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Okay, maybe writing every single day is too much to hope for. So every few days is my new goal for now. XD;;


Today I went with Lee to visit my brother and his girlfriend and swap gifts with them. It was really nice. I love seeing B and E, and don't get a chance to visit with them more than maybe, MAYBE once a year. So chatting with them and going to lunch with them was super great. ♥

Other than that, I didn't do much else today. Between the drive there and back and visiting and whatnot, it took up most of my day.

I did go to the pet store to get fish for Gen and crickets for Muffet, though. That took a whole half hour lol. xD;; Tomorrow I have tons to do, though. Grocery shopping and some Christmas shopping, and I need to go to another pet shop for hoppers and reptibark and whatnot.

Also more baking. I've made shortbread cookies and date squares already, but I still have to do macaroons and (fake) peanut butter dainties. But I love baking, so that's something I'm looking forward to. I'd've done it sooner, but I need some things from the grocery store to finish up. :3
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HOKAY. I haven't updated in forever but I swear I have a good reason for it. ~A~;;

1) Basically, a little less than a month ago, I got a call from one of Mom's friends that she works with; she and her husband own a bunch of buildings around town that have been converted into apartments, and they had one come up available for the 1st of June.

I went O__O;; because it's totally last minute and I couldn't afford it really, between having to pay first and last and for the movers. Anyway, Mom convinced me to go look at the place anyway... and it's PERFECT. ;A; I was all *GRABBY HANDS* at it, but came home knowing I just wasn't going to be able to deal with the cost.

But when I told Mom all about the place, she kind of made the decision for me and made some calls to Grandma so that she and Mom could help me cover the moving costs. It's a lot of money, but she assured me that this is NOT a loan, it's a gift. Because she wants me out of her house. XD; lol. Not really, but the joking at least made me feel better. I hate having to take money from other people. =_=;;

Anyway, the apartment!

It's basically half of a house. It has a tiny postage-stamp front yard and a picket fence along the side that I'm going to hang flower baskets from. It also has a little strip of grass at the bottom of the fence that I'm going to line with planters as well. I WANT A GARDEN AGAIN, EVEN IF IT'S JUST A TINY ONE. I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO HAVE ONE IN YEARS.

Then the screen door leads into a tiny little sunroom/mudroom where I can keep my recycle bins, trash can, and shovel/salt in the winter. Then the next door is the main one, and it leads into the downstairs part of the apartment. This is supposed to just be an entryway, but it's big enough that I can use it for that purpose AND as another actual room, as well as possibly for some minor storage. I'm considering putting my craft workspace for beading and the like down there once I find another desk.

Then to get to the main apartment, you go up a nice wide staircase. At the top is a bit of wall (a bookshelf will go there), and then the bathroom, which is of course small, but totally nice and clean and modern. ♥

Next is the kitchen, WHICH IS BIG ENOUGH TO FIT MY HUGE 4-FOOT FREEZER AND A TABLE. It's not gigantic, but it's easily at least 4x the size of my last two kitchens, and probably twice the size of the kitchen here at Mom's. She's going to be jealous. XD!

After the kitchen is the bedroom, which is maybe 1/4 again the size of the kitchen. Again, not huge, but still bigger than my room here. In there is going my bed, my reading books, my dresser, Aya's terrarium, the other snake terrarium (I'm getting another sand boa in a few months) and either the piranha tank or the turtle tank (I'm leaning toward the piranha.)

The next room is the living room, which is a little bigger than the bedroom. There goes the sofa, rocking chair, movie shelves, TV stand & etc, reference books and probably the turtle tank. Also the end tables and the goldfish aquarium once I get it set up. FISHIES! X3

Next to the living room and at the end of the hall is a SECOND little sunroom, which is where the bunnies are going to live, where the kitty litter box is going, and where my little indoor-herb-garden will go, as well as my upside-down strawberry planters and tomato planter. The plants will looooove it in there!

And on the wall just outside the second sunroom will be the pet shelves/cabinets where the food and etc. will be kept, and one shelf of those is where the tarantula terrarium will go. And that's it! :D

I'm so excited! I'll take pics and post them once I've gotten all moved in. ♥

2) Mom and Lee... are in Hawaii right now. *EPIC FISTSHAKE* DAMN YOU, PARENTS! Haha, no, I'm kidding. It's their 20th anniversary this year and they NEVER take vacations. They deserve it. And Hawaii is somewhere they both have wanted to go forever, so good for them! They're seeing the cultural center and touring Pearl Harbour, and they're going to go through the international market.

I told them they had to do the following:

1) Go to Pearl Harbour.
2) See a luau.
3) Buy me an awesome souvenir.
and 4) Not get eaten by a shark. O__O;;

3) My new turtle, Genbu! The one that I rescued a few weeks back. Until now, he's been living in a TINY terrarium that is WAY too small for him, the poor guy. But I didn't have anywhere else to keep him. At least he had a little pond and lots of food, right? I still felt guilty though.

Anyway, the pet store downtown that I got Aya from have an indoor pond that has some turtles in it about Genbu's size. Today I was downtown and I asked the owner if he might be willing to take Genbu and add him to the pond so that he would be living in the proper conditions. I explained the situation and everything.

He apologized but had to say no. Turns out like a week ago he went to a turtle rescue out of town and adopted three more turtles for the pond, so now he has six; and this maxes out the pond. He can't put any more turtles in there or it will be too crowded. He said that if he had the room he definitely would have taken him, though.

I told him it was okay, but kind of sighed because it's not that I don't want to KEEP Genbu, it's just not fair to him to have to live in such a tiny unsuitable terrarium. =/

So the owner kind of looked at me for a minute, and then told me that he admires what I'm trying to do, so he's going to DONATE a 170 GALLON TANK for FREE so that I can give Genbu the kind of home he needs. ;A; That is the kind of thing the people from that store do. They genuinely CARE about animals. It's not just a business to them.

I thanked him a million times, obviously. I still have to buy the filter for it, but that's a tiny amount of money in comparison. He even said he would deliver it to the new apartment once I've moved! It was so incredible...


4) Today I went downtown intending to go to Blockbuster to look at previously viewed movies, but when the bus arrived at the main street... there was a sidewalk sale going on. O_o;

Twice every summer we have a massive sidewalk sale where the main street is closed off and all kinds of vendors set up shop for the weekend. It's always fun and nice to wander around and look at everything. I usually spend $20 or so and bring apples for the ponies at the pony rides they set up for the kids. ♥

Anyway, so rather than just go to Blockbuster and then home, I ended up meandering around. I talked to the pet shop owner (see above lol) and got to pet their store mascot, Calvin the alligator.

