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Mar. 4th, 2011 04:23 am
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Didn't end up going downtown on Tuesday like I was supposed to. My hip was still out and I hadn't slept in two days so I really wasn't up to it. So I canceled my hair appointment and just went to the bank on Wednesday instead. ^^;

This means I do have to make a point of picking up more rats for Aya and the fish (probably tomorrow), but whatever.

Anyhoo, I didn't sleep Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Like, at all. ~_~; So when we did groceries on Wednesday I said screw it and bought some sleep aid pills. lol so last night I slept SUPER WELL! 8D; Like, for 18 hours straight. I damn well needed it though, so it's fine. Imma probably take one tonight too.

Right now I'm watching Tommyknockers! I've never seen it before, but when I went up to the corner earlier I found a copy of it for $3.98 at the Bargain Shop, along with a copy of The Unborn, Growing Up Safari (Zebra, Giraffe, Hyena & Rhino) and Animal Armageddon Target: Earth. Yay cheap DVDs!

EDIT: Oh, and I re-potted my magic bean plant into a bigger pot so it can keep growing, and I also planted some watermelon seeds in my spare pot so they can take root and sprout some before it's warm enough to transfer them to the out-of-doors. I have tomato seeds too, but I need another pot. XD
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So today was mall day. Yay! lol I haven't been actually shopping-shopping at the mall here in a long time. Mostly because we only have about ten stores that are worthwhile anymore. XD I much prefer just going to Walmart if I need something, or shopping along the main street downtown. We have a lot of cute stores down there. :)

Anyway, I didn't sleep worth beans last night. Originally I had planned to get up at 11:30am at the latest so I could head out around noon, but I ended up laying around in bed, tossing and turning and attempting to get even a little bit of sleep until around 2:30pm before I finally gave up and just got up for the day. ~_~;; Le sigh.

But whatever, I'm used to running on next to no sleep, so I got ready and walked up to the mall. It was super nice and sunny out... except for the wind. HOLY FUCK THE WIND. It was blowing so hard that when I got home I found out I have windburn across my face and neck. O__o; NOT FUN, and really too bad since it would have been warm out too if it wasn't for the wind.

My first stop at the mall was Zellers, where I poked around somewhat aimlessly for a while, just looking at stuff. In the end I got a new pack of LPS (a pony and a deer; the pony comes with a detachable horn! So cute!) and a copy of Megamind, since they had it on special for $18.99 (regular $24.99.) I also got a spool of 100 writeable DVD-Rs since they were on sale for half price and I have a FUCKTON of video files I need to get off of Z and Squall. >>;

After that I went to Ardene for jewelry components. I will post a pic of what I got tomorrow. They have CRYSTALS. CRYYYYYYYSTALS!! ...but when I got home later I remembered I need more bead boxes, so I have nowhere to put said crystals for the moment. xD; *fails*

Then I looked through the itty bitty bookstore we have at the mall, but even though I found a bunch of books and manga I was interested in, I didn't actually buy any. I'm going to be in Barrie next week, so Imma go to Chapters while I'm there instead. Yepyep.

That done, I went and got something to eat at the food court (which has three whole restaurants in it! *facepalm*) After eating, I realized I needed some actual cash so I walked all the way back down to the other end of the mall to pull $20 from the ATM there... at which point my hip went out. DAMMIT.

My hips have been giving me problems lately (particularly the left one, it keeps going out on me the last couple of weeks), so I wasn't surprised, but my shopping bag was relatively heavy and I still had to go to the grocery store and then WALK HOME. =__=;; URGH. SCREW YOU, BODY.

I managed to hobble to the grocery store at the other end of the mall and picked up the odds and ends I needed for cooking dinner tomorrow (chicken curry), then decided I couldn't walk the whole way home and limped my way over to the bus stop.

The problem is that the bus stop closest to here is still about ten blocks away. I got off at that stop, and managed to make my way to the Dollarama. I went in and took a cart for my bags and picked up a couple of things, because sometimes if I put down what I'm carrying and walk slowly for a while my hips/legs start to behave again.

This time? Not so much.

But at least while I was there I got some potting soil (I need to re-pot one of my plants to a bigger pot and need more soil for it) as well as photo frames for the Ghostbusters photo series from Otakon last summer. And some jujubes. Just because JUJUBES.

When I got outside again my hip was still out though, so I ended up having to call Mom and get her to come up and pick me up in the car. I haven't been limping this badly in forever, idk how I used to deal with it every day for so long... anyway, Mom picked me up and brought me home, and I took muscle relaxants and laid down for a couple hours.

When I got up again my hip was a bit better, but not great, so Mom also helped me clean the bunny cages tonight, since it requires a lot of bending and lifting. :P

I do have to go downtown tomorrow... I think even if my leg is better in the morning I'm going to bring my cane with me anyway, though.
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I'm currently right in the middle of a River Monsters marathon on Discovery channel. Interesting stuff, especially since I can't sleep. Again. Last night was the same, except I was watching Hoarders on TLC instead. *shrug*

A couple days ago Mom and I had to go to Walmart, and while I was there I found Alien VS. Ninja on the shelves. You KNOW I had to have it! So now I have a copy of it on DVD YAY! I actually haven't watched it yet, I think my brother might want to watch it with me so I'm waiting. I'll ask him again tomorrow and if he says he's not interested I'll just watch it by myself.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to the mall and look for sparkly things to use for jewelry making (Ardene is a good store for that! ♥), and poke through a couple other stores as well, just for something to do. I might pick up a copy of Mastermind, since it's out now and I WANT A COPY. X3 And I need another photo album.

