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Finally figured out the DVD burning feature on Squall. Did I mention that before? Can't remember.

Anyway, so I cleared out Squall's HD some, and now I'm working on Gale. lmao only like 54 movies and 140-ish anime series. Plus a few TV series/seasons.

What can I say? I'm a media whore. xD;;

I still need to have a boo at Z's HD too, as I believe I still have some anime series on him too. I know at the very least I have the whole first season of Digimon. Hmm.

EDIT: Is anyone looking for a specific movie/anime that I could burn for you? Before I delete everything from my HDs. .__. Just ask and I'll see if I have it.
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Watching The Shawshank Redemption. I've never seen it before and I randomly decided I wanted to, so... yep. I should actually be sleeping though. Anyway, it's a really good movie so far, even though it's completely different from what I normally watch. But I mean, Morgan Freeman, right? Haha.
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Been watching a lot of movies and stuff the last couple of days. And Monster Quest. TONS of that too. And today I watched four episodes of Prehistoric Predators while I made like 150 gemstone phone straps. xD;

Then tonight I watched Splice on divxden, and now I've just started [Rec] 2. Splice was freaking awesome! Brand new creature movie ftw! The previews made me think of Species but it turned out to be completely different. And it had some surprises in it; they took a few chances with the plot, which made the movie more interesting in my opinion but some people might not have liked them. It's a matter of taste, I suppose, and we all know that's something I rather lack when it comes to movies. Haha.

[Rec] 2 is the sequel to [Rec], obviously, and is a Spanish horror movie that I really liked. (The English version is called Quarantine but wasn't nearly as good.) Just another in a series of foreign movies that I love. Horror/sci-fi movies are done so well in other countries, it's really too bad that more people don't watch the original versions.

Anyway, those aside my copies of Samurai Zombie, CHAW and One-Chanbara all came in this last week, as well as my copy of Lizard Baby (lmao). I went on a little foreign-movie binge on ebay a couple weeks ago, and ended up getting a bunch of Korean and Japanese horror/sci-fi stuff. I have yet to watch Samurai Zombie but if it's anything like Kibakichi (werewolf samurai) it should be entertaining. I haven't watched One-Chanbara (samurai-strippers vs zombies!) or Lizard Baby (should be self-explanatory, really) yet either. I'll watch them tomorrow maybe.

CHAW I did watch, though, and it was AWESOME. Another giant killer boar movie (there's been a rash of them lately), but this time the creature animation was REALLY A+ good. Amazing for a B movie. I'm really glad I got it. ♥♥♥

Other than movies...

A couple days ago Mom, Lee and I went to Barrie to visit Grandma and Uncle Len and Aunt Clare for a couple of hours. Before we got to their place though he stopped at the big bookstore and I poked through the discount books. I got a handful of reference ones cheap... and they had Stephen Colbert's book on sale so I picked it up to. XD I flipped through it and it's going to be REALLY entertaining to read. 8D

EDIT: Also, English version Hachiko movie? Almost killed me. I literally spent the entire last half an hour of the movie flat out sobbing. Not just sniffling a little. SOBBING LIKE A FAMILY MEMBER HAD DIED OR SOMETHING. And that was the English remake. The original version would probably just stop my heart all together. ;A;


Dead End

Nov. 26th, 2009 06:49 am
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My favorite fan-film. It's the best one ever in existence. >3 Posting for Kiin, really. WATCH THIS IT'S SO AWESOME ASDGH. >w<~~

And then the making of, which is really interesting (and actually longer than the film itself lmao.) Part one:

Part two:

Just for the record, I think the Joker in this is possibly better than any other ones I've seen. He's classic Joker. Menacing in his obvious insanity, but not too dark. I know I know, Heath Ledger blah blah blah. I personally wasn't as impressed with his portrayal of the Joker as everyone else on Earth was. >>;;

But then Batman in this was the best version I'd seen right up until Batman Begins too. I mean, we're talking right back to the original comic books. Simple but seriously badass.
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I've just been watching Montel Williams, and he's doing a show about pedophiles, talking to their victims and trying to get into the psychology of it. Montel is the only talk show host I find worthwhile; he doesn't do YOU SLEPT WITH MY MAN and WHO'S MY BABY'S DADDY?-type shows, he does worthwhile stuff.