I got a candy and chocolate cookbook, a set of meditation balls, and a couple cheap used DVDs from a bin (The Rats and Darkness Falls.) I also got a couple of leather bracelets for cosplay later this summer, as well as some phone straps for peeps I have packages for. And one of the booths gave me some free popcorn, which was deliciously yummy and buttery. :3

Haha, I did end up going to Blockbuster afterward, though, and I picked up copies of Skyline, Planet Terror, Paranormal Activity 2, Arachnia and Resident Evil: Afterlife for really cheap. Yay movies~!

5) AND! So, to raise some more money for Otakon and the 'States this summer, I've decided to have a huge bake sale. ^_^ I can break in my kitchen and have fun and hopefully make some spare cash at the same time. And then anything I don't manage to sell I can freeze or give away to family/friends or to the various charities around town. ♥


May. 7th, 2011 09:42 pm
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Today Mom, Lee and I went to the 400 market just past Barrie. We don't get to go very often, so I was really looking forward to it. :3

I did a lot of odds-and-ends shopping, but I guess the notable things were DVDs (16 of them at $2/each! o.o!!), some decorative candies for baking and some more fish for my aquarium. 4 ciclids and 24 rosies. ♥

Now, the fish place at the 400 market. I was paying for the ciclids (I bought the rosies elsewhere) when I noticed a tank in the back. It was completely empty and dry as a bone, with just a lonely red-eared slider turtle huddled in the middle. There was a sign on the tank that said "free turtle".

The fact that he was in a completely dry tank didn't sit well with me, so I asked why they were giving him away. I was told that he was blind, a family pet and they didn't want him anymore. Then they proceeded to tell me that IF NO ONE TOOK HIM THEY WERE JUST GOING TO TOSS HIM INTO THE DUMPSTER OUT BACK. >[

It was like five minutes until the place closed, so I begged a box off of them and took him with me. I couldn't just let him get thrown out like trash! He's perfectly healthy except he can't see! SO WHAT?

I was pretty much IRATE, but I wanted them to give him to me so I didn't say anything. Just took him and thanked them and headed off.

Once home, he stayed in the box long enough for me to set up a makeshift terrarium (it has a "pool" made out of a big tupperware container) and then he was introduced. He's settling in slowly, but hasn't left his little pond yet. I think he's just happy to have access to WATER again. How long was he in that dry aquarium? Did they EVER have him in proper housing? >/

Anyway, I'm going to call him Genbu. I picked up some turtle food, but he hasn't eaten. I think he's still upset, which I can't blame him for. But since he's blind I may have to end up picking up some feeding tongs and hand-feeding him every day. I'm hoping not, but if I have to I most certainly will.

After we left the market, Lee wanted to go to Moores for some dress pants and right nearby was a Petsmart, so rather than stand around while he browsed, I went to the pet store. They were having a cat adopt-a-thon, so I made kissy faces at all the kittehs, and that's where I got the rosies for my aquarium as well.

All in all, aside from the fucking STUPIDITY of the people I rescued Genbu from, it was a pretty good day. :)
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My sleeping schedule is all messed up. ~_~;; As usual. /whatever.

So I guess the big news the last couple of days is that Tia is in heat.


Even though I GOT HER SPAYED all the way back in NOVEMBER. >__O;;

IDK, I looked it up online and I guess if the vet missed a bit of one of her ovaries during the surgery that would explain it.

But still, it's frustrating and annoying and she is LOUD right now. Plus 'Dion is humping her every time we turn around (he's due to be neutered next month, but I guess he's old enough to have figured it out. :P) I'm going to call the vet on Monday and go "ummm... I paid you to spay her to avoid this very thing. FIX IT PLZ." and hopefully they'll do it without complaining too much.

Other than that, I'm pretty much done unpacking now. Just four more boxes to go. Between one thing and another it's taken longer than I intended, but at least now Lee won't be on my case about boxes being all over the house anymore. XD;;

I can't find the box with my framed photos though, and that's kind of upsetting. I guess I'll have to print new copies of the ones I really want and buy new frames. HEY MADDIE/CHLOE/PRONNIE! SCAN OUR GROUP PIC FROM THE AQUARIUM LAST SUMMER AND MAIL IT TO ME? It's one of the ones that I really want in a frame... the rest of them I think I have on either Z or Squall, I just have to locate them.

Oh, and I'm setting up a musebox for listing all my rp journals and stuff finally. [ profile] vilyaore, which used to be my NaNo journal so right now it's still filled with Wednesday's Child stuff, which I need to copy + paste to my HD before I delete it from the journal itself...

EDIT: OH ALSO. RAINBOW BOA!! This is the next snake I am aiming for. They're not gigantic, are mid-range difficulty to take care of (they need very specific heat/humidity) but they are GORGEOUS. Their scales have an iridescent sheen to them, which makes them kind of glow in various colours depending on the light. LOOK AT HOW PRETTY THEY ARE!! ♥♥♥

And I've decided I also want an Iriyan Jaya Carpet Python. On doing more research, the Blood Python is much too large. The Hog Island Boa is still a contender though...
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TL;DR version of the last week:

The apartment I was so excited over? Turned out to be a scam. Now I'm down $1200 (most of which Mom fronted me, so I owe her a fuckton of money again), and because I already gave notice at my current apartment the landlord has rented it to someone else starting Feb 1st. So as of Jan 31st I'm out on my ass.

Mom and Lee are letting me move back in with them for the time being until I can find another place, but even knowing I'm not going to be homeless... I hate it. This is the closest I've come to feeling suicidal in about three years. (Before anyone panics, I have thoughts/feelings like that relatively regularly because of the bi-polar, but I would never actually do anything about them.)

So basically, FML. FML SO HARD. =____=;;


On a more upbeat topic, Sarah invited me, Mom and Lee over for dinner tomorrow, so I decided to bake a cake tonight to bring with; lemon cake with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and a lemon-raspberry glaze. Will be nom-worthy. *nod*


Jan. 8th, 2011 09:34 pm
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While things with the new apartment are still somewhat up in the air and I'm flailing about that, today was actually a pretty good day...

First of all, when I gave notice to my current landlord, he asked me to clean the apartment up and make it spic-n-span for while he's showing it to prospective tenants. Makes sense. He also asked that I find somewhere else for the rabbits and rats to live for the time being, as that many caged animals could put people off.

So this morning Mom came over and we loaded up the buns and ratties and took them all over to her house, where they will have a little vacation for the next couple weeks. No problem, though carrying the huge cages up and down the stairs was a pain. :P

Then, I went out! 8D

Lee and his band had a gig at Players in Barrie (it's a bar/grill) from 3pm to 8pm, and Mom was going so I went along too. Lee's been playing with them for a year now and I still hadn't actually seen them preform, so~

The bar was crowded (and got more crowded as the day progressed), but Mom and I found a booth in the corner where I was relatively comfortable despite the crowd, and we chatted and listened to music and drank coffee and pepsi because neither of us are all that into drinking-drinking.

lol, then it turned out that tonight was Players' customer appreciation night, so they had free burgers and hotdogs, and free appetizers (and also cheap alcohol). Basically, they fired up the grill outside despite it being the middle of the winter, and when you wanted a burger or hotdog you just wandered out and got one (until supplies ran out.)