Then I plan to get tempura from Yamato in the food court, and possibly pick up a thing or two from the grocery store just before I head home, since I need a couple of ingredients for making curry this week.

Speaking of cooking. I MISSED IT SO MUCH. That's one thing about living here again, I have people to cook for and I'm taking full advantage of that fact. :3 Last week I made Turkey-and-Sausage Jambalaya, BBQed Hamburgers & Potato/Macaroni Salad and Spaghetti & Meat Sauce. This week I did Turkey Shepherd's Pie, Sweet-and-Sour Meatloaf, Home-made Mac n' Cheese & Asparagus and Cheese-and-Spinach Canelloni. Next week I'm planning Coca-Cola Chicken, Indian Chicken Curry and Vegetarian Lasagna. I've also baked a cake and made two loaves of banana bread. SO HAPPY. ~w~ ♥♥♥

Yesterday Mom and I went up to the mall and while we were there she checked out a couple of stores for an outfit to wear to Sarah's wedding next month. She ended up finding this awesome summery dress that looks REALLY good on her. At the same store I found an adorable floofy skirt and absolutely FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. But it was $60, which I couldn't afford, obviously. THEN MOM RANDOMLY BOUGHT IT FOR ME.

I objected because of the cost, but she says she bought it because of how well I've been doing since the surgery (I've lost 107lbs!! :O) and how proud she is of me for that and for being willing to do with cheap second-hand clothes over the course of the last year. She said it's a congrats, and that I deserve something nice after going without for so long. So I ended up just letting her buy it, since she seemed so determined. It was almost like she was getting me in trouble for the objections, actually. ^^;;

It's not a warm enough skirt that I can wear it just yet, but I'm really looking forward to wearing it in a month or month-and-a-half when it gets to be spring weather. X3

Aaaand on Tuesday I have to go downtown to the bank, so I'm getting my hair cut that day too since I'll already be down there. I also need to pick up more rats for Aya and the fish, and I'll probably meander up and down the main street, assuming that it's not a raging snowstorm.

No real news on the critters front, except that Tia is in heat AGAIN so she's being really snuggly and cute and ANNOYING right now. Not much I can do about it, though, other than give her lots of pets and cuddles, since that seems to soothe her pretty well for the most part. At least she's going back in to have the problem dealt with in just a couple of weeks, we should only have to deal with one more heat cycle after this one. Hopefully. >>;
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My sleeping schedule is all messed up. ~_~;; As usual. /whatever.

So I guess the big news the last couple of days is that Tia is in heat.


Even though I GOT HER SPAYED all the way back in NOVEMBER. >__O;;

IDK, I looked it up online and I guess if the vet missed a bit of one of her ovaries during the surgery that would explain it.

But still, it's frustrating and annoying and she is LOUD right now. Plus 'Dion is humping her every time we turn around (he's due to be neutered next month, but I guess he's old enough to have figured it out. :P) I'm going to call the vet on Monday and go "ummm... I paid you to spay her to avoid this very thing. FIX IT PLZ." and hopefully they'll do it without complaining too much.

Other than that, I'm pretty much done unpacking now. Just four more boxes to go. Between one thing and another it's taken longer than I intended, but at least now Lee won't be on my case about boxes being all over the house anymore. XD;;

I can't find the box with my framed photos though, and that's kind of upsetting. I guess I'll have to print new copies of the ones I really want and buy new frames. HEY MADDIE/CHLOE/PRONNIE! SCAN OUR GROUP PIC FROM THE AQUARIUM LAST SUMMER AND MAIL IT TO ME? It's one of the ones that I really want in a frame... the rest of them I think I have on either Z or Squall, I just have to locate them.

Oh, and I'm setting up a musebox for listing all my rp journals and stuff finally. [ profile] vilyaore, which used to be my NaNo journal so right now it's still filled with Wednesday's Child stuff, which I need to copy + paste to my HD before I delete it from the journal itself...

EDIT: OH ALSO. RAINBOW BOA!! This is the next snake I am aiming for. They're not gigantic, are mid-range difficulty to take care of (they need very specific heat/humidity) but they are GORGEOUS. Their scales have an iridescent sheen to them, which makes them kind of glow in various colours depending on the light. LOOK AT HOW PRETTY THEY ARE!! ♥♥♥

And I've decided I also want an Iriyan Jaya Carpet Python. On doing more research, the Blood Python is much too large. The Hog Island Boa is still a contender though...
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...I can't sleep. I've been having a hard time with the insomnia lately, even my prescription sleep-aids aren't helping. I'm starting to feel really burnt-out because of it. But exhausted or not I still have things that need to be done; a lot of cleaning, still, and some organizing. And I need to write my apps for Endtopia and a couple other RPs I've been procrastinating over for way too long. ~_~;