Anyway, one of the guests was a woman who was abused as a child, and when she was old enough, took it upon herself to contact pedophiles in prison to try to get into their heads. One man in particular, she mailed back and forth to for 5 years, and now she's put a book out with the letters; Conversations with a Pedophile.

I know it sounds weird, but I really am kind of interested to read it. I'm interested in psychology, and criminal psychology, and pedophiles are the group of people that I just don't understand at all. I just can't wrap my mind around the whole concept.

I might pick up the book if I can find it, just for curiosity's sake. It's a strange reading choice, but I've got books about everything else, so why not this? Still, it makes me feel icky just thinking about reading it. I'm interested from a psychological standpoint, but it just gives me the willies.
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It is 4:25 am, and I am TIRED, and I CAN'T SLEEP.

I went to bed at around 11, and slept for 45 minutes, then woke up and tossed and turned for another 45 minutes... and then got up. Thus, tonight has become RANDOM MOVIE NIGHT; Treasure Planet, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and now~ I, Robot, yey! =D

I also copied and cut out my Teeny Tiny Teddy Bear pattern (I just plan to do the 5" ones for AN), and laminated it with tape so I can use it again and again... and again and again and again! Now I just need some sewing pins and a grease pencil to trace the pattern onto the felt.

I also plan to adjust some ear and tail patterns to do other animals, too. Bunnies, and foxies, and kitties. The basic bodies will be the same, so it'll be easy to do. <3

Now I'm off to zone out in front of the tv, and maybe try to sleep again. *nodnod*

EDIT: Also, my tongue still hurts. >>;;

EDIT #2: I finally bought myself a Gloomy Bear! I kept meaning to get one at AN every time I've gone, but then I'd forget when I was actually there. XD; That one's little, I want a bigger one too, preferrably one without the blood. I guess maybe we'll see next AN~ ^^
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Pretty new layout! Sankyuu Kaoru~! I ♥ my twin~! =3

The only thing I miss is my links list, which I guess I'll just recreate in my userinfo, lol.

That's the most important thing that happened today, wtf life. xD; Hmm...

This afternoon I took a walk down to the post office to mail Axel!pony. Express mail was ten cents more than regular mail so I sent it express, which means he's guaranteed to get to his new owner by Friday. I guess we'll see how well he ships, ne? *crosses fingers*

Then I got new black paint for accents on Zero!pony, so I'm going to try to get him finished up tonight... though it's looking like I'll probably finish him tomorrow night instead. Close enough.

It was a nice day out, and not super hot because it was bordering on rain all day, so the sun wasn't out much. Though it was quite humid, so my asthma was going RAWR!! all day. >>;

EDIT:: Oh, and for anyone who's interested, Primeval was an awesome movie. XDD; You can't go wrong with giant-ass crocodiles! I can't decide if it kind of leaned toward B-Grade or not... maybe a little. The best line in the whole movie was "I'd never say this to a white guy, but slavery was a good thing; whatever you have to do to get the fuck out of Africa's fine with me!" So not PC, but it made me laugh. XD

Now I have to get ahold of C.A. and drag her to see Transformers with me. >.>
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I'm a member of Columbia House (which means I can order movies and not have to pay for them until they get to me, so my movie collection has rapidly expanded over the last year >>;), and a couple of weeks ago they had a special selection of movies that were 3 for $30. I had a peek though, and found three that I wanted so yey.

Anyway, the first one came in a couple of days ago; Lady In The Water. It was one that I really wanted to see, even though I seem to recall it getting some bad reviews after it came out. (Whatever. Normally I don't agree with critics much anyway.)