THEIR BURGERS ARE FREAKING AMAZING. I have never had a burger that good before. It blew everything else completely out of the water. I am totally going back there again just for that, if nothing else.

Then they put out trays of various appetizers; shredded steak, jalepeno poppers, mozarella sticks, hot wings, onion rings, salami, cheese and a bunch of vegetables. I tried one or two of everything except the salami and cheese... AND OMGWTF IT TURNS OUT ALL OF THEIR FOOD IS AMAZING! I EVEN LIKED THEIR WINGS, AND I HATE WINGS. =O


So basically, Mom and I ate tons of delicious food, and only paid for our drinks and a plate stuffed potato skins that she ordered. FUCK YEAH THAT'S A WIN IN MY BOOK.

Maddie and Chloe: We're gonna go there at least once when you come visit. Their food is awesome, their service is awesome, the atmosphere is awesome... basically? They're awesome. Plus I had a look at the menu and their prices are really good too. ♥

So we were there for about three and a half hours, and I totally enjoyed myself. With all the stress lately, just going out like that was something I really needed. I didn't even realize how much I needed it until we were on our way home.

Even if it was kinna strange to be in a bar with my mother. XD
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I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas! ^_^

My Christmas was good, I'm happy to say. All of December had been really stressful and depressing and I've been having a lot of trouble, so I wasn't really looking forward to Christmas because the 24/25/26th are always the most busy days for our family. But I was actually able to relax and enjoy things, which was nice.

On the 24th I did very little, just hung out around the house and cleaned, played with the cats and finished last-minute gift stuff.

That day a package from Maddie and Chloe came in the mail, which made me really happy. ♥ It had Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper (♥!!), some lotion that I wanted for Lois and my Christmas gift in it; some pretty beads, and a bracelet with matching earrings that Maddie made-- they are gorgeous, and I LOVE them, and they even matched my Christmas outfit perfectly, so I wore them to the family get together on the 26th, where I got lots of compliments on them. :3

The next morning Mom picked me up around 11 and took me and all my gifts for everyone over to her place, and we finished up the last bits of cooking/baking for the family gathering. Then Grandma got there around 1pm, and we all exchanged gifts.

I gave Grandma her souvenirs from my trip to the US in the summer (finally lol) and her Christmas present was a glass vase with decorative butterflies and a candle. I got Lee a wall clock shaped like a guitar (a Gibson, which is the one he uses most out of his actual guitars), and some blank VHS tapes because the ones he's using right now are old and wearing out. Then I got Mom a decorative 3D wolf plate, two scented oil infusers, and copies of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons on DVD. I also got two gifts that were for both of them; a wall sign ("Pomeranian Crossing" haha) and a bag of goodies (chocolates, cookies, etc.). And I got my brother three couch pillows (I got them at Matsuricon from the wonderful and insanely talented NeonDragon) and a copy of Gwenhwyfar by Mercedes Lackey. ♥

As for me, I got a whole set of new bakeware (two cookie sheets, two round cake tins, a loaf pan, a rectangular cake pan, a muffin pan and a pizza pan!!), an electric mixer (eee!! ♥♥), a DVD copy of Independence Day (to replace my worn-out VHS one), a zombie movie DVD set (Last of the Living; Grave Mistakes; Awaken The Dead and I Am Omega; my brother tells me I'm supposed to tell you all "HEAD NOMMING GOODNESS!"), money from Grandma, and a notebook that is my favourite thing I got this year. It's completely handmade including the paper, and free-trade. It's cover is etched leather with intricate designs and a pentagram on the front. X3!! It's going to be my recipe book, but Imma call it my spell/potion book lol.

And my brother got me the first season of Xena: Warrior Princess, but I already had it, so it's got to be exchanged for something else. Ah well~

Then we had dinner and everyone else played cards for a while. I, meanwhile, dyed my hair back to my natural colour so it would look nice for the family gathering, and also because I was sick of having the huge dark stripe down the middle of my head lol. XD

I went to bed pretty early that night because I had to get up early-ish the next morning to make the dip for the get-together (it took an hour in the slow cooker.) Then we all got dressed and ready and packed everything up, and headed out around 11am.

Now, a couple days earlier I had been surfing Kijiji, looking for a new terrarium for Aya because he's starting to outgrow his current one. I found one for $45 (as compared to $250 for a brand-new one), but it was in Barrie. But we were driving right through Barrie to get to my Uncle and Aunt's place for Christmas, so I asked if we could just stop to pick it up on the way past.

So I got it and brought it home last night after everything... and then kind of thought about it and it's kind of tall and thin, which is much better for an aquarium for fish than a snake terrarium. So I decided to set it up as an aquarium (I miss having fishies anyway) and found another terrarium that's more suitable for Aya's needs. It's being delivered tonight. :)


We got to the get-together around 1-ish and set up all the snacks and appetizers and everything, and then sat around and visited and just generally caught up with everyone until it was dinner time.


lol and after dinner we set out the desserts (there was a TON of delicious stuff!) and started the gift exchange (we all bring an anonymous gift, then we draw numbers and each of us can either open a new gift or steal someone else's.) There was a lot of good stuff this year; a couple nice blankets, a box of chocolates, a tea set, a set of glass bakeware and etc. I ended up with the glass bakeware (which I do kind of need for doing casseroles and that kind of thing, but Lee had ended up with a set of china popcorn bowls that he would never use (and neither would Mom or my bro) so I traded them. The bowls are actually good sizes; the big one can be used as a mixing bowl, and the smaller ones for a variety of things. Plus I can always borrow the glassware if I need to. XD;;

It was fun and very enjoyable. The only semi-bad part was that I had a run-in with a peanut butter cookie. =/

Aunt Clare had brought a tray of desserts, and most of them she had made but she included a few that a friend of hers had made too, and some of them turned out to have peanut butter in them. It was my fault too, because I'm so used to not having to worry about peanuts at family functions (because they all know about my allergy), I wasn't as careful as I normally am. But as soon as I bit into it I knew there was peanut butter in it, and spat it out without actually swallowing. Then I rinsed my mouth out. A LOT.

Poor Clare felt so bad about it, but it wasn't her fault. And I was fine (with the exception of a headache from it later; my peanut allergy actually gives me migraines) so it wasn't a big deal. I just took some aspirin and that was that. :)

Soooo... we all visited some more, and then around 8pm we decided it was time to start heading home. We packed up (I took some desserts home with me because I'm baaaad lol), and on the way out the door Uncle Alec and Aunt Brenda gave me a couple of Cat Cubes for my kitties to play in. THE CATS ARE IN LOVE WITH THEM LMAO.

