Mar. 30th, 2011 02:36 am
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I saw Tri again today. Mom and Lee went out for dinner and brought me back a cheeseburger. I was eating it downstairs and all the cats were fussing and trying to get me to share, and I saw Tri sitting on the table off to the side just watching me. When I looked again he was gone, but he showed up again a few minutes later, still sitting there, just watching.

He loved hamburgers, I guess he thought he wanted some. Heh. I almost felt kind of bad when I gave a little taste to each of the other cats, since I obviously couldn't share with him too. But it was good to see him again.

I told mom "Tri thinks he needs hamburger.", and she goes "you mean Neko." because right then Neko was sitting next to me and making I'm A Starving Kitty eyes. But I just kind of shook my head and went "no, I mean Tri. He keeps looking at me." And she just kind of looked over at the table and then chuckled.

Speaking of Neko, though.


I... I never thought I'd have this problem with Neko. XD;; I've ALWAYS struggled with his weight, but always because he tends to be OVERWEIGHT. At one point he weighed almost EIGHTEEN POUNDS. Now he's actually TOO THIN. I MEAN. WHAT?!

Basically, the last couple years at the apartment he and Loki had been on a firm 1/4 cup of food a day. They were on a 1/2 cup of food, but then they both ended up overweight, so I had to cut it down. And they did perfectly fine on 1/4 cup for the entire time we were living there. (For three months earlier this year I even had to buy them weight control food because they gained weight over the summer while I was down in the US on vacation.)

Then we moved here.

And Neko's personality did a complete 180 change. He used to basically be the epitome of a lazy cat. He lounged around and slept all day, like a lot of cats do. And at 10 years old, he was starting to develop arthritis as well.

As soon as we got here, he perked up. A LOT. Now he runs the stairs a billion times a day and plays ALL THE DAMN TIME. He's so much more active that the 1/4 cup of food ISN'T SUSTAINING HIM ANYMORE. He's lost a TON of weight. At first it was okay because he was still a little tubby, but now he's actually too skinny. I mean, not skin-and-bones like Tri was in the end, but enough that I can't have him losing any MORE or it'll become a problem.

So I've actually had to up his food to the 1/2 cup again. XD;;

HE thinks he hit the jackpot lol. And the funny thing is? Loki's activity went way up again too, but he's only lost a tiny bit of weight. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. *GIGGLESNORT* Man, it's just so surreal. Neko's always been a squishable tub. Haha.

Oh well~ at least it's easy to deal with. Plus with the bit of extra weight he WAS carrying gone, his arthritis problems are pretty much nonexistent anymore. So that's a good thing, definitely. ♥♥
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Finally, a Loki picture! Haha, you can't tell really from this pic but he gained a ton of weight while I was down in the US this summer. ^_^; Now he's all rolly-polly. I'm working on getting him back to where he should be, but he's using nonviolent resistance in that all he does is lay around and sleep all day. xD;
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Ugh, I feel like such a zombie lately. My brain just isn't working right. It rather sucks actually. But anyway, I've procrastinated over updating my journal for long enough, I figure I should maybe actually, yanno, do it. Numbers to help me keep my thoughts organized, though everything's not really in any particular order. ♥

1) The cats have fleas. UGH. I have literally never had a flea outbreak in my house (despite the number of critters) and I'm seriously not pleased with it. In fact, it fucking sucks. The only saving grace is that they haven't gotten to the rabbits. Yet. I've tried practically everything to get rid of them, too; I flea bathed them all, gave them over-the-counter flea drops, gave them Vet prescription flea drops (which cost a fortune, btw), and then tried a flea spray (I treated the entire apartment as well.) Finally, in a last-ditch effort it was recommended that I shave them all down and do the flea spray again when they were nekkid, as there was a possibility that the spray wasn't getting all the way through their fur.

So! I went out and purchased an electric shaver (technically marketed for dogs, but whatever) for freaking $50 +tax. I figure at least I can use it on them every year in the spring to lessen the shedding epidemic when it starts getting warm. I can also use it on Pagan, since he's my only long-haired bun and tends to get mats on his underside at random intervals for no apparent reason and no matter how often I brush/groom him. Anyway.

I know my cats, and I knew that Loki was going to be the hardest one to do since he's such a nervous kitty. I decided to do him first to get him out of the way, and also because I figured that if I did him later he would find somewhere to hide as soon as he knew what was happening. What I didn't figure on was my lovely, cuddly, affectionate Loki-boy going ABSOLUTELY FUCKING POSTAL. .__.;

Mom and my brother were helping to hold him, and as soon as I turned the clippers on he WENT INTO A TERROR-INDUCED HOMICIDAL FREAK OUT. I knew he was going to be nervous and a little scared just like he is with anything new, but WHAT. THE. FUCK. It was like trying to hold down a MOUNTAIN LION, right down to the insane amount of personal injury; Mom got bitten a half dozen times on her hands, my brother got seriously MAULED from the elbow down on BOTH arms, and my left leg was mauled and he bit right through the nail on my right hand, completely severing it. Then this past Monday I went to the doctor's and Dr. K had a look and is pretty sure not only did he fuck my nail up but the crushing injury was so severe that he managed to actually break the tip of my finger bone off. So of course, my hand is taking IONS to heal and still hurts like a fucking bitch nearly two weeks later. ~__~;; Sooo...