And I also need to figure out what I want to attempt for the NaNo this year, and work everything for it out ahead of time so all I have to do when Nov 1st hits it start writing the actual story. I'm tempted to revisit Terra and company, since I've been tinkering with characters that fit into the world from those drabbles lately. I dunno though, I haven't decided for sure. *shrug*

Now that I've wasted a whole ten minutes here I guess I'm off to watch a movie or whatever. Might take more tranquilizers to try to sleep even a little. =/

Also? The banana bread totally didn't come out. It didn't rise and ended up all gummy and gross and I had to throw both loaves out. It was the first time using that particular recipe, and I won't be revisiting it. Like... ever. I wish I could find the awesome recipe for it that I used to have, but the recipe card just randomly vanished one day...
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I finally got around to dying and styling Nazoko's wig. Her hair is actually supposed to be cherry red, but at least it's not blonde anymore. It's kind of coppery. Anyway, it'll do until I can get her the wig I actually want for her. Her eyes are also supposed to be orange, but... I can't find orange eyes. .__.;; So she's borrowing Tet-chan's red ones.

Yeah, I was supposed to go to bed an hour ago, but my allergies are trying to murder me, so instead I'm sitting up being miserable and watching The Daily Show. I love this show, but Lewis Black is on tonight and he srsly grates on my nerves. >>; Ah well.
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1) I woke up super early this morning for NO REASON. And have been wide awake ever since. WTF body. So I'm going for a walk in a few minutes. *shrug*

2) Insanitarium: Almost a zombie movie. Yay for cannibalism? Reminded me of 28 Days Later.

3) Ghost Town: Very funny. I had a lot of good gigglefits over this one. Extremely... unusual humor, though. Probably not for everyone. XD; *is weird like that*

4) I randomly had the urge this morning to plan a cosplay outing to Wonderland. BUT I DON'T KNOW ANYONE WHO LIVES CLOSE ENOUGH (AND DOES COSPLAY) TO COME TO IT. I LIVE IN THE MOST FAIL PART OF THE WORLD FOR COSPLAY UGH. Okay, probably not. But still, it's frustrating. DX Because cosplaying to an amusement park would be awesome fun! TT__TT

5) For anyone who's interested, I read a really amazing Axel/Roxas ric this morning. Deceitful Above All Things. Seriously. AMAZING.

6) Roxas/Haruhi is going to make me laugh so hard, I swear to God. Poor Roxas. It will be epic. Kadaj-muse is secretly relieved and not feeling as guilty over the whole Haruhi thing anymore. Ignore the Roxas and Axel banter at the bottom. My Roxas finds Michi's Axel extremely annoying. And it probably won't make any sense unless you read their other conversations anyway. XD;
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Well, [ profile] rizumikaru_yomi is back from the two week hiatus. :) No thanks to me since I missed the mod meeting yesterday. Ugh brain wtf, it was not Sunday yesterday it was Monday. >__O;; Anyway, yay! I've been bored without RY lol. Also, some of the things that were upsetting me have been worked out so I'm good now. At least RP-wise.

I need to get Dean and House into stuff at TV too. For some reason I'm having trouble thinking of ways for them to get into things. Grr. *pokes teh muses*

And now for some thoughts on movies that I've watched the last couple days, courtesy of graboid.

--> The Day The Earth Stood Still (remake; Keanu Reeves) Was alright, as disaster movies go. Not the best one I've ever watched, but certainly not the worst. It had it's moments. Plus, the special effects were awesome. Made me think of Armageddon and War of the Worlds a lot.

--> Seven Pounds (Will Smith) Not the kind of movie that I normally watch, but as I'm a HUGE Will Smith fan, I made an exception. It was an amazing movie, and I cried really hard at the end. I never figured out how the title figures into the movie, though. xD; *fail*

--> The Unborn (Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman) ...kekekeke. >3 MY KIND OF MOVIE. Creepy, freaky, night-mare inducing. I loved it. Similar to Mirrors in the kind of scares they produce. ♥

--> Yes Man (Jim Carrey) LAWL I still ♥ Jim Carrey. srsly. This was a hilarious movie. DDR on redbull awesome. And there was some serious stuff in it. I suppose you could consider it a movie where the character grows as a person throughout, despite the slapstick and and around that.

--> Bedtime Stories (Adam Sandler) Okay, so it's no real secret that I'm not a huge Adam Sandler fan. Most of his movies I find really terrible and crude; there's only been a few that I've liked. This one was made my Disney though, so I figured it'd be alright. It was cute. I don't know if I'd run out to buy it ASAP when it comes out on DVD, but it was worth watching. basically, Sena will watch anything. XD;

And now a random note for Kiin: Your original slash is going to involve a vampire. With multiple personalities. 8D And a human that I haven't thought about yet. I'm having so much fun with the clinically D.I.D. vampire that I haven't gotten around to his love interest yet. xD; I still need to name him, too. .__.; Hmm. God, the first name that leaps to mind is Christian, but it's so cliche I can't bring myself to use it. >__>;

Right, and now I should try again to fall asleep. Stupid insomnia.
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...I didn't sleep at all last night. ><; Or, I did, but only for like three hours.