It sat around for a bit and then last night I finally sat down to watch it... and I loved it. I'm not entirely sure why, but I did. I'm a geek and <3 M. Night Shyamalan's films. XD;

Speaking of movies~

I have some VHS tapes up for grabs if anyone wants them before I hie them off to the goodwill or something; the first X-Men movie, and five tapes of The X-Files episodes (two to each tape), various from the first two seasons;

--Pilot/Deep Throat
--Little Green Men/The Host
--Fallen Angel/Eve
--Ascension/One Breath

They're all region 1, so they won't play outside of the US and Canada. Anyway, if anyone wants them let me know and I'll send them off. I've replaced them with DVD copies and I'm trying to get rid of them to free up the space on my shelves. <3

EDIT: Also, HAHA I WIN RABBITS! >3< They had carpet flooring in the big cage... and ate it. So I gave them lenolium... and they ate that, too. So now they have CERAMIC TILES. HAH!
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I'm so tired... -.-;

I must go eat supper now.

Then I want to go to bed, but it's only 7:30.

Besides which, CSI: Miami and stuff is on tonight. XD;;

I am a slave to my media...
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I found a copy of The Ghost and the Darkness in the discount rack at Walmart.

I've been looking for this DVD for years.

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It's way too hot right now. ^_^;; But oh well.

Okay. Went to Anime North with Mom! X3

We stayed at Dad and Lois' place both nights we were down there, so we didn't have to pay for a hotel. :P lol. It was nice... we got to play with the dogs a bunch, and see their bobblehead doggy. He's a couple of months old, but he was sick when he was first born (all the rest of his littermates died), and it stunted his growth a bit, so he's teeny... except for his head. ^_^;; His head is growing faster than the rest of his body, so he's like a little bobblehead. It's cute and kind of rediculous at the same time. ^^;

Anyway. Convention.

It was fun, even though it was so hot. ^^ One of the booths was handing out plastic fans as a promotion, so Mom and I each grabbed one to help keep a bit cooler. I think everyone had one. It was SUCH a good promo idea...

Uhm... we spent a lot of time in the Dealer's Room. Ahaha... and we wandered through Artist Alley, and watched Cosplay Chess, which was awesome. ^^ We went to a couple of seminars, and poked our heads into this wrestling thing they had going this year, but we didn't stay there for long.

There were SO MANY good costumes. A lot of Eds, which doesn't surprise me. And a lot of Advent Children costumes, which also doesn't surprise me. ^^ There was one Al, and some guys dressed as a gameboy and a nintendo, which was amusing...

Yeah, and I spent like, TONS of money. (Also not a surprise, given my lack of restraint.) Not all of it was at the convention, though-- Mom and I went to the World's Biggest Bookstore after AN today, and I bought a lot of books, too. BUAHAHA. I would love to set [ profile] cat_mcdougall and [ profile] etcetera_cat loose in there! ^__^

At the convention itself, though, I got a couple of keychains (one FMA Ed one, and one AC Kadaj one), and a set of black leather gauntlet/wristband/bracelets that I thought were really neat. (Mom got a bigger set for my brother for his birthday in the fall, too.) I also got a necklace for [ profile] cassandracsenta because I saw it and immediately thought of her. =3 I got some peach-strawberry pocky (for myself), and some green tea pocky to send to [ profile] etcetera_cat. And a button with Yuki from Furuba on it. And I have two fans, from that one booth...

And I got a ton of mange GNs, of course:

--Lament of the Lamb by Tomoe Kei, volumes #3/#4
--Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki, volume #13
--Diabolo by Kasunoki Kei/Ohashi Kaoru, volume #3
--Gravitation by Murakami Maki, volumes #4/#5
--Tsubasa by CLAMP, volumes #8/#9

There were two things I saw there that I really wanted and didn't get, though; one was a Kumagoro plush, and one was a plush of the dog alien from Alien 3. X3 Isn't that just WRONG, somewhow?? lol.

Then today at the bookstore, I got six books, too:

--Velocity by Dean Koontz
--Finders Seekers by Gayle Greeno (book 1 of "The Ghatti's Tale")
--A Brief History of The Druids by Peter Berresford Ellis
--A Brief History of Infinity by Brian Clegg
--Alchemy and Mysticism: The Hermetic Cabinet by Alexander Roob

And I got a book on monsters and aliens from Star Wars for Dad, assuming he doesn't already have it...