Once we got back to Orillia, we went to Mom and Lee's place and unpacked what we had to, then packed up the rest of my things and Lee drove me home, where my cats were waiting to AMBUSH me because it was after their dinner time and they were STARVING TO DEATH.

So I fed them and put some things away... then decided screw it and just shoved everything into a corner so it was all out of the way and went to bed. I was exhausted, and besides that my head still hurt from the Peanut Encounter (tm). I slept really well, though 'Dion spent all night insisting on being cuddled up under my chin. He has separation issues. >>;

Then today I went downtown to pick up some more reptile bark (for Aya's new terrarium) and a bunch of river rocks for the aquarium. I also got a fish net and a larger hide for Aya since he's outgrown his old one.

After that I spent a couple hours cleaning the apartment and setting the aquarium up. I also called and talked to my brother for a few minutes, and we ended up deciding he was going to come over and hang out for the day. So he showed up a while later and we watched the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still and now we're watching 2012. And I made lasagna and garlic toast for dinner. Yay! :D

And that's about it.

Oh, except that the landlord for the apartment I'm moving to sent me the address today, so I looked it up on Google Earth. It's in a really nice neighbourhood, only two blocks from a grocery store, and only a couple blocks from the park/lake. X3 It's so awesome!!

I still need to go and actually look at the place, but what the hell, it can't be worse than where I am now, right? I'm 99% sure I'm going to take it. ♥

I do need to call Mom and coordinate with her a day we can go and look at it, though... hopefully in a couple days. Hmm.

EDIT: New Terrarium has been delivered, and Aya is all set up! ♥ His new home is much bigger and perfect for him, and will be for the rest of his hopefully long life. :)

And the pet store I got him from has already ordered my new Kenyan Sand Boa, which I will be picking up in February. Her name will be Nyoka (an African name meaning "snake"), and she will be moving into Aya's old terrarium. Since she won't get as big as Aya will, it'll be fine for her and I won't have to worry about upgrading~
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So today Mom randomly decided I needed some dress pants and a nice shirt for Christmas. (Like I haven't worn jeans and a t-shirt to the family get together like 24 years in a row now, lol.)

Personally, I think she just wanted to get me some clothes. I'm down to 165 lbs now (I've lost 95 lbs since last February! :O) and as much as I'm pleased with it, Mom is even more so. She's got this overwhelming pride thing going on right now, it kind of makes me laugh. Anyway, every couple of months she tends to randomly think up an excuse to take me out and get me a couple of things. (Not many, because I'm still losing weight and every two to three months all my old clothes don't fit anymore.)

Anyway, yesterday I weighed myself, saw I was down to 165, had a little internal freak out over it, and changed my total goal to 150 lbs. Originally when I set out, I'd had so many disappointments with various weight loss things over the last fifteen years that I didn't want to set the bar too high and then end up upset again; my original goal was to get down to 175 lbs. Not ideal, but much better than before. AND I HAVE SURPASSED THAT GOAL ASDGH. So my new one is 150, like I said. ♥

But last night when Mom and Lee and I were having dinner, Lee asked how I was doing weight-wise; I talk to Mom about it all the time, but not so much with Lee and he was curious. So I told him. And then Mom was like " need a nice outfit for Christmas." ...WUT? XD SO RANDOM. She's already flat out told me that she's looking forward to showing me off to everyone, though, so I guess it does make some kind of sense lol.

So today we went out and looked around Winners, but didn't find anything there. We then went to Walmart, where I found a really nice pair of dark gray slacks and a purple-and-black dressy shirt. There was a teal striped shirt that I liked better, but sadly I couldn't find one that fit properly. Pfft.

Oh, and I got a bag of rock salt for the steps outside. My inner SPN geek giggled while I was paying for it.

EDIT: And later this coming week I have to go out and get a box of hair dye to dye my hair back to it's original colour so it all matches again. I have a massive dark stripe down the middle of my head right now and it's driving me nuts. >>;

EDIT #2: Yeah shut up I still listen to (and adore) BSB. Sue me. XD;;
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Today was grocery day. A day later than normal, but Mom and Lee have been on vacation this last week (they each had a week of days off to use up by the end of the year) so things didn't work out quite the same as they usually do. Ah well. One day's no biggie.

So they picked me up at 4:30 and we went out for an early dinner at McD's (because they had been so busy with stuff all day neither of them had eaten yet lmao), where Mom and I decided we wanted to try the new eggnog milkshake... but they were out of eggnog. Pfft.

Anyway, I'm still not feeling 100% (apparently when I was coming down the stairs to get in the car, Lee looked at me, then at Mom and went "wow, she really doesn't look good." >>;) but I'm well enough to get around and get some things done. But there was a kid at McD's that wouldn't stop screaming his stupid head off (and his Mom just ignored it) and I already had a bit of a headache so that only made it worse, and my chicken sammich made me feel a little ill soooo I had to get some aspirin and a gravol off of Mom and then sit for ten or fifteen minutes before I could finish my food. Yep.

So we went from there to the dollar store so I could get some cookie tins and more jars for drink mixes, then to the grocery store where I had to buy a fuckton of cat food (it ALL ran out at the same time wtf? But at least I had coupons! One bag was $7.99 on sale for $4.50 and I had a $3 off coupon! 8D) and some other odds and ends.

After that we stopped at Walmart quickly so I could get catmilk for Tri... and Mom randomly bought me a space heater and a shovel, and gave them to me as an early birthday gift. It's my whole gift, and not what I wanted for my birthday, but I needed them so I'm glad to have them anyway. I'm not getting anything fun for Christmas or my birthday this year, at least not from Mom and Lee. I'm getting kitchen stuff for Christmas (lol I helped Mom pick it out) and then the heater and shovel for my birthday. Sigh. Growing up sucks.

On the plus side, I can now shovel the stairs so I hopefully won't fall down them again. And when I got things rearranged and got the new heater working... IT'S NOW WARM IN HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WEEKS. ILU MOM. ILU HEATER. ♥♥♥

But even going out for two hours like that made me really tired. Plus when I got home I moved some of the furniture around (I moved the electric litter box and Aya's terrarium into the back room, and moved a set of shelves from the back to the living room) and now my head hurts again. Blegh.


EDIT: And now I'm downloading and installing itunes for the first time so I can use the ipod shuffle that Dad gave me for Christmas. ♥

EDIT #2: Syncing is complete! ...mmm, idk though. Nice as it is to have an ipod, I think I prefer other brand mp3 players where you just upload the music to the player and don't have to muck about with itunes. *shrug*
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Well, despite the disaster yesterday with Juna peeing all over himself when we were bringing the cats home, all seems well. The glue in his incision site(s) is holding so I'm not quite so worried anymore.