When I put the cats in the basement for the night, they spent about two hours straight wailing for me so finally I decided I'd just sleep downstairs with them for the first night until they were settled in a bit more. But then all three of them wouldn't leave me alone to sleep, so finally around 3 I went upstairs and left the basement door open so they could join me and explore a bit while everyone else was asleep.

Unfortunately, moving from the basement upstairs woke me up completely, so then I spent another three hours working on unpacking and watching Vipers on the computer. Finally around 6 I managed to get to sleep, and then had to get up at 9:30 to go back to the house and do more moving. DX

It was just me and Mom today so we didn't get it all done, but we got quite a bit finished, and can probably finish the rest tomorrow night. We also emptied out the fridge of all my perishables and brought them over here. Tomorrow there are some cupboards to move, a bar fridge, the microwave and stand, and some carpets. Then I have to sweep and mop and gather my cleaning stuff to bring back here, and we'll be done.

Anyway, after two trips to storage today, we came back and puttered around for an hour until it was time to pick up Sarah for groceries. lol, there's not much we needed to pick up because all my food came over here with me, but there were things like milk and pepsi (and coke for me, since I don't drink pepsi :P), and Halloween candy. Plus I needed to get a new lamp, zip ties, an extension cord and some sinus decongestants. Bah.

Aaaaand today the cats seem much more comfortable, especially in the basement. They haven't cried all day, and earlier I was downstairs with Mom and Lee and there was a cat in each lap, perfectly happy. I'm glad, I was really worried how they would be for the first bit here.

Still not Internet on my own PC. Using Mom's for email and aim a bit, and using mine for music and movies. Getting a wireless router on Friday. CAN'T WAIT FOR IT OMG. >.<; Now I also have to hook up the TV and everything still, but other than that I'm good electronics-wise. I still have a lot of books and my anime to put away, but I think most of my movies are out, and all my manga is. I also have to organise and pack all my craft supplies away, but I can't really do that until everything else is done. :P

Now I'm attempting to chat with Kiin, whilst my brother sits three feet away playing D&D with his friends. UGH I WANT INTERNET ON MY OWN PC NOW DAMMIT.
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xtheleadingmanx (9:16:52 PM): Then I just need a nice comfy hoodie and a haircut and I'll be stylin'.
SenashentaChan (9:17:02 PM): lol yeah
xtheleadingmanx (9:17:14 PM): I'll be HIP.
xtheleadingmanx (9:17:17 PM): It'll rock.
SenashentaChan (9:17:25 PM): XD;;;
SenashentaChan (9:17:43 PM): I can't be hip because all my stuff is packed away.
xtheleadingmanx (9:17:50 PM): Aww.
SenashentaChan (9:18:04 PM): Plus, when I try I just end up falling on my face, and that somewhat cancels it out. 8D
xtheleadingmanx (9:18:29 PM): Ahaha!
xtheleadingmanx (9:18:37 PM): XD Yeah, I guess that's true.
xtheleadingmanx (9:18:49 PM): But it's not like you spend all day falling off buses, right?
SenashentaChan (9:19:01 PM): No, generally not.
SenashentaChan (9:19:14 PM): But like, down the stairs or out of the shower, yeah. XD;
xtheleadingmanx (9:19:23 PM): Ouch! Down the stairs?!
SenashentaChan (9:19:38 PM): Yeah, I do that on a regular basis.
SenashentaChan (9:19:44 PM): Or UP the stairs, which is even more epic. SenashentaChan (9:20:10 PM): I win at stairs faceplants. XD;
xtheleadingmanx (9:20:40 PM): It's like you have a degree in falling. *giggle* It's kind of charming.
SenashentaChan (9:21:06 PM): Charming is not a word I've heard used to describe it before. XD;;
xtheleadingmanx (9:21:59 PM): Well, it's like "Oh, she has an interesting quirk."
xtheleadingmanx (9:22:07 PM): I know nobody else that does this.
SenashentaChan (9:23:24 PM): I'm somewhat... flighty. Like, I don't pay attention to what I'm doing. Which I'm told really contradicts my intelligence. xD;
SenashentaChan (9:23:31 PM): Plus sometimes I just get too excited.
SenashentaChan (9:23:48 PM): Like a puppy that runs into a glass door on the way outside. >>;;

Oh AIMchats ILU. What is with all the awesome conversations lately? Or maybe I just find them more amusing than they actually are because I'm so burnt out and stressed. xD;

Hmm. Been up for almost three hours now. Yeah, woke up at 6 and couldn't get back to sleep. So I watched some of Happy Feet (which, contrary to the impression I got from the ads, is actually a really good movie. I want the soundtrack to it.), and then did a bunch of dishes. And I mean a TON of them; I haven't done dishes in like two weeks because of being so busy with other stuff. -__-; Ew. So those are all washed, and ready to be packed away. I'll just leave like one plate/fork/spoon/knife/bowl/cup for the next couple days.

Later today I have to pack all that up, then start going through my cupboards and boxing all the food that I won't need in the next three days so it can go over to Mom's. I also need to empty out my little fridge up here and unplug it to defrost so it'll be done and dry by the time the movers come on Tuesday.

Now I'm downloading the Vampire Knight OST and watching The Lost Boys.