All three of us trouped to the hospital when it happened and got antibiotics and Mom and my bro got tetanus shots since theirs weren't up to date. Fun times with the family, huh? So that was the adventure with trying to shave Loki, who is still not shaved and who will never be, short of drugging him into a coma beforehand. Haha. Neko, Juna and Tri are all 3/4 naked now, though, and with them the worst that happened was that Tri puffed his tail at me while I was doing it. Now I just need Mom to help me treat them with the spray again. Cross your fingers for me that it, you know, works this time. Because if it doesn't I'm out of options short of building little cabins and inviting the fleas to move in for life.


Haha, and then the hospital reported the "attack" (by law they have to) so the Health Unit called to talk with me and put Loki on quarantine for ten days just in case. This of course made me lol because whatever, he's a house cat anyway. XD He's officially off quarantine now though.

Loki and I have since made up, of course. :)

Moving on!

2) Today I got some catnip for the pride and sprinkled it down on the carpet in the living room. This is something I do on a regular basis, but it was particularly amusing this time because it's the first time Tia has been exposed to it. OMFG she was hilarious! I giggled at her for like half an hour while she zoomed around and rolled in it and licked the carpet and was generally all =OwO= It was really adorable. ♥

3) Aya finally shed! I'd had him for two months and nothing, even though the pet store peeps said all the rest of the ball pythons from his clutch did the week I got him. When I got home from the US he still hadn't shed and I was starting to get a little concerned. But then last week his pattern started to fade and his eyes clouded over. YAY. A few days later I peeked in the terrarium and the old skin was balled up in the corner by his hidey rock. ^^ I was hoping it would be straight so I could take a pic, but oh well. And he had been really lethargic since two weeks before I left for my vacation, but now he's all energetic again. Or at least as energetic as a snake can be. ^_~

4) Due to massive injuries and seriously excessive pain, I've spent the last two weeks unable to do pretty much any cleaning around here aside from sweeping a bit. I normally sweep/vacuum/mop/dust every couple of days, and not being able to do it was driving me nuts; the floor and carpets were a disaster, dishes (which I also do every couple of days) were piling up... last week I couldn't even clean out the rabbit/rat cages, which I HATED because it meant my poor babies had icky living conditions for a whole week.

Luckily, the last couple of days the pain has subsided a bit; not much, but enough that I could vacuum the place and do a few dishes (not all of them because my finger started throbbing again halfway through) and tonight I managed to finagal my way through cleaning all the cages out. YAYZ! Now I don't feel guilty and like a terrible Mom anymore. Whew.

Also got my bathroom tidied and reorganized, which it's needed for ages.

5) Today I took a wander downtown. It was nice out, just a little cool so I got to wear my (faux) leather jacket, which fits me again whoo! I went to the dollar store for a gift bag for a Christmas gift that I've already got 90% finished and a new shower curtain (I have to replace it every couple months because the cats like to play with them and trash them in the process), then went to Salon Salon and got my eyebrows waxed because they really really needed it. I also picked up the bulk order of eyepins I ordered from Magpie Beads like two months ago.

Speaking of which... MAGPIE BEADS IS CLOSING!! DDD8 They're moving to Barrie! They're the only bead store in town and they're leaving meeeeee! *WEEPS*

Right. So after that I had to go across town to pick up some prescriptions, and while I was around there I went into the Dollarama; got some odds and ends, mostly for other people lol. Then I went to Blockbuster to look at previously viewed movies... and they were having a huge sale on them. I got eleven movies for just over forty bucks! ASDGH! I may have had a little mental flail. XD

I picked up Terminator: Salvation, Battle for Terra, Drag Me to Hell, Zombieland, The Rundown (my Rock movie collection is ever expanding! X3), The Patriot, The Alphabet Killer, Swarmed, The Black Hole, Dragonball Evolution (out of morbid curiosity; and it only cost me $3) and Ghost Machine, which I'm watching right now. ♥

And the sale is on until Oct 3rd, so Imma go back for a few more when I get my money at the end of the month. I'm gonna try to sell some stuff in the meantime to make up for it. Hehehehe new movies make me happy. :3

6) Other than picking up some DVDs, I've seem some newer movies lately too. I'm partway through Predators, which is turning out to be fun. I won't have a concrete opinion on it until I've watched it all though. Wish I could find a better copy online... maybe I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD and pick it up to finish watching it.

Piranha 3D; I didn't watch it in 3D, obviously, but... OMFG. It was AWESOME. >3!! Prehistoric piranha + spring break = fucking fun times! I was a little surprised how gory it was, actually. Not that it bothered me since I'm already so desensitized to cinema violence, but about halfway through it just suddenly struck me that there was A LOT of gore. Go figure.