The back room, however, stinks to high heaven because I couldn't give him a bath. It's horrible and gross, but there's not much I can do about it until at least the middle of next week. Then maybe I can give him a quick scrub down and vacuum/wash/disinfect the back room and spray the shit out of it with Febreeze. >>;

Dion also seems to be feeling better again today. I'm not sure what's going on with him; the last week or so it's been on-and-off every couple of days. One day he'll be sick and in pain, the next fine and back to normal, the next sick and in pain, the next fine and back to normal... and so on. I'm starting to think he's getting into something he shouldn't be, so later tonight I'm going to go through the apartment and see if I can find anything that he might be getting into that could be making him sick. =/ Fingers crossed that I figure it out.

Anyway, right now I'm over at Mom and Lee's place, as tonight I'm cooking them dinner. Homemade Chinese food ftfw! :D

I brought a couple books to keep me occupied this afternoon, and some laundry that needed done, as well as Squall to show him off to my brother and so that if I wanted to do anything online I could. I'm considering watching a movie or something right now, but I can't decide which one I want to watch. Hmm.

Oh, last night I watched a couple new animated movies! Despicable Me and Planet 51, both of which were really good. ^__^ I added them to my DVD wishlist! I particularly enjoyed Despicable Me, it was really cute and funny. ♥


Pertaining to the incident with M the other night... )
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Alrighty! Today was grocery day, as is every Wednesday. Woo-hoo. /sarcasm lol.

I didn't have much to get for actual groceries, but I did have to get cat food at the vet's (prescription weight management/urinary tract care food that Neko and Loki are on) and there were Sena-prescriptions I had to pick up too.

At the grocery store I mostly picked up some dumplings and wontons (they have these frozen ones that you steam and they come out DELICIOUS and taste JUST LIKE RESTAURANT GYOUZA/WONTONS ASDGH! X3), canned cat food for Tri and fresh cranberries for making home made cranberry sauce. ♥ I also actually found some eye-of-round steaks that were 90% fat free. Finding steaks with a low enough fat content that I'm willing to eat them is rare, and they were ON SALE OMG so I got a pack of two. :3 I might cook one tomorrow night!

And since Lee was driving and I wouldn't have to actually try hauling them home, I got another set of shelves at Walmart to complete my movie wall in the living room. 8D I spent an hour tonight putting them together and reorganizing everything and now they look awesome and I looooove it. X3!! Haha, I have room next to them for a small cabinet too, so I might pick one up at some point. Right now I have a stand there that I built out of DIY cubes.

At Walmart we also stopped to have dinner at McD's, and ran into Sarah and her fiancé, so we sat with them while we ate and had a nice conversation. The more time I spend with Arthur the more I like him... he has a very grounding effect on Sarah, and her complete bullshit has gone down a lot since she ended up with him. Just for that I approve of him, though he's also a really nice guy. :)

Oh, and this afternoon (before we ran into them) I got a message from Sarah about the wedding; her mother found out I was doing the bridal jewelry and wanted to know if I could design a piece for her as well, to match a set of earrings she wants to wear. I told Sarah I could probably manage it, but I couldn't say for sure either way until I had a look at the earrings. Basically, her Mom wants a large snowflake broach, which I think I can manage. I even have a basic idea in my head using fire-polished crackle beads and swarovski crystals, but like I said I won't know 100% until I see what I'm trying to match. And Sarah's Mom is like rich, so she's offered to "generously compensate" me for doing the project. I LOVE MONEYS. \o/

What else...

Well, yesterday I was out and about and picking up a few things. I needed rats for Aya-- my baby has graduated from fuzzies to pups!-- and a couple of other items.

I got some cookie cutters from Mariposa Market, as well as a bottle of sparkling cider to take to the Christmas get together in like a month and a half. I'm way the hell ahead of myself. xD;; And while I was there I taste-tested some eggnog-fudge which was just ahguisldfghuiadfgarngvu *DROOL* *A* I am so getting some of it to take to the get together as well. :3

And while I was out I got Lee a gift card to the music equipment store downtown, since his birthday is Friday. ♥

Anyhoo! I started working on some new recipes for dog and kitty treats for Christmas presents, and right now I'm in the middle of a decent maple-and-brown-sugar one. Just a little tiny bit of sugar and mostly maple extract for flavouring. They're pretty tasty. I still want to do one more, I think maybe liver flavour and bacon bits for "sprinkles". We'll see.

Oh, and today other than Squall arriving I also got the books I ordered the other day; two of them are for Dad for Christmas (Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey and Legends of Shannara: Bearers of the Black Staff by Terry Brooks) and the other one was a discount book I stumbled upon, Beyond The Body Farm by Dr. Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson. It's by the same people who did Death's Acre, which is one of my favourite anthropology/criminology books of all time. Which I lent to C.A. way the hell back in 2004 and still haven't gotten back from her. *facepalm* She's horrible about remembering stuff like that. I might just break down and buy another copy and let her keep the first one lol. So I'm really looking forward to reading the new one~!

I also got a little package from Maddie and Chloe today! Or, rather, from "Rufus and Reno Shinra"! To "Roxas". I LOLED SO HARD WHEN I SAW THAT. It was epically awesome. ILU GUYS, DID YOU KNOW THAT? It had a couple of buttons and some cute stickers in it. And caramels! And a pretty glass star pendant which I put on right away and am still wearing now. =3 Hehe.

And I guess the only other thing is the cats.

First; 'Dion scared the SHIT out of me today. This morning he was sleeping under the desk in the back room, which he does all the time because it's right in front of the baseboard heater. I went to sit down to check something on the computer, and reached down to move him... and he kind of flopped around and looked at me like he was half out of it, but not in a sleepy!kitty sort of way. His fur was also puffed up, which cats tend to do if they're not feeling well. This concerned me, and I took him back to the living room and laid down to cuddle up with him some-- which was when I noticed he was shivering. Not in an "I'm cold" kind of way, but in an "I'm in pain" kind of way. I cuddled him close and fretted over him and tried really hard not to panic while I decided if I should rush him to the vet or not.

Finally, he fell asleep and so did I. A couple hours later when I woke up he wasn't there, and when I went looking for him I found him playing and looking as if nothing was wrong. I don't know what the problem was, but DAMN, 'DION. PLEASE DON'T PULL THAT KIND OF STUFF. YOU NEARLY SCARED YOUR MOM TO DEATH. D8

I'm going to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days, just in case. But now he's acting completely fine, so...