Note to self: Things to squee over/squee over more when you have time:

1) Tales of the Abyss anime.
2) Junjou Romantica 2.
3) Vampire Knight ~Guilty~

A List

Sep. 13th, 2008 12:12 pm
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Movie List so far for all of last night and this morning:

Shanghai Noon
Shanghai Knights
The Invisible
The Brothers Grimm

...and now I'm on Seabiscuit. Also, some plotting Haruhi-Kadaj and Haruhi-Roxas comment spamming with Pronnie, and some Axel/Kadaj with Michi. I admit it, I ship AkuDaj too. In a completely different way than MarluDaj, but shipping nonetheless. ♥♥ Actually, I not-so-secretly ship them all together. I think they're my first real OT3. XD;


EDIT: OMFG. I just found my Sailor Trek binder. XD;; (Sailor Trek, Sailor Trek: TNG and Sailor Trek: DS9. Really, ridiculously well written Sailormoon/Star Trek fics that I found and printed out YEARS ago. CRACK CROSSOVER FTW.) I can't believe I still have that! I'll have to read them again. X3

...I'm such a geek, especially when I'm sleep-deprived. >>;

...I miss writing crack crossovers. I should get into it again for kicks. I still get reviews and requests to continue "Digital". And I still want to write my Rayearth/Blade one. And the Valdemar/LoTR one too.

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Okay, so I seriously should be sleeping. I've tried to go to bed a couple times and always just ended up back up again and working on something. Well, first I was up until almost four rping with Kiin. xD; Then I shut off my movie and tried to go to sleep, and couldn't, so I got back up and finished watching it. Then I tried again. Then I got back up and put on another movie, and worked on my alien queen model some. Then when that movie was over I tried to sleep again.

...and I've just spent the last 45 minutes laying in bed, thinking about Otakon, and having random gigglefits over some of the larping we did there. XD;; In particular, when Michelle made a Luke!comment about how he could definitively say Kadaj was a girl and why, and made Maddie and I go "... .__." because it was like the last thing we expected her to say. ♥

Also, when Kadaj and Kurai had that random slapping fight in the dark after we'd gone to bed. And then got yelled at by Reno and Albel. Because seriously that killed me in the best possible way.


...And now I'm considering posting the Marluxia/Kadaj AIM-logs that Kiin and I have done the last couple days here, just for the sake of posting them. Because there is a lot of cute stuff, which we are squeeing over. However, the logs are also mostly smut, with the cute interspersed in there, and I don't know if I have the guts to put them up. XD;;

For those of you not familiar with RY-verse, YES SHUT UP I SAID MARLUXIA/KADAJ. X3 ~♥ RY has spawned some of the best crack pairings for me, I swear.

EDIT:: Okay, fuck it. Have some Marly/Kadaj. Yaoi smut ahoy. Probably not good for Sephiroth's health to read this. No really.
One~ )

There are two others, but I can't post them here because of LJ's text limit. >>; Maybe I'll post them later on in different entries.


EDIT #2: Maddie, I muddled out basic screencapping and got a cap of cheerleader!Jenova for you, so you don't have to worry about it. ♥


Jul. 7th, 2008 06:05 am
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I didn't sleep much last night again... but I guess getting up early today isn't so bad, since I have a ton of stuff to do today anyway. *shrug* It's 6am and I'm already doing chores, anything I can do that won't wake Sarah up lol. Not that I should care, she bangs around downstairs and wakes me up all the time. :P

Most of the reason I didn't sleep last night was because of the temperature in here. Outside it's actually nice, but because this is the attic floor it gets SO DAMN HOT even when the weather isn't so bad. And my air conditioner is 99.99% dead. -___-;; I'm leaving it off for today in the hopes that that might revive it some, but I doubt it. It's like five years old and has a lot of wear and tear on it, so it dying isn't a surprise.

Anyway. I just realised today, maybe I should pack a bathingsuit for in August? I don't know. .__.; In which case I should probably... you know... buy one. >>;

Speaking of cons, aparently my brother is coming to AN with me next May. He wants help with a costume, but won't tell me who he's going as, and I'm kind of like "how am I supposed to help if I don't even know which character you want to do?" He wants it to be a surprise or something. XD;

...I'm starting to worry about Pan. She started chewing the cage apart a couple months ago, and I just figured she was being a rabbit, since all the supports in the cage are wood. I figured out how to get her to stop (Ivory soap rubbed on all the wood, she only tried it once and made adoraly PPPTOEY! faces ♥), but then I was cuddling with her the other day and realised... she's losing weight.

Now I'm wondering if she was chewing because she was hungry or something? So I've been watching them when I feed them, and it seems like Pauper and Phoenix kind of push her out of the way so Pan doesn't get as much food as they do. (Also, I have been keeping an eye on her and she does eat and drink fine so it's not GI stasis or anything.) Hmm. I'd really like to separate her from them for a little while and see if she picks the weight back up then, but the only way I can do that is if I put Phantom into the big cage with Pauper and Phoenix, and then put Pan in hers. And that could either settle the dominance issue for good, or be a FUCKING BUNNY BLOODBATH.

Maybe I can find another pack of NIC squares and build a little makeshift cage for her for a little while or something...
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I slept for like an hour and a half last night, and woke up, and can't get back to sleep. And I'm bored out of my skull. =.=;

Later on, if I still can't sleep, I'm considering going downtown and getting my ears pierced (again >>;) and looking around the farmer's market. But if I do, I'll want to go early to avoid the heat in the afternoon. Hmm.