Resident Evil: Afterlife; EEEEE NEW RESIDENT EVIL MOVIE!!

The Last Exorcism; This one started out really slowly, and I almost gave up on it. It did get really interesting about halfway through, though, and was quite good from then on. The only thing I disliked was that it was filmed like a documentary (like The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield), and I'm not overly fond of that way of filming. But it was good for what it was.

I just saw a preview for this movie, too, and it looks amazing and creepy and I really want to see it:

7) I have packages for the following peeps, which I swear I'll be mailing out soon. No really. Steph & Reppy, Lome, Kiin-bb, Maddie & Chloe and Mari. ♥

[ profile] kierseth, [ profile] etcetera_cat and [ profile] cat_mcdougall. HEY YOU GUYS. We haven't done a proper P.O.S. exchange in forever! Want to organize one again? ^_^

8) Dad is coming up later this week to stop in for a visit. He's picking up his and Lois' souvenirs and the movies I borrowed from him last time I was down back in May. He's also bringing me a bunch more b-grade movies to replace them, which makes me happy because, I mean, B-GRADE MOVIES WUT. xD

I'm thinking about asking if I can go back with him to visit for a couple of days. I told him I'd help him go through the rest of Aunt Cheryl's stuff in the barn, and I want to get that done before it gets too cold out. Plus I'd just like to visit with him and Lois and the dogs a bit. I don't get to do that often enough. =/

9) I had an appointment in Toronto with the dietitian a couple weeks back. I have to go every 3-4 months for a checkup and bloodwork. I'm told my weight loss is going very well and I'm perfectly on track for where I should be (I've lost 80lbs since Feb 26th), so probably by February I'll be down to about my target weight of 130-140lbs. The only thing is that they're concerned I'm not getting enough protein in my diet, so I'm supposed to try having more in the way of cheese/eggs/etc. *shrug*

Anyhoo, the dietitian called today and left a message regarding the results of my bloodwork; my iron is low, so she wants me to go on iron supplements daily (I normally only take them when I'm on my period) and my vitamin C was really low which makes no sense considering the amount of vitamin C rich fruits and drinks I eat but she wants me to take vitamin C pills too. She also noted that my white blood cell count was high, but at the time they took the blood I was just getting over a bad cold so that doesn't surprise me.

10) Yesterday I took my camera and did a video tour of my apartment to post on FB for people, since I apparently fail at posting pics despite peeps on my f-list there and here asking for them. >>; But then I got carried away and it ended up way too long, so when I tried to upload it it didn't work. *facepalm* Guess I'm doing another one tomorrow. A shorter one. lol.

11) Been rewatching House on DVD; the first five seasons. I just finished yesterday. The season 4 finale made me bawl like a baby. AGAIN. ~_~;

12) Back when I was down in Dayton I was supposed to paint with Chloe, but somehow we just never got around to it. But when I got back home I still kind of had the itch to do it, so I picked up a couple of medium-sized canvasses. My first painting is maybe a third done now. Haha, I haven't painted in forever, and this is my very first painting actually on canvas! I'm really enjoying it (even though my injured hand is making things difficult) and I plan to do a few more.

Funnily enough, the first painting started off as kind of an abstract idea but has given birth to a new character/species. He doesn't have a name yet, but I think he might fit into the same world as Terra/Ilo/Celine/Aysel. I really like his design, so I plan to do more sketches of him, and maybe another larger and more detailed painting.

I'm considering doing painting for people for Christmas this year, too. Would anyone like a Sena!painting? 83

13) Mom and Lee are on vacation right now. They're coming back tomorrow; they just spent a few days off in an out of the way cabin-type place where they could both relax and everything. They really needed it, they've both been totally fried out between one thing and another. Hopefully a few days away will have helped.

In any case, I called yesterday to invite my brother over here for dinner but he had friends over. So instead we decided that I'm going over there tomorrow to visit and make supper for him and Mom and Lee when they get home. ♥

14) I NEED MONIES. $__$ Does anyone out there want a pony or jewelry commission or something? :3
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

Stolen from [ profile] sweetwithdrawl, even though I'm supposed to be sleeping. >>;

Meme goes HERE. )


Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in or curious about. It can be anything from my favorite possession to anything else. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in the next post/comments.
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Still doing fine with Z, but the smaller keyboard on the laptop is so completely different it's taking a lot of getting used to. Also, I don't like the touch pad, but then I never have liked them. Which is why I have a mouse to plug into Z when I'm at home, though when I'm out and about with him I guess I'll just deal with the touch pad. Like now at Mom's for instance. :D

DLed all my photos from my camera today (now I need to charge it) so that I can start adding things to my Esprit Studios etsy account. Then I logged in and started to do just that... only to be told by etsy that my photos are too big. ~_~; But screw it, I'll deal with resizing them when I get home and have the mouse.