Second; Got a call from the Barrie SPCA today, finally! Way back when I first brought Tia home, I called them and got on the wait list for having her spayed and Juna neutered. They were still too young at the time, but the wait list was about four months long so by the time they got around to me they'd be the right age. Sounded like a plan to me!

So on Friday I'm taking Juna and Tia to Barrie to be fixed, for $50 per cat. Let me say that again; $50 PER CAT. Instead of the $350/cat it would cost me to take them to the vet in town and have it done. They also say they can give them all their vaccines and etc. at the same time. I AM HAPPY WITH THIS PLAN AND THE COST INVOLVED. ^___^

I couldn't book 'Dion at the same time since he's still too young, but tomorrow I can call and get him on the wait list and in a few months when they get to me again he'll be old enough.

I'm really, really hoping that having Juna neutered will calm Neko down a bit; Neko is NOT Juna's biggest fan right now and keeps kissing and spitting and snarling at him, which I keep trying to dissuade of course, but it's not working. Neko seems to think that Juna is vying for Top Cat in the pride, which Juna really isn't. He just avoids Neko and defers to him, acts submissive, but Neko doesn't take that for what it is and beats the hell out of him whenever they cross paths. Luckily no real injuries have happened, just one or two tiny scratches and a lot of flying fur. Still. Hopefully once Juna is neutered things will settle down...

And now I think I'm done rambling. For now. And I have the munchies. So Imma go find something to eat. OMNOMNOM and all that.

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Been puttering around this place the last couple of days. Doing organizing and tidying and whatnot.

I've also been baking, though. I decided to try my hand at making animal treats! 8D

The first batch I did were cat treats and I used chicken boullion to flavour them. But they came out kind of tasteless and really salty so the cats wouldn't even eat them. So I trashed that batch and started over with tuna flavour instead, and that batch came out great! All my cats loved them, and I gave some to Mom and Lee for Jessie, and she gobbled them up too. ♥ SUCCESS!

The next ones I made were doggie biscuits; peanut butter flavoured (I used fake PB though, obviously, since real PB kills me. Dead.) with banana flavoured yogurt icing and a few sprinkles to make them pretty. THOSE ones actually came out really good right from the start, and to be honest I rather liked them myself. A touch of sugar to the biscuit dough and they'd be really yummy as people-cookies. XD

Since I don't have a dog to test the doggy treats, I took the first batch over to Mom and Lee's place for Possum. He ADORED them, but I don't think I trust his opinion, as he once ate a slice of onion that was coated in mustard and then begged for more. *eyeroll* So I need to expand my test group. HEY, ANYONE ON MY FLIST HAVE DOGS AND WANT SOME FREE HOUSE OF YUM DOG TREAT SAMPLES? I just need to know how they go over so I can adjust the recipe if needed...

And then today I did a test of biscuit treats for the rabbits (and rats, and really any small animal), with grated apple, pureed peach, honey and cinnamon. And lmao they're really tasty too. I always taste-test the stuff I make (even the tuna cat treats and whatnot) but I didn't expect to like the animal treats so much. xD;;

Recipe testing aside, tonight I invited Mom and Lee over for dinner!

I haven't had anyone over for dinner since I moved here (over a year ago now), because the place was so cluttered and looked really disorganized. But the last month or so I've rearranged and changed my furniture, gotten more shelves and etc., so now I feel comfortable having people over. It's still a small apartment, still crowded, but at least it looks more organized, and the way I have the furniture now opens the place up a LOT.

I'll actually take photos to share finally, I think. :D

Anyway, I made turkey meatloaf (with sage, onion, celery, garlic and thyme; it turned out soooo good! It tasted like Thanksgiving!), steamed asparagus and rice. Then I also made a fruit crisp with apples, peaches, blackberries, walnuts, almonds and coconut for dessert. SO YUMMY.

So Mom and Lee were over for a couple of hours, and then headed home. Then about an hour after they left I got a knock on my door and when I answered, there was my brother, face pressed against the screen door and soaking wet from walking in the rain. XD;;

Today was his D&D day, and he walked one of his friends home, and since his friend lives about five blocks away from me he decided to stop by. So he came in and we ended up chatting for two-and-a-half hours. X3 I was so happy! My brother and I used to hate each other when we were younger, but about the time I turned 19 we started to get along. Now we're really good friends (mostly, we still squabble from time to time, of course) so I like spending time with him. And I don't get much quality time with him because of conflicting schedules and whatnot, so it was really nice. ^^

He left around 11:30pm, at which point I had to actually get working on garbage and recycling since tomorrow is pick-up day for my street. Fun stuff.

Then when I was done and checked my email, Dad had sent me one telling me that apparently there's a 3rd Lake Placid movie, so I checked online and found somewhere to watch it. AND IT'S ACTUALLY LIKE 200% BETTER THAN LAKE PLACID 2, SOMEHOW. Not as good as the first one, but I'm really enjoying it. I'll have to pick up a copy to bring down to Otakon with me next year, as it's been decided that 2011 is going to be Year Of The Croc/Alligator for Movies Sena Brings To The US With Her. 8D

Hmm, and other than all that...

Oh, got everything completely squared away with MDG, so this time next week Squall will be shipped off, which means he should get to me by next Friday at the latest. I'M SO EXCITED! FANCY LAPTOP IS FANCY!!

And did I mention it's officially set that I'm designing Sarah's wedding jewelry and doing all of the wedding photography? WELL IT IS. I HAVE MY FIRST ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY JOB ASDGH;KL!! Granted, I'm not charging her for it (I can't afford a wedding gift, so I'm doing the jewelry/photography pro-bono), but it can all go into my portfolio, so YAY! X33!!

That's about it for now. Ah, except I think on Friday I might drag Mom to Aji Sushi for lunch. I'll have to order for her since she won't know what anything is, but I want to show her that just because it has "Sushi" in the name doesn't mean everything is raw fish. I know she'll like the place once she tries it. ♥

Also? If the two freaking houseflies that are buzzing around here don't piss off soon, I might just go on a homicidal rampage. Just saying.

Other than that, today has been a really, really good day. :)

Sena out.
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Today was shopping day as usual. But this week (and for a while into the future now, too) Lee was the one who took us, not Mom. She's spent like two years doing it, and finally all the chores, running around and etc. have gotten to her-- she needs a few weeks of having actual days off. So Lee is taking over for the time being.

Anyway, that all went as normal except that Sarah talked nonstop about the wedding, which wasn't in the least bit surprising. XD;;

Oh, but I am definitely doing her wedding jewelry for her! X3!! HAPPY SENA IS HAPPY! And I am going to be doing some photography for them as well, since they can't really afford to hire a professional photographer. And I'll possibly be helping with some of the catering-type stuff, but that isn't going to be decided for a while yet.