Also, Mom got me a FREAKING HUGE book on ancient civilizations, which goes in the set with my mythology one. There's one other on ancient history, too, that I want if I can ever find it... >^-^;; I have nowhere to put them, though...

I got some souvenirs to send out in the next P.O.S. boxes that I put together, too...

I think that's it for stuff I bought. |_|;; Mom got some buttons for herself, and those gauntlet things for Trunks, and a little mini-poster for him, too... and at the bookstore she got a LoTR puzzle book for C.A. just for the heck of it. She had a lot more fun than I thought she would. ^^

And... yeah. Now I have some photos. None of them are from AN, but I took some photos at the kennel; some are of dogs, and some are of Dad's "room" in the loft of the barn, where about 50% of his Star Wars collection is housed. Note the about 50% part. ^_^;

Holy crap, that's a lot of freaking Star Wars stuff! )

Scary, isn't it? O_o; lol.

And a few doggy pictures... )

Oh, and before we left, I also borrowed a whole bag of movies from Dad! I always borrow tons of movies from him:

--Night of the Demon
--Mimic 3: The Sentinel
--Dark Waters
--The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
--Devil Fish
--Mosquito Man
--Walking With Monsters: Life Before The Dinosaurs

He also gave me 9 old black and white monster movies in a box set that he got me, and a Gamera movie that I had him pick up a while back. X3 OMGB-GRADEMOVIEMARATHONANYONE??

Anyway. That's about it. Except to say that my kitties missed me terribly, and Loki hasn't left me alone since I got home... until about five minutes ago when he got tired and went to take a nap. :)
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My computer is still at the shop. Blegh. So I'm still borrowing computers from other people; right now I'm using Sarah's, as she was kind enough to let me use it. Last night I was using Mom's, but their Internet is wonky, so it wasn't working particulary great. It's been wierd for a while (ever since they got a new computer, actually), and Mom just never has a chance to deal with it, so I called Rogers myself and talked to one of their tech guys, and we managed to deduce that the problem is somewhere with the IP address... Mom has to call back later to talk to them some more, but at least we have a general idea of where to begin. :)

Anyway, so the rest of this post is going to be about TV and movies, since I've watched some interesting things lately!

CSI: MIAMI: The finale was on last night... and I cried. Of course I did. I don't want to say too much, for those who haven't seen it, but it was an excellent episode. I'm really looking forward to seeing the opener next season. Poor Horatio. Poor Delco. Poor Marisol. :( WTF, Delco's ex girlfriend was freaking NUTS! O_o;;

GREY'S ANATOMY: Oh, for crying out loud. This one made me ball like a baby. Twice. Of course, it also made me giggle here and there, but that's about what I expected of it. I feel so bad for Izzy... but Alex comforting her at the end was rediculously sweet. I didn't know he had it in him. I guess he's not such a bad guy after all. ^_~

CHICKEN LITTLE: I borrowed two movies from Sarah a couple of days ago, this one, and the next one down here, and this is the first one I watched; I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, since the ads when it was in theatres really didn't do it for me. Honestly, I thought it looked kind of stupid. But I watched it anyway, and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. I'd reccomend it to pretty much anyone. ^^ Patrick Steward at the sheep made me giggle.

A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS: This one was one of the only movies I've ever watched that was pretty much exactly what I thought it would be. I've never read any of the Lemony Snicket books, but I have this Jim Carrey thing (he's one of my favorite actors), so I watched it anyway. It was alright. There were cute parts, but overall it wasn't something I'd rave about. I'll probably buy it eventually anyway, just to go in my Jim Carrey movie collection, though. ^_^;;

ADVENT CHILDREN: Yeah, I've talked about this before, but the NA version came out a little while ago, and I got a copy of it. Whenever I have an English dub option, I tend to check it out, just out of morbid curiosity, but with AC, I actually enjoyed it! I watched the whole thing in English, which pretty much never happens. I was very impressed with the voices, acting, and dubbing in general. One of the best I've ever seen. Did anyone else have an oppinion on that?
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I had a while whack of stuff I needed to do today, and I did a bunch of it, but didn't get it all done by a long shot. Meh. :P