Lately I've been working on things to sell at the bazaar Grandma got me a table at. Mostly jams and jellies right now, but also a few more bits of jewelery and I'm doing two Christmas ponies to take with me to sell and as examples, since it's a Christmas bazaar and all that.

Anyway, so far I've made crab apple jelly, lemon-honey jelly, strawberry-rhubarb jam, rhubarb jam, almond-brown-sugar applesauce, pumpkin sauce, and watermelon jelly. As usual I'm having trouble getting things to set, but whatever.

After the bazaar anything that hasn't sold will be going up at my House of Yum etsy account, along with various cookies and candies. Please, once I get the shop up, anyone who's had my jams/jellies/cookies/misc baking and etc. please spread the word. Between Esprit Studios and House of Yum I'm trying to get myself set up to make enough extra cash each month to keep the bills paid. It doesn't have to be much, about $200 would cover that. But any good word of mouth would be helpful and appreciated. <3

I took Loki to the vet a couple weeks ago because of his allergies again. This time he had been chewing on his feet, and itching at his chest and abdomen until all the hair was coming off, as well as scratching his face up still. -_-;

Same thing is usual, and three years of trying to find a treatment that, you know, WORKS. But this time we got to the vet and saw a new woman (Dr Wilson, I think?) and she actually suggested some things that none of the others had mentioned before even in all the times I'd had him in there (and all the money I've spent.)

She thinks there's a possibility that it could be an immune disorder rather than allergies, which would require different treatment, obviously. But while we're seeing about applying for funding to get the tests done (because I can't afford it on my own), she did suggest an allergy med that we could pick up from the pharmacy.

So we got a bottle of these pills, and he's been taking a half pill twice a day for just over two weeks now... and it's working fucking MIRACLES! His face is 90% healed up and he hasn't been itching at his chest and stomach almost at all. If this keeps up, we might have actually got it figured out finally. And the kicker is, the pills cost $10 a bottle, which covers three months worth of pills for Loki. All that money spent and I could have just gone to the pharmacy and spent $10 instead. Man.

But still, glad to see him feeling so much better. :)

Right now I'm at Mom's to do laundry and print off some things since my own printer is pretty much dead. I'm also watching my brother play Twilight Princess. Ahh, Zelda, ILU. <3

Random recent observation: Last weeks SPN episode? C-CRACKY EP WAS CRACKY. .__.;;

Oh, and before I forget. Cat McD! Were you still interested in those ponies we talked about a while back? Let me know. <3
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Today was awesome and OMG DINOSAURS. At some point when I get home (on Friday) I'll make an actual update and talk about all the stuff from Otakon and Dayton/etc. but for now I don't want to hog Momo too much. And besides that, it's just about 3:30 am and we're getting up tomorrow to go downtown and take Turk photos and pics of me in my BOYS!Riku cosplay.

Right. Dinosaurs in Cincinnati were awesome. And we had Chinese food for dinner and it was awesome too. I crossed frog's legs, kimchi and tiramisu off my life's To Do list as well. That's four foods I've always wanted to try in two days! I'm on a roll! Plus if we go to Jungle Jim's this week Chloe promised to help me find pork buns. X3

Apparently my cats have been little buggers while I've been gone. Mom says Tri has peed on my bed and Loki has decided that litter boxes are for peeing in front of and not inside. She's doing her best but I'll have to straighten them out when I get home. -.-; At least Neko and the rabbits are behaving themselves. Sora too.

Oh, and as a funny side note, one of Maddie's friends asked her yesterday if she and Chloe had had a threesome with me. xD; A couple nights ago I was feeding Maddie ice cream while we were reading stuff on the laptop, and apparently that means we must be sleeping together. XD;;

Ah! And before I forget, the ghost kitty here, Sapphire, likes me! :3 Last year he jingled my suitcases and I saw him for just a split second. This time he jingled something one night, and then tonight I felt a cat jump up onto the bed next to me (those of you who have cats at home know the feeling when a cat hops up beside you) but when I turned to pet it, there was nothing there and Saiga and Kaikei were downstairs. Then later when I was downstairs watching Ghost Hunters with Maddie and Chloe I felt whiskers rub against my leg, but again, Saiga and Kaikei were nowhere near. I'm strangely pleased that Sapphire seems to approve of me. <3
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Neil Gaiman is on The Colbert Report tonight. Haha.

Well, in the three days after I put Loki's first set of soft paws on him he managed to pull them all off. But I put another set on him today and in the 7 + 1/2 hours since he hasn't lost any. I'm hoping he's getting used to them.

I feel like RPing smut. IDK which character or anything, I just feel like it. :P It's possibly Kadaj being whiny about wanting distractions from his angst right now. Anyway, anyone want to indulge me? XD;;

I'm going to read over some of the old ND threads, and try to write some more scenes. I miss ND terribly. We had way too much fun with it. ^_^; I also plan to attempt working on some fics again. I'm determined (once again) to try to work through my writer's block!