Anyway, yay~

Oh, and now I'm watching The Human Centipede on the laptop, thanks to Matt talking about it on FB. XD It's pretty screwed up, but I'm enjoying it. Which I guess is kind of screwed up in its own right. >>;

EDIT: That movie... was just... it was just horrifying. It ranks right up with Blindness for Most Screwed Up Thing I've Ever Seen. .__.; Not Most Screwed Up Movie, Most Screwed Up Thing. I mean... wow. Ugh. *shudder*
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So, no real entries from me in a while. Why, you ask? Well, for those of you not following the avalanche of Tweets I posted about it (they were forwarded here too, but I don't imagine many people payed attention to them in my LJ), let me tell you.


It went out on a Wednesday, and I finally called Rogers on Friday morning when I woke up and it was still out. It was then I was informed that they couldn't get a repair tech out to fix it until THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY. As in EIGHT DAYS later. *facepalm* Way to FAIL, Rogers!

Then when the tech finally came on Saturday (he was supposed to be here between 2pm and 5pm, but of course didn't arrive until 6), he was here for a grand total of five freaking minutes, just long enough to PLUG MY NET BACK IN because someone had disconnected it down where the lines enter the building in the utility room. =__=;;

Anyway, Internets are back again. I spent that whole eleven days basically working on beading stuff for the upcoming cons, watching a FUCKTON of movies, glaring at my modem and going moderately insane from boredom and Net withdrawal.

Not much else to report, except that I'm flailing over last minute Otakon stuff right now. Trying to decide which beads to bring with me to work on stuff at the table since I can't fit all of them into my suitcases. Packing and re-packing said suitcases to try to fit as much in as I can. Man, I have a ton of stuff this year, not because of cosplay or anything (like the last two years) but because of all the Artist Alley things. >>;

Oh, and I have a bunch of granola bars and other snacky foods packed because with my new diet I have to eat snacks throughout the day and IDK where I'd buy them down there. Plus granola bars were on sale when we did groceries yesterday, so I got four boxes of them and a box of pop tarts (which were also on sale.) And I also have a can of cashews (for protein!!) and a bag of marshmallow candies just because. And a pack of strawberry wafer cookies. And maple cookies for everyone else, even though I don't eat them. XD;; Haha.

Other than that, the only mentionable thing is Wabora. X3!

On Tuesday night I took Mom, Lee, Grandma and my brother to Wabora for dinner. Wabora is a fusion Japanese steakhouse in Bracebridge; they've been there about three years now. Anyway, THEY DO TEPPANYAKI. I've wanted to go ever since they opened, but it's obviously rather expensive so I couldn't.

But when my money from the tax rebate came in last month I decided as a thank you to my family for everything they'd done for me over the last few years I'd treat them to the hibachi show/dinner at Wabora. I took $320 with me and told them to order whatever they wanted, too.

The only one that was worried about it was Lee because he doesn't know much about Japanese cuisine. But since it's a fusion steakhouse they have a lot of western foods on the menu as well, so I knew he'd be able to find something he liked. And I knew for a fact that he would enjoy the show, even if the food wasn't 100% to his taste.

But I think of all of us, he was the one who had the most fun. It was awesome to see him enjoy himself that much. Same with Mom and my brother. (My bro was SUPER excited when he heard we were going to a teppanyaki restaurant!)

So I got a combo plate with chicken and teriyaki steak (half of it is in my fridge right now since I couldn't finish it lawl) and my brother got a combo plate with lobster and scallops, and we trades so we could both try everything. We also shared a sake sampler, which was a little bit of four different kinds of sake. It went straight to my head. Oops? xD;

I wanted to try the blueberry sparkling sake, but they didn't have any when I asked. =/

And I got really yummy pomegranate tea, and tried the tempura ice cream (green tea flavour!) for dessert. It was an AWESOME meal and show, even though it was expensive ($230 total with the tip. >>;;) and I would love to go again some time. Lee says he fully plans to go again as well, which is great to hear because there aren't many foreign restaurants he's willing to go to. ♥
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Been watching a lot of movies and stuff the last couple of days. And Monster Quest. TONS of that too. And today I watched four episodes of Prehistoric Predators while I made like 150 gemstone phone straps. xD;

Then tonight I watched Splice on divxden, and now I've just started [Rec] 2. Splice was freaking awesome! Brand new creature movie ftw! The previews made me think of Species but it turned out to be completely different. And it had some surprises in it; they took a few chances with the plot, which made the movie more interesting in my opinion but some people might not have liked them. It's a matter of taste, I suppose, and we all know that's something I rather lack when it comes to movies. Haha.

[Rec] 2 is the sequel to [Rec], obviously, and is a Spanish horror movie that I really liked. (The English version is called Quarantine but wasn't nearly as good.) Just another in a series of foreign movies that I love. Horror/sci-fi movies are done so well in other countries, it's really too bad that more people don't watch the original versions.

Anyway, those aside my copies of Samurai Zombie, CHAW and One-Chanbara all came in this last week, as well as my copy of Lizard Baby (lmao). I went on a little foreign-movie binge on ebay a couple weeks ago, and ended up getting a bunch of Korean and Japanese horror/sci-fi stuff. I have yet to watch Samurai Zombie but if it's anything like Kibakichi (werewolf samurai) it should be entertaining. I haven't watched One-Chanbara (samurai-strippers vs zombies!) or Lizard Baby (should be self-explanatory, really) yet either. I'll watch them tomorrow maybe.

CHAW I did watch, though, and it was AWESOME. Another giant killer boar movie (there's been a rash of them lately), but this time the creature animation was REALLY A+ good. Amazing for a B movie. I'm really glad I got it. ♥♥♥

Other than movies...

A couple days ago Mom, Lee and I went to Barrie to visit Grandma and Uncle Len and Aunt Clare for a couple of hours. Before we got to their place though he stopped at the big bookstore and I poked through the discount books. I got a handful of reference ones cheap... and they had Stephen Colbert's book on sale so I picked it up to. XD I flipped through it and it's going to be REALLY entertaining to read. 8D

EDIT: Also, English version Hachiko movie? Almost killed me. I literally spent the entire last half an hour of the movie flat out sobbing. Not just sniffling a little. SOBBING LIKE A FAMILY MEMBER HAD DIED OR SOMETHING. And that was the English remake. The original version would probably just stop my heart all together. ;A;


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Sharing photos of some of my recent beading projects (for selling at Otakon/Matsuricon) I've done all these over the last week or so, and a bunch of them are from the last couple days when I wasn't sleeping because of worrying over Lee and everything. Anyway.