Among other things, I got myself a new umbrella (since I can't find mine) and a muffin pan, and got some zip ties for making a bunny cage later... when I eventually locate some NIC cubes. |_|;; I also got a couple of shot glasses for [ profile] ssfseiyakou, and a random knicknack for [ profile] etcetera_cat. =3

I went to Blockbuster to trade in some movies, and ended up buying a bunch more that were previously viewed for about $5 each, give or take. -.-;;

--The Fog
--The Brothers Grimm
--Dark Water
--Dracula 3000

AND they had a copy of the Saiyuki Requiem movie, so I nabbed that. >^-^< Finding previously viewed anime at Blockbuster doesn't happen very often!

Oh, and today the last of my free movies from Columbia House came in; Blood Suckers, which is about VAMPIRES in OUTER SPACE, OMFG. XD Buahahaha~~
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I'm not feeling very well and I'm having trouble sleeping... so I watched The X-Files when it came on, then I watched Resident Evil: Apocalypse and now I'm partway into Dinocroc (again). And while I was watching all those things, for the sake of randomness, I put together updated lists of all my movies/VHS/DVD/anime. >^-^;; BEHOLD!


That's not even counting anything I may have taped off of the TV over the course of my life thusfar! ^_^; There are a couple in there that are crossed off; they're ones I pulled off my shelves while I was taking this inventory, and plan to trade in at Blockbuster tomorrow or the next day. :P

Then there was the ANIME LIST! )

There are a few doubles in there, but that happens sometimes. ^^; Especially with my VHS stuff... I'll find a movie that I already have on VHS on DVD and pick it up to upgrade, and then forget to take the old VHS version off my shelves. Or, in the case of some anime, I have VHS versions in subtitles and the same thing in dubbed VHS... and etc. You get the idea.

Anyway! I should probably putter in the direction of my bed and try to get at least a bit of sleep tonight...
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Dad came up to visit this morning (just for a while, but still!), so I'm in a pretty good mood right now. I love when I get to see him. My brother has nothing in commong with Dad, but I'm practically a replica of him, personality wise-- we always have crazy talks about movies, and anime (which he doesn't watch much of, but still enjoys it on occasion), and various crafty-type hobbies. Yay. <3

He's also my supplier of b-grade movies a lot of the time, too. This time he brought me a whole WHACK of them. XD

--Hammerhead (Half man. Half shark. Total terror! X3)
--Deadly Species
--War of the Planets
--Raging Sharks
--Dark Wolf
--Alien Apocalypse
--Leviathan (WHOOT!!)
--Darkness Falls


Righty-o. He also brought me an Easy-Stitch mini sewing machine, which he had two of. So now I have the means to make clothing for my ponies if I want to. Which is great. Because I do want to! Tohru!pony and Kagura!pony need skirts, for example, and new Ed!pony needs a coat.

Aaaaaah... =3

*scampers off to watch Hammerhead*
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My first package from Columbia House came in today; Dawn of the Dead, Constantine, House of Wax and Shark Tale. There was another one in the order, but apparently it wasn't available, and to be honest I can't really remember what it was, anyway. |_|;;

Right, so over the next year I have to buy five movies at regular price or whatever. Since I get so many movies anyway (at least a dozen a year, if not more), I figure it's okay for me to do the whole movie club thing. I'm spending money I would have spent anyway, and got some free movies that I wouldn't have gotten from Walmart or wherever, so... yeah.

Today was a movie day. XD

I already watched Dawn of the Dead and Shark Tale, and now I'm going to watch House of Wax. Then it's CSI time, and no movie is worth that. lol.
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So. Last night I decided to take the head off of my spare Baby Noddins pony (the one from the lot Dad got me for Christmas on ebay) and see what makes her tick-- mostly because I have a Baby Noddins and Baby Ribbs from when I was little that I want to restore (AUGH I cut all their hair because I was STUPID back then) and didn't want to risk destroying them in the process. So my spare Noddins became a test case.

