too, but it's on the way!

[ profile] midnightstar16's P.O.S. is still here, because I still don't have her new address, hint hint. Ahem. *pokes*

In a month or so, I'll be mailing Christmas gifts out to everybody, too, but I'm not done shopping quite yet. X3

Speaking of shopping, though-- Cat McD, I got gifts for Mariah and Jasmine today. An awesome hat/scarf/mitts set for Mariah (OMG I want it! X3) and an adorable stuffed unicorn for Jasmine (um... which I also want, actually. O_o lol.) Now I just need to find something neat for AJ. Is there anything that I should avoid, or anything he would particularly like? I almost got him a Darth Tater... that's a Mister Potato Head doll that's dressed like Darth Vader from Star Wars. XD Nyahaha...

Then I went with Mom while she got her hair cut, and we stopped at the book store while we were at the mall, where she bought me Spirit of the Horse off the bargain rack. It's an awesome photo book, which I wanted for some decent body and head shape reference pictures. ^^

Oh, and then on the way home we stopped at the grocery store so I could buy some pumpkin pie.

Comfort food while I cry about my mice, and all...

EDIT: Oh yeah. Happy Halloween, everybody.

EDIT #2: OMFG NANOWRIMO TONIGHT. @_@;; *spazzes*


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