ASDGH apparently both [ profile] lipstickcat and [ profile] etcetera_cat are going to be in Toronto that weekend in August after I get back from Otakon. >3< I need to flail at them. SRSLY. So... >> << I'm wondering if there might be a chance I could crash with one of them the Saturday night? Then I could bother you more. But if I don't have a place to stay I'll have to take the bus to TO in the morning Saturday and then leave again that night, so I'll only be around for a couple hours.


Hikaru; Michelle and I actually have a semi-plan for the twins! Finally! 8D; They're going to open their own boutique downtown, and sell their own designs. We haven't gotten started on that yet, but they're also going to have to get Kyouya to help with the business end of it (which is part of why it hasn't started yet, as Cassandra-san is unavailable for a few days. <3) Other than that, Tono is apparently flinging a huge beach-party, and Hikaru is OMGEXCITED about that, and plotting many, many evil things to do to him while they're there. >D

Demyx; A few days ago he went out drinking with Axel, and somehow wound up soaking wet at the park. There is some speculation that they attempted skinnydipping but forgot that entails taking their clothes off. Demyx can't remember most of that night. XD;; There was some almost-angsty stuff with him and Zexion a short time later, but it's all been resolved (I think.) Also, Yaten is going out of town, so he's looking after Mint for her until she gets back. Demy is happy (KITTIES!) Nocturne is happy. Zexy is not. Mint keeps getting white hair on his black clothes. >>;

Kyo; Is having some problems dealing with slackers at work, and has asked Sephiroth to look into it. I'm not sure if anything is going to change in that regard. *shrug* That aside, he's working rediculous hours after the bombing a while back, as he doesn't trust the other guy (NPC) they hired to keep an eye on the vid room when he's not there, because the guy keeps falling asleep. Other than that, the other day he went in to work early and asked Zelos to feed the stray kitties that come around to beg for food... and Zelos did so, and then promptly let them inside to cuddle. Now they have pets. Like, a lot of pets.

Mahiru; AHAHA. Riku finally managed to organise a practice for the band (at Saber's dojo), so that's happening. I think Mahiru will be shocked, as she's never actually met him, Asch or Axel in person before. It will be epic. I feel sorry for her already. Also, she's considering sneaking a keyboard into her apartment and picking that up for the band, but has yet to actually do so, since she doesn't really know how to go about it.

Kadaj; Oh God, where to start... first off, he's had to stop seeing Marluxia for the time being because of the trial. Which apparently is semi-close to a resolution. He hopes not to have to actually testify. Anyway, he's a little whiny about not being able to see Mar, but not terribly so. He's been spending a lot of time with Luke and Asch, and recently with Axel because Axel got sick and Kadaj deemed him unable to take care of himself in that situation. XD; So he was over taking care of Axel, and Asch came by to check up on him too, and so the three of them hung out and flirted and whatever, and somehow Asch ended up in a nurse outfit and Kadaj ended up in a maid outfit. So basically, Michi, Pronnie and I should never be allowed in the same place at the same time. ♥♥♥ lol.

Ed; I picked up Ed from FMA over at [ profile] discordia_rp! :3 Because I thought he'd be someone I could play, and because Lome wanted more FMA characters to play with Roy. lawl, it started in my intro post. XD And now Ed is stowed away on Roy's ship, and has just been found by Hawkeye, and will shortly be dragged by the collar to see the captain, where I imagine many explatives will take place. IN CAPSLOCK.

Roxas & Youji; I'm planning to pick these two up at Discordia too. *is working on apps*

EDIT: Got my ears pierced again! Okay technically, I just got my left ear pierced again. Twice. 8D Now I have four in my left ear and three in my right~ I used Demyx!cosplay as an excuse for more piercings, but really I just wanted them. xD; My left ear hurts now. ;3;

Also went to the farmer's market on my way home. Got REAL Canadian maple syrup to send to Steph. Also got some dumplings. AND BUFFALO BURGERS ZOMG BWAHAHA. They're supposed to be good, so I thought I'd try them. Yum. Buffalo.
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I didn't sleep all night. 8D;


I also watched Slither. And for about three hours my TV was on as bg noise while I mucked around on the PC, and it turned out most of that time it was on a channel playing softcore porn shows. XDD;; That gives you an idea how much of a space case I can be, as I totally didn't even notice. And then when I did notice, couldn't be bothered going over to change the channel for about another 20 minutes. I was kind of like 'meh, porn makes bg noise too'. xD;; *fail* I'm absolutely starving, which is a good indicator that I'm pushing exhausted. My stomach always speaks up when I haven't slept in a while, no matter when the last time I've eaten was. I don't really get it, but whatever.