Gwar. Her head-turning piece is not removable-- or, at least, not in one piece. I had to break it to get it out properly. So my spare Noddins is becoming a custom Baby (which I think I'm naming "Shimmerwing"), and I must think on how to restore my own Noddins and Ribbs. I think I'm going to have to take their original neck swivel joints out in pieces, and then rebuild them from scratch after I've finished rehairing and restoring their symbols. We'll see, I guess.

I also have a Baby Pockets (the pegasus that came with Hoppy, the baby kangaroo, which I no longer have) that I plan to restore, but her head doesn't have a swivel joint, so she'll be easy to do. I just need the right color hair for her. :)

Now, last night I got Mom to take me out to Walmart to get some allergy meds, and while I was there I poked through ponies-- they had a couple that I considered picking up. Mostly doubles in poses that I like. I might go back for them tomorrow or maybe Monday.

I did pick up some acrylic paint for ponies, though-- metallic sequin black, metallic pearl white (which is what Shimmerwing is going to be painted), metallic mint pearl (aka "green") and titanium white (non-metallic), as well as a bottle of Sparkle Varnish, which I'm looking forward to trying out. ^_^

WHOOT, though! The Cave is out on DVD, so I had to pick up a copy of it. Had to.

It was a fun movie. But then, we all know Sena and her lack of taste when it comes to films... XD

And then I went to Mom's to watch White Noise with my brother, after which I borrowed Constantine from him, since he got it for Christmas and I hadn't seen it. I'm watching it now, and LOVING it. I really think I need to get a copy for myself. *nods*

Maybe next month, when I have a bit more money again...

EDIT: Ordered some Tickled Pink from for rehairing Pockets. ^^ Bah. I should have ordered hair for Ribbs while I was at it, but I forgot... ^^; Oh well...
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I decided to go for a walk today, and Sarah came with me. Whatever. Originally, I planned to walk to the pet store, since I'm pricing for a new (and bigger) rabbit pen... but the pet place isn't there anymore. O_o;; The note on the door said they "merged with Pet Value" or something like that. So I'll have to go to the other pet store out by Walmart next time I go in that direction...

Anyway, we went to the huge dollar store and I got some paint and paintbrushes, then we decided to look through the used DVDs at Blockbuster... my downfall again. =_=;; I got a whole bunch of movies for $6.88 each:

--Species III
--Crocodile 2: Death Swamp
--The Ring Two
--The Grudge
--Endangered Species
--Be Cool (for my Step-Dad for Christmas)

Then, we went to get something to eat, after which we poked through Rogers Video, which is pretty much right across the street from Blockbuster. ^_^;; There, I got copies of Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights for $9 each.

Yay cheap media again! X3 lol.

I have lots of movies to watch, now. It's my splurging since I sold my drums. :)
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I'm so frigging tired today... I just can't shake it. All I want to do is sleep. =.=;;

Anyway, I'm watching Donnie Darko, which is proving to be... interesting. I'm enjoying it, but I think I'll have to watch it a second time before I get it all. And the fact that I'm having trouble hearing it doesn't help, I guess. ^^;;

I have two air purifiers running here to try to keep my allergies relatively in check, and they work wonders (though they don't cover everything), but they're very loud; I have to turn music/TV/whatever up really loud to hear it... oh well. It's a small sacrifice.

In other news, my finger hurts.

That's okay. It's not bleeding much anymore, so I've downgraded to just bandaids, instead of gauze and tape. ^^ Means I can type a bit more easily again, which is nice. I keep bumping it, though, and without the gauze as padding it really stings. ;__;

I'm a whiner... :P lol.

EDIT: And [ profile] etcetera_cat got her P.O.S.! That's 3/4! ...but it's actually 3/3, since [ profile] midnightstar16's package is still sitting here waiting for me to get her new address. ^_^;; Ahaha... I mailed a package for [ profile] cassandracsenta at the same time as those, though, and I'm still waiting for that one to arrive. ^^

Movie Meme

Oct. 27th, 2005 05:44 pm
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Ganked from [ profile] catystorm. :)

IMDB's Top 100 Crappy Movies of All Time
generate this HTML for your own page at

The Unfortunate Results )

Which Unfortunate movies have you seen?

Meh. I have no taste! X3


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