Oh, and I'm working around the new rules for Crafter's Corner, in that I can take commissions and stuff at my table and sell my ponies out of the hotel room. XD; Screw you AN people! I'm going to bring some ponies to work on while I'm there too, to pass the time. It was kind of boring last time, just sitting there for hours on end. I'm bringing some things to work on earrings as well.

I pulled out my cosplay stuff to try taking a few pics just for the heck of it yesterday, but then I got sidetracked and never got around to it. I'll probably do some tomorrow...
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Loki's nail caps came in today. I was all excited when I saw the package, and as soon as Mom got home I got her to hold him so I could put them on (it ended up taking both her and Lee to hold Loki down, he flailed a lot and it turns out he's super strong. XD;;) Anyway, he immediately chewed two off, which I replaced about an hour later, and then right after that he pulled another one off. UGH.

I'm hoping he gets used to them. But I was worried they would be a problem, especially considering when he grooms his feet he chews his nails; I've never seen a cat do that other than him, and normally it's not an issue, but obviously it could be with him wearing the nail covers. *sigh*

Anyway, I guess we'll see. For now he's still missing one nail cap (I'll replace it and any he chews off tonight at some point tomorrow), and still wearing the cone collar in an attempt to help him get used to them by making it a little harder for him to destroy them. If these caps don't work, I'll have to go back to the plan where I have his back claws removed. >.<;;

I cooked dinner tonight, coca-cola chicken, rice and beans. Yummy.

And I dug through my cosplay stuff to organize it some (so I'm not doing it at the very last minute for AN), and I can't find my chain for casual!Demyx. :| I have no idea where it's gotten to. I might have to make another one. Not that it was hard to make lawl. I haven't lost anything else though, thankfully.

I want a fedora for Kadaj for pics with Pronnie in the summer at Otakon, but idk where to get one. xD; And I need to make sure it doesn't clash with the shirt I have for yakuza!Kadaj too. I wish I could have Souba to take with me for those pics too, since he uses that as opposed to firearms. But even if I could make one, I so don't want to try taking it on the plane to Baltimore. >>;; I'm also bringing green ribbons for pics with Pronnie's Haruhi cosplay because LOL.

You can tell con season is coming up, half my journal nowadays is about cosplay. :D;

I need a studded belt. /random. I mean. >>; I have one, but the buckle is all flowers and stuff, so it doesn't go with the male cosplays I want to do. XD;; My red one is awesome too, but it has hearts in it... which I guess would work for some KH stuff, actually, now that I think about it. ._.;

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I had a really good cuddle with all three of my kitties today. At the same time. X3 I was sitting in the basement, watching Ghost Whisperer with Mom and Lee, and Tri decided he wanted a snuggle, so he hopped up with me. Then a few minutes later, Loki wandered over and joined us. Then a couple minutes after that, Neko came over as well. It was super nice, but really crowded in the chair. XD;

Next month I need to get more minutes for my phone, just in case someone attempts to call, since right now I can't get calls. Or, I guess I can, but I only have 35 cents worth of credit, which is like... one minute. ^_^;;

And I have what I think is a canker sore starting on the inside of my left cheek. Either that or I bit myself in my sleep (which I have been known to do >>;), and I'm hoping that's it. If not I guess I'll deal. Whatever.

Oh, and that Manga Head hair styling goo stuff. SO AWESOME. It kept my hair all spiked up overnight while I was sleeping and tossing and turning too. xD; But the big plus is that it washes out super easy as well. I am in love with it. ♥ I was going to style my hair into something crazy before Mom and I went out for groceries today, but she was like "I'll disown you," so I didn't. XD;;
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Today Mom almost gassed us all. By accident of course. The cat litter box in the basement apparently has a leak, and she went to clean it up; cat urine is mostly ammonia (duh) and she didn't think about it and just poured bleach down to clean it. >.<; Then there was frantic mopping it up while it made us both cough and burned our eyes like hell. My eyes hurt for like an hour. -.-; But you know, at least the floor is clean? XD;

Tomorrow I'm going to Walmart to get a copy of KH: Chain of Memories, and a gift for Jose. And a new litter box. >__>;

Was bored a little while ago, so I messed around and changed Nazoko's hair. She came with three wigs (the one in the pics before, plus two others that are the same except for a vague colour difference) so I put one of the other ones on. It's much longer and has bangs on it. I like it. And since I have two I'm considering attempting to dye it red. If it works out then I don't have to buy a red wig for her... though I have my heart set on this one. We'll see I guess.

Nazoko and Tetsuya. )

EDIT: Maddie, I went through my craft cupboards, and I have a TON of ponytail/etc. beads for you to make yaoi/gay pride bracelets out of. ♥

EDIT #2: Also, [ profile] jarrn, thank you so much for suggesting those Soft Paws things for Loki! I'd never heard of them before, but they look promising, and I'm really really hoping they'll work so I don't have to get his back claws done after all.
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Been a while since I posted. Haha, I spent so many years writing in this thing every single day that lately when I haven't been writing in it much it seems weird. I go to post and realize it's been ten days (or whatever) since my last post and am surprised by it.