Oh, and apparently my brother is coming home from the States tonight. I forgot until Mom mentioned it yesterday. Whoops. reason for this icon, it just amuses me and I haven't used it yet. :D
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...I was so tired earlier and went to bed at 10:30-ish because I was falling asleep at the computer I had to ditch the RY Rally early! D: Then I woke up about 1:30 SICK AS A FUCKING DOG. UGH. I guess that explains why I was so exhausted. Now I can't get back to sleep because I feel so crappy. I'm so tired. I think I'm going to medicate myself with gravol and aspirin and muscle relaxants and see if that helps. Gingerale and jello tomorrow. -___-;;

Um. Other than that, yesterday I went to the optometrist for the first time in like... 9 years. I fail. He checked me out and gave me a clean bill of eye-health (though he says I do have a slight astygmatism in my left eye that wasn't there before) and was perfectly happy to write me a script so I can get colour contacts for cosplay at Otakon.

Part of the exam was those stupid eye drops that dilate your pupils hugely, though, so after that I had to wear my sunglasses. The people at the book store were like "" It was somewhat funny. At least I remembered the glasses this time, last time I didn't and had to stumble home on an uber!sunny summer day with my eyes squinted 99% closed because the light HURT. I was stumbling around so much I probably looked drunk or high or something. >>;

Anyway, the book store yielded a huge-ass book called Personology, which is a really detailed look into numerology/astrology/etc. and how to organise your own personal charts. It's a $60 book on sale for $12. >3< I love it. Also, KH2 volume 2 omgyey. X3

EDIT: Whoever gave me the stomach flu can go to hell. D:
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1) After getting my hair cut... it's even darker than before. xD; Normally, it's every colour of the rainbow because it bleaches in the sun. Starts off dark brown/black and ends up with several shades of red and brown, as well as blonde in it. But then when I got it cut/styled all the sunbleaching got cut off. So it's practically black again. Whoo? Mom says apparently you can already see a bit of lighter brown on the fringes.

2) Today was grocery day, and Mom had a ton and a half of coupons so we went shopping at Zellers for some stuff, too. :3 She got me a kit to put purple streaks into my hair. >3< (Though I'm not doing it til after my Haruhi cosplay at AN.) She also got me some hair clips, since I can't for the life of me find mine. ><; Dad got me some really pretty ones a couple years back but my hair was too long to use them, so I put them somewhere that I wouldn't lose them... and then forgot where said place is. >>;; Anyway, I got a few more. AND. I got a super pretty set of press-on nails to go with my Suigintou cosplay for the Masquerade at AN. :3 They're tipped in sparkly blue-purple with white lilies. I have pics of them (in the box still) that I'll share later. (I still need some matching eyeshadow/liner/lipstick for that costume too, but I guess I'll get it later.)

Also got another shiny-dangly for my collection. Spring is the best time to find them because everyone wants windchimes for their gardens and stuff. :3

3) Today I also had to get a new bank card, because I somehow lost my old one. >.< I don't know where I put it, but I can't believe I lost it! At least it was easy to replace.

4) Haha, a couple of Mom and Lee's friends, last time they were visiting them, found out I like b-grade movies. So they sent Mom home with movies for me! X3 Larva, Abominable and Mimic 3. I laughed sooo much when Mom gave them to me. Or maybe more like cackled. I've seen Larva and Mimic 3 before, but I hadn't seen Abominable. So I watched it tonight and it was awesome. XDDD Today I gave Mom Dragon Fighter and Soulkeeper to take to them. B-GRADE MOVIE (LENDING) TRADE OMG! With my parents' friends lawlwtf! XD;;

5) I possibly, maybe have found a new apartment. It's about the same cost as where I am now, but probably a bit smaller. It does have it's own bathroom and a small kitchen though, which would be a plus. I hate sharing. :P I called to ask about it and the woman even said she doesn't mind pets as long as the cats are on Advantage because they've had flea problems in the past and she doesn't want a repeat, which I can't blame her for. So I'm supposed to see the place later this week and see if it's suitable for me.

Sarah is all pissed off at me for it though. She's like "if you leave it puts me in a bad situation, I can't afford the rent here alone!" Well TS. She's been telling me for two years that as soon as her settlement money comes in she's leaving, and I've been panic-stricken because I had nowhere else to go when it happened. As it is, she's leaving in the fall at the latest, and if the place sells (the landlord is asking a quarter million for it, wtf he's an idiot, it's a piece of crap property), the new owners will likely want us out anyway so they can do renovations or whatever. I mean, the only reason I'm looking at this place now is because I'll probably never find another one that I can afford on disability. If I thought I could in six months I would. So fuck her if she's pissed that I'm leaving. This place is shit and bad for my health anyway.

6) ...anyway. >>; Tonight I couldn't sleep. Tch. What else is new? So I puttered around tidying and watched a couple movies instead. Now I'm finally getting tired, but I have to be up soon anyway so I can take the recycle/garbage out before Grandma gets here. BAH.