Necklaces~ )

The black and red butterfly one is my favourite, but the blue mermaid one is a close second. I actually wore that one out yesterday and got compliments on it from the girls at Magpie Beads. ♥ lol I almost don't want to sell them. XD;;

Bookmarks~ )

BOOKMARKS. They were fun to make. I also made another red one for Lee, with a guitar charm on it and etc. (since he plays guitar) as a present and took it to him in the hospital when I visited yesterday, but I didn't actually take any photos of it for some reason. xD;;

Speaking of Lee, he's been discharged from the hospital. They did all these tests on him and can't find anything wrong (even when he was having the attack all the monitors and everything said things were fine and normal wtf?) and he's doing fine again. They did every test they could come up with but as far as they're telling the doctors there's nothing wrong with him. It's frustrating. But Lee's feeling alright again so they just sent him home. IDK, I'm still worried. =/

On Hearts

Jun. 20th, 2010 11:10 pm
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Mom stopped by about half an hour ago, which is unheard of since it was almost 10pm. I was really surprised. But then she came inside and told me that my step-dad is in the hospital-- he had a heart attack this afternoon.

He called Mom around 3:30 this afternoon to come home from work and take him to the emergency room. He's alright for now, but they're keeping him in the hospital overnight (at least, possibly another day or two as well) to keep an eye on him and run some tests.

The thing is that Lee's been having trouble for over a week now. It started off with dizzy spells and then progressed to worse ones with nausea and flushing and tachycardia as well. He'd already gone to the ER twice and his own doctor once and when they ran tests they couldn't find anything wrong so they had to send him home.

So Mom and I have been really worried, since it sounded like the warning signs of a stroke or something. Now it turns out it was symptoms of angina, worsening over the last week.

The problem is, Lee's already had a major heart attack back in 1996. One third of his heart is already dead, and this will just make it worse. I dunno, at least he's got the doctors working on him again now, though...

Anyway, Mom had just stopped to let me know what was going on before she went back to the hospital to take Lee his robe/slippers/a book/etc., so she left to do that and then stopped by again after she left the hospital just to sit and have a coffee, since she needed someone to talk to for a bit.

She's supposed to work tomorrow, but she doesn't think she'll be able to sleep and/or concentrate on her work, considering. I ended up giving her one of my stress/anxiety/sleep-aid pills. I normally take three of them at a time so one will be okay for her, and hopefully it'll help some.

But in any case, I'll probably be up all night too now. Everyone cross their fingers that Lee's fine in the end, okay?
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Shopping day was yesterday. I had like no groceries to get at the actual grocery store (the only thing I needed was milk) but I had a bunch of meds and pet stuff to get at Walmart so I just did all my shopping there. It took me about 20 minutes and then I sat around McDonald's by myself waiting for Lee and Sarah to finish up for another 40 minutes after that. XD;;

As I was meandering back to the cash after getting everything though, I wandered past the fruit section and ended up grabbing a dish of watermelon. DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS WATERMELON. Speaking of which, have you guys heard my watermelon rant? It basically boils down to me being jealous of the USA because they still get the good watermelons and up here all we get are the crappy seedless ones that have no taste. =/

While we were out for shopping I mailed the first half of the things that I sold on ebay. $70 later and I still have another dozen packages to go next week. Ouch. But at least I'm getting rid of some clutter and the things I'm selling are going to people who will enjoy them, right?

So after shopping/mailing/whatever, Lee brought me back home long enough to drop off my groceries and then I went back to Mom's place with him to visit and have dinner. Mom and Lee were away all this last week, so I chatted with Mom about their trip and I have to say, she was SO stressed and frustrated with everything when she left, but she's feeling MUCH better now. It's so good to see because my brother and I were both starting to really worry about her...

For dinner we had broccoli and carrots, and potatoes done on the bbq. Then Lee cooked pork chops, which I can't eat, but he insisted on digging out some chicken and grilling it for me instead. I really can eat a meal without meat (I've been doing it for half my life) but it was appreciated anyway. :)

...and then after all that, something in the meal (I think the potatoes, they had a lot of margarine on them to keep them from burning on the bbq) didn't agree with me and I ended up having to throw it all back up again. God, I felt SO BAD about it. They invited me over and cooked dinner for me, and then I ended up puking it in the end.

I apologized a bunch, but they said not to worry about it. Still. That sucks. *sigh*

And today C.A. is coming over to hang out and we're going for sushi later. I'm really looking forward to it. :3

On Trunks

May. 12th, 2010 09:34 pm
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Mom and Lee have a week of holidays starting tomorrow, so they're taking off to Collingwood for a few days for a mini-vacation-ish-thing. My brother is going to watch the dog and cat for them. Used to be that I would go over and stay at their place to do that, back when I was living with Sarah and she could feed/etc. my cats and other critters, but now I have no one to do that. But whatever.

In any case, I'm going over for tomorrow night anyway because I was talking to my brother yesterday and he invited me over to watch movies and hang out for a night. (Actually he asked if I wanted to come over for a couple nights, but I can only swing the one.) So tomorrow I'm going to feed the cats/buns/rats early and then head up to spend the night bonding with my little bro.

It's funny, up until I was about 17/18 the two of us didn't get along AT ALL. I loved him, but I HATED him too, haha, and it was totally mutual. But when I moved out for the first time (just for three months in the fall/winter, right back when I first started keeping this journal) everything practically changed overnight and now we get along super well. ^_^

Now we hang out on a regular basis and he'll come over to help me out with moving stuff if I need to, and sometimes he'll call me and ask if I want to/am willing to come over and cook for him (he is obsessed with my shepherd's pie and lasagna, and more recently lemon-thyme pollock) and like tomorrow, he just asked me to come over for a movie night (I'm making him shepherd's pie too, but he doesn't know that yet.)

Turns out he's actually a pretty decent human being, aside from being unemployed and kinna a leech on Mom and Lee for the last year and a bit. XD Now I love him 'cause he's my brother, just without the hatred half-spoiling it. ♥ lmao.


French vanilla cappuccino with milk. Yum! :D /random
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Today was grocery day. Fun times. I got lots of veggies of course. Plus strawberries. And bananas for the first time since the surgery, so yay! Then Mom, Lee, Sarah and I went out for lunch and I got an omelette with hashbrowns and sausage, and then only ate 1/3 of it (obviously) so I brought the rest home for dinner, which I am eating as I type. :D

Anyway, while we were out I had to pick up a package from the Shoppers postal outlet, and it was my Alien Nine gashopen set that I ordered last month. They are SO cute. And lol, I know like no one knows what Alien Nine is, so basically it's about three girls in grade six who fight rogue aliens at their school with the help of symbiotic aliens called Borg. I have the manga. ♥

And I spent a couple hours yesterday taking pics of the SM things I'm selling and posting them to ebay (I got about half of it done and I have to do the rest tonight or tomorrow) and since then I've sold almost $500 worth of stuff. I shouldn't have even bothered trying to sell everything in my journal in the first place lol. xD;;


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