But recently I haven't been up to much... I'm actually quite sick right now (it's really TMI though, so I'm not going to elaborate.) I spent all last week trying to get through to my family doctor and failing, so I think I'm going to have to just break down and go to the Emergency Room, and probably have to endure at least one rather uncomfortable test that I can think of.

In the mean time, I was on hiatus at RY and TV, but my health always sucks and I can't be on hiatus forever, so I came off at RY yesterday and plan to come off at TV tomorrow. Being so sick the last while has really sapped my energy though; I'm not getting any nutrients or anything from my food right now (when I can even eat), and I've probably been taking too many pain pills. I've practically been living on cream-of-wheat because it's so bland and easy to digest. I still don't really feel up to much rping, but it's not fair to camp on characters if I'm just going to be away all the time. Plus I have to get back into helping with mod stuff at RY.

Anyway. Today I gave Sora and Riku a bath for the first time. They flailed around a little and generally went D8 at me. It was adorable. But they did need a bath. And I'm hoping if I do it often enough they'll learn to like playing in the water, or at least to tolerate it. They really liked being wrapped up together in a towel afterward though. ♥

I finished Foundation yesterday. It's the new Heralds of Valdemar book by Mercedes Lackey. I didn't realize how much I'd missed Valdemar until I started reading it (lol two days ago, I read for like 12 hours straight. XD;) Maybe now I can try writing some fic again? It'd be nice to work through my four-years-and-going writer's block. But I'm not holding my breath. Not being able to concentrate to write and draw is part of being bi-polar, and just reading a new Valdemar novel won't magically cure me of that. I wish though!

Today I found a copy of Razorback in region 1 NTSC format on ebay. Dad and I have both been searching for that movie for months now, and all we can find are copies on ebay that are region 2 PAL, which won't play on North American DVD players or TVs. So I'm hoping the seller will ship to Canada, but if he replies to my question about it and says no, Maddie says I can get it shipped to her/Chloe's place and then send them the money to forward it. >D

And now random pictures just for the hell of it:

Loki and Tri have a night of drinking, apparently. )

Nazoko. Still looking like Bella. I need the right wig and eyes for her, desperately. )

EDIT: It's getting pretty close to the day I'm taking Loki in to get his back claws done. The closer it gets to time, the more bad I feel about it, even though it's for a medical reason. Every time he comes and cuddles with me, or purrs at me I feel guilty. DX
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lol I found Tri and Loki sleeping in the most adorably retarded way today, so I had to take a picture:

Also, Loki disapproves of me taking pics of him in weird/compromising positions, apparently:

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I am ever so glad to be feeling alright again. Granted, it was just today (yesterday, wtf lack of sleep tonight), but THANK GOD. And then of course last night I didn't sleep at all, so even though I didn't feel sick, I was tired as a dog. Ugh body I hate you.

Still, I managed to get the cats in to the vet for their appointment at two, and everyone is pretty much fine so that's good. $272 later, they got their shots, and I talked with Dr. Taylor about Loki's allergies and the idea of getting his back claws removed. He scratches his face all up, to the point where his ears swell closed, and his eyes are all rimmed with scabs, and I'm worried he'll cause permanent damage. There's nothing we can really do to get rid of the allergies (since they're seasonal; he has allergy problems the same time as I do), but at least with getting his claws removed he won't be able to hurt himself anymore.

I know; I hate the idea of back-declawing him. But after two years of different medications, shots, ear drops, shampoos, soaps, etc., the vet says it's probably about the only thing we can do. I've agonized over the decision for almost a year now, but having discussed it with Dr. Taylor today I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have it done. He's going in the beginning of next month. It's going to cost me another $170.

Last time I mentioned getting a cat declawed I got an anonymous comment about how cruel it is, so for anyone who feels the need to comment this time: THIS IS FOR MEDICAL REASONS. I WOULD NOT GET HIS BACK CLAWS REMOVED IF BOTH I AND THE VET DIDN'T THINK IT WAS NECESSARY. Thank you.

Watched Resident Evil: Degeneration, Max Payne and Red Sands today. Now I'm watching Mirrors because I can't sleep. At least I have good movies to keep me occupied.