7) I'm supposed to be going to Grandma's place today and staying for a couple nights. I have an appointment with the naturopath again (what the hell, I'm getting annoyed with taking fifty pills and powders a day and getting no results, it's been four months ><;;) and everything. But I'm supposed to get a call about going to see that apartment in the next day or two, so I don't know if I should go or not. I mean, I guess I could get Sarah to take a message and call me at Grandma's when the woman calls, but she's so pissed at me right now I'm half-afraid she wouldn't bother just to screw me out of the apartment. >__<;

8) RPG Stuff. Mahiru is in a band with Riku, Asch and Axel. xDD;; I DIE OF LOLING. The poor girl really has no idea what she's getting into, I think. Though she gets along with everyone. I just think she's in for an eye-opener. XD;; And Hojo put Kadaj in the hospital a couple days ago... or at least, Kadaj went to the hospital finally. It only took four years. >>; So Seph picked him up and now I guess is going to apply for custody of him. Kadaj is kind of freaked out by the idea of actually having a life/freedom/friends/etc. Oh, and Seph and Yazoo are out to maim Axel, for various reasons. Kadaj wishes they wouldn't kill his friends. Seph wishes Kadaj has more friends who weren't sex fiends. (In AIM-verse, he's somewhat shacked up with Marluxia and quite pleased with that. Seph even says it's okay. Which shocks both of them, but makes Kadaj happy.)

9) CAN HAS NAAN BREAD OMGYUM. *__* Yes shut up it's my breakfast. xD;
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1) Pagan still seems fine. I'm hoping no more seizures, but I'm still nervous about it. -.-;

2) Nijuuni got the third part of her ARR comic out... and now I want gyouza. D: Maybe I can get Mom to take me to Yamato while we're out tomorrow. >.>

3) Also tomorrow, I need to remember to go to Walmart for ribbon. I'm doing a handful of kimono-styled ponies (similar to Ritsu) and need thicker ribbons in different colours for the bows. :3

4) Yeah, I woke up half an hour ago and had to get up to get a drink and stuff... and somehow ended up on the PC. xD; wtf? I fail. Oh well. Going back to bed now.
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Haha, so I'm already starting a checklist for Otakon, because I know if I don't I'm going to forget all kinds of things. -.-; And yes, shut up people on AIM I know I said I was logging off to sleep like two hours ago, but my system fails EPICALLY, and now I'm watching some fruit carving thing on the Food Network.

Random Stuff:
[ ]Doujin (for [ profile] onewhomust ♥)
[ ]DVDs (which ones TBA)
[ ]Keychains (also for [ profile] onewhomust)
[ ]Sticky rice
[ ]Onigiri mold
[ ]Tetsuya OMG, he wants to see Baltimore and etc. too! \o/

[ ]Camera
[ ]Batteries/recharger
[ ]Toothpaste/brush
[ ]Hairbrush
[ ]Earplugs
[ ]Shampoo/conditioner
[ ]Meds
[ ]Clothes, duh

B-Grade/Other DVD Stuff:
[ ]Dog Soldiers
[ ]Frankenfish lawl
[ ]Dinocroc

[ ]Maple Candies
[ ]Mao-o-Spread
[ ]Tea
[ ]Homemade Jam ZOMG

Bus/Travel Stuff:
[ ]MP3 player
[ ]Sleeping bag(?)
[ ]Pillow
[ ]Snacks
[ ]Books/fic/rp to read
[ ]Sketchbook
[ ]Notebook
[ ]Pencil case
[ ]Alarm clock so I don't oversleep and end up in Texas or something. O.O

Cosplay Stuff:
[ ]Wigs
[ ]Clothes
[ ]Earrings/cuffs
[ ]Shoes
[ ]Watch
[ ]Leather cuffs
[ ]Kyo bracelet
[ ]Skateboard (if I have time to paint one up)
[ ]Wig shampoo/cond/hairspray
[ ]Contacts

Subject to change, of course. Haha, [ profile] onewhomust and I randomly decided one night we're all going to sit around and make onigiri together. Personally, I think we should do it the first night so we can carry them around as snacks for a couple days. :3

Also, I'm supposed to bring b-movies lawl, but I'm going to post a list of all the ones I have in case people who are going want to request a specific movie that they want to see. At some point. It... could take a while to make the list. XDD;;
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Mmm... I seem to be going into an up-swing again, thanks muchly BPD. So I haven't been sleeping much the last week or so. Still, last night I managed to get a couple hours in the afternoon... and of course I had bizarre dreams. WTF? I sleep for the first time in days and I have wierd ass dreams. Go figure.

In the first one all I remember is that I had this gross sillicone stuff in my mouth. It had something to do with movie special effects. And when I tried to get it out, all my teeth came out with it. O_____o I dunno, and then I was like "Oops." and that was it. xD;

The second one was much less wtf-inspiring, and actually kind of awesome, as it was about a group of settlers in the pioneer days; they got lost, and ended up settling down in this valley to build a town, but the valley was right in the middle of a Werewolf pack's territory. The Wolves lived in caves outside the valley. The rest of the dream was basically about them terrorizing the poor pioneers. I don't remember many details, which kind of sucks because it was pretty entertaining. Would've made a good writing project. =D;

Other than that, a couple days ago I downloaded a batch torrent of Zombie Loan, and then yesterday I sat to watch the first episode... only to find out that the video quality sucked. It was all pixelized and shit, and I know it wasn't my computer because the actual subtitles in the video came in clear as day. Whoever did the vid capture for them did a pretty crappy job.

Bah. So now I'm downloading it again, one ep at a time, from a different subber. It's taking forever, but the quality is muuuuch better. Though when I tried to watch it earlier it was seriously lagging, and it turned out to be my PC. I went to do a defragmenting analysis, and my hard drive was rediculously fragmented. So I defraged it and now we're running smoothly again. ^_^


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