Also, as I haven't done many real updates lately, I went to see the doctor about two weeks ago; she checked me out, switched my meds around a bit, and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Yay for chronic pain disorders. -__-;

...and I think I might have to take an official hiatus from RY and TV for a while. I want to keep playing, but I'm a basketcase right now for various reasons. I think I'm going into a major downswing, which I haven't had in a while... my new meds aren't strong enough, I don't think. So I might take a break for a couple weeks to kind of collect myself. Of course if I feel human again sooner than that I could come back sooner... gah, but I hate going on hiatus. It always makes me feel like I'm letting people down. ><;

The space bar on my keyboard is sticking, and I broke my computer chair the other day. >__>;
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Photo post since I haven't done one in a while. First off, have a random obligatory photo of Neko and Loki because it's adorable and I love it. I never get really good pics of the two of them together because Neko isn't super tolerant of cuddling with other animals, which is funny because he would practically live in peoples' laps if he could. XD;

Neko & Loki )

Next! The last batch of photos I took of my apartment before I randomly had to start packing. >>; Despite how much of a terrible place that house was, I do miss my independence, and the space I had. Going back to just a bedroom has been incredibly hard.

Apartment, before moving. )

The next batch is a few I've snapped of my bedroom the last couple days. I've mostly unpacked, with just three more boxes and a few odds and ends to go.

Bedroom at home. So tiny. )

Hokay, and then for Maddie, I promised you photos of the two other shinies that you sent me, so here they are~ I LUFF THEM BTW~ <333


Aaaaand I still have to take pics of Sora to share, but I haven't gotten around to it yet, so... >>; I'll share some later, I promise.

Noah's Ark

Sep. 30th, 2008 04:25 pm
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My poor Axel-mousie is pretty much on her death bed. It makes me sad. She's been such a sweetheart, too. But she's getting really old (she's starting to go bald in places, she's so old), and her eyes aren't working very well I don't think. Plus today she's making a lot of complaining squeaking noises, and when I checked her out I found a lump on her one side. Poor thing.

Co-habitation. )

She's never been afraid of the cats, and they all seem to love her. (They do seem to enjoy playing with her tail though lol.) She's a special little mousie. Buuuut she's old and Roxy-mousie died a long time ago, so she's been alone since then. I guess she's about ready to let go.

... XDD

Sep. 13th, 2008 06:33 am
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So I tried to go to bed a few times and couldn't sleep. Thus, I ended up watching movies, and rearranging my furniture. >>;

Anyway, in the process of moving things around, I located a random catnip pouch under the coffee table. This is relatively normal, as the cats lose their toys under things all the time. So I shook the dust out of it and tossed it to them. Normally, when I buy catnip for them, I buy three pouches (since I have three cats, obviously), and today... I got tired of them fighting over it. -.-; So I finally stole it back, and just cut it open and sprinkled the catnip onto the carpet, since I plan to vacuum tomorrow anyway.

OMFG. FUNNIEST THING EVAR. Neko and Loki have spent the last 45 minutes digging at the carpet, and rolling around like idiots. Tri went over to investigate, but clearly as the photos show has more dignity than the others. >>; )

Heh. I'll have to do that more often. ♥

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Right now I'm watching that remake movie of The Dukes of Hazzard on the TV... for some reason. XD; lol, not the kind of movie I'd normally watch, but whatever. It's good for a laugh I guess.

A couple days ago I finally got around to digging out my tree and Christmas decorations, now I just need to put it up. I need a tree skirt though, and Mom says she'll take me out to get one tomorrow or the next day so I'll put everything up then I guess. I really wish I could have a poinsetta, but there's nowhere in my place the cats (read as: Loki) can't reach, and that includes the tall shelves in the entryway. >>;

But! The shelves on the wall above the TV are up where they can't get. They're covered in custom ponies right now, but I guess I could pack them away for a while, at least until the holidays are past...

Also, I talked with my brother yesterday and next weekend we're going to FINALLY go out Christmas shopping. He always puts it off til the very last minute if possible, and then wants me to go with him because he sucks at finding stuff for people. xD; Last year we went and I picked out my own present, put it in the cart, he paid for it, and then two days later I wrapped it too and made him sign the tag. lol.

I need to get something else for Mom, and something for Grandma, and he needs to shop for like... everyone. So it should be interesting. (I am 95% sure he's conspiring with Mom to buy me a Playstation 2, though, as this is the first year in my life I've mentioned wanting a game system and when I did his face lit up like a Christmas tree. Since then he keeps telling Mom he needs to talk to her about my present. He has no poker face. XDD;;)

Anyway, when I asked Mom what she wanted for Christmas, she said she really wants/needs some new clothes, which doesn't really help much since I can't buy her clothes unless she's there with me. >___> But there are three or four shops at the mall that she buys clothes at, so I think I'm going to get her a $100 mall gift certificate.

I don't know about Grandma yet... hmm.

And some time between now and Christmas Dad is going to come up to bring us our gifts and get the ones we've got for him and Lois. Probably next weekend or the 22nd.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, C.A.'s been in Japan for almost three months now and I haven't heard from her at all. She's never been great at keeping in contact, even when she was just in a different city, but she could at least let me know her address! I've got stuff for her here I've been waiting since September to send her! ><;;

I guess I'll call and talk to her parents... I'm sure they've got her address, right? O__o

RPG; Kaoru's better, so Hikaru's good again. lol. The two of them have recently decided they need a new toy, and also decided that Guy would be a good one. He's all cute and innocent and stuff, and they like the look of him. X3

Demyx finally went to pick up his kitty, and his super pleased that Nocturne gets along with Zexy and hasn't eaten his fish yet. Yaten adopted Nocturne's sister and named her Mint. <3 Demyx will inevitably come up with a shorter nickname her the poor thing, of course. Also, Zexion is totally jumping him at every opportunity, and has made him late for work a few times. He keeps getting laughed at by his co-workers since he's a lifeguard and has all these marks and stuff on him. Haha. XDD;;

Kyo is still dealing with the whole Sephiroth thing, which continues to provide endless entertainment. xD; In fact, here's a short fic that Seph-mun wrote. BWAHA. Other than that, he's still hanging out with Dante and Zelos, and is spending Christmas with Zelos as well. Also, he's collecting stray cats who follow him home and become pets-that-live-outside.

And Yuki... hasn't done anything yet, but at least he has a journal now! [ profile] irritable_muse! =D; Um, he's being forced to do the journal by his therapist, and is forced to go to therapy by his editor. lol. He writes, and works as a Modern Lit teacher at the local highschool as well (where Shuichi happens to be a student~ >.>). Shu-mun and I haven't decided if they're going to be together or not. If it happens it happens. *shrug*


Loki Love

Nov. 23rd, 2007 05:48 pm
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Haha, I looked over and he was leaning on the back of the chair like that, and I swear I giggled for like ten minutes. Just before I clicked the photo, he was sitting like that looking out the window and watching some kids toboggoning on the street. X3

I love my Loki. ♥ ♥ ♥

Photoblogging at some point I swear. >>;

EDIT: Also, I went to the post office today and mailed most of the rest of my Christmas stuff! The only package still outstanding is [ profile] cat_mcdougall's, as I've not finished shopping for her kidlings. ^_^

Please let me know when your package/card gets to you so I know they've arrived alright~

Only Four

Oct. 28th, 2007 01:42 am
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1) Watching Transformers. Again. XD; Man, I love this movie. I'm such a geek. I did end up mailing 300 back to Columbia House. If I'm curious enough to want to watch it, Dad says he has a copy I can have, or I can borrow it from my brother.

2) Tri seems to be feeling a bit better, I hadn't really noticed before but I guess he was acting lethargic. He's had a few doses of the antibiotics now, and today he's a bit more energetic. He's never been a super-excitable cat, though, so even when he's normal he just lies around all day and looks happy. lol.

3) One of my cats pissed on the couch today. I don't know which one, but I'm relatively sure it was Loki... I have no proof though, so I can't do much about it. I didn't even catch it until it had all soaked in, either, so all I could do was blot up as much as I could, then pour vinegar over it and soak that up as well, then spray it with a ton of febreeze. Maybe I'll flip the futon mattress over next time I can get someone to help me with it.

4) RP; Kyo's still off with Zelos. Hika and Kao are about to be propositioned by Yuui on C.C.'s account (lmao), and Demy got sucked into dancing with Rufus at the Halloween party and had to be rescued by Zexion so they could go home. XD;

Speaking of Rufus... AHAHA. In RP-verse Demy's with Zexy, but in AIM-verse he has this thing with Rufus where they spend time together and screw but there's not much else. Or, there wasn't until recently. Now they're all... cute and fluffy. O__o;

AIM convos; FLUFF and SMUT; NC-17, yaoi and language ahoy. )

Random snippets of stuff because we'd run out of time. WTF, right? I love it. AIM-verse rocks. XD;
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Today I had to take the cats in for their yearly check-up/vaccines/etc. While it's kind of a pain juggling all three of them (with only two carriers, nonetheless >>;) to and from the car (thanks for helping, Mom! xD;), other than that there's usually no big problems. *shrug*

This time I knew I was going to get into some things with Loki since his ears still itch like hell and we don't know why; Dr Taylor gave me some ear drops to try him on to see if they'll help, and wants him back in next week for a follow-up. Gee, why does that sound familiar? Dammit Loki! I can't afford to take you to the vet every week like I did back in March! ><;

The big surprise was Tri though... when the vet asked me how he was doing I said he was fine, but then we he checked Tri's teeth... shit. He has plaque/tartar so bad that all of his back molars are abcessed! How could I not spot that? I mean... he hasn't been acting sick or anything, but still. It was so bad, I feel like I've neglected him or something...

The vet said he's never seen a 3-year-old cat with teeth that bad before; and because of the infection, Tri's also now got a heart murmur, which really kind of scares me. He's been prescribed antibiotics for the infection, and next week he's going in again to have his teeth cleaned up.

Fuck, I can't believe I missed something like that! I hope he'll be alright...

And then Neko, as usual, is his big ol' scaredy-cat self. There's nothing wrong with him at least, so I only have to worry about my two other babies. And Kori, who can barely walk or breathe anymore, and who I'm pretty sure has gone blind. Poor guy. Old age really sucks for rodents, doesn't it?


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